Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!

I hate it when people wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping.  I mean, come on!  You knew this day was coming!  Would it have killed you to show a little preparation, maybe buy those gifts the week before or those groceries just a little in advance.  As a result of said poor planning, I’ve had to brave the crowded stores and shops in order to do MY last minute Christmas shopping!  Secured the final ingredients for our holidays feasts.

On the menu tonight: Crispy bass with hoisin crust, New Orleans style barbecue shrimp, stir-fried broccoli, roasted beet salad, chocolate-stout cake, and home made vanilla ice cream.  Will let you know how it all turns out.

Best wishes to all.  Will make an attempt to wade into the mailbag either today or tomorrow, so if you’ve got questions, post away!

60 thoughts on “December 24, 2010: Season’s Greetings!

  1. Hey Joe! Great pics, on the pug note, do you ever check out toothpastefordinner? There’s some righteous pug humor over there 🙂

    Also, just wanted to step in and wish you the best of luck with SGU, anything else SG related, and any future projects! Thanks for everything!

  2. Supper sounds divine. We’re having a ham and cheese omelet, with toast. And booze. I delivered black cocoa-mint cookies, dark fudge, caramel fudge, and lemon-poppyseed cake to the neighbors today.

    Looks like we’ll be doing presents tonight!

  3. Greetings, Joe and all the best for the season for you, your family and your SGU family. Your meal sounds interesting – you’ll have to let us know how it turns out. I’m going for traditional this year as we have not had turkey for a few years – it seems that migraines always follow a turkey meal, hence… tomorrow should be interesting, I’ve stocked up on Tylenol.

    I saw what sounded like the greatest recipe for sweet potatoe casserole and so I’ve made it for the first time – I’ll let you know how it turns out as I don’t know what the consistency is supposed to be.

    Hubby’s got the flu, even after a flu shot. The strange thing is that I have not caught it. Needless to say, he will not be attending Christmas dinner with daughters and grandkids.

    Tomorrow should be interesting on a few levels.

    All the best for the new year to everyone and family on this blog.

    …and of course, wishing on a star for a third season of SGU. From Brad Wright’s lips to God’s ears.

  4. Happy Christmas Joe!

    Don’t let anything get you down. Do the dogs rip those things off the minute you finish taking the photo? In my experience, animals HATE wearing christmas clothes. They never look very impressed in any of my photos. All the best!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Joe!

    Cute pictures…we only give our dog treats and squeaky toys; which she promptly dismembers and disembowels, leaving white fluff-guts everywhere. Your way is cleaner (but maybe not as much fun to watch 😉

  6. Merry Christmas to the whole Mallozzi family! Looks like Jelly’s given you her present early.

  7. Have a wonderful Christmas and the best New Year ever! 🙂 Deni, Ron, Elway, Molly and Summer

  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Loved the pictures of the dogs. That New Orleans barbecue shrimp sounds good. If you get a chance, I would love a recipe. Thanks!

  9. Hi,

    Here is my question for the mailbag.
    Is the possibility of continuing SGU, in movie format, being considered or all efforts currently being devoted to reviving it as a series, for a third season?

    Thanks a lot for answering.Happy Holidays.

  10. So…there may be some semblance of hope for SGU after all?

    Sorry, I checked in too late to comment on the previous day’s entry. But seriously, it’s so cool knowing that Brad 1). has a plan and 2). is fighting for the series. Just these two things make me feel a bit better about his whole crappy situation.

    I too hope he succeeds. Frankily, I think the best thing that could happen is if Canada’s Space channel somehow bought the series (in conjunction with SkyOne and any other non-Syfy scifi channel) and give it the attention it deserves. People blame the Tuesday competition, the quality of the show, but it’s as plain as day that Syfy itself is partly to blame – and not just for the timeslot change. How can a channel really hope to maintain a quality drama when it turns around and promote mindless fluff scifi, stupid reality shows, and wrestling?

    SGU is huge in Canada and it has a lot to do with how Space treats it. They treat it goooooood. They have specials, they have commentators, they have kick-ass promos, etc. etc. Basically, Space is what Syfy should’ve been.

    So yeah, good luck Brad!! We’re all crossing our fingers here, Jonas-style!

    Heh. The doggies are adorable in their must-be-horrendously-uncomfortable costumes! 😛 Also, glad to see Jelly up and about in that vid you posted a few days back!

    Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Joe and all the blog peoples!! I wish you all a pleasant and hilarious few days! 😀

  11. I was tempted to say “bah humbug” but the damned pics of the pooches squashed that. Though lulu looks rather grinchy with that expression for some reason. And the description of your dinner plans tempted me to hop a plane and barge in. The fact that I can’t afford a plane ticket on short notice, and have no idea where you live saved you having to put out an extra setting, and/or calling the local constabulary.
    Merrry christmas to you and yours, and Happy Holidays to all your readers as well. Our Christmas snowstorm has fizzled out, but we are expected to get a few flakes in the evening, so technically we’ll have a white christmas this way. Now that it’s officially winter, I’m ready for that global warming to kick in and bring sprinlike temps for the first few months of the year.

  12. When those automated attack drones were created for SGU’s mid-season 2 finale, what factors went into deciding on using automatons?

    Was anyone in the staff leery of using drones after similar foes like the Replicators appearing on SG-1 and SG-A?

    The concept of these drones ambushing passer-bys in a section of space sounds really familiar but I can’t place it. What was the influence of this ambush strategy?

    I noticed a few fans couldn’t get behind the Lucian Alliance becoming such a threat between SG-1 and SGU. What’s you take on their progression throughout the franchise?

  13. What? Last minute shopping is all about inspiration.

    Ah, Christmas bass.

    I constructed a gingerbread house, but I forgot to cut windows. So, no rock candy windows illuminated with interior lighting.

    The little imaginary elves in that gingerbread house will go windowless unless I get some ideas soon.

    All I have is icing, Necco wafers, two candy canes, sprinkles, starlight mints, mini butter mints, chips (chocolate, butterscotch, and white chocolate), and Oreos. Anyone?

  14. Hi Joe:

    Welcome back to Canada! And, I agree with you, too many people leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. And what is worse, they took just about everything that was any good. The store was picked over like the end of the world bargain sale! They didn’t leave anything for me. So, everybody gets chocolates this year. Chocolates and underwear. Everybody is over 18, so they’ve outgrown the toys. Except the cat.

    Question: Did you and the rest of the cast and crew have an inkling that SGU would get cancelled? Were you expecting it?


  15. merry christmas, mr mallozzi. season greeting from Malaysia.

    anyway, i recently read about what happen to SGU. i hope this wouldn’t be the end of SGU. is it possible that other network to pick up the series?

    assuming this would be the end of current stargate series (altho may a few movies a year would be good tho), are you gonna create a new stargate related series? or a totally new show?

    Kuro Syamito

  16. I’m just saying that those are some seriously cute doggie photos. they don’t seem to be aware of their high fashion modeling; it is a good thing to keep them humble.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your mom and sis. Just take it easy and enjoy the time together. I can imagine how fun it will be to show your mother how to work the remote controls. fun times!

    Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it.

  17. Hello Joe.

    Awww. The dogs look GREAT!!! Best wishes to you on this Christmas holiday as well!!! If my Italian is correct: Buon Natale!!! If not my apologies. I guess my first question for the mailbag would be: did I pronounce that right? Second: Did Brad have any progress as far as securing the gift of a third season on another network or DVD movies to wrap up SGU? Third: what did you get the dogs for a holiday treat? Fourth: asside from your recent vacation, did you get yourself any other Holiday treats?

    Best Wishes,


  18. Merry Christmas!
    Love the pups dressed up, bet it wasn’t long before they wanted out of their bells, Lulu looks really pleased.
    Hope the day brings you everything you want!

  19. Have a safe holiday Joe.

    Are you not planning on heading to Montreal this weekend?

  20. Merry Christmas Joe,

    Glad Jelly is doin fine although the prospect of not having any Stargate for next year worries and saddens me. Any news on the Atlantis movie?

  21. Merry Christmas Joe!!!!


    1) Is one of the options for saving SGU moving it to another channel like Starz or CTV or HBO

    2) Would it be possible to make an SGU movie to keep the sets standing, and if the season 2.5 and the movie do well, SGU can show other networks it’s worth picking up.

    3) Say all this pans out, when do you think things will be back in action at the bridge?

    4) Say all this doesn’t pan out…. Does Gauntlet at least give some closure and resolution…. Or is it an all out cliffhanger?

    5) Whats your favorite 2.5 episode?

    6) What can us fans do to ensure SGU gets another season/movie and that SG-1/SGA gets their movies?

  22. Good news about Stargate, Joe! Unless you were really looking forward to that year off. I’ll look forward to hearing what develops.

    Loved the puppy pics!

    I’ve spent two days cooking for Christmas eve, it’s 11:15 p.m. and my company finally left. Now I have the croissant dough to start for tomorrow. Back to the salt mines.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  23. OMG that meal sounds fabulous!

    Our egg foo yung was very nice, followed by carrot cake, which although it wasn’t an amazing version, was not bad at all. Then we went on to the next sister’s house and were confronted with a huge platter of Christmas cookies. I grabbed some cheese and fled to the other room. Being diabetic at Christmas SUCKS! I did eventually have some cookies, of course, but only a fraction of what I would have eaten last year.

    Luckily the rest of the family isn’t really into sweets or baking, so we shouldn’t have too many verboten treats to try to resist. Except all that wine…

  24. No question tonight, just a simple Merry Christmas Joe, from Kevin, “and kids” Cole, and Adria.

  25. MERRY CHRISTMAS! And save me some Shrimp!

    So. I’m thinking here… Dogs have really acute high-frequency Hearing, right? And you’ve got tinny sounding BELLS around their necks?! That’s has to drive them insane!

    Seriously, it’s not like they’re CATS, Joe!

  26. Merry Christmas to you, your Mom, Sister and furry kids! So glad to see that Jelly is back on her feet. It’s been tough year for her, and you.

    But happy to hear that there may still be good news about the Stargate franchise. I hope Brad can work something out with MGM. A few questions:

    1) How can we fans contact MGM to let them know that Stargate (SG-1/SGA/SGU) still has a huge and lucrative fan base?

    2) I think you mentioned that if there were another Stargate show, that you wouldn’t be involved?

    3) If the SGA movie is a go, would you still be involved as the writer and/or producer?

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and Holiday!

  27. Merry Christmas to the Mallozzi clan and all the lil ones as well. Hope Santa is good to you all!

    I just had the pleasure of an Italian Christmas Eve dinner with pasta and seafood and am stuffed. SO…for once, you blog did not make me hungry, BUT…your menu sounds very fine indeed.

  28. Merry Christmas to the Mallozzi house!
    Love the pictures of the furry kid’s. Will we get to see video of them ripping open their presents this morning?

    Brad Wright’s news gives us the HOPE we fans have been so wanting. Is there anything we can do to convince MGM to give us fans a third season?

    Would ShowTime consider bringing back the Stargate Franchise? Is that even possible? Would MGM allow it?

    Think of all the story lines you could explorer if you were on such a channel as HBO or Showtime! NO more censoring of content! Hub ‘a’ Hubba!!!

    I asked Santa for only one thing! A 3rd Season of SGU!

    Fingers Crossed…for sure!

  29. Happy Holiday to all of you! 🙂
    Now my question:
    What’s gonna happen with the set in Bridge studios? I mean show is canceled but as you said, It doesn’t have to be the end. So are they gonna destroy the Destiny set or keep it and wait?

  30. The kids don’t look very happy to be dressed up on their Christmas best. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  31. Here’s my mailbag question:

    Is there any chance of the SGA movie anymore if you guys can’t save SGU?

  32. With best wishes to you and family, and thanks for such an enjoyable blog, and contact! I look forward to hearing more on your projects – not least the graphic novel/comic. Latest?


  33. Sent my holiday greeting last night, and got no more questions. I’m sure everything I’d like to know about the future of SGU and Stargate is being asked over and over again.

    Just sending you and your awesome-looking dogs best wishes.

  34. Merry Christmas to you, your sweet mama and sister, and the dogkids, too!

    My parents are visiting us here, and one of my friends with a long-term illness got to come home from the hospital to spend Christmas with her family … the best gifts of all! Plus it is snowing. And then hints about future Stargate?!!!?!!! I’m feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness right now.

    @Gilder, Happy Birthday!!!!

  35. Merry Christmas Joe! And…Merry Christmas to your doggie cuties! 😀 Love how they all got their jingles. Awwww!! 🙂

    Mmmmm…your menu sounds scrumptious! Yummm! 🙂

    Hope you and your family enjoy this festive time! 🙂

  36. merry christmas, joe, and to your family and doggies too! 🙂

    a question you say?

    WHEN the 3rd sg1 movie finally arrives, will there be anything for the sam/jack shippers to squee on? like, say, possibly and maybe confirmation that sam and jack are together?

    i love them, and even after all these years of being into them, my heart still squees on them. 🙂

  37. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! We’re about to have our feast soon. Turkey and the whole nine yards, then some Yule Log/pumpkin pie and other assorted goodies for dessert.
    Oh, also, under the tree this morning I found the complete SG1 boxset! Woo!

  38. Merry Xmas everyone.
    Pretty much threw up my christmas dinner lol, hate being unwell at Christmas, but alas due to my Appendix covering a large portion of my bowel with pus/bacteria, the area is inflamed, and hurts lol.. Meaning food sometimes exits my stomach and general discomfort. Will pass soon I hope.

  39. Merry Christmas Joe.

    If you write that book will it be sci-fi?

    and will it be possible for SGU to move to another network like Showtime or Starz?

    How are SGU’s DVD sales? are they as good as SG-1’s?

  40. That is my New Years wish. For SGU to continue in some way. Good Luck to you all and thank-you Brad for not giving up ever.

    Got to love last minute shoppers. Yesterday at 6pm we were trying to close the North Shore Wal*Mart so we the staff could go home. At one point we had so many people in the foyer (the one door open so that we could stop the people from coming in), so that we had to lock the door so the one’s that were trying to leave after shopping could not. One guy even tried breaking the door down. Had to get store security to come and deal with them so the customers could get out. PEOPLE you had 365 days to shop, if you didn’t get it done. TOO BAD, SO SAD!!!!


  41. ✴*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*• merry christmas joe & family & everyone here on joe’s blog *¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•✴

    Let me present a few Christmas gifts because you were soooooooooooooo generous to me during the Tokyo trip. I’m not sure if I’ve recovered….actually I might be having withdrawals.

    First off is an amusing video – The 1 Ronnie (sad, apparently one died) – A Problem with my Blackberry

    Then comes a Zombie Mashup – Home Alone with Zombies

    I had a very nice Christmas…our main celebration is on Christmas Eve. Spent time at my friends new house then went to my parents (Sis was in charge of the kitchen). My brother came down earlier in the week which was lovely. Got lots of cool presents including a Where’s Elvis book (parody of Where’s Wally/Waldo) and a BBQ and cash to spend at the sales.

    Christmas Day was a cruisy day at my parents until dinner time when we’d run out of salad and Mum cracked it…Dinner convo was chilly.

    Sorry I haven’t been around the last few days…I was one of the folks that left things until the last moment.

    Wishing everyone a safe and festive season with the ones they love.

    Cheers, Chev

  42. Random question: what condiments did they usually have at the table at the restaurants you visited in Japan?

    Happy holidays, all!

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