A reminder to finish up our book of the month club pick, Masked.  Discussion begins tomorrow!

And a reminder that this is your last day to post your questions for SGU writer/Supervising Producer Linda McGibney!

The return of Sunday Night Football also saw the return of THIS guy –

Executive Producer and Big-Time Cowboy Fan Rob Cooper

He hosted a get-together that included cold cuts, pizza, pie, and truffles (compliments of yours truly).

I made a third batch: Malibu Rum-infused Milk Chocolate Truffles Rolled in Toasted Coconut Flakes.

Also in attendance for what turned out to be a pretty disappointing game but better-than-expecting pizza (the philly cheese selection was a pleasant surprise)…

Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, always on hand to offer a free hug.

Representing Canada: Carl Binder.

Ivon Bartok. Just water, thanks.

Decision, decisions...

Received an email from Marty G. who wanted to add a little something to the discussion on fan behavior at a recent con.  Writes Martin:

“Although the odd fan was incredibly rude, the VAST majority of fans were incredibly generous, polite and enthusiastically positive about the shows (Stargate fans raised 28k for Lupus this year…which is basically MOST of the money raised at Dragon*Con).  Anyway, I just wanna make sure people know that a couple of rotten apples didn’t spill the bunch and we all had a great time…”

Really great to hear it.


Melissa writes: “I just wanted to remind you that just because a small group of people misbehave at an event, it doesn’t mean that all of us are that rabid.”

Answer: Hey, Melissa – yes, the vast majority of fans are great.  Even the majority of those fans who have criticized SGU have done so in a respectful, constructive manner. Unfortunately, there will always be that rude, vocal minority out there who give fandoms a bad name.

Lewis writes: “…if SGU goes off the air after this season then there won’t be any Stargate programming going on. And if the lights are out at the studio then that means nothing is being filmed… not a TV show, not a movie, not even any behind-the-scenes antics. However if Universe does get renewed for a 3rd season, because of good ratings during Season 2, then that means that the ball keeps rolling… it greater increases the possibility of Stargate movies.”

Answer: And that pretty much sums it up.  Some fans are under the delusion that an end to SGU will mean a return of Atlantis as a series or, at the very least, a fast-tracking of the Atlantis movie.  In fact, the opposite is true.  First of all, there are no circumstances by which Atlantis would return for  a sixth season.  As nice as it would be to see all those story ideas we’d filed away go to script and, ultimately, into production, it can’t happen – and anyone who claims otherwise is either clueless or lying.  Given recent developments, the outlook for both the SG-1 and Atlantis movies has improved, and will continue to improve so long as Stargate: Universe continues strong.

Montrealer writes: “Also the showrunners had been scarce at conventions to answer the concerns of the SGA fans. So the current SGU cast became defacto spokespersons for the missing showrunners.”

Answer: I’ve responded to this issue countless times.  Being new to this blog, you must have missed the various entries.

link022 writes:”1 the priors of oris used stargate to go to our galaxy  Was it due to their powers ? Did they use a power source like ZPM ?

2 There is a big difference of size between a supergate and a stargate. Is it a problem if we send a traveler without ship by this one to contact a stargate ?

3 Why atlantis would vaporize if we used the engine with whirlpool? Is it possible to mitigate this problem?

4 is the crystal skulls could be usefull to contact the destiny if we had one of them in the ship ? We don’t know how to use them, but our allies could show us how to use these ones”

Answers: 1. We never specified the power source used. 2. Since they supergates are space gates, yes, it would be a problem.  3. We’ll find out in the movie.  4. Sorry, no idea.

JeffW writes: “On the displays, this may be too technical for you to answer, but what software/hardware does the Playback Department use to animate those displays?”

Answer: I’ll have to remember to ask Krista McLean the next time I see her.  Remind me!

Adam White: “At the beginning of the summer I wrote here about our Pug Ugg. Sadly he lost his battle with PDE on Wednesday. He was the most loving and caring little boy in the world.”

Answer: Hey, Adam, I’m really sorry for your loss.  Your post at pugvillage is very touching and I re-post the link here for those of you who’d like to take a moment to honor Ugg’s memory – http://www.pugvillage.com/forum/paws-remember/104400-ugg-1st-june-2007-8th-september-2010-a.html

Bob Reynolds writes: “Well this is strange because I was at that panel and didn’t witness anything of the sort.”

Answer: With all due respect, the Dragon Con incident was just one of several I’ve been told about and had confirmed by various individuals. On one occasion, a fan told an actress that if he was on Destiny, he’d “slap her around” – to which she shot back: “Don’t threaten me with a good time!”.

Sheryl writes: “So the food carts are open from 3-10 everyday. How about this Sunday coming up? And the “takoyaki” balls are actually called bakudanyaki.”

Answer: Sounds oishii.  Sundays are bad, however, due to my long-standing commitment to the NFL.

Nadine Ramsden writes: “Speaking of anime, we’re watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Have you seen it?”

Answer: Not yet.

planet_tv writes: “1. Would it be possible for Sheppard to feed Todd a nice tasty snack named Kanaan?

2. Will the SGA gate be needed for the SGA movie whenever that happens? The only reason I ask is because saw that it was up for auction in pieces and I can’t see that you have another SGA gate laying around as I am assuming that all of the Stargates are equally expensive to make or at the very least expensive to get fix..”

Answers: 1. Unlikely.  Sorry.  2. Yes, we’ll need one – but we’ll be fine when the time comes.

SG7 writes: “1. I remember you telling me that the waterfall where Alaina was in the episode faith, was at a place called Widgeon Park. Was wondering if the rest of the scenes were filmed there as well.”

2. Would those sketches ever have a chance of getting auctioned off?”

Answers: 1. Yes, all the exterior scenes were shot at Widgeon.  It’s also where we shot Harmony.

2. No plans to do so.  Sorry.

FRVDevil writes: “Why did you select ASU? Was it all the hot women, the reputation as a party school, the awesome mascot, or their world class academics?”

Answer: I just like the nickname Sun Devils.

E writes: “Will we see/hear about Emily Young in the upcoming season?”

Answer: We certainly will.

Janet writes: “Do you still support the Raiders?”

Answer: I do.  Looks like it’s going to be another loooooong season.

J. Chris writes: “Also, I’m heading back up to Vancouver in a couple of weeks and looking at new places to check out. Have you ever been to any of the Guu locations?”

Answer: I have and wasn’t that impressed.  Prefer Kingyo, Gyoza King, and Zakushi.

Quade writes: “When you say Rob Cooper is “in town”. Do you mean that he since moved or is just coming back to the studio?”

Answer: He’s back in town to put the finishing touches on his masterpiece: Malice.

Deni writes: “Are the Wraith ambidextrous? Can they feed from either hand?”

Answer: Nope.  They have one feeding hand.

adam writes: “Just curious, Joe, if this hasn’t been asked already, do you have a favorite fast food franchise?”

Answer: I rarely do it, but I am partial to Big Macs.  And KFC Hot Wings.

AJM writes: “Since the Naquadria issue seems to be a prominent part of SGU, any chance those back in the Milky Way will take a trip to Jonas Quinn’s homeworld?”

Answer: Check out season two’s Seizure.

feanor writes: “Don’t you ever get tired of eating?”

Answer: Yep.  I’m in the process of weaning myself off food.

T’sGoatee writes: “. In Air, the CO2 scrubbers had some black crap on them which seemed to eat away at Rush’s pencil when he was examining it. When Franklin is sitting under the grate, does a drop of that stuff melt a hole in his shirt?”

Answer: Yes, I believe it does.

Michael writes: “1. As of answering this question, how many episodes have completed scripts?

2. How many episodes are in post production?

3. Are those Blueberry Aliens the only race that’s been interested in Destiny or have others just ignored it?”

Answers: 1. 17 episodes with completed scripts, 2 with completed outlines, one remaining episode to be discussed.

2. Lots.

3. That we know of so far.

Andy writes: “lets say someone goes into a gate with no point of exit (other gate might be locked out/temporarily unavailable/destroyed), we know the gate will store him in a buffer right? so when that other gate becomes available/rebuilt and somebody else dials and our hero comes out through the other end, will he age? or is this a form of stasis using gate travel?”

Answer: It’s a form of stasis.  Intriguing.

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Well, that wasn’t so massive. You’ve certainly done more massive than that. I’d call that big…large, maybe…but not massive. Massive is like…like…oh, I dunno…answering one of MY questions. grin

(j/k Joe…you give me more time than I deserve.)

Oh, and everyone (I’m SURE!) will be happy to know that I found a normal-looking guy in LOTR to drool over, though his part was far from massive. wink His name is Sandro Kopp, and he’s actually an artist, not an actor:


Like I said, artist, not actor, but he made one beautiful elf! He’d be a perfect Elric, too:

comment image

YUP! I’ma gonna have some sweet dreams tonight! (Mr. Das just rolled his eyes… smile )

Have a good night, Joe!



Now THAT is an entertainment room, a big bar, an even bigger TV, leather recliners, Stargate DVDs and awards. Everytime you post pictures of Rob I get more and more jealous of that guy, at the Cowboys playoff game, his cooking, and now his house! All but the exception last year when he was on crutches and you had to carry him up and down the stairs, which you still refuse to do for Ashleigh. I mean come on, you could remind her about it all the time. Like when you need someone to pick up the cheque at dinner, or you’re working late and need to pick up the dogs from doggycare. It’s like a blank IOU that never expires.


So you’re a Sun Devils fan or are you rooting for ASU to annoy Carl? As a grad student and teaching assistant at ASU I may be able to hook you up with some maroon and gold gear. I will also brag a little and say I’ve had a couple of ASU’s first string in my class – luckily they playfootball better than they did in bio. (And we appear to have lost our party-school ranking – we’re no longer in the top 10.)

Sean D.

Wow! That’s a great idea! (…regarding “stargate buffer stasis”)

That’d be awesome to see something like that in SGU.

Person X enters a stargate a long, long time ago, and finally, present day, the destination stargate is made available, and (poof!) out pops Person X, who should be about 46,000,000 years old now but is still young. eek

Definitely intriguing.

I’m curious though…

What would initiate finally making that connection once the second stargate is made available?

Would the stargate just suddenly make a connection with no real rhyme or reason (well, with none known to the people where that stargate is) or would it require attempting to dial in or out with that stargate from that location before it would, instead, end up completing the 46mya connection from the other stargate?


Either way, it’s be sweet to see something like that in the show! smile

Narelle from Aus

Aaaaaaaargh! I’ve only read up to your story in Masked Joe! I thought I’d be able to read a story per night, over a couple of months and it would be smoooooooth sailing … sound familiar?


Stasis via Stargate and Jonas Quinn both in same mailbag…hmm…there’s a plot idea in there.

The gunk from the CO2 scrubbers eats through organics? Sounds like DESTINY is/was infested with the “Thread” parasite from Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern” novels. (I’m a 40-year McCaffrey fan.)

J. Chris
J. Chris

Thanks for the response about Guu, Joe! Really appreciate it.

Also, watched the Redskins/Cowboys game today. I was disappointed in much of the game, but much more disappointed at the Cowboys’ plays at the end of each half. Oh well, we’ve still got the rest of the season to go, right?


@Adam I teared up when I read your beautiful tribute to Ugg. There never is enough time, no matter how long they’re with us. My thoughts are with you both.


Since Telford will be donning the dress blues in seizure will he be taking one of the prominent homeworld command members like major Davis or will Telford be donning his own uniform?


I’m wondering if you could ask Martin Gero to be a little more specific with regards to the Dragon*Con incident you mentioned. Several people commented in your previous post pointing out that none of the video supports the allegation that Alaina Huffman was harrassed. People who attended all of the panels said the same thing. I didn’t get to all of the cast panels, but I know that on Saturday, the only thing I can think of that might be related was the near-complete silence when Mr. Gero asked how many people in the audience watched SGU. I can’t remember very many questions directed to Ms. Huffman at all; most of the questions were for Michael Shanks, Paul McGillion, or the whole panel.



Will Greer be going even more off the rails this season? I want to see him become an emotional wreck for any reason (Scott stepped on his shoes!) I’m convinced Jamil can do anything and still make it good.

Andrew Byrne
Andrew Byrne

Hi Joe,

I had been looking forward to some sort of reveal showing the meeting that took place between Rush and Home World Command (ie. O’Niell) when using the stones for the first time in Air. But, I saw a fan made trailer, on this blog I think, showing a clip from that meeting? (Rush saying he did it, he made the connection and couldn’t shut it off) Did I miss something? I didn’t miss an episode of Season 1, watching it on Sky in Ireland.
Also, In Air pt 3, Rush blames Greer for shooting the scientist who ends up in the chair, but no-one seems to react to it.

Really enjoying the show, keep up the good work.



Look at the size of that screen! Oh my. One day I’ll get one of those, and do endless SG marathons in front of it. smile

Thanks for answering my question about Emily. Can’t wait to see her, and what she’s going to do.


Bob Reynolds writes: “Well this is strange because I was at that panel and didn’t witness anything of the sort.”

Answer: With all due respect, the Dragon Con incident was just one of several I’ve been told about and had confirmed by various individuals.

I’ve been to Dragon*Con every year for several years now, and when something untowards happens at a panel, people talk about it. They talk about it a lot. You’ll hear about it even if you’re not in that fandom, and you’ll definitely hear about it if you are.

So I’m curious as to why you’re the only person who’s heard about anything like this at any SG panel. I was at an awful lot of them with fans who love SGU and fans who hate it, and while I heard a lot from all of them about the panels they attended, I heard nothing like this, nor anyone talking about anything like this.

So either SG fandom has suddenly become shockingly circumspect and closed-mouthed, or the reports you say you’re getting from “various individuals” leave a lot to be desired in the way of accuracy.


Hope you are discussing(Masked) for a couple days, gotta take a trip, hoping not to miss anything. I know, get a life, well I got one, and its groovy baby. ha, I can hear Mike Myers saying that and have to laugh.
Rob looks great! say hello for us. You have not said how your truffles have tasted yet, the coconut ones there look good. and with rum, can you taste the rum or guinness or is it just for show?
@das, I hope you had pleasant dreams, I always thought that little elf guy was a cutie. But I am partial to elves and gnomes and well all types of magical folk. Magic is real right!?!
And Joe the Steelers won in overtime, didn’t see that one coming, it was a kinda boring game.

Lisa R
Lisa R

I have to echo one of the previous comments and say that seeing the stasis thing would be cool on the show.

SGU’s premiere is two weeks from tomorrow. Yeah!!!!

Have a good day!!!!


I really wish I could be reading Masked at the moment but it’s not in any bookstore I’ve looked in, and I’ve looked in lots. I thought for sure Minotaur would have it but it wasn’t there either. sad I’m sorry that Aussie book stores suck! I might have to get it from Amazon.

Cheers, Chev


Questions for Linda:

1. Lots of people complain that Stargate is a boy’s club. Do you feel that the gender of the screenwriter is important?

2. Was there any initiation prank performed on you when you started?

3. Who at Bridge is the best cook? Who gives the best hugs?

4. What would you say is your biggest strength as a writer?

5. Are you a cat or dog person or something else?

6. How do you cope with having your work critiqued? Do you like to see your episodes once they’re done?

7. Is there one character’s journey on Destiny that you relate to the most?

8. What’s one SGU surprise in Season 2 that you can tell us?

9. Which writers could you beat in a wrestling match?

10. What makes you laugh?

Cheers, Chev


OK two things,
The first is, over on GW they (mods) are saying you post things each year at this time to get the fans riled up and your blog traffic increased.
And that this DragonCon thing is one such post.
I’m OK with that, you are good at marketing…

The second is regarding the alleged threat to “bitch-slap” an actress if the slapper were on Destiny. Doesn’t that imply that the person was talking about the characters, not the actual people?
And since when is wanting to slap a TV character rude or insulting? A lot of movie/tv characters are created in such a way that people are annoyed by them and want to whack them upside the head. ( Lucius, Kavanaugh, etc….)
I mean, you writers have gone as far as to KILL characters, doesn’t mean you despise the actors who played Janet, Ford, Carson, Weir, Daniel(mulitple times),and so forth. Just that that’s what happens to characters on a fictional show.

I just never understand how peoples dislike of or annoyance at, a particular character translates to being rude or insulting to the actor.
I LOVE Jewel Staite till the ends of time as an actor, but the character she played on SGA was not my favorite. Has nothing at all to do with Jewel as a person.


Hey Joe, just wondering if you’ve seen this yet: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/08/11/2010-08-11_breakfast_favorites_tarting_up_times_sq.html does that appeal to you? I’m going to try it next month and I’ll let you know how it is.


Well, I still like Mr. Cooper, despite his poor taste in teams. I hope he did not suffer a bout of depression,high blood pressure, or stroke when the last second TD was called back. On the plus side, from his point of view, is that the Deadskins continue to show their penchant for giving away victories. If the rest of the season follows that example, it’s going to be an entertaining time figuring out who is going to win.
The mailbag was as massive as promised. I noted with amusement the implication you are consciously stirring up discord in the fan community. I’ve never noticed that fans needed an agent provacateur to get them riled up. And given the fact that Comic Con and Dragon Con fall about a month apart, it is not surpising that this time of year finds new arguments and allegations flying through the ether. Then there is the fact you are not claiming first person knowledge of the incident, but are relaying such an account. I don’t see why Mr. G. would see a need to fabricate the story. Add to all the the history of some unbalanced fans, and I don’t see any controversy here, just an account told in passing that is being turned into a…well, I’m not sure what it’s being turned into.
Anyways, looking forward to the night’s discussion of Masked, assuming I can get my computer back from the shop in time. Otherwise, you’ll know what that loud scream was.


A fan told an actress that if he was on Destiny, he’d “slap her around”
That is just absolutely despicable, I really can’t understand some people, to argue about a TV show (or character) using physical violence against a woman as an example, in a public manner, is abhorrent. It should not be tolerated in any form.
Excellent response though.


Yesterday I was mad but figured you’d respond so left it. You didn’t respond as I’d like so let me take a stab at it. smile
I wasn’t at Dragoncon this year and I am not watching every video to spot issues. But even asking the actress about SGU/SGA… what is wrong with you people? The question has been answered ad nauseum. Do you all REALLY think on the 1,000,001 time it will change? Because you have an angry answer in your head that SGU caused SGAs demise doesn’t make it real. And the ACTRESS wasn’t involved.

As for : “Also the showrunners had been scarce at conventions to answer the concerns of the SGA fans. So the current SGU cast became defacto spokespersons for the missing showrunners.”
WTH? So if you are suspected of beating your kids I get to ask your childhood class mates, who are at least as involved as an actress in that scenario, if you abused them? Utter crap. You all have a dead horse and intend to beat it until all that is left is bone chips. LET IT GO. SGA is over, kaput, finished.

As for Melissa…the long freaking diatribe over not watching it for season 2, saving money etc… for crying out loud, hundreds of words to say “done watching.”

For the rest who hate the show, blame the show over SGA (not you Melissa)…don’t let the door hit you. This entitlement mentality that the people behind Stargate owe us to continue SG1 or SGA or ANYTHING is stupidity. And if you don’t watch SGU, frankly I say THANK THE SPIRITS for the favor. The less rabid “can’t let go of a tv show” people the better for us all. No one should watch if they don’t like it. Move on, let it go, stop wasting your life posting about letting it go and actually GO. Enjoy those other shows you like. That is precisely what you should do. Really. You could have been watching instead of using precious life moments ranting about why you aren’t watching.

I do have one final comment… if it was relayed wrong and the DC fans didn’t attack her, then an apology is owed. I don’t care Joe what people elsewhere have done. The DC people were accused.

Having gone to Dragoncon many years, the only truly disrespectful person I have seen was Christopher Judge making lurid comments about a breast-feeding mother. Never a fan. They may be nearly naked, a bit loud or wild, but never have I seen one fan there RUDE to a guest. I am not saying it hasn’t ever happened, but I’d be surprised. The people in the audience even get on BORING or long winded people asking questions… they monitor their own behaviors pretty seriously.

And if that one question, stupid and misdirected as it was, is the issue… then the fans deserve not a “most the fans were great” but an apology.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

That was a good come back (from SGU actress)!

Wraith only have one feeding hand? Cool detail, Thanks!

Das: the cherry pitter only worked for the black olives. The green ones had a huge pit! Pretty tasty though, thanks!

One of my cats had a “grass string” hanging from its tail this morning. I pulled but it turned out to be “digested” dental floss still part way inside! Sorry if I grossed anyone out. If you have pets, I’m sure you’ve seen worse! wink The look that cat gave me was hilarious! (a silent prayer of thanks it didn’t jam up the intestines)

Are your pups garbage eaters, Mr. M.? We have to be very careful with cats in the house. No Christmas tinsel, no rubber bands, and and now dental floss.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Das: loved the salt creature but my favorite was the brain sucker. Hubby used to have a brain sucker screen saver. Creepy.