When Akemi told me she’d been checking out a language school in the city’s Gastown district, I warned her to be careful.  It isn’t the best of neighborhoods, frequented by junkies, pickpockets, and Ashleigh.  For her part, Ashleigh took exception to my warning, insisting the area is perfectly safe – which is the same thing she said about a month ago when, while we were out for dinner in the area, I was called out by a drunk homeless man who called me out like Donald Sutherland in the final scene to Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978).

So, last night we were out for dinner in Ashleigh’s perfectly safe neighborhood when I happened to glance out the window and notice two guys arguing.  The one guy throws a punch.  Then the other guy whips out a container and sprays the other guy with what looked like seltzer.  The ensuing chase ends with both guys down on the ground, beating the living daylights out of each other as tear-streaked onlookers scatter for the safety of the surrounding bars and restaurants.  By the time the fire truck arrived, the guys were long gone – but the bear spray still hung in the air like a Tabasco mist.

How is it that shit only goes down in Ashleigh’s perfectly safe hood whenever I happen to be in the area?  Quite the coincidence, no?

Evening entertainment aside, it was another fabulous meal at Cobre where Akemi experienced Latino cuisine for the first time.  Her favorite dish…


Wild Mexican sea prawns with Pipian verde and butter browned corn arepas.

She wasn’t a fan of a couple of dishes, only because they contained what she refers to as pakachi (aka coriander, aka cilantro, aka Chinese parsley, aka Lord Robert Cooper’s Bane).  Apparently, the Japanese in general are not fans of the herb.  The Japanese and the odd Stargate Exec. Producer/Creator/Writer/Director.

So, in the main corridor of the production offices is a headshot gallery of the various actors either starring or guesting in whatever episode happens to be shooting at the time. Usually, the headshots are your standard 8×10’s close-ups.  But, sometimes, the gang in the office get a little creative.  Clearly, someone misses the days of Arts & Crafts…

Steve Eramo gave me the heads up that he’s just posted a new interview with actor Brian J. Smith (SGU’s Lieutenant Matthew Scott) on his blog: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2010/11/stargate-universes-brian-j-smith-universal-soldier.html

And he’s also posted the second half of his Q&A with actress Rachel Luttrell (SGA’s Teyla Emmagan) here: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2010/10/stargate-atlantis-rachel-luttrell-answers-your-questions-part-2.html

76 thoughts on “November 4, 2010: Ashleigh’s sketchy neighborhood! Unique cast headshots! Links!

  1. Those prawns look delicious – worth traveling to a sketchy neighborhood to enjoy. I never knew that Japanese don’t like cilantro. I learn something new every day around here. And Joe, you must have realized by now that adventure just follows you. It’s fate or karma or something…

    I finished reading Bloodsucking Fiends and I’m looking forward to hearing what you thought about it.

    @das: I LOVE Queen of the Damned! Coolest vampire movie ever! Gotta love heavy metal vamps!

  2. @ Joey… I’m sorry, but could you please interpret that second paragraph because it doesn’t make much sense. Been drinking, or something? 😉

    “The one guy throw a punch.” Throws? Threw? Tramp? Teamster? And I thought I was bad when it came to tenses. 🙄

    “Then the other guy whip out a container and spray the other guy with what looked like seltzer.” When the hell did you turn into Tarzan??!

    “The an ensuing chase…” WTF is that? Wait, did you write this song?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-jOEAufDQ4 “It are go good with pizza!” Sounds just like your style!

    And bear spray? Aren’t you the one who complained a year or so ago about sudden plot devices popping up at the end of a story without context? How am I supposed to put ‘bear spray’ and ‘seltzer’ together…if that’s even the connection? Now…if you had said something about ‘funky seltzer’, then maybe I would have associated it with the bear spray. But I’m sitting there at the end of the paragraph, trying to figure out where the hell the friggin’ bears came from!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!! Back to writing 101 for you!!!!

    Either that, or just lay off the booze. 😉

    @ Ashleigh – Your neighborhood sounds like a blast!!! 😀


  3. Hahahaha! Now you can pick on ME for screwing up my coding! And YES, I’m drinking wine! 😀 At least I fess up to my vices!



  4. ROFLMAO, go das.

    Joe, dear, whatever will we do without you when Ashleigh sticks your body to decompose in someone’s new septic tank?

  5. JOEY, YOU CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!! CHEAT, CHEAT, CHEAT!!!!!

    NO editing AFTER I point out all yer boo-boos, Mr. Fancy Pants Writer Man 😡 …unless, of course, you’re gonna fix my coding boo-boo… 😀


  6. Joe some people have a selective hypersensitivity to the smell of cilantro, finding it over powering as well as a bit soapy.

  7. @ Sparrowhawk – I’ve never seen the movie…but the soundtrack is excellent. I think we’ve been over this in the WDC thread…how so many songs fit the Wraith: Slept So Long for Steve, Down with the Sickness for Michael, and Not Meant For Me, Forsaken, and Redeemer for our pallid fellas in general. Of course, Todd’s song – I’m Too Sexy isn’t on the soundtrack, but, hey…it’s still a great CD. 🙂

  8. Wait…you called me out, but you didn’t approve my post…

    Oh, you little stinker…STINKER!!!!!


    Stinker…like…like…stinky BEAR SPRAY!!!!



  9. Not approve your post. You’re beginning to sound like a crazy person. Or one of those trolls from the anti-SGU site.

  10. Gotta speak up for Das… Joe did indeed fix those verb tenses after the fact, I noticed them too, the first time I stopped by the blog earlier this evening. “Don’t know what you’re talking about”, my aunt Fanny! Take your lumps like a man! 🙂

  11. “Not approve your post.” There you go, talking like Tarzan again! What the hell are you drinkin’, son??! If you have any left, gimme some! 😀

    And since when HAVEN’T I sounded like a crazy person???! Isn’t that what you’re payin’ me for??! Sheesh. It says right here in the contract…look…right here below the part where I’m supposed to call Carl ‘skeevy’…it says… “Act crazy, so everyone think I’m sane (even with my Asian schoolgirl fetish and the whole cod sperm thing, yummy!) and feel sorry for me and send me lot and lot of gift for putting up with the crazy people…sign, Joseph ‘The Gigolo’ Mallozzi.”

    SEE???!!!! YOU made me crazy! 😡

    Oh, and while we’re at it, can you please, please, PLEASE pair Sheppard with Todd in the movie and make a scene where they see each other naked and Sheppard says, ‘So, you’re a natural blond!’, and Todd – squinting – replies, ‘So, you’re a…wait. Are you a female??’



  12. @josephmallozzi – Avoid Main & Hastings and you’re set! No, really, avoid it.

    Mailbag – It’s not unheard of, for actors to actually drink during shootings; McKay and Sheppard drinking on the pier, in The Shine. Was Louis really drinking? His performance was impressive, to say the least.

    And, did you intend for the aliens, that Telford is trapped with to be malevolent or benevolent?

  13. That’s no joke, I was in a bar when a kid got maced and within seconds the whole place was choking.

    Jerks made me throw out my drink, too.

  14. LOL….this exchange was worth getting up for…
    THANKS! Oh, and love the “new pixies” of the cast. And, please, send an order of them prawns…yummm.

  15. Saw Steve Bacic in the bar at the Los Angeles Creation convention the night before the big event(tonight). He STILL looks like Camel Ass.

    The fans are beginning to trickle in for Creation’s triple header – Star Gate, Farscape and those other shows (firefly, Buffy and dollhouse).

    Wish you were here, the weather is fine.


  16. She thinks it’s safe even after the shooting last weekend? Crazy girl.
    Joe how are the ratings for the tuesday night switch? I hope they are good because I hate waiting until Friday and stumbling upon spoilers. Space needs to move SGU to tuesday aswell, or atleast wednesday.

  17. I don’t think any neighbourhood is truely safe, I think the most sensible advice to give to anyone would be to always be aware of your surroundings, what could look safe actually may not be. You never really know with people.

  18. Looks like the production office had fun. Oh, and I had a question. You get into the most interesting situations. Do you deliberately search them out so, we, your blog readers, can have entertainment or do they just happen to you? 😉

    Have a good weekend!

  19. Das, Mr. M.,: You guys are the best! Thanks for the laughs this morning.

  20. You don’t have to do arts and crafts to get a steam-punk picture of Patrick Gilmore. Just Google. Ok, steam-punk POSTER of Patrick Gilmore. I’ll have to think, and, by think, I mean stop thinking, about that.

    I asked my drunk, homeless friend in Vancouver what that calling you out was all about. He said he was just trying to warn you, but you were obviously too brain-washed by the New World Order to understand. He says if you want to stop being a slave, talk to him at the main library. He’ll be the guy on the internet drinking organic beer out of a Mountain Dew bottle.

    And, he’s not exactly a drunk. Try having to go off the grid because the Bilderberg Group wants you dead. You’d need to drink to cope with that kind of stress, too. He’s doing this for all our sakes. A flippin’ hero who refuses to censor his internet postings even if it means his life, so don’t judge.

  21. If ever weird shit starts to happen where I am, I’ll know you’re around somewhere and will make a bee-line out of the neighbourhood. Or grab a camera…. 😀

  22. @das: That’s why writers have editors – to clean up those pesky tenses, extra articles and other grammatical mistakes.

    And one more thing – w00t! FIRST POST. Okay, I’m done now.

  23. See, we Americans carry guns because unlike our cool Canadian cousins, we don’t get to carry bear spray.

  24. maggiemayday: Have you been to any gun shows? I went once, you can buy ALL kinds of stuff there 😉 .

    You know, when I read about that fight you saw, it reminds me of home (3 brothers).

  25. If Ashleigh says it’s safe it must be safe. Might I not so delicately suggest that there is something about your personage that sets people off into rages? Or else Asheigh is paying off some of the locals to put on performances to discourage you from bothering her neighborhood too often. After all, she has to put up with you at work. I could totally understand she might not wish to run into you(without a car anyways) on her proverbial back door.
    The posters are great. Please keep encouraging such artistic endevours and sharing them with us. Mr. Ferriera looks perfectly suited to that boardroom seat.
    Not a perfect post though. Where are the doggies? it’s been a couple of days at least. Still, thank you for sharing the day’s activities with us.
    @ Das. nice contract. I notice you’re one of the few folks Mr. M. actually responds to in the comments section. You should ask for a raise.

  26. @ Julie Merritt


    Finishing up our conversation yesterday about Shepard and Teyla hooking up and satisfying conclusions: NEVER HAPPEN. Shepard would never let his feelings for her get in the way of his duty. That’s why his first marriage failed. Besides, Teyla is with Kanan now, and for her son’s sake, would never let her friendship with Shepard interfere with her family.

    Best wishes,


  27. Julie Merritt: most of my friends/family have several guns (that makes up for the Southerners that don’t, I suppose 😉 ).

    We inherited a lot of guns from family members and have filled up a gun safe to the brim. We have hunting guns (we don’t hunt), a 45 magnum pistol (hubby likes to target practice with that one), and even a one gun from the war (it’s missing the bayonet, though). Here in the deep South of MS/TN, even my mom has a gun.

  28. @ Annie from Fremantle – Interesting article. I, for one, LOVE cilantro, especially chopped up with avocados, tomatoes, onions, garlic, kalamata olives, jalapeño peppers, lime juice, and a dash of olive oil. Mmm…mmm…MMM! It has to be fresh, however – dried cilantro isn’t that good. I also love the seeds (coriander), especially with beef.

    @Oh, Joe-eeeeeeeey – You forgotsies something! 😀

    “Then the other guy whips out a container and sprays the other guy with what looked like seltzer.”

    Okay…so last night tricksy you snuck…sneaked… WHATEVER! …in there and corrected your tenses, but you still have ‘the other guy’ spraying ‘the other guy’ with what appears to be ‘seltzer’. So, does this mean that ‘the other guy’ sprayed himself, like some sort of wacky Three (Two?) Stooges routine?? Or are you suggesting a third person (most likely in a furry bear suit) jumped into the fray, thus making it ‘one guy’, and ‘the other guy’ and ‘the other guy’, sort of like, “Hello, my name is Larry, and this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl”?? And if so, when did you turn into freakin’ Bob Newhart??!

    Guh. You’d make a terrible eye witness. “Then an the other guy whip out a gun and shoot the other guy, and the other guy try to run, but the other guy was faster, and then I smell bear spray and I really don’t know what happened, because I was too deeply engrossed in my deep-fried chipotle-walnut encrusted foie gras bites with cod sperm fondue!!!”


    Oh, and BTW, I need a raise. 😀


  29. Coucou!!!!!!!!Comment ça va?

    Moi, ça va super! enfin en week end yahouuuuu!!!!!!! C’est un telle plaisir de venir sur votre blog! =)

    Lol les photos montage, XD la mieux reste celle de Patrick ! Merci pour le lien pour l’interview de Rachel, en ce moment je n’ai plus le temps de me consacré au new..je suis happy de revoir Rachel!!

    Je voudrai vous posez une question…

    Quel est la meilleur période de l’année pour venir à Vancouver?

    ….et oui depuis cette été j’ai de l’argent, je viens quand je veux lol! XD

    Gros bisou!
    Je vous adore!

  30. Then they could pair him with someone who understands and is as involved as he is.

  31. Tammy I am glad you and your family has guns, but most of us here do not. I even work with Corrections officers who are parttime security with Allied Barton and they as well as me do not carry guns, however they are trained to disarm prisoners and in ways to get control of them. I leave the gun carrying to the Police, and Company Police.

  32. Das: What is the name of that book your hubby liked so much? The Sony store is having a sale on Louis Lamour. Thanks!

  33. Julie Merrit: That’s ok if you don’t have a gun. Thanks to deceased relatives, I’ve got enough guns of all sizes to cover the neighborhood in case of invasion 😀 .

  34. @Julie Merritt

    Well, Amelia is with Ronan. Who does that leave Shepard?

    I Kinda Like that Shepard is Solo. Kinda fits with “Solitary Man” from “Vegas”.

    Best Wishes,


  35. @RobtheCanadian

    Ya know: Robert Shaw was drunk during most of the production of “Jaws” and look at how awesome his performance was…”

    The guy who played Proximo in “Gladiator” (so embarrassed that his name escapes me) was notorious for drinking during the production! And he was GREAT… …granted it killed him but… what a last hurrah!!!

    Best Wishes,


  36. Hello,

    Thank for the links to the Stargate interviews. They were really informative and enjoyable.

    I just thought I would let everyone know that my blog’s Stargate Universe news page has been updated for this week with the latest news, weekly trivia, promotional trailers and descriptions for upcoming episodes and much more.Drop by at http://abbaskarimjee.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/stargate-universe-season-2-current-information/ and be sure to discuss the latest episode, Trial and Error in the comments section of the post!

    Also, we welcome your suggestions on our Stargate Universe page.


  37. How is it that shit only goes down in Ashleigh’s perfectly safe hood whenever I happen to be in the area? Quite the coincidence, no?

    Lets face it, you just have that effect on Stargate fans 😉

  38. I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t have a gun and only willing to do it here because I have some anonymity here. More than just keeping it quiet for safety reasons, it’s saying to my neighbors, “I expect you to rush over here and risk your life if something happens because I just haven’t got all my shopping done yet.” We look irresponsible enough already since it took us so long to repair that storm damage.

    The guys who are minutes away when seconds count and not obligated to put themselves at risk for me — they are a “nice to have if it works out that way” resource, but aren’t a part of a watertight safety plan.

  39. @Quade

    “She thinks it’s safe even after the shooting last weekend? Crazy girl.”

    How do you know it wasn’t her doing the shooting? 😉

  40. Lol Gun talk. I don’t own one.
    First thing I do personally when moving to a new area, temporary or otherwise is ask about the crime rate in the area, an area with a low crime rate would be less likely to have problems.
    And as living proof of someone who has been to a lot of countrys and what not with no problems.

  41. DP: I got ya covered 😉 but I can only use the 22. The 45 has a huge kick!

  42. Thanks for the link to Rachel Luttrell’s interview. There was a connection between Shepherd and Teyla, but there was a much stronger connection between Michael and Teyla. I do hope that Michael is written into the movie – I would love to see that interaction again.

  43. I live in Southern California, have a hand gun (gift from my father) and used to have a rifle when I was a kid. Never went hunting (can’t stand the thought) but was pretty good at shooting cans and stuff!

  44. Hey,

    I was writing some kind of sgu fanfiction, when I came to think whether in which range from the gate remote-dialers work?


  45. Hi! First of all: English is my 3rd language,… there will be mistakes.

    I need to say that I’m really enjoying SGU. I really love deep characters, edgy, dark stile of the show. And acting is almost perfect.

    But I think I know why are ratings so low. Is because of dark, edgy stile. Most of people don’t like dark shows, flawed character, killing of likable characters.

    SGU was doomed before pilot episode, because of it’s stile, no matter how high the budget is, or how well is show written.

    Sorry for mistakes 😀

  46. Well it sounds to me as if Ashleight is setting you up!

    Could she be after your job?!!!!

  47. 22? What happened to our little neighborhood militia preparing for an invasion? You gonna’ let ET kill me because the 45 kicks too much? That little guy ain’t stoppin’ for a 22.

    And don’t let the name “assault” rifle fool you. When ET brings friends, it’ll get some defense done.

  48. @Joe & @das – When’s your anniversary? You two sound like an old married couple… 🙂


  49. DP: a 22 will make you just as dead as a 45. It’s accuracy not size. Besides, the kick is so strong on that 45 that it would probably break my nose. Hubby can cover you if you want a 45, is that good?
    Oh and ET is too cute to shoot! Duh! ( 😀 )

  50. Joe, I was just catching up on your entries from the past week, and I was wondering: Don’t you ever get tired of hearing from desperate fans pathetically begging you or guest SG bloggers (like Erika Kennair, Brad Wright, et al) to put certain characters together even though you guys made it painfully obvious on the show that they’re never going to get together? It must be really annoying to keep reading the same old pleas week after week after week to put Sheppard and Teyla together, for example. I hope you never give in to those pleas, because it’s only going to encourage more of these silly “requests” that are just going to bog down the show and get in the way of giving viewers what they really want to see.

    More explosions. 😀

  51. Patrick looks great in the hat! and the other pictures of Louis and Jamil are great also, thanks for sharing. and food pictures!

  52. @ Elminster – Weeeeell…we ARE old… 😛

    For the record…I’d like to think of us as more like Sheppard, and Todd… 😀


  53. Holy crap Joe!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!

    The photoshop of Patrick as Indiana Jones is MY PHOTOSHOP…that is soooo unbelievably cool of them to use that. Thanks to whoever put it up there and thanks for sharing.

    Dr. Jones meets Dr Volker

    Cheers, Chev

  54. @dasNdanger – I adore Bob Newhart…thanks for the awesome memory…love that line

    Cheers, Chev

  55. Teyla killed Michael and I would not like to see Michael in the movie.

  56. Joe

    Put Shepperd and Todd together and explore their relationship. Also I am going to have to put the rest of the Blogs in Archives to read maybe tomorrow. I need to rest for work tonight. I worked double shift last night and I go back in tonight.

  57. I agree with you Ashleigh. I like to think of us as more like Shepperd and Todd.

  58. Correction I did not mean Ashleigh. I meant I agree with DashNDanger. I like to think of us as more like Shepperd and Todd.

  59. Thanks for the link to the Rachell Luttrell interview, I’m glad to see that she’s writing, I’d love it if she even wrote a Teyla centric SGA book; don’t know if they are still publishing those but I’d love to read a Teyla book that focused on her father and her people. The book she’s writing with her hubby sounds very cool too.

    My neighborhood is sketchy in several parts, but I prefer downtown living to being in a suberb. Love walking to shops and restaurants and being in the middle of everything, zombie bums and all.

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