Well, damn.  Now I seem to be experiencing an allergic reaction to…something?  Also, my iPhone stopped working, flashing up a “No SIM card installed” error message, forcing me to swing by my cell phone provider and have the chip replaced.  In better news, I received an email from our friend and tireless editor, Lou Anders, who informs me that the Hugo Awards are now open for nominations.  Episodes of Stargate: Universe that aired in the 2010 calendar year are eligible in the Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) category.  My story, “Downfall”, that appeared in the Masked anthology of superhero fiction is also eligible in the Best Novella category (“Awarded for a science fiction or fantasy story of between seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500) and forty thousand (40,000) words.”  Apparently, “Downfall” clocks in at a robust 18,181 words!).  Also eligible is Lou Anders in the Best Editor (Short Form) category.  If there’s an episode of SGU you want to see honored, if you enjoyed “Downfall” and want to give me an early, early 2011 Christmas present, or would like to support Lou, then head on over and vote.

And how, exactly, DO you vote?  Well I’m glad you asked.  Mosey on over to this site (http://www.renovationsf.org/hugo-intro.php) where all will be explained.

Over the next few days, I’ll be going over the list of contenders in the various categories after which I will give you all the heads up on who else is eligible for what.

Coincidentally, I’m putting together a list of My Top 10 Favorite 2010 Reads that I hope to post as tomorrow’s blog entry.  I’m not limiting myself to works published in 2010. Instead, any book I read in 2010, regardless of publication date, is eligible.  If you were asked to offer up a similar list, what would top you Favorites 2010 Reads?

A reminder that you have a couple of weeks to finish our January Book of the Month Club pick, The Iron Hunt.  Discussion begins the week of January 17th with author Marjorie M. Liu who, I’m willing to bet, will come over and kick your ass if you’re not ready.  So be ready!

Sorry for the late(ish) post.  I was out to dinner with the boys…

Back in the office tomorrow to watch that Day 1 Mix of The Hunt.  And do a little office cleaning.

32 thoughts on “January 3, 2011: Hugo nomination time! Your top 2010 reads! Burgers with the boys!

  1. Nice pics. Patrick Gilmore becoming a hermit? And where are Peter Kelamis’ locks? Has the world gone mad? Rob and Andy could be doing mirror poses with that one eyebrow up, and well Ivon is always camera ready.

    I’ll be headed over to the link just as soon as I finish up work. Need to get this word count of mine in on Monday’s workload.

  2. Can’t say I’m that surprised by the cancelation. When the President of the network, Mark Stern, can’t even be bothered to mention the show on his twitter, you know the shows days are numbered. The move to Tuesday nights and lack of promotion was the last in a series of moves designed to sabotage the franchise.

  3. I agree with SyFySucks above. The SyFy Channel only cares about ratings and does not seem to go to much effort to help improve a shows ratings. They can keep their wrestling and ghost shows as I am not interested in that crap.

    Hopefully you all will find another network to continue the StarGate franchise on soon. Best wishes! 🙂

  4. Jeez, the year just started.

    Man, I hope that something Stargate happens this year. I just can’t imagine your blog without photos of the people that made some of the best TV shows I’ve ever watched. Can’t wait to do some voting.

    @Das I think I’m becoming Wraith convert. Not so much the albino aspect, although Todd’s flowing silvery locks, I mean, it’s the age thing. I think the Wraith as a species and individuals were old, very old, and they thought, this sucks, which eventually evolved their species into, suck you. And the adage, youth is wasted on the young is true. Which is why I’m becoming a Wraith fan. Slurping a few years off the young isn’t so bad. They’re young, they’ll get over it. And youth equals good health, so Todd’s need to renew his scrumptious physique, well, it’s a universal concept, obviously. Yep, as I’ve gotten older I’ve finally seen the attraction, um, attitude towards the Wraith is simply not justified. 🙂

  5. Hey Joe,

    Yes…I will vote. Yes…I am reading THE IRON HUNT.

    AND…♥ஜ☆ThankYou♥ஜ☆ for the picture of Patrick Gilmore. He will always be my favorite and I love when you share photos of him.

    So “the boys” doesn’t include Carl? I also love your Carl show-n-tell. booo….no Carl tonight I guess.

    Late post? What time do you post anyway? Just curious…

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  6. Top 2010 reads? Hmmm…

    It’s 6 am, so I can’t think too straight right now, but I know the list would include (not necessarily in this order):

    1. Something from the current Preston & Child Pendergast series that I’m reading – especially Cabinet of Curiosities, Still Life With Crows, Relic, and Wheel of Darkness.

    2. Red Pearls, the new Elric short story in Swords and Dark Magic.

    3. Secret Six (Gail Simone, et al, entire series to date). I love Ragdoll so much…he’s just about my favorite comic book character, ever! I hope they keep him around for a while, he just makes the book for me.

    4. Sweets (Kody Chamberlain, though only 3 or 5 issues have come out so far, but this is absolutely the best comic book of 2010).

    5. Planetary (Warren Ellis and John Cassaday – entire series). Really an epic tale, and a VERY satisfying read.

    6. One or more of the Solomon Kane trades (various writers, adapted from original Robert E. Howard stories) . I really like this character lots, and the comic book adaptations have been rather good, especially the latest two, The Castle of the Devil, and Death’s Black Riders. That said, the rather obscure Solomon Kane movie tops all, considering it wasn’t a big budget production. It’s a must-see for fans of dark fantasy, imho. It also features the late Pete Postlethwaite (*sniffle* 🙁 )

    7. Doctor Who: Coming of the Terraphiles by Michael Moorcock. A quirky tale that balanced well Moorcock’s multiverse with the Doctor’s. I know there has been some criticism of the book by diehard Who readers, but I found it a good blend or humor, adventure and twisty storytelling.

    8. A Mystery in Motley, an old, republished Zenith the Albino story in Sexton Blake, Detective. This is right near the top of my favorites – Zenith is a great character, the inspiration for Elric, and surprisingly NOT unlike Special Agent Pendergast. It’s hard for me to read Pendergast without seeing Zenith in his exquisite black evening dress, his long, white fingers cradling the bowl of a wine glass, while his strange eyes study the people in the room.

    9. Probably a tale or two from Masked. 😉 Thug (Gail Simone) and Downfall by Joey The Gigolo Mallozzi top the list. 🙂

    10. I’ve also enjoyed two other comic book series – Casanova (Matt Fraction), and Cowboy Ninja Viking (AJ Lieberman, Riley Rossmo). Not sure which would top my favorites list: Casanova is a knock-off of Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius, and CNV is surprisingly good, and oh so deliciously quirky!

    Not making my list this year are mainstream superhero comic books, apart from Secret Six. Sure, I did enjoy a few, but none – with the exception of Dark Wolverine, Wolverine Origins, and Astonishing X-Men – have satisfied me. The rest have just blurred into one big mishmash of bright colors, blood, and nondescript characters. I really need characters that jump off the page – like SS’s Ragdoll, or this new Pendergast fella – and lately most comic books have been falling flat in this regard, though I still hold out hopes for Daken, especially now that Wolverine has been reduced to…I don’t know what. Whatever it is, right now he’s not the Wolverine I know and love from past stories…either he’s a complete moron, or a…complete moron. It’s getting very old.

    That’s all for now…hubby needs me to make his lunch, and it’s after 7 am! An hour writing this (with some interruptions) – I hope you appreciate the time I spend with you, Joey! 🙂


  7. Liked the pictures and looking forward to hearing more about the Hugo Award contenders. Have a good day!

  8. Congratulations Joe on being eligible in the Best Novella category. fingers crossed for ya.
    And thanks a bunch for the great pictures. yumm on the burger and the boys.
    Hope back to work is not to tough for you, having been away so long, Take care of yourself, since cloning is not yet and option, or is it>>lots of research going on and they are probably looking for a body or 3 to practice on,,,naw, I couldn’t do that either. so rest up between meetings. go to your happy place in your mind. remember<<~~ and don't forget to come back to reality. Enjoy the day!
    ~books i have read in 2010,now where did i put that list?~? really must start spring cleaning..

  9. office cleaning 🙁

    Question: would anyone/everyone consider a pay cut if a Canadian broadcaster purchased the rights (not sure if it would even be nessasry)?

    That looks like a really BIG burger!!

  10. NOOOOOO!!! AGGGGHHH! What has Syfy done to Peter’s curls??! I knew those Syfy blagarts where lowly curs but I never thought they’d steal Peter’s Curls! Wretched malfeasin’ snakes!

    I am hoping Amazon will gimme Iron Hunt book by the weekend. I loathe American holidays; no mail, ergo no Amazon. Feh. I haven’t had mail since Thursday and I’m getting wicked bends for my Netflix subscription. I want to become a hermit like Gilmore, so I’m honing my shut in skillz. If I could work from home then things would be perfect.

    That burger looks tasty; is that a roasted pepper or a dried tomato on there?

  11. By the way I only plan to vote for Jewel Staite on this years Hugos for best SGU actress and for best short story, sorry. 🙂

  12. “Downfall” is also eligible for a Nebula nomination (for those of us who are members of SFWA), and all 2010 episodes of SGU are eligible for the Bradbury Award. (I still wish they had kept it as a Nebula and had kept the juries…)

    I have one short story that appeared in a 2010 anthology that I think folks might find of interest for the Hugo. It’s supposed to be posted at the publisher’s website, so when it does, I’d like to provide a link if that’s not inappropriate.

  13. Hi Joe,

    Got my copy of “Masked” for Christmas… loved ‘Downfall’! Better than some of the other stories, although my favourite so far is still ‘Message from the Bubblegum Factory’ (nothing personal).

    I’m unemployed myself at the moment, so I offer this simple advice: look for work. You will either find a new job (and have the money to spend your little spare time doing what you really want to do), or you won’t (and you’ll spend your days at home productively writing scripts or whatever, rather than lazing at home and watching the world pass you by).

    Also, have you heard about IDW’s new “Infestation” mini-series? It features zombies invading the universes of Ghostbusters, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, and Transformers… via a Stargate.


    Stargate tribute, or intellectual property theft? I’ll let you decide.

    Hope everything works out for you. And if you decide to move on to greener pastures, please please PLEASE… send Syfy your resignation letter via Twitter. 🙂

  14. Don’t know if you have ever watched Hawaii 5-0 (original or remake) but one of my favorite SGA guest stars (Mark Dacascos) made an appearance on the new version as Wofat, Steve McGarrett’s nemesis….should be interesting!

  15. I hope somehow someone saves SGU. I’m tired of watching crap Sci Fi on T.V. and literally EVERYTHING else that people seem to like to watch is utter nonsense. DO people honestly like to watch “The Housewives of Orange County” and other crap like that? SERIOUSLY? UGH!

  16. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for this. You might tell your readers that even if they don’t attend WorldCon they can purchase a supporting membership that allows them to vote. I know Syfy probably doesn’t pay much attention to the Hugo awards, but nothing would make me happier than seeing several SGU episodes show up on the shortlist!
    Meanwhile, thanks for the shout out. I’m actually eligible this year in both short form and long form categories. I’m always eligible in the long form for the book-length editing at Pyr, but with MASKED and SWORDS & DARK MAGIC, this is a rare year when I’m eligible for short form too.
    And danNdanger – so glad you enjoyed both anthologies! Thank you.

  17. Petit coucou à mon producteur préféré!!

    J’espert que vous allez bien!!

    Je vous fait pleins de gros bisous!!

    Anais, qui vous adore 😉

  18. Office cleaning? As in leaving for good? IS THIS THE END? Sorry, getting a little paranoid here.

    (Like you can’t tell. ;))

  19. @ paloosa – :heart: When I get a few moments, I’ll get back to you about this…but for now, I’m just glad another human has seen the light! 😀


  20. I agree WTH happened to Peter’s hair. And loving Patrick’s new look. He mentioned his beard on Twitter. Looking good.

    Where were you guys eating?? That burger looked YUMMY!!!

  21. Questions about Stargate, Blog …

    Hi Joe,

    I came by your blog by accident, having enjoyed Stargate Atlantis very much, and wondering about the end of SGU.

    *You’ve talked in the past about the need for ratings and DVD/download sales to renew a show, but is it possible to do a direct approach (similar to Sanctuary), and say, produce a pilot and then ask for online donations, while MGM still holds ownership. For example, in order to get 10 more shows of SGU, MGM gets fans to send $X dollars before starting production (hey, online donations worked for Obama, Wikipedia). It seems that renewal depends on advertising dollars, and could MGM not have fans view ads directly to “sponsor” the show, rather than the traditional 30s ad slots while watching a show (i.e. by logging onto MGM website and watching ads to support show?) (I hope the above makes some sense)

    *You’ve probably answered this before, but was the Atlantis finale Enemy at the Gate meant to be a 2-parter that got compressed into 1 show (i.e. would you do things differently if you could go back?).

    *About Vancouver vs. Montreal: I live in greater Vancouver now, and have lived for a time in Ottawa, and made frequent trips to Montreal, and agreed with many of your comments on Vancouver (city center not laid back, very bustling like NYC). However, I think it’s partly nature (i.e. Beautiful BC) that attracts so many people to buy property or move to Vancouver. From my reading (David Suzuki, Bill McKibben, Bill Rees) we would need 5 planet earths for everyone on earth to live like we do in North America (give or take a planet, or two). What can Vancouver do to promote the environment without greens coming across as “well-balanced” (or lack of) as you described?

  22. Hey Joe!
    Cleaning your office is not a good sign!
    Is this just a clean up or a clean out ??
    You have me worried about Stargate becuase of this.
    Also, how did the viewing of “The Hunt” go ?
    It sounds like a good title and it must have some good action in it.
    So I guess you did not get any news yesterday at work regarding anything about the future of SGU ?
    Inquiring minds would love to know…

  23. I was reading an article regarding the James Bond franchise and in this article it was pointing out MGM’s money woahs. Article can be read here http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118029334

    I can see why MGM is hesitant to spend any money considering its debt. I can’t believe Carl Icahn or anyone else would ever want MGM or any studio to merge with Lionsgate. Lets face it, lionsgate isn’t known for producing the best movies.

    So I would assume that until MGM is in a stable position it won’t be signing off on a Stargate movie.

  24. Hi Joe, watch out for those allergies. On top of everything else lately, I ate papaya and discovered the hard way that I’m allergic. Then, after the night from hell, I figured that the most innocuous thing in the world to eat would be applesauce. Oh no, it turns out that now, I’m allergic to bananas (which I’ve known for some time), papaya, apples and a myriad other things. Hugs to Ms Jelly!

  25. There is a new comic miniseries coming out this month called “Infestation.” There will be issue #1, which apparently is a current series, then there will be miniseries where this “infestation” enters the comic universes of Star Trek, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, and Transformers. The reason I am mentioning it, is that the first issue appears to blatently steal from Stargate. Look at the preview for the first issue and tell me that they are not ripping off Stargate:

  26. @Bilo&Bella – Yeah, I caught Mark Dacascos on Hawaii 5-0 too. that was great. Sounds like he’ll be in a recurring role?

    (I know he’s playing Wo Fat, but part of me still kept waiting for him to say “And this is IRON CHEF!” at some point. 🙂 )

    Oh, speaking of iPhones, Joe, have you seen this? http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com. The Most Popular List from December almost killed me.

  27. Hey Joe.. I know your busy… so no rush, but I sent you an email (im assuming you still have the same email). Would love if you’d read it! 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D

  28. good thing its a new year. maybe I can get back on track with my reading. WAAAY behind. hasnt helped that my regular bookstore turned online bookstore has also folded. now I have to settle for BAM to peruse the shelves, unless I find time to get to a real Barnes and Noble. Anyways, will grab the latest book and try to get it read. luckily I have several days off to actually devote to it.
    glad to see you’re still hanging out with all the good folks. you need good role models…thanks for the post and looking forward to your top ten list.

  29. Seems I’m a day late with this, but here are my top reads of 2010. I kept a list and rated the books I read as one to five stars, so I’ll give you my list of five-star books. (This is based on how much I personally enjoyed reading them, mind, and not really a commentary on how they stack up as ‘literature’.)

    The Masqueraders, by Georgette Heyer
    The Host, by Stephenie Meyer.
    Behemoth, by Scott Westerfeld
    Tenth Grade Bleeds, by Heather Brewer
    Devil’s Cub, by Georgette Heyer
    These Old Shades, by Georgette Heyer
    Friday’s Child, by Georgette Heyer
    The Last Battle, by C.S. Lewis

    To make it a full ten, I’ll also include:

    Gone, by Michael Grant
    Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

    Many of these are parts of series. It’s safe to presume I really enjoyed the whole series to varying degrees.

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