Last night’s Christmas festivities…

Mom rests up before the big event. She's an avid reader. Must be genetic.

Jelly, Lulu, and Maximus looking forward to the unwrapping of gifts.

While Bubba prepares to bed down for the night.
I picked up a slew of great Christmas gifts for sis while in Tokyo including a snowman salt shaker, brain-shaped ice cubes, and these pig oven mitts.
Akemi's first Canadian Christmas. I think she found it both fun and bewildering.
Socks! Awesome! More chew toys for Jelly!
Mom scores a large print dictionary.
Sis, all smiles.
Akemi loves her new cardigan. It's part of her new professional look.

Hope everyone is enjoying time with friends and family.  For my part, I’m enjoying friends and family and way too much food.  Between the five pounds I put on in Tokyo (Hey, aren’t you supposed to lose weight while on vacation?  I suspect all those cocktails packed a caloric punch.) and the however-many-pounds I’ll put on over the holidays, I’ll be good and ready to start my annual New Year’s fitness regimen.  Two a day work-outs, lean proteins, fruit and vegetables, plenty of fish, and no sugar.  Come March, if we happen to cross paths, I’ll greet you by picking you up and shoulder-pressing you triumphantly over my head (provided you remove your heavy shoes first).


hal ehlrich writes: “I know that there are numerous countries that play SGU. So why would SYFY not ordering a season 3 make it unable to film it ?”

Answer: SyFy (as the show’s American broadcaster) paid a licensing fee that contributed to a significant portion of the show’s budget.  Moving on without them would necessitate our finding other partners willing to step in  and help offset this number.

My Name Is Scott writes: “When it comes down to writing your future novel… who would you say your writing style is most like?”

Answer: Most like me.  Check out my story, “Downfall”, in Masked, edited by Lou Anders.

My Name Is Scott also writes: “Assuming SGU had received the full five seasons needed to finish the story, did Brad have any intentions of another series to follow it, since an endpoint had already been figured out on SGU?”

Answer: Can’t say for sure (I’m not Brad) but I doubt it.  Given the ending we had planned for Stargate: Universe, it would have been very tough to top.

BridgeLife writes: “My question is simply could you post the address for your MailBag address somewhere in your next post (or possibly even better in the About Tab near the top).”

Answer: Post your questions/requests in the comments section – like you just did – and I’ll field them when I get the chance.

Alexandria writes: “I wrote Mr. Wright asking how we might save Atlantis. He responded by saying that he needed millions more viewers not thousands to save the show. At the time SGA was getting 1.6 mil live viewers. SGU hasn’t even come remotely close to hitting that mark this season, and has even fallen down to 0.9 mil live viewers. Given Mr. Wright’s interview about how more costly SGU is than SGA, how is it possible that SGU can continue in any form?”

Answer: Atlantis may have been getting 1.6 mil live viewers, but that was at a time when DVR and downloads hadn’t made the significant inroads they have today.  1.6 mil viewers wold be great now, but back when Atlantis was airing it was considered mediocre by many (if it had been considered great at the time, we would have gotten that sixth season pick-up, I can assure you). A few years earlier, at a time when DVR and downloads had little if any effect on viewership, SG-1 was cancelled with a 2.0 overnight rating. Before that, it was the proliferation of cable and specialty channels that led to viewer fragmentation and a deterioration in ratings on the then Big 3 networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC).  Back then, shows considered low-rated busts would be considered hits today.  All this to say, you can’t compare Atlantis’s ratings to SGU’s.  It’s not a level playing field.

Alexandria also writes: “Mr. Mallozzi, I might have been a naive fan, but I value honesty above all else. I really do not like being lied to. We were TOLD that there would be an SGA movie. Were we just told that to get us to shut up? Honestly?”

Answer: Paul and I didn’t write an Atlantis movie script (Extinction) just so that it could decorate somebody’s office.  We had every intention of making the movie but obvious circumstances – the bottom falling out of the DVD market paired with studio issues – delayed production.  The studio is finally (just this past month) in a position to move forward on new productions – but the cancellation of SGU has put the brakes on any progress that may have been made on the SGA movie front.

Michelle writes: “Given what’s happened, does Brad have any regrets about taking the franchise in a new direction, or does he feel any 3rd series, given the same scheduling and viewer landscape, would’ve had the same outcome?”

Answer: I can’t speak for Brad, but I believe it was either take the franchise in a new direction or have it come to an end with Atlantis’s’ final season.  I think that one of the big reasons the franchise lasted as long as it has is the changes it made along the way.  Keeping it fresh yet familiar has been a tough balancing act but a rewarding one.  It’s hard to argue with 17 seasons of television.  And I do believe that given the same present circumstances – the DVR and download effect – any other incarnation would have come up against the same challenges.

Orlin writes: “It seems to me that a rather large group of people loved the Stargate adventures and it became an entertainment and financial success that allowed the creators to make spinoffs of the original series.”

Answer: True, but the franchise was already seeing a drop off in viewership over the course of Atlantis’s last few seasons.  Convention organizers were also confirming a drop off in attendance for Stargate cons was far back as SG-1’s final season.  We could have produced a final season of Atlantis and then moved on to occasional movies, but we chose to reinvigorate the franchise with a new series that would allow us to not only win over new fans, but allow us to continue the adventures of the previously established shows like SG-1 and Atlantis.

sgakaz writes: “Why when it is the least successful show would they go with SGU when they know there is still a market for Atlantis and SG1?”

Answer: You’re basing this assumption on what?  Three year old DVD sales figures and the word of fellow fans on message boards? Believe it or not, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger supporter of Stargate: Extinction (the Atlantis movie) than me, but I understand that, given recent developments, moving forward now would be the worst possible timing.

83 thoughts on “December 26, 2010: Christmas snaps! Another mailbag!

  1. I really hope you find a way to tell the rest of the story, I want to see more Stargate! On the topic of looking at all avenues, I’m sure you’ve considered it, but how successful was Sanctuary when it was download-only? Is that an option for you?

  2. I love the sock photo of you Joe – too cute!!!

    I wouldn’t worry so much about the weight you put on in Tokyo…so long as you’re fit and healthy.

    I’m experimenting with Paleo at the moment..I’m not that good at cooking but the recipe book I’ve downloaded looks pretty easy…I’m happy to share if you’re interested. All lean meat and vegetables.

    Your sister looks sooo different with dark hair…it’s that more her natural colour – looks great!! She looks so much like you now…haha

    How’s your Mom doing? She looks well.

    Cheers, Chev

  3. I’m curious if you get the go ahead for a third season what kind of plans, if any, do you have to market online viewers?

    I feel a proper website, like spacecast, would be an ideal place to upload episodes a day or two after airing to help prevent and give more desperate/loyal viewers a legal and profitable option other then pirated copy’s.

    Wish you all the best for the holidays and will be waiting patiently for the final verdict, my bluray set will look incomplete with only two seasons.

  4. also I think you have a drinking problem, referring to the counter full of liquor behind your sister with the pig oven mitts.

  5. I’ve been with the franchise since the premiere on Showtime. I’ve been a fan of the show thru it’s triumphs and it’s unfortunate setbacks. It’s definately been a perfect storm of events regarding MGM and the eventual stargate movies. I know it’s a numbers thing but I feel that SyFy owed it to the franchise to allow time to wrap up the story. While it will no doubt irritate certain fans to see SGU get a movie before Atlantis or SG-1, I feel it needs it more than those two. Do you think there is a stronger chance of that happening because the sets are still up for SGU? Thanks. My prays go out to your dog.

  6. Hey Joe,
    Im very upset about SGU’s cancellation as its the best show on tv! Just had a question, fans seem to be asking alot about the SGA movie but as good as SGA was, it was never as good as SG1 imho, so my question is, has the cancellation of SGU also shelved the SG1 movie or is that fact it was further developed (or Brad Wright was having discussions about the SG1 movie) not effected it?
    Thanks you for a wonderful show and give my regards to the cast and crew and i hope that some way some how we can get SGU back on the air!

  7. I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely.

    It makes sense, but a girl can hope.

    Looks like Christmas was a festive affair with the dogs decked out. The puppies at my Christmas weren’t near so cute; the littlest one ate half of a present and tried to eat a Happy holidays, Joe!

  8. My sole interest in the franchise at this point is the SGA movie, so I am hoping for a miracle!

    Keep hope alive, SGA fans!

  9. Your mom, sister and Akemi look great. Thanks to all of them for allowing themselves to be part of the blog. 🙂

  10. Loved the sock picture…at first glance, I thought you were holding a stuffed spider. 🙂

    Question for the Mailbag:

    Is it too early to know what effect the Netflix/MGM deal has had on revenues for the franchise? Just wondering if part of the DvD sales slump could be made up there.

  11. i’m kinda hoping you’ll at least pull off an Aronofsky/The Fountain situation regarding SGA: Extiction. you’ve got a finished script, what are the obstacles stopping it from, at the very least, being handed off to an accomplished ‘comic’ artist to create a graphic novel..?

  12. Hopefully there will be a conclusion for SGU post season 2 in whatever form (Season 3, diffrent network(s), movie(s), tv-movie(s) etc.

    Thanks for answering fan questions. It’s appreciated.

  13. Recently, Brad Wright told to Gateworld:
    “It’s heartening to see so many people upset about Syfy’s cancellation of the show,” he said, “but it’s important to remember that their license fee represented only a portion of our total budget.”

    And now you say above:
    “SyFy (as the show’s American broadcaster) paid a licensing fee that contributed to a significant portion of the show’s budget.”

    Can you clarify this ?

  14. Thanks for keeping your blog going Joe, even over the busy Christmas holidays. Wow, you and your sister really look alike! Love the maniacal sock photo, too.

    I have read some pretty weird theories on fan sites about the hold on the SGA movie, like you and Brad exacting “revenge” on the fans for not liking SGU, and killing the movie out of pure spite. Do people really think like this? It’s scary. As if you thought the movie WOULD be successful (i.e. make money) but would “cut off your nose to spite your face” just to make some point. Or maybe they think everyone involved should donate their time, talent and money to get it made, just for them? These people must live in an interesting world where the Universe revolves around them. I just don’t understand how these people think, but I guess that’s probably a good thing. I would love to see an SGA movie as much as anyone, but I realize there are financial considerations which ultimately will make the decision. Hopefully in the future those considerations will be more optimistic.

    Anyway, hope your holidays continue to go well!

  15. Hi Joe! Dont you guys realise that SGA dvd sales are going down if the series dosent have ending? Same thing in SGU.
    Is it impossible that Syfy would buy a SGU, SGA and SG-1 tv movies if straight to dvd isint profitable anymore?

  16. Hi My name is Sam and I are big SGU fan and I have a question about SGU.

    Is there a chance that there will be a third season of the SGU, and more?

  17. First of all thank you for responding to my previous comment. I know that SGU is the prime concern at the moment and I have been an avid watcher of Atlantis and Universe since the beginning. However I have always liked Atlantis better so I was wondering if there is any chance of the SGA movie if SGU is somehow saved and the ratings go up.

  18. Hi, a few questions/suggestions the way I’ve written it, apologies for that, but here goes.

    1.) Should things move in a positive direction SGU wise, then would the SG1 and Atlantis movies atleast be considered again?

    2.) Otherwise, have you guys considered possibly changing the whole concept of the originally planned movies around, and combining the SG1 and Atlantis movies into one big crossover movie to finish off both?

    3.) Would making just one movie be more financially viable and cost effective time wise for everyone, yourselves, MGM, etc?

    P.S. I just want to say a big thank you all the same to yourself and the whole Stargate crew for giving me many hours of great entertainment. Without you guys there wouldn’t have been a franchise per say, and that is a hell of an accomplishment that should always be respected, thanks again.

  19. Everyone I know GAINS weight on vacation, because you have to try all the local goodies! I’d say you did just fine if you only gained 5 pounds.

    I’ve arrived back at work this morning, post-holidays, ready to try to get back into the groove…only to learn that the boiler repair guys are here, and we won’t have heat for the next two days. It’s 20F out, so the next couple days could be a little unpleasant!

    Perhaps I could wear Cameron’s hat until things warm up?

  20. So, I assume that since the brakes have been put on the SGA movie… It would be a little taboo to think the SG1 film is likely to be appearing in the near future?

  21. Socks! LOL! 😀 Hey…Joe…at least feet will be warm. 😉 Love Akemi’s cardigan. She looks cute in it. Love the piggy oven mits. How cute! 🙂

    And…your beautiful baby doggies always brighten my day! 🙂 Looks like Jelly lookin’ better. 😀

    So…what’s the info on SGU? There’s gotta be some closure. Please…don’t leave ’em stranded on Destiny forever. Will we find out Destiny’s true mission? Has Brad said anything about his plans for SGU…or the Stargate franchise?

  22. OK…

    Basically this is an edited version of a post I did on Gateworld earlier(I hadn’t read this blog in full before writing this original post). I speak as a fan of both Atlantis and SGU:

    First I was gutted about SGU’s cancellation…now I’m gutted about the lack of an SGA movie. Word was that the safest way to continue the Stargate franchise from Syfy’s perspective would be through an Atlantis movie(and let’s face it, we have been waiting well over a year already).

    Having said that, the way you guys are going to have to end SGU is going to leave a lot of loose ends. Therefore an SGU movie(at least one) is crucial to tie them up…but I’m worried that after the percieved failiure of that branch of the franchise, Syfy may not greenlight anything more to do with it, at least not right now.

    Let’s say you guys go to Syfy and say, as you’ve said in this blog “our top priority now has to be an SGU movie”.

    Syfy reply with “take a long walk off a short cliff”.

    What then?

  23. Joe your home looks so bright and comfortable, thanks for sharing your family and Christmas with us. Mom and sis and Akemi look very happy, so it must have been a wonderful time for them also. The pups look pleased as well. You can never have enough socks, I have it on good authority that a dryer will in fact eat them for snacks. (buy all the same color and style, it confuses the dryer) And that single socks can be used for hand puppets or dusting of the furniture. there you have your daily- frugal tip. Happy New Year!
    p.s. what a very nice bar set-up you have.

  24. So wither SGU in trouble what is going to happen with the games Stargate Wolds and Stargate Resistance?

    Stargate resistance is due to shut-down on January 15th and we are gutted. Its a third person shooter.

    Stargate worlds is the mmo with so much potential. See the video here

  25. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Lots of smiles. Have a great time enjoying your family.

  26. Yesterday, Quade said

    “Also I hope SGU gets picked up, I can’t believe they didn’t give you the courtesy of a final season, especially when you have stated that you know where you want the show to end.”

    You do realize that another 20 ep season would cost upwards of $50 – $60 MILLION dollars? No, Syfy wouldn’t pay that amount, but I’m guessing they pay a significant chunk of it. Courtesy doesn’t/can’t enter into it. If they can’t make money off the show why should they spend tens of millions (my guess) for it? It’s not smart bookkeeping.

  27. Hey Joe 🙂

    Glad you had a great Christmas. Absent from your pics (and blog mention of late) is Fondy, how has she been and what has she been up to?

    I have to wear my heavy shoes or else you’d be able to benchpress me right now with the greatest of ease!! HAHA..

    What are your plans for celebration of New Years??


  28. Joe…Joeykins…I…I don’t know how to tell you this…

    You see…I’ve been…um…well…





    There. I said it. BUT IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!! special agent pendergast needed me. 😳

    Look. I SWEAR I checked in each day…I saw the cute puppy pics, and your socks, and mom and sis and Akemi…and did I mention your socks? Anyway…I saw…but then I saw other stuff. No, NOT those nekkid baby pictures of you that someone left all willy nilly out on the table 😕 …but stuff about Stargate stuff. I just wasn’t up to it, just tired of speculating and what-iffing, I suppose. So I turned to another man. *hangs head in shame*

    Okay, OKAY, so he’s not a real man, but boy…is he a piece of work! He had me tied up ALL weekend (well, except for when Mr. Das had me tied up, but we do NOT need to go into that right now… ). Also, with being snowed in (YAY! I’ve been in me snuggly jammies for two days! WEEE!!), and baking cookies…and eating cookies… and doing other Mrs. Cleaver-type things, I just didn’t have the stomach for Stargate angst. Sorry. I hope you will forgive me.

    Have a good day, sir…and please…for the love of God, put those baby pictures away! 😉


  29. It’s easy to blame downloading, but that’s not fair, this is the 21st century and DRM-free downloads are a requirement.

    The current industry is still completely oblivious.

    Old world “ratings” systems are obsolete, specific to a region, and a violation of privacy.

    It might be effecting profits, but at the end of the day a show is nothing if you refuse to adapt to the needs of your viewers.

    You’re talented artists, your work is appreciated.. perhaps it may no longer be “profitable”.

    If you enjoy what you do, make it available without restriction, the inevitable alternative not releasing your work.


  30. Hello Joe:
    I want to than you for answering my last question..
    I read your blog almost daily and I really enjoy what you have to talk about.
    As far as SYFY contributing a large portion of production costs to filming SGU, I hope that you can find another network to do the same so the show can continue.
    I would hate to see the show not getting the 5 year run that you had envisioned. There has to be an ending to the story. This show unlike atlantis needs to have an ending. Atrlantis when it ended after 5 seasons had a descent ending to it, even though you were planning for a 6th season.
    I looked at EOG as the final episode , and it seemed to have closure at the end of the episode, but of course you left it open for more stories.
    As far as SGU , I feel that if they dont finish the mission or at least find a way back to Earth it just wont seem right.
    I will be crossing my fingers (and toes) that you guys find a way out of this mess that was created.
    Thanks a bunch for entertaining me throughout the years, and good luck with keeping Stargate moving forward!

  31. Hey Joe, as great as it is to see how passionate people are about all things Stargate, I honeslty don’t know where you find the patience to deal with all the demands/whining/accusations. Seriously, that comment about lying about an SGA movie to get fans to shut up killed me.
    That said, though I still got my fingers crossed for SGU to be saved (and am looking forward to more news about your comic book) is it safe to assume you’ll continue blogging regardless of SGU’s fate?

  32. @suse

    This is interesting how cost estimates for season grow – before it was 20$, now it is 40$ or even 60$ mil. Of course it would be nice Joseph or anyone else from producers team would clarify this (or how big part SyFy money plays), but I think they just can’t (sort of commercial secret).

  33. Hey Joe,

    Everyone TALKS about saving Stargate but I think I have an actual solution. There is a company called and what they do is fund projects by fan donations. I was looking into it to maybe start a project to help fund the Stargate movies, but now that you guys have the time you might be able to do it yourselves. The idea is that you set your monetary goal say $10 Million and for each dollar range you set prizes;
    $10 = Movie Poster
    $20 = Your Name In The Credits of the Film
    $30 = DVD/Bluray & Your Name In The Credits
    $50 = Special “Contributor” edition DVD/Bluray & Name In Credits
    $100 = Special “Contributor edition DVD/Bluray & Autographed Poster & Name in Credits
    $2000 = Set Visit
    $5000 = Set Visit & Lunch With Cast

    Kickstarter does take 5% of the total funds if the target is met and if the target is not met all money is refunded to the fans. This is something I think would 1) Help start a 3rd season of SGU and 2) if successful, bring a ton of media attention to Stargate that a 4th season pickup by another media outlet would be a given.

    There you go, I just saved Stargate……you’re welcome.

  34. Canadian christmas looks like fun! Here in the US we celebrate by watching wonderful John Candy movies on tv, specifically Uncle Buck, Home Alone and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Now that I’m all growed up John looks so damn young.

    I’m finally watching Pillars of the Earth; I’m not into churchy stuff or Donald Sutherland but after hearing good things about it on your blog I broke down and watched 1 ep; several eps later (and around 3 am) I had to admit I was hooked.

    You are lucky to have a reading family! My mom to this day will walk up to me when I’m reading and launch into a long rant about Desperate Housewives until I shove off to find another quiet place to try to read.

  35. Do you think poor DVD sales could be blamed on MGM? Considering this is all listed on the Futureshop website;
    SGU S1.0 – 34.99
    SGU S1.0 Bluray – 49.99
    SGU S1.5 – 26.99
    SGU S1.5 Bluray – 34.99
    SGU Complete S1 – 19.99
    SGU Complete S1 Bluray – 46.99

    Naturally I bought 2 Complete Season 1 sets to give to friends, but they shouldn’t talk about poor DVD sales when all they do is flood the market. I know I am personally getting pissed off by all the tactics companies use these days to get my money, digital sales and 6 DVD sets per season don’t help that. If the old formula of 1 DVD set per season worked, why not go back to it!!!

  36. Is Christmas not celebrated in Japan? That would be such a refreshing change to the over-commercial attempt to separate us all from our money each December that we have to endure.

    Hope the pups, sis, Akemi and your mother are all well – and you too!


  37. Hey Joe,

    I have a question:

    Of all time, what was your favorite Stargate episode?

    My favorite was the SG-1’s “Window of Opportunity” It wasn’t easy to come to this decision, and I’m sure it wont be for you, but I am curious as to what you liked most from the franchise.

    I got my fingers crossed for SGU, it is by-far my favorite series (while it doesn’t trump my favorite Stargate episode of all time, I love the drama and action of SGU more than the rest, not to mention special effects)

    -Joe “JBud” Jackson

  38. I’m feeling so much more better today, granted I had the worst christmas ever thanks to the after effects of having a semi almost but likely burst Appendix removed, but I’m alive.

    Anyway, heard that Sky2 in the UK had a 24 hour SGU marathon on Boxing Day(26th Dec), they obviously value the show enough to have it running for 24 hours. So obviously that’s one country that still loves SGU.

    It just seems so odd to me that if countrys are marathoning SGU somedays, that the show could possibly be cancelled. *Shrugs*

    Does the fee from Sky(UK) and Space(Canada) make SGU viable to continue, if there’s a get out of Syfy clause in the contract?

  39. Hey Joe,

    Is there any other Pegasus gate left for shoting Atlantis movie, since one was chopped and sold?

  40. Thank you for sharing your Christmas, everyone looks great! We spent the morning in the ER. Hubby had picked up a virus; after being sick and emptying his guts for five hours in every way possible, we called 911. It was the muscle spasms from dehydration that tipped him over the edge. I can’t drive and everyone else was asleep, so an ambulance it was. So that was interesting. He is feeling much, much better now, and we’re poised to toddle off foe New Years. I booked a suite with a private hot tub, just us two. Sounds fancier than it is, but once we’re drunk, naked, and immersed in soothing warm waters, who cares?

    @Susan TTT : Christmas is not celebrated as a religious holiday in Japan, but you’d better believe they cash in heavily on the commercial aspect. Personally, I’m a pagan, and no one markets Solstice to us. Nice.

  41. @Das Hope you are safe.

    @Maggiemayday Sounds awful. Hope he is feeling better soon.

    Thanks Joe for the mailbag and sharing your Christmas with us. You would never catch ME taking photos on Christmas morning without full hair and makeup done.

  42. Joe, forgive me if you answered this already, but are there plans for a SG:U Season 2.0 and 2.5 Dvd sets, and will the sales of 2.0 affect anything regarding the future of the franchise?

  43. @ PBMom – Safe and sound and cozy! Thanks! Not looking forward to venturing out tomorrow, but I must because I have very important papers I need to fax before the 30th, so I have to get to the office somehow, someway. In the meantime, however, I’m indulging in you-know-who, rugby, and…COOKIES!! Nom-nom-nom-NOM! 😀


  44. So Atlantis was canceled because of bad ratings? I thought it was because you (the collective you) didn’t want to make two series at the same time?

  45. Not sure if your marketing guys have looked at an online subscription followed up by a DVD/Blu Ray release for a third season. Maybe one episode at a time or figure a season cost. Not sure how a million viewer would translate into online sales.

  46. Thanks for the updates Joe, but I have one quick quesiton. Is there any chance at all that there will be another SG-1 movie, or is that shelved like SGA’s movie?


  47. “So Atlantis was canceled because of bad ratings? I thought it was because you (the collective you) didn’t want to make two series at the same time?”

    Who’s “you”? The entire Atlantis team (Paul, Carl, Martin, Alan, and I) were prepared and perfectly willing to produce a sixth season, whether it was alone or simultaneous with SGU.

  48. Joe,

    I know this will never happen now, but before the news of the cancelation I wanted to ask you if there was any talk of another “get in the gate” contest?


  49. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Joe,

    I am not a cable view. I have been able to see all three series mostly by TV or by DVD. All the Hoopla for the upcoming Second Season was wasted on me with the exception of your postings. (I also used your blog to understand by Amanda Tapping left SGA.) Right now I am going through the SG-1 series listening to all the commentary. As I am working my way though the 9th season, I am amazed at the complexity of all the shooting for the series and the co-production of the Atlantis Series. I really enjoyed Martin Gero’s commentary in the SGA 5th season’s last show. However, I do not agree with his assessment that the series were TOO hetero. When I heard of the set up of the characters for the SGU would include more open venue, I was a bit disconcerted for the same reason I lost interest in Xena. (Hey, I thought Gabriel was cute.) However, I was able to watch SGU’s first half of the first season in syndication this year. There are some aspects of the series I like. I think the more hard hitting and realistic relationships is refreshing to see. I liked Rush’s comment to Ellie to grow up as Ellie wanted to tell Young of events on the ship despite Young’s situation off world. I will have to see later if Rush has a “Come to Jesus” moment after Justice. Some things I don’t like.
    I am a bit disappointed not to see the 3rd season even though I am yet to see the 2nd. Like 4 seasons of Farscape and movie, I would have preferred to see a 5th season over the movie. I am left with hoping to purchase an Atlantis movie. Yet, all my response will be unseen because I do not belong to those chat rooms or message board (as they’re eluded to in the SG1 commentary), and do not have cable. I am old school. I don’t like SciFi new fancy respelling.

  50. Mom rests up before the big event. She’s an avid reader. Must be genetic.

    i think it is. my mom was a big reader & i am too. however my brother isn’t into it, unless it’s manga or a video game magazine

  51. @Randomness – sorry to hear you’ve been il…hope you make a speedy recovery.

    Cheers, Chev

  52. @Joe, I am certain I have read interviews with Brad W where he stated he never wanted to have two shows going at the same time again. And I could be mistaken on this one, but I believe Rob C said something similar.

    I wish you (and Paul, Carl, Martin and Alan) had gotten your wishes and we would have had both. It would have been grand! You guys were doing such a good job with SGA, it was a real shame to see it end.

  53. @Quade – I put forth that idea several days ago. So far, I’ve gotten no response. My idea was to cost certain parts of production for fans & companies to donate to pay for them…like pay $X for a kawoosh in episode 1.

    Petitions and emails and letters give warm fuzzies but actual money helps.

    Cheers, Chev

  54. HI Mr M!

    Glad to see you are having a good Christmas. Great snaps of Mama Mallozzi!! Please send her our best from Ireland. I recently (by accident) bumped into Maeve Binchy….I told her of a massive fan (Mrs M!) over in Canada….She sends her best and wishes her a great Christmas.

    Great to see Sis and Akemi too!!

    Best to you all


  55. Will there be a point that if the movies don’t look like they will see the light of day that the scripts will be put into book form. If they don’t get filmed I’d still like to read what was written……

  56. I just wanted to say, thank you for years of entertainment and delight. I am a huge fan of the SG series and think that SGU is the crowning achievement of the franchise. I’m disappointed to learn that the show will not be able to finish it’s story line (or come to any sort of conclusion). I wish you the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  57. “I understand that, given recent developments, moving forward now would be the worst possible timing. ”

    Okay, it’s my turn to play the niave fan. But why? It’s been said that SGU and SGA have different fan bases so why does the (hopefully) temporary cancellation of SGU have any bearing on Extinction going into production? What “timing” are you speaking of that is wrong now and what would the ideal timing be?

  58. Aside from the usual stuff (time shifting) why do you think SGU did not attract enough fans (new or old)? Or do you put it all down to new viewing methods?

  59. Hey everyone!

    I made my first Paleo meal last night…here’s a photo of my Chicken Salad

    It was totally edible too, even though I may have boiled the chicken a bit too long.

    Pretty cool huh?

    Cheers, Chev

  60. “It’s been said that SGU and SGA have different fan bases so why does the (hopefully) temporary cancellation of SGU have any bearing on Extinction going into production?”

    “It’s been said” by certain Atlantis fans that didn’t enjoy Universe (fair enough), but most don’t make the distinction between an SGA and an SGU. The franchise is the franchise. Also, the two shows do not have different fan bases. Many fans who watched the first two Stargate incarnations watched the last one as well.

  61. 1.about how much it costs to make a single season of sgu?
    2.Can you post pictures of the mess hall and the recharging plate using microsoft siverlight?
    I am an extreme fan of sg-1, sga, and sgu. I’d hate to see it all end dramitically.

  62. @Joe You need the lady fans back! They are the ones who bailed on SGU. (this from hearing the M/F ratio went over 80/20 for some eps)

  63. If Stargate, et al, comes to an end and there is no plan to make the SGA movie, is there any chance that your story for the SGA movie would ever be published? They are still writing and publishing stories for both SGA and SG-1. I would still be interested in the story and the plan for getting Atlantis back to Pegasus. Also, as weird as it may sound, I miss Todd.

  64. Hi Joe, I will admit there were times during the first half of season 1 pf SGU that I thought the show was slow and boring, but boy did it get better second half and all of season 2. And ya know what, I re-watched all of season 1 last week and that first half, aside from one or two episodes, was great! When I first watched it I guess I was expecting it to be like SG-1 or Atlantis. But watching it again and letting it stand on it’s own it was really good. I think I like SGU better then Atlantis now, and I loved Atlantis. I really really hope you guys find a way to tell the rest of SGU’s story, ideally 3 more seasons, but I’ll take whatever I can get…just PLEASE do something, one more season to wrap it up, a miniseries, perhaps a TV movie with a canon novel to fill in the holes since I doubt a 2hr movie will be able to do the show justice on it’s own. I know all those options are long shots but which option in your opinion has the best chance to continue SGU’s story?

  65. Joe, I think people are just trying to bait you. I feel like we’ve covered this ground a million times over. I adore SGA, loved the superhero stuff but I’m an SGU fan as well…can we please move forward in the interests of this blog community?

    So are you doing all of the cooking? Or is your Mom, Sis and Akemi joining in?

    Cheers, Chev

  66. Hi Mr. Mallozzi!

    Your comments in your blog about pursuing every possible option for continuing to tell the SGU story have given me hope that we won’t be left hanging when season 2 comes to an end.

    My question would be, if, Thor forbid, the worst happens and you exhaust all available options to no avail, would you, BW, and the other PTB’s consider at least publishing a press release, blog post, etc with a summary of what was the remaining planned SGU story?

    Would love to be able to at least read a summary of what we might have seen, especially given your statement above of “Given the ending we had planned for Stargate: Universe, it would have been very tough to top”!

  67. @Peteris Krisjanis

    Numbers have been bandied about for other series and even for SGA. Starting with the comment early on that SGU would be getting a $1 million increase over SGA – later corrected to S1 SGA – that’s $20 mil right there. I seriously doubt S1 SGA was made for less than $1.5 mill/ep. With pay raises/inflation factored in… I arrived in the $60 million range. Even if Syfy only pays a portion of that, it must be a significant portion or MGM would just shrug, do some creative financing and go on. If one station canceling it means it’s dead in space that one station must have provided enough financing to make the show viable for MGM – and/or must have the US broadcasting rights.

  68. @suse but consider that they have had 3 shows over 10 seasons and its not like syfy would make 0 dollars. Look at Oprah, from the day after she announced her next season would be her last the ratings more than doubled and that was only halfway through her penultimate season. If you ask me it all comes down to piss poor management on syfy’s part. Maybe i am a little too Canadian but courtesy goes along way.

  69. With the running theme of SG-1 saving the Asgard and the Atlantis team running into a different group of Asgard, was any thought or planning put into bringing them back somehow using the new Asgard’s DNA?

  70. Question for you Mallozzi.

    I come from denmark. And i honestly don’t know why you (plural) are betting on American viewership only?
    Why should only Syfy count?

    Broadcast it around the world and base statistics on the world viewership instead of Syfy.

    In a globalized world, who cares how many viewers you have in the individual countries (including US)? It’s the total amount of viewers (and the total bottomline) that should count.

    I would bet on more horses to pay my bills, instead of relying on one company (Syfy).

  71. Hindsight is 20/20. So read this knowing that I recognize how frustrating it must be to hear critical review from someone who wasn’t there to take the risk.

    For what it’s worth…I would have made all the same calls.

    I dropped out pretty early. I loved SG-1 & SGA, but SGU seemed dark. Too dark. Felt like the franchise getting the Galactica makeover. Which made sense. If the viewer-ship of SGA was bleeding, why not go in a new overall direction?

    Stargate should tonally fall somewhere between Galactica and Eureka. I think the darker tone was too much for me. I wanted the cute lines from O’neil & Shappard & the fish-out-of-water comedy that came from Teal’c & R. Dex.

    If you ask me…the franchise needs a break. Time to let people miss the joy of the SG universe. Not a break as long as Star Trek to STNG…but some down time.

    I’m writing a spec (SG-Olympus), but after reading your insight on the state of things…I think it I’ll keep the treatment handy & shelve the writing.

    Please don’t ever give up on the franchise and, when it sees the airwaves again, bring back the tongue-in-cheek humor of SG-1 & SGA.

    Hank J Peña

  72. Are those the pig oven mitts from The Professional? They look awfully similar to Leon’s pig mitts.

  73. Just recently my power gave out and I was left without cable for just over 50 hours. I never gave up hope and eventually, cable was restored.

    The moral: Never give up on the Atlantis movie and it will eventually be made. I don’t care if it takes a thousand years. I can watch it while ascended. I just will not give up.

  74. “Why when it is the least successful show would they go with SGU when they know there is still a market for Atlantis and SG1?”

    Answer: You’re basing this assumption on what? Three year old DVD sales figures and the word of fellow fans on message boards…

    We can base the assumption on

    – The failure of SGU’s new direction to reinvigorate the franchise.
    – The continued popularity of SG-1 episodes and SGA episodes on streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix.
    – The low ratings of SGU on Syfy and other international outlets.
    – The popularity of actors from the original franchise versus the relative lack of interest in the cast from SGU.
    – The simple fact that with 10 seasons SG-1 is a proven property in the market versus SGU which… well it’s almost impossible to imagine people financing an SGU movie.

    You can write whatever you want but any SGU movie is a real longshot versus the medium possibility of further SG-1 movies. It’s for the same reasons that an SGA movie is a low probability.

    If you and the producers were smart, you’d write an SG-1 movie that resolves SGU. That is probably the only way an SGU movie will ever happen. Or perhaps an SG-1 movie with some of the more popular SGA characters.

    Really if you want to stay in Stargate game (I don’t know if you do) then that’s what you should do because whatever you say or write, at some point some doofus at MGM will decide to greenlight some SG-1 movies. Maybe it will be five years from now. Or maybe ten. But it’s a franchise and it has value in an industry where proven properties, even ones that have lost their shine, are sought after before original ideas.

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