Long ago, I told myself that whenever Stargate ended, I would take a year off to rest, recharge, and work on the countless personal projects sitting on my ever-growing to write/produce pile.  Paul and I have more than a few pilot scripts we’re looking to go out with and recently closed a deal with a major comic book publisher that will see us bring one of our series concepts to life as a comic book series (before, hopefully, making the leap to either the small or big screen).  I wanted to travel. Take some much-needed cooking classes.  Maybe even start work on that wacky SF novel that’s been percolating in the back of my mind over these past two years.  Understand, I’ve enjoyed plenty of hiatuses, but I can’t remember a time when – hiatus or not – I haven’t been looking ahead, either spinning, outlining, or writing for the next gig be it the back of SG-1 sixth season or the start of SGU’s second.  I’m in a tough line of work.  It’s feast or famine and, more often than not, there’s a lot more famine than feasting going on.  But I’ve been very lucky.  I’ve enjoyed steady employment on a single franchise these past eleven years, something practically unheard of in this industry.  Prior to landing on Stargate, I was similarly fortunate.  No sooner did one job end than another presented itself.  I went from freelancing animation to animation development back to freelancing/story-editing animation to freelancing/producing live-action to Stargate with nary a chance to catch my breath.  It’s been a tremendous ride and I’ve appreciated every job I’ve had, from my very first script (“Patrick Pig Learns to Talk” for The Busy World of Richard Scarry) to my last produced episode (“The Hunt” for SGU’s second season).  Still, the prospect of finally having time off – real time off – was the silver lining on an otherwise dark and dreary storm cloud.

On the other hand, if an opportunity presents itself, it’s tough to say “No, thanks.  I’d rather learn how to julienne carrots.”.  I don’t want to ever take things for granted and assume, hey, I’ll always get another job.  I’ve worked with several people who once thought that way only to have reality set them straight, heard too many stories of once-successful individuals who seemed to disappear from the t.v. landscape seemingly overnight.  I have rules in place to prepare for that famine I was talking about, and one of those rules is: “No reasonable offer shall be refused!”.  Writing that novel would be enormously satisfying, but its working for pay that keeps the doggies in designer rain boots (For the record, my dogs don’t wear rain boots, designer or otherwise, although they have been known to sport colorful bandanas after bath time at the doggy daycare).  Also, I can always learn how to julienne carrots next year.  Or the year after that.  Or, hell I can just check out an instructional video on youtube during my next hiatus.

It’s hard to say no to a job because it’s always great to be employed.  Especially if you know, like and respect the people you’ll be working with, and love the material you’ll be working on.  Which brings me to a conversation I had with Stargate Creator/Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer Brad Wright today.  Alas, no details to offer (yet!) but suffice it to say he’s battling hard to ensure the franchise (that’s SG-1, Atlantis, and SGU) lives on and that the season two finale of Universe, “Gauntlet”, will not be the end. He’s adopted a clever two-pronged approach that, if successful, will see our awesome crew back at work next year.  Nothing is guaranteed, but it’s great to hear he’s got a plan to make it happen.  And, for the sake of the many, many Stargate fans out there, I really hope he succeeds.

A couple of other opportunities have also presented themselves, one presently small with great potential, another positively huge that would necessitate some major, major life changes.

Okay.  Youtube it is.

73 thoughts on “December 23, 2010: Learning to julienne carrots

  1. Thanks for telling us this much. I am really gald to hear that you guys are really fighting to keep this franchise, that has stolen so many days of my life (not like I sad to see them stolen from something like this 😉 ) alive. Please keep us updated regurally, as I really would like to know what the future holds.


  2. Hi Joe,

    Long time since I’ve been online – long story. Finally checked in yesterday and was totally shocked to hear the news about SGU. Now, however, having read the last few weeks’ entries, I will endeavor to hope against all hope that the world of Stargate I’ve come to depend upon is not lost for good and that you will continue to be a part of it.

    Merry Christmas!

    Smiles, Julie

  3. Sounds like you just took a deep breath.
    Every holiday I go on I’m usually in the process of making a decision that has sliding doors potential. Whether it’s sitting in the shallows of the beach of a beautiful place, or having a laugh over a drink, there’s a time when my mind gets to just be and clarity with a feeling of contentment with the decision I just made in that instant hits. It doesn’t mean that what’s ahead is going to be easy, but you go forward, committed, knowing you are at peace with your decision.
    I call it the deep breath.
    Wishing you only happiness and success in whatever you pursue and will be hanging around to read up on your latest adventures.
    Take care and Greetings to your family, human and furry, for the season.

  4. Petit coucou!!

    Merci pour tout le super travail accomplie durant ces onze année!!!! J’espere que vos futurs projets vous motiveront autant que stargate!!

    Pleins de gros, bisou!!
    Bonnes fêtes!

    Ps: le bonnet pingouin vous va très bien 😉

  5. Hey Joe,

    I’m still up…I was just laying here in the dark..thinking about what Brad said…thought I would just take another peek at your comments via my phone…AND here you are.

    Apparently you have been busy posting a blog EARLY. Wow…♥ஜ☆LOVE♥ஜ☆ your attitude. I guess it is necessary to find happiness in your line of work.

    Being a fan..it is easy to take for granted…the “unemployment” issue. While we complain (at times rather loudly) about our likes and dislikes of a show…we forget the entire team works in the environment of “temporary only”… Amazes me that all of you deal so well under the stress.

    It is a love of that creative genius that swirls around in your head that makes me passionate about sci-fi. You have a gift…

    I feel much more resolved and the sadness has left. I didn’t want to enter Christmas on such a heart tugging note with SGU. Please thank Brad for making a statement…thank YOU for adding your thoughts. ♥ஜ☆ThankYou♥ஜ☆ for the Stargate magic I have come to love and will continue to love and enjoy always.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂 Yes…a happy face again.

  6. Hey Joe,

    Just a random idea: what about Netflix? They’ve been trying to get streaming rights to tv series, and I figure they would pay to host a tv series like SGU. I hope that there is a season 3, because waiting for a third stargate movie when the having to wait for a SGA movie would be too sad.

    It would be a awesome Christmas miracle if SGU gets a season 3!

    Merry Christmas and a blessed life!

    P.S. More on the Netflix idea. If season 3 was only released by them, then those that wish to see it would get subscriptions to Netflix, and that is how they get their money back. (I would get a subscription just to see the show.)

  7. First of all good luck with whatever the future holds (though personally I really really hope that its more Stargate!).

    And way to go making us all go INSANE while waiting for more details!

    Merry Christmas Joe and good luck!

  8. Well, Joe – Good luck with whatever comes to pass. I hope that things work out for the best, no matter which direction you choose to take your life.

    I just hope that you (and we) are not kept in suspense for too long. If it turns out that Brad can’t make things happen, it will have been precious time lost that you, the cast and crew could have used to find other opportunities. I always hate it when things are not clear, it’s like ripping a bandage off really slowly…

    But since I live in hopes that one day we will see an SGA movie, I am going to hope that Brad can find a way to make that happen as well as keeping the other two shows alive for their fans.

    Do what you have to do though, nothing ventured, nothing gained, as I guess they say.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, your family and your pups!

  9. It is so familiar to me to think of one year off, to do things I always wanted but had not time. But you so right about “No reasonable offer shall be refused!” We all need hiatus to find inspiration but what I realised throughout years is when you preparing to do a break, another interesting opportunity makes you move forward. In your case, as a huge SGU fan, I hope that moving forward will mean running SG franchise ahead to end the great story you started! Good luck!

  10. All the best for the future wherever it leads (hopefully Stargate will continue in the future.)

    It is already Christmas Eve here in Oz so may I wish you, your family (2 & 4 legged) friends and all your readers a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. It is always interesting to read this blog and the comments from regular contributors.

  11. It’s good to hear/read that Brad is still fighting for Stargate. To be honest, I saw no light in the end of the tunnel after SGU cancellation news. You’ve got my support, no matter what. After all, you’ve been entertaining me for years with 17((hopefully) plus) seasons of Stargate.

  12. Hi Joe,

    Your heartening words are the best Christmas present ever. Thank you! I know I’m not alone in hoping that Brad’s perserverance pays off on all Stargate fronts, and the news today about MGM only makes what looked like a dreary TV future seem somewhat more sparkling this holiday season. So thank you. Thank Brad. Thank everyone who’s working so hard to make this happen.

    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!


  13. I think it’d be really cool to see SGU on another network, it’s not a bad show. It just didn’t appeal to Syfys audience, it could however appeal to audiences of another channel.
    Best of luck with your efforts to save SGU.

  14. SG и SGU смотрят, любят и ждут не только в Америке, но и в России тоже.
    Happy New Year

  15. Hi Joe,

    Delighted to see that Jelly is on the mend, and I just wanted to wish you all the best for the holiday season, and of course a healthy happy New Year.

    I don’t doubt for one minute that you will continue to go from strength to strength, and that your career will continue to flourish, because you are a very talented and hard working guy who deserves to do well.

    As an SGA fan, I am of course interested in what you were saying about the franchise, and I can only hope that the long awaited film will finally be made. Still, also being a realist…I won’t hold my breath!


  16. Thank you so much Joe, for keeping us up to date. And please thank Brad for us for his efforts in trying to keep things going. I can’t imagine the work and effort that must be going into that. Here’s hoping for the best. And regardless of any success or not on renewal, I think you can count on our support whatever your personal decision is.

    Also, a hearty Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  17. Hi, Joe!

    Ex-USSR’s fans of Stargate give you a huge thanks. We believe and hope that the franchise will live on. And GOOD luck to all of us!

  18. Joe,

    I must say I have enjoyed all the Stargate Series. I was really dissapointed to see that SGU was cancelled by SyFy. I really hope you find an alternative channel to carry many more series. Maybe something like: Stargate – return of the Ancients 😛

    I think there is still so many stories to be told, and many gaps to be filled … especially when dealing with millions of years of Ancient history (pun intented).

    Well, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Your stories have really enriched our imaginations, and given us way more than just entertainment.



    P.S … if you ever need a consultant to give you better real world computer coding snippets for your shows, just shout 🙂 As a programmer … they lacked a little 😉 (Yes I paused to read them!)

  19. First of all, a big thanks to Joe for all the wonders and the thrills of Stargate. I had a blast, with SGU in particular. SGU had the courage to be different and to take risks.

    Second, an advice from someone that has now been ‘on vacation’ for 2 years (1st year voluntary, second ahem not really :/ ).
    In your house, you need to set up a special desk with ‘work things’, projects … ideas, scripts …
    Just a desk in your path. So just enjoy your year off, watch TV, read books, go out … but always keep an eye on that desk (it’s in the way so that should be easy). Sit down at the desk when you’re tempted, but you should not force yourself. Basically, you will be having a nice vacation, relaxing, but still have your mind occasionally gliding over those things.

    You know that is sometimes how creativity works, by not touching at things at all (understand actively) but just having it under your eyes when you feel like it. By themselves, like by magic, some things will put themselves into place… with time… It’s kind of allowing something to bloom but with no force or time imperatives.

    Take care and thanks again for the good Stargate times

  20. Thank you for sharing what Brad Wright said. It gives me hope during this Christmas season. Please know that whatever happens I wish everyone involved with the Stargate franchise all the best in whatever they choose to do, but…..the best present I could possibly have for Christmas or the new year would be to see Season 3 of SGU produced!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!!!

  21. Oh my God! Thank you, thank you, thank you for fighting for SGU’s third season. It’s hard to explain it, but I kinda knew SyFy’s cancelation was not the end of the story. And I don’t mean it was denial – actually it felt like premonition. A premonition about SGU’s brighter future on another network.

    Merry Christmas to all SG creators, actors, and fans!

  22. It’s really encouraging that you guys aren’t just lying down and taking the cancellation as finite, it’s that kind of attitude that endears me to the Stargate franchise, and will no doubt make me keep a keen eye out for whatever comes from you after Stargate.

    I’m new to reading your blog, but think I’ll be stopping by a lot more regularly in the new year to see what’s going on.

    Have a great Christmas and a great New Year!

  23. Dear Joe,

    I am so happy to hear that Brad is working hard to make things right (no pun intended), or should I say Wright. I knew he would do something. Is there anything that we, the fans of Stargate, can do to help? Perhaps write letters to someone in particular at Syfy? I have been so preoccupied with this situation that I feel like I need to do something to help.

    Buon Natale!

  24. Yes! I was hoping one of the movies would get the green light. I know, no promises but I’m the kind of person that needs stability. I cringe when I think of the cast/crew without jobs.

    On yesterday’s post, I laughed when I saw Jelly’s support leash. I used to use a towel/sheet to support the back legs at the Animal Hospital. I wish they’d made those leashes a long time ago! Best wishes to Jelly. She looks great!

    Narelle: Feeling better?

  25. Ok…. Now in all honesty I know it’s not guarenteed to succeed, so I won’t get too excited…. But I’m also really excited for you considering the opportunities you mentioned…. They sound awesome!

    Just a quick note….. If SGU does get a season 3 I understand you might wanna move on, but I would really love it if you still stuck with Extinction. It would undoubtedly take up MUCH less time then producing 20 episodes, and you have a knack for making SGA awesome…. I know you and Paul had the original idea, so I think it would be best if you two saw it through to completion….

    I know it’s your life…. But I just thought I might throw it out there. 😉 :p

    Viva la Stargate,
    Major Davis

  26. It’s good to hear the Brad is not giving up on Stargate. I’m happy to hear that he has pans for SGU. I wanna still have hope, too. Joe…as long as you and Brad, and the other producers have hope and faith in the franchise…I will too.

    Merry Christmas Joe and to your baby doggies! 🙂 May be the miracles of Christmas will come through. 😉

  27. Hi Joe,
    I’m reassured to hear that Brad is working a plan to continue Stragate. And whether or not you decide to continue with the franchise, I thank you for years of quality entertainment.

    Merry Christmas

  28. Don’t knock YouTube, man 😀

    I know how it is to blog when everything you would want to talk about is up in the air and thus, not bloggable.

    Which is to say, I look forward to hearing all about your youtube-learned carrot experiences…

  29. You know, saying “no reasonable offer shall be refused” is just setting yourself up for an avalanche of unreasonable offers from us jokesters. Were my brain in gear this morning, I’d kick it off. But I’m lazing in bed, contemplating breakfast. Sweet potato pie? Lemon poppy seed bread? Black mint cookies? Best Fudge Ever? I’ve been baking again.

    Julienne Carrots? Wasn’t she on Dancing with the Stars?

  30. Hi, Joe!

    1. I’m happy to see that Jelly is doing OK. I wish her a successful rehab!!
    2. I’m glad to see that TPTB continue to fight not only for SGU but the stargate franchise and I’m(and I hope other fans)grateful for that.
    3. So the best of luck in those endeavors and ,if this is the end of SG, in all future projects.

  31. I’d like to see what Brad Wright dreams up next! Woo-hoo!

    Aunt Babe had a basement full of projects she was saving for when she retired and had the time to work on them. It turned out she wasn’t any less busy after retirement, and she ended up giving most of the stuff away. I think I’m going to be the same way. I’ll never do all the things I want to, but I won’t ever run out of possibilities, either!

    Merry Christmas, everybody! I just had a truly marginal hotel buffet breakfast, preparing for the start of the Christmas merry-go-round. Sister-in-law #1 for egg foo yung (niece’s birthday today, her favorite), then sister-in-law #2 for finger food. Tomorrow my brother’s house for brunch, then my cousin’s for the Chmela/Grossman gang’s whiskey sours & baked ham tradition. The 26th is our wedding anniversary (27 years), which we’ll spend driving back to Kansas, which is also somewhat of a tradition.

  32. Merry Christmas, Joe, to you and your family!

    As for SG:U’s present situation, you’ve given us a fine ride over the years. Much appreciated! And if things work out, well, Brad’s probably the best person to pull something alive and kicking out of the other end. And if not, I’m sure you will go on to something else equally as good. You seem to have a positive attitude and I’m sure you’ve stuffed something away for the proverbial rainy day, though with you, I’m certain, it will be a short one.

    Best of luck

  33. Why can’t we go and start a new Stargate series, after all there are now three. SG1 was hugely successful, SGA was also a great successful. and just because SGU only lasted 2 seasons doesn’t mean that you Guys can’t dream up a new series, more in line with the first two series with maybe some lessons learned doing SGU. SyFy didn’t cancel SGU because they were tired of Stargate, only they didn’t like the ratings. You got much better rating from the first two series. Return to your roots, but perhaps expand your techniques, with items, cameras, shooting techniques, lighting etc. but with an eye to the earlier series. I think MGM, SyFy, will buy a new series, and the fans that stayed away, will return, and as important, a large number of the new fans that were attracted to SGU will follow the new series.

  34. Hope we get news soon… the SGU fans on SyFy going ballistic, or so I have heard (haven’t ventured to that board since the announcement).
    Good philosophy on work. Not that I think you would ever disappear, but work is good. 🙂

  35. “A couple of other opportunities have also presented themselves..another positively huge that would necessitate some major, major life changes.”

    So you ARE considering my offer to hire you on as my butler! Woo! I’ll make room in the garage, Godfrey! 😉 (The pugs and Lulu can stay in the house, of course. 🙂 )

    Joe, they are your choices to make, but I’ll just say this – the industry is fickle and there’s a lot of talent out there, and younger talent, at that. With everyone fancying themselves a writer these days it’s harder to be noticed, harder to get your foot in the door. Well, you’ve got your foot, your head, AND your backside in the door…and to slip out now might mean that door closes, never to open again. Besides, you’ll have plenty of time in your [fast approaching!!! 😈 ] golden years to learn how to julienne carrots.


  36. If Brad needs ANY help with his plan just let us know we can be helpful (or at the very least very pushy)!!

  37. I can’t imagine the Stargate series not being around in some fashion. It has been on the air forever. But then I said that about Bonanza when I was a kid. I hope Brad can strike a deal for that 3rd season of SGU somewhere, somehow, and when it finally does end, create a new Stargate show and just it keep going and going and going…

    You are right about people disappearing in your line of work. It even happens to actors and actresses that were once real popular. (I am waiting for some who are real popular right now to disappear-please!) Joe you are so talented, I don’t see why you can’t do two or three things at once. You never stop. You have endless energy. You are way too young to take that year off just yet. But that is exactly what I plan on doing around age 55. So I understand your thinking.

    One thing you will always have is Us. You have a loyal fan following of your own on this blog. That should be a good selling point to your next employer. Your blog can bring in and together new fans of whatever you are working on. Wow, you are right! Decisions, decisions. Look what Michael Landon did after Bonanza. Some of his best work…

    To Joe and fellow readers here, I hope everyone in all your respective households has a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  38. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    First happiest of holidays and a Merry Christmas to you and yours. We at WormholeRiders have been hopeful that the Stargate Universe saga will continue in a season three.

    We stand at your disposal and will be tweeting the heck out of SGU S2 second half when the show returns in April.

    Anything we can do to help find a new home or encourage SyFy to change their minds (they have before) is yours to command.

    Happy Holidays!

    Best Regards,


  39. 🙂 Yaaayyyy!! 😀
    Glad to hear that not only do you have opportunities but that we still have not heard “the fat lady sing”. 🙂 (someone go gag her real quick!) 😀 😀
    Sorry about that further delay on “learning to julienne carrots” (well, only sort of! 😉 ), but what about 2 week special cooking courses overseas every hiatus? Paris, the south of France, Tuscany, etc. It’s a vacation & learning experience wrapped up together with a nice little bow. 😉
    Not that I speak from experience as I sadly do not really cook much. (I had been tempted to enter a contest to win a trip for one of these things, but didn’t for fear I’d be laughed out of the class!) 😕 🙄
    😀 😀

  40. Strangely enough, it’s funny you should mention Youtube, even though I don’t think it should be that simple!

    In actual fact I happened to be one of four fans who won the “Tea Event” with Amanda Tapping and Chris Heyedahl during Sanctuary’s first-ever private convention this year, where the discussion of their change from a web-based series to a full televised show entered the conversation. It was interesting to hear that they still wanted to pursue some part of it on the internet as webisodes, despite the fact it is doing well on TV.

    The fact is, more people watch Stargate online via DVR/BitTorrent. Now is there really any reason why episodes couldn’t stay the length they are and be released under a fee in standard or high-definition online, and still also appear in other countires (like the UK) on Sky 1? Stargate has been known with putting forth some wacky ideas in its lifetime – changing platforms wouldn’t be much different.

  41. Damn so many mysterious things you tell us about Stargate franchise…

    Is that only to give us hope???

    Stargate must live for ever lol.

    Quick, bring us more news about that ^^

  42. Oh, I am so glad I found time today to check in on your blog Joe. Stargate’s fate has been much on my mind and I was hoping Brad (or you) would make a statement of something good in the works.

    Then I find a link here to Brad’s statement at Solutions’s Blog (thanks Sandy) and you recounting a conversation with Brad about SGU’s and the entire franchises’s future. Good vibrations indeed.

    I chose to be cautiously, and yet joyously, optimistic that MGM and Stargate fandom will keep the franchise alive.

    What a great Christmas present. “HOPE”

    Thank you Joe and Brad,
    2cats (Carol) 😀

  43. Hi Joe,

    Thank you for sharing the updates (even if there isn’t technically/officially an update as of yet, it’s always good to hear what’s cookin’ on the Stargate side of things). Nice blog entry! 🙂

    Sean D.

  44. Merry Christmas Joe!!!

    It is great to see Jelly feeling better. It is hard when you pets are sick. My Cat, Bubie, just got over a bad infection. I had to give him antibiotics for two weeks. He had me pretty scared there but thankfully all is ok.

    Thanks for the update on SGU. I hope that Brad can pull off a Christmas Miracle.: )


  45. Hi Joe,

    Sorry…I don’t usually bother you twice in one day…but I’d just like to reiterate what others have stated: that if there’s anyway we, the fans, can help encourage whomever needs to be persuaded that picking up SGU would benefit them greatlyl, then please let us know!!



  46. I guess my previous comments about the work being a temp job at best isn’t far from the truth, eh?

    Thank you for some hopeful news and Brad Wright, I love you, too. Thank you for going to bat even when some fans (not mentioning who) are saying bad things. You are doing it for the love of the franchise, and we as lovers of the Stargate franchise benefit. I will continue to think positive thoughts. Perhaps my gut instinct DIDN’T let me down!

    No matter what though, I am a blog responder for life and will follow you on your treks wherever they take you in the future.

    Thank you for giving us such a great gift with your blog post. Please enjoy your time off, have fun with the dogs, enjoy your family trip (I think you are going home at some point, yes), and say hello to Akemi and wish her Merry Christmas.

    Previously I had one thing on my bucket list — swim with dolphins in the wild. I’ve added another. One day I would like to meet you and shake your hand.

    Wherever your path takes you, I know you will blaze it with grace and style just as you always have.

  47. I hope we (the viewers) get to see more SG:U. To me the series deserves a five year run at the least. I’ve enjoyed it the most of the three SG series.

    I honestly don’t know if I would follow another SG series that has the look and feel of the first two series. I know that a lot of fans prefer it, but I am not ready to let go, and move on from the Destiny, Young, Rush, Scott, James, TJ, Wray, Eli, Chloe, Park, Greer, Telford, etc. I love all these characters, and I prefer to discover more about them and their mission than anything else SG-1 or SG:A related.

    On that note: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

  48. Well… I don’t know what to say, so here it goes. Good luck to you and to everyone at the production. More of the SG franchise would be cool as it’s one of the 3 TV shows that I’m loyal to, and of course the fact that you guys deserve to be able to work your creative magic. If that doesn’t happen then, yeah… it’s been fun and as they say all good things come to and end. However, I can see the franchise continuing in ways other than a regular TV series like a series of mini-series or TV-movies or DVD releases.

    One of the things that I love about this franchise is the people, cast and crew, who bring it to life. The way that that the writers, producers, directors, and everyone else care about the show and care about the fans is simply awesome. Good TV is awesome, but when the people behind it are great it makes it that much better.

    Also after reading you’re story in Masked I’d be interested in seeing what you’ve cooked up for a comic book/graphic novel. I bet it’ll be fun.

    Your’s is an industry that I could never work in as a career only because I hate looking for employment. I hope that you don’t become one of the people who disappears from the TV landscape.

    Cody James

  49. It’s good to know that you have projects and possibilities for the future. Is it selfish of me to want to see you back on Universe to see the story play out the way it was envisioned? Call me selfish then.

    What can we as fans do? Who needs to be deluged with mail to pick up the series? If Universe is to reappear in some other medium, where do we pre-order?

  50. Just letting you know many jobs are “feast or famine” thats how mine was for most of the time I was employed. It seemed that every year around Christmas things got steadily worse until they picked up in spring. That is until the company declared bankruptcy then through most of 2008 at the end of every month people got laid off, until it happened to me.

    I’ve been going through the process of starting a new career at 35 years old with a family to support… Anyways good luck with your projects and have a Merry Christmas. Been a fan since the SG-1 pilot.

  51. Please excuse my absence. Had my head in the sand, hoping a bad case of holiday blues would go away. Am getting up guts to DEAL WITH IT.

    For a moment there, I thought you’d remembered MY birthday (23rd) with all of those packages. Well, I’m ordering my cake NEXT week, so you still have time. 

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to my fellow “regulars”! 

  52. Whatever the future brings, right now, I wish you merry Christmas and good luck with all the projects coming your way.

    oh and btw, dunno why I’m telling, but my Christmas was awesome! tehehehhee

    best wishes,

  53. Weak mulitilingual holiday joke:

    Yule y Anne Carols = Winter Holiday songs cut into tiny strips

    Told you it was weak. 

  54. Hope that in the near future it´s possible to continue with the SGU story a great show with a large amount of attention to details.

    Merry Christmas

  55. Merry Christmas Joe! And also to Mama Mallozzi and Sis (and family) Mallozzi! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

    Yay Brad! Love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Merry Christmas, Everyone <3

  56. Joe,
    I haven’t written in to your blog for awhile, but that was more a matter of my being busy than a lack of thoughts about SGU. I’ll be honest, I liked a lot of season 1.0, but also disliked some parts. However, ever since season 1.5, the show has been nothing short of brilliant, and you and the Stargate writing crew have done nothing short of make me love the show.

    I hope that Brad is able to make something happen to continue Destiny’s storyline, but even if not, I am very grateful that you were able to bring me such a brilliantly written, acted, and produced Stargate series. Thank you for bringing such awesome entertainment into my life.

    I wish you the very best and hope to see SGU continue in some form, some way, somehow. Happy Holidays and the sort!


  57. Catching up on the blog, and wow!
    Glad to see you are back safe and sound. Miss Jelly is looking good, so happy it all worked out, those were some hard decisions you had to make.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  58. Great outlook, Mr. Mallozzi. I know you know we’re all hoping for the obvious, but good luck in whatever you (and Mr. Wright) do.

  59. I always prefer knowning over not knowing; I won’t jump to the end of a book, but I just like to know what’s coming. But then there are those times when everything is fluid and shifting, so I hope the network will keep the show going, and I will take deep breaths and wait patiently for news.

    Until then I am enjoying The Expendables way more than I thought I should (more so even than decorum allows). There is a rumble in a bunker with the juiciest stunts I’ve seen in ages, from Jet Li and Jason Statham specifically.

  60. This is wonderful news! Thanks for sharing! I have a huge smile on my face once again! I really hope it works out!

  61. Please, find a way, and get us SGU back. In Europe, where many SG fans live, we hardly had the chance to see it on tv networks… thanks

  62. Hey Joe,

    I was extremely sad to hear about SGU not receiving a renewal from SyFy for a third season. Since I have heard the news, I have read many of your blogs about the issue and what the downfall could have been attributed to, and what the writers are doing to try and make the series live on.

    The Stargate franchise has been a part of me for the last ten years, from the time I saw my first episode of SG-1 right to the mid-season finale of SGU season 2. I made it a point to myself to watch every episode of each series, which I have been accomplishing in my spare time. I have seen every episode of SG-1, a series which I enjoyed to its fullest during its reign and throughout my teen years, and was just as sad to see that go, although I understood that series had a wonderful run and ended in a way that didn’t leave you guessing. Atlantis, although I haven’t completed every episode just yet, has proven to me to also be a great series, and I am enjoying the time I’m taking to finish up on that one.

    SGU being prematurely shut down has really impacted me. I was drawn into the series right from the pilot, and even more so as season one played out. Until SGU, I had never seen such complexity in the characters and storyline of a science fiction series. The characters are amazing because I feel like I can relate to some of them. I feel like these people may actually act like they do if they were thrown into the same situation, it brings such a sense of realism to the show. I love what you and the other writers did with this show. No, its not like SG-1 or SGA but its just as good, except on a completely different level, I just wish that the portion of the stargate fanbase that are giving such negativity towards this series would see it that way too, and, if nothing else, accept that it’s different and move on. I just don’t understand how one can claim to be a stargate fan and then throw such slander at a stargate show just because its different.

    In conclusion, Stargate has been a part of me for almost half of my life. I really don’t want to see it end like this. I especially don’t want to see Universe end like this when I am so drawn into the storyline. I know you and the other writers are doing everything you can even now to ensure that doesn’t happen, and I want you to know that your actions and attempts are appreciated. Please don’t let the franchise that I along with many, many others have obsessed over die because one network is failing to see its importance to so many people. The Destiny MUST fulfill it’s mission!

  63. Why were the scripts so slow to begin with. Now you amp it up and do what you should have done to begin with. And your gonna leave us hanging? Evil! You really have to save this one. Its the best smartest show I’ve seen in ages. The possibilities are endless. At least do some movies and do the right! Please don’t let this go. If you do then just go away. Your not on your fans side!

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