The great thing about the ever-growing variety of programming choices available out there is that it gives us plenty of options, allowing us to be very selective when it comes to the shows we choose to invest in. There are just so many hours in a day so, naturally, people will only make time for those shows they connect with on some level.  Be it the humor of The Big Bang Theory, the pathos of Grey’s Anatomy, or the tragedy of Law & Order: SVU, viewers will respond to what resonates with them and, while past allegiances may figure into the initial decision-making process (ie. If you liked CSI, you might enjoy CSI: Miami!), franchise loyalties can be as mercurial as a Tila Tequila on a group date. People watch what they like and they don’t watch what they don’t like.  It’s as simple as that.  My aunt, for instance, doesn’t watch SGU and, while I’d love to have her stick around past those opening credits, the series doesn’t speak to her and I’m fine with that (For the record, she didn’t think much of Atlantis either but loved SG-1, although I suspect that had more to do with her endless adoration of actress Amanda Tapping who was incredibly gracious and kind to her on her lone set visit.  To this day, my aunt still speaks fondly of her). You can’t fault someone for choosing not to watch a show regardless of their reasons (be it a lack of time, a lack of interest, or hurt feelings). Such is television.

Still, a recent article over at scifinow ( raised some interesting points about Stargate ratings and the fickle nature of Stargate fandom….

1. “Tuesday nights are notoriously aggressive, with shows such as Dancing With The Stars eating up a huge share of the audience.”

Don’t we know it!  To be honest, I was actually hopeful prior to the move, figuring that with more people home watching t.v. on Tuesday nights, we might benefit from a bump in those live +SD numbers.  As it turned out, it’s the live +7’s that increased (no way to know about those download numbers but I suspect they bumped up as well). Why? Well, beside the juggernauts that are NCIS and the Dancing With the Stars result show, we also had to contend with the perfect storm trifecta of election results, world series baseball, and the Chilean miner rescue.  I’m at the point now where if Elvis was to come out of hiding and announce his plans for a future album live at 9:00 p.m. next Tuesday night, I would NOT be at all surprised.

2.”Websites have even been set up purely for opposition to the show, which seems like a curious move for people who are supposedly avowed fans of the franchise.”

Yes, curious is one word to describe it.  Oddball is another.  After all, if presented with a show they don’t enjoy, any normal person would simply stop watching and move on. And yet, the aforementioned individuals expend so much time and energy obsessing over every aspect of the show’s minutiae, that one would almost think…and here’s the relevation that finally hit me only last week…they actually love the show!  I know it sounds crazy at first blush but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  Even though they’re outwardly critical of the series, their obsession makes it clear that, subconsciously, whether they’re willing to admit it to themselves or not, the show has become a crucial part of their daily lives. For their sake alone, I hope we get that third season pick-up.

3. “The franchise needs your support now more than ever, because if Universe fails, we might not see another series again.”

The franchise needs the support of fans, former fans, and first-timers. No need to discriminate.  But as I’ve already stated on this blog, it’s pretty clear SGU’s audience is out there – they’re simply using alternate means of viewing the show.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SF audiences tend to be younger and tech savvier, the ones most likely to make use of those alternate viewing methods.  Of course, from a network standpoint, that’s all well and good but what have you done for me lately?  And, by lately, I mean live+SD and live+3.

If you want a third season of SGU, the time to act is now.  Petitions aren’t going to ensure a pick-up; increased viewership will.  Get creative.  Get the word out.  Get your fellow SGU fans to get the word out.  Pretend it’s the 1990’s! PVR’s have yet to be invented and the only means of downloading t.v. shows is illegal and you’re all law-abiding citizens! Tune in and watch it live!

And what if the worst happens and this does turn out to be our final season?

Well, from a personal standpoint, I won’t have cause for complaint. After eleven wonderful years on the franchise working with some truly great people, I can say with utmost certainty that my dogs won’t starve.  And I can think of worse fates than moving on to work on some of the personal projects I’ve been sitting on for a while now.  The cast and crew are immensely talented and I have no doubt that they’ll move on to equally great things.  Nevertheless, ending things now would be too bad for a number of reasons:

For starters, and as I mentioned months ago, we already have the end of the series mapped out and it would be a shame to deny fans the awesome conclusion we have in store for Destiny’s crew.  It’s momentous and shocking and ties in to all that has come before, paying off elements from all three entries of the Stargate franchise in a humongous way.

Secondly, recent obvious developments over the past week have increased the likelihood of the SG-1 and SGA finally seeing the green light of a production schedule.  The biggest hurdle has just been cleared and the last thing we need is to stumble before we reach that finish line.

And, thirdly, this second season has been great and continues to get better.  Looking ahead to what lies in store in the next four episodes leading up to the mid-season break:

#217 The Greater Good: Rush’s secret is out and things get very nasty – but, surprisingly, not aboard Destiny.

#218 Malice: A manhunt on an alien world leads one crew member to risk it all for revenge.

#219 Visitation: The crew members we left behind on an artificial world (Faith) make a surprising return.

#220 Resurgence: The investigation of a remote power source leads the Destiny crew to an encounter with a new Big Bad.

It was while I was writing up this blog entry that I received a comment from a Stargate: Atlantis fan who took the time to politely weigh in with her thoughts on fandom, the franchise, and the future of Stargate.  She wrote.  I responded…

KT writes: “I am hoping you do not dismiss me as some “hysterical” SGA fan, as, while I WAS upset that SGA was canceled and the ensuing PR nightmare that followed with regards to what I perceived as dismissive comments towards the age and gender of the existing fanbase, I understand that 5 years is a nice run (and more than a lot of shows get). Cancellation is always disappointing, but it happens.”

Answer: Hi, KT.  Believe it or not, I welcome the input of all fans regardless of what opinion they may hold, so long as they do me the courtesy of expressing themselves politely – or, at the very least, avoid being obnoxious or confrontational.  You’d be surprised how many fans have a hard time doing just that.  Also, I agree with you that five years is a nice run and that cancellation happens, but you should also know that I was as disappointed as all SGA fans when the show ended.  If you check out those early blog entries dating back to when we first heard word that we wouldn’t be returning for a sixth season, I think it’s pretty clear that the entire writers’ room (Paul, Carl, Martin, Alan, and I) was incredibly disappointed to learn we wouldn’t be coming back.  In fact, prior to receiving the bad news, while I won’t say we were outright confident of a pick-up, I will say we were optimistic about that sixth season – to the point where we were even tossing out story ideas for the season that never came.  Ideally, yes, given the choice, I would have jumped at the chance to pair a sixth season of Atlantis alongside Universe’s first season but, unfortunately, I wasn’t given that option. And, in retrospect, maybe it’s a good thing.  If I’d had my way from the get-go, next year’s SyFy Friday’s line-up would look something like this: 8:00 SG-1 (season 16), 9:00 Atlantis (season 9), 10:00 Universe (season 3).  I also agree that the PR following the cancellation could have been better handled.  Pairing the announcement of the Atlantis cancellation with the Universe pick-up did make it seem as though one was replacing the other – which I can assure you wasn’t the case.  The decision on Atlantis was made independent of Universe.

KT writes: “I personally chose not to watch SGU for two reasons: 1) the premise didn’t interest me and 2) I was genuinely offended that my demographic, as a 30 year old woman, was dismissed as unimportant.”

Answer: 1) Fair enough.  Even though I hear great things about Gossip Girl, it’s not a show that appeals to me.  Still, given the fact that you were a fan of the other Stargate incarnations, I’m disappointed it didn’t hold your interest but hope you’ll give it another chance.  As I said earlier, things are picking up significantly in season 2.  2) Not sure what specific comment you’re referring to.  I can’t recall anyone ever dismissing a portion of our audience as unimportant.  There may have been interviews that emphasized a desire to bring in younger viewers, but that had more to do with an effort to broaden the franchise’s appeal and bring in a key demographic that the networks and advertisers – those who have a final say on the fate of our show – particularly covet (Coincidentally, a demo that makes the most use of alternate media platforms – but don’t get me started).  The aim wasn’t to be exclusive but to be more inclusive.

KT writes: “All of that said, I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding the recent blog post that quoted Brad Wright as saying the following […] I will fully admit, when I first read this, I was completely enraged. I’ve not watched SGU, by personal choice, so I’m in no position to comment on the quality of SGU. I’m also not walking around with sandwich boards demanding that SGU be canceled, saying that no one should watch it, or saying disparaging things about the cast and crew.”

Answer: In which case I’m sure the comment wasn’t directed at you but those fans who are saying disparaging things about the cast and crew, saying that no one should watch the show, and demanding it be canceled.  Hard as it may be to believe, they are out there.

KT writes: “Online fandom is vocal, and tends to take the initiative more often to interact with those such as yourselves, which attracts attention, but they do represent a tiny fraction of the viewing audience at large. I want to make it clear my frustration here is based more around feeling ostracized from the Stargate brand at large, and NOT specific criticism towards the existence of SGU.”

Answer: I’m well aware that online fandom is a smaller and much more vocal representation of the larger viewing audience which is why I’ve taken pains to establish a dialogue with them over the course of my many years with the franchise.  That said, there’s a difference between listening to fan concerns and taking dictation.  The squeaky wheel may get the oil but the loudest fans will not necessarily get the creative changes they demand.  I think it’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to listen to what fans have to say but, at the same time, remain true to your creative vision.

KT writes: “I don’t know what I’m hoping for here, aside from some acknowledgment of my frustration over the apparent contradiction in the importance of the online fans that has come to light now that the ratings of SGU are down.”

Answer: I’m well aware of the frustration many longtime fans have felt and I’ve made numerous attempts to try to clarify certain misconceptions (ie. the notion that Atlantis was cancelled in favor of Universe).  I’ve also tried to be as inclusive as possible – always happy to welcome fans, both new and old, but always ready to call people out on rude or infantile behavior.

I think our audience is there but simply growing more diffuse.  It would terrific if the television industry found a way to catch up with the modern media’s technological advancements, find a way to make sure everyone is counted in those ratings – but barring a major miracle, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  The only alternative to ensuring a third season is to bring more viewers to Tuesday nights be they SG-1 fans, Atlantis fans, or fans of  Celebrity Circus.

142 thoughts on “November 6, 2010: Stargate ratings, fandom, and my picky aunt!

  1. Well, I’ve been known to buy some booze or other products because they advertised on SGA. I’ve purchased that show on both Amazon and Itunes to help boost ratings. And it wasn’t enough to make any difference to the fate of that show. So I’m dubious at this point that anything I could do would inspire the same people who shifted SGU to a night where rating behemouths already rule to keep SGU going. Still, I’ll make a stab at it. But short of buying out NBC and reorganizing SyFy, I can’t think of anything that will make them see the logic of renewing the show. Well, I could think of some other things, but those are all illegal, and possibly immoral.
    And to clarify my stand. I love SGA, and only like SGU. But SGU does represent a solid sci fi production, with good writing, acting, and effects in a media that so seldom “gets” sci fi. For that reason alone it’s worth supporting.
    Ok. enough depressing reading. Here’s hoping things look up. And how goes the packing for the trip with Ivon? Any contingency plans in the event he lands you both in jail? Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. Interesting thoughts about Stargate and fandom, Joe. Let me tell you how I came to SGU. I was a fan of SG-1 (from when it started on Scy-Fy) and SGA (from the beginning). When I first heard of the premise of SGU, I wasn’t sure about it, but I decided to give it a chance. Low and behold, I really enjoyed it. Now, I’ve enjoyed more episodes than others, and I didn’t care for the shaky cam thing at first, but I got engaged with the characters and with where it was going and decided I wanted to go along. And the other big thing that happened, watching SGU encouraged me to start writing again. Started out with fanfic, and I am now writing something original and enjoying the process so thank you for that.

    Have a good night!

  3. Being ignorant of the workings of television rating systems, and aware only that we are not a “Neilsen” family, can you explain HOW my live viewing effects the ratings? I’ll be happy to watch live if it makes a difference!

  4. Interesting…and it’s interesting who they pick for Nielson boxes. A friend of mine was picked as a Nielson family…they don’t watch tv. Yes, they have one, but they watch dvd’s or they watch online…..

    It took me awhile to warm up to SGU, but I have (not so Caprica – love some of the actors, but can’t stand the show – loved BSG!) I think it was just such a change from the SG1 and SGA formats and truthfully, except for Eli, I didn’t like any of the characters. Still on the fence about a few, but I have watched from the beginning and truly hope it gets a third season. I watch live, as I do not own a dvr or any recording device, except a vcr (I refuse to get, as I watch too much tv as is). I have occasionally watched online when I missed a rare episode.

    And I really think those rabid fans just need to get a life, get over it…it’s just a fricking tv show…Many of my favorites have been canceled in the past, it’s what happens. (It was the same when Michael Shanks left and everyone was up in arms about it…now Daniel was and is my favorite character, but what I understand Michael asked to leave, his decision and I enjoyed Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn)

    Oh and did you see Christopher Judge on Hollywood Treasures? His Jaffa suit went for $14,000 at auction. He looks smaller and had a shaved head again – could that signify something?

  5. Hi Joe,

    Good blog entry, nice read.

    Who makes the decision on whether or not the show is renewed?

    Could you please pass this along to whoever makes that decision:

    Please renew Stargate Universe. Thank you!

    Thanks 🙂

    Sean D.

  6. Hey Joe,

    Great Blog. I am going to post it on and pin it. I already made an awarness post on, and you basically said what I said. That SGU’s failing could have an impact on the entire franchise.

    I was upset about SGA being cancelled because I just could not believe it was ratings or performance, and thay it was more of a creative decision, and that was fine. I am enjoying SGU, as you saw with my last kudos to you on “Trial and Error”.

    Sometimes change can be good, and sometimes it could be bad. I see SGU has a lot of potential to grow and it would suck if it does not get that chance. I see a lot of SG-1 and SGA in SGU but with it’s own twist, and I think the show has a chance to uptick. Just have to hope for the best. Which is a 3rd season of SGU, a SG-1 movie, and a SGA movie.



  7. Joe, I’m in the, um, let’s just say “grew up with black-and-white TV” demographic and I love all flavors of Stargate. I watch the show live and record it to rewatch (and rewatch and rewatch). I also purchase the DVDs when they come out.

    I do encourage everyone I know to watch the show, and purposely interrupt the water cooler “Dancing” conversations with my SG:U comments.

    I don’t know what I would do if there were no new Stargate to watch.

  8. I am continuing to enjoy Stargate Universe immensely and I think that it is the best Stargate series to date, quality-wise. I like that SGU takes itself more seriously, unlike how SG1 and SGA devolved over time where they spent way too much time parodying themselves or trying too hard to be funny.

    Looking at “Trial and Error”, for example, I liked the realism in that the series did *not* end in an actual alien attack as if the simulations were somehow precognitive. I suppose that given the ship being in Young’s head this episode, it may be reasonable to conclude that it is in Rush’s head too while he’s on the bridge, and that those aren’t hallucinations. On the other hand, they might still be. Surprise me.

    About season 3, I think that its about time for MGM to modernize and move out of SciFi’s shadow and take more charge of its own destiny (no pun intended), especially now that they’ve seemingly cleared their financial troubles. Stargate is a proven franchise and MGM should be confident enough to initial-fund it itself and then put it in syndication plus worldwide direct sales from the start, rather than it being up to a single network as to whether it lives or dies. Especially direct sales. The whole Neilson thing is deeply flawed; watching live won’t help if you aren’t one of the few people with those boxes. Make it available to purchase on DVD and on the internet, and use that income, plus syndication, to fund further development. This takes all the fans into account, not just those in one country with Neilson boxes. Having a single network determine success like this is an antiquated idea that needs to die. Sell directly to the fans instead. If, for example, you go straight to DVD/download by default, you have more flexibility on length and you don’t have to make an exact number of episodes in a particular time.

    Regardless, please don’t compromise on the rest of season 2 if you end up finding SciFi won’t buy a season 3. Tell it without overdue compression. Rather than trying to wrap up the story in the back half of 2 unnaturally, leave it open and be optimistic that at some point you’ll be able to continue, such as on DVD, or in a few years when a buyer manifests, or at worst in a book. Its not like cancellation means that’s it, so prepare as if you can continue, even if there’s a wait. Of course, having some compression and skipping on stuff that only exists to pad a season is best too. A hallmark of a good series is if one can’t look at it and identify that anything is filler.

    Thank you and I look forward to more.

  9. First of all, thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my comment.

    I remember you made some kind posts regarding your disappointment at the cancellation of SGA right after it happened, so I know that you shared it. I should have made that more clear in my original comment. Sometimes, I read your posts and just “agree to disagree” in my head, but I recognize that you probably get a lot of crap, and you keep interacting with the fans, and I appreciate that. That’s the main reason I decided to buck up and say something after I read that quote yesterday, and started thinking about all of this again after so long. 🙂

    I think a lot of my reticence, and thus careful wording on my original comment, was a general branding (not by you specifically) of SGA fans (for the record, I love SG1 just as much!) who chose not to watch SGU as “bitter fangirls”. I see how my decision not to watch could be taken that way, but it actually has very little to do with SGU. I hope it was clear that I’m not hating on SGU in these comments. As I haven’t watched it, I fully recognize that I have no basis to criticize and thus have tried to steer clear of anything that might remotely sound disparaging.

    You said: “There may have been interviews that emphasized a desire to bring in younger viewers[…]The aim wasn’t to be exclusive but to be more inclusive.”


    Fair enough. I can accept that it probably wasn’t intended to come across as exclusive, and while I appreciate that intent, that’s not the way it came across to me at the time. I know a lot of the response has been reactionary and angry. I did feel pretty angry myself at first, though, obviously that has mellowed out over the past two years. I think a lot of my feelings were colored by comments by other executive producers (i.e. not you) that came across (in my opinion) as very “well, if you don’t like it, you don’t GET IT.” It seemed at the time that there was very little tolerance for the fact that, yeah, some people might not get it, but it’s just as possible that they understand it completely, and just aren’t interested. You don’t seem be saying that, based on your responses to me, so don’t take that personally.

    You said: “In which case I’m sure the comment wasn’t directed at you but those fans who are saying disparaging things about the cast and crew, saying that no one should watch the show, and demanding it be canceled.  Hard as it may be to believe, they are out there.”


    I recognize that you are being tongue in cheek there, but I absolutely believe they are out there! I’ve been active in online fandom for 15 years, and I know oh so well that online fandom can bring the crazy. I think my knee-jerk angry reaction at this most recent comment from Brad Wright stems from the fact that I felt rather dismissed as a viewer two years ago, and then I was being told that I was punishing SGU because I was bitter. My first thought was “Okay, so either I matter or I don’t. Pick one”. I realize that may sound unnecessarily confrontational but hey, I’m talking about “my feelings” here! 🙂 I mean, yes, I suppose all that’s technically true, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s a little more complex than that? Maybe it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day, SGU doesn’t have my viewing eyes. But I want to make it clear that the thrust of my comment was “This is why I am no longer following the Stargate franchise right now” as opposed to “OMG SGU STOLE SGA FROM ME SO I HATE IT!” It’s a small difference to some I’m sure, but, I feel, an important one.

    You said: “That said, there’s a difference between listening to fan concerns and taking dictation.  The squeaky wheel may get the oil but the loudest fans will not necessarily get the creative changes they demand.  I think it’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to listen to what fans have to say but, at the same time, remain true to your creative vision.”


    As I said earlier, I cannot imagine how much crap you get from fans. This probably will come across as defensive (and maybe it is, but mostly to clarify to other readers, as they seem to think I have no point or am just whining because I’m bitter judging by a few comments in the previous post), but I don’t expect to be coddled and catered to specifically. I know that I, as a single person, don’t get to call the shots and that you (the general, media industry “you”) think in millions of viewers, rather than individuals when it comes to certain decisions. I mostly chose to speak up because you DO interact almost daily with your blog readers, and, even if you don’t agree, you give them a platform for the airing of praise/grievances. I recognize that most people in your position wouldn’t have taken the time to respond to me at all, especially as I am not currently viewing your production, so you have my thanks for that.

    Separately, in responses to those commenters who’ve said that “rabid fans” such as myself need to “get a life”, all I can say is that I’m not like, obsessing over this daily and making voodoo dolls of the Stargate producers, cast, and crew, wishing plagues upon their houses, while weeping bitter bitter tears into my Sheppard and McKay action figures. I’m just an ordinary fan of both SG1 and SGA, who had some thoughts due to reading a specific article and decided to share them.

    Thanks again, Joe. 🙂

  10. Thank you Joe, for taking the time…

    I am putting in my request along with Sean D., for what it’s worth, to please renew SGU. 🙂


  11. Quote: “The franchise needs your support now more than ever, because if Universe fails, we might not see another series again.”

    Come on, are you a “used car dealer”? I´m workin in a very similar business like yours and i know, how things work.
    Do you wanna know, what the biggest damage for the franchise is? A third Season with this ratings. I repeat one part of my last comment on your Blog: What do you think is happening to Knight Rider, after that peace of s…. in 2009?
    You want the SG-1 and SGA Fans back on the TV Screens? Listen to them, speak to them, without blame. What Brad does is not very effective 😉 I remember the little dispute with the chicago tribune. As a professional, you have to work with the Critics, not against them. The worst for me, is when 100 percent of the people are saying about my work: It´s perfect, it couldn´t be better.
    My personal opinion is that the constructive criticism is an an essential point to get “perfect” result.
    I also repeat the statement from my latest comment: I loved the first description, the idea of SGU. But with the realization I was not satisfied.

    And because I am a great fan of the SGU idea, I wrote an alternate version of SGU in the form of a script (fanfiction) that has no direct relation to SG-1 or SGA, completely new, but still Stargate:) It takes place in the past, when the separation of the Alterans occurred.
    It’s about the ancient history, the exploring, etc. and the escape of the last ancient survivers.
    Enough german english for today. Sorry for the bad translation, I used GoogleLanguage tools 😉


  12. Okay, I’ll say it too,

    Dear Whomever it Concerns,
    Please renew Stargate Universe.
    Thank you.
    Signed, An SGA Lover and I want SGU to succeed too and I am watching!

    Joe, have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I love you.

    I’m reminded of…
    Who can turn the world on with his smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it’s you guy and you should know it. With each blog and every little entry you show it. Fans are all around, no need to fret it. You will have support, why don’t you know it. You’re gonna make it after all!

  13. You refer to the “fickle nature of Stargate fandom”, it doesn’t seem fair to place an expectation on fans of previous shows of the franchise to watch future shows out of loyalty and worse brand them “fickle” for not watching.

    If you make a show they want to watch then they will watch, if you don’t then they won’t – would you really have them give up an hour of their time every week purely out of a sense of loyalty?

    I’m all for celebrating the loyalty of fans but to flip it and call them fickle for not watching is unfair.

  14. Joe,

    I have a few questions regarding live viewing vs DVR vs downloading.

    How would I – a non-Neilson household – make a difference if I watched it live? If I DVR it, again, how would I count? If I download it (not that I do, haven’t a clue where to go), again, how would I make a difference either way? I’d hazard a guess that the bulk of the downloaders are out of the country or don’t have cable/Syfy anyway, so again, exactly how much would it hurt the ratings for Syfy?

    How would a tiny fraction of fandom all of the sudden be at fault for the poor ratings of SGU? I guess not all publicity is good publicity.My brother-in-law has continued to watch – he’s not in fandom at all. He says he watched because at least it’s science fiction, but he’s not all that impressed. (His words, no prompting from me.)

    Also, have you told your aunt that Amanda is in a new show? I’d bet she wouldn’t even recognize her.

  15. @Gary said: “I’m all for celebrating the loyalty of fans but to flip it and call them fickle for not watching is unfair.”

    You know, you’ve kind of hit the nail on the head for the majority of the reason Wright’s comment (and the attached article) bugged me! I was probably over-personalizing a bit in my comments (hey, it happens!) and had some more to add, but yes, this really sums up a core part of what bothered me.

  16. In fact, I am starting to enjoy this second season of SGU whereas I find most of its first season to lack what I consider to be the spirit from SG1 and SGA (and which Warehouse 13 and Eureka seem to also share). That is, a fast-paced light-hearted show filled with comedy, strong sci-fi plots, and never taking themselves too seriously. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the first season at all. I liked the experiments with non-linear storytelling, greater care for continuity (everyone in the same clothes, sunburns fade over a few episodes), callbacks to SG1 plot lines (naquadria, stones, Lucians), and the more ‘realistic’ take on technology (not everything is fixed with swapping crystals). The visual effects are better than ever and the soundtrack is awesome. The plot just progressed slowly, it wasn’t as ‘fun’ as the previous series, it veered too much into the spiritual and focused too much on internal conflict for my tastes.

    I have enjoyed Season 2 more so far. The internal conflict is less and external conflict has increased. Pacing has greatly improved. I am glad the show is paying greater service to mythology – like seeing a Stargate factory (still disappointed it was only a still shot, but loved the SG1 theme). For the most part, plots from the first season have been paying off nicely and I look forward to learn what happened to the ‘Faith’ people. Still waiting to see the results of that repair robot though. The only things I dislike so far is the quick discovery of the bridge (although I would like to agree with the interpretation that the alert on the console Rush saw was notice that his search algorithm finished successfully with directions to where bridge was located) and the fact that Destiny can control the thoughts of people without any physical device (why have the chair neural interface then?).

    I was disappointed with Atlantis in regards to exploring Ancient mythology. There wasn’t much discovery and exploration of the city and most of the Ancients we met were kinda asses. I think the serious had a lot of potential it never really dug into. But the crew of Destiny is slowly discovering the ship’s secrets and learning more about the ship. I hope this will continue– as will the series. However unlikely a renewal may now be, I would like to see SGU continue to grow.

    Now for the “SGA Rules, SGU Sucks” camp – get over it (or fight it out with the “SG1 Rules, SGA Sucks” people). Lest the die-hard fans of Atlantis forget, every Stargate television show thus far has been canceled after its fifth year. Remember, SG1 was canceled after its fifth season on Showtime, only for the SciFi channel to pick it up and produce another five years before canceling it again. I’m not even sure if SyFy Channel has EVER produced a show for longer than five years, so don’t take it as an insult.

  17. Hi Joe,

    For the record I wanted to say I love SGU, it’s one of the best shows on TV and I really, really hope you get picked up for a 3rd, 4th, and 5th season.

    I’m constantly surprised at the venomous and down right aggressive responses SGU seems to attract at the mere mention of low ratings, or interviews with the staff and cast. So much hate for something people claim not to watch.

    Keep up the good work, there are actual fans out there who’re appreciating what you’re creating!

  18. Hmm question for you. If those of us without Nielsen boxes would it not be better for us to actually PVR or Tivo it and watch the next day instead of just watching it live and giveing the show no ratings?

    Or does only those that have Nielsen boxes with TiVos count?

    Question 2: If the show does get cancelled, is there enough story told to where u could tie it all up in a direct to DVD movie?

    Question 3: Do you read all the questions on here or just skip those from people like me whom you banged heads with?

  19. Joe said, “For their sake alone, I hope we get that third season pick-up.”

    I’m glad to see all sides taking “love your enemy” seriously. Warms my heart.

    Too bad DWTS isn’t at 8PM. You could advertise SGU during it. (And by “you” I mean anyone with enough interest to scrounge up the money. I wouldn’t wait on SyFy.)

  20. Taken from what I posted on Sept. 11….

    Okay, although I don’t agree with it, I can understand why some people feel that SGU had a part in the cancellation of Atlantis due to the 2 decisions coinciding with each other time wise. And if anyone who is reading this is one of those people who feel that way, that’s fine because you’re entitled to your own opinions. I’ve heard people say that since they are upset w/ Atlantis being gone that they’re not going to watch SGU… or did watch it at the start but never gave the show an honest chance because of pre-determined prejudices. Here is something to consider though… just like w/ SG-1, there is still a possibility that Atlantis can continue on in movie format. Of course given MGM’s current financial situation an Atlantis movie is not an immediate possibility, but it is a long-term possibility. No, a 2 hour movie is not the same as a 20 hour season, but it still allows for the show (the storyline, and the characters) to stay current and alive. How many other canceled shows can that be said of??? Think of all the TV shows you’ve watched over the years. Usually when a show is scrubbed off the air it is gone for good, with the characters never to be seen or heard from again. However with the Stargate franchise it is different. Why? Because for almost 15 years now Stargate has been on television non-stop. And before you start knocking SGU, consider this… if SGU goes off the air after this season then there won’t be any Stargate programming going on. And if the lights are out at the studio then that means nothing is being filmed… not a TV show, not a movie, not even any behind-the-scenes antics. However if Universe does get renewed for a 3rd season, because of good ratings during Season 2, then that means that the ball keeps rolling… it greater increases the possibility of Stargate movies. Some people have mentioned that they do not care for the different format and/or storytelling that SGU goes by since it differs somewhat from SG-1 & Atlantis, and that is fine if you feel that way but realize that there is a reason for the different format/storytelling… this Stargate team is in a different situation than what the teams in the other previous shows have faced, which allows the possibility to have Stargate stories from a whole new perspective (i.e.- it’s growing the brand allowing the Stargate world to be used in a different way; just like Deep Space 9 did for the Star Trek brand… and in retrospect DS9 put out some of the best thought provoking storylines ever written in Star Trek lore). Plus SGU is being used to still keep the characters and storylines from SG-1 & Atlantis alive and current. If not for SGU we wouldn’t know that Jack is now a 3-star General (and doesn’t know his way around the Destiny), we wouldn’t have seen Sam in action aboard the George Hammond fighting the Lucian Alliance, or would not have known just how involved Daniel is with the recruitment of various individuals for the Stargate program (or that he leads Black Ops missions). In Season 2 both Woolsey & McKay are making their presence known. And you just know that Walter Harriman is still out there somewhere pushing buttons. Not only that but SGU has added so much more to the mystique of the Ancients, giving us info on them that dates way before they created Atlantis. Basically SGU has been able to weave the storylines and characters from the previous two shows along with their own storyline to help further the Stargate cannon as a whole, thus giving a wider spectrum as to what the Stargate world is all about. The future of Stargate rests within the hands of Universe (which interestingly enough is a show about the Stargate’s past). Honestly, when I first watched SGU when it premiered it wasn’t my cup of tea. But I stayed with it because it continued the storyline of my 2 favorite shows (SG-1 & Atlantis) albeit from a different perspective. And you know what, it was the best choice I could have made! I’ve learned so much more about the Stargate world than I ever knew, and it really brought some ideas and storylines from SG-1 & Atlantis full circle in ways I never would have expected. I realized that the same writers & producers (and same crew) from my favorite 2 shows were the same ones putting this show together, so I trusted them… and it paid off. If you want to see more of Atlantis & SG-1, then you need to give SGU a chance (rent the Season 1 dvds and watch several of the episodes back to back… it will make a huge difference!). Remember if you turn your back on SGU, then you are turning your back on Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis. If the ratings are good for the first 10 episodes of SGU’s Season 2 then it will be renewed and Stargate will keep keeping on; if the ratings aren’t there though…

    –>Bottom line: if you like Stargate albeit SG-1 or Atlantis then you need to support SGU so that you can have the opportunity to see more SG-1 and Atlantis!

    —>UPDATE: by saying “need” to support SGU, no, I am not saying that you have to take an hour out of your life to watch a show if you do not like it; but that people should not start bashing the existence of the show if they really are Stargate fans, because if SGU ends right now then all of Stargate itself is gone via studio productions. For those who don’t prefer the SGU storyline/format that is fine (it’s your right), but when the powers that be only hear the grumblings (because people comment most when they have negative things to say as opposed to people not always commenting when they have positive things to say) they take that as a reflection of the public’s opinion of Stargate as a whole- not as a reflection of “liking the old shows better than the new shows.” As Stargate fans we all need to come together to support the franchise, not tear it down, or we never will see “the old shows” again in movie format. It’s a matter of thinking longterm gratification over instant gratification.

  21. Hello.

    Glad to hear the news about the movies making progress. I know we are all excited to hear about this…

    That said, I enjoy SGU, and want to make sure that it survives so we can see what you have in store for us.

    I think news of the movies will calm the fracturing of the fan base. I also agree that the fans who complain are pretty knowledge about what goes on in the show, so they must enjoy it on some level… Makes sense to me.

    Best wishes,


  22. And along w/ everyone else: kindly ask someone at SyFy to renew SGU for season three. I know this comment makes little difference in the grand scheme of things, but I figure you have a huge following here, and our support has to count for something, especially if execs for the network check in from time to time. I don’t know.

    Best Wishes,


  23. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    I’ve been reading the blog ever since I found it and I have to just say that I wish my viewcount could go to the overall!

    I don’t normally watch SGU due to the fact that I don’t have cable/dish to get SyFy, so I have to rely on Hulu to watch the SGU episodes. As for the more seedier tech-savvy elements I could use, I would rather not disrespect the show by using alternative means.

    But I just wanted to say that I’m hooked on Stargate Universe and I’m a huge fan of Stargate in general, and I think that you all do great work.

    Now if only Hulu would hurry up and post new episodes already. ;P

  24. I watch SG:U live. I love the show. I look forward to it every Tuesday. I think it is the best of the three.

    I purchased the first season of SG:U.

    I didn’t watch SG:1 until it was picked up by SciFi channel. I watched all five seasons of SG:A, but I thought the last two seasons were outstanding.

    Anyway I hope SG:U is renewed for a third season. As I said before I think it is a good show with good stories.

    If fact if I had to chose, then I would chose a third season of SG:U over movies of SG:1 and SG:A.

  25. Hi Joe,

    I think the most frustrating thing is that the SGU fans are there…they’re just not there in the way that matters to the people at SyFy. Or, more accurately, their advertisers. Everyone agrees that the current system of accounting for viewership is arcane and outmoded, but it seems like the existing structures related to TV show production and distribution are so complex that “fixing it” isn’t something that’s going to happen for a very long time…if ever. The collateral damage may well be shows like SGU and Sanctuary who are caught in a sort of Catch-22, undone by the very skills of the people who appreciate them the most.

    I do watch the show live off of one satellite box…and record it off a second one, simultaneously. If that’s of any help or not, I have no idea. Most of my friends who are fans of the genre already watch SGU and those who don’t have tried and simply not found it to be their cup of tea. To be honest, it’s difficult to recruit non-scifi fans to the show, especially when there are so many other more mainstream shows going head to head with it. I fault SyFy for the current scheduling debacle. Surely they had some inkling what they were going to be up against on Tuesdays and could have made some course-corrections accordingly. I know Tuesdays have had a good showing for them in the past, but those were summer shows up against very weak competition and can hardly be generalized over the rest of the primary viewing months. While I personally love having my two favorite shows…SGU and Sanctuary…split up over the week (I can actually look forward to two nights now, instead of just one…), I’d gladly return to watching them back to back if it would help the numbers. I really hope SyFy considers rearranging their schedule to find a more hospitable night for SGU before they decide its fate. /rant

    I do wish you were in charge of programming, though, Joe. Seasons 16 of SG-1, 9 of SGA and 3 of SGU sounds like a sweet hat trick to me. If only!

    Thanks for listening.


  26. @KT

    Thanks and don’t worry you are certainly not alone in that opinion, I don’t participate in all this community stuff but I just read all the comments on the article Joe linked and it seems clear that the producers are alone in their views.

    Nobody is buying into this blame game that is being played and I think there is good justification for fans to be annoyed by some of the things that have been said, only a tiny number of those people started out annoyed – most gave the show a fair chance.

    I just resent being called fickle – I have been watching Stargate since 1997, I have all the SG-1/SGA/Movie DVDs on my shelf and I like to think I have done my part to make the franchise successful over the years, its disappointing to be called fickle because I didn’t step up and get behind SGU just because it has Stargate in the title.

  27. @KT, you feel like an undesireable demographic… I’m over 60, female, retired.

    Joe, I’m still trying.

    I’m everybody’s “good listener”, I hear divorce, despair, alcohol and angst from family and friends. I tried SGU again this week. Right off the bat: Emily wants a divorce … what could we possibly talk about that would do any good? … TJ looks cut to the quick, rightly so… AND I’m oughta here, no, can’t take any more pain and drama today. Yes, I know it got better, but right then I couldn’t take it.

    I want the SGA movie. If you really think it will do any good, I’ll turn on SGU every week, first run, even if I have to leave the room – but, can that possibly help at all? It doesn’t seem that it would, but I’m willing!

  28. Note to self: jot down advertisers during next week’s SGU. I’ve seen some ads recently that appear to target over-40s like myself. Cialis springs to mind…I thought it an odd advertiser for a series that supposedly skews young.

  29. I want to say thank you for responding so in depth to that person’s email. I have come here in the past, as a lover of SGA and someone who was bitterly dissappointed that it was cancelled, only to see what I’m sure was the byproduct of you having been inundated with people that blamed you, personally, as the face of The Man behind SGA; What I’m saying is, I came here, and it seemed like you were just overtly rude, condescending, and dismissive of all SGA fans who were disappointed. The view by and large of those of us technologically inclined viewers was that SGA wasn’t good enough, the fans didn’t matter, and that they got rid of SGA and were geared towards garnering a younger audience for SGU, and were pretty much wanting to be Battlestar Galactica 2, the Stargate Version. And until I read your blog, I was pissed at SciFi (because it was SciFi back then, I hate that SyFy thing, is that “younger” and “hipper” or something?) for crapping on it’s viewers to get younger ones, but reading your blog I became angry with YOU for being so dismissive of us. I do understand that you must have been inundated by bitchy/unreasonable/hateful comments/emails/etc by that point though. Still, I really appreciate the care you took in answering this persons email because I feel less dismissed and less pissed at you, specifically.

    I hear from fellow SGA fans that SGU got better (I hung around for 4 episodes and couldn’t get into it) to the point of being Really Good, so I’ve been contemplating catching up, and I truly hope I dig it. I miss my SG love.

    Also, can you maybe have a talk with the hollywood wonks that care about Neilson’s and telling them they can’t really rely on Neilson’s if everyone I know has never known anyone that actually HAD a damn Nielson box. it makes no difference if I watch it live or download it for free or illegally to you as my vote isn’t counted either way, so… why should I be conscientious? Give me a petition to sign I’ll sign it, give me a neilson’s box I’ll watch it live. I want my vote counted not some jackass that has really bad taste in boring ass television shows like has-been actors dancing really, really badly.

  30. @Gary

    I found the comments to that article to be fascinating. They were, for the most part, civil and well-thought out. Strong opinions, sure, but there wasn’t as much straight up hatefulness (for either “side”) as I expected. That was a pleasant surprise!

    Thanks for the kind words!


    I could rant about the issues I have with the advertising business model, its coveted demographics, etc, but I don’t think anyone wants to hear it, nor would it be particularly productive. But yeah, I feel you! 🙂

  31. A couple of additional comments: I watch first broadcast live whenever possible, tape-delay when I can’t. Don’t like DWTS. NCIS enjoyable, but not enough to skip SGU.

  32. SGU isn’t bad.
    I’m not sure about people hating it actually loving it…I can see where they’re coming from. It’s more of a loyalty issue; they want to support the franchise but they don’t want SGU. Realistically, I don’t think they’ll jump on the bandwagon until the Lucien Alliance attack on Earth happens, and the episodes take place majority on Earth. Seeing RDA, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder even, maybe even Chris Judge will really buff you in the eyes of the criticizers.
    In my opinion, bring back the old Young like you did and you’re fine. His arrogant, military “Shut up and do what I tell you” is reminiscent of Gen. O’Neill, and it’s a gazillion times better than “chug chug gulp the alcohol chug chug”. The lead up to Destiny’s real mission is intense, I love how you’re alluding to that.
    Good luck, and jfyi I’d really enjoy some RDA too.

  33. I have to admit that when I first saw SGU I was shocked at what I saw. It was such a different feel from the previous shows that I felt like I was watching something entirely different and I could feel some doubt as to whether or not I would continue to watch the show, but by the end of “Air Part 3” I knew I was going to like watching the show if not love it. Season 2 has by far been the best thing to happen to my tuesday nights in a long time and I eagerly await what’s next for Destiny and her reluctant crew. I can only hope that we get more of the awesome you guys dish out on a weekly basis for years to come!

  34. “…it would be a shame to deny fans the awesome conclusion we have in store for Destiny’s crew”

    A Stargate comicbook !

  35. Joe it seems very unfair for SGU to be judged along side of DWTS, or whatever show the big networks have on. It seems unfair that SyFy would compare itself to any show other than one on another cable network. Unlike regular TV channels, not everyone has cable or satelite. Cable shows should compare their ratings to other cable shows. That would be the fair way to measure. Wouldn’t it?

    Joe you have been nothing but a patient gentleman. Please tell me why, if someone takes issue with something Brad Wright has said, why don’t they write Brad Wright at the Studio address and tell him? Why, three years later, do they still come here to pout, accuse, moan, whine, gather together like vultures to vent and spew their hatred bitterly complaining and dredging up the past? Why? Bitch!, bitch!!, bitch!!! I’m sick of hearing it!!!

  36. So happy when I read about MGM. Here’s to a movie or two.

    We know that everyone was disappointed when SGA was cancelled. But in the life of a TV show, five years is usually the max. Many times, the actors and other talent are only in five year contracts. Many times these talented people are entitled to a bump in pay, etc. Networks don’t always want to pay for that. Not sure how Syfy works in that respect. Would SGA have been profitable if it had gone on to a sixth season? That’s another question that the executives ask themselves.

    My question to the executives at Syfy is if you do decide to cancel SGU (goodness, it won’t happen, I hope), where’s your anchor show? There’s practically nothing on Syfy right now that’s worth watching. Stargate has been such a moneymaker for them. You would hope they’d look at that and say nope, can’t cancel. Too valuable a show. SG-1 really made Syfy a player in the cable market. I just don’t understand their strategy of moving the show and not doing much advertising for it.

    Lastly, no producer in their right mind would ever want a show to be cancelled. Even if they were going to have not one, but two shows on the air. More balls to juggle, more money and credits to their names. I just think that Syfy cheaped out, knew they had enough SGA episodes to rerun them, and cancelled it. It had nothing to do with quality, ratings, the people running the show. Damn business people.

    So here’s to SGU surviving for another season. It’s still Stargate, it’s still damn good, still better than 99 percent of the crap on TV.

    P.S. –Hey, how’s Jelly doing? Any more treatments?

  37. Ok for a start I don’t like SGU…it is not a bad show I just personally don’t like it…it is just not my type of show….BUT I would never start a hate campaign or anything like that…that is so childish…

    Don’t know whether or not you have heard Joe but Michael in New Zealand and yesterday in LA has told the audiences..

    A) to stop harrassing the actors they are only doing a job…having seen how they treated Alaina at Dragon Con

    B) to stop downloading the show and instead watch it!

    Kriss 🙂

  38. Joe, it’s great that you posted this and addressed these issues. People need to be aware of these things. But I have a question – how can international viewers help? If 3 million people in the US and 2 million people in Canada watch the show live 10 or 15 million people globally don’t. How can we change that? It’s not about creativity or how many friends we tell to watch the show, they would still not be able to watch to live. I’m in a timezone +9 hours ahead of Vancouver and even if it means that I have to wake up and watch SGU at 4 in the morning, I will if I know this would help. I’m sure many franchise loyal fans feel this way. Ultimately, it’s a network’s failure not to make sure viewers are counted properly. They can invent their internal system for counting the “alternative” viewers so they can be sure that actually many more viewers watch it that the Nielsen system registers. Networks put million every year in programming and development of new shows, promotion and marketing, they get tons of money from selling the shows to foreign TV channels across the globe and still can’t find internal, “for their use only”, way to count the viewers. This is not right at all. You have always said that the studio and network were very supportive of the franchise, but I’m sure you feel that all this is wrong. Some other networks started canceling shows even after 2 episodes — how absurd is that, you can’t decide if you want to watch a show only after 40 or 80 minutes. They are obsessed with cutting costs and I’m sure they can’t explain even to themselves why their are going through all the troubles of creating a show, casting, sets construction, hiring crew, writers, promotion and then – hey we are airing just 80 minutes.

    So, back to my question – how can international viewers help. Online petitions and letters to the studio are the only sure way. It help for “Chuck” two years ago and now the shows is grown and it got full episode order for it’s current season.

  39. Don’t you live in Canada yourself? 😉
    I’m not sure about Canada, but over where I live there is no way to watch SGU anywhere close to live – buying DVDs is the only way I can support the show.

    Episode 18 of the FIRST season aired two days ago. I take it watching that via analogue TV (and obviously no Neilsen box or such) won’t help you out whatsoever, so I hope you don’t me watching it by other means to not have to wait until the DVD releases to watch the show.

  40. Joe said: “There may have been interviews that emphasized a desire to bring in younger viewers, but that had more to do with an effort to broaden the franchise’s appeal and bring in a key demographic that the networks and advertisers – those who have a final say on the fate of our show – particularly covet…”

    Truer words were never spoken. The bottom line in all of this is male 18-34 year olds. It’s what the advertisers want, and thus what the studio (MGM) and network (Syfy) must try to attract.

    How do I know this? Because I heard it in an elevator discussion several weeks back. Some exec was gushing about how excited he was over the high ratings (not a Syfy or MGM show) coming in for this demographic. It was like no other age or gender existed in his thinking. The problem is that this perception comes from advertisers. They think that somehow this age group has more money to spend then any other age group or gender. And that thinking has carried a lot of weight in the last few years because of the ever shrinking revenue studios and networks are struggling to bring in.

    So then, what of SGU? Personally, I think the whole issue of SGU verses SGA or SG-1 is self-defeating in every aspect possible. I think it’s obvious how passionate we all are about one or more of these shows, the actors in them, and supportive of the creative talent behind them. And we all want respect for our opinions. These are not conflicting feelings. These are the same feelings we all share. I’m not a huge fan of SGU in the same way I was with SGA. But I support the people and spirit in which it is being made. So if I, an old fat woman, have to strap my 24 and 26 year old nephews to chairs Tuesday nights and make them watch SGU and buy the advertisers products (Christmas is coming) in order to keep the Stargate franchise alive, then, I’ll do it! 🙂

  41. Well, for you and the cast and crew’s sake, I hope more people will watch live in the next few weeks.

    And I hope you will continue to update your blog, at least weekly, I’d miss the Pugs in particular, if you don’t.

    But I wonder if interacting with the fans is always such a good idea? Perhaps some day you will write about the pitfalls of having done so.

    For instance, if I believed things I read on blogs and some sites, you are single handedly responsible for the cancellation of SGA, you hated the show and are one of the prime movers behind the creation of SGU. You deliberately sabotaged Season 5 somehow so you could get the new show made.

    Also, just heard that some fans told a certain actor at a con that you had made disparaging comments about that actor on you blog. Now you may have hinted about issues, but I don’t believe you have ever come out and abused anyone here. But that is how wars get started, or at least how the fires are kept well-stoked.

    So if you think about it, has the fan-interaction here been more positive than negative? Just wondering what you think.


  42. So..a question. We’ve seen Destiny implant visions (rather similar to the good old Star Trek Kobayashi Maru exercise,) Rush receive helpful tips and rather pointed queries from dead people he believe to be manifestations of the ship, TJ was soothed through a traumatic experience by a vision, and Franklin was…absorbed or something, at which point the ship started delivering more cooperative results. Are we to assume that Destiny is trying to train and nurture a crew as part of her mission? Rush has always said she’d work better with a crew…

  43. SG:U shows on Sky1 in the UK and like other networks may be a week or so behind SyFy for showing an episode. Okay, so US viewership on Tusdays live at 9 may be poor, but do the ratings from other countries help a studio decide if picking up series (I’m British, we don’t call them ‘seasons’ here you know) three is worth while?

    Re-watching series 1 of SG:U and I like it more than I had first time around; much more ‘real’ and thought provoking than the enjoyable but predictable “tune in next week to see McKay save the galaxy from a bigger threat!” episodes of SG:A or SG:1. All are good but SG:U is more grown-up for me…

  44. Sadly the possibility of a third SGU season is diminishing.

    The ratings that matter to Skiffy (AKA SyFy) have not improve.

    There also seems to be a shift away from drama heavy shows to action/comedic shows on Skiffy.

    If there is to be a continuation of the Stargate franchise than a rebooted new series that regain the lost SG1/SGA viewers might interest the Skiffy suits. IMO

  45. Finally, you addressed the issue of SGU and its ratings. I hope it’s not because someone from Syfy contacted you and let you know how dire the situation is. Good to hear about the movies having some progress, but right now I’m totally committed to Universe, and seeing how amazing the show is, it’s downright sad to see Live numbers not living up to show itself. I hope SGU gets as many seasons as you have planned, I promise to stick around for the whole ride.

    I’ve also joined the Awareness Campaign, doing all I lone self can do. But we need more people, bigger masses joining the cause. Maybe you posting link to the Campaign thread would help.*Check-OP*

    Hoping for the best.

  46. As a massive fan of the Stargate franchise, I’m gutted to hear all this negative surrounding any of its shows. I’m as disappointed as anyone when they get cancelled, I love the characters and would gladly watch them every day for the rest of my life. It just takes time to readjust, so I hope SGU does get more seasons, though if they do go beyond five seasons the feeling would definitely be bittersweet after SGA’s surprising end. I can only hope that ratings do improve. As a fan in the UK, and without SKY, I can only watch when I either *cough* watch online somewhere, or wait until I can afford the DVDs. So I do get concerned when there is talk of ratings because nothing I do will affect the decision. However, if this were an election and we could all have a vote, I would vote for more Stargate, in whatever format!!! Its too good a concept to let go of.

  47. I’m someone who’s never seen any Stargate episode in their entire lives before SGU came along. Not a single one. I don’t even know who Amanda Tapping IS!

    I started watching SGU because it looked grown-up. And I missed having a sci-fi show. And Robert Carlyle was a draw too – I’ve watched and loved many of his stuff over the years.

    Yet I’m struggling to stay with the show. I’m considering letting it go. And yes, I watch it in real time. But it seems that BW et al can’t conceive of someone doing this unless they’re a longtime franchise fan who’s pissed off at the contrast between this and previous SGs.

    So if we stop watching, it’s not YOUR fault, right? It’s the fans either A. not willing to make the transition to this darker style, or B. not watching in real time.

    What I’m hearing loud and clear is: ITS EVERYONE ELSES FAULT!

    So why should I bother expressing my concerns when you don’t seem to think non-franchise viewers even exist?

    Well, I will anyway, cos I’m mouthy, heh heh. Basically at this stage Robert Carlyle is the main reason I’m hanging in there. So whatever you’re paying him, buddy, he’s worth it.

    I’m weary of the pacing – or lack of it. Not in the big ticket explosion stuff, but the pacing with regards to the personal interactions on board. They’ve been all living together for ages now and barely seem to be able to be in the same room. There’s little camaderie or bonding. Eli is the only one who seems to be making an effort. No-one responds to him that much.The rest? Brittle, defensive and hostile. Even TJ who’s a nice person, keeps herself to herself from the beginning, and that hasn’t changed. So no great intimacy with other crew members there. I don’t for a second believe these people are friends. Cos they’re not! They’re just rubbing very reluctantly along with each other. And if they don’t love each other – why the hell should we, Joe???

    So I don’t care about these people as much as I should. Young is so full of flaws that he’s kinda lost me. Rush is flawed but he still looks conflicted. Young just looks pissed off all the time. Even when he’s doing a mercy killing I can’t sympathise with him at this stage cos he’s been a tool since Day One. If you survive (& I hope you do) please write scenes of them just hanging out together. As a team. They badly need it.

  48. Hi ! (bonjour) I am a French fan of Stargate Universe and I find it pathetic that people destroy any responses through the series. When you do not like a series you do not look !! nothing more nothing less! We try not to cancel.

    I’ve found too that the season 1 were sometimes boring and useless however it is a revival and season 2 is great If there is a season 3, by chance, I strongly demand the production to add the action, discovery and less blah-blah-blah.

    I hope for Season 3, even a season 3 test with fewer episodes.

    My little French, I can not do anything to help SG • U .. I ask the American fan watching the series LIVE just time it is renewed, and return Friday to the mid season.

    Download NCIS and other series and look Stargate live please.

    They are not comparable, so please stop the bashing for us please, for us fans.

    The hope is life, so I hope for Stargate-Universe.

    I was born with Stargate (1994) I want to die with !

    I hope, please SyFy ..

  49. A little story on SGU and how it fits into the Stargate franchise because you were wondering about SG-fans not liking SGU:

    My parents have been watching Stargate ever since it premiere here in Germany. Every Wednesday night (it’s the time it airs here) they sat in front of the TV and watched thge show, be it either SG1 or SGA or a repetition they already knew. But when SGU aired my father came up to me saying something like “WTF is this??” It took them only a few episodes to quit watching the show at all.
    And they never ever heard anything about all the PR and they didn’t have any problems with SGA when it first aired.

    As you might remember or not. I personally haven’t watched more than one episode (time) from SGU which didn’t really make me want to see more actually. It’s not that I disliked it… it just didn’t raise any particular interest. Maybe it’s just not that special any more as SG1 and SG and just another SciFi show among many to me.

    Just a few thoughts…

  50. SGU is a verry good show, thanks Joe for that. I’m french and I hope rating will be up for the next time, because i really need a new season ! I’m verry sad to see lot of poeple who doesn’t like SGU just because SGA get cancelled… So I’m with you ! No giving up !

    And please, watch the live !

  51. Hello, i’m french and i love SGU, i don’t want cancellation.

    This show is very very awesome, i want/need much season!

    Please, all of American Fan’s of SGU, Watch the live of SGU, that’s the only chance to save SGU.

    SGU , All Tuesdays night on SYFY.

    (i’m french, sorry for my english).

    Rendez-vous tout les Mardis soirs sur Syfy, si vous n’êtes pas encore fans, devenez le !

  52. Joe, it pains me to say this but if the network caught up with all the alternate viewing media, SGU would still fall short when compared to other shows because then they would collect all the info regarding alternate media from those shows. There would be new standards and expectations. Live views always hint if a show is popular or not, regardless of ads.
    Sci-fi shows of this caliber haven’t been done alot and they certainly lack an audience due to its departure from the humor that energized sci-fi tv for a long time.

    And when Stargate is concerned, there was always a fantasy element to it that resonated with certain fans. SGU lacks that by being on a ship and no being able to meet new civilizations. I like the direction SGU took but I’m just offering an explanation. Someone said online that SGU has no wonder and sense of discovery, a critique which Ebert used against the original Stargate movie; to me thats an absurd remark to make because I find SGU full of child-like sense of discovery and awe but its not spoon-fed to the viewers and I like that. It just baffles me really when I hear that. Another criticism I read was that there is too much whiny drama and not characters trying to solve their problem. And I don’t have a response to that one, because it seems to relinquish everything about story-telling to the extreme. It’s like sci-fi to them has been reduced to “problem-solving” for each episode. No wonder people hated the stones. SGU is not the problem here Joe, its the fans.

    But if I may, here is a suggestion I’m throwing out there that might help SGU get picked up for a third season, I written it as a forum thread:

  53. Joe

    You are right about the different programming. I watch both NCIS shows as well as Burn Notice. Alot of SGA fans are not hysterical. I for one wish SGU luck, but do not watch. If you as some of the other SGA fans have said since you and gang are not appearantly doing the movie had given SGA season 5 a good ending. You would not be having viewing problems about SGU. You know what most of SGA fans wanted. As I said I wish SGU luck.

  54. Yes Joe there are a variety of shows out there, I for one watch The New Hawaii Five-O both NCIS shows and Burn Notice. I am not weepy over voodoo dolls. What alot of SGA fans are saying is that you, SyFy and MGM have let them down about the movie. Also if you had given season 5 a good ending instead of leaving it in cliffhanger there would not be this much of a fuss. I am one of those SGA fans who wish SGU luck. I never wish any show bad luck only good luck.

  55. I’ve never quite understood that part of the “fans” who actively berate shows but claim never to watch them. It’s one thing to simply not like the show and be able to discuss the matter civilly like KT, but I just don’t get these people that seem to make it their life’s mission to tear it down. The rest of their lives must be very much in order for them to have so much time on their hands. Or, more likely not.

    Even though I’m in the relatively unimportant Canadian market, and have no direct input to the ratings even there, I still try to support the show by watching live on Friday nights (as late as it is here in Atlantic!). And let me tell you now that it’s available after Tuesday nights when we don’t get it here until Friday, it’s a big temptation! I feel by downloading the show illegally, it still supports that whole download mentality, whether you would be counted otherwise or not. It might be comforting to oneself to think that since you’re only one of many that your actions won’t really make a difference. But the problem is that if everyone is thinking that way, no one would be watching live. Plus, I think it’s just bad “karma”, if you want to call it that. I try to do everything I can to support this show and the franchise because I feel it is top quality entertainment and I enjoy it, and that the people involved in making it should also benefit from their work. If it was me, I would want to!

    Anyway Joe, I’m really hoping for a third season (and more!) because this is the only show that I actually look forward to seeing every week. You guys are all doing a great job and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the season. Keep up the good work!!

  56. Joe, looked up the word fickle in the dictionary, its an adjective, didn’t seem so bad a word to me, but hey I am not an English teacher. thanks for teaching us new words. I like the word chocolate also, just a point.
    I watch SGU at the same time it is taping, so hope that helps. Can’t get into dwts, although I like dancing, too much drama, like a majority of the reality shows, and thats probably why they gave me a remote control with my tv so I can freely change channels. Do hope the movies come out for the Stargate franchise, would like to see them.
    I hope you are having a warmer day than we are here in Fla, I see the sun, but its not really warming yet. 😉

  57. Hello Joe.

    I am curious, could you please devote an entry to this “recent obvious development over the last week” regarding the SG-1 and SGA movies? Sounds interesting for those of is who are curious about films in production limbo in general.

    Best Wishes,


  58. Dear Joe,

    I love your show and I´m big impressed that you take your time to answer questions from the fans.

    Now I have a question of big importance to me, and would ask if you could be so kind to answer it.

    Is there anything you can tell us about a comment which made Brad Wright, regarding Julie McNiven, especially how she recurs:

    “They have recurring arcs — Mike all through the season and Julie too, surprisingly. I say surprisingly because there are events that will make it seem unlikely, but she recurs (laughs).”


    Please, please can you tell me something regarding her story arc, because I love Julies charakter Ginn and it´s just heartbreaking what will probably happen to her in the next episode.

  59. @Gary

    “Nobody is buying into this blame game that is being played and I think there is good justification for fans to be annoyed by some of the things that have been said, only a tiny number of those people started out annoyed – most gave the show a fair chance.

    I just resent being called fickle – I have been watching Stargate since 1997, I have all the SG-1/SGA/Movie DVDs on my shelf and I like to think I have done my part to make the franchise successful over the years, its disappointing to be called fickle because I didn’t step up and get behind SGU just because it has Stargate in the title.”

    I am one of those “fickle” and “rabid” SGA fans. But like KT, “I’m not like, obsessing over this daily and making voodoo dolls of the Stargate producers, cast, and crew, wishing plagues upon their houses, while weeping bitter bitter tears into my Sheppard and McKay action figures.” (LOL! I love this description!)

    And guess what? I did give SGU a fair chance – I’ve watched four episodes at the beginning of s.1. I didn’t like what I saw, so I stopped watching. I was a Stargate fan from the moment I watched the original movie in a theatre. I’ve watched SG-1 live from s.6 and all of SGA live. I own ALL seasons (and movies) of SG-1 & SGA on DVD. More so, I’ve gifted DVD boxes of both shows to friends over the years. I’ve supported the franchise emotionally & financialy over many years & it hurts (yes, emotional reaction) to be dismissed as “rabid” and “fickle”. Why? Because I don’t watch a show I don’t like, and which I’m told I SHOULD watch just because it has “Stargate” name slapped on it? I just don’t see my fan loyalty going that far, especially when SGU has so little in common – in terms of teamwork, adventure and humour – with the Stargate I’ve come to know and love.

  60. I enjoyed the blog today. I admit, the first sex scene almost turned me off SGU but I’m glad I stuck with it.
    Sci-fi is a true addiction of mine and I mourn every sci-fi show that is canceled. As a genre, the sci-fi audience is often overlooked/ignored. I totally agree with you about sci-fi audiences using alternative methods to watch TV. The networks haven’t caught up to us yet. They must think we are all very young, single, w/o kids/hobbies/jobs that can sit and watch TV exclusively?
    Being the mom of a teenager, means that I’m not home, at times. So I DVR “most” of the shows I watch. I RARELY get to watch any show live but I’ll try to keep the SGU franchise on the air by catching it live, when I can.
    Thanks for the upcoming teasers. If only you would speed up the pace!!!!!!! I hate waiting…..

  61. I write and twitter and facebook my heart out about SGU and really hope that it gets a third season (and more!) I’ve been loving this story and it would be a real loss if it finished earlier than expected, so yep, doing my part.

    I also hope that the new nature of watching SGU – online, downloads, PVR – is being factored into the equation somehow. At some point, more and more people will watch things in new ways and Nielsen will become ever more dated as a method of gauging viewership. I just really hope someone is factoring that in in the places where it counts 🙁

    It’s a shame that fan unreasonableness is still going on but it’s good to know that there are some that can put forth a case in a reasonable manner, so – kudos 🙂

  62. Great blog entry Joe, that really sums it up perfectly, exactly what I think about this “situation”.

    As big SGU supporter the only thing that really annoys me is that people have so much time they invest it in making an anti SGU site! Hopefully those people will grow up someday?

    And thanks so much for asking Louis F. another bunch of the fan questions. It was to funny to hear him speak about the camera prank, poor Robert Carlyle, maybe he´ll have his little revenge someday 😀

  63. @Ponytail said: “Please tell me why, if someone takes issue with something Brad Wright has said, why don’t they write Brad Wright at the Studio address and tell him? Why, three years later, do they still come here to pout, accuse, moan, whine, gather together like vultures to vent and spew their hatred bitterly complaining and dredging up the past?”

    I can only answer for myself on this (as with everything I’ve said, only speaking for myself), but they are all executive producers for the show, and what they say affects the general brand, which is what I was addressing.

    Joe is out here engaging the fans, so, in what I perceive as his role as an informal “mouthpiece” for such matters, I asked him what his thoughts were. I was hardly spewing “hate” in my comments. I cannot control how you interpret what I said, obviously, but at no time did I attack or insult anyone.

    As for “dredging up the past”, Brad was quoted as saying the words that spurred my comment in an article posted within the last few days. I don’t find my choice to query about it now to be unreasonable or inappropriate, and if it was, Joe could have easily just not responded.

  64. Oh, and SGU needs at least 5 seasons, everything else would be disappointing.
    To bad I can not directly support the ratings. But I try to make promotion for it everywhere I can! 🙂

  65. @Gary
    I didn’t really feel offended by such comments from the producers but I kind of have to agree with you 😉

    @Mr. Mallozzi
    you wrote:
    “…And yet, the aforementioned individuals expend so much time and energy obsessing over every aspect of the show’s minutiae, that one would almost think… and here’s the relevation that finally hit me only last week… they actually love the show!…”

    Sorry, I have to disagree. Given that there is no other space related show at all, as a SciFi fan, you don’t actually have any choice. You can only take what you can get… A litte of space exploration is more than nothing. It doesn’t imply that one likes it! If you have to ask the fans to watch the show, don’t you think there is something wrong? Did you ever have to ask the fans to watch either SG-1 or SGA? What does it take to make you realize that this is not what we want nor what we like?

    I think that SciFi-fans are the most loyal fans you can get. As such it is only natural that they feel like SGU is taking advantage of their loyalty and thus thay are as disapointed as they are loyal. Then again, I can only truly speak for myself. I have to say, that my disapointment let me to stop watching all together. I think I was patient enough enduring an entire season just to find out what it is about (given that I didn’t like any of the episodes). Occasionally I start missing space so much that I check it out again, but so far in the second season I stopped watching any of the episodes I tuned in after about 5 to 10 minutes as there really is no improvement whatsoever. I am sorry if you find this mean or unfair or whatever, but there is only so much I am willing to endure.

    None the less, I wish you all the success you are looking for. Rest assured that I would give any other stargate related show another chance, should there ever be one. However, as a disapointed stargate fan I have but one option: Avoid the fanchise as long as there is nothing else out there. There is literally nothing else for people like me to do! I hope, you (or any of the people involved in the show) don’t take this as a personal attack. The best I can do is not to watch and in return also not to rant about it. Therefore, given that I don’t have any interest in dogs, food or SGU this is most likely my final entry here.

  66. I am one of those on the fence. I watched SG-1 and Atlantis on TV, and I tried to spread the word. Even during the first season of SGU, I tried to get people to watch (and actually succeeded in getting my friend watching, finally). But I have to admit I’m on the fence now. I wouldn’t mind watching more SGU, but if it gets canceled, I have to be honest in saying it would no longer bother me.


    While I understand the desire to do things different in SGU, there are too many things present that are really making it hard to watch. The soap opera moments, the shaky cam, the music montages, the prevalence of sex and unrealistic relationships (having two people jump in bed after having known each other for less than 48 hours, and trying to portray that as a relationship lasting a year?)

    I’d be a more enthusiastic fan if the focus was more on the sci-fi (I can take character drama, just relationship drama bores me especially when not done well), got rid of the shaky cam, and got rid of most of the music montages. I also found episodes like Time and Cloverdale to be especially uninteresting. I’m not interested in stories that take place in Anytown, USA. I come to see sci-fi! Time Travel stories in general I have issues with, so there isn’t much you can do about that, except to just not use them.

    In short, I’m the sci-fi fan you want to attract, but that means you have to show me sci-fi. Romance and relationships aren’t what I come for. You got through SG-1 and SGA without focusing on them, and that should tell you something. I can understand your desire to do something different, but you have to realize that you attract a certain crowd with what you do, and when you go off in a different tangent, you’re naturally going to alienate much of that crowd. It would be like a civil war romance story suddenly incorporating sci-fi elements; they are going to lose the base they cultivated.

    People tried to tell you these things from Day 1. They honestly gave SGU a shot. And they are angry because they feel they’ve been tossed aside. While you may think little of their opinion, it’s ultimately you that has to deal with the lower ratings. People honestly feel that you were trying to cash in on the latest fads, with the shaky cam, the character drama, the “darker, edgier, sexier” set, and the pop music montages. Focus on what you do well, and stop trying to copy everyone else; that rarely ends well.

    You may think you have the best story in the universe, but if you alienate your fans, it’ll never get told. I respect your thoughts behind what you’re doing, but I think the ratings are reflecting what people think. You can self-justify things however you want, but I’d be real careful in doing so.

    In the end, it’s really you who decides whether your show stays on the air or not. If you don’t give the fans what they want, they aren’t going to feel compelled to help you in return.

  67. Good post Joe, I freely admit that the scifinow article pissed me off and I’m glad not everyone at bridge feels the same way. I completely understand that you guys aren’t happy with some of the vocal criticism (who would be?), but as you said correctly the online fraction of fandom is a small minority. Mostly people watch what they want to watch.

    For me personally I was a huge fan of SG1. When Atlantis started I gave it a fair chance, but found I didn’t really care for it. I did the same for SGU, I watched the first season, but it just didn’t grab me. I was actually looking forward to SGU, believe it or not, because I love BSG and I thought it’d be similar. I personally found it didn’t live up to the hype and I’d rather watch BSG. Without the loyalty for the franchise I doubt I would have finished the first season. I’m not saying SGU is a terrible show, just that it’s not my taste.

    I feel a lot of what we heard out of Bridge was that people who love SG1 just have to love SGU, because of the same creators/universe and yet at the same time we were told how completely different the new show was going to be. It’s only logical that if the show is very different that some people won’t like it. I don’t think you can expect everyone to stick around simply because they loved SG1 or SGA, all you can expect is that people give it a fair chance. I’m sorry that this didn’t happen.

    I’m more amused than angry now that the same guy who kept telling us that the online fandom is so small and irrelevant is now pissed that there are SGU sucks sites out there.

    At the end of the day though, what I truly think was the biggest mistake was how the PR was handled. As you alluded to, the announcement of the cancellation and the new show at the same time was far from a good idea. The emphasis that it was going to target a younger, male demo didn’t help, even if you didn’t mean how it came across. There were several slights at the old shows and how the new one was going to be oh so much edgier and better. That certainly didn’t help to enamour the new show to existing fans.
    And once the show aired and there was a fair amount of criticism (some deserved IMO, some not) the prevalent statements that trickled back to the media was that the critics weren’t intelligent to get the new show and that it was somehow our fault to not enjoy it because the show was simply perfect. Even going so far as to publicly attack a big critic.
    Maybe a bit of a humble approach and maybe even admitting that not everything was the best thing ever would have gone a long way to ensure some loyalty.
    I know hindsight is always 20/20, but after 15 seasons of tv shows we expected better.

    Having said all that, like I said I’m not a fan of SGU, but I’m in Canada, so at the end whether I watch or not doesn’t matter. I do hope that SGU stays on the air though, if for nothing else than to keep the name Stargate around and to maybe get us those movies some day before RDA looks like Clint Eastwood (no offence Mr Eastwood, you are amazing, but woah!).

  68. I am very sad to see that Stargate Universe’s ratings haven’t been good. I was a huge (read: obsessive) fan of the original film back when it came out, and I was never a fan of SG-1 (I had heard that it was the reason there were no movie sequels, which didn’t help my mindset…childish, I know). I dug in my heels and swore I wouldn’t watch any of the series.

    Until Stargate Universe. I decided to give the show a shot because I adored Robert Carlyle’s performance in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I am so glad I did – my husband and I bought the first season of SGU and watched all of it in a week, and we’re catching up on the second season now. This show has completely renewed my love of Stargate! In fact, it’s the first show I’ve really gotten into in *years*. I would be absolutely heartbroken to see it canceled.

    The only problem is, I don’t have cable, and the only way I can watch it is online 🙁 Does buying it on iTunes help at all?

    For what it’s worth, I’m a 29 year old woman and I haven’t felt as if my demographic has been dismissed in the slightest. I think it’s awesome to see a sci-fi show that is heavily dedicated to character development and isn’t completely action-oriented.


    Some fans have decided to do exactly what Joe has said.. try to promote SGU to increase ratings BEFORE its too late… Right now im sprearheading the campaign with the help of some others.. we have a twitter and a facebook page… but we REALLY need everyones help if we want to be effective.. the renewal decision will be made in about a month.. if there is ANY time that we needed everyones help the most.. it is now! Please Join the fight for season 3! Keep Stargate Alive!

    And do you think Joe that you could post the links next entry.. I think it would REALLY help boost our followers!

  70. I like SGU much better than the other franchises — the acting is much better, the storylines are more interesting and the concept is more like traditional sci-fi, somewhat less soap opera.

    I think some of the disconnect is that SGU isn’t the same as the other franchises so even folks who weren’t angry at the shift might not be interested because of that. I’m not even sure how to tweak the advertising, you’re already pushing the military sci-fi angle to satisfy the lame requirements of the advertisers’ obsession with the male 18-40 (or whatever) bracket.

    I have to admit that I’m not watching as much as I was because of the way the show has shifted to focus more on the least interesting characters and actors. I was particularly enamoured of Eli in the begining — the actor is incredibly good and the character with his position between the officers and the enlisted, the civilian and the military, that was a really interesting postion to be in. That’s pretty much been dropped in favor of him being the usual ‘side-kick’ with unrequited love for the pretty girl which is a real waste. When I first saw his character, I thought that he’d be the one to help shift the dysfunctional dynamics in the ship to new (and possibly) better ones. There were several occasions, in the begining when if Rush or the Colnel had taken his suggestions, there would have been much less friction.

    The handling of the female characters is also less than exciting to me; Ling-Ma’s character has been designated the ‘wrong’ character — whenever teh show needs a bad suggestion or something the Colnel will reject, she’s the one to suggest it or perform the action. That’s pretty offensive.

    I’m not even going to go into the steryotype of the feeling medical female character with mommy trauma and the cute girl whose main function is to be the girlfriend in peril.

    I find SGU facinating, in it’s structure, as well as strange. It’s a closed room show, meaning most of the interest comes from the interactions among the characters but the storyliens are too often traditional genre action plots — where characters remain the same, in fixed roles and relationships — and they progress through various outside events. With characters like Eli and Ling-Ma’s and Rush, it seems like there would be great opportunity to shift the dynamics around on the ship. For exmaple, to have Eli be right that working more equitably with the civlian crew would lessen friction or for Ling-Ma’s suggestions to not always be proven to be wrong.

    It seems to me that allowing the dynamcis to change on the ship — perhaps Ling-Ma; more experienced now, becomes the Colnel’s second in command in reality, not just in words. Or the civlian staff start being allowed to make more decisons. To me, the rigidity of the hierarchy on the ship — detracts from the possiblities.

    I know the other group was brought on to bring in ‘new’ friction but, really, it’s more of the same. A military group to fight with the established one. Plus, it’s way similar to the Voyager theme.

    If this is the last season, why not do something totally different?

  71. Coucou!!!!

    Ahhh me voila 🙂

    Waou!!! super cet article! Enfin on dit les choses !

    ..Je suis triste dire ça, mais j’espere que SGU va se finir à la saison 2, car ça me fait de la peine de voir ce qu’est devenue la suite de la franchise…je ne dit pas que c’est nul, mais disont que ce n’est pas du “stargate” et parfois je me demande si c’est de la “SF” …=(

    J’aime beaucoup stargate ainsi que vous, mais je suis franche et pour moi sgu n’est pas à la hauteur des espérances des fans…

    Gros bisou, a bientôt.

  72. @Trio

    “I’m weary of the pacing – or lack of it. Not in the big ticket explosion stuff, but the pacing with regards to the personal interactions on board. They’ve been all living together for ages now and barely seem to be able to be in the same room. There’s little camaderie or bonding. Eli is the only one who seems to be making an effort. No-one responds to him that much.The rest? Brittle, defensive and hostile. Even TJ who’s a nice person, keeps herself to herself from the beginning, and that hasn’t changed. So no great intimacy with other crew members there. I don’t for a second believe these people are friends. Cos they’re not! They’re just rubbing very reluctantly along with each other. And if they don’t love each other – why the hell should we, Joe???”

    Excellent point. I don’t understand the plan to create a character drama with only 1 major character with any socially redeeming value at all. At least Desperate Housewives (another prime time melodrama) has good lighting and a steady camera so guys can check out the eye candy.

    I also think that Syfy’s plan for year-round original programming is a bit naive at this point in time. They should emulate their sister network USA (that has more potential viewers btw) and relegate their original programming to the summertime.

    This would shorten an SGU season a bit, but it would both virtually guarantee significantly better ratings, and would also leave extra time during the production cycle for the SG1/SGA movies that so many of us are hanging in there for.

    Just to show you how important this is to this viewer, I’m now off to watch football already in progress…… 🙂

  73. I headed straight over here when I started hearing murmurings that people were concerned about SGU’s future.

    When SGU was first announced, as a fan of the franchise, I committed myself to the first season. I’ve always felt it takes shows at least one season to find it’s footing. Mid-first season I was on the fence. I wasn’t connecting well to the characters but the story was intriguing. I held on to the end of Season 1 and found myself just absolutely in love with the series. I went back and re-watched the first half of S1 and found it so much richer after understanding the characters.

    I’m hooked on S. 2. I just watched Trial and Error and it’s really right now, my favorite episode of SGU.

    The question is, what are the most effective ways to show our support? Watching it live makes sense (but unfortunately, cable is freaking expensive and b/c of the economy we’re flat broke. I wish I could just order the SyFy channel). Letters to SyFy? A huge online campaign? Is there an online campaign??

    I will be very sorry if SGU doesn’t get picked up. It’s a good show with spectacular talent on both sides of the camera.

    It’d be great if SyFy would get as tech savvy as their audience. They could be groundbreaking…and I get that it’s a numbers game (money via advertising)…but still, it’s frustrating that in a period where I can do everything on my iPhone, networks are still trying to force me to sit in front of my television.


  74. Joe

    Moe is right, when you beg fans to watch a show, something is wrong. But when fans are replying back unfortunately some can be ugly. I work to reply back in a nice way. Since NBC/Universan sort of merged and reorganized, they can renew SGA with the same cast.

  75. Mr. Mallozzi if MGM can order new episodes of Bad Men and bring on Walking Dead and if they are the ones who own Battlestar Galactice and Caprica. Then they and Spyglass of which they are appearantly merging with can do SGA Extinction or even better bring on new episodes of SGA with same cast.

  76. Joe

    MGM could not only provide funds for SGU in syndication, but also new episodes of SGA with Joe Flanigan and original cast. When MGM and Spyglass do SGA EXtinction I will make it a point to watch SyFy to see it. I do not hate SGU nor do I like it. I do wish it well. I am not going to be ugly like appearantly some of the fans. I do not work that way. I do not know what you meant about booze. I for one occassionally take a glass of wine, but do not booze.

  77. Joe

    I agree with one of the comments. I as a SGA fan do not obsess over it. When I like something I like it. I do not have time to obsess over it. However I think what some of the fans were telling Mr. Wright on Atlantis Solutions Blog is stop blaming SGA fans for lack of support of SGU, in other words do not throw stones.

  78. No SyFy did not cheap out when they started running reruns of SGA. That is why I now watch SyFy and yes SGA would have been profitable a 6 season. And yes SGA fans want the movie promised.

  79. I enjoyed Universe I really did – I liked it’s darker, edgier focus. Although I didn’t have a favourite main character unlike SG-1 (Daniel) and Atlantis (Rodney) I did have a favorite secondary character -Riley. He was funny, sarcastic, smart – I liked him and watched the show hoping he’d have a line or two, and I wasn’t alone lots of people seemed to like him too. I’m sure the show’s creative team must have been aware of this and hoped that they’d value their fans and give him more to do on the show, expand his character as has happened with other secondary characters. What did they do instead – they killed him off in the second episode. To be honest I felt it was a slap in the face for many of the fans of the show. If you wanted to make the point that no one is safe and someone could die at any time great but there were other characters who could’ve gone – not the funny, smart, decent chap. Anyway I don’t watch Universe anymore and I was going to buy the DVD’s but won’t bother now – if you don’t respect your fans then you’ll lose them.

  80. @Ponytail

    “Please tell me why, if someone takes issue with something Brad Wright has said, why don’t they write Brad Wright at the Studio address and tell him?”

    What would be the point?

    “Why, three years later, do they still come here to pout, accuse, moan, whine, gather together like vultures to vent and spew their hatred bitterly complaining and dredging up the past? Why? Bitch!, bitch!!, bitch!!! I’m sick of hearing it!!!”

    Perhaps someone complains hoping to hit you with the hate you just spewed.

    Or perhaps they hoped to affect those working on the show. Of course now its too late. But perhaps the next Starcraft crew will be more attentive.

  81. Joe I disagree about attracting viewers. SGA was popular and still is because of not only male viewers but female viewers that is what made it a hit.

  82. Joe, my problem has always been that I feel you and Brad focus on the wrong problem.

    I got into Stargate by accidentally stumbling into the panel at Comicon. Then I watched all of SG-1 and loved SGA. It’s because I’m a fan of the franchise that I watch SGU. And it’s because I want to love the series that I criticize it.

    I feel like the one continued complaint that is never addressed in interviews is the quality of the storytelling. I find the series boring, the characters unlikeable, the look and tone of the show dreary and humorless. These criticisms stand on their own and I make them not comparing SGU to what came before.

    I just want to watch an hour of rip-roarin’ space adventure from the group of people that brought it for years and I only hope the show gets a third season because I want you guys to take in the criticism of the quality of the series and make changes and ignore the quality of the fans, which is irrelevant.

    I believe you’re in the same place as the Deep Space Nine staff in its early seasons. Some Trekkies were upset because it was different from The Next Generation. But most people just found the series boring. Michael Piller and co. couldn’t change the minds of the Trekkies, so they worked on making the series more entertaining, by adding Worf to the cast, introducing the USS Defiant and kick-starting the Dominion. The result is that DS9 is looked back by many Trekkies and critics as the best of the Star Trek series.

    In conclusion, I really get upset when you guys continue to ignore the issues you have control over, and continue to address the ones you don’t.

  83. Chuck i do not think letters and online petitions work. I have signed online petitions and been one who wrote letters to studios and they ignore the fans and petitions and letters.

  84. Hi! I just realized that I am one of the “new SG audience”. I watched SG1 and SGA I enjoyed them! But I like SGU the most :O! That was a great surprise to me eiter. Sad thing is that syfy only cares about live ratings. I mean holy…?! I LIVE IN HUNGARY?!
    I have just one question.: What can I do for this show? How can I help the ratings? (here in hun. you still can’t buy the dvds –“) I’ve been downloading it since the begginning, but I want to save this show!

  85. I do not think online campaigns work that was tried for other shows including SGA and SyFy and MGM did not pay attention.

  86. Joe
    I disagree with one of the bloggers. Romance on a SyFy show does draw viewers. You showed some on SGA. I just wish you had gotten a romance started for Shepperd. Also I agree with one of the bloggers. Nasty words from other SGA fans is uncalled for.

  87. Hey, some French people here ! I am too.

    Just to say I am fan of the all franchise, I love SGU, and be very disappointed with a cancellation.
    Here in France, the only thing I can do to support is buying the complete season 1 in DVD, which will only be released in… November 10 (yeah, a very little delay).

  88. Interesting post. The first rule of ‘entertainment’ is ‘don’t bore your audience’.

    Most of the PR issues mentioned above have been created by TPTB. Perhaps an apology to the offended fans. Yes, I still remember the comment than ran something along the lines of never posting idiotic opinions of SGU anywhere on the Internet.

    I’ve given SGU every chance. Watching week after week for some little kernel that might excite me. The show is too dark. Literally. I can’t see anything. A good story is the voice from the firelight. I can’t even find a fire. Maybe a twig. I can’t see what’s happening and my patience is being tested. Social media and Web 2.0 is fine. I don’t always have the time or interest for it. I shouldn’t need to watch the ‘kinosodes’ to fill in plot points. I can’t connect to the characters. The season and series arcs are not working.

    No humour in SGU either. Dark needs balance.

    Movies for increased viewership? Sorry.

    And my viewership doesn’t count either.

    Give me something to watch and I’ll watch. SGU lives or dies on its own merits.

  89. I started watching SG-1 because I loved the movie and I’m a science fiction fan. The fact that Richard Dean Anderson was the lead cemented the deal for me. Along the way, I became an Amanda Tapping fan. The only thing I liked about SGA was Rodney McKay.

    SGU threw me for a loop from the first episode. I’ve always believed that a show, like a character in a show, needs to develop and change. Otherwise, it’s the same old thing and that, quite honestly, is one of the reasons a show loses my interest.

    Bottom line: it’s all about the money. I think too many fans still just don’t get it. Cancellation announcements come weeks after the final decision has been made. TV executives tell you what they want you to know, when they want you to know it and they lie all the time. Nothing personal, just business.

    One of the best things about the Stargate franchise has been its ability to poke fun at itself from time to time in direct response to the fans. I bought all the DVDs and I will continue to watch. I like SGU. It’s still true to the Stargate mythos and the cast is nothing short of phenomenal. There are numerous familiar names on the crew and I’m impressed by the willingness of stars from the other shows to appear. They certainly feel it’s worth their time. We should honor that by watching the show.

  90. Moving the show to Tuesday night was a huge mistake. SyFy just have to move the second season to Thursday or Friday, because this ain’t gonna cut it. I really want to support the show, but I live in Europe and I download it in order to watch it. I love the franchise and SGU is the best show, but the first season should have looked like the second in order to get more crowds. Too bad many people cannot comprehend it and still expect teleporting, shooting and jokes.

  91. A longstanding science fiction franchise, with its latest incarnation doing something different and new, dismissed out of hand by fans of its older series, on a cable channel, moved around on the schedule, precluded by sports, and berated by angry fans who have no interest in this newfangled abomination and not only refuse to watch it but demand it be cancelled because it’s an insult and they hate it and it sucks.

    Welcome to my experience with being a fan of Star Trek: Enterprise.

    The good news, though, is that years from now newer fans will discover the show, start watching it, and think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and wonder what the fuss was all about and why the heck it ever went away? *sigh*

    I’m enjoying SGU immensely, Joe. Thank you, and I hope it continues for its full run.

  92. Hey Joe

    Ideal world? All three incarnations (SG-1, SGA, SGU) running at once in this ‘live’ Stargate mythos.

    Unlike Star Trek (original, NG, Voyager, Enterprise), those incarnations are concurrent, relatively.

    Heck, you even do it with webisodes and (when allowed!) with movies. Like X-Files did, and Star Trek. So…

    …I’d be eating up three streams of the franchise (more, if poss!), and seeing more crossovers and interweaving in characters and plots…

    …because, in a way, that would also be reflecting the reality of action if the franchise/mythos/world if Stargate was real: different operations are ongoing, so why not – as a first in broadcasting, especially in a multimedia, multi-channel, and content/entertainment hungry era?! – have all three going? Possibly more?

    Could go on, but would love to get your thoughts on what would shoot down (or already has?) an idea that would give bread to the believers, serve the converted, make the doubters think again and bring sweet dosh to the owners while branding up the franchise as a new-level game player in an even more competitive environment. Cost versus income, and so profit, I know, I know, but watcha think, huh, watcha think?!

    Did go on…but watcha think? Here’s looking for many, many more tales, arcs and surprises. You guys are good.

    cheers! P

  93. Lol I think I sounded really weird with my comment yesterday, but yeah I think all of us just need to enjoy the show and worry less about the ratings until the time comes. The shows amazing, well done and well spectacular. Somewhat weird appreciation from me aside.

    I should of mentioned this a few days back. But I think the low ratings on a tuesday could also be down to fans working late, people being busy on that day or simply those with families that have no choice but to yield to demand of their family to watch one of the higher rated shows.

    I remember as a young child we used to watch stuff as a family somedays and my fathers love of Scifi had a day too where we had no choice but to watch his shows.

    I think if anything being exposed to Scifi at such a young age made me appreciate it more.

  94. @Cloverdale to be especially uninteresting.

    Someone mentioned this above, not mentioning names but I loved this episode mostly because of the Young and Scott interactions, and the obvious fact that Matt see’s Col Young as a father figure.

    And the whole Chloe wanting to stay behind to be with Matt regardless of what happens, it shows some depth to her character. If someone I love was about to die on some Alien planet somewhere billions of light years away, il’d stay behind too. Impending death from plant monsters aside lol

  95. Just read the Scifinow comments section for that article, a lot of opinionated people there hating on the show and giving counter responses to the author. However a lot of people seem to be saying that the blame is being shifted onto fans of the former shows being negative about the show. I don’t think that’s entirely true.

    Though I think that the people who seem to speand their life on the internet hating on the show aren’t helping the ratings much. You only have to view some updates on tvbythenumbers some weeks when ratings are released to see the creepy haters come out from under their bridge hating on the show.

    To newcomers thinking about watching the show and seeing nothing but hate could put them off.

    Seeing nothing but hate on the subject of any show on some websites could easily put people off watching.

    Which is why those that fall under that catergory need to stop, no one cares that they hate the show, they just need to like stop being so vocal and hateful any chance they get.

    Well thats my opinion on the subject.

  96. Hello Joe.

    Wait a sec… One thing bugs me here: Your Aunt is an Amanda Tapping fan and didn’t enjoy season 4 of SGA? 😉

    Best wishes,


  97. I was going to just read the comments and not add my own but then I read XTricks comment:

    LESS soap Opera? It’s nothing BUT soap opera. With the pacing and ‘reaction’ shots to go with it.

    Look, I know there are rabid fans who go too far and it’s fair enough to get upset with them but, seriously, to suggest that their comments prove that they “secretly love it” is only a recipe for mediocrity. I mean, come on. Is it really so hard to understand that they are hoping for new a series which actually fits the franchise?

    Look, as much as I loved Atlantis, it was clearly going downhill in the last two seasons with storylines started and never revisited and the kind of simple creature feature eps that one usually only needs to switch the TV off on Halloween to avoid. Clearly something new was needed, but for it to fit the franchise it needed to have action (which was always Stargates actual genre) and a continuity of lore – not just the same names on the credits.

    I understand you guys were bored, I get that you wanted to do something different but you have to accept that that means you are going to have to build an audience around it and not berate your old one into being ‘loyal’ to you. Loyalty goes both ways.

    I dipped in to SGU recently, thinking perhaps my extreme dislike of it was due to genre-whiplash and the pace had improved a little but then – POW: “Cloverdale.”

    Seriously? “It was all a dream?” Isn’t the use of the stones for body swapping enough of a writers’ cop-out?

    You guys chose the premise of being trapped on a ship – all this finding painfully twisted ways to remove the characters from the ship while still being on the ship, or in the ship or of the ship… only tells us that you KNOW it’s not working – you’re not fooling anyone but yourselves.

  98. Hi Joe,

    I just feel compelled to voice my opinion on this matter. I don’t mean to insult or offend anyone, I just need to say this:

    I’ve been a SG fan since the very first movie came out in 1994, and I loved SG-1 and SGA to bits (well, actually, SGA a bit more than SG-1). And yes, I was angry and tremendously disappointed when both series were cancelled; with SGA mainly because of the way how it was done. As a 39-year old woman I felt kinda dismissed by certain comments made by Mr Wright and some others back then, when they stated they wanted a new and younger audience (please, accept that it was just the way I felt, I won’t say it was done intentionally).

    But in time, I got over it, and when SGU started I, honestly, was excited and looked forward to the new show. But unfortunately, it didn’t get me. I gave it a fair chance and watched until 1×18 before I finally gave up. It’s just not my cup of tea, simple as that.

    But while I was indeed watching SGU and also took part in discussions about the show, I experienced something I never experienced before, and this was a crack within the fandom. I got the feeling that SGU drove a wredge between fans. When people who didn’t like SGU voiced their constructive criticism, they often met hostility I’ve never seen before. In the end, many people gave up to state their opinion about SGU because of this – at least openly on forums or communities, where SGU fans behaved in such an apalling manner. I can’t and won’t speak of all the sites out there, but I definitely know of some sites, where this has happened.

    And this is, where I think you’re wrong when it comes to these “anti-SGU sites”. They weren’t invented because people secretly love SGU, but because they needed a place, where they could talk freely about SGU and the reasons why they didn’t like the show. And to be honest, this is something what really saddens me, because in my humble opinion this is something which should never happen in a fandom. Everyone should be able to say what he/she thinks without being dissed by other fans. Am I wrong?

    And comments like the one Mr Wright just recently made in said article, don’t make it any better. Blaming these fans, who just wanted to state their opinions freely, for the demise of SGU is even more apalling than everything else I experienced since SGU started. And it will widen the crack between fans even more.

    Again, I don’t mean to insult anyone, I just wanted to say how *I* feel about this whole thing.



  99. @ KT – you seem like a nice, well spoken young lady who could articulate in a letter directly to Mr. Wright, just exactly what it was in his recent comments that upset you so much. I don’t think he reads Joe’s blog. (sorry if I’m wrong Joe.) Joe can only go back to the office and say, “guess what some fans are saying now…”, whereas you could tell Mr. Wright personally. Maybe he would even answer you in a round-about public way via another statement.

    Joe has always been very careful what he says about Stargate on his blog, yet I bet he will not tell others like Mr. Wright what they should say. Joe, I thought about you in church today, (yes, Shadow Step – I go to church) when our preacher read, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

    Joe, you are a peacemaker.

  100. Hi.

    I know this question has been made before, but…

    What exactly are the SGU “haters” thinking will happen after (if) SGU is cancelled?

    OK, they will have a party, will post in every blog and forum available (the complete message IN UPPERCASE, of course), and then… what? The next day Atlantis will be renewed? SG-1? Any of the movies? Or a new series (SG-2 or something like that?)

    If SGU is cancelled, I ask those who are helping to bring the seires down, to go to Wikipedia and search for what’s the meaning of “Pyrrhic victory”.

  101. Dear Syfy: If you read this — Move SGU to Fridays with Sanctuary. I went out and bout 12 cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and 12 cans of Campbell’s Tomato Soup while I was there because of the chicken soup Scott was eating in Cloverdale. It made me feel like I wanted some, too.

  102. @Ponytail – Yeah, I could write to Brad Wright, but, in my opinion, he hasn’t shown himself to be receptive to direct criticism, and I think I might scream if one more person, fan or producer, tells me that I “don’t get it” (see his comments to Maureen Ryan last year after her less than favorable review of the series). I’m just not interested in going there.

    I’m also not interested in making Joe, or anyone else, tell Brad Wright what to say. All I was doing in my comments was providing a polite explanation as to why I wasn’t following the Stargate franchise currently, with recent comments by one of the producers as part of my explanation.

  103. First announcement and Operation trend is out for the SGU awareness campaign.. sorry if the blogspot design is so blah.. the templates were limited.. I just wanted to get the announcement out tonight rather then monday night and I wanted to get the blogspot up and running….

    Would really really appreciate it if you could direct people in the direction of the facebook, twitter, and blog… and lets hope Operation trend works!

    Faithfully employed by SGU.. 😉
    Major D. Davis

  104. I am a massive fan of SG1 and SGA and delighted that the franchise is continuing with SGU.

    I think the premise of SGU is superb, the filming and acting is amazing and the characterisation is very good as well.

    IMHO just two elements need a a bit of a boost to bring back in some SG1 and SGA fans:

    1. SGU is lacking the camaraderie of SG1 and SGA, that was so attractive and while I understand the wish of the writers to have internal tensions, I miss the cohesiveness seen in SG1 and SGA and I think others do too. Sure I can see the plot is heading in the direction of everyone pulling together, I just hope it doesn’t come too late for the show. Perhaps let’s have them come together soon to fight an external threat.

    2. SGU seems to be a bit week on exploring new worlds and new civilisations, and when a team is sent planet-side the plot regarding what they encounter is often a bit weak and secondary compared to the politics on-board destiny. So it’s missing a bit of that Sci-Fi element that is why people watch SGU and not ER.

    I remember I watched the first two seasons of Lost, but as the comaraderie broke down and there was no real progress in their predicament or progress I lost interest. Same happened with the X-files before that – it never happened with SG1 or Babylon 5 though…

    I think the SG producers and writers are the best around and I fully understand why they have gone the way they did with SGU (it may never have started without such a fresh take), but perhaps now is the time to get everyone back on board to make sure we see 5-10 years of SGU.

    Overall I would call on all SG fans to unite behind SGU, because as Joseph said if SGU falls it could be the end of the SG franchise. I also await the SG1 and SGA movies eagerly too!

    Regardless of what happens with SGU, I will remain 100% behind the writers, they will know best (though I am glad they are listening).

  105. Al wrote


    I know this question has been made before, but…

    What exactly are the SGU “haters” thinking will happen after (if) SGU is cancelled?…

    Right now. That will depend on whoever ends up with the Stargate franchise. It’s a property that the reformed MGM could sale off to raise cash.

    Previously MGM got a significant revenue stream from the DVD box set sales thats put the franchise in the black financially since I think they more or less break even with the Skiffy (AKA SyFy) funding. Not so with SGU. For a more expansive show it’s actually lagging in sales way behind the defunct SG1/SGA series box sets (last time I check on Amazon US) . So prior to the MGM financial meltdown, the Studio would attempted put out a new series to have new box sets down the line, IMO. Also both the Stargate and Star Trek series reruns filled a large fraction of Scifi cable channels airtime worldwide.

    The negative Stargate fans believe that the MGM TPTB would choose to gear a SGU replacement show more in line with the SG1/SGA shows. Of course the old casts will not be back.

  106. Fickle? My doctor gave me some cream for that. As for SGU, I like it. The plot/stories may moved a bit slow for my taste in the beginning, but eventually after a few more epsiodes I got used to it.
    By the mid-season break, I realised the ad breaks seemed to be far to frequent, even though they numbered the same.

  107. Joe

    If you really do the movie. I hope for an ending you get Shepperd and Todd together and have them leave together to fight side by side. They make a good team and match. They know how to get each other to do what the other wants and know what the other is thinking. Also some of the SGA fans who have been using ungly language is wrong and very disrespectful.

  108. Not all SGA fans are anti anything. MGM could have instead of selling the Stargate franchise released its rights to the property and allowed the movie to be made and possibly gotten proceeds from the movie to help MGM out.

  109. Joe

    SGA fans are not fickle. Instead of cutting down SGA fans you need to accept that everyone is not drawn to a show. I tried to see SGU the first season and it did not grab my interest, but SGA did. If the movie is made which I will believe when I see. Make the fans happy, especially the Shepperd fans by pairing him romantically with someone and if there is no other movie after that send him off that way, but do not have any harm come to him.

  110. Guys and gals, I think that while it may be all well and good saying that MGM could provide funding for more standard SGA episodes, we should also be thinking about the people who really do make the show, such as Joe here.

    Do THEY want to produce two shows side by side once more?

  111. I enjoyed Universe I really did – I liked it’s darker, edgier focus. Although I didn’t have a favourite main character unlike SG-1 (Daniel) and Atlantis (Rodney) I did have a favorite secondary character -Riley. He was funny, sarcastic, smart – I liked him and watched the show hoping he’d have a line or two, and I wasn’t alone lots of people seemed to like him too. I’m sure the show’s creative team must have been aware of this and hoped that they’d value their fans and give him more to do on the show, expand his character as has happened with other secondary characters. What did they do instead – they killed him off in the second episode. To be honest I felt it was a slap in the face for many of the fans of the show. If you wanted to make the point that no one is safe and someone could die at any time great but there were other characters who could’ve gone – not the funny, smart, decent chap. Anyway I don’t watch Universe anymore and I was going to buy the DVD’s but won’t bother now – if you don’t respect your fans then you’ll lose them.


    I’m sorry but this post comes across as if its written by someone unstable and if the poster represents the type of people that the show has to convince to watch then the battle is essentially an impossible one. So let me get this right. Then poster feels that Riley was a great character that “lots of people” liked so when he was killed it was a slap in the face to all those viewers? The poster concedes that characters sometimes have to die to make a point about the dangers that lie out there but the poster felt the show basically committed a crime by killing Riley and instead should have killed someone else. Which leads me to ask what other character should the show have knocked off? Which other character would the poster have chosen instead? And if THAT character had been written off the show isn’t it possible, isn’t it likely, that fans of that character would have been just as upset as this poster was regarding the death of Riley? You see how it doesn’t make sense and how TPTB can’t win? The complaint is illogical because its not as if TPTB can read minds and determine which character’s death would produce the lesser outcry. So thank God they simply decide to make their decisions based on what they think will lead to the best story.

    And by the way…”smart funny, decent” chaps die in the real world too. I hate to break that to the poster.

    Also TPTB is working with as large a cast as any in Stargate and have given even its many secondary characters lots of personality and onscreen development. That included Riley of course. For the poster to suggest this wasn’t happening is absurd. SGU actually does a better job at it. On SGA we would have never gotten to know a guy like Riley so well because SGA concentrated more on action and time-wasting problem solving. Riley would have been reduced mostly to speaking technobabble.

  112. I was a huge supporter & fan of MGM’s Poltergeist:The Legacy when the promo deluge for Stargate SG-1 began arriving. I didn’t like the original movie, but it was ole’ Ricky Dean, who I honestly hadn’t thought of in nearly 10 yrs (via J.deLancie), that convinced me to look. I wasn’t impressed with SG-1’s first yr & the MacGyver jokes were incessant. But I stuck it through to season 2 and midway, guess what, the series began getting better. You know the rest. I didn’t need ANY convincing to love Stargate Atlantis, I was already eager for it from the SG-1 storyline.

    Which brings me to Stargate Universe. With hardly any lead from a sister show except tech, it’s been a cold start for me, and I didn’t like season 1 very much at all. But in the few episodes of season 2, I see how some things have changed so it’s becoming a better series for me, one that I’m more willing to stick with if the series is given the chance to grow, like SG-1 was. A shame that seems a fleeting luxury these days!

    PS MGM, I definitely want an SGA & another SG-1 movie.

  113. @Julie Merritt

    No one is hating the SGA fans, infact no one involved with the show has ever shown the slightest bit of hate towards said fans.

    Basically there’s a line between acceptable criticism and just plain spiteful hatred.

    There are a small group of people, who for whatever reason have been making comments filled with hatred towards the show, cast, producers.

    These people are trolls. Unfortunatly they’re a vocal bunch, they all flood out from under their bridge everytime the slightest bit of SGU news is made public and fill said sections with nothing but hate in general.

    Just picture a bridge filled with trolls filled with hatred, then imagine said trolls coming out from under their bridge in the direction of news to spread their hate to others.

    They’re the problem in general. They’re trying to drive any newcomers away from the show.

    They realy need to stop. That’s all.

  114. Randomness:I know, I’ve read. However since I have just read that work has not stopped on SGA EXtinction and that MGM and Spyglass are merging that appearantly the greelight might be given and since syfy is showing reruns of SGA. I may give SGU another try since NCIS is coming on on Saturdays at 8:00 pm on CBS which means SGU won’t interfere with NCIS.

  115. Mr. Mallozzi

    I read where work on SGA Extinction is still on and waiting for greenlight from MGM and Spyglass. Which is good. I just hope you and Mr. Wright will not have anything bad happen to Col Shepperd. He is one of the ones that make the show and Movie. Also I hope you pair Shepperd/Todd together. They make not just a good team, but a good fighting team. They know each other’s minds and know how to get the other to do what the other wants. I may give SGU another try as long as it does not interfere with NCIS. A Shepperd/Todd fan.

  116. Grizz

    They could put them each on different nights, but hopefully not on Tuesdays. One might interfere with NCIS. However I might not have a problem with that because I saw on tv guide that NCIS also comes on on Saturday at 8:00 pm on CBS and if that is right I would not have a problem.

  117. I was so sad to see SGA end but at the same all shows will eventually end, they can’t go on forever (unless they are the Simpsons.)

    I don’t want SGU to be cancelled, but at the same time lots of high quality shows like Lost, Arrested Development and HBO’s Rome had shorter runs rather than longer, just to name a few. Seems like when the quality goes up the viewership goes down.

    I don’t get watching Dancing with Stars, or Wipe out, but then again I don’t get Maury, Jerry or any of the many mean, creepy and silly shows that other folks watch.

    But no one will be talking about Dancing with Eels ten years from now, while the quality shows will endure.

  118. I agree very much with mn’s comment in that it seems to me that the PR around the SG franchise is its own worst enemy. I think you are the exception to this, Mr Mallozzi; it’s quite remarkable that you are willing to interact and debate with fans in this way, no matter their views.

    When SGA was cancelled, I felt erased as a viewer by comments made by other influential people: I was neither a fan of the franchise (I’ve never seen SG1), nor the espoused target audience for SGU (I’m female, mid-forties, though with shedloads of cash to spend on my interests). This didn’t lead me to want to seek out SGU and the latest instalment in the PR circus, with fans whose very existence was earlier poo-poohed now being blamed for SGU faltering, is really not encouraging me to check it out now.

    I KNOW this is not of your making but I am writing it here in case there is any way those responsible might check out your blog for honest commentary. In which case my message is simple: please treat your viewers with some respect, and then you might start gaining more viewers and respect in return.

  119. @June

    I think there’s some illusion, probably spread by the haters that SGA fans are being hated on by the producers. That simply isn’t true. It’s that small section of the fanbase that are doing their best to try and get the show cancelled that’s the issue here. Joe has been respectful to everyone who has shown respect to him, the show, or whatever he’s working on. I think the same can be said about anyone involved with any of the shows.

    I’ve been posting here on and off for ages now now and can safetly say that Joe is pretty much always nice to those who show respect.

    For example you can’t expect respect from someone when you don’t show respect to them in the first place. It’s one of the most basic rules of interaction out there.

  120. I know it is a small base of fans who are trying to get SGU canceled and that is wrong of them. It was Brad Wright who sounded like he was throwing stones at SGA fans. I hope and wish SGU good luck. like I said I may give SGU another try. But first I have to see if NCIS does come on on Saturday on CBS at 8 as well as Tuesdays. If it does then I can record NCIS on Saturday and record SGU on Tuesday nights.

  121. Joe, I just wanted to say that I never watched any of the previous stargate iterations but am a huge fan of SGU. I wouldnt even say I am a fan of Sci Fi in general, but this is just a very well written, well executed show.

    The only issue I have, and this may explain some of the ratings, is that I feel fatigued. Destiny and the crew are always on the brink of complete destruction and recent episode plotlines hover on this and almost nothing else, and that wears on me as a viewer.

    I believe you have built a brilliant show whose premise allows you to explore a wide range of themes that dont involve imminent doom. Many of these themes are begging to be explored, and I know your team has the talent to do it.

    I really hope the series can continue. SGU and HBO series are the only television I watch anymore.


  122. My 2 cents on this topic (which will probably end up being ignored anyway). I’m not trying to be offensive, but I’m not going to go out of my way to spare your feelings either. I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding between the producers and the fans that needs to be pointed out so please bear with me.

    > while past allegiances may figure into the initial decision-making process … franchise loyalties can be as mercurial as a Tila Tequila on a group date.

    This doesn’t hold for me and I expect for a lot of fans. We are actually very loyal to the franchise and I think this is the main misunderstanding behind why the fans are so angry and bitter.

    > After all, if presented with a show they don’t enjoy, any normal person would simply stop watching and move on. And yet, the aforementioned individuals expend so much time and energy obsessing over every aspect of the show’s minutiae, that one would almost think … they actually love the show!

    Also not true. We love Stargate, not SGU. An analogy: if you read in the newspaper that someone got run over by a car you don’t think twice about it (causal viewers). If that person is your best friend, however, you’ll visit the hospital to be at his side every day (true fans). Are you having fun ? Why are you still visiting your friend if you’re not having fun ? Because now he needs you the most, that is what real friendship is all about.

    I think this is *the* reason why so many people are angry, you’ve been trusted to take care of our good friend, the Stargate franchise, and you betrayed our trust. Not only did you rape and murder our friend, you’re offended that people don’t thank you for it.

    This is also the reason the initial responses by these fans were so outspoken. The premise of the show actually looked very good, the anticipation had been built up to the premiere, we had high expectations. Then when the big day came, our hopes and dreams got crushed mercilessly. It was not Stargate. Worse, it violated the Stargate franchise in the worst way by turning it into everything we hate: soap drama crap.

    If you wanted to make a completely different show, you shouldn’t have called it Stargate. It would have gotten an honest chance. The whole point of a franchise is that as a consumer you’ll know what you’re getting. If I walk into a McDonalds, I expect to be able to get a Big Mac. If you want to sell haute cuisine, don’t call your restaurant McDonalds. It both annoys the people looking for a burger and keeps away your real target audience. Sometimes I want a burger and sometimes I want something better, in both cases I would be pretty pissed off if the restaurant turned out to be the opposite of what was advertised.

    > If you want a third season of SGU, the time to act is now.

    I’ve got very mixed feelings about it, I don’t want SGU to stop because I don’t want the Stargate franchise to die. Yet, in it’s current incarnation I see no real reason to keep it alive. If you are trying to change it and turn it into a real Stargate show, I’ll do the little I can to support the show. If you want to keep it as is, please kill it quickly. There is no need to prolong the suffering.

    > There may have been interviews that emphasized a desire to bring in younger viewers

    And since when has the young, male audience you wanted to target been interested in soap operas ? The fact that it takes place on a spaceship doesn’t change that is is basically a soap, worse, it scares away the people who actually like that kind of thing.

    > those fans who are … saying that no one should watch the show, and demanding it be canceled. Hard as it may be to believe, they are out there.

    I understand their reasoning. They want you to stop damaging the Stargate franchise even further. Every episode that airs further degrades Stargate.

  123. Joe

    It was the way Season 5 of SGA ended with a cliffhanger. Since appearantly MGM is filing for bankruptcy and merging with Spyglass, maybe they will give the greenlight for the movie and if there is no other movie maybe you and gang will give it a good ending. You know what most of the SGA fans and Shepperd fans want.

  124. Well, it sounds like you’ve already thought this through. But just to throw in my own two cents, if only to reaffirm what you know… if the future of a TV series is based upon live viewing ratings, then this is perhaps an already outdated paradigm. Speaking for myself, I absolutely love SGU, think it the best of the franchise, and the best thing currently on TV. Also, I don’t own a TV. Nope. Never have. Don’t really watch it. But I do watch streaming shows through my computer.

    Here’s an idea- perhaps a compromise. What if SYFY could live stream the show as it is being aired on TV, and then somehow measure/monitor the number of viewers to the stream? I would happily make plans to stay in on a Tuesday night and watch the show live online…

    I have to wonder how many devoted fans of the show are like me- they would watch it if they could?

  125. I have yet to watch SGU yet, mostly because I can never catch it whenever it’s on TV. I’m glad the SG-1 and SGA Movies are closer to the green light!

    Do you know what year [if it gets the green] the SGA Movie will be released? If it doesn’t get the green, will you turn it into a book? Just wondering 🙂


  126. I hope you, MGM and gang do not let fans down. I hope the Greenlight will soon be given and the movie will be made. I still want to see Shepperd paired with Todd or Lerrin.

  127. “and here’s the relevation that finally hit me only last week…they actually love the show!”

    I respectfully disagree. They love the franchise and are concerned with the new direction it’s being taken in rather than love SGU. While I admit that some Stargate fans have a love/hate approach to SGU (myself included), others pure and simply hate it. This may be a harsh revelation to stomach, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

  128. Joe

    I do not know about SGU enough to hate or like it. You have to realize that there are shows that grab some peoples attention and some that do not. Like me if a show grabs my attention then is has me for a long time.

  129. OMG MOVIES ARE COMMING WOOOHOOOO! Can’t wait to see them…been dying to watch them!!
    Regarding SGU, I live and breathe stagate, promoted you heavily when I loved the show (still promote the SG-1 SGA series to this day). But with Universe i didn’t hate on it, never said anything bad about it…just didn’t connect with it at all. .

    An idea might be to reboot the original Stargate movie (after you do the next 2 movies). Then you could maybe take it in a new direction. That would be a good platform to launch from. But respect has to be given to the brand and culture…stargate has a comedic fun action pack signature…dont lose that…thats what everyone watches it for….thats Stargates Edge, its goodwill.

    Hopefully we get many more years of Stargate. I have no doubt Stargate will be around and still popular 30-40 years from now.
    And Thankyou for all the great work you have done for us, for so long!

  130. Please stop dangling the movies as some kind of carrot to keep your current show on the air. Its starting to get insulting. I’m not going to support a show whose writing and characters I just don’t like. Just like I don’t praise a child who breaks the rules just because they are part of my family.

    I’m sorry that SGU can’t find enough of an audience to keep it going. I happen to be a fan of Sci-fi as a genre and wish there was more of it on. But SGU has yet to give me anything to make me commit to watching – no matter how much I want to.

    And for the record, I am not such a rabid SG1/SGA fan that it has to be ‘happy adventurers’ on one off stories. I liked BSG, I adored Babylon 5 both of whom I thought tackled some tough stories. SGU is neither fish nor fowl for me. Its not like the previous Stargate shows and it isn’t living up to its gritter, deeper sales hype.

    Sorry but there it is.

  131. I only want to say that somehow, someway we can continue SGU through to the end. I know it’s alot about ratings, but it should be alot about content and keeping a winning franchise alive and well. Fans of the SG franchise won’t go away if SGU doesn’t make it, we’ll be watching for years and years, our kids and grandkids will see it.

    I am one who watches online. not because I don’t want to watch on TV, but because I work when it’s aired. I have no choice if I want to see it, and I do! I love the show, and will continue to watch as long as it’s on. Tell us what we, the online viewers can do, to let SyFy know we watch faithfully, and we want our numbers to count in the ratings..

  132. I have an idea. If every fan, even the ones who download the dvd movies for free off of peer/piracy sites, would contribute just $1 to the production company, then it would have enough movie to make a really nice Stargate movie with great special effects. We’d all enjoy it, it would get made, and we would have a new funding model beyond simply buying the dvd-which we all know not everyone does.

    30,000,000 fans=$30,000,000 in donations.

    This model would still let the downloaders download the movie for free and everyone would be happy.

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