The great thing about the ever-growing variety of programming choices available out there is that it gives us plenty of options, allowing us to be very selective when it comes to the shows we choose to invest in. There are just so many hours in a day so, naturally, people will only make time for those shows they connect with on some level.  Be it the humor of The Big Bang Theory, the pathos of Grey’s Anatomy, or the tragedy of Law & Order: SVU, viewers will respond to what resonates with them and, while past allegiances may figure into the initial decision-making process (ie. If you liked CSI, you might enjoy CSI: Miami!), franchise loyalties can be as mercurial as a Tila Tequila on a group date. People watch what they like and they don’t watch what they don’t like.  It’s as simple as that.  My aunt, for instance, doesn’t watch SGU and, while I’d love to have her stick around past those opening credits, the series doesn’t speak to her and I’m fine with that (For the record, she didn’t think much of Atlantis either but loved SG-1, although I suspect that had more to do with her endless adoration of actress Amanda Tapping who was incredibly gracious and kind to her on her lone set visit.  To this day, my aunt still speaks fondly of her). You can’t fault someone for choosing not to watch a show regardless of their reasons (be it a lack of time, a lack of interest, or hurt feelings). Such is television.

Still, a recent article over at scifinow ( raised some interesting points about Stargate ratings and the fickle nature of Stargate fandom….

1. “Tuesday nights are notoriously aggressive, with shows such as Dancing With The Stars eating up a huge share of the audience.”

Don’t we know it!  To be honest, I was actually hopeful prior to the move, figuring that with more people home watching t.v. on Tuesday nights, we might benefit from a bump in those live +SD numbers.  As it turned out, it’s the live +7’s that increased (no way to know about those download numbers but I suspect they bumped up as well). Why? Well, beside the juggernauts that are NCIS and the Dancing With the Stars result show, we also had to contend with the perfect storm trifecta of election results, world series baseball, and the Chilean miner rescue.  I’m at the point now where if Elvis was to come out of hiding and announce his plans for a future album live at 9:00 p.m. next Tuesday night, I would NOT be at all surprised.

2.”Websites have even been set up purely for opposition to the show, which seems like a curious move for people who are supposedly avowed fans of the franchise.”

Yes, curious is one word to describe it.  Oddball is another.  After all, if presented with a show they don’t enjoy, any normal person would simply stop watching and move on. And yet, the aforementioned individuals expend so much time and energy obsessing over every aspect of the show’s minutiae, that one would almost think…and here’s the relevation that finally hit me only last week…they actually love the show!  I know it sounds crazy at first blush but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  Even though they’re outwardly critical of the series, their obsession makes it clear that, subconsciously, whether they’re willing to admit it to themselves or not, the show has become a crucial part of their daily lives. For their sake alone, I hope we get that third season pick-up.

3. “The franchise needs your support now more than ever, because if Universe fails, we might not see another series again.”

The franchise needs the support of fans, former fans, and first-timers. No need to discriminate.  But as I’ve already stated on this blog, it’s pretty clear SGU’s audience is out there – they’re simply using alternate means of viewing the show.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SF audiences tend to be younger and tech savvier, the ones most likely to make use of those alternate viewing methods.  Of course, from a network standpoint, that’s all well and good but what have you done for me lately?  And, by lately, I mean live+SD and live+3.

If you want a third season of SGU, the time to act is now.  Petitions aren’t going to ensure a pick-up; increased viewership will.  Get creative.  Get the word out.  Get your fellow SGU fans to get the word out.  Pretend it’s the 1990’s! PVR’s have yet to be invented and the only means of downloading t.v. shows is illegal and you’re all law-abiding citizens! Tune in and watch it live!

And what if the worst happens and this does turn out to be our final season?

Well, from a personal standpoint, I won’t have cause for complaint. After eleven wonderful years on the franchise working with some truly great people, I can say with utmost certainty that my dogs won’t starve.  And I can think of worse fates than moving on to work on some of the personal projects I’ve been sitting on for a while now.  The cast and crew are immensely talented and I have no doubt that they’ll move on to equally great things.  Nevertheless, ending things now would be too bad for a number of reasons:

For starters, and as I mentioned months ago, we already have the end of the series mapped out and it would be a shame to deny fans the awesome conclusion we have in store for Destiny’s crew.  It’s momentous and shocking and ties in to all that has come before, paying off elements from all three entries of the Stargate franchise in a humongous way.

Secondly, recent obvious developments over the past week have increased the likelihood of the SG-1 and SGA finally seeing the green light of a production schedule.  The biggest hurdle has just been cleared and the last thing we need is to stumble before we reach that finish line.

And, thirdly, this second season has been great and continues to get better.  Looking ahead to what lies in store in the next four episodes leading up to the mid-season break:

#217 The Greater Good: Rush’s secret is out and things get very nasty – but, surprisingly, not aboard Destiny.

#218 Malice: A manhunt on an alien world leads one crew member to risk it all for revenge.

#219 Visitation: The crew members we left behind on an artificial world (Faith) make a surprising return.

#220 Resurgence: The investigation of a remote power source leads the Destiny crew to an encounter with a new Big Bad.

It was while I was writing up this blog entry that I received a comment from a Stargate: Atlantis fan who took the time to politely weigh in with her thoughts on fandom, the franchise, and the future of Stargate.  She wrote.  I responded…

KT writes: “I am hoping you do not dismiss me as some “hysterical” SGA fan, as, while I WAS upset that SGA was canceled and the ensuing PR nightmare that followed with regards to what I perceived as dismissive comments towards the age and gender of the existing fanbase, I understand that 5 years is a nice run (and more than a lot of shows get). Cancellation is always disappointing, but it happens.”

Answer: Hi, KT.  Believe it or not, I welcome the input of all fans regardless of what opinion they may hold, so long as they do me the courtesy of expressing themselves politely – or, at the very least, avoid being obnoxious or confrontational.  You’d be surprised how many fans have a hard time doing just that.  Also, I agree with you that five years is a nice run and that cancellation happens, but you should also know that I was as disappointed as all SGA fans when the show ended.  If you check out those early blog entries dating back to when we first heard word that we wouldn’t be returning for a sixth season, I think it’s pretty clear that the entire writers’ room (Paul, Carl, Martin, Alan, and I) was incredibly disappointed to learn we wouldn’t be coming back.  In fact, prior to receiving the bad news, while I won’t say we were outright confident of a pick-up, I will say we were optimistic about that sixth season – to the point where we were even tossing out story ideas for the season that never came.  Ideally, yes, given the choice, I would have jumped at the chance to pair a sixth season of Atlantis alongside Universe’s first season but, unfortunately, I wasn’t given that option. And, in retrospect, maybe it’s a good thing.  If I’d had my way from the get-go, next year’s SyFy Friday’s line-up would look something like this: 8:00 SG-1 (season 16), 9:00 Atlantis (season 9), 10:00 Universe (season 3).  I also agree that the PR following the cancellation could have been better handled.  Pairing the announcement of the Atlantis cancellation with the Universe pick-up did make it seem as though one was replacing the other – which I can assure you wasn’t the case.  The decision on Atlantis was made independent of Universe.

KT writes: “I personally chose not to watch SGU for two reasons: 1) the premise didn’t interest me and 2) I was genuinely offended that my demographic, as a 30 year old woman, was dismissed as unimportant.”

Answer: 1) Fair enough.  Even though I hear great things about Gossip Girl, it’s not a show that appeals to me.  Still, given the fact that you were a fan of the other Stargate incarnations, I’m disappointed it didn’t hold your interest but hope you’ll give it another chance.  As I said earlier, things are picking up significantly in season 2.  2) Not sure what specific comment you’re referring to.  I can’t recall anyone ever dismissing a portion of our audience as unimportant.  There may have been interviews that emphasized a desire to bring in younger viewers, but that had more to do with an effort to broaden the franchise’s appeal and bring in a key demographic that the networks and advertisers – those who have a final say on the fate of our show – particularly covet (Coincidentally, a demo that makes the most use of alternate media platforms – but don’t get me started).  The aim wasn’t to be exclusive but to be more inclusive.

KT writes: “All of that said, I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding the recent blog post that quoted Brad Wright as saying the following […] I will fully admit, when I first read this, I was completely enraged. I’ve not watched SGU, by personal choice, so I’m in no position to comment on the quality of SGU. I’m also not walking around with sandwich boards demanding that SGU be canceled, saying that no one should watch it, or saying disparaging things about the cast and crew.”

Answer: In which case I’m sure the comment wasn’t directed at you but those fans who are saying disparaging things about the cast and crew, saying that no one should watch the show, and demanding it be canceled.  Hard as it may be to believe, they are out there.

KT writes: “Online fandom is vocal, and tends to take the initiative more often to interact with those such as yourselves, which attracts attention, but they do represent a tiny fraction of the viewing audience at large. I want to make it clear my frustration here is based more around feeling ostracized from the Stargate brand at large, and NOT specific criticism towards the existence of SGU.”

Answer: I’m well aware that online fandom is a smaller and much more vocal representation of the larger viewing audience which is why I’ve taken pains to establish a dialogue with them over the course of my many years with the franchise.  That said, there’s a difference between listening to fan concerns and taking dictation.  The squeaky wheel may get the oil but the loudest fans will not necessarily get the creative changes they demand.  I think it’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to listen to what fans have to say but, at the same time, remain true to your creative vision.

KT writes: “I don’t know what I’m hoping for here, aside from some acknowledgment of my frustration over the apparent contradiction in the importance of the online fans that has come to light now that the ratings of SGU are down.”

Answer: I’m well aware of the frustration many longtime fans have felt and I’ve made numerous attempts to try to clarify certain misconceptions (ie. the notion that Atlantis was cancelled in favor of Universe).  I’ve also tried to be as inclusive as possible – always happy to welcome fans, both new and old, but always ready to call people out on rude or infantile behavior.

I think our audience is there but simply growing more diffuse.  It would terrific if the television industry found a way to catch up with the modern media’s technological advancements, find a way to make sure everyone is counted in those ratings – but barring a major miracle, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  The only alternative to ensuring a third season is to bring more viewers to Tuesday nights be they SG-1 fans, Atlantis fans, or fans of  Celebrity Circus.

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Well, I’ve been known to buy some booze or other products because they advertised on SGA. I’ve purchased that show on both Amazon and Itunes to help boost ratings. And it wasn’t enough to make any difference to the fate of that show. So I’m dubious at this point that anything I could do would inspire the same people who shifted SGU to a night where rating behemouths already rule to keep SGU going. Still, I’ll make a stab at it. But short of buying out NBC and reorganizing SyFy, I can’t think of anything that will make them see the logic of renewing the show. Well, I could think of some other things, but those are all illegal, and possibly immoral.
And to clarify my stand. I love SGA, and only like SGU. But SGU does represent a solid sci fi production, with good writing, acting, and effects in a media that so seldom “gets” sci fi. For that reason alone it’s worth supporting.
Ok. enough depressing reading. Here’s hoping things look up. And how goes the packing for the trip with Ivon? Any contingency plans in the event he lands you both in jail? Inquiring minds want to know…

Lisa R
Lisa R

Interesting thoughts about Stargate and fandom, Joe. Let me tell you how I came to SGU. I was a fan of SG-1 (from when it started on Scy-Fy) and SGA (from the beginning). When I first heard of the premise of SGU, I wasn’t sure about it, but I decided to give it a chance. Low and behold, I really enjoyed it. Now, I’ve enjoyed more episodes than others, and I didn’t care for the shaky cam thing at first, but I got engaged with the characters and with where it was going and decided I wanted to go along. And the other big thing that happened, watching SGU encouraged me to start writing again. Started out with fanfic, and I am now writing something original and enjoying the process so thank you for that.

Have a good night!

Tammi K
Tammi K

Being ignorant of the workings of television rating systems, and aware only that we are not a “Neilsen” family, can you explain HOW my live viewing effects the ratings? I’ll be happy to watch live if it makes a difference!


Interesting…and it’s interesting who they pick for Nielson boxes. A friend of mine was picked as a Nielson family…they don’t watch tv. Yes, they have one, but they watch dvd’s or they watch online…..

It took me awhile to warm up to SGU, but I have (not so Caprica – love some of the actors, but can’t stand the show – loved BSG!) I think it was just such a change from the SG1 and SGA formats and truthfully, except for Eli, I didn’t like any of the characters. Still on the fence about a few, but I have watched from the beginning and truly hope it gets a third season. I watch live, as I do not own a dvr or any recording device, except a vcr (I refuse to get, as I watch too much tv as is). I have occasionally watched online when I missed a rare episode.

And I really think those rabid fans just need to get a life, get over it…it’s just a fricking tv show…Many of my favorites have been canceled in the past, it’s what happens. (It was the same when Michael Shanks left and everyone was up in arms about it…now Daniel was and is my favorite character, but what I understand Michael asked to leave, his decision and I enjoyed Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn)

Oh and did you see Christopher Judge on Hollywood Treasures? His Jaffa suit went for $14,000 at auction. He looks smaller and had a shaved head again – could that signify something?


To quote das eagles… “get over it”…

Major D. Davis

so good to hear some good news about the movies…… I really hope the movies get greenlit and SGU gets a season 3!

Sean D.

Hi Joe,

Good blog entry, nice read.

Who makes the decision on whether or not the show is renewed?

Could you please pass this along to whoever makes that decision:

Please renew Stargate Universe. Thank you!

Thanks smile

Sean D.

Sean D.

P.S. – I know that won’t make a difference but, heck, no harm in asking “please renew SGU”. wink


Hey Joe,

Great Blog. I am going to post it on and pin it. I already made an awarness post on, and you basically said what I said. That SGU’s failing could have an impact on the entire franchise.

I was upset about SGA being cancelled because I just could not believe it was ratings or performance, and thay it was more of a creative decision, and that was fine. I am enjoying SGU, as you saw with my last kudos to you on “Trial and Error”.

Sometimes change can be good, and sometimes it could be bad. I see SGU has a lot of potential to grow and it would suck if it does not get that chance. I see a lot of SG-1 and SGA in SGU but with it’s own twist, and I think the show has a chance to uptick. Just have to hope for the best. Which is a 3rd season of SGU, a SG-1 movie, and a SGA movie.




Joe, I’m in the, um, let’s just say “grew up with black-and-white TV” demographic and I love all flavors of Stargate. I watch the show live and record it to rewatch (and rewatch and rewatch). I also purchase the DVDs when they come out.

I do encourage everyone I know to watch the show, and purposely interrupt the water cooler “Dancing” conversations with my SG:U comments.

I don’t know what I would do if there were no new Stargate to watch.

Darren Duncan
Darren Duncan

I am continuing to enjoy Stargate Universe immensely and I think that it is the best Stargate series to date, quality-wise. I like that SGU takes itself more seriously, unlike how SG1 and SGA devolved over time where they spent way too much time parodying themselves or trying too hard to be funny.

Looking at “Trial and Error”, for example, I liked the realism in that the series did *not* end in an actual alien attack as if the simulations were somehow precognitive. I suppose that given the ship being in Young’s head this episode, it may be reasonable to conclude that it is in Rush’s head too while he’s on the bridge, and that those aren’t hallucinations. On the other hand, they might still be. Surprise me.

About season 3, I think that its about time for MGM to modernize and move out of SciFi’s shadow and take more charge of its own destiny (no pun intended), especially now that they’ve seemingly cleared their financial troubles. Stargate is a proven franchise and MGM should be confident enough to initial-fund it itself and then put it in syndication plus worldwide direct sales from the start, rather than it being up to a single network as to whether it lives or dies. Especially direct sales. The whole Neilson thing is deeply flawed; watching live won’t help if you aren’t one of the few people with those boxes. Make it available to purchase on DVD and on the internet, and use that income, plus syndication, to fund further development. This takes all the fans into account, not just those in one country with Neilson boxes. Having a single network determine success like this is an antiquated idea that needs to die. Sell directly to the fans instead. If, for example, you go straight to DVD/download by default, you have more flexibility on length and you don’t have to make an exact number of episodes in a particular time.

Regardless, please don’t compromise on the rest of season 2 if you end up finding SciFi won’t buy a season 3. Tell it without overdue compression. Rather than trying to wrap up the story in the back half of 2 unnaturally, leave it open and be optimistic that at some point you’ll be able to continue, such as on DVD, or in a few years when a buyer manifests, or at worst in a book. Its not like cancellation means that’s it, so prepare as if you can continue, even if there’s a wait. Of course, having some compression and skipping on stuff that only exists to pad a season is best too. A hallmark of a good series is if one can’t look at it and identify that anything is filler.

Thank you and I look forward to more.


First of all, thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my comment. I remember you made some kind posts regarding your disappointment at the cancellation of SGA right after it happened, so I know that you shared it. I should have made that more clear in my original comment. Sometimes, I read your posts and just “agree to disagree” in my head, but I recognize that you probably get a lot of crap, and you keep interacting with the fans, and I appreciate that. That’s the main reason I decided to buck up and say something after I read that quote yesterday, and started thinking about all of this again after so long. I think a lot of my reticence, and thus careful wording on my original comment, was a general branding (not by you specifically) of SGA fans (for the record, I love SG1 just as much!) who chose not to watch SGU as “bitter fangirls”. I see how my decision not to watch could be taken that way, but it actually has very little to do with SGU. I hope it was clear that I’m not hating on SGU in these comments. As I haven’t watched it, I fully recognize that I have no basis to criticize and thus have tried to steer clear of anything that might remotely sound disparaging. You said: “There may have been interviews that emphasized a desire to bring in younger viewers[…]The aim wasn’t to be exclusive but to be more inclusive.” Answer: Fair enough. I can accept that it probably wasn’t intended to come across as exclusive, and while I appreciate that intent, that’s not the way it came across to me at the time. I know a lot of the response has been reactionary and angry. I did feel pretty angry myself at first, though, obviously that has mellowed out over the past two years. I think a lot of my feelings were colored by comments by other executive producers (i.e. not you) that came across (in my opinion) as very “well, if you don’t like it, you don’t GET IT.” It seemed at the time that there was very little tolerance for the fact that, yeah, some people might not get it, but it’s just as possible that they understand it completely, and just aren’t interested. You don’t seem be saying that, based on your responses to me, so don’t take that personally. You said: “In which case I’m sure the comment wasn’t directed at you but those fans who are saying disparaging things about the cast and crew, saying that no one should watch the show, and demanding it be canceled.  Hard as it may be to believe, they are out there.” Answer: I recognize that you are being tongue in cheek there, but I absolutely believe they are out there! I’ve been active in online fandom for 15 years, and I know oh so well that online fandom can bring the crazy. I think my… Read more »


Thank you Joe, for taking the time…

I am putting in my request along with Sean D., for what it’s worth, to please renew SGU. smile



Quote: “The franchise needs your support now more than ever, because if Universe fails, we might not see another series again.”

Come on, are you a “used car dealer”? I´m workin in a very similar business like yours and i know, how things work.
Do you wanna know, what the biggest damage for the franchise is? A third Season with this ratings. I repeat one part of my last comment on your Blog: What do you think is happening to Knight Rider, after that peace of s…. in 2009?
You want the SG-1 and SGA Fans back on the TV Screens? Listen to them, speak to them, without blame. What Brad does is not very effective wink I remember the little dispute with the chicago tribune. As a professional, you have to work with the Critics, not against them. The worst for me, is when 100 percent of the people are saying about my work: It´s perfect, it couldn´t be better.
My personal opinion is that the constructive criticism is an an essential point to get “perfect” result.
I also repeat the statement from my latest comment: I loved the first description, the idea of SGU. But with the realization I was not satisfied.

And because I am a great fan of the SGU idea, I wrote an alternate version of SGU in the form of a script (fanfiction) that has no direct relation to SG-1 or SGA, completely new, but still Stargate:) It takes place in the past, when the separation of the Alterans occurred.
It’s about the ancient history, the exploring, etc. and the escape of the last ancient survivers.
Enough german english for today. Sorry for the bad translation, I used GoogleLanguage tools wink



Okay, I’ll say it too,

Dear Whomever it Concerns,
Please renew Stargate Universe.
Thank you.
Signed, An SGA Lover and I want SGU to succeed too and I am watching!

Joe, have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I love you.

I’m reminded of…
Who can turn the world on with his smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it’s you guy and you should know it. With each blog and every little entry you show it. Fans are all around, no need to fret it. You will have support, why don’t you know it. You’re gonna make it after all!


You refer to the “fickle nature of Stargate fandom”, it doesn’t seem fair to place an expectation on fans of previous shows of the franchise to watch future shows out of loyalty and worse brand them “fickle” for not watching.

If you make a show they want to watch then they will watch, if you don’t then they won’t – would you really have them give up an hour of their time every week purely out of a sense of loyalty?

I’m all for celebrating the loyalty of fans but to flip it and call them fickle for not watching is unfair.



I have a few questions regarding live viewing vs DVR vs downloading.

How would I – a non-Neilson household – make a difference if I watched it live? If I DVR it, again, how would I count? If I download it (not that I do, haven’t a clue where to go), again, how would I make a difference either way? I’d hazard a guess that the bulk of the downloaders are out of the country or don’t have cable/Syfy anyway, so again, exactly how much would it hurt the ratings for Syfy?

How would a tiny fraction of fandom all of the sudden be at fault for the poor ratings of SGU? I guess not all publicity is good publicity.My brother-in-law has continued to watch – he’s not in fandom at all. He says he watched because at least it’s science fiction, but he’s not all that impressed. (His words, no prompting from me.)

Also, have you told your aunt that Amanda is in a new show? I’d bet she wouldn’t even recognize her.


@Gary said: “I’m all for celebrating the loyalty of fans but to flip it and call them fickle for not watching is unfair.”

You know, you’ve kind of hit the nail on the head for the majority of the reason Wright’s comment (and the attached article) bugged me! I was probably over-personalizing a bit in my comments (hey, it happens!) and had some more to add, but yes, this really sums up a core part of what bothered me.


In fact, I am starting to enjoy this second season of SGU whereas I find most of its first season to lack what I consider to be the spirit from SG1 and SGA (and which Warehouse 13 and Eureka seem to also share). That is, a fast-paced light-hearted show filled with comedy, strong sci-fi plots, and never taking themselves too seriously. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the first season at all. I liked the experiments with non-linear storytelling, greater care for continuity (everyone in the same clothes, sunburns fade over a few episodes), callbacks to SG1 plot lines (naquadria, stones, Lucians), and the more ‘realistic’ take on technology (not everything is fixed with swapping crystals). The visual effects are better than ever and the soundtrack is awesome. The plot just progressed slowly, it wasn’t as ‘fun’ as the previous series, it veered too much into the spiritual and focused too much on internal conflict for my tastes. I have enjoyed Season 2 more so far. The internal conflict is less and external conflict has increased. Pacing has greatly improved. I am glad the show is paying greater service to mythology – like seeing a Stargate factory (still disappointed it was only a still shot, but loved the SG1 theme). For the most part, plots from the first season have been paying off nicely and I look forward to learn what happened to the ‘Faith’ people. Still waiting to see the results of that repair robot though. The only things I dislike so far is the quick discovery of the bridge (although I would like to agree with the interpretation that the alert on the console Rush saw was notice that his search algorithm finished successfully with directions to where bridge was located) and the fact that Destiny can control the thoughts of people without any physical device (why have the chair neural interface then?). I was disappointed with Atlantis in regards to exploring Ancient mythology. There wasn’t much discovery and exploration of the city and most of the Ancients we met were kinda asses. I think the serious had a lot of potential it never really dug into. But the crew of Destiny is slowly discovering the ship’s secrets and learning more about the ship. I hope this will continue– as will the series. However unlikely a renewal may now be, I would like to see SGU continue to grow. Now for the “SGA Rules, SGU Sucks” camp – get over it (or fight it out with the “SG1 Rules, SGA Sucks” people). Lest the die-hard fans of Atlantis forget, every Stargate television show thus far has been canceled after its fifth year. Remember, SG1 was canceled after its fifth season on Showtime, only for the SciFi channel to pick it up and produce another five years before canceling it again. I’m not even sure if SyFy Channel has EVER produced a show for longer than five years, so don’t take it as an insult. Loading...


Hi Joe,

For the record I wanted to say I love SGU, it’s one of the best shows on TV and I really, really hope you get picked up for a 3rd, 4th, and 5th season.

I’m constantly surprised at the venomous and down right aggressive responses SGU seems to attract at the mere mention of low ratings, or interviews with the staff and cast. So much hate for something people claim not to watch.

Keep up the good work, there are actual fans out there who’re appreciating what you’re creating!

Major D. Davis

@Tammy.. can you get them to just watch an ep of SGU… like turn on their TV at 9-10 this next tuesday.. even if they dont watch? wink


Hmm question for you. If those of us without Nielsen boxes would it not be better for us to actually PVR or Tivo it and watch the next day instead of just watching it live and giveing the show no ratings?

Or does only those that have Nielsen boxes with TiVos count?

Question 2: If the show does get cancelled, is there enough story told to where u could tie it all up in a direct to DVD movie?

Question 3: Do you read all the questions on here or just skip those from people like me whom you banged heads with?


Joe said, “For their sake alone, I hope we get that third season pick-up.”

I’m glad to see all sides taking “love your enemy” seriously. Warms my heart.

Too bad DWTS isn’t at 8PM. You could advertise SGU during it. (And by “you” I mean anyone with enough interest to scrounge up the money. I wouldn’t wait on SyFy.)


Taken from what I posted on Sept. 11…. … Okay, although I don’t agree with it, I can understand why some people feel that SGU had a part in the cancellation of Atlantis due to the 2 decisions coinciding with each other time wise. And if anyone who is reading this is one of those people who feel that way, that’s fine because you’re entitled to your own opinions. I’ve heard people say that since they are upset w/ Atlantis being gone that they’re not going to watch SGU… or did watch it at the start but never gave the show an honest chance because of pre-determined prejudices. Here is something to consider though… just like w/ SG-1, there is still a possibility that Atlantis can continue on in movie format. Of course given MGM’s current financial situation an Atlantis movie is not an immediate possibility, but it is a long-term possibility. No, a 2 hour movie is not the same as a 20 hour season, but it still allows for the show (the storyline, and the characters) to stay current and alive. How many other canceled shows can that be said of??? Think of all the TV shows you’ve watched over the years. Usually when a show is scrubbed off the air it is gone for good, with the characters never to be seen or heard from again. However with the Stargate franchise it is different. Why? Because for almost 15 years now Stargate has been on television non-stop. And before you start knocking SGU, consider this… if SGU goes off the air after this season then there won’t be any Stargate programming going on. And if the lights are out at the studio then that means nothing is being filmed… not a TV show, not a movie, not even any behind-the-scenes antics. However if Universe does get renewed for a 3rd season, because of good ratings during Season 2, then that means that the ball keeps rolling… it greater increases the possibility of Stargate movies. Some people have mentioned that they do not care for the different format and/or storytelling that SGU goes by since it differs somewhat from SG-1 & Atlantis, and that is fine if you feel that way but realize that there is a reason for the different format/storytelling… this Stargate team is in a different situation than what the teams in the other previous shows have faced, which allows the possibility to have Stargate stories from a whole new perspective (i.e.- it’s growing the brand allowing the Stargate world to be used in a different way; just like Deep Space 9 did for the Star Trek brand… and in retrospect DS9 put out some of the best thought provoking storylines ever written in Star Trek lore). Plus SGU is being used to still keep the characters and storylines from SG-1 & Atlantis alive and current. If not for SGU we wouldn’t know that Jack is now a 3-star General (and doesn’t know his way… Read more »

Bryan M. White
Bryan M. White


Glad to hear the news about the movies making progress. I know we are all excited to hear about this…

That said, I enjoy SGU, and want to make sure that it survives so we can see what you have in store for us.

I think news of the movies will calm the fracturing of the fan base. I also agree that the fans who complain are pretty knowledge about what goes on in the show, so they must enjoy it on some level… Makes sense to me.

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