I got a call from my writing partner, Paul, today who told me that he was going through some of the items in his home office when he came across a couple of books I’d lent him.  “Guess I’ll just give these to Joe when I go back to work,”he thought.  And then realized: “Wait.  There IS no work to go back to!”.  Well, yes and no.  And yes.  And, as it turned out on this day – no.  I went in today because Kerry, our Post-Production Coordinator, prior to heading off on her vacation, made it a point to remind me that I had to watch the Day 1 Mix of my episode, The Hunt, by January 5th.  That’s tomorrow.

Thus, I got in at little after 9:30 this morning to a very scaled-down production office.  Just David manning the phones.  The girls from accounting were in, as was Producer John G. Lenic.  And, of course, the incomparable Lawren Bancroft-Wilson was holding down the fort in the writing department.  I asked him to contact Post and let them know I was ready to watch that mix.  What mix?  Why, the mix Kerry told me I needed to watch by January 5th.  “Oh, that wasn’t supposed to deliver until tomorrow,”Associate Producer Jennifer Johnson informed me.  “Originally.  But it’s been pushed to Monday.”

Well, since I was there, I decided to redirect my focus to some early, early Spring cleaning.  Back in SG-1’s fourth season, when I first joined the franchise, I started decorating my office with Simpsons figures.  They would invariably draw the attention of  curious tour guests, small children, and Richard Dean Anderson, any of whom could be found in my office on any given day, playing with my collection.  When Paul and I took over as Show Runners for Atlantis’s fourth season, I packed away the Simpsons figures in favor of resin and cold cast porcelain statues of various comic book villains – something more thematically in keeping with my new role.  Given present circumstances, I thought it would be a good idea to just go ahead and pack ’em up and opt for another theme (say, pug paraphernalia) if and when Stargate does come back in some form in 2011.

I drive a Q7, one big-ass SUV, and it couldn’t contain “my toys” (to quote a couple of my co-workers).

Not pictured: the boxes in the back and passenger seats – or the statues still sitting upstairs in my office.  This, of course, will pale in comparison to my book collection.  That should necessitate at least three trips.

Anyway, that took me all morning.  I didn’t even get to clearing off my desk.  Exec. Producers’ Assistant Ashleigh teased us with the possibility that she was a) coming in and b) stopping by that tasty sandwich place in Gastown to pick up lunch.  Instead, she elected to stay home and presumably watch Judge Judy, leaving us to fend for ourselves.  As a result, I had to eat mediocre Japanese food.  AND pick up after myself!

After lunch, I spoke to Brad about the future of the franchise.  We discussed “the plan”, Universe mainly, but also talked SG-1 and Atlantis.  No word on progress yet but, given the recent holidays, that’s to be expected I suppose.  Hopefully, we’ll receive some positive news next week.


Lawren breaks the bad news. No sandwiches. I mean, Ashleigh.
Lisa from accounting stops by to wish me a happy new year. Then delivers three swift punches to my kidneys and, while I’m doubled over fighting to catch my breath, warns me to pay my outstanding petty cash balance. Then kicks in my t.v. screen and leaves. Great to see her.
Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok also dropped by. Since we’re both looking at some free time ahead, we’ve been talking about starting an Oprah’s Book Club type thing. Except that instead of books, we’d watch movies. And instead of discuss them, we’d just sit around and drink.
Executive Producer Carl Binder was with us in spirit.

Since the New Year rolled in, I’ve been afflicted with a host of mysterious maladies, the latest being an allergic reaction to…something?  Given the timing, I’m guessing 2011. Anyway, I’ve been drinking plenty of liquids, avoided dairy, switched my laundry detergent, and avoided all non-cooking reality shows.  No dice.  I mean, what the friggin’ fudge, man?!  I’d planned to go see my doctor today, but he was booked, so I guess I’ll try my luck tomorrow afternoon.  Between that and calling someone to fix the automatic garage door opener, looks to be a pretty exciting day.  Which means an equally exciting blog post for all of you!  Excited?!

64 thoughts on “January 4, 2011: Yes and no. And yes. But no. And Stargate.

  1. Ok, so the uhaul rental place was out of large vehicles? That is a lot of fun things in the back of your suv. You are quite the collector. Are you building and extra room on your house to bring stuff home from your office. I always thought I needed a special room just for stuff like exercise equipment, I might use or a sewing room or a darkroom for whenever I might get back to playing with all that stuff stored elsewhere…. rethink the uhaul for the books.
    So Ashleigh,,hmm, were you going to pay her for today..a reason to come to work. and besides you probably are spoiled by the food (well some of the food) in Tokyo when it came to some good eats. Your garage door, isn’t that a new mechanism or didn’t you have it worked on not too long ago, warranty still good? or maybe that was the lock on the door.?!? I hope the doctor can help you, feeling like crap and all the other stuff going on pretty much sucks. Don’t you love reading all these comments on the blog. I have been helpful, right,> well good thoughts for you. Sleep well.

  2. Did we just learn Carl’s porn name?

    Hey, don’t worry about the allergic reaction, probably just scurvy.

    Yeah, it’ll take 3 trips if you pack it all dainty like that. (You made your packing habits public knowledge, fair game.)

  3. It was pretty cool of your mom to come visit you. Especially since she had broken her leg just last year. I guess she has gone home now? Did she have any advise for you? Don’t you have any more pictures of her visit? Rest easy. If you don’t find a job, you can always move back home and into your old bedroom. But what would you do with all your toys?

  4. That is a lot of awesome villains. Like Shocker. You never see Shocker around anymore. It’s like he’s been relegated back to the Spider-Man version of Ba’al or something. If your next project after Stargate is anything to do with Spider-Man, please don’t leave out Shocker.

  5. Hi Joe:

    Have you considered you might have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) due to a lack of sunlight? Or maybe you picked up something in Tokyo that has just now kicked in. Avian Flu, perhaps?

    I enjoyed watching all of the second season first 10 SGU episodes on Space Channel this past weekend. I’ve been very impressed with Space Channel’s support of the show so far. Does MGM or Bridge have an agreement with Space, or are they just being great Sci-Fy fans?


  6. I only have three ‘good’ toys – a bust of Wolverine (from Origin), another Wolverine figure (full), and a bust of Prince Nuada. I must say that Nuada is my favorite, mainly because of his lovely hair. 🙂

    Here they are, guarding a few trinkets:


    Joe, as far as feeling bad…

    I have a lot of friends who are suddenly developing Celiac disease. It’s really weird. I have a theory that it has something to do with genetically engineered wheat, but who knows. I’m watching my wheat intake just in case – cutting back in favor of potatoes, corn and rice when possible. If I did have celiac just cutting back wouldn’t make a difference, but I figure it can’t hurt to lower my exposure to wheat and wheat gluten just in case. Of course, the gluten is in just about everything – even paint – so it’s really a hard thing to avoid.

    Still…I’m leaning towards the parasite idea. You probably have worms, Joe. 🙂


  7. So did you have to bring the boxes to work to pack the statuary, or did you have them stored somewhere nearby?

    Maybe the “problems” you are having are related to your time traveling.

  8. You sound like you are allergic to something you are ingesting – could be a delayed reaction to that disturbing sperm stuff you guys ate in Japan. Is Ivon OK?

  9. What kind of allergic reaction? I had one a few years back to, I think, a fabric softener that was supposedly scented like Fresh Linen. In hindsight that should’ve been a red flag, since you put it in the dryer after your clothes have been washed, and therefore pretty much everything should smell like fresh linen anyway.

    I broke out really badly on the backs of my knee joints and the inside of my elbows. At one point it was so bad that I thought death might be preferable. Or certainly less painful. But if I’d killed myself, the terrorists would’ve won, so I stuck it out.

    And we stopped using fabric softener, after which I was fine.

    So while switching laundry detergent was probably a good idea, I would ditch the fabric softener, too.

    Nice collection of stuff you’ve got there, btw.

  10. You kept the boxes?!? No wonder it took up so much space…

    O’course with my kids, I’m lucky if I just find the TV remotes on any given day (and why do ALL the battery-covers always disappear?) Keeping items (in their original boxes) is just not an option.

  11. Got another Idea. If all these other international TV stations are willing to bring back SGU for a final season, How about a fan Pledge drive? Is SyFy’s portion of the the money you need to cancel the show? Seriously. Maybe get the fan pledge drive. I’d be willing to pledge $100, $200 If I can get the HD versions on video as they air. Maybe have all the staff take a 5% pay-cut with the addition of fan drive money to just get it done? Hell, Farscape was able to finish it’s abrupt series finale.

    I’m telling you, This is the only reason I subscribed to cable. As long as the other stations across the world want to continue airing it, this might be doable.

    Let’s just say that I am having a difficult time not having a space based sci fi show to watch anymore. There has always been one since I was a teenager. It’s going to take a while.

  12. Sooo… these health problems, did they really just start this week? Or, perhaps upon your return from your trip? Or, since Mom & Sis showed up?

    If this week – then it could just be anxiety over what’s just “going on”.

    Since the trip – then perhaps something to do with Jelly… like meds, etc. Or, even something that the Dog-sitter brought into the house?

    Are Mom & Sis still there? – maybe it’s something involving them?

    Or, Ashleigh’s at it with the Voodoo Dolls again… Whatever, buy a Lottery Ticket! It couldn’t hurt!

  13. Hey Joe,

    YAY!!! Carl show-n-tell!! Where did this photo come from? I want one. Of course one addressed to ME. *giggles*

    I can’t help remember when I packed my office at Fox. All of my “stuff” was sci-fi related and had to be “approved” before being displayed. I was lucky I had good taste…because they approved all of what I kept bringing in. The funny thing is…I packed it all…then didn’t open the boxes because I didn’t have room at home for it and my new job wouldn’t allow it (law firms tend to be funny like that). Ha…I have a new place…opened a few of the boxes…it was like Christmas all over again.

    Do you have room for all your treasures? A home office? Please share a picture…

    Hope you feel better…if I were there I would take a cuddly blanket…throw it in the drier…when snuggy warm…I’d wrap you up in it…give you a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows and put on your favorite DVD. Place a plate of freshly baked cookies within reach. Snuggle all the pups close by…and tell you what a poor baby you are. *hugs*

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  14. @DAS
    Worms… ! Ooooo! I like that…. Too much DUNE reading would be my guess. — Or, “Vampires”! Those little buggars are everywhere these days…

    BTW, *where’s* TODD been keeping himself lately…? hmm??

  15. Hey Joe,

    So I’m bummed about the whole cancellation thing but slightly relieved at the prospect of having it return to us in some shape or form.

    Well you are at it again Mr. M how do you time travel so easily? Is it a part of your super villain powers?

    Hope all the ailments resolve themselves soon and you can get back to fighting for our beloved show!

    Thanks always,

  16. Hi Joe,

    Happy holidays and happy new year (belated)! 😀

    Here’s hoping the Stargate franchise lives on for years to come! 🙂


  17. I bet you it was this place: Tomoru Fine Dining (I’m pronouncing it close to the word “tomorrow”–fine dining that keeps on giving long after you leave the country). Perhaps you’ve developed some pork version of mad cow disease. Sometimes things like Giardia (a type of bacteria you sometimes get while traveling) does not show up for 2 weeks later (incubation period). Time to go see the doctor.

    Impressive collection. Should I worry you might become a hoarder?

  18. Oh Carl, you never fail to illicit a laugh. Very funny name.

    I just wish we’d know for sure on SGU. My teenagers keep asking me, knowing that I read this blog every day. Gah! We need some Stargate on TV.

    You kept the boxes? Should have known. You still have room in the back of that vehicle. It’s amazing how much stuff you can cram into an SUV when you try.

  19. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    Our team sends you a get well soon hug.

    Yes things do take time, particularly of this magnitude. And speaking of magnitude, I noticed you have recently read “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Excellent book! Do you ever feel that you are living that novel these days?

    Dare I use the “M” word (for the “mel” types in the world)? And while on the subject of “M” words, we have a number of these “m”arvelous individuals attacking our staff over planned support efforts by the fans of Stargate Universe that we will be reporting on in the near future.

    We ignore them and block them on Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the foul comments at our news site that never see the light of day. We do however have a nice list of about 10,000 IP addresses tied to these trouble makers, some of whom have been turned over to law enforcement (its against the law in the USA and in treaties with other countries to send hate mail). Such misguided people are often put on watch lists.

    On a more positive note, WHR has been looking at some very interesting numbers and find that the problem of ratings for Stargate Universe seems to have been primarily a USA centric phenomena. Here is what we know:

    SGU Viewership in Canada hovered at about 1.1 million for a country of ~33 million. Grade = excellent!

    SGU Viewership in the United Kingdom was about 1.3 million average in a country of ~51 million. Grade = very good!

    SGU Viewership in Australia was about 800,000 to 900,00 in a country of ~21 million. Grade = excellent!

    We would call these healthy numbers by percentage when measured against total population. Now the (sad) rub.

    SGU Viewership in the United States was only 1.1 to 1.2 million in a country of ~330 million. Grade = sad.

    There is a more.

    In 2010 WHR covered some 50 conventions world-wide, many Stargate related. With the exception of large Comic-Con type events where the attendance for SGU panels was excellent, the malcontents would deliberately boycott the panels of the SGU actors and actresses thinking they would send a “message” to TPTB. As if insulting the actors and actresses by a boycott is appropriate behavior, let alone an effective means of communication.

    Well here is a message for the malcontents about what you have accomplished:

    If all the fine people who made Stargate for 17 years (numbering some ~500 actors, actresses, crews, writers, costumers, makeup, set constructors, contractors, support staff and creators) lose their jobs, who in the heck is going to be around to make the movies you say you wanted so much to “support” the Stargate franchise?

    Potentially no one that’s who.

    The “plan” they had to belittle SGU in order to get to SGA and SG-1 movies was flawed from the get go. Without the infrastructure and people to make Stargate, there may now (sadly) be no SGA or SG-1 movies.

    In closing for now, WHR will have more in our “As The Wormhole Turns” editorial series supporting Stargate Universe. Dating back some 40 years the effects of such fan behavior do not work, nor have they ever worked.

    In the meantime, get well Mr. Mallozzi. Our very best wishes in creating a new consortium to continue the greatness that is Stargate Universe. Thank you.


    Kenn – Managing Editor

    WormholeRiders News Agency

  20. Joe, you wore ASCOB today! Okay, okay…. 🙂 In dog world lingo, your cool-looking blue suit jacket is ASCOB, or Any Solid Color Other [than] Black. It is a big deal when the BlogFather breaks uniform. Did you feel blue today? I know I felt pretty sad whenI saw the picof the SUV packed with Toys. Or…wait-just-a-minute! 😀 Didja go out to dinner with a girl? The last time you posted a pic of you in the blue jacket, you did have a date.

    Hope you don’t feel as blue after talking to Brad. Here’s to unprecedented good fortune and wild success of “the plan.” God love Mr. Wright, and bless all his efforts and everyone involved.

  21. About those new allergies…. 😯 Try not to worry too much, but do get checked out by a doctor since it has been bothering you.

    You figure as adults, we’re past that allergy phase in life. But, no…! When I had surprise allergies pop out of nowhere this past year, my doctor said, and I paraphrase, as we accumulate birthdays, our immune system elects to declare war on “intruders” with which it was previously friends. Oscar Madison goes all Felix Unger on us, and there’s not much we can do but determine whatever our immune system has “un-friended.” Sheesh….

    For me, the new enemies at the gate (heh) are coconut, palm oil (a derivative), and mold. Can’t put it on me, and certainly can’t ingest it. Except that, coconut and/or palm oil are in everything! Being a girl with long hair, it was a nightmare. The stuff is in most shampoos, conditioners, hand lotions, body butters, hand soaps, or creamy cosmetics. I’ve gone nearly cross-eyed reading the 6-pt. type in labels, scanning the chemical-ese for coco- or palmi- anything that causes the very scary symptoms. Even “safe” products (or foods) are no longer safe if they are past expiration date or old, because of mold factor.

    Symptoms of an allergic reaction can be frightening, whether mild or strong. Always get them checked out. You are the best judge of when it’s time to do that.

    * If they are slow developing, and only make you feel “off,” try taking a benadryl. (Avoid driving if benadryl makes you drowsy.) One thing I found to be a good antidote was diet 7Up in the small bottles. It has the highest amount of acid, which tends to neutralize anything you’ve eaten or swallowed. (Or try diet Sprite, etc.) The carbonation gets it working faster, so using the small bottles ensures maximum carbonation. (Large bottles go flat, etc.) Afterwards, swish some water around to protect your teeth. 😀 Put a damp washcloth on the back of your neck if you feel any nausea, and breathe slowly.

    * IF allergic reactions happen fast, you can feel very sick, heart races, back of your neck hurts, head aches, you get dizziness, sweats, etc. In the most dire circumstances, IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE BREATHING, call 911 immediately. Do Not Drive yourself to the ER. CALL the EMTs, because they’re trained to stabilize you enroute to the ER. A friend driving you will not be able to.

    * Finding the new intruders is a process of elimination. It’s like diagnosing a computer malfunction. You know how the IT tech will ask you, “What was the last thing you did before something went wonky?” Same deal. If reactions happen within a few minutes, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it may have been. Or if you just feel lousy, it could be the residual affects of your body fighting off the “intruders” from earlier that day or day before. Get to a point where you feel better, and “start the clock” again, monitoring how you feel after eating. Don’t drive yourself nuts about it, though. 🙂

    * Reset your body to the basics, then observe what happens after adding back things one at a time. Basics make you feel better, like 8 hours of sleep, drinking water throughout the day, exercise but not punishing workouts, eat unprocessed meats and vegetables, nothing heavily seasoned, rice, noodles, clear soups, nothing rich or creamy – yeah that means desserts. (Heartless, ain’t it?) 😉

    Like other regulars have noted, the job & life stress you’re going through can make anything more bothersome. Remember the dream where you bailed all the dogs out of the bathtub? And they were okay? Right. So now you just need to dream about getting you out of the bathtub. Tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. Think positively and be flexible. Give your brain and your bod a break from all the worry. Things will work out, some way, somehow.

    Sorry for the long post. This message brought to you by the BlogFamily network. 🙂

  22. @ JeffW – Hehehehe. 😈

    @ ganymede – Ah, Todd…lovely, sexy Todd. From what I hear, he’s hangin’ with paloosa these days, discussing the finer aspects of the Gift of Life. As I understand it, paloosa has promised Todd a steady diet of 13-year olds, as long as Todd is willing to engage in a little suck n’ puke every now and then. Ah, what a Worshipper won’t do to feel those lovely green fingers tickling across their chest! 😉

    @ Joey – I believe the date is wrong, sir. May I suggest laying off the booze for a while? 😉


  23. Sounds like you might have caught the 1/1/11 bug that many of my systems seem to have.

  24. Hey Joe, try replacing your air filters in your home if you have that sort of heating system, I got a few of the ultra allergen reduction ones and wow what a difference!!

  25. So is it a ‘yes’ or ‘no’? *confuzzled* I wish I could give Brad a big hug for trying to keep Stargate, and esp Universe alive. Here’s hoping for some good news soon.

    You know, last time I had a row of health issues, the doctors finally found a massive tumor. Ironically, that’s not what caused the health issues, it was infection in tonsils. Before that I had been as healthy as a horse. Not very comforting, am I?

  26. Woop woop, a blog about your garage door…

    ok… realizes how that sounds… and chooses not to delete!

  27. Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been living on Twitter, lol

    Love your latest, and the pictures,, though my Stargate collection is probably not as big as yours.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  28. Well, if nothing else you can always sell off some of your figures and live off the proceeds for quite awhile. Pretty impressive. And glad to see you drive an SUV. Wouldn’t want you letting Ashleigh’s influence on you drive you into being uber-green or anything. Besides, SUVs are maligned for the wrong reasons. You’re a lot more likely to survive a bad crash in an SUV than in one of these new hybrids. AND less likely to get electrocuted if you survive, because one of those orange cables got cut and turned your vehicle into an electric chair.
    Mystery malady eh? Well, just keep trying to get into the doctor. Wouldn’t worry unless the symptoms lasted a lot longer.
    Off to do some teaching, then rush to the bookstore to catch up on my reading. Thanks for the pics, however depressing it is to see you and the gang packing it in.

  29. Have you considered you’re allergic to Canada? You might just have to go and live in Tokyo.

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos…hey my calendar still lives…guess I better make you another before it runs out in March…plus I still owe you that birthday present…lucky for me you’re patient…haha

    Just checking…since I’m in a prank war with BamBam, who’s side would you be on? Mine or his?

    Cheers, Chev

  30. JeffW: hubby keeps most of the boxes. It’s his OCD. I wait a year or so, then chunk them when he is not looking. Except for the laptop boxes and I try to keep those.

    Mr. M.: Does Aleve help? If so, it could be a clue.
    So sad that everyone is packing up things…..

    Das: Odd, our newspaper had an article on gluten free cooking/celtic disease.

    Off to work with pets at the humane society. Have a good day everyone!

  31. What can I do to help the plan…do you need me to drive the getaway car? It’s all OK ‘cos I paid the rego….albeit a week late and after I got ahem, stopped..gr8 start to the new year *rolls eyes*

    Cheers, Chev

  32. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I’ve heard that stress can really do a number on your body. Ask me how I know. 😉
    My brother would really like all of your stuff. He’s a big comic book person too.

    Hope you hear some news soon and that you can go see the doctor today.

  33. Joe – I have to hope that everything will be restored to the proper balance of the Universe with the fullness of time – to steal a Dirk Gently-ism.

    @Das – I have exactly the same theory about genetically modified wheat! My theory also extends to corn and the use of corn to make sugar for just about everything. High fructose corn syrup is pure evil – and in more things than people realize. (Ketchup for instance) That’s why buying really good chocolate is important. I’m not on the high end like Joe, but I regularly buy Lindt and Toblerone because the cheap stuff all has HFCS instead of real sugar.

    On the bright side though, gluten free foodstuffs are becoming so popular that you can get gluten-free Bisquick to shortcut recopies that would otherwise be tough to make using a mix of obscure flours. My first use of it will be to bread veggies with it for deep frying for a Superbowl party next month.

    There are also many prepackaged items available. Yesterday, I had gluten free chocolate chip pumpkin bread from a local bakery and gluten free mac and cheese from Trader Joes. (The trick to cooking rice based pasta is to overcook it so it’s indistinguishable from overcooked regular pasta. Otherwise it’s like chewing rubber bands)

    This may pertain to you Joe because high levels of stress can trigger otherwise unknown food allergies. I developed an intolerance to wheat and corn (the most modified of foodstuffs) when my 8 year old daughter moved in with her mother about 5 years ago after having the privilege of raising her myself for a year after her mom left.

    Fingers and toes crossed for good news next week.

  34. Hey Joe

    Well seen as how its Joe Flanigans birthday today the 5th, hows about wishing him A happy birthday from All Atlantis Fans.

  35. Just heard about the SGC cancelation here in Australia and I just cannot fanthom how such a good show could be junked.
    There is so little “good TV” on air I can only put it down to the ratings being rigged in favour of B grade tripe.
    I can only hope that like Babylon 5, you can make it for another 3 years by being clever and nimble.
    You know I truly believe that if American TV heads had invented Doctor Who it would have been caned after it’s first season. They are so short sighted, it’s painful, you’d expect this sort of thing from Fox, who did worse to Serenity. From a dedicated SiFi channel, the mind boggels.

  36. My ears perked up at possible good news in 2011! Hey, it could happen 🙂

    Mange? Scurvy? Wheat Gone Wild? Possible sperm-related infection? (Damn, that last one sounds scary!) Hope whatever it is gets gone and quick!

  37. Seeing all those boxes in the back of your SUV – on the one hand, it feels depressing, knowing you’re cleaning out your office.

    On the other hand, I’m tempted to pull over your SUV and take all those wonderful toys. 🙂

  38. Look how handsome Joe is! That is a very sexy picture; definately use that one on your e-Harmonyprofile.

    I want Emma Frost! Very cool collection; where do you get such cool action figures? I’m guessing not Toys R Us. They’re the kind of goodies I admire longingly at cons.

    The caption on Lisa’s foto made my stomach hurt from laughing, cementing my office title of “cubicle spaz.” The Dash Riprock foto sent me in to even more fits, so now I go by “super cubicle spaz” thanks to you.

    If you could work on any Vancouver show what would you choose? I’d choose Being Human, Alphas, V or Chaos. You and Paul could make a kick ass horror film; you’ve spooked us enough with Whispers and the lovely Wraiths.

    I’m very excited to see what you guys do next!

  39. Here’s to hoping the Stargate Plan fares better than the Cylon one. 🙂

    I certainly hope you all have work to come back to sooner, rather than later.

  40. Ya know, Joe…I don’t think I noticed it last night (was multi-tasking big time)…but that pic of you is…um…


    How can I put this? Uh…it’s…

    ya know…

    all kinds of sexy.



  41. Hey Joe,

    Missed a few days of you blog entries so I had to catch up. I have the same trouble with my Iphone as well. Are you like me and never turn the thing off? Turning mine off for about five minutes always seems to fix the No SIM card problem. So with the office cleaning (evacuating) should that be took as a bad sign for the future of the franchise? Also, just curious but what is Ashliegh’s plans for the future? You taking her with you on you next adventure?

    I’ll be on the look out for pug memorabilia….

  42. @ Bloomgate – I’ve cut out most high fructose corn syrup, though once in a while it’s almost unavoidable (marshmallow fluff, for instance…which is simply delish with peanut butter!). I use Heinz ‘natural’ catsup (made with sugar), Pepperidge Farm breads (made with sugar), only use real maple syrup, stopped drinking sodas, and check my labels carefully. I find that when I eat foods made with sugar I don’t get that ‘sugar crash’ after eating like I used to when eating foods with high amounts of corn syrup in them. The hardest thing to find is jam/jelly; most – especially the commercial brands – use corn syrup, so I have to buy the more expensive ‘gourmet’ brands, like Stonewall Kitchen: http://www.stonewallkitchen.com/

    The wheat thing I find very disturbing. Something just seems wrong when so many people are suddenly being diagnosed with celiac, and yet you don’t hear any official (e.g. FDA) concern. I hope someone is looking into it, but I’m sure corporations won’t be happy if they do, not with their focus on the bottom line instead of consumer well-being.


  43. I guess I must be the only one in here old enough to remember who Dash Riprock really was LOL He was a character on “The Beverly Hillbillies” — a macho, egotistical movie star who was after Elly May Clampett.

    Hope 2011 starts treating you better, Joe!

  44. It’s also Paul McGillion’s Bday today so Happy Birthday Joe and Paul!
    (and Gary Jones was yesterday)

  45. I don’t mean to be rude and keep on asking you but seriously….Stargate Worlds the mmorpg game…whats going to happen?

    A bunch of fans are dying to see this game be given life once more! Surely you must know something or even brad might. Im 110% positive he knows about the game.

  46. *bangs head on desk*

    Man…I hope Brad reveals his plans soon. I don’t know whether I should be hopeful for the Stargate franchise…or just throw in the towel. I wanna be hopeful. But…the longer we wait for any news or information on Brad’s “plan”…I start losing hope. 🙁 Please…tell us there’s hope yet.

  47. @Chris

    I try not to be negative, but Stargate Worlds was in development for years and, if you ever saw screenshots, it did not look like it was anywhere near ready for release. The tech looked way outdated and sparse, and aside from the notion of playing an MMO that takes place within all of the rich lore of the various Stargate properties, there was nothing about anything I saw that made it look like it would’ve been a good game.

    Not sure what MMOs you’ve played, but they’re very, very difficult to do well. Even the forthcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, which keeps getting delayed, doesn’t appear to be shaping up to be that great.

    WoW just came out with a new expansion that has improved upon that world even more, Guild Wars 2 is coming out maybe this year and it looks amazing. And there are at least half a dozen other MMOs that enjoy a decent user base, and even a good number of them are moving free-to-play because they’re just not good enough / different enough / compelling enough to warrant most players spending $15 / month to play.

    Yeah, I’d love to play an MMO set in the Stargate universe, but if it ever happens, I doubt very much that it would be based on whatever’s been done so far on SGW. At the very least, they’d need a completely new or licensed engine to bring things up to par visually.

    (and again, I’m not being snarky, just honest, as somebody who’s a fan of SG, who’s played a ton of MMOs, and who’s worked in the video game business)

  48. Joining the chorus of Happy Birthday! for the Stargate Atlantis birthday boys, Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan. Paul is younger by one year, so he can always heckle his buddy Joe. Love it that the cast and crew are so tight that they feel like family. “Friends for life” are family, aren’t they? 😀

  49. Hi Mr M!

    Happy New Year!!

    Re: Top Reads in 2011, certainly Masked ranks near the top. Have voted for same and for Lou!!

    Best from Ireland.


  50. Hello Joe and Happy (Canadian) New Year. I’ve been trying to stay out of the cancellation discussion on account of the season (surely you deserve a break) but I’d like to point out a myth being promoted by WHR here and others.

    I keep a pretty good eye out for Space (Canada) and I can say that apart from extremely good premier numbers followed by press releases they have been largely silent on Universe. Perhaps you may be getting better confidential info but I’d say it’s very foolish to try to advance the belief that those ratings have been maintained, especially in comparison with the substantial fall in USA network numbers.

    As you know Canada, and especially Burnaby, is the real home of the SGC. It is a well liked franchise in Canada and I’m sure DVD sales prove that as well. But anyone implying today that it’s pulling in 1.1 million eyeballs in Canada today is simply erroneous.

  51. The sight of packed boxes make me cry.

    My current cold/flu/thing includes symptoms which are near identical to my allergies. I just keep taking the same meds and hope for the best. Plus cough syrup, which is how i know I’m truly ill, I hate cough syrup. Been ten days now, slowly improving. I can tell by the color of my snot and the resonance of my cough.

  52. I don’t want to make this about me, but man I tell you this just sucks way more than I deserve. I mean, 2010 was about the worst year of my adult life what with going broke, losing our home in new Hampshire and being forced to live in a tiny apartment in Florida, having 9 teeth fall into disarray in a single year, my wife’s health getting worse instead of better (which Florida was supposed to reverse but didn’t) and my photography career stalling out and only a handful of magazine articles were sold and published. All in all, if it weren’t were my DVD collection of SG1, Atlantis and my iTunes collections of SGU (as well as the comfort of my constant companion Jacob, my Scottish fold cat, and daily MMS videos from my adult daughters giving me little pickups) I don’t think I would have been able to push through.

    Now this, you are actually removing things from your office. People are gone and those still on the payroll aren’t showing up. STARGATE IS MOST LIKELY GOING TO PULL A STAR TREK and disappear for a few years. AND WHY?? Because of a single, minor league cable station in the USA that has more faith in wrestling than STARGATE! It isn’t right that such a global tv show can die because of a single network.

    Well, PRIMEVAL got a 13 episode pickup through a global group of television companies, and let’s not forget the amazing Defying Gravity. This doesn’t need to happen.

  53. @John Manzione: I know exactly what you mean. My husband had to have surgery at the beginning of November. The company he had just started working for placed him on unpaid disability leave so we had to go into our savings. They let him go last month because they decided they didn’t want to wait for him to recover. His income was our only income so he is now hunting for another job. If it hadn’t been for Stargate (in all its forms) and my writing, I don’t know what I would have done. Hopefully, SGU will get picked up by someone else. I hope your wife starts feeling better.

  54. Hello there, Joseph!

    I have been a fan of Stargate for years, and have really enjoyed watching the evolution of the franchise, especially with the third series you and your production team created with “Stargate Universe”. You could only imagine the sadness I felt when I read the news on-line about how SGU had not been renewed for a third season by the network you’d been working with for nearly a decade.

    However, I have always been a fighter and a bit of a rallying-type of person. Although I know some numbers for the series weren’t as high in one geographic area as one hoped, I also know, as Kenn had mentioned in his previous posting, that in other countries (such as my home and native land of Canada, among others in the Commonwealth), the numbers were outstanding.

    With some of the ideas that I’ve been bouncing around with other fans, it’s included going into co-production with other networks (Canada’s Space or CTV perhaps?) and also, letting people in positions of authority know how much we love your series “Stargate Universe”. Letting these people know who the fans are, and where they’re located, will also help with the demographic stuff.

    Yes, I have worked in film & TV in the past, and am currently studying other aspects of the industry in Winnipeg, Manitoba until June 2011. I know the basics of the world you’re working in, so I know whenever “Stargate Universe” does find a new home (I am remaining optimistic so I hope you don’t mind my attitude in that regard!), it will be a process rather than a “one day” job.

    Take care, and I hope your little pug enjoys her potential new toys! 🙂

    All the best,
    Marjorie Roden

  55. Hey Joe,

    I’m in the process of producing a show called CHOSEN but I also want to produce a Stargate fan series as well in the future. I have hundreds of cool ideas for new stargate shows and I would also like to suggest some or one of them to you.

    There may be plenty of fresh new ideas out there that fans would like and that executives would eat up. If you review the idea behind my Chosen series then you will see that the ideas that I present are original in some sense.

    My stargate idea involves the stargates, the Asgaurd galaxy and a puddle jumper. There is a explanation behind this which is kinda cool and some people say that I shouldn’t publish the idea publicly in order to assure the original idea for the show.

    If you would like to hear more on the idea then you can let me know.

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