First, thanks to everyone who provided detailed instructions, talking me through the complicated process of resetting my garage door opener.  I, uh, pulled on the little red handle and it works now.

Second, here’s some production art from the back half of Stargate: Universe’s second season:

Third, let’s do some mailbag –

maria writes: “If you could have one thing to eat before you die, what would it be?”

Answer: The heart of my greatest enemy.

me writes: “Just out of curiousity how much time do you spend on your posts on average?”

Answer: About an hour.  Longer for those ultra-rare well thought-out entries.

tidusspear08 writes: “1. How many pages does the average script have?”

Answer: Depends on the show.  When we first started working on SG-1 back in the show’s fourth season, the average script clocked in at about 48 pages.  By the time we were writing scripts for season ten, the average was more like 51.  SGU was around the 51 page mark as well whereas Atlantis scripts tended to come in at a more robust 54-55 pages. Of course, it also depended on the type of script.  Dialogue-driven episodes tended to have longer page counts (especially if the characters of Daniel Jackson or Rodney McKay had the lion’s share of the dialogue) whereas action-driven scripts tended to have a lower page count.

“2. Why are you so damn good?”

Answer: Good is subjective.  Having said that, I owe my success to the people who make me look good: my fellow writer-producers, the directors, the various post and production departments, the cast, the crew, and Consuela, the woman who does my hair and make-up.

“3. How did you get into the writing business? Any tip?”

Answer: I started in animation and worked my way up from there.  Animation is more open to new writers and is a great place to hone your craft AND make money.

As for a tip: Well, someone once said “Write about what you know” – like, in my case, trekking across the universe exploring strange alien worlds battling evil.

max writes: “Could you please one day tell us about the writing process that writers go through if working on a series like SGU?”

Answer: I’ve done so on several occasions but don’t mind repeating myself.  But only because it’s you, Max.

At the beginning of the year, we’d get together and throw out ideas: Where did we leave off?  How are we going to wrap up this storyline?  How about an episode where Brody thinks he’s a pumpkin?  We choose the best ideas (ie. the Brody pumpkin notion) and assign scripts based on: a) who came up with the idea, b) who wants to go to script on a particular idea, c) who doesn’t look away quick enough and thus gets handed the Ancient storyline, and d) none of the above.  Often, it’s simply a matter of who happens to be free.  Then, the writers get together and spin, throwing out ideas and building the story.  Armed with these fantastic ideas, the writer heads off to translate them to outline form – basically a blueprint that breaks down the story into a Tease, five acts, and their various scenes.  The outline is critiqued and, following a second draft, approved.  At which point the writer goes to script.  The writer completes a first draft that is put out to the writing department. Notes are given (ie. “Instead of a pumpkin, why don’t we make it a zucchini instead?”) and said notes are incorporated into another draft – the Writer’s Draft.  This will go out wide, to the art department, visual effects department, studio and network.  More notes are received and are, in turn, incorporated into yet another draft.  Eventually, the script goes wide – to all the major departments – in time for the concept meeting that kicks off prep week.  As prep week continues, more notes are addressed in subsequent drafts or pages (ie. “The prop department can’t find zucchinis.  Can we go back to pumpkin?”).  Occasionally, director or actor input will also necessitate changes be made.  Eventually, the final change to the script is made – usually a day or two after the episode has been shot – and you move on to the next script.  For further insight into the draft-naming process (and pics from Atlantis’s fifth season), go here:

max also writes: “Did most of the writers or producers gradate with a Fine Art degree or writing-related degrees,?”

Answer: No, although my writing partner Paul and I did meet in a college creative writing workshop.

paloosa writes: “I’ve been wondering how you’ve both been coping emotionally with not getting back into the groove for an upcoming season. I know you’re busy with your own projects, and some post production on SGU, but after so many great years of Stargate and with it’s fate still undetermined, has it affected you?”

Answer: I don’t think so.  Usually, around this time, we’re back in the office breaking stories for the new season.  I’ve been using the free time to get some stuff done.  In a couple of weeks, maybe I’ll start feeling a little stir crazy and want to get out there writing again.  But probably not.

Adam writes: “Anyway, i just wanted to know, although you’ve stated that you joined the Stargate writing team during SG-1′s fourth season, did you watch or know of the show before that time? Did you have any input into the first three seasons?”

Answer: No input into the first three seasons of SG-1.  In fact, prior to receiving the opportunity to pitch, SG-1 was a show I actively avoided watching on the basis of the sole episode I’d seen, a horrendous little first season entry called Emancipation.

Adam writes: “Oh and, I read about your recent trip to Tokyo. sounds like it was fun! my suggestion? come down here to Australia next! there’s lots to see and do!”

Answer: Thanks for the invite!  The cancellation has given me tons of free time so I’ll take you up on your kind offer and spend March through June at your place.  I’ll need a car, a king-size bed with a mattress that’s not too hard but not too soft either, some great restaurant recommendations, and a per diem.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Josh writes: “Also, I do have one quick question, has it ever been planned to show the Furlings, either in SGU or in a SG-1 or SGA movie?”

Answer: Outside of SG-1’s 200th episode (titled, appropriately enough, 200), no.

kirk eastment writes: “If one were to use the ancient device at Dakara, which dials all gates simultaneously(ala Season Eight Episode “Threads”), and then decided to step through the gate, on which Planet would they arrive.”

Answer: They’d probably be atomized and dispersed throughout the galaxy.

Joel writes: “Anyway, I may go to Vancouver next summer and I was wondering if you could recommend some sites to visit?”

Answer: Hmmm.  I’m not really a guy who checks out the local sights.  I’ve been here some twelve years and have yet to check out picturesque Victoria (aka God’s waiting room). I hear Stanley Park is nice.  Stevenson, a quaint little fishing community where we shot Nightwalkers (SG-1) is also nice.  Also, Bella Gelateria on Cordova Street if you like that sort of delicious thing.

Ava writes: “But, Joe, are you ever going to actually tweet anything?”

Answer: Maybe when I have something interesting to say.  For now, I’ll limit my uninteresting thoughts to this blog.

kevin writes: “I wonder what they’ll call us: Gaters, Gaties? What are your thoughts on names, Joe?”

Answer: I like Gate-o-Raiders.

Kenn of WHR writes: “I wish I had more time to read these days. How do you find time?”

Answer: I set aside an hour and a half every night, something I’ve been able to do since giving up training and my dream of attaining a UFC championship belt.

Ken of WHR also writes: “Do you read Gregg Hurwitz suspense novels?”

Answer: Nope.  To be honest, I don’t do much suspense.

Merced writes: “I was wondering about when watching a SGU S1 episode on DVD: Why is there no real main theme music?”

Answer: Because the network didn’t want one.

Brandon T. writes: “In SGU, when the Destiny crew connect to the stones in the Pentagon (also, where General O’neill’s office is), is this the Office of Homeworld Command?”

Answer: It is.

Brandon T also writes: “If it is Homeworld Command, why was this chosen to be the Earth location that was used instead of SG Command?”

Answer: I believe the Cheyenne Mountain complex was mothballed.  It’s now the world’s biggest JC Penny outlet.

Casey Clubb writes: “Also loved seeing John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” being held by Rush’s driver in Subversion, whose idea was that?”

Answer: I believe that was Brad’s idea, a salute to our lovable Creative Consultant John Scalzi.

StellaByStargate writes: “Before my imagination rockets off into the stratosphere…if–hypothetically, of course–there did turn out to be a SG mini-series, would it be exclusively SGU or might it involve several concurrent story-lines that would integrate characters and elements from SGU, SG-1 and SGA into one, epic grand-finale to the franchise…?”

Answer: IF it did turn out to be a mini-series or series of movies then, hypothetically, yes, we could integrate elements from various Stargate shows.

Maria writes: “Dear Mr. Mallozi – did you go to a cooking school? I mean, where did you learn to make all of that?”

Answer: Cook books, Food Network, and sheer inventiveness.

Chem_Is_Try writes: “How is Jelly?”

Answer: Not too heavy.  Asleep on my lap.

Zenophite writes: “Did you try releasing the lock (to the main leadscrew) and then locking it back in once the door is seated all the way to the ground?”

Answer: Yes and – oh.  It works!  How much do I owe ya?

BillieO writes: “By the way, have you seen this? It’s kinda crazy… A BRAND NEW TREND IN FOOD!

Answer: Interesting.  Provided you’re not in a hurry.

for the love of Beckett writes: “Please, please, can we have the recipe for the chipotle sweet potato?”


Greg writes: “Nutty Broken Pasta (Vegetarian Dish) Wifes a vegetarian and she bugs me to make this one all the time.”

Answer: Will be trying a variation of this one tomorrow night.  Thanks.

55 thoughts on “January 20, 2011: Mr. Fixit! Season 2 sneak peeks from the Art Department! Mailbag!

  1. Sorry I didn’t explain it very well I had a two year old climbing all over me. Forgot to mention you “roast” the crushed walnuts in the oven, doesn’t take very long and keep your eye on them or they burn. They add a nice texture to the dish.

  2. “Answer: They’d probably be atomized and dispersed throughout the galaxy.”

    Yeah, except for the poor clump of atoms that hit the Iris.

  3. GAH! I can’t wait for the rest of season 2.

    Sorry for *another* question, but if you do get a third season, will it most likely be the final season?

    Also, have you ever considered doing a choreographed, slow motion action scene with backing music from E.S. Posthumus? Not that Joel’s music isn’t amazing, but these two tracks remind me of SGU:

    I wish I could storyboard an idea and send it in to you.

  4. Didn’t answer my question about advertising 🙁

    Oh well, but about the SGU Theme song, that was yet another bad move on Syfy’s part. Being in PR myself, the need for quickly recognizable sounds and images is crucial. Someone hears the theme song for SG1 or SGA or something similar they start thinking about it, and may ultimately watch it. SGU unfortunately lacks in this regard. But I still um the “Boooonnnnngg bummmmmmnnnnn” that plays when the SGU logo pops up on screen.

    Also, what caused the decision to have a drastically different logo for SGU? I think it worked, I like the logo. Maybe a little too different than the others, but if so, it is still easily recognizable and has association with SG-1 in particular since SG1 has that in the logo.

  5. Hi Joe,

    Thanks to your answer I may actually have passed the stratosphere and entered the thermosphere….

    Yep. Definitely hoping!


  6. “maria writes: “If you could have one thing to eat before you die, what would it be?”

    Answer: The heart of my greatest enemy.”

    how would you like that heart prepared? Raw? Braised? Roasted? Rob Belcham did have confit of heart on the menu once. Just sayin’

  7. Just want to make sure that I wasn’t misunderstood – I *LOVE* Joel’s music, I hope to buy the SGU soundtrack if he’s still releasing it this year. I just brought up the question about E.S. Posthumus because I was listening to them 😛

  8. @Randomness: Thanks, feeling better after resting 6–7 hours.

    @Tenacious D: LOL re the Iris.

  9. Hey Joe? Remember you were going to have Joel Goldsmith do a Q & A ages ago? Whatever happened?

  10. How important is Destiny to the Lucian Alliance. Did they supply all resources and personnel to this, or was it a side project that Kiva managed to convince them to do?

  11. Dear Mr. Mallozzi:

    I read this evening on the site Digital Spy that you are talking with Brad Wright concerning continuing SGU into a third season and beyond. You have my unqualified support. Anything I can do to help, either individually, or organizationally, I will be more than happy to do. The quality of the show far surpasses anything filmed SF has seen other than Ron Moore’s BSG. I wonder if you could answer one question: is there anything the Canadian network Space can or should do to intervene with MGM to help your efforts. If have thought that an effort to film SGU for worldwide syndication on an individual station basis (NOT a network) may be the best way to ensure success, much like ST:TNG did. I’d really appreciate your feedback. Best regards to you, Brad Wright and your cast and crew.

  12. @Das… that story that you linked to was unfortunate indeed. It’s a good thing for the everyone involved the answer was found.

    Hey Joe I have a question for you… At what point in the process is a title assigned to a given script? Does it vary by the habits of the author?


  13. Joe, thanks for the chipotle sweet potato recipe! 🙂

    Sparrow_hawk, tell us how yours turns out. I don’t have any chipotle puree, but did discover that my aunt’s favorite source for fresh spices, Penzey’s, has a retail store in town. Yay! Will have to get some. My aunt swears that even simple food tastes stunning when prepared with fresh spices.

    Deni wrote:
    @for the love of Beckett: “Thanks for giving us great television to watch, books to read, food to eat, and the daily blog.”

    Sounds a bit Ori-ish to me…or, Joe, the Food God?

    Nah, I wouldn’t know from Ori… Though I like sci-fi, I was pretty late getting to the Stargate party. An old friend had recommended it, but it was during the busy season when I was working two jobs. I didn’t see any shows until that summer, when there was an Atlantis marathon airing leading up to the season 5 premiere in July.

    Then I saw Carson Beckett, and loved his wit, and Oh…My… 🙂 *fanning self*

    When I heard he’d already been killed off (sadness!), but would be coming back in season 5, I had to know what became of him. So I wandered into Joe’s blog, and saw one of Joe’s big teases about perhaps the doctor being wounded (again). 😯

    Well! We couldn’t lose “the heart of Atlantis” so soon after resurrecting him. A girl had to make a blog comment for the first time, didn’t she? But what to use for an ID/name? I had no idea, but since the words appeared in boldface and would look like a subhead, I just took something from the comment:

    “For the love of Beckett, Mr. Mallozzi! S.ave O.ur S.cottsman!”

    (Thankfully, Carson was in no peril and rejoined his Atlantis family in some terrific episodes.)

    And that’s how I became “for the love of Beckett.”

  14. I think I’ll try what was recommended and worked for you. I assumed Jeff did this already since he knows what that thing does, but I should know better. I’ll try it when I get back tomorrow from taking the young man to school, or I mean today.. Gosh it is already 1:00 a.m.

  15. And that guy want 200 plus bucks to fix the garage door?? It’s a crime I tells ya. I apparently owe back city taxes, which would be less stressfull if I could find my old W2.

    I’m alternating between picturing myself in the cell next to Wesley Snipes, and simply calling the HR office for a replacement. I’m checking fares to Brazil and vowing to move to Monaco. Or Delaware, which is also tax free but not as much fun in a spirited anti tax rant. Why must the math deficient be punished?

    Before heading to Oz you gotta go to Paris and Annapolis and Salzburg and Savannah. There is a world of great grub waiting on ya.

  16. Hey Joe,

    I am so happy to hear that the $250 is still in YOUR pocket. I did have to smile when you described the sound. Yes…I believe all garage door openers have the same hiccups.

    Love seeing the pictures of the SGU production art. Wow…it never ceases to amaze me how detailed these shows are. I enjoy getting a peek into your drawers. *giggles*

    Awww….Jelly in your lap. Glad she is feeling better.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  17. Merced writes: “Why is there no real main theme music?”

    “Answer: Because the network didn’t want one.”

    So SyFy channel did not want one… not surprising at all. Without theme music, they must save something like 60 seconds or so each time they air an episode and that means more commercials. Eventually they will try 20 minutes of show time per hour and 40 minutes of commercials, LoL.

    Anyway, we’re still very much hoping for SGU to be continued through its fifth and final season. Our fingers, toes and paws are crossed. 🙂

  18. Loved the pictures and the detailed mailbag. Another place that would be great for food experiences would be here in the South. When we lived in Michigan, I can’t tell you the number of times I was asked what grits were. 🙂 Seriously though, my favorite Southern food would have to be barbeque. And my husband was just reminding me that we live in the only town that has a place that sends it airmail.

    Have a good day!!

  19. So, a car, kingsized bed, and a per diem? Let the bidding war begin. Australia, Texas, England, Germany…where will Mr. M. end up? What hidden horrors will he encounter once he accepts such a bid? Will fans form syndicates to entice Mr. M. into their regions? How many meals a day will he be required to cook and/or sample? Do we put him in a glass cage and watch him write, with a large screen tv on the outside showing what he is typing on his computer? The mind boggles at the possibilities.
    The juicy mailbag is apprecated as always. Looking forward to more, as well as the mix of food, dogs, and assorted mishaps.

  20. “I’ve been here some twelve years and have yet to check out picturesque Victoria (aka God’s waiting room).”

    You almost made me snarf my drink! 🙂

  21. What are you top 5 or 10 favorite TV series of all time? Also, I recommend watching the new series ‘Terriers’. What a fantastic, charismatic show. Though it got canceled because poor ratings (yet critically acclaimed), it wrapped up nicely.

  22. Joe, If the SGC has been mothballed, where did they move the Stargate? Is it in the Pentagon for Homeworld Command, or are they just using Atlantis as the SGC? (If I remember correctly, the latter IS what would have happened if “Lost City” had been SG-1’s series finale)

  23. Too funny about the little red dongle! Kind of weird the “repair” guy didn’t think about the simple things before trying to push a new motor on you. I wouldn’t call that company again!

  24. @for the love of Beckett: What are you waiting for? Start watching SG1 already! 😉

  25. So instead of buying a new $250 door (plus installation) you decided to push the red handle back in?? You are one ballsy f&@!er, living life on the edge like that. Whats next you put gas in your car and make it work again instead of buying a new one!

    I actually saw an undercover story about a guy that went to the BMW dealership downtown because his sunroof woldnt close. They quoted him $3000 to install a new sunroof. He took it down the street to a mom&pop mechanic and they took the little rock out of the tracking for free.

  26. “Emancipation” – bwahahahahahahahah!!1!! Mmfhp. Hm. You know, I’d love to get DVD commentaries for the first few seasons, if only to – hopefully? maybe? – get some insight on the various “HTH did THIS get made?” eps.

  27. Oh.. great planet picture Joe, reminds of the world Rush and co went too when dialing the gate in the back half of Season 1 when looking for Eli/Matt/Chloe.

    Speaking of Season 3, if another network picks the show up, I can’t imagine any announcements being made this month, at least not publically. I know you’d likely know first Joe but really, the whole negoitations between MGM and whichever network picks the show up would mean late production start if successful right?

  28. Hello Mr Mallozzi,
    I had some ideas to propose you for SGU about what managed at the shuttle mysteriously to repair with the persons to resuscitate. It could be an Anciens system which would work as a protection(saving) and which shall repair the vessel but did not make a success for the human beings of this system can also be aboard Intended and be to activate by Rush that would be good to see Intended for 100 % and to be able to investigate him(it).
    Otherwise it would be possible to have a picture(board) with all the vessels of stargate and their dimensions to have an idea of the differences between vessels.
    To excuse my English I am French.

    Bonjour Mr Mallozzi,
    J’avais quelques idées à vous proposer pour SGU à propos de ce qui est arrivée à la navette mystérieusement réparer avec les personnes ressusciter. Ce pourrait être un système Anciens qui fonctionnerait comme une sauvegarde et qui réparerai le vaisseau mais n’a pas réussi pour les humains ce système pourrai également se trouver à bord du Destinée et être activer par Rush ça serait bien de voir le Destinée à 100% et pouvoir l’explorer.
    Sinon serait-t-il possible d’avoir un tableau avec tous les vaisseaux de stargate et leurs dimensions pour avoir une idée des différences entre les vaisseaux.

  29. Love this: maria writes: “If you could have one thing to eat before you die, what would it be?”

    Answer: The heart of my greatest enemy.

    You really ought to post warnings before writing such funny things. You make my day. Love your sense of humor, and wish you lived closer so I could sample some of that wonderful cooking of yours. 🙂

  30. “Quade

    I actually saw an undercover story about a guy that went to the BMW dealership downtown because his sunroof woldnt close. They quoted him $3000 to install a new sunroof. He took it down the street to a mom&pop mechanic and they took the little rock out of the tracking for free.”

    Lmao 🙂

  31. Hi Joe!
    I was thinking today about what you said about SYFy pushing you guys real hard to make SGU season 1 instead of a 6th season for Atlantis. Well you guys listened to them and went ahead with SGU. It seems to me that you guys did what SYFy asked for and then they ended up pulling the show only after 2 seasons. Leaving you and alot of other out of work.
    I think they really put the show up against some incredible odds for it to make it.
    First off the advertising for the show was lacking quite a bit compared to other shows they have on the network. Then they move your show to Tuesdays along with Caprica which was doing poorly in ratings leading up to season 1.5 and they also had a tremendously long break followed by a last moment decision to air the show with SGU just a few weeks before SGU premiered with season 2.
    I have been watching some other networks lately and I have seen ads for SYFY shows on channels like USA and TNT. I once saw an ad for SGU on another network before.
    Do you feel like they did not put eneough effort on their part to help ensure success of the show ?
    I hope you can answer these questions… I feel really bad for you and the rest of Stargate crew, because after you finish with final editing of season 2 , you won’t have a job for the time being. And one last thing ..Who are you personally employed by ? Is it MGM or your own company ?
    Thanks for reading my comment and good luck as always 🙂

  32. Hi Joe,

    Please respond to these questions ,if possible, in your next mail bag:

    *How do you balance the intimacy of writing (to me it would seem like sharing a deep part of yourself with the audience), and dealing with criticism from others and realities of show biz? I guess, to me it seems with acting or writing, you put part of yourself out there, and it can be heavily criticized (by the audience,critics,network) or commodified (network,studio).

    **A controversial question (possibly!): Is there merit to the idea that scifi fans need to get a life, and that making a work of fiction part of who you are, or how you think, wrong/harmful on some level? My question comes from the fact that ideas, or even watching a show/reading a book I enjoy, has helped me cope at times, almost like a kind word from a good friend.

    ***I was under the impression Stargate was a flagship franchise for MGM, so renewing a well-crafted piece like SGU seems like a no-brainer, because eventually it should find its audience and make money. After reading about Star trek,for example, the many series were produced because the top brass championed the show. Is SGU really something the studio won’t make money on, or does Stargate lack a champion at the top and the studio wants to invest in more lucrative projects?

    **** I apologize if these next two are repeat questions:
    Will the meaning of Chloe’s transformation be answered in season 2.5?

    What was the outline/major theme for season 3 and a series finale? Can you give away any spoilers at this point?


  33. Found this story which I found incredible on CNN, a writer tracked down people aiming abuse at him on twitter I believe and other places.

    He actually called their houses via phone of course, and if I remember the story right asked for an explanation.

    Wonder how in the world he did that? if it’s that easy, maybe people should ask him how. It’d make haters think twice about insulting the show or anyone involved with it, or even the fans lol

  34. @ Deni – I do watch SG:1 episodes on *cough* syfy, but just haven’t seen an Ori storyline yet. 🙂

    More for Deni: Earlier this week I saw an online condolence for a veterinarian who was well loved. It was signed by the owners of a dog named Elway, but they weren’t from Florida. Freaky coincidence, yeah?

  35. Joe,

    If and when SGU were to be resuscitated, given suitable commercial broadcaster support, then how might that affect characters in terms of casting, etc?

    Those guys and gals will have moved on already, or is there a window-of-contractual opportunity that could regain their services? The clock is ticking?

    Otherwise, it’d be all you producers having to re-write and bring about character changes with some arcs altered and B,C,D stories chopped/re-thought in episodes, although the long-arcs of the overall story would be untouched?

    Are these considerations, at all?

    And, should a new backer come aboard (for non-web series output), might they have some say in how SGU would develop, the stories, tone, etc?

    If not of this comes to pass, I’m left wondering – with all your other creative projects – if it’ll still be years before you start to loss the detailed recall of so many minute aspects of SG. It is incredible how you field all the questions. But, then again, that’s what’s lived and breathed in The Room to know the world.

    Yep, definitely looking forward to learning more about your own projects (I sent some Qs the other day, and if you’ve a mo and wouldn’t mind telling some more about your writing approach to someone who is very much interested in that creative aspect, that’d be just great).

    Think you’ll read J Deaver’s forthcoming Bond offering? Ever gone for any of Gregory Benford’s real-feel sci-fi books? Concept of G Bear’s “Darwin’s Radio” appeal?

    I was also fascinated to learn that there are some novels you will repeatedly, patiently try to get into. Why?

    best to you, and for your writing


  36. My question after reading the comment from hal ehrlich, is that if you suspected that SyFy was gonna screw you guys over anyway, why not give Atlantis the ending it deserved, i.e. one more season, put the Stargate cap to rest, let the money start pouring in from sci-fi fans that will only purchase a complete franchise, and move on with your lives?

    It’s obvious you guys ran out of gas, so why gamble that a new series would fill the tank? You guys needed to finish out what you had and start fresh with something else, like, all the SGU goodness, without the Stargate.

    If SGU didn’t have the Stargate in it, I’d watch it.

  37. @Tenacious and possible Hal,
    What possible reason would Syfy have for wanting to screw over Joe M and Co? So they could have a series they paid tons of money for fail to make a profit? And then write it off as a tax deduction in a truly brilliant accounting move? What?

  38. @for the love of Beckett: Arrggh! None of my vets can die yet, that’s all I’ve got to say! Especially the little hottie (who is the best vet I’ve ever met) at the ER 🙂 I imagine there are plenty of Broncos fans who named their dog “Elway” 😉 Crap, I’m burning dinner. 🙂

  39. Fringe is on tonight. Are you a fan, Mr. M.? I read that Friday night is a TV death slot! I don’t know if I can take another cancellation…….

  40. Have you or anyone in the Stargate staff ever considered doing a Stargate SG-2/SG-3/SG-anything series?

    Kind of going back to the start of the franchise but from another perspective with new characters, the same awesome Cheyenne Mountain and a lot of new planets in the still Goauld-governed galaxy to explore.

    Maybe a bad idea, considering that you wouldn’t be able to change the major Goauld and Ori story arcs, but maybe it could be set in a paralell universe or something.

  41. Folks don’t expect SGU be back anytime soon in the current incarnation. Since Skiffy (AKA SyFy) held the first broadcast rights to any new SGU episodes.

  42. Glad pulling your dongle fixed the garage door, Joe.

    Arggghhh! No wonder those sweet potatoes look so good – all that cream. Thank God for cholesterol lowering meds!

  43. Oh, I almost forgot my BotM stuff.

    Ms. Liu: Reading new books is always an adventure. Sometimes I discover a new world with new characters that I care enough about to read the next book in the series. Sometimes I find a new author who’s writing style I really enjoy. It’s really nice when both of those things happen at the same time – which they did with The Iron Hunt. Thanks for a very entertaining book! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories.

    My questions:

    1. It’s fun reading a new twist on old legends. How did you decide to bring The Wild Hunt into your story?

    2. Oturu is very cool in a classically mysterious kind of way: rippling cape, wide-brimmed hat, and all. Was there a particular inspiration for him? For any of the other demons?

    Others have already asked some interesting questions, so I’ll leave it at that.

  44. @Montrealer

    Even if true. Syfy doesn’t want SGU anymore, if offered something of value, even if such a contract existed. It could easily be changed.

    Beeeesssssiiiiiides. They’re no longer advertising the return date for Season 2.5 (:

    Some would see as a bad thing, I think it’s good, they don’t know what to do with the show, or something may of happened. And some ways it gives thoses campaigning more time, after all until the sets get destroyed, and the show finishes airing on the network, always a chance of revival.

  45. “Answer: Yes and – oh. It works! How much do I owe ya?”

    I’m glad it worked 🙂

    You’d think the repair guys could have told you the same thing over the phone…yeesh.

    Tell ya what, if SGU gets renewed (in some way shape or form), just mail me one of those production art copies you post from time to time and it’s even (only if you’re not prohibited from doing so of course).

  46. I have an SGU merchandise question.
    I have no idea if you are involved with this aspect of the franchise (my guess is no) but you are in a better position to find out than I am!
    Do you know if there will be an album released with the original score of SGU Season 1? I’m not interested in the songs that were featured (Alexi Murdoch, etc.) but more in the composed themes like the end credits and such.

  47. @Bailey

    They may not have wanted to screw over Joe and co, and in fact, if I were a gambler, I’d wager that that’s the last thing they wanted to do. Doesn’t mean they didn’t. Corporate politics screws people, whether the screwing is intentional or unintentional.

    This was just a bad case of corporate politics between producer and network, coupled with a gamble that a franchise way past its prime be given an opportunity for revival, rather than given the excellent ending that it deserves.

    I think that SyFy expected the show to work, despite the lack of support by the fans after the decision to cancel Atlantis and then the rest of us that tried to give the show a chance, thinking that maybe, just maybe, if we supported this show, Atlantis might have a chance, were bored by episode five.

    Things only started getting good at Season 2, but by then it was too little too late. The Stargate gaming industry had hit rock bottom, and the die-hards were the only people watching SGU live.

    And that’s how SyFy screwed them. I didn’t say anywhere that it was intentional. All I said was that maybe the production staff should have seen it coming, especially in this economy.

    Also, remember my first word in that question, or maybe not the first but certainly the most important. If. That word alone implies speculation. Maybe “had” would have been a better word in that circumstance, thank you hindsight.

  48. So, judging by the pictures, part 2 of S2 will bring some new ancient/alien technology for the crew to ignore so they can talk about their feelings instead ?

    This is the single most frustrating thing about SGU and THE single reason I stopped watching. A good example is S1E13 ‘Faith’, they land on an alien planet that shouldn’t even be there, find a huge alien artifact and promptly ignore it. I spent the entire episode wondering when they were going to get to it. I kept watching the clock anxiously (only 15 minutes left in this episode, how are they going to fit the tower thing in that little time) and I was completely stunned when the credits rolled.

    Carter or McKay would have been all over that thing in seconds but SGU… nothing. Why even show it to us if you’re not going to use it at all ? It was pure torture. I’m surprised no one filed any charges for cruelty against sci-fi fans.

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