I walked into the office this morning, sniffling away, noisily clearing my throat, and generally doing everything in my power to elicit sympathy from my disinterested co-workers.  Finally, Tanja took the bait and asked me if I was fighting off a cold.  Bingo!  I was expecting chicken soup, a warm blankie, maybe mug of hot cocoa.  Instead, she scurried back to her desk and returned, seconds later, with two small plastic bags filled with white powder that she insisted would have me feeling better in no time.  I bet!  No doubt picking up on my reticence, she set me straight.  The baggies did not, in fact, contain icing and flour (which was my obvious initial assumption) but powdered vitamin C (she didn’t clarify exactly what the C stood for) and something called lycium (I’m guessing that’s what the kids call it on the streets).

I wasn't sure whether to mix them in orange juice or snort them off a huge vanity mirror.

I elected to forego Tanja’s suspect medication for a more proven cure, this one compliments of Production Designer James Robbins who stopped me in the hall to inform me he’d made a triple layer chocolate mousse cake for his daughter’s birthday last night and would I like a slice?  WOULD I?!!  You know what they say: Stuff a cold and feed a fever! James led me back to the darkened confines of the Art Department and disappeared into the back, briefly leaving me to wonder whether I’d been set and was about to be ambushed by some crazed bevel-wielding Art Director.  Fortunately, he appeared seconds later with THIS –

James Robbins serves up the perfect remedy for cold symptoms.

I can’t say it actually cured my cold, but I WAS feeling  A LOT better.

By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t make a point of thanking fellow writer/Executive Producer Carl Binder for taking me out for my birthday Monday night.  We hit Cobre (which is fast becoming a weekly haunt) where we enjoyed such culinary delights as pulled duck tacos, sea prawn corn arepas, and maple chipotle tamarind-glazed boar belly. The verdict?  I defer to my affable host –

The other day, I was talking to Isabelle from accounting and she told me that she was taking an ESP course on weekends.  I was, to say the least, intrigued and when the opportunity presented itself, immediately tested her burgeoning skills.  “What color am I think of?!”I shouted at her later that afternoon, surprising her in the kitchen.

“Uh, blue?”she guessed.  Incorrectly!

“Wrong!  Red!”  I proceeded to pass judgement on her shoddy mind-reading skills and the sham course she was taking, ridiculing the mendacity of supposed psychics and lambasting their devotees.  I was on quite the role.  Until she informed me that ESP stood for Effective Success Program.  Which really changed nothing because, whatever they wanted to call the course, she still was unable to guess red.

Also today, the lunchtime conversation turned to movies and we learned that both Lawren and Ashleigh hated one of the greatest comedies of all time (A Christmas Story) but just loved The Goonies (Lawren) and The Land Before Time (Ashleigh) which pretty much invalidates any opinion they may have in future film-centered discussions.  Carl and I got into our standard argument over Little Miss Sunshine, a movie he loved and I loathed.  Cloying/goofy kid/unrealistically mature kid?  Check!  Eccentric/Borderline psychotic friends and/or family members who, in reality, would more than likely to forget said kid in a hot car while they hit the outlet mall?  Check!  Embarrassing sequence at movie’s end where everybody ends up dancing?  Check!  That’s three for three, a true rarity!  I would have liked the movie far more if it had ended with social services taking the kid away and putting her in a better home, maybe somewhere in the Alsps where she would be raised by a German baroness who’d read to her every night from Gormenghast and the works of Algernon Blackwood.

My Snow Monkeys hold a record of 2-4 in the NFL Stargate Fantasy League and, with eight games to play, are still in playoff contention.  But this weekend’s match-up against the 3-3 All-Stars will be key.  The Falcons’ Matt Ryan gets the start at QB while San Fran workhorse Frank Gore and new Seahawk Marshawn Lynch shoulder the running duties.  KC’s Moeaki, at the TE position, will hopefully see a lot more touches at home against the Jags.  My sole concern is at the wide receiver position where I have six excellent players but only three slots to fill.  My choices: Miami’s Brandon Marshall who has been my best player to date, but who plays a stingy Pittsburgh D.  Saints wideout Lance Moore who has put up some solid numbers so far and should continue his steady ways against the Browns.  Fellow saints wide receiver Robert Meachem who started off slowly this season yet has just exploded of late.  Packers’ wideout Donald Driver who is solid as well and playing for a team that can and should light it up this weekend, but is coming off a thigh injury.  Vikings’ wideout Percy Harvin who has been putting up some great numbers with the addition of Randy Moss and should see plenty of catches this weekend, but is also nursing a hamstring injury.  And, finally, Cowboys’ rookie Dez Bryant who is finally showing signs of life after a slow start, but will be going up against a very tough NY Giants pass defense Monday night.  so, who’s it gonna be?  Help your Snow Monkeys win their third game of their season!

Snow Monkeys Rule!!!

34 thoughts on “October 21, 2010: Cold remedies! ESP! Film! And Snow Monkeys!

  1. Lawren and Ashleigh hate A Christmas Story?? What??!!!! My mouth fell open and my chocolate ice cream I was eating almost slid out!! Almost. How could any normal human, with feelings, HATE that movie? Thats akin to throwing a cat off a balcony or setting bugs on fire with a magnifying glass. Horrible. Just horrible.

    That picture of James Robbins and the cake – now THAT’s good looking! Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmm.

  2. Happy Birthday, however, belated it is.

    Anybody who doesn’t like A Christmas Story, needs to have their heads examined. They need to be subjected to watching episodes of Hathor and Seth.

    Seriously, Awakening was an excellent episode, edge of my seat. You should put it in for a Gemini or Leo nomination.

    Oh, and that picture of Greer and Varro fighting in mystery photo #1? The answer is in Pathogen.

  3. @ Joey – Yer freakin’ SICK! Stay home, and stop infecting your co-workers! *shakes head in dismay*

    I’m not joking…see…no smilies.

    Ya know, I used to think it was okay to go to work with a cold – I mean, it’s just a cold. But after being sick back in ’08/’09 for six months, and then some, I tell all infectious boogerheads to STAY THE HELL HOME! I’m like Monk about it. 😛 I know – totally obnoxious on my part – but I never, ever wanna have to go through that again, and I don’t wish it on anyone else, either.

    That said, I have been using on a daily basis (and several times a day) plain saline nasal spray, and it’s helped me ward stuff off for a while now. I recommend it to everyone who has bouts of upper respiratory ailments, from allergies to bronchitis, and everything in between.

    @ Julie Merritt – There is something very special between Todd and Sheppard. I see them as doppelgängers, though maybe not in the traditional good/evil sense of the word. Still, they are one in the same…Todd, of course, realizes it…I’m just not sure Sheppard is willing to acknowledge it, too.

    The best ‘ending’ for Todd and Sheppard is for the two to go their separate ways, each one giving a nod of respect to the other. The way I see it is if Sheppard kills Todd, he’s learned nothing, there’s no character arc for him. It would mean he started out on the mission hating and killing Wraith, and he ends the same way. The same goes for Todd – if he just says ‘to hell with it’ and sucks the life out of Shep, he’s acheived nothing other than to prove to his enemies that he’s incapable of self-control and/or change.

    If we finally get that heartfelt acknowledgement (of mutual respect) that we were first teased with way back in Common Ground, I think most SGA fans will be satisfied. The sticky part for me is that I only see Sheppard granting Todd that respect if Todd takes the cure. I have no problem with Todd being able to survive on normal food, but I do have a problem with him losing his ‘need’ (or desire and ability) to feed. That’s really the dynamic that makes his relationship with humans so exciting. Take that away from him and he’s no longer Wraith, but just an eyebrow-challenged green guy with extra nostrils on his face. It’s just not the same. If Todd would develop the ability to eat normally, I hope he’d also retain the ability to feed on human lifestuffs….then he’d be more like that trained tiger you keep in a cage. Sure, he’ll happily do tricks for that prime rib you toss to him, but you’d better not turn your back on him lest you become his next steak dinner. That’s the edge that makes the relationship between Shep and Todd so special – the self-control on both their parts – and that would all be lost if the threat was finally removed.

    Okay…going to bed now before I get all melancholy over the whole ‘no more Wraith’ thing. I still miss those guys more than you can imagine. 🙁 And Joe? Get some rest, and stop spreading your germs, snothead!

    (Feel better, too! 🙂 )


  4. Just watched a documentary about the Medici. Apparently, they governed by personal loyalty. He who purchased and gave the most gifts to the guy in charge got all the perks. So…what can I get you, Mr. Mallozzi?


  5. Cold remedy: Vitamin D 50,000 units (I’m not joking) for 4 days. It’s the prescription pill strength. Then continue taking 1000-5000 IU daily. Most of us are vitamin-D deficient. I used to get respiratory issues ALL the time. Once my doctor did a blood test and found I was deficient, I took a prescription pill once a week for 6 weeks and then 5000 international units a day and I have made it now through 2 cold and flu seasons. Whenever I do feel a cold possibly coming on, I take the 50,000 units for a few days and it never fully materializes. Now if only the rest of my body was so cooperative.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    I got confirmation of some sad news tonight. A beloved educator from my childhood passed away. I had a hellish childhood. For me, I tried to stay at school for as long as possible to avoid having to go home. During elementary, middle and junior high, I got A’s for the praise and reinforcement I got from my teachers. In high school the grades became more about me and my desire for my future, but I still did everything possible to stay at school, this time to escape a horrible foster home. Mr. Sexton was part of my high school experience. He was my advisor for student government (I was president of my class in my sophomore year), and continued to be a mentor and counselor for me. I would not be exaggerating when I say that my teachers saved my life. Had I not gotten the praise and love that I did from them, I might have made very bad choices. I often wished that Mr. Sexton would adopt me. He loved his family so much. He was one of the few positive male role models I had in my life. We stayed in touch after high school. The last time I had contact with him was on the last day before his retirement. I had gone up to New York and wanted to stop in at school and say hello and introduce him to Jeff. It was June 1992. I was getting married on October 24, 1992 (yep, 18th anniversary coming up on Sunday). He will be buried on Saturday, October 23. I tried to find him several times over the year on-line but never had any luck. Another assistant principal with whom I do have contact is going to the funeral and is going to carry a letter to his family from me. I want them to know the details of the things he did for me, which included pulling me out of class one day to go buy a winter coat. I am glad Mr. Sexton knew how I felt about him when I did have contact with him; I just wish he would have known that in my later years, the appreciation deepened.

    So here’s to all the teachers in our life who left footprints on our soul. If they don’t know, try to find them and tell them. It will make their day.

  6. I’ve just gotten over a mild Cold myself – [Thank you FLU SHOTS!]. No matter WHAT you take, it’ll still run its course over the next couple of weeks.

    TAKE the VITAMIN C in whatever shape or form you can! As MUCH as you can. Blueberries are good. Alternate with VITAMIN D [not at same time as they apparently cancel each other out..?].

    Onions. Garlic. Imbibe all the Immunity-boosting foods you can find. Blow your nose.

    Once you’re better, GET your FLU SHOT!

  7. Indeed, A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie, if not one of the best movies ever! I question their sanity. Or, at least their taste.

    I hear ya Joe about the cold. I have one starting too, but rather than chocolate cake my co-workers’ response has been “get away from me then!” Oh well, after taking yesterday off sick I’m going back in today to spread it around to them. That will show them!

  8. I had a semi 24 hour cold too, more the sniffing thing with a random blocked nose. Eased somewhat by walking around strangely enough, guess it gets the airways open.

    Anyway really sad to see the ratings for episode 4. Deserves so much more. I had my hopes with the 1.2 million last week itd get higher. Less doom and gloom more positive thinking, lets hope it rebounds next week.

  9. I can’t say that I’ve seen A Christmas Story. I have to admit, I do like The Goonies. My favourite comedy, though, would have to be a toss up between “Airplane!” (a.k.a. “Flying High” in my native Australia) and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”.

    Airplane! because every time I watch it a see a new gag in the background that I’d never noticed before.

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels because it’s such a superb piece of screenwriting. A great story, well executed and a delicious twist at the end!

  10. Just read up the Live +7 stuff. That’s kinda cool.
    I mean, we all know Stargate Universe is an amazing show, with an amazing cast/crew/producers. And clearly the Live +7 figures are showing the show hasn’t lost any of its viewers from the back half of season 1. They’re just not watching live.

    Which kinda indicates its the timeslot thats the problem right Joe? Its being placed on a day where clearly people are giving priority to the more highly rated programs.

    I think the show needs a move out of the Tuesday timeslot.

    Whats kinda well sad to me is its pulling renewel figures after Live +7 is factored in.

    Lets all hope for the best. Season 3, Season 3 !!

  11. When medical science finally develops a cure for the common cold, they should make sure it looks, tastes, and smells just like triple layer chocolate mousse cake.

  12. I take it you’ve actually read Gormenghast? If so, you are truly and deeply evil. Or disturbed, I couldn’t quite decide.

    But then, one of my favorite fluff movies is Phantom of the Paradise. Who am I to criticize?

    I hope you do feel better soon.

  13. I won’t say I hate A CHRISTMAS STORY, but…I grew up listening (mostly clandestinely) to creator Jean Shepherd’s radio show. Nothing will ever compare to those pre-pubescent thrills.

  14. I don’t hate Christmas Story but I get tired of watching all the versions every year.

    Loved the mailbag yesterday! Thanks for the tidbits about upcoming shows. I can’t wait to see what Telford is up to later.

    Really liked SGU this week! I want the story lines to happen faster. I’m not good at waiting 😀 .

    I hope you feel better soon. Colds aren’t just colds to me. I always get a secondary infection in my sinuses and lungs. Keep an eye on your symptoms!

    Das: I finally caught the big ginger kitten. Spay is schedule for next Wednesday. She is driving us all crazy (doesn’t like to be confined), so we are all counting the days off until I can set her free.

    PBmom: So sorry for your loss. Those special teachers live on forever for a lot of us.

    P.S. The cake looked awesome!

  15. I’ve been enjoying the new season of SGU so far. I have a question about Aftermath. We saw in SG-1’s Prisoners that it takes tremendous power for the gate to establish a wormhole while dialing manually. While Eli had a remote dialer, what power source did the gate have in order to dial?

  16. Crap, crap, crapity-crap-crap-CRAP!!

    It’s ALL your fault Joey – ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

    I think I’m catching a cold. 🙁 😛

    Ugh. First time I’ve been sick in about 16 months.

    @ Tammy Dixon – Yay! They are little buggers to catch. We have two males that we haven’t been able to catch – they just won’t go near the cages. In the meantime one of the ferals came in the house the other night, and started roaming around. He’s the only one we can pet, so we wouldn’t mind bringing him in…only I have the three crazy girls inside right now, and I’m not sure how it will go over adding another cat. We have old lady Marbles who just mews all the time, Big Girl Kitty who just eats all the time, and ‘Ceiling Cat’, or China, who has taken to living in the loft above the garage door. Four or five days pass without even seeing the cat! She just eats, and poops…empty bowls and a dirty litter pan are the only clues that there’s another cat around. She’s the one that went neurotic on me after we had to put Cowboy down, and now she just refuses to peacefully co-exist with Big Girl Kitty. So we stuck her in the garage, and moved a litter pan into the utility room (I HATE having a kitty pan in our living space, but I have no other choice right now). Amazing how one cat – Cowboy – kept the balance in the house. It’s just not been the same since he’s been gone. 🙁


  17. Hey Joe,

    I don’t get it, how can anyone have anything bad to say about one of the GREATEST!!!! Christmas classics of all time! It’s just insane, some one should put their eye out! Kidding…but seriously how can you still work with them? Little miss sunshine=bad, the goonies = good, Land before time, sorry I’m an adult.

    So how does the conversation go from classic comedies like Christmas story and goonies , to land before time… was it something like “ya those are good comedies but you know what my favorite movie is…. Land before Time”

  18. awww sorry you feel bad Joe, hope it’s just a cold not the dreaded flu. shutter at the thought. A friend of mine who is a personal trainer, not mine, but when I was sick in April, I threw the diet out the window and ate what made feel better, carbs and lots of ’em – he said when your body is fight a virus it needs that fuel. So I didn’t argue with that logic.

    Fell better, Joe

    So, I am changing my name – Trixie – there are just too many people in this organization with my name – I had someone from another dept INSISTING they had spoken to me and needed to finish booking a procedure. It took me at least 5 minutes to convince this person – it wasn’t me.

    To all of you in the L.A. area…. Orange Avenue will be playing at the Roxy, they have a 9:00 slot, doors open at 7:00 , if I have the correct info – so please if you have a chance check ’em out, these guys know how to perform.

    OK I gotta go eat lunch now, so as not to throw off the schedule.

    – Trixie

  19. Sorry you’re under the weather Joe. Hope you get better soon.

    I really need some of that chocolate cake too. We had to put down my best buddy, Boo 🙁 She had been in heart failure for the past 2 months and there was not much we could do. She was 14 and the very best dog I have ever had. My heart aches and I miss her terribly but she is at peace now.

  20. Random Mailbag Question:

    I just noticed you had the “Shine” Anthology on your “recently read” list (don’t stop by often, so… hi!). What’d you think about it? Did you do a blog entry about it? I googled, but only got the list in the results.

  21. Hi Joe,

    It looks like Caprica might have a greenlit tv movie, potential new BSG tv series, “Blood and Chrome”, with a potential release of early 2012. I wonder if that might be their producers’ response to the worries of Caprica’s cancellation.

    Does the SG producers’ team currently have anything in mind for a potential “tv movie turned new SG tv series”, or any SG tv series, in the event SGU isn’t renewed?

    Is it a possibility?

    I am very hopeful SGU keeps getting renewed, though if it doesn’t last the prospected minimum number of seasons (personally, I’m hoping SGU lasts at least 5 years), I hope that there can be a similar approach taken as what the BSG gang is doing.

    Apparently, “BSG: Blood and Chrome” might feature cast from both the re-imagined BSG and Caprica.

    I saw mention of those BSG things on this IGN page:

    It would be wonderful if a potential “SG: New TV Show” featured cast from SG1, SGA, and SGU.

    Just a thought. 😉

    Again, I am wishing the best for SGU, that it lasts at least 5 or 6 seasons, *many* more years if at all possible.

    But I just wanted to say, “it’d be great to have a hybrid show following SGU (or, really, any new SG show at all). 🙂

    All the best,

    Sean D.

  22. I really hated Lil’ Miss Sunshine but I tend to keep it to myself; it’s like saying I like to kick puppies apparently. I can’t just say I haven’t seen it; saying that will induce people to pop in their special edition DVD and force you to confess to your loathing of it, thereby insuring you will never be invited to brunch again.

    So I tend to change the subject immediately to No Country for Old Men and Anton Chigurh’s funny hair.

    Finally got to see Pathogen, very cool ep, lots of juicy character dev. Greer, TJ and Chloe were standouts, and I’m glad to see that Rush’s Wife continues to bedevil him.

  23. Look for Lynch to open up the ground game for Forsett; keep him on your Fantasy team if you don’t already. Look at what happened last week at the Bears; Lynch’s presence opened up the holes for Forsett.
    Here around Seattle, we call that duo ‘Beast Force’. A caller on 710 ESPN Seattle called them ‘Thunderboat’ and ‘Lightfoot’.

  24. I’ve been reading “The God of Cake” (minus a couple choice words)


    to my kids in an embarrassingly dramatic fashion and I keep getting these feelings of Deja Vu.

    Is it my imagination, or is “The God of Cake” written in the voice of the narrator from A Christmas Story?

    Would chocolate cake help someone who is losing their voice from screeching “Caaaake” over and over?

  25. Das: my friend, Jo, is a vet. Jo and I worked together for years and I learned a lot about cat restraint techniques from her. Not all vets are “cat people”, so I do listen to Jo about cat behavior/health issues. Jo claims that the female cats aren’t as laid back or adaptable as male cats. So yes, the girls will probably have a problem with a newbie 😀 .
    FYI: Jo also says Torties have an edge to their personalities. She steers away from owning them. I’ve had two Torties and they both had bad tempers, so she might something there. However, I never get to pick our cats, they pick us.
    Anyway, sorry about Cowboy. It’s hard losing a pet. We still think about our favorites, years later. 🙁

  26. I heard you ate a Double Down today… with a Krispy Kreme to top it off?!? Are you CRAZY?!?

    Oh, and happy late birthday. Sorry I missed it. 🙁

  27. De-lurking for a minute or three…

    Have already had that bad cold that everyone seems to be getting, even the folks who never get sick. Lasted for a month! 😯 Still have to be careful around dairy products and sweet stuff or the sore throat/runny nose business starts again. PBMom, Vitamin D info duly noted! Das, at least you know what evasive maneuvers work for you. Commence warfare. 😀 Glare it into submission.

    Joe, am glad your cold had the decency to wait till your birthday was over! Happy Belated blog B-day wishes. 😀 Did your card finally get there?

    Was going to prescribe a bed full of adoring doggies, your favorite food & beverage, a remote control, and one of your favorite movies for your cold, but realize now that I may have written that the last time you had a cold! 😛

    The powdered remedies your co-worker offered up reminded me of a Chinese medicine my brother took when he was teaching English in Taiwan. It was a granular, kind of sawdusty powder, and flavored like bacon! (yum-yum-yum-YUM! It’s Bacon!!!) He hated it, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t work for the dogs. Hmmm, it might make a good Weird Food Purchase. 😀

    STILL haven’t been able to see “Pathogen” this week because cable service went out that very night. Pfooey! Missed both airings, too. Went to Syfy, nothing. Went to Hulu. Worse yet, not showing until *30 days* after original air date. I can’t stay away from the comments section forever. Anyone have any ideas? 😀 Unfortunately, iTunes is NOT an option…

    Thanks to them, the CD and DVD drivers were wiped clean off my computer’s hard drive, the morning of bro & sis-in-law’s wedding. Went online to buy a song, downloaded it, and it prompted a save somewhere that it later decided was Verboten! Gah! Somehow we managed to get a mix CD together for the wedding reception music anyway.

    Poor ‘puter has been at the shop all week getting “an overlay re-install” of the OS, which will also fix other pain-in-the-*slide whistle* problems. Am VERY grateful that it all got fixed, however!!! Will be so glad to have dear ‘puter back at home and “All Better!” 😀

    Which is where I hope you will be, Joe. Comfy, content, and “all better!”

    P.S. The Akemi Cuteness blog was delightful. Now we miss her, too. Are you going to make her something cute and send her a photo?

  28. Will sgu ever encounter the asgard scout ship with living asgards inside and offer them assiatance?

  29. P.S.S. “Sassy Dad” has given bro & I quite similar memories to those in “A Christmas Story.” Especially the ranting with the echoing reverb. We both laughed pretty hard at that part. (So did Mom.) Dad never had a wild crush on a lamp shaped like a can-can girl’s leg in a fishnet stocking, though. And he has mellowed LOTS since then. Except for an occasional flare when a tool goes missing, or when he watches cable network news… 🙂

  30. Hiya Joe –

    I recall you saying that Carl *and* the other writers all really liked Little Miss Sunshine. I loved it. (Which obviously is what matters most to me. *w*) Anything that might have the least little bit of saccharine in it is abundantly canceled out by the wickedly subtle dark-comedic lines, plus some of the best slapstick I’ve ever seen — and for myself, I thought the whole beauty-pageant scene was all the more effective as social commentary for the fact that its points were made via humor, not preachiness. By the way, didn’t Carl call you “heartless” for your dislike of the movie? Still smarts, does it? And no amount of chocolate and/or chocolate mousse cake can ever really assuage that feeling. Hehe.

    But what do I know? In a film history course at college, I told the prof that I much prefer Wayne’s World to Citizen Kane. Which remains true. No point in trying to defend myself on this one. I do love classic film, but to me the best part of The Seventh Seal was seeing the “death dance” scene fondly spoofed by Woody Allen in, uh . . . okay, Love and Death.

    Sonja: You were my one great love.
    Boris: Oh, thank you very much. I appreciate that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m dead.
    Sonja: What’s it like?
    Boris: What’s it like? You know the chicken at Tresky’s Restaurant? It’s worse.

    So — am loving getting caught up on SGU, and am glad to see those genre-transcending character moments still keeping pace with the “sci” and space-battle parts of the storylines. The SFX/VFX and photography continue to be jaw-dropping awesome, and the acting remains superb. Well, actually, I think the actors have taken it to a higher plane. “WOW!” sums up my reaction pretty well.

    Good luck with your Snow Monkeys. A little more every season, I understand why it’s called “fantasy football.” – They say midwinter thaw will be very, very early this season. *evil grin*

    In Taos, drained a glass to those I know of with October birthdays – you, Brian Smith, bro, Stefan (first bf), a pal from high school, et al. – and reflected on just what the deal is about January. Anyway, with the possible exception of my brother, the results seem to be good overall. 😀


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