Things I have learned in the past month that will serve me well as I head into the New Year:

My passmo Tokyo subway pass will not unlock the door of my hotel room no matter how determined I may be.

The Moscow Mule is the greatest cocktail ever (Where have you been all my life?)!

The heart knows no reason.  And neither, evidently, do some fans.

Regardless of what your friend says, eating multiple Seven Eleven eclairs when you’re drunk is not cool.

The most annoying thing anyone can say = “I don’t care who wins.  I just hope it’s a good game.”

A $14 strawberry isn’t worth $14.

Chocolate milkshake + maple syrup = Awesome!

Some news of note: has declared Masked “the best book of 2010”:

Meanwhile, ace editor Lou Anders has set up a dedicated Facebook page for Masked here:!/pages/Masked/176626789023021?v=wall

Bookfinder’s annual list of The Top 100 Sought After Out Of Print Books.  Titles include Ben Bova’s The Star Conquerors, Ray Bradbury’s Dark Carnival, and Stephen King’s My Pretty Pony.

The science of chocolate.  Researchers have sequenced the chocolate tree genome:

How awesome.  Guy quits job, makes a living suing spammers: offers up 7 Shockingly Dark Origins of Lovable Children’s Characters: 7 Shockingly Dark Origins of Lovable Children’s Characters.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to regulars Randomness and MaggieMayDay


Alex writes: “While it will no doubt irritate certain fans to see SGU get a movie before Atlantis or SG-1, I feel it needs it more than those two. Do you think there is a stronger chance of that happening because the sets are still up for SGU?”

Answer: That’s certainly one of the reasons.

AJM writes: “Should things move in a positive direction SGU wise, then would the SG1 and Atlantis movies atleast be considered again?”

Answer: At present, the focus is on SGU and SGU alone.  If things should move in a positive direction, then I’m sure that, down the line, we’d be open to a host of other options.

Dan writes: “That said, though I still got my fingers crossed for SGU to be saved (and am looking forward to more news about your comic book) is it safe to assume you’ll continue blogging regardless of SGU’s fate?”

Answer: Yep, I’ll still be here.

Joe “JBud” Jackson writes: “Of all time, what was your favorite Stargate episode?”

Answer: August 15, 2010: MY Top 10 Favorite Stargate Episodes

Shadow Step writes: “So Atlantis was canceled because of bad ratings? I thought it was because you (the collective you) didn’t want to make two series at the same time?”

Answer: Who’s “you”? The entire Atlantis team (Paul, Carl, Martin, Alan, and I) were prepared and perfectly willing to produce a sixth season, whether it was alone or simultaneous with SGU.

rev1059 writes: “Will there be a point that if the movies don’t look like they will see the light of day that the scripts will be put into book form.”

Answer: Ideally, I’d love to see the script eventually go into production and a movie made.  Failing that, it would be nice to at least get the story out there either as a novel or graphic novel.

cheri writes: “It’s been said that SGU and SGA have different fan bases so why does the (hopefully) temporary cancellation of SGU have any bearing on Extinction going into production?”

Answer: “It’s been said” by certain Atlantis fans that didn’t enjoy Universe (fair enough), but most don’t make the distinction between an SGA and an SGU. The franchise is the franchise. Also, the two shows do not have different fan bases. Many fans who watched the first two Stargate incarnations watched the last one as well.

ooryl2 writes: “My question would be, if, Thor forbid, the worst happens and you exhaust all available options to no avail, would you, BW, and the other PTB’s consider at least publishing a press release, blog post, etc with a summary of what was the remaining planned SGU story?”

Answer: This would be a question for Brad and Robert.

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  1. Ya know, I don’t care which Stargate series gets made into a movie, just as long as it’s a good one.



  2. I was just wondering what the future of another SG-1 movie looks like right now? Is it being shelved like the SGA movie, or is it canceled, or what? Also, does it have a script written.

    Also, thanks for your continued fight for the survival of this franchise, and please keep it up.


  3. Hey, Joe!

    I have 2 questions about your Tokyo trip.

    1) Did you visit any comic book stores in Tokyo? (if so how do they differ from ones in US/Canada outside of the obvious language difference)

    2) Tokyo is one of the worldwide capitols of pop culture, while there did you see any effects of North American comics on the streets of Tokyo (ie- someone wearing a shirt w/ a Superman symbol, stores selling Iron Man dvds, half-crazed fanboys running around w/ Green Lantern rings trying to make giant boxing gloves, etc.)? I ask this question, because my collectible store on Ebay has sold some G.I. Joe comics/merchandise to Japan and I was surprised to learn of its popularity there and wondered what North American comics/heroes have found their way into mainstream Japanese culture (if any).

    Also, I wanted to thank you, Joe, for all the great pics and details during your trip! It was like having a window into another part of the world through your eyes… if julienning carrots doesn’t work out you could always become a professional world travelling blogger. But hopefully from the fans’ perspective Brad will be able to keep you & Paul busy for a while! Whatever happens, I wish you success and support, and a bountiful New Year with healthy/happy pugs!

    Take care!

  4. What I have learnt this past month is: don’t invite relatives to come and stay at your house when you don’t know how you are going to accomodate them all – and especially when there is a lack of sleeping space (which includes the floor).

  5. Okay – worst 20 minutes of my life (well, not really…but still…). I had just laid down for the night, and as I was falling asleep immediately started having a very vivid dream (even while still semi-conscious). Mr. Das and I were at the Verizon store, getting new phones. I was first, and there was a long line behind me, which I held up even longer because I wasn’t happy with the phone they gave me. I just wanted a simple, small phone, and they were trying to get me to buy one with a full keyboard, for texting. I told them that I don’t text, and I wanted a phone that fits my old leather phone cover, and after much fuss, they gave me something more along the lines of what I was looking for…at which point I started staggering, and slurring my words, and then I started to pass out…falling to the ground…hearing someone call for an ambulance, someone else saying I needed to get to a hospital…at which point – IN REAL LIFE – my cat jumped up into the bed, woke me up, and started heaving. I pushed her to the floor in time, then in my ‘I think I just died in my dream’ half out of it state, I had to clean up cat puke.

    Mr. Das slept through it all.

    This is gonna be one really long night. 😛


  6. Oh, no you don’t. You’re not going to get me to waste the next 4 hours on I refuse.

    We have some questions for Brad and Robert.

  7. You DID refer to “the collective you” in your question. Feel free to be more specific if that was your intention.

  8. Honestly, I drifted away from the franchise after the cancellation of SG-1. I only watched a handful of Atlantis episodes in its last two years. When Universe debuted, the new direction really struck a chord with me and I was hooked. I haven’t missed an episode.

    Frankly, I find myself very annoyed with the management of SyFy. It seems like THEY were the ones who made the decision to move Universe (and Caprica) into a death slot against some of the most popular shows on TV, and then punished them for the inevitable decline in ratings. (I don’t think splitting the seasons up was such a great idea, either). Is my frustration justified?

    Granted, Friday nights are not traditionally regarded as great nights for TV, but at least it wasn’t a direct competition with powerhouse shows like Glee and NCIS.

    For the record, I like NCIS a lot, but Universe wins.

  9. I loved SGU. I thought it was smart, provocative, well acted, and emotionally engaging. I don’t think I’m typical of the fans of your blog, because while I have enjoyed the occasional episode of the other Stargate shows, it wasn’t until “Universe” that I became hooked. From my perspective, changing nights, splitting seasons, shifting the overall network focus away from sci-fi and toward reality and wrestling, all made cancellation inevitable. I hope you find a way to continue the series.
    Have you thought about something like the 101 network on DirecTV? Peter Berg’s partnership with them has allowed him to finish “Friday Night Lights” and also get the amazing (if short-lived) series “Wonderland” on the air.

  10. Awesome, I guess I should have done a search. I’ll have to come up with a top 10, that will take forever! But if/when I do, I’ll post a link to my blog in-case by some off chance, you are actually interested. 🙂

    Thanks for the answer

  11. 3 Drops Angostura Bitters
    2 Measures Russian Standard Vodka
    1 Measure Lime Juice
    Top up Ginger Beer’

    this the Moscow Mule??

    Sounds niiiiiiiiiiiice. I love Ginger beer and vodka,

  12. I know its bad timing to be making a comment like this but I always thought it would be cool if Brad and Rob made a movie or mini series about the war between the Ancients and the Wraith. I guess Im just curious if such an idea was ever bounced around at all?

    On a more relevant note I sure hope this whole SGU thing works out. I love the entire Stargate franchise but I think if I had to choose a favorite, Universe would be it. It’s just much more epic than Atlantis and Sg1. I mean come on they’re on a spaceship built by the most advanced race to inhabit 3 galaxies and its been making its way across the universe for millions of years. Can it get more epic? Then to find out that its mission is to study the background radiation left from the big bang and see if theres an intelligence responsible for its pattern. How can you not appreciate such a story line? Everything about this series is quite brilliant to be honest.

    Im sure a lot of the fans feel the same way I do. So know that your hard work is appreciated, thank you.

  13. Joe if this truly is the end of stargate you should have a screening of the last 2 SGU episodes at a theatre downtown, also invite me.

  14. People are people, wherever you go. You explain something to them, and they hear what they want, like it’s a secret code where they only have to listen to every other word. At least I get paid to listen to people swear I told them something I never said. Apparently you’re just a masochist, JM!

  15. Mr. Mallozzi!

    The question may look stupid, but I really would to know an answer.

    It looks like your last name is of Italian origins, and double “z” should be pronounced as in “pizza” and “paparazzi” or as starting “Z” in “Zepter”.

    But Russian-speaking community of SG series fans is divided: some prefer to pronounce “your” double “z” as “ZZ” like in “ZZ Top”, “zero”, “zealote”, others prefer to use Italian and German manner, when “z” sounds like “c” in German alphabet – as in “pizza”.

    Solve our misunderstanding, please?

  16. I have enjoyed SGU tremendously over these last 1.5 seasons. I learned some time ago not to get too attached to television shows in the new millenium. TV executives are notoriously driven by ratings/profits, not artistic excellence, and too often my favorite tv shows have been unceremoniously cancelled: “Rubicon” and “Caprica” come to mind as recent losses, and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” in years past. With the success of “The Walking Dead”, the bar has risen almost overnight for cable television shows. Everyone is trying to be a ruthless as Fox and as successful as AMC.

    Regardless of what eventually happens, I want to say thank you so much for 2 wonderful seasons of SGU. I have enjoyed these first 30 episodes immensely and will savor the remaining 10 when the return. Tuesday nights have been must-see tv for me. I catch re-runs on hulu all the time, and also buy them on

    I love all the major characters: I’ve posted on this blog several times how fantastic an actress is Alaina Huffman, but really, the entire cast is phenomenal, from Bobby Carlyle and Louis Ferrara on down. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the performances of Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, and Jennifer Spence, as their characters have been fleshed out in season 2.

    I think my all-time favorite moments are from “Divided”, when Lt. James clocked the civilian with the butt of her gun, and when Greer implacably pointed his gun at Volker. For me, those moments epitomize the new gritty realism of the franchise. “Time” and “Divided” are my 2 favorite Season 1 episodes.

    So far this season, Patrick Gilmore’s deadpan “Yay”, and Jennifer Spence’s frustrated “Waiiiiit” are defining moments. Jennifer Spence’s also gave such an amazing performance when her character believed she was going to die from a bomb on her back.

    My best friend (a business professor in California) and I debated the moral and philosophical significance of Rush’s advice to Eli on how to move forward from the loss of Ginn. We could both see elements of Nietzche’s Superman in the scene. We contrasted it to the scene from the prior week, in which Young convinces Eli not to pursue a path of vengeance and to focus his efforts on the greater good. Eli is my favorite character, while Rush is my friend’s favorite, so there was much to debate here.

    Favorite guest stars: Robert Knepper and Rhona Mitra. Robert Knepper does slimy so well, while Rhona Mitra is so commanding. I knew it was impossible for various reasons, but I so wanted Rhona Mitra to join the cast.

    There is so much more I want to express, but I’ve overindulged already. Thanks again. SGU will stand the test of time. There is so much to be proud of.

  17. Like Das said, I’ll be happy with any Stargate movie!

    Question for the mailbag:
    I’m reading, Patricia Cornwell’s book Port Mortuary. I’ve noticed in this book, Ms. Cornwell has a lot of product placements. Is it possible some authors get paid for product advertisements in novels?

  18. The heart knows no reason. And neither, evidently, do some fans.

    Tell me about it. I’ve tried reasoning with my heart and it just went ahead and did its own thang.

    Re: the fans – and knowing this you still keep trying to reason with them. you are one stubborn guy joe. LOL

    So Joe, did you watch the finale of Survivor: Nicaragua? What did you think? I kinda predicted it a few weeks ago. I picked 2 people to win it, got one right.

    Do you like the idea of Redemption Island? I think it’s gonna change everyone’s strategies to vote out the strong guys towards the start. It’s going to be very interesting.

    Cheers, Chev

  19. I’m with Cuper McLeod on where the primary blame for SGU’s cancellation lies. As Sci Fi network, they were a bit of a joke, but at least they tried airing actual sci fi shows. But by the time they switched to syfi they’ve all but given up on the genre, since I can’t count shows about people jumping at noises and steroid-using bruisers pretending to pound on each other as sci fi. Mind, there’s something to be said about half naked, muscular men bouncing off ropes, but that’s not what I call science fiction. Every time a solid lineup was established on Friday nights, the network sabotaged it by moving shows around, and ultimately cancelling them. They outdid themselves with undercutting SGU by moving it to Tuesdays. I’m not sure what drivel they can find to replace SGU, but whatever it is I’m not watching. I’ve given up on the entire network, unless and until I hear of significant changes.
    That now leaves me without any real hope of seeing an SGA movie, barring me winning a half billion dollar lottery and funding the movie myself. Though I suppose by the time SGA: Extinction is filmed the title will refer to the loss of characters from old age. I do thank you for the work you have done on the script, and keeping us posted on the progress, or lack of progress. I’ve not seen anything to indicate you have in any way lied to us. Some fans seem to hold you responcible for not anticipating the cancellation of the show, the downturn of the economy, or for not mind controlling the network and studeo to produce the movie(s) despite themselves. I suspect that since you are a quasi-official source of information, and you’ve put yourself out so publically as the voice of TPTB, people assume you have more influence and control of matters than you really do.
    Bah. I’m blathering now. Just a couple of questions. When you first started this blog, did you have the faintest idea of the kind of interest and attention you would draw from fans? And knowing what you do today, would you have started the blog anyways? I am glad to see the blog will continue as your career moves on. Hopefully to even bigger and better things. Maybe one of your and Paul’s pilots will be the start of yet another franchise dynasty…

  20. That’s cool about Masked. Liked your article about suing spammers. I also agree with you about the most annoying thing anyone can say.

    Looking forward to hearing positive news on the SGU front soon.

    Have a good day!

  21. feel sorry for those Atlantis fans that are too bitter to realize the series is over. If you had any hope of Stargate continuing its all about Universe… Good luck Joe with all the work and look forward to future funny/food and general life blogs you have welcomed us with over the past years. Happy New Year!

  22. > “most don’t make the distinction between an SGA and an SGU. The franchise is the franchise. Also, the two shows do not have different fan bases. Many fans who watched the first two Stargate incarnations watched the last one as well.”

    I disagree. (Of course, this is from personal experience and I know that anecdotal evidence isn’t evidence, but still. Has there been any actual research into this ?)

    Personally, I don’t know a single person who enjoyed SG-1/SGA who also likes SGU. Sure, they did watch for the first season out of loyalty to the franchise and hoping it would turn around, but all of them eventually stopped watching and none of them liked the show one bit.

    Most of them feel betrayed by the writers of the show. They took our beloved Stargate and turned it into a 13-a-dozen soap opera (but it’s in space, right, so it’s SF!). Why SG1 and SGA had the occasional filler episode, SGU has had only filler episodes. In some episodes, nothing at all happened! I could have been staring at a blank screen and it would have progressed the plot just the same.

    There just is no point to all the drama when I couldn’t care less about what happened to the characters. I stopped watching after about 5 episodes into season 2, at this point I can’t even tell you the names of more than 3 characters. Let me repeat that: after watching these people for over 25 hours, I don’t know the names of more than 3 of the characters.

    So for me, if you’re planning to keep the show as-is, don’t bother trying to save it, I already stopped watching it. I’m truly sad that a franchise as good as Stargate had to end with the abomination that is SGU. I’m betting it’ll end up as the 2 sequels to The Matrix… in a few years no one will even acknowledge it’s existence, it was Stargate in name only anyway.

  23. I would say that yes, there is a fanbase for the Stargate franchise, but just like with Star Trek, you will have some fans who will watch ALL the shows, some who will only watch one, others who pick and choose. A TV franchise is no different than a pizza. People like the pizza, but when you change the toppings, you may lose some customers. Simple fact of life. And of course, you’ll get some customers who are pissed off their particular choice of toppings was removed from the menu and are vocal about it. And then you’ve got the folk who never tried pizza before, but checked out the latest one (SGU) and liked it, but didn’t like the choices offered before, so…. yes, you’ve got a lot of Stargate fans who did watch SGU, and a lot who didn’t, and totally brand new people who tuned in.

    The big problem is that you didn’t get the fans/viewers with the Nielsen boxes, who make or break a show via ratings, so… doesn’t matter about the Stargate fanbase so much, unless they had one of those boxes…. at least ln the eyes of the corporate beancounters…

  24. I have a question. You mentioned in an earlier post about DVD sales – I live in Australia, I bought the extended SGU pilot DVD, but the Season 1 DVD set doesn’t come out in region 4 until January 12th. We didn’t get 1.0/1.5 released at all.

    I want to help support the show, because it’s Stargate, AND it has Robert Carlyle in it. I do feel reassured, knowing it will be fought for, but it doesn’t seem to me like DVD sales can help at this point. Will sales in overseas markets make any difference?

    I WILL still be buying the DVDs, as I was always going to do – I also own all of SG-1 and SGA on DVD – but I wonder what Syfy were thinking. Do they forget region 4 exists at all?

    Very disappointing, Syfy, very disappointing. I wish I could say I was surprised.

  25. Oh, and another much simpler question: Are there commentaries on the SGU DVDs? Behind the scenes stuff? Other awesome things?

  26. Did you get any Weird Food Purchase’s Of The Day while in Tokyo? It seems like its been awhile, and some of them are quite funny/gross.

  27. Aaargh!: “Personally, I don’t know a single person who enjoyed SG-1/SGA who also likes SGU”

    You do now…. Me.

    I LOVE SGU, Atlantis, and SG-1. I LOVE the original movie, and the SG-1 movies… The only Stargate show I did not LOVE was “Infinity” It was horrible.

  28. yeah I loved all three series and in my opinion Atlantis was the weaker of the three series. But to give it credit, it did feel like everything (cast, story, etc) was finally coming together in Season 5. I was excited for a Season 6 which is saying something after almost stop watching it after Season 2 & 3.

  29. So there’s certain people out there who think the cancellation of SGU means you and the other producers will be fired from MGM and replaced.

    As someone who actually knows what’s happening would you be able to assure those of us who do value the current producers that MGM does have faith in you guys. Considering you Brad and the others have presumably had contact with MGM you should hopefully be able to put rest to that rumour.

    Thanks for many seasons of entertainment,


  30. I have a query regarding DVD sales, you have said that some are baseing there opinions on dvd sales from 3 years ago.

    I would like to point you, to your question and answer section of the 14/07/2009 which is a year and a half ago.

    in which this comment and link to dvd sales for stargate atlantis season 5 show that DVd sales were in fact up from previous years.

    Bailey writes: �Sales of the Season 5 Atlantis DVD�s seem to be doing well,…vd-sales/22772
    better, in fact, than the Season 4 set had done at this time.
    Do you thing this will have any significant effect on the possiblity of the SGA movie going forward?�

    Answer: The DVD market is one of many factors. That said, this is certainly good news and does prove there are plenty of Atlantis fans out there.

    in its first week sga sold 106,161 units in its first week.

    so yes though we do not have data (the general public) for dvd sales since then, the fact remains that these sales were not that long ago.

  31. Here’s my two cents on the cancellation of SGU: I think the series was phenomenal and that it topped both SG1 and SGA by being more “real” and true to the origin of the franchise.

    You commented a while back on how SGU was doing better on Space than on Syfy and that the difference in the number of viewers when compared on a equivalent basis was significant, despite them being roughly equivalent in the past. I think that difference is because Space didn’t move the series from Fridays. Syfy airing SGU on Tuesdays, especially given that it was in the fall and, as a result, up against the powerhouse that is NCIS, was a recipe for disaster. If it came down to it and I had to make a choice between watching a show now and recording one to watch later, I would look at it as “which show would I rather have recorded and be able to watch however many times I like?” SGU would come out ahead of NCIS on that question and would, therefore, be the show I recorded and watched later – as many times as I wanted. I have watched NCIS from the start, and I really enjoy it, although I’m not so much a fan of the LA version (I find the characters to be a little too smug). I also like The Good Wife. So, with SGU airing against NCIS:LA, and with me liking the shows that both precede and follow it, I would be more likely to sit through LA than change the channel to watch SGU. As stated earlier, I would simply record SGU and watch it later. I think that the bracketing of NCIS:LA between two of the better shows helps its ratings immensely. I’m not sure it would do as well if it had to stand on its own (although I could be wrong, just look at CSI:Miami).

    Also, some people have commented on Warehouse13 having better ratings for its season finale, despite being up against the premiere of NCIS, than SGU did for its premiere and for the balance of the first half of the season. I don’t think this is a valid comparison. If I had watched a full season of a show and the season finale came up against a season premiere, I would choose to watch the finale simply because I had invested so much time in the balance of the season, while I would be missing only one episode of the new season of the other show, which I could record and watch later anyway.

    Breaking the season into two 10-episode blocks doesn’t do it any favors, either. While I can understand Syfy’s desire to have original programming year round, I think that such a long break allows viewers to become more invested in other shows in the interim and less likely to watch when the series picks up again, particularly when it is then up against the tail end and season finales of those other shows, thereby losing some of its audience through attrition. If I recall correctly, Atlantis began its run in August, which gave it time to develop an audience that would follow it through and pick it up again in the spring following the hiatus, but that the second half of the season began when other shows were also returning from their holiday hiatus. I’m not sure exactly how that worked since Atlantis aired on Movie Central here and the season was shown it its entirety without any hiatus, so we tended to be finished or finishing the season when the series picked up again in the US.

    I rewatched the original movie yesterday and, guess what, it wasn’t all sweetness and light. Jack had a “secret mission” involving a nuclear bomb that not even his trusted team members were aware of, and was ready to commit suicide on Abydos in order to destroy the gate there; Piretti and Kowalski were going after Daniel because he couldn’t dial back to Earth unless he found the cartouche with the address, despite having said that he could do so before they left; people were killed, the most notable one being Nebeh Yet, despite it all, they managed to come together to pursue a common goal and defeat Ra.

    The people on Destiny start out lamenting their fate and fighting with each other (especially Young and Rush) because they each have their own agendas. Over time, though, they start to come together into a coherent group and develop a common goal: finish the Destiny’s mission because only by doing so can they hope to return home.

    Yes there are conflicts, but how many of us can say that we’ve never been in conflict with other members of a group we belong to, whether it be family, friends, co-workers, or what have you, and that there won’t be conflicts in the future? Pretty certain the answer is no one.

    I sincerely hope that there is good news at the end of the tunnel, but if there isn’t, I want to say thank you to all of the cast and crew and everyone else involved in bringing us SGU and for a vastly superior product than most of what airs on TV these days.

  32. I’m another person who really liked SG-1, Atlantis, and SGU, plus the orignal movie. I also thought that Atlantis was the weakest of the shows, BUT I agree that it was really coming together in the final season & having some really good episodes.

    IMO, though, Universe is the best of the shows so far. Thats saying a lot too because I thought SG-1 was excellent. Even when it changed some cast members later on, it was still a fun show. I guess it helped though that I was a big Farscape fan, so I loved seeing Ben Browder and Claudia Black doing something again. 🙂 SG-1 was a cool show. SGU, though, was Stargate’s Battlestar or to compare it with another long running franchise, Universe was Stargate’s Deep Space 9. SGU was a show that was different and took chances.

    So I think SGU lost some Atlantis fans because it was so different. Add to that the SGU fans that were watching the show via the internet or DVR or illegal download, plus the stupid Neilsen system that doesn’t take all the fans into consideration, plus Sci-Fi channel putting the show on Tuesday nights up against stupid network tv shows that get better ratings…well…I guess we should have all seen it coming…

    After all, Caprica had already got canned. So it figures SGU would too. I have to say that I was really, really, really, realy, really, REALLY enjoying SGU and Caprica. I thought they were two of the best shows on TV. Dramatic, daring, amazing plot twists, cool characters, and just plain ol’ fun.

    I plan to watch the final five episode of Caprica on the 4th and I plan to watch the (hopefully not) last episodes of Stargate Universe.

    I should have seen this coming, but I didn’t. I was really thinking that SGU would get a third season. I knew the ratings down, but I guess I just thought Syfy (ugh) would move it back to Fridays or something. *sigh* The network really isn’t anywhere as good as it use to be.

    I love to say that after Universe is gone from Syfy that I’ll quit watching the network, but there’s still Eureka, Warehouse 13, and possibly Blood & Chrome (Battlestar). IF they get rid or Eureka & Warehouse 13 and don’t do Blood & Chrome though I’m gone. I’m just really tired of the network…

    I remember when Sci-fi use to do lots of good shows. Now they just care about the reality shows and the Wrestling. I can see the network, one of these days, not having any Sci-fi shows at all. They should just get the job done with already. I’m tired of putting up with them…

    I’m hoping Stargate Universe gets another season or a movie or something….sometimes it happens. Jericho got picked up for another season. Dead Like Me got a (not so great) movie. Heck, Firefly got a movie at the thearter!

    So here’s hoping for the best.

  33. Destiny Gate = v1.0 (36 symbols)
    Milky Way Gate = v2.0 (39 symbols)
    Pegasus Gate = v3.0 (36 symbols)

    Question is: If dialing Destiny requires using the Earth symbol as the point of origin, would a Pegasus Gate, even though it is the most advanced version of the gates be able to dial Destiny since it’s keyed to destinations in Pegasus and doesn’t have the Earth symbol on it? Or does it since it’s the lone Pegasus gate able to dial Earth? If so, would that reduce the number of gates in Pegasus that could be dialed from the Atlantis gate since one symbol is dedicated to dialing Earth, which is in another galaxy?

    With Atlantis currently on Earth, has its gate been taken off line to prevent it overriding any incoming wormhole to Earth and having travelers arrive on Atlantis? Or would it function outside of the Milky Way system? (I believe you stated way back when that the Atlantis gate would override the Earth gate because it is the latest version.)

    Are Milky Way gates the only gates capable of dialing Destiny (other than v1.0 gates that are actually within range)? Or would a Pegasus gate update itself in the Milky Way system and modify the symbol associations and, thus, be able to dial Destiny as well, once a wormhole having its origin in the Milky Way overrode the Earth gate and connected with the Pegasus gate? Since Earth doesn’t have a DHD, how would anyone using the Atlantis gate to dial anywhere in the Milky Way know what the equivalent symbols on the updated Pegasus gate represented?

    Also, if Pegasus gates can operate in the Milky Way, why was the midway station required when the bridge was built in order to transition from the Pegasus system to the Milky Way system and gates from each galaxy used to reach the station? Why not pilfer one set of gates for the whole distance? Was the number of gate symbols an issue?

    The Milky Way gates have 39 symbols, while the Pegasus and Destiny gates only have 36. Why the change? Would a Pegasus gate even be able to dial all possible destinations in the Milky Way given that it is three symbols short? What if one of the missing equivalent associations is for Earth? Would the Pegasus gate on Atlantis still override any incoming wormhole to Earth based solely on its being the latest version?

  34. Well, I’m bummed that SGU got cancelled, but very hopeful that it will get picked up again by another network. I’m unbelievably bummed that the tiny hope I had for an SGA movie has been flushed down the toilet by SyFy. So, it looks like the only way the adventures in the Pegasus Galaxy will continue for me is through the SGA novels. Luckily a new series of SGA novels has debuted: the Legacy series, and the first one in the series, Homecoming, is really, really good. Not as good as seeing the events of Stargate: Extinction unfold on video, but still, pretty damn good.

    I do look forward to seeing the second half of SGU, season 2, and to hearing what the future holds for SGU. And even if it’s really over for SGU, I look forward
    hearing what new projects you’ll be up to in 2011.

  35. Hi Mr.M ^^

    i have one big question, which is making me crazy

    the seed ship is building the stargates and we know how that looks (Awakening), but how does the ship transports them with the plattform to the planets?

    i build a seed ship in 3D and i want to build the inside ^^, already build the part with the gates


  36. Im not sure where you are getting your numbers from but I beg of you please go look around online there is a massive division between the people of SG-1, Atlantis and the fans of SGU, I think the current ratio is something like for every 1 fan that that has watched SG-1 and Atlantis and enjoys SGU there are 5 that do not like SGU but enjoyed SG-1 and Atlantis.

    These are not made up, just go to Google and type in “SGU is”
    the recommended are the most frequently searched. This does not look good. go to youtube look up peoples reviews of it, go to facebook, go to forums, twitter, blogs anywhere where people have a opinion of SGU. I’ve started to like what I have been seeing in season 2 but you guys must have seen what people have been saying about this show. Also didn’t Brad just say a few weeks ago that the show has low ratings because Atlantis fans are angry and they are not watching. by the way they are not angry, well most of them, and would watch if it appealed to them. there is just that big of a divide in SGU to SGA,SG1 fans.

    I’m not trying to be mean or cut you guys down you created 15 seasons of Stargate which I watch at least once a year, but please go look around the internet for your self don’t trust who ever tells you these things or what is written by publishers, go look at your fan base they are what matter not some guy writing for the newspaper. the people that are saying things are not trying to be hurtful they are just telling there opinion and the truth. Go look around the internet see what people are saying for your self thats all im asking.

  37. Aaargh!

    I don’t know a single person who
    enjoyed SG-1/SGA who also likes SGU.

    Sure, they did watch for the first season out
    of loyalty to the franchise and hoping it would
    turn around, but all of them eventually stopped watching
    and none of them liked the show one bit.

    So for me, if you’re planning to keep
    the show as-is, don’t bother trying to save it,
    I already stopped watching it. I’m truly sad that a
    franchise as good as Stargate had to end with the
    abomination that is SGU. I’m betting it’ll end up
    as the 2 sequels to The Matrix… in a few years no
    one will even acknowledge it’s existence, it was Stargate
    in name only anyway.

    December 28, 2010 at 8:21 am

    Like i said bitter…. I loved all three shows!!!!

    universe was original, ok stranded was not original but thats not my point… Star gate Universe was original and was science fiction at its best…

    if your coming here to post your frustration at joe, you really shouldnt, as a writer, its really putting me off to read peoples opinions and thats what they are, just opinions, but they really dig the knife in deep, is that what i have to look forward to as a writer, all this slander.

    SG1 – BRILLIANT, LOVED IT…. but over


    Stargate Universe… New, fantastic, explosive, high octance… and still STARGATE… Over…???

    Like the Doctor said…

    "Everything has to end… Other wise things would never get started!"


  38. The syfy network needs an overhaul. Half, or more of their shows have nothing to do with the genre. Cancel stargate and add wrestling? What programming genius came up with that one. If syfy is concerned about cash, they need to stay true to what it is supposed to be. I know there is quality sci fi out there, I think the execs need a sci fi fan to run the network or they will run the “geeks” off. I hope Mr. Mcmahan can fund them then.

  39. I will go like the Facebook page at once. I have the book, I haven’t read your story yet, Joe. But here is the good part. Because I’m not having to spend the next 6 months fighting with a corrupt school district, I may actually have time for…wait for it….READING FOR ENJOYMENT. It is on my list of New Year’s resolutions because now I have time for those as well.

  40. Hi Joe if I may ask on Atlantis did they drain all 3 zpms in EATG or is there a little power left in them.
    Also in SGUs Home Dr.Strom said to Camielle something about adapting Earth ships to fly into suns and power up like Destiny does.Wondering if they still working on this adding the collector fins to our ships also maybe to Atlantis as well while they can on Earth to eliminate the need for replacement zpms all round and to maybe dial Destiny to send supplies and so forth.

  41. Darn… That’s defiantly a bummer. I was really hoping the Atlantis movie would get the green-light. I just saw the notice of “Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’” on Gateworld. Any chance it’ll ever be ‘unshelved’ or turned into a book? Just wondering.

    By the way, How’s Jelly doing?

  42. Well said, das. 😉

    @Joe: what kind of vodka do you recommend for a Moscow Mule? Is it there for flavor or just to make the ginger beer alcoholic?

  43. @Rex where does everyone keep getting that the ZPM’s are drained, John clearly stated that EVEN with all 3 zpms the city was banged up and would not be going anywhere for a while, no where did they ever say that they were drained.

  44. It was the last 5 episodes that FINALLY convinced me that SGU could become a true classic. When Rush and Young put their distrust on the back burner I felt things could finally move forward. Not to mention the incredible story line that was revealed. I’d pay for the series at this point.

    My question Joe, if can answer, is twofold: is your contact at MGM telling you that the company is enthusiastic about the franchise and would love to see it continue? And more importantly, is SYFY ready to release SGU SG1 and SGA to any other US Network that might want to pick it up?

    With good to excellent ratings in Canada, the UK, and other countries you would think that getting this countries to pick up the tab, as they did with “Defying Gravity”, that a deal could be struck for further seasons of SGU and then marketed here in the US. DVD sales, iTunes, Amazon, and a network like FX or USA could be more than enough to keep things moving along.

    Lastly, to think that ANY cable channel can get reliable ratings data from NEILSON is ridiculous. Neilson doesn’t have close to the fair share of scifi viewers to represent the whole country of viewers. I just don’t understand why more TV producers are not public enough with how ratings are still determined.

    Anyway, this whole things smells bad. Something doesn’t feel right about this. How could SYFY allow producers and actors find out about being cancelled through twitter? SYFY doesn’t seem to care about burning bridges.

  45. “Dan writes: “That said, though I still got my fingers crossed for SGU to be saved (and am looking forward to more news about your comic book) is it safe to assume you’ll continue blogging regardless of SGU’s fate?”

    Answer: Yep, I’ll still be here.”

    YEA!!! SOOOOO glad you will still be here in the ether to entertain, enlighten and provoke us to stretch our minds and appetites! Your blog has such a wonderful community of characters and contributors, not to mention caring individuals (oooh, the alliteration!).

    RE: SGU – I’m mostly feeling an incredible sadness that there’s not likely to be any Stargate next year. I’m incredulous that such a fabulous, well-developed franchise with so much fan support has had so much difficulty over the years, but fluff shows like Dancing w/Stars and American Idol (IMHO) continue on with no end in sight. I know, I know – apples/oranges – but it’s discouraging nonetheless. Whether the TV Gods say yea or nay to the fate of Stargate, thank you for all you’ve contributed to the success and continuation of the franchise – we’ll just keep doing what we can to support (the *collective*) you.

    Smiles, Julie

    @Das – Someone made a Wraith My Little Pony

  46. Hey Joe,

    I have and always will LOVE all things Stargate. I am and will forever salute the creative genius that gave us such a magical gift. I know it takes many…so many to bring it together…it breaks my heart to read some of the comments written here.

    I am on my phone and can’t figure out how to get back to the bottom of my comment. So…I will end here in the middle…crap

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl. 🙂

    PS I am working on this month’s zombie book..loving it. Will check out yours after I finish. Loving Kindle by the way.

    YOU sir…have a heart. I always hope you know that I appreciate not only your labors to bring the Stargate magic…but the time you take to speak with us here.

  47. Things I learned! Joe’s posting new entries too late!

    News of note! I’m going to bed!!

    @ JulieAloha – Thanks!



  48. Argh. I had no idea SGU has been canceled! What a wretched Christmas present!!! (Yes, today is the 28th, so technically this isn’t Christmas isn’t any more, so I guess I could say it’s a wretched way to bring in the new year…) Darn it – I need some good sci fi in my life and Sanctuary just doesn’t cut it!!! Sob.

  49. I second Das on not worrying about which SG project gets filmed first. I’d enjoy it all, and now that MGM is out of bankruptcy I imagine good things may come our way.

    If not there is always Tess of the D’Ubervilles with the otherwordly Eddie Redmayne, and I’m only now getting to watch Persons Unknown, so I have plenty to keep me bizzay until we get more SGU and/or a SG film.

    Maybe I should be more agitated and demanding but I understand the biz more now than I did before so I realize how hard it is to get even 1 season of a show you love these days, let alone over a decade of cool SG.

  50. I love the Stargate Franchise to the point where I memorized the lines of each characters from SG-1, SGA to SGU. I assuming that taking a new turn (Battlestar/star trek theme) in the franchise made the ratings go down.
    If you compare the different series, you can see that SG-1 and SGA attracted to more viewers and received more awards. I’m just writing this from a statistical view.
    SG-1: mythological storyline and numerous of technological advancements and aliens (Best of all the Asgard and the Ancients). Also a lot of space battles. -10 seasons

    Won: 21 awards/131 nominations

    SGA: Atlantis, Daedalus ships, many alien races. Also the Atlantis set was beautiful. Advanced technology beyond anything and history of the Ancients. Constant space battles (always good). Also the series bridge with SG-1 and had guest stars from SG-1. – 5 seasons

    Won: 19/60

    SGU: great casts, the sex scenes or the homosexual relationships with Wray makes the show more real (i have no problem with that). . . But has barely any tech that rivals Atlantis, very few guest stars, no mythological storyline. I do like the battle between military dictatorship and civilian democracy. – 2 seasons

    won 8/31
    I have an idea that since Atlantis is on earth that it should be the new Homeworld defence center. Everyone loves the City of Atlantis. If there was an episode in SGU with the appearance of the city then there might be higher ratings. I’m also hoping that the remaining episodes of SGU will have good ratings to continue the series

  51. I have one more thing to add. I grew up watching the Stargate Franchise, and you, the producers and the actors are doing an amazing job. Even though SGU is completely different from SGA (my favorite) I still like SGU. I was hoping that there would be a movie for SGA, SG-1 and SGU. BEST SCI-FI Series EVER. Thank you

  52. @ooryl2 is right. Thanks for answering all our questions.

    I also am writing because I’m reading a book that is helping me grow my business, and from what I
    ve seen, you guys might want to consult with him to sell the idea of the final season of SGU to another network so we can at least see it finished since the douchebags that prefer the men in tights to good science fiction could eat crow. He wrote a script and sold it to Hollywood executives. He has a bunch of stuff going, and can this guy sell. His name is Chet Holmes, author of ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’. Check out his IMDB profile. Here’s the link:

    Hey, it doesn’t hurt to talk to the guy, does it?

  53. You can delete this one if you want, Joe.

    And if that lead works out, you’ve got to bring me in to make balloons for the gateroom to celebrate them coming home! LOL. Check out my website ( and check out my portfolio to see what I mean, cause the one time you had balloons in unending, I cringed! LOL

    Finally, my next competition piece is going to revolve around SGU.

  54. Moscow Mule – is that vodka, ginger beer & lime, or vodka & ginger beer??

    I dont mind SGU, but at times it’s depressing. However, last night I watched the penultimate episode of S1 and loved it.

  55. ” dont mind SGU, but at times it’s depressing. However, last night I watched the penultimate episode of S1 and loved it.” – Same here !

  56. Okay Joe as a rabbit SG1 and SGA fan, and desperate for my fix. What’s the story with the next movies of each? I’ve posted on Gateworld, and repeat my comment to NBC/SyFy/MGM, who ever may to decision to cancel SG1, SGA and now SGU needed/needs to be fired. SyFy Network needs to rename the network or let a true scifi fan run the network.

    Palmdale, CA

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