It’s been a while since my last Weird Food Purchase of the Day video installment so, today, I rectify that in grand style with a little something I like to call The Triple Down.

“What?”you may ask, “is a Triple Down?”

Well, I’m glad you asked –

Take one KFC Double Down (bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese, and the Colonel’s secret sauce nestled between two fried chicken filets
Then take one Krispy Kreme original honey-dipped doughnut.
Cut the doughnut in half. It will form the bun for your sandwich.

And voila! The Triple Down!

So, how was it?

It was a little dry and could have used more of the Colonel’s secret sauce.  That or another dollop of mayo.  It was also extremely salty.  Paul likened it to eating a fistful of McDonalds french fries.  On the positive side, the chicken married quite nicely with the doughnut.  The cheese did not – but that won’t stop me from trying one of those Krispy Kreme cheeseburger sliders one day.

As I chowed down, I couldn’t help but think: “You know who would’ve enjoyed this?  Rob Cooper and Martin Gero.”  Not the sandwich itself, but the sight of me eating it.  It made wistful.  Then, slightly nauseous.

So, the verdict = Sweet, very salty, a tad try, and somewhat dizzy for about twenty minutes after consumption.

Paul suggested we try and top it next week by deep-frying the whole in a taco shell.  Top with ice cream and voila!  The Quadruple Down!  And, quite possibly, quadruple bypass.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped to make Triple Down Friday happen.  Ken for driving all the way to Delta to pick up the doughnuts.  Ashleigh for going to KFC and waiting in line for the Double Downs.  And, of course, everyone who was on hand to lend their support in this most noble of endeavors.

Also of note – last Friday marked Remi’s last day on the show and today it was Linda’s turn.  She swung by my office this morning to say her goodbyes and give me this parting gift –

I think it's champagne but, to be fair, I didn't actually open the box. It may well contain a rabbit's foot and a brick. But I'd cherish them nonetheless.

Many thanks to both Remi and Linda for their contributions to SGU’s second season.  The next month won’t be the same without you.  You may have gained a friend in me, but I have gained much, much more.  Not one but TWO places to stay the next time I’m in L.A.!

62 thoughts on “October 22nd: The Return of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day! A little something I like to call…The Triple Down! And another au revoir!

  1. Joey, I can hear your arteries screaming all the way over here in Jersey!!! Yikes!

    Sorry to see Linda and Remi go, I wish them both the best!


  2. Okay, that wa probably one of the most disgusting food items ever. It is interesting though that I read that the DD has less fat and calories than a BK Whopper, but still. Gross. It does look like a challenge though, like the time I ate an After Eight mint and tuna fish sandwich on a dare. Don’t ask.

    I’m off to watch SGU in 35 minutes!!

  3. I hope that Linda and Remi will be back to look after a few shows in the third season…

    Double down is bad enough but triple down must be … I’m at a loss for description…

    I hope you are taking your cholesterol medication.

  4. BYE Remi BYE Linda

    weird food purchase suggestion – pizza coated in batter and deep fried.

    It is available in our local Fish & Chip shop as a Pizza Crunch. I think that it sounds really, really revolting.


  5. THe only thing that would outdo your video would have been a video of Ashleigh in line at KFC. Somehow that just doesn’t seem to be her kind of place… I really owe you for a good laugh. Your willingness to sample the fare, not once, but twice(and full mouthfuls, no penny-ante nibbles) shows you have the cool courage to be an evil overlord. And I think the deep fry thing is an increibly cool idea.
    Sorry to see more folks leaving the show, and wish them the best of luck in their new jobs. I’m also hoping the trek to L.A. is a sign of some life returning to the economy out that way.
    Thanks for the post, and please let us know where to send donations so you can have the lab work done to find out how many deadly substances in deadly amounts you ingested today, with the rest of the money going for an appopriate form of treatmen. Like, say , Feng shui or voudun. Whatever is cheapest of course…

  6. Hooray for the return of WFPOTD!!!

    And, also, ewwwwwww. Doughnut and cheese? *shudder*

    – KB

  7. Hm, slicing a Krispy Kreme donut just doesn’t seem right. Why not use 2 whole donuts and sandwhich the double down between them for a proper Quadruble Down?

    I think it would work best to take chicken nuggets and Krispy Kreme donut holes and skewer them onto kabob sticks, with chunks of mozzarrella and seasoned tomatoes. And good olives. And vidalia onions.

  8. I had a dbl down a couple days ago, looks gross, costs alot and doesnt taste that great. Then my friend suggested a McGangBang, McChicken inside a dbl cheeseburger. It was actually better than the dbl down.

  9. 1. i don’t know whether to admire you or think you’re nuts.

    2. i’m not sure if the chicken is polluting the doughnut or the doughnut is polluting the chicken. i like to keep my sweet & savory foods separate.

    3. was it a slow day at the office that you attracted such a crowd?

    4. if the triple down isn’t an entry on, it should be.

  10. Joe, thanks for eating that second Triple Down on my behalf. In return, would you care to endorse any of the Texas gubernatorial candidates?

  11. holy frak. A triple down?! I met Alaina Huffman today while i was downtown. It was amazing. She’s very nice

  12. Please! For the love of God! Don’t commit suicide just to please us!

    Seriously, how was your tablespoon of salt in the guise of a KFC meal? Next time you do that, get your blood pressure checked about an hour afterward. I’d really be interested in the results.

    Are there any plans for next year for episodes? When will you know if you are writing for next season?


  13. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Are you feeling any better today, Joe?

    Very sad to see Remi and Linda go. Hopefully it is just temporary until you get the news about the season 3 renewal.

  14. Krispy Kreme? Krispy Kreme??!!! And you call yourself a Canadian. Where was the Timmy’s doughnut? Huh?

    Pathogen was great! Question, though. Why is it that no one seemed to be concerned about Rush’s frequent vanishing acts after it was discovered that Chloe was being affected in some way by the Space aliens having messed with her DNA? I would think that once the tampering with Chloe was revealed, they would be looking more closely at Rush and his disappearances, particularly since he was with the aliens longer, yet that doesn’t seem to have been the case.

  15. SyFy has greenlighted a two-hour pilot for a new Battlestar Galactica franchise, does that mean SGU will be canceled and replaced with the new BG spin-off? If so, would you consider releasing a statement of some kind letting the fans of SGU how the show would have progressed if it wasn’t canceled? Kind of like James Parriott did with Defying Gravity, when that show was canceled.

  16. LOVE stargate mate, been a fan since the begining =)
    Haven’t got into Universe, i’m trying to like it – but its just not my cup of tea.
    PS Where is our Stargate Atlantis movie *evil stare*

  17. Umm, yuck.

    Ashleigh must have scrubbed her hands after handling that. I’m sure the donut was good. Cheese and donuts though. Ick. Keep on posting the weird food purchases.

  18. I think it would be cool if you worked your way through the entire This Is Why You’re Fat website. Don’t need to push it, just maybe one recipe a week, filmed for our disgust/amusement. That would be great.

  19. Hey Joe,

    Wow, that was GREAT!!! I can’t believe you went on to eat the entire thing…well…together at least.

    I certainly must admit that watching you eat “weird” things does make me smile…is that a bad or good thing? Maybe bad for you….good for me.

    You are better to us than we probably deserve. *smiles*

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  20. Another great episode! I wish Syfy would use Sanctuary as the lead-in to SGU in the States as Space does here. It just seems like a natural fit. But hopefully this episode will move the ratings up again.

    You need your own show. You’re the Evil Knievel of eaters. Another death defying culinary feat. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  21. That video was hilarious! I especially liked the peanut gallery in the background with the cameras. Thank you all for giving me a good laugh.

    I am, however, totally grossed out and will probably never eat at KFC or a Krispy Kreme again.

    Thanks to Remi and Linda and the best of luck to them.

  22. Hey Mr M, was surprise to see a Blu-ray (dubbed version ?) of the Assault Girls while surfing thru the onlne Cineplex DVD store. Link to the product web page below with Octobre 26th availability.

    Pffft the WFPOTD triple down sound tame. The Colonel’s chicken had always been quite salty. Much better to induce the Colonel’s customers to order a follow up beverage.

  23. I wish everyone would just stop the doomsday talk and hope for the best. That’s what I’m trying to do myself, but reading about the the c-word all the time won’t let me.

    Got my fingers crossed for SGU.

    Bye bye to Linda and Remi. Looking forward to their episodes (assuming there are some, but I really don’t remember at the moment).

  24. Krispy Kremes Donuts are not bad. Try some sometime. Especially the cream filled ones with chocolate on top.

  25. Hopefully Remi and Linda will be back next year, no?!

    I saw a twitpic of that triple down. Oh. My God. So disgusting, yet intriguing.

  26. Coucou!

    Comment allez vous ??? Moi super, je profite de mon weekend !!!!!

    J’ai vu les audience de sgu =( , je vais vous dire franchement sgu j’ai abandonné, j’ai même mis mon blog Stargate en pause, la seul chose qui pourra me faire changer d’avis c’est un film sga ou sg1

    ..mais d’ici là…j’ai d’autre chose à faire…Comme vous voir manger des choses O_O indescriptible!!!!.. Comment prendre 10 kilos en 1 minute…voila la réponse lol!

    Vive le sel !!!! Si il y’a bien une chose d’on je ne peux me passé c’est de mon sel !!! Pour moi c’est sacré!!

    Mes aliments de survis sont; Sel, pâté, saucisson, fromage.
    Sans ça je suis triste lol!

    Passé une bonne journée,
    merci pour cette vide^^!


  27. OMG! Sanctuary was a HOOT last night! I nearly fell off my chair when ‘Foot said (in reference to the Twilight movies), “I like Marcus”… 😆

    For those who don’t watch the show, Chris Heyerdahl (my darling Todd the Wraith) plays Bigfoot – and he was also Marcus in New Moon. 🙂 Chris/Bigfoot just stole the show last night – he was a blast!

    Also, anyone watching Law and Order: UK?? Jamie Bamber had the best line in that show last night, too: “Not in my matress.” 😆 I won’t bother explaining the context, but suffice to say he had a very naughty little smirk on his face when he said it. 😀


  28. HI Mr M!

    Lovin’ the WFOPD…..Also love to see a very timid Carl peeping over to see you’re ok…

    Speaking of things culinary, this is a link I think you’ll like…re: Irish delicacy of Black Pudding :

    Knights of Black Pudding….honestly you couldn’t make it up…and no it’s not April 1st and yes they do exist….only the French could think of this….

    Hope all good with you…any snaps of the birthday swag by the way?

    Best to all at The Bridge


  29. Wait, huh? Your only woman writer left?!? 🙁 I mean, I will still love all you boys, but I’m very sad to see Linda go.

    Also: the Triple Down actually sounds kind of good, though I would take it apart and eat it all separately, so maybe that doesn’t count. But it sounds like a delicious part of a more-than-complete breakfast! 🙂

  30. I liked Chris as Todd. He and Joe Flanigan were good together. Yes I also am a Atlantis Addict. I cannot get into SGU. Good luck. I wish SyFy would come out with a new SGA franchise with Joe Flanigan.

  31. OMG Joe that was funny and disgusting. I hope you didn’t eat the whole thing.

    Last night’s ep was great. You almost had me crying over Eli and his mom. Having her visit him on the Destiny was a totally unexpected & brilliant idea. It was great to see that Camille is capable of showing some compassion. On the Destiny she always seems to be keeping herself separate (emotionally and physically) from the rest of the crew.

    I find Rush’s Hallucinations to be quite intriquing. I hope that the two hallucinations are not related. His wife is in his head and has him mentally unstable. As for Franklin, I am not a fan of the sentient ship idea (that a lot of fans are talking about) so I hope he is something entirely different.

    Greer is just all kinds of awesome.

  32. Someone asked today in an earlier if anyone watched Law & Order. I do not. I watch NCIS and NCIS LA, The New Hawaii Five-O and Burn Notice. The only channel I do not watch anymore is SyFy except for when next year A Good Day For It and The Other Side come on then I will watch.

  33. Someone asked a little earlier if anyone watches Law & Order I do not. I watch either CBS The New Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, NCIS LA and USA’S Burn Notice. I no longer watch SyFy except when A Good Day For It and The Other Side air next year, I will watch.

  34. where is the crew on Destiny getting there bullets for there guns from? They do have a limited supply of ammunition right?

  35. For your next Chocolate Party may I suggest Toffee Taboo? They are a little catering co. that now sells their yummy toffee online; you can call or email and get some ordered to Canada. Very yummy stuff, with nice easy-on-the-fillings toffee, chocolate, almonds and cashews. Found some at my local grocers and it’s all gone already already!

    The Pomegranates are back in season, woo hoo! I look forward to spending the rest of the pomegranate season cutting my tongue to shreds on those sharp little pomegranate seeds.

    I also found a nice big bottle of Argentinean chimichurri at the grocer; I will be roasting chicken and potatoes tonite for the sole purpose of tasty chimichurri!

  36. Now maybe you know why there are no buns with the kfc creation,. ick?!?
    I like potato chips and chocolate,I know not weird, but a good salty/sweet combo fix.
    And I can just see Ashleigh in that kfc line,,she really must like you. Don’t mess up your stomach too much this close to the trip.
    Sorry that Remi and Linda are away, I enjoyed their work. I hope they will be doing something they like. Are you getting new writers or is this the way it is?

  37. Remi and Linda, thank you for everything you’ve done for SGU, and good luck in your future endeavours (including giving Mr Mallozzi a couch to stay on).

    This is the first weird food purchase of the day I’ve seen (new to the blog) and I can’t help but think you should have a doctor on standby. There was wasn’t there? On the other hand I am intrigued but not tempted enough to try it. Did you finish it or cut it up for all to have a piece to enjoy? Hee hee hee.

    Being from the UK I would also like to say Awakening was awesome. Poor Telford.

  38. That’s very funny but gross! However, those Krispy Kreme doughnuts look yummy. That combination – not so much. I tried a Double Down once. It was not good. Is there anything you won’t eat??

  39. OH I almost forgot! I’m not sure what “last day on the show” means exactly, but just want to wish Remi Aubuchon and Linda McGibney lots of luck in their future endeavors. Their contributions to SGU were much appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks for subjecting yourselves to a Q&A with us rabid fans. It was really cool to get a little insight into their personal lives. They seem like nice people! GOOD LUCK to both of you! I’ll be looking for your names out there…

  40. Choice – Krispy Kreme or Double down.
    KK without a hesitation!!! They closed the one nearest me – sigh, so cannot get my KK fixes. They had some goooood stuff – high sugar and calories, but yummy!

    Regard the DD – the white meat and grilled white meat are way too dry. ANd if you are not lucky, the choices were sitting around a while getting drier. Tried one once and will not do so again – even with the temptation of a nice donut.

    Gimme the hot wings…yeah!!
    THANKS for your bravery and fortitude with the WFPOTD.
    Love your episodes, but do be careful!

    Linda and Remi – sorry to hear you guys are done for now.

    now back to lurking and finding something to eat…no not a dd…

  41. My initial glee at seeing a Weird Food Purchase entry at long last has replaced by a steadily-growing fear that the insidious Triple Down may have resulted in the kind of massive health malfunction that gets you a starring role on a Discovery Health Channel Special (“My Arteries Tried to Leave My Body: The Joseph Mallozzi Story”).

    You are still alive, aren’t you?

    Come to think of it, that wouldn’t be a bad title for a Lifetime Movie either. Who should we get to play you?


    Will their ever be a third stargate series, if Stargate Universe gets cancelled?

  43. That picture of Linda in your office…are you packing? (Books in boxes) What’s up?

  44. Ugh, just looking at that Triple Down made me nauseous. You’re a brave man, Joe Mallozzi, with a stomach of steel.

  45. @Airelle, you are not wrong!
    The chips have to be chicken flavoured.
    Chicken Chips and Chocolate – ChChCH! My favourite combo.
    Unfortunately I haven’t seen a double down here in Australia yet. I’ll have to get my daughter to make one for me – she works at KFC.

  46. Hey Joe,

    I just have a question about Simeon’s tatoo.

    Do you know what that means?

  47. Joe

    Don’t make yourself sick on so much food. I hope and wish you would put Joe Flanigan on another one of your shows as a regular. He is a good actor and SGA fans miss him. Also if you could fit Mckay and Woolsey in the storyline as a guest on SGU you could do the same with Joe Flanigan’s Shepperd and the actor who plays Todd the Wraith.

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