Hey, know what I got for Christmas?  If you guessed “a really bad burn on my hand” – congratulations, you guessed correctly!  I’m now sporting one major blister.  Thank God for aloe gel.  And, uh, family of course.

Spoke to our mutual friend Martin Gero today.  He says to say hi!  He’s been busy in New York, finishing up work on the third season of HBO’s Bored to Death.  After that, he heads to L.A., then back east to Toronto to start work on his new show, Highland Gardens: http://bit.ly/hnu4K2.  It’s always great to hear from him.  He’s not only extremely entertaining, but he’s surprisingly sane and practical, the perfect person to talk to (and talk sense into me) at a time like this.  By the way, this was the cover of the holiday cards he sent out this year –

Yep, that’s Marty G.  Granted, I haven’t seen him in a while and I’ve heard the stress of the television industry can take it’s toll – but geeez!

The night of their arrival, my mother and sis took it upon themselves to put up the Christmas tree.  As a result, they completed in a single evening the entirety of the fun family-time activities I’d planned to occupy us over the course of several days.

Great.  Now what are we gonna do for the next couple of days?

As promised, a little mailbag:

Abbas Karimjee writes: “Is the possibility of continuing SGU, in movie format, being considered or all efforts currently being devoted to reviving it as a series, for a third season?”

Answer: All options are being considered at this point, but a third season would be ideal.

Abbas Karimjee also writes: “Do you have an idea as to when some further developments on SGU’s future will be known?”

Answer: No, but “positive progress” could be made as early as next week.

Michael writes: “Was anyone in the staff leery of using drones after similar foes like the Replicators appearing on SG-1 and SG-A?”

Answer: Nope.  They’re sufficiently different from the replicators in that, well, they don’t replicate.

Michael also writes: “I noticed a few fans couldn’t get behind the Lucian Alliance becoming such a threat between SG-1 and SGU. What’s you take on their progression throughout the franchise?”

Answer: Much of the Lucian Alliance we saw in SG-1 was inept and, dare I say it, a bit goofy.  They fit in with SG-1’s lighter, more high adventure-driven tone but would have stood out (and not in a good way) in the new series.  As a result, I was initially leery at the prospect of introducing them to SGU but, as so often happened over the course of my many years in the franchise, I trusted in Brad and Robert and, in the end, that trust was rewarded with a terrific story element that not only succeeded as planned (creating the chaos that leads to the Icarus evacuation in the pilot, seeding the mole throughline, and, later in season one, setting up the incursion scenario) but offered up plenty of interesting story material for future episodes (as evidenced in the first half of season two).  The Alliance was always envisioned as a loose coalition of mercenary groups so it made sense that certain factions would have been more capable and threatening than others.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Did you and the rest of the cast and crew have an inkling that SGU would get cancelled? Were you expecting it?”

Answer: Those early season two ratings were admittedly a downer.  The move to Tuesday night was not good for us (and, speaking to the franchise as a whole, the move from summer to fall did us no favors either) and I firmly believe that time-shifted viewing and internet downloads have bled off a significant portion of our younger, tech-savvy audience.  Still, we held out hope and, as production continued on season two, positive word from various places gave us hope that the show would come back for, at the very least, a third and final season (much the same way Battlestar did).  Many of us were shocked by the abruptness of the cancellation decision.

KuroSyamito writes: “is it possible that other network to pick up the series?”

Answer: We’re investigating all possible avenues.

KuroSyamito also writes: “are you gonna create a new stargate related series? or a totally new show?”

Answer: A new Stargate series isn’t even being considered.  As for a totally new show – I can’t speak for Brad and Robert, but I’d certainly love to set up a new (non-Stargae-related) show somewhere down the line.  But given recent developments, I’m thinking that won’t be for quite a while.

Major D. Davis writes: “4) Say all this doesn’t pan out…. Does Gauntlet at least give some closure and resolution…. Or is it an all out cliffhanger?”

Answer: Your first three questions require answers I can’t give at this point.  Regarding Gauntlet – hard to say.  Most would probably consider it a cliffhanger while I would consider it a touching, bittersweet end to the series (if it comes to it).

“5) Whats your favorite 2.5 episode?”

Answer: I’d go with Guantlet, our season finale.

“6) What can us fans do to ensure SGU gets another season/movie and that SG-1/SGA gets their movies?”

Answer: Honestly?  Watch the show, pay for your downloads, and purchase the DVD’s if you’re so inclined.

Paloosa writes: “1) How can we fans contact MGM to let them know that Stargate (SG-1/SGA/SGU) still has a huge and lucrative fan base?”

Answer: Again, letters and emails are nice and all but, at the end of the day, the studio is more likely to look at things like iTune and DVD sales when making a decision.

“2) I think you mentioned that if there were another Stargate show, that you wouldn’t be involved?”

Answer: There are no plans to create or move forward on a new series.  We love the one we have now.

“3) If the SGA movie is a go, would you still be involved as the writer and/or producer?”

Answer: I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely.

Mike McGinnis writes: “Is there any chance of the SGA movie anymore if you guys can’t save SGU?”

Answer: See above.  Contrary to what some may think, the cancellation of SGU is very bad news for those looking forward to an Atlantis movie.

dodoalda writes: “What’s gonna happen with the set in Bridge studios?”

Answer: That set isn’t going anywhere.  It will remain standing until all avenues have been exhausted.

Dara Lundy writes: “Would the people on the Destiny ever have got new clothes?”

Answer: Make sure to check out the back half of season two when it airs.

Dioxholster writes: “If you write that book will it be sci-fi?”

Answer: It will.

“How are SGU’s DVD sales? are they as good as SG-1′s?”

Answer: Don’t have the sales figures but DVD sales have been down across the board for several years now as more and more consumers opt to download their programming instead.

Airelle writes: “Ok my question is how are you doing Joe, really??”

Answer: I’m doing well – if not a little stressed at the prospect of having to make some major decisions in the coming weeks (if not days).

125 thoughts on “December 25, 2010: Christmas! Marty G.! And the return of the mailbag!

  1. “Much of the Lucian Alliance we saw in SG-1 was inept and, dare I say it, a bit goofy. They fit in with SG-1′s lighter, more high adventure-driven tone but would have stood out (and not in a good way) in the new series. ”

    See, I didn’t see them fitting in with SG-1 at all. Perhaps Stargate Command, but that wasn’t the name of the show. They were an embarrassment to the franchise. (Worst Line Evah: “Damn you, Cam Mitchell!”) I actually liked what I saw of the Lucien Alliance in SGU. Unfortunately, all it did was irritate me that the Alliance was finally the decent enemy it should have been on SG-1. (They’d have been a much better enemy than the mind-numbing Ori). What should have been an enjoyable turn-the-show-around for me episode of SGU was spent kvetching about wasted opportunies and too little, too late for SGU.

  2. Is there a possible schism between MGM and SyFy? From the public reaction to the cancellation, SyFy didn’t seem to feel it was important to tell anybody involved before announcing it to the public. The tone of your posts seems somewhat angry rather than saddened.

    I get the impression Stargate is finished on SyFy forever. Would the positive news be moving the franchise to another network, say like reuniting with Showtime or moving to a channel like TBS?

  3. All of your posts referencing gifts of ice wine reminded me that I still had several bottles I had purchased on my last trip to Canada (5 years ago) which I intended to give away as gifts. AWESOME stuff, it literally changed color to a deep, rich gold/copper from the yellow it once was. I thought it had gone bad, but it tastes even better than I remember!

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Thank you for answering my questions.

    I had one more question.

    1. You mentioned that Stargate Extinction has been shelved indefinitely. However, is there still a chance that Stargate Revolution may eventually be produced?

    Thanks a lot and best of luck in the decisions you may have to make.

  5. Merry Christmas Joe, and to all of the readers. Had a nice, quiet Christmas Day yesterday. Ate too much fruit. We did an assortment of olives, cheeses and fruit for Christmas dinner. The dips were unfortunately disappointing however the Delice de Bourgogne was nicely ripe and stinky, and the St Agur and the aged chevre went down well. Ate far too much rockmelon, pineapple, raspberries and blueberries, though. Normally more of a savoury fan, I must have been having one of my rare fruit fits! Hope you all have a nice meal.

  6. Since sgu’s been up against the ropes for months now and it’s cancellation wasn’t an utter surprise based on ratings, how could it’s cancellation affect any recent plans for the SGA movie? Any “progress the SGA movie had made in the past month” would have already had to take into account that sgu wasn’t doing very well in ratings. Why then would such plans be tied into sgu’s fate, when that fate already looked dim? Such a business plan seems utterly irrational, or indicates an unbelievable degree of naivety considering how experienced you all are in the industry. Your response was perhaps intended to be facetious? Otherwise, it makes no sense….?

  7. The prospect of a renewal may have taken a shot when those first numbers for the show’s second season came out but, as I pointed out, that initially dim view brightened as the weeks progressed. Furthermore, the prospect of a dedicated Atlantis movie has always been contingent on a number of things, among them a financially sound model for investment predicated on the strength of the franchise. The cancellation of Universe deals a blow to the strength. Furthermore, any focus that may have been aimed at making the SGA movies now that MGM is once again moving forward into production will now be redirected to SGU.

  8. I never saw the Lucian Alliance as goofy. SG-1 just chose to be goofy toward them.

    A gang of thieves writ large? They’re just a federal gov’t w/o all the pageantry of democracy.

  9. I’ll bet a more independent 3rd season of SGU has a chance of being picked up by SyFy once it’s owned by Comcast for a bit. Long enough for a certain amount of attrition. It’d at least be picked up under syndication if the channel keeps ties to science fiction.

  10. I’m glad you had a nice visit with your family. Sorry you got burned. Aloe does help wonders. Do you have the plant? If you break open a stem, it does much better than the bottled jell.

  11. Doesn’t the continued relatively strong sales of the SGA DVDs indicate that the demand for an SGA movie is there, supporting the idea that this would be a sound investiment. SGA ratings, comparied to SGU, where pretty sound at the time of it’s cancellation, and many of those fans are still represented in the SGU fan base, so the number are still there.

  12. Poetic huh, getting burned at Christmas, in more ways than one? (Tinge of bitterness still at the cancellation). Hope both situations get better soon.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and the pups and Akemi. So that is how you managed the holidays? You imported the family instead of making a second trip (smart move).

    If you look at how our US presidents age after being in office a short time, it is no surprise at all what has happened to Marty G.

  13. “Answer: Honestly? Watch the show, pay for your downloads, and purchase the DVD’s if you’re so inclined.”

    Space runs SGU weekly on-line, including some commercials…how does this figure in? Does (gladly) sitting through the commercials from a network site count as “paying” for an episode?

  14. so… if/when the 3rd sg1 movie is going to be made, will you then start answering questions for sg1? :/

  15. Given the fact that the bottom has fallen out of the DVD market, the studio is not going to risk moving forward based solely on three year old sales figures.

  16. It’s still Christmas here in North America, so Merry Christmas! to everyone in the blog family. 😀

    Hope you had great celebrations with family and/or friends. Having time away from the normal routine is wonderful. Now if I can just remind self to get. ready. for holidays. EARLY. next year, I won’t be this *flop* tired. Think I’ll dial back my ambitions about working extra hours and doing all the mailing, shopping, and baking in the same month. 🙂 It was very good, though, to spend time with family.

    Aw, Joe, the holidays and hiatuses (sp?) always seem to seem to be a time of uncertainty. Especially this one! We hope that you get what you want, because we want it to: the continuation of SGU. Otherwise, you have a good mindset of preparation, in having other projects on back burners, including the philosophy of refusing no reasonable offer. You have been blessed, because you have always been able to work. I don’t think that is going to change. It’s heck getting from the hair-raising, not-knowing part to the next step, though. We’re here for ya.

    What’s Paul’s take on all of this?

    Oh, forgot to ask… Are you, Mamma, and Sis going to be testing the recipes for the blog recipe contest? There are some family activities for ya! Tell Akemi hello from us, too.

  17. @Tim

    It’s my understanding the manner of the the SGU cancellation announcement by Skiffy (AKA SyFy) was forced on them by a leak to deadline.com , who flashed it on the Internet. Forcing Skiffy to confirm on Twitter about the cancellation almost immediately. Presently companies have some hard choices to make after a premature leak/release of any major business decision/events. Since the Internet will distribute that leak/release globally within moments.

  18. This is something I’ve always wondered about viewing numbers: does the repeat viewing count?

    What I mean is, if I watch SGU at 11pm when Syfy repeats it instead of 9pm, am I still counted as a viewer?

    I especially wondered about that this past fall as I had a Tuesday night class that did not get done until 9:30pm, so I could not possibly watch SGU when it aired at 9.

  19. I understand that… but so far, atlantis has proven itself financially successful, and is still doing well….. If SGU does get back on track, would Extinction still be shelved?

  20. I think I can answer if you get counted if you watch the show at 11:00 pm instead of 9pm I would have to say no unless you are a nielson family. Am I correct ?
    I really hate the fact that Neilson has such a small amount of sample viewers. How can they possibly have a number of viewers that is acurate ?
    I imagine that the majority of stargate fans are young men , possibly single guys that would never be counted in a neilson rating!

    As far as a question to you joe:
    (I always ask questions, but you never have answered 🙁
    I know that there are numerous countries that play SGU. So why would SYFY not ordering a season 3 make it unable to film it ? I imagine there has to be eneough money coming in from other counties to pay for the show on its own without SYFY. Plus I am sure that there are plenty of other US networks that would love to buy a TV show that has a built-in audience. I really dont thik SYFY did much to advertise the show well, and they really put you guys in a bad spot on tuesday ( Just look at how Sanctuary is doing on Friday) . Your show on a major cable station or even a major network would definatly bring in a larger audience.
    I myself think the CW network would do an excellent job with the show. that network seems to cater to the “target audence” that we always hear about.

  21. Damn, how is it posible for me not to get that news for 10 days.

    Oh well, thx for about 5 years of great entertainment(I started watching Stargate in 05) The things that bugs me the most is that we won’t get to know what happends to atlantis and SG1. But then again SGU was starting to grow on me.

    Anyway, good luck mr. Mellozzi. I wish you all well.(I won’t even remove your RSS feed from my reader)

  22. I’m confused with Major Davis on why SGU would get future opportunities instead of (or at the cost of) Atlantis. I would think that Atlantis would be the better bet financially for MGM who is looking to get itself financially sound. MGM didn’t sell the Stargate franchise so they obviously want to do more with it. The possibility of everything Stargate disappearing seems a little too large a claim at this time. Atlantis is a gold mine and the fans are excited to see more from that series. Would you really try to go forward with another season of SGU or a movie of SGU when SGA is the low hanging fruit?

  23. Yeah, I don’t get how the cancellation of SGU has anything really to do with SGA movies, SGU was already doing poorly. SGA was more popular in the ratings, you’d think they’d want to go back to something that was a proven success rather than the series that got cancelled due to low ratings.

    Although, to be honest, as much as I want to see Extinction over anything else, the SG1 movie would seem the best bet for MGM.

  24. I hate to say this, but have just wandered around the net, reading different things and it is being suggested that Brad and Co are not pursuing the obvious good thing they’d have by doing an SGA movie out of spite for the fans not watching SGU.

    I’m sure this is not so, but I am so tired of reading the suspicions and bad feelings that have arisen in the fandom of this franchise. Darn it all, I want to feel good about it, epecially on Christmas night! Good Grief Charlie Brown!

  25. Again, don’t be so quick to use three year old DVD sales figures as argument for an Atlantis movie. The DVD landscape has changed considerably in the interim. Also, with the show’s second season just wrapped, sets still standing, and cast and crew at hand, it’s SGU that’s the low-hanging fruit.

  26. You didn’t know? Seriously? My six year old nephew figured it out last year.

  27. Hey, thanks for all your answers, but I have one other one. Is there any chance of another SG-1 movie being made, or is that also being shelved?


  28. First of all forget everything Stargate related that is going on. Now go out and buy yourself a better tree. That thing is pitiful, seriously! Charlie Brown had a nicer tree than that thing. In my books if it’s not touching the ceiling, you are doing it all wrong.

    Also I hope SGU gets picked up, I can’t believe they didn’t give you the courtesy of a final season, especially when you have stated that you know where you want the show to end. Looks like 10 years of loyalty gets you nothing these days. I think everyone should boycott Syfy Channel, they are complete junk.

    Now back to my GIANT book, The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur C. Doyle. Seriously it’s as big as a dictionary, but with smaller print!!

  29. When it comes down to writing your future novel… who would you say your writing style is most like? Any inspirations? What writers did you learn the most from simply by reading?

    Assuming SGU had received the full five seasons needed to finish the story, did Brad have any intentions of another series to follow it, since an endpoint had already been figured out on SGU? I don’t mean specific details, just an intention to have another series, since SGU had a preplanned ending.

  30. Hi Joseph,

    Before I get to my question, let me just say AWESOME job on SGU, this has been my favorite series of them all (not to take away anything from SG-1 or SGA), and I’ve been watching since the original showtime premiere and saw the original movie in theater.

    My question is simply could you post the address for your MailBag address somewhere in your next post (or possibly even better in the About Tab near the top). I’ve searched everywhere and cant seem to locate this information. I’ve always wanted to send in a question or two over the years, but had no idea how to reach you, and I’ve always avoided uncensored Comments due to spoilers, so I never knew you checked/answered these comments until now…… sadly a little late.

    Thanks for years and years (and hopefully many more…) of wonderful entertainment, you all are truly the best!! Happy Holidays to you and all cast & crew, past & present. 🙂

  31. Thanks for this informative mailbag. Can’t say enough how glad I am that Brad hasn’t given up and is working hard to keep Stargate going.

    I hope SGU gets its third season. Speaking of “Gauntlet”, is the season finale in some way similar (I know you can’t say anything specific, and I’m not asking to) to “Incursion” pt 2? It’s meant as a cliffhanger, but in the worst case scenario can be considered as an unfortnate end to the adventure? Like with season 1 end – everyone dies from radiation?

    Too bad that SGA movie has been put on hold, never been a big fan, but I’m going to buy any SG movie from you. You’re probably going to get a lot of hate because of these news, I bet.

    Still got my fingers crossed for Stargate, but especially for SGU season 3.

  32. Coucou Joseph!

    ça va bien?

    ouhhh le joli sapin =P il est bien décoré!

    Vos chiens ont eux quoi comme cadeaux pour noël?

    Ahahah Martin, vraiment réussi! Je ne l’aurai pas reconnu si vous ne l’aviez pas dit!

    Concernant les dvd, je peux vous dire que ça marche très bien en France, il s’en vend beaucoup alors que ce n’est pas encore diffusé à la tv!

    Merci pour ces Q&A,

    gros bisou! 🙂

  33. A friendly old fellow who regularly brings joy to millions – who else COULD Marty G. be?? 🙂

  34. Joe, What about online viewership? maybe SGU can set something up like in Hulu and get its money from ads? SGU is now 23rd on the most popular list at Hulu, thats not bad at all. People want to watch it they are just not to keen on watching it Live. If DVD sales are down for everyone then online views should be counted then as primary.

  35. Dear Joe,

    I’d love your wise insight into one thing. Remember the Brad Wright Q&A? I wrote Mr. Wright asking how we might save Atlantis. He responded by saying that he needed millions more viewers not thousands to save the show. At the time SGA was getting 1.6 mil live viewers. SGU hasn’t even come remotely close to hitting that mark this season, and has even fallen down to 0.9 mil live viewers. Given Mr. Wright’s interview about how more costly SGU is than SGA, how is it possible that SGU can continue in any form?

    I’d love to know if Mr. Wright lied to me in that Q&A, if the real reason SGA was canceled was due to the fact that he wanted to do SGU instead?

    Mr. Mallozzi, I might have been a naive fan, but I value honesty above all else. I really do not like being lied to. We were TOLD that there would be an SGA movie. Were we just told that to get us to shut up? Honestly?

    I wasn’t a bitter SGA fan. I gave SGU a chance. Watched a number of episodes. I also followed your advice, if I didn’t like the new direction then don’t watch. So, I didn’t.

    I have never believed that SGU’s cancellation would give way to another season of Atlantis, or a movie. I had already figured that Mr. Wright lied to us directly in that Q&A and had given up hope on the movies ever being created. I did believe that SGU and SGA movies were separate entities. I don’t see the profitability of a failed show getting made instead. I mean let’s face it, SGU premiered to over 2 million viewers Live in the fall in season 1, so it’s not the time of year. The ratings have fallen steadily since the episode of Life in season 1 on a Friday night, so it’s not the time slot. Those are scape goats for the truth. The truth is the show just isn’t popular.

    It all comes down to this…Were we lied to?

    The idea that he lied directly to me is disheartening enough that I really don’t even want to consider myself a fan anymore. I’ll get my remaining 3 box sets of SG1, and then call it quits. You can threaten me all you want about if I don’t support SGU that I won’t see SG1 or SGA movies all you want, I simply do not care anymore. I have been an avid supporter of the Stargate family, supporting the cast and crew’s shows outside of SG even from Gero’s latest works to Sanctuary. I always thought that was important, to support you all in all of your future endeavors because your work has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks for rewarding my loyalty with lies.

  36. Nice advice : ‘Watch the show, pay for your downloads, and purchase the DVD’s if you’re so inclined’. 🙁

    If there will be movies, there will be reason to watch and to buy. How can anyone watch or buy something that doesn’t yet exist ?

  37. Hi Joe!
    You did not think that the bad ratings are associated with lack of proper advertising campaign? After all, to get more viewers, it is necessary to tell this audience about what you’re being offered. Yes, Stargate has a wide base of fans of the show. But if there is enough only that the episode airing, and calculate the numbers?
    SGU moved away from the romance of old series, taking the direction toward the somber and serious realism. SGU has found its audience among the huge fan base, but is this enough? How can others know that the franchise has replaced romance to realism? Those others, who like to just such a show?

  38. Joe,

    You’ve made me feel bad for downloading the show! In my defense, I watched Season 1 of SGU on TV… but then I moved to Asia, and it isn’t on TV here.

    I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t had a chance to watch Season 2 until this Christmas weekend. Love it!

    I enjoy SGU better than SGA due to its difference in the franchise. SGA was good, but it was just more SG-1 in my opinion. I own the DVD from every season of SG1 & SGA, so it can’t be sad I’m not a fan.

    I’m hoping you and the others can figure out a way to keep the franchise alive.

  39. Oh ho ho ho, I missed Joe answering directly on his blog at Christmas, will have to remember that for next year. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday and didn”t eat too much. yeah right, I know how that goes. Lets turn up the heat for New Years eve, can we, it has been rather chilly here in Fl.
    Joe I hope the burn is not serious. good luck with the life changing decisions… positive thoughts for you.

  40. My compliments to mom and sis on the lovely tree.

    We fear change. Then again, change brings great opportunity. Whatever this new year brings, may it be joyful, meaningful, fulfilling. Wishing you and yours, furry and otherwise, and everyone here, happiness, health and prosperity.

    But damn, I’ll miss Stargate. Heck, I’m still in mourning for Highlander.

  41. Well I almost pulled it off… Worked like a demon making the turkey, sweet potato casserole and chrusty – a Polish pastry.

    The intention was to bring everything over to the daughter’s home, leaving hubby home with the flu. Christmas Eve in the middle of the night I knew I was done for… I ended up packing up the food and leaving it on their doorstep… returned home and had a little to eat with hubby, then to bed. OY

    I did find out that the sweet potato casserole was excellent and so was everything else. Hope everybody ‘s day was just as great food-wise.

  42. Thanks for communicating with fans about future of the show during Christmas 🙂 It shows that SG still means lot for you. Thanks and enjoy holidays!

  43. I hope you had a nice holiday. Thanks for all the info in the mailbag. I know what it’s like to be stressed as we are facing some decisions ourselves–mainly where hubby is going to be working next as his company let him go last week. Yes, I know, pretty icky to do it while he was recovering from surgery, but he hadn’t been working for them very long when he got sick so the company was on sound footing to do it. We are thinking positively though, and as hubby is pretty good with computers, we don’t anticipate him not having a job for long. Hope things go well this coming week and you will have positive news for us. I hope, I hope. 🙂

  44. Put me firmly in the confused camp too!

    It is hard for me to see why the SGA movie would be dependant on a continuation of SGU. SGA had better ratings than SGU, wouldn’t a movie of that show be a better investment than continuation of a series which was canceled for low ratings?

    Although I’d love to see SGU finished up somehow, for the fans, I don’t see it as the first priority for someone interested soley in profit.

    I will choose to be optimistic, so when you say there is no talk of an SGA movie, you mean they are now discussing a Mini-series!

  45. A belated Merry Christmas, and a Happy Boxing Day to you and your family! Sorry you’re having such a bummer of a holiday, what with the burnt hand, and SGU cancellation, and all.

    I really hope you guys will find a home for SGU, and will also be able to produce SG1 movie #3. I’m trying to stay positive… ’tis the season and all that.

  46. Merry Christmas, Joe! Hope your hand is healing and your day was great.

    I fully understand why the SGA movie is now less likely — the bean counters need to see strength and momentum in the overall franchise before making such an investment. I’m not surprised, and I think most fans have known for over a year that the SG1 and SGA movies were a long shot at best.

    Given what’s happened, does Brad have any regrets about taking the franchise in a new direction, or does he feel any 3rd series, given the same scheduling and viewer landscape, would’ve had the same outcome?

  47. Kudos to Marty G.! I thought the model was the late Patrick McGoohan. (Feel free to Google the name.)

  48. Hello Mr. Mallozzi, Merry Christmas! 🙂 I just have a few questions:

    You say “Also, with the show’s second season just wrapped, sets still standing, and cast and crew at hand, it’s SGU that’s the low-hanging fruit.”
    I don’t understand. How can a show that’s just been cancelled due to poor ratings be the low-hanging fruit? If there were not enough people watching it during its run, why would anyone involved in the franchise think that people would take to it better in a different form?
    I loved the previous series, and was excited about the new one, but I couldn’t get past the 9th episode or so. It just didn’t feel like Stargate to me, and didn’t hold my interest. But others liked it so that was okay. I feel for those whom are upset about the cancellation, we’ve all been there I think with one show or another, it’s rather heart breaking to know that the adventure of our heroes will not go on.
    But, as sad as all of this is, I really don’t understand this pi$$ing contest that seems to be going on between the fans and the creators of the show. I’ve been in a few fandoms in my life, but I have never seen anything like this. To me it’s more upsetting than what seems to be the “end” of the Stargate franchise, at least for now. I’m quite baffled by attitudes I see. Like your answer to a fan:
    “There are no plans to create or move forward on a new series. We love the one we have now.”
    But isn’t that the very problem here, you love your show – naturally – but the viewers don’t? Your love for the show you have created will not keep it running, if the fans don’t love it then it’s all over. That’s why Brad Wright’s comments didn’t make much sense to me either, his saying “Please watch my show, I love it!”
    The thing here is, I think that for a show to go on the audience has to love it. It’s the creators of a series who have to offer the viewers what they want to see, it’s the fans who have to be wooed by the PTB to come and see their show, to keep it alive and successful, like it’s been done for 15 seasons of SG1/SGA. I have never seen so many core fans alienated and angered before. So many mistakes made. It isn’t the new series I’m upset at, you people tried something new which is very reasonable to me and I wish it worked, I really do, for I love Stargate. But it didn’t work, and I chalk that up not just to the new style of the show that many people couldn’t accept, but the poor treatment of the very fans who were needed to keep this baby going. It seems to me that a rather large group of people loved the Stargate adventures and it became an entertainment and financial success that allowed the creators to make spinoffs of the original series. The fans wanted more, and got more until at one point the “here is what you guys want” turned into “this is what you get, like it or not”. And that pretty much ruined the whole thing, for that’s not how entertainment works, or not as I see it.
    The way I look at it, we’ve all lost on this one big time, every one of us, those who mourn and those who celebrate, for we’ve lost more than a Stargate show, we’ve lost respect for each other. The creators and the audience whom are supposed to work together have treated each other with disdain and impatience. And now when we are all reaping the fruits of our disdain the power games seem to continue.
    I’m sad to see all of this happen. I’m sad your show wasn’t accepted by the masses Mr. Mallozzi, for you, the creators of the Stargate shows are all very talented people who took a great idea to places where they made a lot of people happy, and others prosperous. But in the last 2 years big mistakes have been made, and I’m hoping that everyone involved learned from it, for I wish not just for the Stargate franchise to stay alive, but for the fans and The Powers That Be to appreciate each other and work together again in order to keep this great thing going that you people have started.
    My best wishes to you all…


  49. Ok….well…plese keep us updated on all things stargate…. 🙂 Fingers crossed for all 3 shows.

  50. I haven’t commented here in ages, but I wanted to stop by and say how sorry I am at the cancellation and at the way the network handled it. I know it’s a business, but that doesn’t mean that a little common decency should not be expected. Good luck

  51. I just heard about the cancellation by reading the mailbag.

    I immediately went to Gateworld to see what else I could find out. After reading a few articles, I remembered one of those old adages about screenwriting. “Get in late, get out early”. For the uninitiated, that means starting any scene as far into the action as you can without leaving out any vital information and end the scene as soon as you can after the action is done.

    I thought of that because most of season one felt like preamble. It didnt feel like it was going anywhere. The kind of thing that results from “going in early and getting out late”.

    and some things just didn’t add up.

    Like Young and Rush having the whole cosmic animosity going. I mean, that whole confrontation where Young leaves Rush behind on the planet and Rush says something like “it’ll never be over!”. Shouldn’t there be a reason behind all this hate? They were at odds with each other but that seems a far cry from outright hatred.

    Same goes for Simeon…I got the impression from the pre season 2 talk about him that he was going to be like the Lucian Alliance version of Rush. When all he turned out to be was a thug.

    The thing I was always most impressed by with SG in all its forms was how effectively it was able to switch from humor to drama and use both to maximum effect. SGU for the most part felt like it was trying to be something it wasnt, namely BSG. It was selling itself on the name recognition of Stargate while not delivering on it.

    There were some really interesting developments in the last 3 or 4 episodes aired but it just took too long to get there.

  52. I’m with Orlin on this one,

    if sgu’s cancellation has placed the franchise in such a bad position (no sga movie because of it according to you), why would anyone risk a futher outing of this show? wouldn’t the ratings for it continue to decline and wouldn’t a movie be just as poorly recieved by the wider viewing audience (not the sgu fans obviousley) whilst the costs to produce it continue to rise?

    I mention movie but that is a non starter though, right?because the market has not changed and even with MGM’s better financial situation those sg1 & sga movies have not come to fruition.

  53. HI Mr M!

    Just checking in.

    Interesting mailbag.

    My very best to you at this time. To divert your mind, let me ask….have you done your annual viewing of The Princess Bride? (We did today!).

    I look forward to any “positive news” re: the franchise.

    I have been preparing a short phone in response for those good folks over at GateWorld which should go out on the next podcast. Not sure if you listen to the podcasts, but Darren and David really do a stand up job in discussing and including all SG fans (both domestic and International).

    From my very limited grasp of how the television industry works, I can see that SGU’s cancellation is the result of an almost perfect storm : An outmoded method of counting viewers (Nielsen) The DVD market withering on the vine. A (financially) ailing studio A jumpy network.

    If ever there was a time for magic wands……

    The once constant in this ever-changing world : you guys…The cast and crew of SG. The calibre of story-telling and the committment to excellence has never waivered. SG has evolved since COTG. But the quality has remained and indeed improved.

    I am throroughly convinced that this is not the end of SG. I have a feeling the Mr W (in particular) is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat on this one.

    But wishful thinking aside, I wanted to also say : Thank You…for all the great television….SO FAR!!

    Please send more.


  54. “Furthermore, any focus that may have been aimed at making the SGA movies now that MGM is once again moving forward into production will now be redirected to SGU.”

    Why when it is the least successful show would they go with SGU when they know there is still a market for Atlantis and SG1?

  55. Hi Joe,

    I’m a little late with this (okay, so I’m very late with this), but I just wanted to let you know that I’m incredibly sorry SGU has been cancelled. Though it was never really my thing and I only watched it sporadically, I did genuinely like the cast and I’m very sorry for both them, the crew, the producers and everybody else involved in the show that this adventure has come to an end (for the time being, at least).

    I personally think SyFy is in desperate need of a couple of lessons in common courtesy, given that the whole cancellation was handled so poorly. I don’t care if the news was leaked; you deserved to have been notified in person BEFORE it all hit the fan.

    Anyway, as I said, I was never a fan of SGU, but you guys did not deserve to be treated this way and neither did the show. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to find a way to keep the franchise going!

    Best, Jenn

  56. Good to hear that there may be some hope of a continuation of SGU. I think that making some kind of ending could pay off as I for one would be more likely to buy the Season 2 DVD’s if there’s some prospect of resolution for the show.

    I can see why an SGU movie would be the easiest option logistically. SGU still has the sets and the actors haven’t moved on to to other things yet, plus it has a current audience who’d likely pay to see how it ends (I know I would). Mind you I’m not sure how a movie could cover everything that needs to be wrapped up, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a season 3.

    Hopefully something gets decided before the SGU actors, especially Robert Carlyle, start getting other offers.

  57. @Orlin said:

    But, as sad as all of this is, I really don’t understand this pi$$ing contest that seems to be going on between the fans and the creators of the show. I’ve been in a few fandoms in my life, but I have never seen anything like this. To me it’s more upsetting than what seems to be the “end” of the Stargate franchise, at least for now. I’m quite baffled by attitudes I see. Like your answer to a fan:
    “There are no plans to create or move forward on a new series. We love the one we have now.”
    But isn’t that the very problem here, you love your show – naturally – but the viewers don’t? Your love for the show you have created will not keep it running, if the fans don’t love it then it’s all over. That’s why Brad Wright’s comments didn’t make much sense to me either, his saying “Please watch my show, I love it!”

    People do love Stargate Universe, they just watch it in different ways. There is a fanbase out there, it’s just that people don’t sit down at a set time to watch a tv show anymore and the ratings system hasn’t caught up with that.

    I didn’t see anything wrong in Joe’s response about a new series. I think you might have read something into it that wasn’t there.

    Cheers, Chev

  58. Hello Joe,

    I was thinking about funding for #SGU in the absence of Syfy and if you can find a new home for it the other day and I came up with this idea. I shared it with Ivon, so I’ll share it with you..don’t know if it’s viable or what is needed but humour me…

    I read that The Cove producer is seeking donations for his new film and donations over $1000 would receive screen credit. So what if John Lenic broke down some of the costs in the production and fans/companies donated to pay for them up front before the season? e.g $X for a kawoosh in episode 1

    Would that kind of thing work? I don’t know about stuff like that..it’s probably a silly idea, but I know I’d donate to keep y’all employed & to ensure a Season 3.

    Cheers, Chev

  59. In some ways it almost sounds as though it’s Syfy (not MGM) that want to end the franchise – now they’ve gleamed all they wanted from the franchise’s immense audience, they want to get rid of it.

    I suppose then the simple answer is to move it to another network entirely. Showtime had it for 5 years, and Syfy for effectively 10-12 years… a change of venue might actually do the show some good and allow it to complete its five-season story arc.

  60. Hey Joe,

    1. Are their any sorts of obligations to companies (such as SyFy) that could encumber efforts to get that third season going? Or indeed continue the story in any way?

    2. I read that SyFy only provided a portion of the budget, how much is “a portion” enough to seriously hamper efforts to get SGU back up and running?

    3. What are your thoughts on SyFy’s current direction? They seem to be moving away from Science Fiction altogether.

  61. Hello Joe,

    I have been sitting on the brined pork recipe for you, I’d rather send it to you securely.[edit]

    Okay, on to your blog posts, the dogs look all and well. With jelly up and about so quickly, I must admit how awesome that it is. Anywho, I look forward to season 2.5, I am anxious to see what all will be going where as far as story goes.

    Well, joey have a good new year

  62. Hey all,
    i must say that this news of SGU’s cancellation made me very angry! I’m in australia and because SYFY decides to cancel it WE HERE GET PUNISHED! how bout move your studios here, and you wont be dissiponted. There is a huge Stargate following here and i know a LOT of my friends love it and are angry as well. Well good luck to the cast ad crew of SGU and hopefully we will hear some good news soon!

  63. Oh your pugkids are gonna get revenge.. all that dressing up. You remember what happened with the Halloween get up? Ya, rubbish all over your floor (I mistook banana skins for turds)

    As for SGU, I had a feeling it was going to be cancelled, BUT I also have a feeling that it’s going to go elsewhere, some other avenue which will be suffice. Hope I’m right.

    Hope you have a peaceful and prosperous new Year Joe 🙂

  64. I loved the addition of the Lucian’s; they provided some great scenes on Earth and made excellent bad guys this season. I’d love to see more of their world and their background.

  65. Hello!

    Wouldn’t better if SGU was broadcasted in other countries too? At the same time it is broadcasted by SyFy. I bet this will stop the guys who are downloading from the internet.

  66. YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE CANCELED ATLANTIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! Look what you have done now. Atlantis was a much better show, had an established fan base, cheaper to make and had better ratings than SGU! Now because of their abysmal decision we are left with nothing.

  67. Dont be blame the old fans blame the writers!!!

    sgu main failure was the first 10 episodes of pure slow soap drama and thats the main part where you collect viewers

    if you take a book to read , do you finnisht the book if the first 20 pages of it is all depressive and so on ? it is the same thing with tv show’s

    i dont count in the raitings cause i dont live in US where the channel is and is viewable so dont blame the old fans and so on if the show was on the channel what wanted it do be canceled in the first place … it’s a limited access channel and u need to have some device that counts your viewing and the channel made choices like moving it to fall and then to competition with other verry popular shows with the tuesday night

    the writers dont care about the show either … otherwise they would have ended the SGA show with a movie and made the ending what show deserved like sg1 got 2 movies to end the story … now they have 2 shows without proper ending.

  68. SGU is quite simply excellent science fiction, and compares well to the type of storytelling that I’ve read from Authors such as Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, E E Smith, and many others.

    It has believability, an epic story that spans across vast distances and the ages, mystery of the unknown, and the best special effects I’ve seen on TV.
    The only other Sci-fi TV that has come close was Firefly, and that was another example of disastrous network programming. At least it got a resolution with Serenity, even if the pace of the movie was a bit too fast, compared to the TV show.

    SGU is like a good novel that You are forced to put down for a week at a time, frustrating, but wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Here’s hoping that We get to pick up that book again, not too long after season 2 concludes.

  69. For what I see – it is true that SGA S5 ratings are practically the same as SGU S1? You are guys quick to compare S2 with SGA, forgetting that move on Tuesdays busiest hour was harsh step and it would require to whole season to sink in and get people to watch it live on new schedule.

  70. Hi john,
    Wondering if you had any interest in authoring or even curating a stargate encyclopedia that was “on canon.” Many sources exist (wikis and what not) but are not complete or are filled with conjectures. Good sales of said book may also be a good indication to the powers of the interest out there for the franchise (it’s also less a downloadable medium, with charts and diagrams and stuff. People will apt to buy this tome).

    BTW, not sure how much you like tonkaktsu, was wondering if you made it out to Maisen at Omotesando Hills?

    Hang in there! We’re all pulling for ya!

  71. Woops, sorry ikeep calling you john. I have a friend named john mallozzi and have a bad habit of typing john all the time. Peace and have a great holiday!

  72. the biggest problem was cancelling Stargate Atlantis i thought that was the best series, i wish you could bring it back, as for Universe its a darker seriies not for everybody, please do a movie at least with Stargate Atlantis mix with the last cast of Stargate SG1 – i have all the series at home they were worth buying

    bring Atlantis back

  73. I just wanted to give you guys major props for converting me and pulling me into the Stargate world after previous failed attempts at doing so myself. Atlantis and SG1 just didn’t do it for me… It’s nothing on them, as I recognize that they must be pretty good shows to have had the longevity they did, but they were always too goofy for me. SGU on the other hand has totally sucked me in. I really appreciate the themes this show explores and it’s darker subject matter. I like its seriousness. It really is an epic show, so thank you for that.

    Admittedly, I was initially pulled in because of Robert Carlyle. I freaking love that guy, but was totally unaware he had a TV project going on. After catching sight of him while surfing channels, jumping about and announcing “Begbie” was on TV, I sat down and was totally drawn in. Carlyle really rocks the part of Rush, for sure.

    After discovering it so recently, I’m very sad to see it go out so quickly. I really hope that MGM can work some magic and get SGU going on another network.

    I just bought SGU Season 1 on Blu-Ray to show support!

  74. In the UK, Sky1 has supported SG1, ST:A and SGU, so why not tap them up to become involved in keeping the worm holes active?

  75. I’m honestly surprised that MGM and Syfy didn’t part ways a long time ago and find another subscriber, like Sky One. Stargate in any incarnation has always got millions of viewers live watching it every night in the UK and Ireland, but these shows seem to live or die on a sub-par wrestling network featuring scifi which barely gets 10 million viewers in a given night… Seems kind of self defeating if you ask me.

    But then again, I’m not in the ‘biz, so I don’t know.

  76. Hey, I’m a big fan of SGU, start to finish. Because of SGU, I’ve become a big fan of SG1 and SGA. The cancelation was sad news to me, because it means there’s a group of people who suddenly don’t have the safety net of a job. But as a comic book writer who has had some projects cancelled before being able to finish the story, I also feel for those creatives (writers, creators, actors, etc.) who find themselves cut short creatively as well.

    I know you are aware of this, but there were people enjoying your story. You touched people, which to me is the best measure of an artistic success. The whole TJ storyline, among other things, was touching. Thanks!

  77. I’d consider myself a loyal fan of Stargate, having watched the original movie and every episode of SG-1, SGA and SGU. I must admit though, I struggled quite a bit with the first series of SGU, and whilst the second has been progressively improving, it still has a long way to go. I guess I watch Sci-Fi shows for a bit of escapism and fantasy, and very importantly ‘fun’. Unfortunately SGU has often lacked those characteristics.

    I’m personally not very interested in personal relationships in a Sci-Fi show. I guess if I want to see that sort of thing, I’ll watch a lifestyle show or something. Someone told me that SGU got all the relationship stuff etc. to try and make it more appealing to women? However from what I can gather, they ended up disliking SGU even more than men!

    I hope the lesson has been learned now, that trying to make Sci-Fi shows in the same vein as Battlestar just doesn’t work. The demise of such shows after like Defying Gravity, Caprica and now Stargate Universe after relatively short runs, just illustrates the point.

    I hope Stargate will continue in some form, and I’m pretty sure it will. However maybe it needs a short break?

  78. Will the first season of SGU i was a bit disappointed in, the 2nd Season has got a lot more interesting.

    Though i still stick with my original thoughts about the SGU story, that they should have removed a few of the Story Elements that where in both SG1 and Atlantis, mainly Humans. Would have been a much more interesting show had they set the shows time millions of years ago, shortly after the Ships set off, and having it be Ancients that gate to the ship to start its intended mission.

  79. OK, maybe the SGU series could have the loose ends tied up in the remaining episodes… and maybe then this would allow a movie to be made featuring the characters of SG1, SG:A and SGU?
    But we all know that while there’s plenty of life left in the characters of SG:1, SG:A and SGU for a full throttle movie (trilogy?), actually keeping the Stargate on TV makes better sense than to keep it off air, wait for a few years, and then make the dumb decision to try and re-launch the whole Stargate story in a new movie form, as they did with “Star Trek”.
    One hell of a gamble Paramount took, but even with a film that generated ‘returns’, did it really, truly ‘pay off’?
    The ST movie was probably considered a ‘success’, but the void on TV is still there – just re-runs of old episodes to ‘enjoy’…so is this what Stargate fans are going to look forward to?

    Why can’t the ‘Stargate Team’ hunt and push for a new consortium of backers, like Starz, Sky One, or even the BBC to become involved with keeping Stargate on air?

    Seems daft to let it go when increasing on-demand TV is probably distorting viewing figures.

  80. I bought an iTunes Seasons Pass for this past fall and this spring so I’m pretty disappointed that the series is being canceled. I did prefer SG-1 and Atlantis though and would be happy to support a movie.

    Out of curiosity, how much is needed to do the Atlantis movie? I noticed that the 24 series showcased phone equipment and routers by Cisco, X-Serve boxes from Apple, Dell and Apple laptops and I’m sure that there were additional product placements in the series. I saw lots of Dell computers, North Face gear, Evian Water in Stargate Atlantis so I assume that these are sponsors too.

    Many high-tech companies have done quite well in the past two years (the NASDAQ Composite is up 100% from the March 2009 low) and I’d guess that there are many Stargate fans that are tech workers. Perhaps a program to pre-sell DVDs or iTunes downloads before production could be used to gauge interest or even guarantee revenues. It would make for an interesting revenue model for popular shows. Many of those companies are also quite flush with cash and might spend a few bucks for a scene at their headquarters with their CEO or more traditional product placement.

    Perhaps a survey of the fanbase on what they are willing to pay for a DVD to see another movie come out would be interesting. You might be surprised at what some are willing to pay.

  81. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Joseph!

    I just have to say ‘Thank You’ for the many years of enjoyment you have given me with all of the Stargate series. I will not complain here. Although things may have been left hanging in the balance, and though we ALL wish it could continue forever, sometimes you just have to do what is best for all involved.

    I hope that things pick up for you in the new year, and look forward to your future endeavors. Here’s to you, your family, your cast and crew, and all the fans out there that kept it going as long as it did. You all have my admiration, respect, loyalty, and most of all, love.

    “It’s hard for me to accept that. You’re telling me that the future is pre-determined but I have always believed that the future is what you make it.”
    “Perhaps *both* are true. Perhaps the future is pre-determined by the character of those who shape it. One thing has been clear to me from the moment I set foot in this city: the galaxy is at a crossroads. Never before have I sensed that the future of so many worlds can turn on the actions of so few.”
    – Carter and Davos, “The Seer”

  82. Hello Joe,

    I’ve been in a reflective mood since hearing the SGU news, having been a Stargate Fan since 1997 (earlier, if you count the movie). I simply love the shows, all of them, and whilst I have my own personal peferences on episodes and characters, I have always had an open mind on all the series and story arcs therein.

    My reflective mood has seen my Xmas viewing filled not with festive “treats” but with old SG1, SGA and SGU episodes. Virtually nothing is available on Blu Ray, other than SGU and Continuum, (and I’ve bought SGU)!

    If old episodes are all we can have for a while, that’s a lot of TV; I just wish some more was available in high def; I’ve seen Atlantis recently on broadcast HD – was that filmed in HD or is my broadcaster upscaling and not telling me?

    Anyway, I am hugely looking forward to the final 10 SGU episodes; and as in real life, I remain positive about the franchise, in the future.

  83. Gotta agree with “stargate” on Atlantis.

    SGU is so different from SG-1 and Atlantis that had an established fanbase, and i think it would have been a safer bet continuing Atlantis along with some SG1 movies as a supplement.

    From my own perspective i kinda checked out off SGU after the first season. (sorry) It just wasn’t my thing.

    I cross my fingers for a kickass Revolution or Extinction to get things back in action.

  84. This is probably a really naive question but why is the fate of SGU and the rest of the stargate franchise so intimately connected to the syfy network? What about all the other TV networks across the world? If syfy drops you does that mean the rest of them have too? I’m from the UK and I watch SGU on Sky 1. Have they dropped SGU as well? I’m sure it would anger the fans in the US but couldn’t you keep making the show and sell it overseas and then just release it on DVD/download in America?

  85. Stargate Universe was not horrible, but it wasn’t “Stargate”. It’s like you guys were asked to simply make “Battlestar Galactica” with a Stargate as an added plot generator. Too dark, too melancholy and too over done. BSG covers that segment very well and to try and replicate that feeling is fool hearty. Hopefully ShitFy doesn’t give up on Gate fans because of antiquated rating systems saying people don’t watch them and that you guys do another Stargate. Need something new? Why not an entire series following the Ancients and the events that led to their having to run from the Ori in their home galaxy or from the Wraith? Or how about before that? Or have two seperate storys going on, one of the Ancients plight millions of years in the past and then cut to the current day where Humans are picking through them? I dunno, I ain’t no writer.

  86. There are a few things that people keep mentioning over and over that I really have to address.

    People on here keep acting like “So they can’t track how many people are watching…so what?”

    To the fan who loves his/her show it can be reallly easy to lose track of what drives show business. Namely, its a business. And the main source of profit in that businss is ad revenue. When lots of people watch a show and advertisers can see that, they are willing to pay alot to advertise on that show. Which makes the show profitable for all the people involved in making it.

    But the people watching the show by downloading it illegally aren’t watching commercials and thereby dont matter. There are ways around this problem like product placement but if a show has commercials it is essential that the advertisers are able to track the size of the audience that is viewing them. The show itself is just the carrot on the stick. The show only exists to get viewers to watch the commercials.

  87. I realize that you can’t go into detail about avenues for saving SG-U but the Space Channel here in Canada seems like good place to look. We love this show up here and support you guys 100%. Another season or more would be completely fantastic.

  88. Joe, I realize that you’re heartbroken about SGU being canceled, and I sympathize. I know its cancellation is seen as a blow to the strength of the Stargate franchise, but I have to say that assumption is illogical (to borrow Spock’s word). SGU’s cancellation is actually a reaffirmation of the strength of the Stargate franchise. Please hear me out.

    I’m a huge Stargate fan. I’ve seen every SG1/SGA episode/movie at least twice. I bought the DVDs and even downloaded a few episodes on iTunes. I have a ton of respect for the amazing work you and the entire Stargate cast and crew do, but…

    SGU is too much of a departure from what Stargate fans love. We watch Stargate because it’s smart, funny, clean, and has endearing characters fighting bad guys. SGU has none of that.

    SGU blurs the lines between good guys and bad guys, so none of us care what happens to any of the characters. It pits the crew members against each other and creates an atmosphere of hostility and discord. SGU has random acts of sex that are unnecessary and disturbing to see in a Stargate show. And it lacks a sense of humor that characters such as O’Neill, Vala, and McKay contributed. Frankly, if it wasn’t for Eli, I wouldn’t have watched past the first few episodes of SGU.

    We fans don’t come to Stargate to watch depressing stories (ER), sex in space (Battlestar Galactica, Defying Gravity), unethical characters (House, Dexter), or artificial drama created when people behave badly (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice). Stargate shouldn’t imitate other shows. It should keep doing what it has always done best.

    You tell MGM that Stargate fans are just as loyal as ever. Tell them the cancellation of SGU is not evidence of our disloyalty. Rather, SGU is evidence of the franchise’s disloyalty to its fans. If you care about us, Joe, you’ll ask MGM to bring back SGA—or at least make us a few more movies.

  89. Mr. Mallozzi,

    Sorry about the show. Like other Stargate fans, I tried to get into SGU. I really tried. But, the show really wasn’t a Stargate franchise product. It felt more like a cross between Star Trek: Voyager and Ronald Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. The very first episode was all ST: Voyager — “Ooops!! We’re way over here and home is way over there. We are so screwed!! How are we gonna get home?” With SGU, I was always waiting for the show to get better — constantly waiting for improvement. There were no bad guys. There were no real expeditions through the Stargate. There were no “friends” met in their travels. The Lucian Alliance shouldn’t even come into play. They were thrown in as an after thought to meet the bad guy need. Speaking of the Lucian Alliance, how is it they can figure out how to reach the Deadulus and SG-Command can’t with the aid of all their “smarter” friends? This never made sense.
    It’s a shame the show’s death means the death of other SG products.

  90. do u think the reason SGU is failing is because the scifi fans have secen a grope of humans stuck out in space befor e.g startrek voger. My be the u thort the stargate being in a ship mit change it but it dosnt u need to chang the story a bit for e.g a earth epasode whaer all the grat minds of earth gather and try to find a way to bring them home that failes but a ship is sent to cach up with the because the find a way to use the worm hole drive thing and they begin to reper the ship or they begin to take parts off the gate seding ship there needs to be a way to fix the shipallso iwas wondering y dosnt sga team use a replicator team the cant replicat like fran to bulid zpms and ships and y dont u give the “travlers”some Ha’tak or Goa’uld mothership.And if the Wraith starships are organic the could be Stun so the things like the life suport would stop then they could acses the dater baces and even find out the wickness in there wepons. allso i would like to have Doctor Elizabeth Weir back may be she is found in the stasius pod then on the ship that those riplcators left… plez reply

  91. Not sure if others agree, but the only strong comparison I can see between Caprica and SGU….is that both tended to drag the story along.
    For me, the series one opener of SGU was very good. The pace wasn’t too bad, the effects were stunning, the acting brilliant, but, the story dragged week on week.
    I felt the same about Caprica. Nice idea to follow BSG with a ‘how did it all start’…but again, well and truly dragged out.

    If only the ‘Destiny’ ship had been navigated to Earth, picked up some crew from SG:1 and the Atlantis expedition, and set off on new missions….I’d have been well happy with the series ending on a positive, or at the very least, with possibilities of new and different adventures with recurring characters from previous SG series.

    Sadly, as each day goes by, I don’t think we’ll see SG back on the box.
    Perhaps it’s time to bring “Time Tunnel” back to the small screen?! LOL!

  92. I’ve gotten a little behind in my blog-reading over the holidays, but I just had to comment about Gero’s Christmas card. It’s adorable and endearing, yet sorta creepy… kinda like Martin himself.

  93. Hey, maybe MGM can just put out reality tv shows like everyone else. Who likes a great tv show anymore anyway? This move to cancel SGU is a horrible mistake, and why can’t companies see a great show when they have one.

  94. First! Happy holidays to you and all your loved ones! Wish you the best. A little back ground on me. I like alot of other fans have been a big fan of SG since its inception with the original movie! When SG-1 came on, I was ecstatic. Faithfully watched every episode. Hell, I subscribed to ShoTime ONLY for Stargate. The website… OMG it was amazing! In my time on that website, I worked my way to General, Made hundreds of friends. Ofcourse, that sadly came to an end and we moved to Sci-Fi SG-A came along and like the rest of us, I gave it a chance. I was absolutly amazed at the work and awaited each episode eagerly. With the end of SG-1, we were very saddened. It reminds me of the loss the TV series MASH brought to us. We did however have the continuation of SG-A… For a minute. Even with all the fan disapproval of canceling SG-1, they still decided to cancel SGA and attempted to pass off this horrid attempt at a concept merge between BSG and Star Trek. Hey, we can hope tho right… We gave it a chance. Were promised great things… We all Knew from day one, we had been deceived. Ive literally bought each movie on Blu Ray, purchased all season of SG-1 and SGA on atleast DvD (Blu Ray) when I could. Why I did this? To show my support for the creators and the stations giving us the content. What did we get out of it? Yet another lie. They canceled the SGA movie… Now, I personally love Amanda Tapping. I love her new show Sanctuary. Bleh. I refuse to watch anything further on the SyFy channel. I think they should be taken off air. Lets all go in, write the TV stations in other countries, the UK, Canada, hell Australia. SOMEONE has to be willing to give the fans what they want. SyFy doesnt care what the fans want any longer? To hell with them! I own 2 different domain names and am willing to advertise free of charge there. Gladly will subscribe to any TV that will listen to its fans, instead of blatantly ignoring them. SyFy wonders why theyve lost the younger more “tech” savy crowd? GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT INSTEAD OF NOT CARING WHAT YOUR FAN BASE WANTS!

  95. Greetings,
    Mr. Mallozzi I don’t know if your actually going to get this little note or not and as usual I am a day late and a dollar short but here it goes, the cancellation of SGU was no surprise to me. I can proudly say that I watched religiously every Tuesday even though that night is usually NCIS night. Thank the gods for DVR’s. I knew the writing was on the wall for real scifi when the SciFI Channel went to the SyFy Channel and started adding all the damned wrestling and ghost hunting shows. SGU is just added to the list of great scifi shows that have gotten killed mid stream i.e. Farscape, Firefly, Defying Gravity, Space: Above & Beyond and Tourchwood. Hopefully SGU will get saved by the fans but I would hate to see the idea of the show get changed just to get ratings. I like the dark, raw nature of the show. It’s reality with a scifi twist. Having served in the military, characters like the ones in SGU don’t surprise me one bit. Trust me I’ve seen my fair share of what has been shown on SGU. It’s human nature.
    Having worked most of my adult life in the technical entertainment world, I know first hand what it is like to put your blood sweat and tears into a project only to get your legs kicked out from under you. I read that the network didn’t even tell you guys that the show had been canceled and that some of the actors found out via Twitter. I also know what that is like and it is very unprofessional which is why I have never tried to get the Scifi story that I have written published because I have seen to many great works turned into utter crap just for ratings or box office ticket sales.
    I truly hope that there is someway to save SGU but with the way the SyFy channel handles things I just don’t see that happening unless you throw 300lb overweight morons wearing leotards and a few ghost on-board the Destiny. If I were in your shoes and had your resume, I would be calling up Starz on the phone and trying to get them to save SGU and the whole Stargate franchise. They saved Tourchwood.

  96. I tend to agree with Phillip Capestany’s view. The Starz network could probably ‘save’ the Stargate franchise; their ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’ series is very well made, and I’m looking forward to see what they’ve done with the BBC for ‘Torchwood 2011’. But lets consider, would moving SGU to Starz in its present format / story work, or would it be better to blend a little more of SG:1, SG:A and SGU into a totally new series, or, dare I say, start all over again?

  97. Shelving a SGA movie to give us more of what we SHOWED YOU we didnt want… Really?… Really?

  98. I call BS
    Any plans for a SGA or SG1 movie stopped when they brought Atlantis to earth. Only 1 gate can be used on a single planet and as Atlantis is far superior to Cheyenne mountain it would become the home to SGC and the home base to SG1. Two movies wont work. This is a pathetic attempt to guilt trip SGA fans into trying to save SGU. If SGU is the future it the franchise then the franchise is not worth saving.

  99. You can call BS all you want. Truth is, the franchise was hung upon SGU, for good or ill. I thought it was for good . . . until the cancellation confirmed it was for ill.

    But the franchise is not dead. It is still viable. And enjoyable. Because of SGU, I started really getting into the franchise and I purchased some of the seasons. I’m watching through season 1 right now. It’s fun stuff. VERY different than SGU. But fun.

    Anyway, as MGM moves forward with its restructuring, and using recognizable franchises will be a part of that, I look forward to seeing what happens next with the franchise. And I’d love to see some sort of resolution to all three series, something that pushes off into a new chapter for the franchise.

  100. With all the vitrol over SGU vs SG1 and SGA I’d like to speak just a little to both sides.

    To the people who hate hate hate SGU and wish to GOD that they would just go back and start SGA back up like nothing ever happened…

    The business just doesn’t work that way. Yes Family Guy got cancelled and it came back…Yes Futurama got cancelled and came back. These are MASSIVE exceptions to the rule. And as much as I enjoyed SGA, it wasn’t cut down in it’s prime. To tell the truth, after Torri left the show, and then Amanda Tapping came and went and then finally Robert Picardo coming in…the show really felt like it was a sinking ship. Especially when Torri was unwilling to come back for to wrap up her character’s story and they had rework the script to accomodate a different actress. It was a miracle that the show ended as well as it did. (aside from the deux ex machina Wormhole drive but that’s been copped to already so, moving on)

    AND…while it may have taken a realllllly long time…probably too long…SGU did finally start showing some real promise. Some of the grittiness was toned down in favor of showing the crew come together as a team and a direction for the show finally started to emerge.

    Now to Joe, If what we saw in the last few episodes was actually part of the plan from Day 1, all I can say is…in an increasingly fractured marketplace, you can’t expect an audience to stick with you for a season and a half while you get around to the good stuff. If all those stories in season 1 were really essential to the over all story, there are lots of ways to get that in other than straight linear. Season 1 could have started by showing them arriving and then cut to 6 months later where things are in a very different place and we occasionally get flashbacks that fill in what happened in between.

    An example I use with people that isnt perfect but makes an important point is…when Firefly came out, everyone was chomping at the bit to see it. Joss Whedon’s new show! WHooHoo! And then they saw it and it was just SO different than what they were used to. The only frame of reference anyone had for a Joss Whedon show was Buffy and Angel. Firefly was a disappointment because it wasnt what they were looking for. The time it took people to adjust was long enough for it vanish from the air. And there are SO many ways to throw the fans that bone that tells them “yes we know what you came looking for and you’re not going to be disappointed” while you gradually branch out from there into something new.

    Thems my thoughts on the matter. Hope it was well receieved.

  101. I am a huge stargate fan but I couldn’t get into universe. I just didnt care about the characters like in sg1 or atlantis.

    Its not that the production or actors were bad its just there were no larger than life characters for me. Ronan and mckay are people we fantasize about being like (or with) and universe just didnt have that element for me.

    I hope the makers of stargate at least make a new sci fi show even if it isn’t stargate. its tough when money is tight but hopefully a bump in the road doesn’t stop them from creating something epic in the future.

    I highly recommend (SOME) of the stargate novels and I hope they make more!!

  102. “Answer: See above. Contrary to what some may think, the cancellation of SGU is very bad news for those looking forward to an Atlantis movie.”

    Dude. They dangled that carrot until it rotted. You’re not seriously trying to claim the SGA movie was ever going to happen once resources were really rolling (exceeding episode budgets) into SGU? Really? After they auctioned off all the SGA props on eBay?

    Believe me, we’ve known for a long time that bird would never fly.

  103. How about doing the SGA movie in Anime? Halo had a huge repsonse and i think SGA movie would do the same. The other angle to anime is making a Stargate Anime series you could actually roll all 3 series into one and continue all the great story lines together.

  104. you can keep sayin SGU is the low hangin fruit n blaming timeslot changes for low ratings but FACT is your wrong most fans simply dint like SGU it pales in comparrison to SG1 and ATLANTIS and ATLANTIS should of never been cancelled

    just look around the comments on various blogs to see which would be more profitable yeah you have SGU sets n guess what you don’t have

    A FAN BASE for it…

    SG1 and ATLANTIS still have the same fanbase they had when you cancelled it

    and the climate of DVD sales hasn’t changed that much I like the rest of the fanbase who purchased all the other Atlantis boxsets would purchase the new boxset or movie which ever got made that’s what a FAN BASE does

    DVD climate is only relevent when projecting NEW custom NOT repeat customers who are already sold on the product

  105. I always liked the SG franchise,i cant believe SGU was cancelled,it was so good. It’s gotta come back! there’s gotta be a way.

  106. I think that they should just finish the SGA movie(and any other movies) just knowing that thousands of people have fallen in love with all the Stargate related series. The survival of the movie shouldnt depend on reviews but the knowledge that people love the series and hate when a series ends in a cliff-hanger and having the producers not finish the series/movie.
    Sorry if that sounds sorta cruel but Im just PO-ed that Stargate Extinction might not come out because I have totally fallen in love with SGA and SGU and really want to see them finished.

  107. Joseph Mallozzi,
    Please will you push for the creation of a new Stargate Film please? An SGA/ SG1 conglomeration or a strictly SGA film would make millions of people happy and will undoubtedly bring in plenty of profit. I have done much research; the number of fans and their broad demographics will prove to be a goldmine. New fans will be drawn to previously released SG1, SGA, and SGU seasons as a result. If this is played swiftly and targeted correctly, your business plan will not be turned down by the most foremost of producers.

  108. Joseph Mallozzi,

    I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the stargate series with all my heart, soul and imagination.
    Saddly however I have to tell you, Stargate Universe is not a true Stargate series. Rather it’s Battlestar Galactica.
    Ok, so I liked it, a little. Stargate Universe is NO Atlantis or SG1. Thats why your ratings went down, put your original writters back on it, stop trying to copy BSG.
    Stargate Rocks and can stand on it’s own, honestly. Please return it to it’s original two format styles.
    Push a movie deal and or a series back on tv.

    Good Luck

  109. Joseph Mallozzi,

    Sorry that I read all the above letters after writting mine. Just to let you know, I have bought all the SG stuff, movies, series etc, yes SGU as well. Like I said it is a good show just not what I was hoping for out of SG.

    Like many others I must also add a great thanks to you and all the others involved in the creation of the SG series. I too have loved them for years and years. Nothing else on tv seems anywhere near as good as the SG series. There are shows I like but SG brought me to places my mind enjoyed as a break from reality.

    Thanks Jeseph and Brad and All the rest
    Good luck bringing something SG new out


  110. Recently, the Science channel began airing a science fiction series called Firefly. Also, The SyFy channel has changed to be more of a creature feature/horror channel than science fiction. You might consider approaching the Science Channel to see if they have any interest in airing a Stargate Atlantis Movie

  111. Surely if cancellation is based on dollars, fans could band together and raise fundings for an Atlantis movie.

  112. I’m a really big fan of all the Stargate series. I thought it was great that SG1 had direct to DVD movies that ended the show properly and gave closure. Please do the same for Atlantis and Universe. Everyone I know who likes the Stargate franchise has said they would gladly purchase direct to DVD movies for both Atlantis and Universe. Please don’t leave us hanging with the series’ ending with no real proper ending.

  113. The journey MUST go on! This is the first time i have found such a bright production and idea. The scenario might have some minor flaws but, eventually it is one of the best sci-fi productions ever since Star Trek.
    Do the SyFy autorities know how many fans of these series are there on other countries? I’m from Turkey for example. I always dreamed of a ship like that since i was a boy, which will finally reveal at least some of the the secrets of the universe. I always gazed at the stars… One day this theme may come true. But apparently not sooner. So please let us live that dream on the screen. Please people who can imagine of greater things than sales&marketing, collect signatures or votes whatever and show that not all the people are fond of vampire and supernatural crap. Help. DESTINY AWAITS!

  114. I feel like I’m really behind the times as far as Stargate fans go. So can someone with a little more insight (maybe even Mr. Mallozzi himself) give me an update on the status of Stargate: Extinction? It’s difficult to find any new information about it and I’m trying desperately to figure this thing out.

  115. syfy without SG is like Xmas without Santa, Halloween without candy and two and a half men without Charlie Sheen

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