So I’m a little over halfway through Stephen King’s The Stand (in retrospect, going with the expanded, uncut edition was a mistake) and I’m looking ahead to my next read. The candidates are :

The year’s best science fiction and fantasy in one essential volume.

An annual commemoration, the Nebula Awards are presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America to those members whose imaginations refine and re-define the infinite storytelling possibilities found within the genre. The Nebula Awards Showcase represents the best of the best in fantasy in one indispensible collection.


In this neighborhood, make a wrong turn…

… and you’re history.

Mickey Wade is a recently-unemployed journalist who lucked into a rent-free apartment—his sick grandfather’s place. The only problem: it’s in a lousy neighborhood—the one where Mickey grew up, in fact. The one he was so desperate to escape.

But now he’s back. Dead broke. And just when he thinks he’s reached rock bottom, Mickey wakes up in the past. Literally.

At first he thinks it’s a dream. All of the stores he remembered from his childhood, the cars, the rumble of the elevated train. But as he digs deeper into the past, searching for answers about the grandfather he hardly knows, Mickey meets the twelve-year-old kid who lives in the apartment below.

The kid who will grow up to someday murder Mickey’s father.


Once upon a time Jack set out to find his fortune in the big city. But the big city is Toy City, formerly known as Toy Town, and it has grown considerably since the good old days. It isn’t all that jolly any more, and there is a serial killer loose on the streets who is slaughtering old, rich nursery rhyme characters one by one. Meanwhile, Private Eye Bill Winkie has gone missing, leaving behind his sidekick Eddie Bear of the Toy City Police to take care of things. Eddie may be a battered teddy with an identity crisis, but someone’s got to stop the killer. Eddie and Jack team up to take down the killer, and along the way participate in heavy doses of bad behavior, car chases, and plenty of gratuitous sex and violence.

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Reviews?  Warnings?  Let’s hear ’em!

Speaking of books, you have all of tonight and tomorrow to finish up January’s book of the month club pick, The Iron Hunt.  Discussion begins on Monday!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Swung by Refuel today for lunch and enjoyed a terrific garlic risotto with tuna tartar and parsley puree –

And for dessert (after all, what would brunch be without dessert?), a brioche french toast with dark rum-soaked raisins and cream –


jeffrey writes: “It really feels like you guys have never put the effort into continuing either SG-1 or SGA that you’re putting into attempts to preserve SGU.”

Answer: That’s because SG-1 had a proper ending.  And even though the season five finale was not planned as a series ender, Enemy at the Gate does provide a certain closure to SGA.  Furthermore, at the time of the Atlantis cancellation, a movie was planned.

jeffrey also writes: “SGU is the lowest rated, worst received, most expensive, least profitable arm of the Stargate franchise…”

Answer: By that logic, Atlantis is responsible for doing irreparable harm to the franchise and causing its decline since, when SG-1 was cancelled, it was averaging a 2.0 while Atlantis’s final season average was closer to a 1.5.  Had SGU not gone into production and Atlantis had ended with its fifth season, you would you have been so quick to pin it with the same “lowest rated, worst received, most expensive” argument?   Yeah, didn’t think so.  By the way, “most expensive” is a bullshit argument given that production costs rise year to year.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “I might’ve missed it, but what happened to your plans for a US road trip?”

Answer: Still in the early planning stages.

max writes: “I have been wonder for over 5 years why the Jaffa weapons (staff and the handheld zapper) werent used in the Atlantis series.”

Answer: Staff weapons and zat guns are unwieldly.  I’d think military personnel would be more comfortable using weaponry they’d been trained to use.

TheSGC writes: “I don’t know whether you’ve answered this before, but how to Goa’uld symbiotes enter the body? I have the neck and back of the throat down, but is there any other way for them to snake-head an unsuspecting human? Say, the bowels (what if there was a symbiote in the toilet, could it get up to your brain?) or something?”

Answer: Doubtful a symbiote could enter anywhere outside the aforementioned areas without doing some serious damage.

cherluvya writes: “but I really would like to know about the SEASON 2 DVDs????”

Answer: No idea.

Jason967060 writes: “You said in the past that if you were given only one more season to finish SGU’s storyline that it could be done. I was wondering if it is possible that the storyline could be finished in a 2 hour Direct to DVD movie?”

Answer: We’d need more than one.

Chris writes: “What happens if a female on Destiny uses the stones to connect with a male on Earth?”

Answer: She’d find herself in a male body.

Merced writes: “Say everything goes well and we see SGU continue in any form – what would be the odds of getting to see Extinction and Revolution any time soon?”

Answer: Don’t know.  As I said in yesterday’s post – right now, our priority is SGU.

Joe Quanne writes: “In the season 2 episode “Visitation”, the left behind crew from the planet return to Destiny in a perfect, like new shuttle. Those members of the crew start dying off over time like they did on the planet, however the shuttle remains in perfect condition. Why wouldn’t the shuttle have gone through the same effects and broken down to its former state if the same “magic” for lack of a better word was used on it?”

Answer: What you deem “magic” was very advanced technology used to restore the shuttle and those left behind.  But, clearly, restoring a shuttle is a lot easier than restoring a sentient being.

Thornyrose writes: “And I REALLY hope you won’t leave us dangling about matters ZPM. But if not in this blog, where might we expect to you to provide the answers?”

Answer: Probably post-SGU season two.

dave198421 writes: “When you do a blog is there a visitor counter on your page? Just thought would be interesting how many hits per day you get. I’m thinking quite a few thousand???”

Answer: Depends on the day.  Anywhere from 5 000 to 8 000.  The more popular posts average about 12 000.

Quade writes: “If I win the lotto, i will give it to you guys to make another season. Also give some to charity, is $40M enough?”

Answer: Yeah, $40 million would do.

Tenacious D writes: “As it is, you just gotta remember the old saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Sure it may be enjoyable for some people, like you, and I respect that, however TPTB broke several principal Rules of Life when they went ahead with SGU.”

Answer: Again, following Jeffrey’s logic, you could argue that things were broken given that SG-1’s final season averaged a 2.0 while Atlantis’s last season averaged a 1.5. Given that Atlantis was nearing its end, a new direction (rather than more of the same) was the right thing to do.  As everyone involved with the production will agree, better to have two years of a new show than one year of and old one.

Cotterpin writes: “Syfy has aired both Eureka and Warehouse 13 in the same time slot as SGU, with both shows receiving much, much higher ratings. Why?”

Answer: Because they were one-off specials.

sly writes: “If the Destiny’s crew find a way to dial the address of earth through a sun (while recharging), will the flares of that sun will cause a time travel trip?”

Answer: Stay tuned.

Anne-Marie Sloan writes: “Hey have you every tried Five Guys Burgers? I did the other day and YUMMO.”

Answer: Someone mentioned this place to me the other day.  I’ve got to check it out.

john writes: “you ruined the stargate!!!”

Answer: star8 🙂

83 thoughts on “January 15, 2011: Pick my next read! Brunch at Refuel! More mailbag!

  1. Well here is something more dissapointing than Stargate being cancelled, I didn’t win the lotto. I know you guys were really counting on me, so I would like to take this time to apologize to all the fans, cast, crew and their families who are no doubt going hungry at this very minute. I ruined Stargate, I am sorry, also I cancelled Atlantis.

    I think a Goa’uld symbiote would be able to go in through your butt. That would be one of the best places aside from your mouth. Since the symbiote can accelerate healing, I would think that any damage caused could be “rectumfied” before the person would die.

  2. I like your first choice for reading material. Had a question for you. What do you think of Allen Steele? I read his Coyote trilogy several years back and have just finished reading Coyote Horizon. It was pretty good. Am about to read Galaxy Blues and Spindrift. Also have February’s book Lady of Mazes in my reading pile. (My library had good selections this month, LOL. )

    Have a good night.

  3. “john writes: “you ruined the stargate!!!”

    Answer: star8 😀 ”

    Ok…that was probably the most unexpected and brilliant thing (note: not the most brilliant, but the most unexpected AND brilliant) I’ve ever seen/heard on this blog.


  4. $40 million, huh? Hmmm.

    Well. I’m in for $40. It’s up to the 999,999 rest of you…

    (how much more for the other two movies…I know I’ve got some Christmas money around here somewhere….)


  5. Maybe I missed this but presumably the Ancients had a way of producing/recharging ZPMs. One would think that said technology would be located on Atlantis. But everything I saw on the show treated ZPMs like they were something you just had to find by chance. I mean, I get that for the first season or so it was necessary to have the crew dealing with adversity of not having the ideal situation but as far as I saw the question of where ZPMs come from/how they are recharged was never even brought up.

  6. “…better to have two years of a new show than one year of and old one.”

    Not if the old one had Jason Momoa in it. 🙂

  7. Hollow Chocolate Bunnies is hands down one of my favorite books of the last 5 years. It was my first Rankin, but blew me away so utterly, I’ve gone on to about 2 dozen more. (He is prolific, for sure). On business trips, my coworkers know I’m reading one of his books on the plane when I start to giggle every few minutes. They also know him as “Mr. Foot Note” since I told them about how every book contains them, and to much amusement, at that. I’ve gone and reread it twice since I bought it 3 years ago. It has humor (gobs of it, natch), some nifty bits that elicit tears, a great story idea, super awesome characters and, well, it just takes you on a crazy, fabulous ride.

    Oh, and if you happen to indeed read it (you should, really) and you like it enough to do a BOTM on it, I would be so all over that. Just saying.

  8. sly writes: “If the Destiny’s crew find a way to dial the address of earth through a sun (while recharging), will the flares of that sun will cause a time travel trip?”

    Answer: Stay tuned.

    I believe the episode that will cover this question is:


    Rush comes back from the future to set things right.

  9. 1. Haven’t read any of them, so I can’t really make a recommendation.

    2. Liked your reply to john and pg15’s comment to you.

    3. I want brioche french toast. Or brioche bread pudding.

  10. Epic fail. I was never a big fan of SGA, Joe. I’m afraid I’m one of those dreaded fans from much farther back in the franchise’s past, which has absolutely no bearing on anything. I do have to laugh at the assumption, though, that of course I’m a disgruntled SGA fan out for revenge. It makes things so much easier to always dismiss the criticism away, n’est-ce pas?

    And you do realize that SG-1 wasn’t averaging a 2.0 in its last year, right? It was somewhere around a 1.4. Perhaps you just assumed that as well. As far as costs go, your telling us in truth that inflation, increasing dollar parity, and rising production costs account for the entire increase in budget that SGU received? Sure. OK.

    In the end, we’re looking at things in two different ways. I’m trying to be realistic about the facts as they are, trying to see the best way forward for Stargate in the future. You’re committed to the idea that SGU deserves the ending you’ve envisioned for it, and that that ending is the most important thing in the Stargate franchise. You’ll win, because it’s your decision, not mine. But I’m afraid it’ll be a Pyrrhic victory.

  11. As much as that wasn’t what I ‘wanted’ to hear, it’s what I needed to hear, and I thank you for that.

    Also, the epic win from that *8 thing just made you my hero.

  12. Joe, I certainly agree that you are a mighty fine food commentator in writing. You have set the bar mighty high for yourself. Still, I think you would do well on TV too! Ask Ivon, Carl, Lawren or even Ashleigh if you don’t provide good commentary on their food as you dine together. I am sure that you always have good helpful opinions about the food they are eating. so you would be a fine addition to any Iron Chef Judges table. I really think if you get the chance, you should jump at it. Knowing the chairman and all that, it is not an opportunity that just anybody would have. I encourage you to go a little bit outside your comfort zone and go for that seat at the table. I think you would be fabulous! You would have lots of us fans to back you up. (and a trip to New York would be great, wouldn’t it?)

  13. @ Sparrowgast – I can’t help but think that Joe would find a kindred spirit in Pendergast, at least as far as the feasting goes. With their discriminating palates and preference for green tea, I sometimes think I’m reading Joe’s blog instead of a description of Aloysius’ latest meal. 🙂


  14. Hi Joe, a quick question from Mr. Deni. If the Harsesis child had all the knowledge and the secrets of the Goa’uld, would one Goa’uld have only half? I didn’t know what to say to that 🙂 Obviously, we’ve been watching SG1 all day!

  15. Q: “What happens if a female on Destiny uses the stones to connect with a male on Earth?”
    A: “She’s find herself in a male body”

    ^ That would be something very interesting to explore, haha.

  16. Couple of questions on my mind:

    1- Why was the SGU shooting happening so far ahead of the air date ? I mean there is easily 6-9 months difference. I understand season 1 was done shooting before the pilot even aired, this is insane !

    2- When is too late too late ? In other words, what is the point of no return, when actors/crew would be committed to other work and could not come back for a season 3? Are we there yet ? And if we are, is this totally irreversible ? (this is an important question for me thx)

  17. As far as the reads go, Expiration Date sounds interesting.

    I really should be in bed.



  18. In reference to your comment yesterday…I can’t wait to see this video. You’ve been teasing us with mentions since it happened. Ivon’s making a big production out of it, huh? WIll he add autotune? 😉

    Mmm, that french toast looks heavenly.

    As for the books, anything that has “the hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse” as the title is clearly a must read.

  19. You probably know this, given my past posts, but I would have rather had one season more of Atlantis!! 😛

    And then you could have had your SGU carry on the SG tradition. SGA just ended too soon and too abruptly for my taste. Oh well, water under the Bridge, so to speak.

  20. If SG series/movies continues in some form, I was wondering if you could ask the actors to at least pretend that the weapons they’re carrying are made of metal.

    I dont believe anyone can pick up those rifles 1 handed using their palms like that..

  21. I like SG-1 and Atlantis. Its been nice rewatching SG-1 on Netflix recently. That said, SGU is such a great show. It takes the Stargate franchise from just being an action-adventure-sci-fi show to being an action-adventure-sci-fi drama. As much as I like SG-1 & Atlantis, you always knew that things would turn out right there. And the good guys always acted like good guys with not too many flaws really. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jack, Carter, Daniel, and Teal’c (and some of the Atlantis characters), but the characters on SGU seem more REAL. And the situations don’t always have a happy ending nor do we know that they’ll make it home alright and unchanged.

    SGU is a big departure from the other two. I guess I see why some Stargate fans didn’t like it. Personally, I agree with you that it HAD to be done though. I think another show just like Stargate & Atlantis might have lead us to the Voyager of the franchise. Star Trek tried something different with Deep Space 9 and it didn’t catch on as much as TNG did, so they tried to do another TNG-ish show with Voyager. That lead to some really AWFUL television episodes. And then they did Enterprise, which was good, but not as good, imo as Deep Space 9 or TNG. There just comes a time when a “franchise” needs to change. The writers need to try something different. Maybe it’ll catch on, maybe it won’t, but its worth the risk.

    I hope SGU gets another season or enough movies to finish out the story. I think it has a really cool story to tell.

    Oh and BTW, for those of you who really love SGA, you should actually watch at least ONE SGU episode coming up. Two characters from Atlantis are going to be on SGU. 🙂

    Well, whenever Syfy actually decides to air the rest of the season…they are going to air it right? *sigh*

  22. Hi Joe:

    Wow. You are getting a virtual Football tackle with all those people who are mad at SGU. First people are mad at the existence of the show, and now they seem mad because it was cancelled.
    Thank you for being so patient when you answer the questions of the fans who want someone to blame for the show’s existence or lack there-of. Personally, I think you should get paid for your PR work as well as your writing.


  23. I just finished reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and really enjoyed it.

  24. Regarding the comment about it being interesting to explore a female in a male body during use of the communication stones, it was already done. Vala and Daniel. Remember Vala, as Daniel, walked into the men’s locker room and saw Cam? I don’t remember the episode name. I’ll see if I can find it.

    Went to an autism conference today and thought of you, Joe, being in the line of fire (metaphorically speaking). I was going to see a controversial speaker and it was being televised on the news. Apparently the host at this particular church actually had to hire local police to come and not ony protect the guest speakers, but the people coming to the event because she had gotten death threats about just hosting him. I thought,”Mmm, wonder if that is how Joe feels like some times?”

  25. Hi Joe:

    I know you talked about the Stargate books the Fandemonium books I would like to reccomend Stargate Sg-1 Roswell for you to read its like a tv episode and hard to put down once reading begins.

  26. I always find it kinda interesting to watch all the Atlantis support in the questions. The reason I started reading this blog so may years ago was because I enjoyed watching a writer defend your show against angry fans when they apparently hated everything you did on Atlantis. Well, when it was on the air at least. Now that it’s gone apparently it was perfect, and SGU is the real problem.

  27. Thanks for answering my question Joe.

    If this is the end, I just want to say Thankyou. You guys brought us many good years of Stargate and for me SG-1 truly became great in season 4 when you and Paul arrived. It was always a joy to come home on Fridays and have SG-1 and Atlantis to watch. Thanks for the memories…hope there is more.
    Thanks again.

  28. Well it’s bad that SGU has been cancelled and maybe the entire francise may come to an abrupt end. But think about it. It’s not the end of the world. The sun will shine tomorrow and there are better things to do then complain about who did/didn’t do what. In the end … it’s just TV. It isn’t your life. This message is for all of you angry fans who have nothing else to do than complain. 🙂

    And no. Haven’t read any of those books unfortunately.

  29. How do you do it, man? When someone asks interesting and logical question, then BAM! and you’ve already made an episode about it and we just haven’t seen it yet. Very impressive.

  30. Joe, you must have some really sophisticated time management! I mean, how do you manage to get so much things done in a day?

    Work, dogs, reading, writing, cooking, eating, socializing, restaurants, workout, your blog, watching TV, and what else…

    Don’t you sleep at nights? Did you invent the 48h day and 14 days week?

    I am tempted reading some of your book suggestions, but I would not know when to read. I guess it’s easier not being a family man.

  31. All this SGU bashing reminds me so much of what happened in the Star Trek franchise with Enterprise. Was the bashing of SGA as bad in it’s time or was it pretty much the same as with SGU? (If it was so it might make a point to some of the SGU bashers)

    I wouldn’t know that as I really started out with Stargate Atlantis (I always loved the topic Atlantis so I checked it out and when I liked it I started to watch SG-1 from the beginning and liked that too – hadn’t done that before because I didn’t like the original Stargate movie too much. By know I have all episodes available on DVDs, not many blu-rays though as german publishers seem to be too stupid to put german audio tracks on existing blu-ray masters).

  32. Hello Mr. Mallozzi.

    I have just rewatched the episode Sabotage. I have noticed that the repair robot pushes the damaged FTL Section away. Did the crew left this part behind or did they take it with them?

    Have not found this question on your great blog anywhere.

    I wish you have a nice day!

    P.S. How are the dogs?

  33. I will not say I am big fan of SG universe, but it is growing on me, I am not a fan of heavy drama, which has ruined it a bit for me.

    I do hope you guys get a 3rd season and drops the heavy drama a but.
    I All ways enjoyed stargate SG1 and Atlantis for it was pure original Sci fi.

    If you don’t mind i would like to answer Don’s question about ZPM’s.

    I like to think that some where in the Milky way Galaxy, there is a ancient complex orbiting a planet, or on a planet that built all the ancients ships and there cities.. for there is after all more than one Atlantis.. One of the Atlantis Episodes discovered another city didn’t they, even though it was buried.. can’t remember the name of the episode now.

    There is much more to the Ancients that we have not seen or heard of yet.
    This is where ZPM’s etc. are built.
    I think this is a series all in it self. ?

    Question for Joe

    Apart from your excellent work on the Star Gate franchise,
    Is there any current or past Sci fi show’s you would like to or would have liked to have worked on. ?

  34. Quote from Arctic Goddess

    “Wow. You are getting a virtual Football tackle with all those people who are mad at SGU. First people are mad at the existence of the show, and now they seem mad because it was cancelled.”

    I agree. There are always bashers around whether they are bashing a TV show, movie, book or whatever. Best to ignore them or better yet, ban them if they get nasty. Can’t please everyone and those that are unhappy, should get off their butts and try to make their own sci-fi series to see how easy it is. Then they can experience whiny complaining comments from others about their own work.

    On another note, really wish chocolate bunnies weren’t mentioned, as I could wolf down several of them right now. 🙂

  35. Joe,

    Thanks for answering my questions, thanks for taking the time to post answers to questions, thanks for putting up with all us Stargate Junkies and Five Guys Burgers and Fries isn’t bad, but it’s hard on the arteries.

  36. Dear Joe,
    I have a great news. Im from the Czech republic and today our local TV announced that they bought rights for SGU 1 and 2!!!! season. Never happened before with any series. First time when they bought something that isnt out yet. SG1 and sGA were always aired on 2,00 PM now SGU will air on Saturday at 8,00. I still cant believe it. Its a big day for Czech fans. So thank you for your work on it.

  37. Hey Joe. I just wanted to say thank you for writing such an awesome blog and keeping us updated on all things Stargate. Anyway, I was just wondering, assuming everything does go according to plan and SGU is back in production, what form would that take? A third season? A movie? A miniseries? Or is it too early to say?

  38. I remember attempting to read THE STAND back in 1993. It took me about 5 tries to get into the book. On the fifth time, I finally broke the barrier, then couldn’t put the book down. LMAO

    But then that was the same way with the first SHANNARA book by Terry Brooks, which I originally read back in 1979 when a neighbour gave me the book. I was eleven. Took me about 4 times to be able to get into it and this from someone who read Homer’s THE ILIAD when he was ten. 😀

    Have you ever come across a book that you’ve really wanted to read but it took a few times to get into it?

  39. @Tenacious D

    I haven’t seen Beserk myself. Have recently picked up Black Butler, haven’t had a chance to watch it mind you but well worth checking out. Very popular series amongst the female fanbase but suitable for guys too.
    It was more a blind buy for me personally after hearing peoples opinions on it.


    What point are you trying to make exactly by trying to argue over the internet with someone?
    Worth noting Atlantis Season 5 did have quite a few ratings drops throughout the Season, it did however pick up now and then, especially for the finale but As Joe mentioned after 5 seasons you can’t really expect YoYo ratings to cut it.

    Personally I don’t have the SG-1 ratings for S10 infront of me, but a 2.0 could be including the Live+7. Not to mention SG1 you could argue is the most popular Stargate series to date, sold endless amounts of DVDs too. Popularity alone SG1 did amazing.

  40. Joe,

    have MGM ever think about selling new episodes of the show in the Internet rather than runnig it on TV? Stargate has millions of fans around the world. If one episode would cost for example 1-2$ (which is not a high prise in most developed countries) it could become a significant part of your budget.

    Another thing. I don’t know on what stage of the production S02 episodes are, but I would like to bring you some idea about music which could be used in the show. I would recommend you to listen Nine Inch Nails song called The Great Below.
    Music which begins at 2:07 would be great in SGU. A view of Destiny floating in space with this song at the background would be fantastic.

    Best regards,

  41. An interesting thing to note about the eureka/warehouse 13 christmas specials was that while they did get better ratings than SGU, both of the specials actually got worse ratings than an average episode. Which is strange, seeing as you’d expect them to at least match the regular episodes, especially since the eureka one had a guest appearance from matt frewer.

    Another interesting thing was that both shows lost about 400,000-500,000 viewers, which was also the difference between the back half of SGU season one and the first half of season 2.
    Wacky coincidence? You decide.
    (And on a side note, SGU rocks. I’m rooting for season 3 over here!)

  42. @villager_no.3

    In a way it seems invalid comparing Stargate Universe to Eureka and Warehouse 13. Mostly because Stargate Universe is a completely different type of show and is more a show you’d need to invest your time in, rather than Eureka and Warehouse 13 being casual friendly shows where you can pretty much jump in at anytime and pick up whats going on.

  43. JOE, if you’re into reading something of a Chandler-esque / Vampiric nature… coming out FEB. 1 is: ANGEL OF VENGEANCE by Trevor Munson.

    I’ve had the chance to read a bit of “early” chapters that he posted… It’s a great “old school” kind of read! And, “dark”… — The Prologue reminded me of “DEXTER” is ways…

  44. Love the dog pictures from yesterday! I haven’t had time to read everything through yet. I made a quick trip to my mom’s house in the country.

    I realize most of the pictures of Turkeys you post involve basting, roasting and such BUT, we drove past a “flock” (?), “roost”(?), “flock”(?) of wild turkeys. Thought I’d share. Does anyone know what to call a group of turkeys?

  45. It has come to my attention and I don’t know if it has been asked before (but it probably has):

    Question one:

    It is stated that the Ancients returned to Earth and in SGA
    the Tria is attempting to reach earth at 99.9% light speed. So, making the assumption that the Ancients might of had other ships out in the Pegasus galaxy that were manned (example: Aurora) at the time of the evacuation, it is possible that an Aurora class ship actualy came to our galaxy to settle on Earth. But, someone (say Janus) decides to conceal it using technology similar to the Tech used to conceal Merlin’s treasure stash on Earth. Is it possible that such a ship could exsist only waiting to be discovered by Earth?

    Question two:

    Destiny was part of a mission to go to the origion of the Universe. Along the way, the seed ships would scout out the path and place stargates on worlds that might: (1) have materials nesecary for various reparis/upgrades, (2) might be suitible for exploration/recreation off of Destiny. But, there appears to be more to the mission of Destiny then just this. Although the Ancients claimed to not keep secrets (from their own people), I have seen numerous incidents where the Ancients are trying to keep secrets (not just the secret of ascension). What aditional Secrets could Destiny house?

    Question Three:

    Ok. This is more of a request then a question. We see alot of the top of the ship but could we see some more detail on the underside of Destiny? (example: where exactly the Main Weapon is stored in comparison to the rest of the ship aka for or aft).

    Thanks. 🙂

  46. @Randomness

    Oh, absolutely. W13 and Eureka are a different kind of show, they have broader appeal, so their ratings are going to be higher. I just keep seeing people jumping on the fact that the Christmas specials got decent ratings in SGU’s timeslot as evidence that the timeslot wasn’t a problem, and my point was that if you look at the overall picture the numbers actually show something different.
    No, W13 and Eureka’s numbers didn’t instantly fall to SGU’s levels, but they were still worse than you’d expect them to be, which is what you’d expect to see if the timeslot really was leaching viewers.
    Or the viewing public of America really hate Christmas specials. It’s a possibility.

  47. The best burger is at Washington’s Citco in St. Landry Parish Louisiana. Come on down to try one:)-

  48. Hi Joe,
    i’ve never actually posted here, but i’ve been following your blog for years.
    I’m 22, and have been following Stargate since i saw sg1’s “Tin Man” almost 15 years ago, so to me, it feels like stargate has always been on the air.
    While i’m very sad to see it finally go, i wanted to say you all made a fantastic job.
    About the “hate” many fan feel over the producers, the rule seems to be that the longer your show goes on, the more you will be hated by some fans when it finally stop.
    After all, you (i know you were not on the staff from season one, i mean the cast as a whole) ONLY managed to release 18 stargate seasons, that definitively mean you made a terrible job…

    More seriously, i did not think that SGU was so much at odd with anything else, it seemed like a logical continuation.
    SG1 was about discovering the galaxy, and dealing with a much more powerfull enemy, while at the same time, discovering the ancients and humanity’s true origin.
    Then Atlantis saw humanity claiming their legacy as the ancient’s “children”.
    Finally, in SGU, they had the potentiel to go even farther than the ancients ever went. I really wish we will see in some form what the whole “message in the fabric of the universe” is all about one day.

    Anyway, thanks again to you and the staff for a fantastic 14 years and good continuation for your other projects.
    I’ll keep following your blog 🙂

  49. @ Tammy Dixon – Get the flock outta here! 😉

    BTW, it’s a rafter of turkeys. Weird, no? Like…do turkeys sit in the rafters? Or, do they go white water rafting? So I googled that, too…and found that a ‘raft’ means a large collection, so a rafter of turkeys means a large collection of turkeys.

    I feel so much smarter now. 😛


  50. @villager_no.3

    Which in my opinion is why the audience of the Syfy channel prefers them, and virtually all the serious shows are failing on the network.

    That’s mostly the problem Stargate Universe is facing on the Syfy network. It’s a great program being shown to an audience that loves Ghost Hunting, Reality Shows, Wrestling and Light Scifi programs.

    Still Stargate Universe was pulling around 1.4 million viewers on average of Friday night. Makes you wonder how many viewers it would get airing in Sanctuarys timeslot on Friday, with the additional Wrestling viewers that choice to stick around and watch. 1.8 million? 1.7?

    That’s kinda depressing isn’t it? You know that if Stargate Universe stuck around on Friday with Wrestling as a lead in, it’d probably get renewal figures and we wouldn’t be questioning its survival.

  51. Thanks for the answer. Symbiotes have vexed me for a long time.
    Do you have any predictions for the Super Bowl? NE is down to NYJ right now, weirdly enough.

  52. The male-female linkage on the stone was done already on SG1. It’s what gave us the amusing moment of Daniel checking out Cam in the locker room, when Vala was in his body.

    Although, it would have been nice if Michael Shanks could have expressed his feminine side a little more in the episode.

  53. Joe,

    Seeing that Science Fiction series are dying left, right, and center, do you have any plans to move onto a different genre (read as more mainstream) for writing or directing?

  54. To be honest I was much more impressed with SG-U’s somber tone, it’s (relative) nuts and bolts approach to science-fiction and high contrast visuals than I was with SG-1 and SG-A’s light hearted approach. I liked them. Nobody mixed humor into the pot quite as seamlessly as the writers of SG-1 and SG-A so they were a lot of fun when I was a teen but I’m not one anymore and I really thought the idea of a franchise “growing up” with it’s fan base was a great idea.

    With SG-U (seemingly) going off the air and Fringe to (possibly) follow soon there literally won’t be much intelligence on the air. Shame. Wrong channel, wrong audience.

    PS: I read on the blog that you didn’t like space operas much but you enjoyed Alistair Reynolds. For some more quality space opera I’d recommend Stephen Baxter’s ‘Destiny’s Children’ books and Charles Stross’s ‘Eschaton’ series.

  55. @Randomness
    Fringe is switching to Friday, so competition at the primetime slots on that day has heated up considerably.

  56. @Asdasdg

    What aditional Secrets could Destiny house?

    WikiLeaks might release that information soon. 😮

  57. First of all I think it’s absolutely hilarious people are arguing with you regarding ratings and budgets of YOUR SHOW!!

    It would be great to see another SG1 or SGA movie, but its ultimately not necessary. Those stories have closure. People need to realize that SGU’s cancellation does not mean all of your focus can now be on an SGA movie. The focus is on SGU where it rightfully should be in terms of franchise continuation.

    Are the SGU actors all still game for a third season or DVD movie etc? Is there an inherent risk of them getting attached to new projects the longer the show is in limbo or are they contractually obligated for a certain period of time?


  58. @TheSGC

    Still Friday was the better night for Stargate Universe, and personally I think if Syfy had kept Stargate Universe on that night. It likely wouldn’t of been cancelled.

    Ah what could of been.. So annoying D:

    By the way, I don’t think Fringe is competition for Stargate Universe, mostly because it’s in a downward spiral shedding viewers like crazy. Nothing to say that won’t continue on Friday, and wouldn’t impact Syfy at all.

  59. I am just wondering if perhaps, looking soley at the ratings for the 3 shows, there would be more interest from fans in a continuation of SG1 or SGA than for SGU. Would those numbers enter into the decision on which series to attempt a follow up on?

  60. Hi Joe,

    Non-SGU related question for you (for a change). I work in Gastown and walking home the other night I saw this lady who looked oddly familar. Turns out it was Ashleigh, doing whatever it is she does.

    That got me thinking, since you talk about and/or photograph your collegues and friends a lot on your blog, do they get recognised in the street like that often? How do they feel about it, is it weird and odd or are they cool with it? Do you get random people saying “Hi” to you? Any funny stories about it?

    Just curious, thanks!

  61. Expiration Date looks good to me and I’m not a big SF&F reader.

    Any predictions for the Superbowl? I’d love to see Jets/Green Bay, but I assume the Steelers will make it in. Not sure about the NFC though, tough call on that one.

  62. Hi Joe,

    If you happen to fit in another Q&A…

    Is there any connection between the 146 elements mentioned in SG1 and the number 46 mentioned in SGU (beyond the obvious sharing of 4 and 6 ;))?

    Re: Ausiello’s January 12 “blind item”, this particular hint seems to be outweighing all of his other hints:

    “In fact, to this day, talks are ongoing behind scenes to extend its run, one way (in its current form) or another (in a tweaked form or even as a series of TV movies).”

    That sounds eerily a lot like SGU showing a pulse.

    You mentioned going with that ghost show but, meh, even with the other hints: the history the SG franchise has with extending the life of its shows via one way (in the current form) or another (tweaked or as tv movies (or mini-series)), that really gives SGU the spotlight for what Ausiello could be hinting at. And it’d make sense for SGU writers/producers to deny it. 😉

    A number of people – in the comments section of that article – shared an interest in it being Smallville, though that doesn’t really fit any of the hints considering that show is intentionally trying to wrap things up this season. (Perhaps going for Superman thing but, my guess is not ’til after Man of Steel (and sequels) are all produced and have hit the silver screen.)

    So, yeah, it’s also of course hopeful thinking that SGU – the Stargate franchise, in general – still has a heartbeat. Or is at least given a juicy jolt from a defibrillator. …a, uhm, “franchise defibrillator”, or something. Somehow. Soon, hopefully. 🙂


    Sean D.

  63. The only thing about Five Guys is they use all peanut oil. And a lot of it. So, while delicious, it is not recommended for those with peanut allergies.

  64. Btw Joe, you should read The Nebula Awards Showcase 2010. After all, it “represents the best of the best in fantasy in one indispensible collection.”

    You’re a fast reader. Read them all.

  65. @Randomness said “Personally I don’t have the SG-1 ratings for S10 infront of me, but a 2.0 could be including the Live+7. Not to mention SG1 you could argue is the most popular Stargate series to date, sold endless amounts of DVDs too. Popularity alone SG1 did amazing.”

    If 2.0 is the live+7 ratings of sG1’s last season, then SGA did better with its last season. SGA had a 2.1 for live+7 for season 5.

    I think it was season 1 of SGA that had the best numbers of the franchise. I could be wrong, but I remember reading that somewhere.

  66. Robert Rankin really doesn’t do it for me. There is something about his writing style that just puts me off. My husband loves his books though so they can’t be all bad. 🙂

    If you like the premise of the nursery rhyme world, you might want to have a look at Jasper Fforde’s “The Big Over Easy”. I really enjoyed that as well as his other series of books starting with “The Eyre Affair”.

    I wanted to say a big thank you for talking about Christopher Moore’s books, I bought quite a few to last me during my Christmas travels and they were amazingly good!

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