Whew!  Busy day!  Shooting those scenes outstanding from The Hunt over on Stage 4.  Boy, does that second level set look awesome.  I took plenty of pics.  A little spoilery…but a very cool spoilery so I may consider posting next week.

Watched the Day 2 mix of #210, Resurgence, with the VFX finals.  Wow!  An explosive episode to take us into the mid-season break.

Also watched a Day 2 mix of #209, Visitation.  I had my reservations about this particular story early on but I must admit that the near-finished episode is both engaging and thought-provoking.

AND also watched the director’s cut of #219, Blockade.  Well, if we weren’t low on ammo before we certainly will be after this episode.  Great performances all around (as usual) but David Blue is especially good in this one.  And the ending…well, what happens to one character is heartrending – but such is life.

Continuing our Q&A with actor Louis Ferreira (SGU’s Colonel Everett Young).

Today’s question: “Can you tell us about the infamous camera prank you pulled on Mr. Carlyle.”

Apologies for the quality of the video.  For some reason, the auto-focus decided to take this question off…

44 thoughts on “November 5, 2010: Production Update! Louis tells us about the infamous “camera” prank!

  1. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason the last two videos you posted won’t play all the way through for me. This one only made it to 3 seconds while the previous one made it to 1 second. Don’t have any problems watching your previous videos though.

  2. He is one hell of an actor to change from that into Young on set.

    Absolutely hilarious prank too!

  3. Damn you, Flash! Since updating the flash player yesterday I can’t see the movies.


  4. Hey Joe, I trust all us well with you. A friend of mine is going to be a reader at the “Naked Girls Reading Sci Fi” show later this month and she asked if I could recommend something SciFi for her to read. You’ve read incomparably more SciFi than i have so I thought I’d ask you: if you had to listen to a naked woman read science fiction for three, 5 to 10 minute sessions, what would you recommend she read?

    Thanks for your time. See you on set next week (Monday perhaps).


  5. @herbertsommerfeld – I hope you offered your services to let her rehearse for you. A full undress rehearsal.


  6. Herb: I think that deserves equal time…. Naked Men Reading Sci Fi. Das would prefer Naked Wraith Reading Sci Fi. I’m thinking though, Herb, it wouldn’t matter what a naked woman was reading for 5-10 minutes. Either whatever she reads will be awesome, or it won’t matter.

    Thank you for the video Joe. Louis is sooooo funny.


    My prediction for this: “Great performances all around (as usual) but David Blue is especially good in this one. And the ending…well, what happens to one character is heartrending – but such is life.”

    I’m thinking Ginn dies or gets left behind (poor Eli).

  7. It’s a few days late, but for anyone who was wondering here’s an attempt at a translation of Louis Ferreira’s answer to the “favorite genre” question. “…” are the parts I just couldn’t make out. (I’m more used to Brazilian Portuguese, and even that is pretty rusty.)

    … a question here that is very interesting for me, “what genre” [is it] that I like best… I think for me the thing I like best is “foreign film” because … “is too sexy”.

    Loving the video Q&As. But they’re *still* not as fun as the WFPOTD. (hint hint)

    – KB

  8. I think it’s special that on the show Carlyle is evil and in real life… it’s Louis. Please tell Mr Ferreira that payback’s a bitch and I’m rooting for Mr Carlyle. LOL.

  9. Try to get an interview with Mr. Carlyle following the inevitable revenge prank.

  10. The video’s acting up again. Weird. The other day’s video was like 1/2 second long, if that. Today’s was like 3 seconds and it cut off. 🙁

  11. How deliciously wicked a prank, and how wickedly funny an actor to gloat over his role in it. Loved the video. Have folks over there started taking correspondence courses from baron Destructo? Do correspondence courses even exist in this day of the internet?
    Glad to see you have been dutifuly busy, even if watching tapes of the filming barely qualifies as work, especially since you obviously enjoy the task. Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to more videos. I have to admit, Mr. Ferreira is as funny and delightful to watch as the pooches are. Please keep up the good work.

  12. Hi Joe,

    Could you please take a wider photo of the corridor with the Patrick Gilmore Photoshop picture hanging and post it for me….pleeeeeease? To catch everyone up. I DID THAT PHOTOSHOP – end of June and sent it to Patrick. He loves it.

    I’d be sooooooo unbelievably grateful.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. Why have the last two vids been so short? I never get to hear the full answers 🙁

  14. “AND also watched the director’s cut of #219, Blockade. Well, if we weren’t low on ammo before we certainly will be after this episode. Great performances all around (as usual) but David Blue is especially good in this one. And the ending…well, what happens to one character is heartrending – but such is life.”

    Oh no, please don´t get Ginn killed next episode or in 2×19, that would be indeed heartbreaking. She´s such a good addition to the show and Julie McNiven is an awesome actress.

  15. Louis is absolutely hilarious! It’s amazing that I enjoy him so much and yet so thoroughly detest his character, Young. Trademark of a good actor, I guess. He sure got poor Bobby.

    I can imagine Bobby was freaking out. That’s just plain evil. I hope he gets a really good one back at them and we get a video about it too. LOL! Go Bobby, I love ya!

    And yes, we need interviews like this with Bobby. I’d love to hear some commentary from him too – his audio commentary on the Ravenous DVD is one of my all-time favorite things to listen to when I need to relax and laugh.

  16. LF cracks me right the hell up and as other posters have stated, it’s amazing to go from that to Young (and likely back again) in a heartbeat. Incredible talent there 🙂

  17. LOVED the camera prank!! You guys have WAY way too much fun at work 🙂

    @PoorOldEdgarDerby Yeah this is a GOOD idea, Joe you should totally try to get Bob’s reaction to the prank.

  18. Love the vids with Louis. I hope that they will be more. 🙂

    I thought the last two eps were incredible. I love how much we are seeing of GREER. The take charge guy in Cloverdale and the funny/sweet guy in Trial & Error. TJ telling Young about what she thinks happened with her baby was heartbreaking.

    The scene where Scott goes to see Young and convinces him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get off his butt and be the commander was perfect.

    I hope Eli doesn’t get his heart broken again.

  19. Dang, I only get the three second version. And here I thought I’d banished all memory of my first husband from my mind.

  20. @ maggiemayday – 😆 😆 you’re so funny!

    I agree with others who say the real life Louis is so different from the screen version Young. These videos bring out more of their personalities that a written Q&A cannot. Please Joe, get more cast members on tape so we can see who they “really” are.

    Joe you are the best! And you’ve got the most creative (even artistic) blog!

  21. Hi Joe, Greeting from Slovakia. I really love Stargate Universe. And I want to ask you about the aliens from episode Space… do you have any name for them? thanks

  22. @ chevron7 – The ‘Larry, Darryl, Darryl’ line inevitably makes its way into our family’s conversation sometime during any given year, at least. Those guys were the best! (Personally, I thought Darryl was sort of cute. 😉 )

    @ PBMom – Naked Wraith? Well…maybe…but ONLY for anatomical studies, mind you. For me, it’s all about the science. Really, I SWEAR!





  23. Joe,

    I hope this is okay to post this here, as I am genuinely interested in your response. I am hoping you do not dismiss me as some “hysterical” SGA fan, as, while I WAS upset that SGA was canceled and the ensuing PR nightmare that followed with regards to what I perceived as dismissive comments towards the age and gender of the existing fanbase, I understand that 5 years is a nice run (and more than a lot of shows get). Cancellation is always disappointing, but it happens.

    I personally chose not to watch SGU for two reasons: 1) the premise didn’t interest me and 2) I was genuinely offended that my demographic, as a 30 year old woman, was dismissed as unimportant. I DO understand that there are realities of producing broadcast TV shows that mean that 18-34 males are the “most desirable”, but you know, I don’t need to be TOLD that, repeatedly, and dismissed. I hope you can understand that some of the things said regarding the importance of demographics, while true, came across as extremely off-putting. Maybe that makes me come across as “oversensitive”, but I’m okay with that.

    All of that said, I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding the recent blog post that quoted Brad Wright as saying the following:

    “I don’t think if we for any reason go away, it is an issue necessarily of the quality of the product that we’ve been making,” said executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright. “I think getting moved on the schedule has hurt us. And the fact that some of the fans that liked SG-1 and Atlantis were so angry that they have deliberately hurt us, which is unfortunate.”


    I will fully admit, when I first read this, I was completely enraged. I’ve not watched SGU, by personal choice, so I’m in no position to comment on the quality of SGU. I’m also not walking around with sandwich boards demanding that SGU be canceled, saying that no one should watch it, or saying disparaging things about the cast and crew. Several of my friends, all involved in online fandom, gave SGU a chance, because of their loyalty to the franchise, and were very disappointed to find they weren’t interested. Some are still watching. Others still simply chose not to watch, as I did. I realize that is anecdotal evidence, but I am just trying to establish what kind of environment I’m speaking from here.

    I can understand that there is frustration that the ratings for SGU are not what was desired, but after Brad Wright said, on your blog back in Jan 2009, when asked if he was surprised about the fan reaction to the cancellation of SGA that he wasn’t surprised as “[online fans] are actually pretty predictable (take no offense, most fan groups are). Unfortunately, [online fans] represent a very small portion of the actual viewing audience we need for financial success.”


    Which, you know, fair enough. I consider myself fairly media savvy, so I know that’s true. Online fandom is vocal, and tends to take the initiative more often to interact with those such as yourselves, which attracts attention, but they do represent a tiny fraction of the viewing audience at large. I want to make it clear my frustration here is based more around feeling ostracized from the Stargate brand at large, and NOT specific criticism towards the existence of SGU.

    I don’t know what I’m hoping for here, aside from some acknowledgment of my frustration over the apparent contradiction in the importance of the online fans that has come to light now that the ratings of SGU are down. I feel kind of like I’m “damned if I do, damned if I don’t”. I compared how I feel to a friend by saying that it was like going to a restaurant with pretty good food, but bad service. I can find decent food elsewhere and be treated more considerately. It’s not a perfect analogy, but close enough. I very much loved both SG1 and SGA and I wasn’t “thrilled” to “punish” SGU by not watching. I was actually kind of sad that the franchise was going on, and I wasn’t going to be a part of it.

    I’ve seen you be both sympathetic and angry/defensive towards fans such as myself expressing frustration, though I realize that depends a lot on the way you are approached about it. I have genuinely tried to frame my comments logically/kindly and I hope you will take them in the spirit intended.

    Thanks for your time,


  24. agreeing with everyone else about LF being absolutely hysterical–great job!!

  25. 3 hours? Plenty of time to report the bastards to the police. Carlyle is a bit of slacker it seems.

  26. G’day Joe

    Louis is an evil…evil man.

    For those who cannot view the video, just click on share and download it. I have the same problem, so I just download it.

    To all those people who do not watch SGU out of principle, you are missing a great show. IMFAO, SGU is soooooooooo much better than SGA.
    And for the sake of it, GEEZ get a life.

  27. Hey Craig and everyone that cant get the videos to play. Try firefox as i had the same problem using Internet Explorer. I loaded up Firefox and both videos worked.

    Hey Joe big fan big fan.

    Got to say at first i really hated the concept of Stargate Universe. But its growing on me and i find it deeper and soo much better than Atlantis was, which i found the characters just never grew.

    Just When the get control of the ship just stop the fighing and bitching of the crew and add some more Comedy an action and i will be happy?

    Sick here with a bad cold and no health insurance and laid off. Sometimes i wish i lived in Canada.

  28. @Janet

    If you are referring to me when you say to “get a life” for not watching SGU “on principle”, (and I’m assuming you are, as I’m the only one that’s addressed that in the comments here) all I can say is that the point is not whether or not SGU is better or worse than any other show. I was put off by some of the statements made about the importance of my viewership, so I just stopped watching.

    *shrugs* Everyone draws their own lines and there are a lot of other shows out there to watch. It’s not something I agonize over, and I’m not going to argue with you about it. Just an occasional disappointment that it turned out that way.

  29. Outstanding performances again, in Trial and Error. The quality of the writing and acting of this show continues to surprise me. I think that Destiny is playing mind games with Rush too, while he thinks he has total control of the ship. I’m looking forward to seeing the real reason for the mission to unfold.

    KT – you are missing some outstanding performances as well as the weave of the story – your loss. I don’t get the point of your comment – why bother to comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about?

    I’m just as pissed off as you are about how the “numbers” are managed by idiotic people, but it’s just a show, enjoy it… the acting, writing, CG and stop being so hard on yourself… but stay pissed off – maybe someone will hear you.

  30. @Janet – All I have under where the video should be is “Stumbleupon” and “Digg”. Both require membership and all that seems to be available is a link back to Joe’s page. How, exactly, are you downloading it?


  31. Video quality doesn’t matter Joe, the audio is all that truely matters in my opinion. I mean as long as you can hear what Louis is saying, who really needs to see him in perfect detail? Not that I’m complaining lol.

    Have you ever tried Audio interviews? Just wondering, itd be a good way to get a large amount of questions done, but I guess everyone prefers video.
    Personally I just clicked on your video and listened whilst writing this post Joe lol

    @I can understand that there is frustration that the ratings for SGU are not what was desired,

    Kinda reminds me of the 10th Kingdom, no idea if people remember that series, its a 10 hour 5 episode series that was really expensive but lacked high ratings. However those who watched the show who wernt creepy haters loved it, kinda like with SGU.

    Regards of SGUs ratings. SGU is an amazing show that will go down in history amongst those including myself who love the show is being entertaining, and well awesome.

    Forget about the ratings for a moment and just appreciate the show for what it is. An awesome, wonderful production!

    Well thats some random appreciation from me!

  32. Not only is Rachel Luttrell a brilliant actress and talented singer, she also has a great taste in books! Unless of course the ‘Magician’s Apprentice’ she mentioned is not the one by Trudi Canavan, in which case I cannot judge.
    Some peoples’ dogs wreck the house or refuse to do their business outside; ours gets spoiled and ends up 10 lbs heavier when the family leaves. So, I was wondering, do your dogs find a way to get revenge when you go to Japan for a few weeks?

  33. *Corrections

    is being = as being.
    Regards of = Regardless of.

    Gah I keep doing this when posting online, I need to check my posts before submiting.

    Anyway, some other random appreciate. Col Young is my fav character on the show.
    Know I’ve said a lot but yeah. Thankyou for posting more interviews with him Joe.

  34. I’m hearing impaired and rely on closed captioning and/or subtitles to understand. Could someone please tell me the evil prank that LF pulled on RC? I’d love to know! SGU is such a great show. I hope it goes on for years!

  35. @Joan001 said: “I don’t get the point of your comment – why bother to comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about?”

    Yeah, I think you don’t get the point, because my comment to Joe was about how I FELT about the franchise in general following comments made post-SGA cancellation about the importance of certain demographics with regards to viewership, and I can assure you, when it comes to my own feelings, I know exactly what I’m talking about.

    I think you may be reading criticism of SGU into that. I am not criticizing SGU. I don’t watch it, so have no basis upon which to criticize, which I have said a few times in comments.

    I “bothered to comment” based on the belief that Joe welcomes all viewpoints, and this belief was reinforced by the fact that he kindly addressed several of my points in the following post.

  36. That video was hysterical. I didn’t realize how funny Louis Ferreira can be. It would have been great if they really captured that prank on film. Have you heard of any other pranks to share with us? Thanks for sharing this video with us! You are the best!

    I loved “Trial & Error”. Great to see Louis’ character showing his cracks/flaws. I thought I would never find a show to replace LOST, but I did. 🙂 This years SGU episodes are great and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  37. PBMom, you have just made me the happiest person in the world!!!!! What amazes me is how generous you are to offer this to someone you don’t know. Thank you again and again. I don’t have cable and try to watch SGU on Hulu. Unfortunately, they don’t closed captioned all of the episodes so it’s bits here and there. When it does come out on DVD, I will have caught up. 🙂
    What surprised me about LF is how warm he is and laid back. Same as RC. I’m not a SG fan, as the series just couldn’t capture my interest. But this one fired up my imagination. It’s as good as Battlestar Galactica. One often wonder how one would react in the same way. Much kisses to ya’ll!

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