Well, damn.  This was my dogs’ reaction to the Georgia Bulldogs losing to SEC rival South Carolina today –

Bubba was so distraught he refused to even get in the picture.  I understand his disappointment given the Bulldogs’ lackluster performance.  They couldn’t tackle and could barely hold on to the ball – though, in retrospect, this isn’t surprising considering the size of their tiny little paws.  Oh well.

Some more super-secret vids from that super-secret set.  By the way, all these cool onscreen graphics come compliments of our amazing Playback department.  Their meetings may be tedious but their work is fantastic –

I woke up early to start work on my truffles only to discover that the chocolate I bought yesterday marked 70% cocoa was actually 99%!  I ended up having to improvise with the only chocolate I had – a 72% chili-chocolate.  And so, I ended up making Maple-Walnut Chili-Dark Chocolate Truffles.

After lunch, I swung by the store, exchanged the 99% for the far more palatable 70% and attempted another new flavor.  Now, I’m not going to say what it is, but I’ll give you a hint –

Spoke to Martin Gero today and thanked him for being a gentlemen and coming to the defense of a cast member at the last Dragon Con.  Apparently, during a panel, several doofus Atlantis fans chose to target her with their petty misplaced anger.  Marty G., bless his chivalrous soul, was having none of it.  For her part, the actress shrugged it off as just another part of life in scifi.  Many of the SGU actors are new to all this and can be excused for wanting to give a certain section of fandom the benefit of the doubt.  But recent infantile fan behavior, while disappointing to some, confirms what I’ve been saying all along.  Thanks for proving me right, guys!  You’re as predictable as a bunch of six years olds.

Hey, check out who I happened across yesterday on set –

Flashing that Homeworld Command badge.

What’s with Woolsey?  And McKay?  And Telford in those dress blues?  Flashback?  Fantasy?  Alternate reality?

Maybe all or none of the aforementioned.

Facebook users take note: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501465_162-20016136-501465.html

65 thoughts on “September 11, 2010: Dawgs and Dogs! Truffles! And more super-secret vids from that super-secret set!

  1. Destiny Control Room Hubs maybe? That would be my guess. And I think Atlantis has something to do with the unlocking of the 9th chevron– maybe they found a way, buried in the ancient database, to hop aboard Destiny with supplies and stuff? Or maybe in an alternate reality McKay and Wolsey were part of the Destiny crew?

    My bet is on a flashback. Who knows? Well, nobody will untill the episode airs so its anyones guess 🙂

    Oh, and those truffles look delicious! It all makes me want to take up making deserts 😛

  2. Some idiots actually singled out an SGU cast member and started railing on her because they don’t have SGA anymore? Really?

    That’s just fucking disgusting, seriously. Not a proud fandom moment.

  3. For the life of me, I don’t understand why folks chose to point their anger of the ending of SGA? which ever of the actors were accosted let me be the first to offer an apology and please understand that while many of us do miss having SGA and wished that its demised had not happen the way it did, that in no way gives anyone the right in anyway to approached and say negative about the producer or the actors themselves.
    Please those of you who can not separate fantasy from reality we had five great years of production and as the fin life of mgm improves we will have some resolution for that show, now we have opportunity to the growth of a new show. lets try and adult and mature when inter-reacting with the actors

  4. Wow, no class whatsoever. I had not heard about the Dragon Con incident.

    Thanks for the info about Facebook. I was saying that to my friend a few months back, that Facebook and Twitter were exercises in narcissism (myself included). But low self-esteem? I don’t think so. For me, it is more about not feeling so isolated. It’s been great hooking up with friends from high school, connecting with other families with kids with autism, and amusement on how many people will “unfriend” me because of my SGU & Caprica obsessions. LOL. People who know me on Twitter know I have gone to Twitter-jail for overtweeting (there is a limit on how many tweets per hour you can post–I think it is 75-100 per hour) about SGU on the nights SGU airs.

    We had a great time celebrating Jeff’s birthday on Saturday. We saw “The Other Guys” which was very funny, but the lunch was awful (waited 50 minutes for our main course entries which we then had to ask for to-go boxes because our babysitter had to leave at a certain time). We also had birthday cake later. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the dinner date we had to celebrate our engagement), this was about a 4 with the only redeeming part being the company of each other.

  5. Hello Joe!

    I check your blog from time to time because you lead a rather interesting life. I love checking out the foodie stuff. 🙂

    I’m an Atlantis fan who hasn’t really fallen in love with SGU. It’s not my cup of tea, but that’s no one’s fault. I’d like to point out one thing. The terrorists don’t represent Islam/Muslims entirely, they are a fanatical fraction of the Muslim community. The same is true with rabid fans that attack SGU people/show.

    They are just a small number of mean people. I’m sure that there are many people out there like me who just do not care about SGU. It’s just not important to me, but I do have respect for the actors (who are not responsible for the cancellation.)

    I just wanted to remind you that just because a small group of people misbehave at an event, it doesn’t mean that all of us are that rabid. I care about SGU as much as you do about the Ohio State Buckeyes, but I’m not about to insult anyone for it. 😉 However, if you rooted for Michigan, then I’d be forced to curse you by wishing that all chocolate and nutella would taste like doggie poo to you only for all eternity (insert evil laughter). Just kidding 😉 But, seriously, aren’t you glad you didn’t go for Michigan? 😛


  6. Joe what right do these people have to be called “fans”. At what point do you draw the line between criticism and whining?

  7. Perhaps you should offer your troops as mascots for the GB (they seem to have the bulldog look down) or perhaps send GB some truffles to give them a caffeine/sugar high before a game.

  8. Okay, although I don’t agree with it, I can understand why some people feel that SGU had a part in the cancellation of Atlantis due to the 2 decisions coinciding with each other time wise. And if anyone who is reading this is one of those people who feel that way, that’s fine because you’re entitled to your own opinions. I’ve heard people say that since they are upset w/ Atlantis being gone that they’re not going to watch SGU… or did watch it at the start but never gave the show an honest chance because of pre-determined prejudices. Here is something to consider though… just like w/ SG-1, there is still a possibility that Atlantis can continue on in movie format. Of course given MGM’s current financial situation an Atlantis movie is not an immediate possibility, but it is a long-term possibility. No, a 2 hour movie is not the same as a 20 hour season, but it still allows for the show (the storyline, and the characters) to stay current and alive. How many other canceled shows can that be said of??? Think of all the TV shows you’ve watched over the years. Usually when a show is scrubbed off the air it is gone for good, with the characters never to be seen or heard from again. However with the Stargate franchise it is different. Why? Because for almost 15 years now Stargate has been on television non-stop. And before you start knocking SGU, consider this… if SGU goes off the air after this season then there won’t be any Stargate programming going on. And if the lights are out at the studio then that means nothing is being filmed… not a TV show, not a movie, not even any behind-the-scenes antics. However if Universe does get renewed for a 3rd season, because of good ratings during Season 2, then that means that the ball keeps rolling… it greater increases the possibility of Stargate movies. Some people have mentioned that they do not care for the different format and/or storytelling that SGU goes by since it differs somewhat from SG-1 & Atlantis, and that is fine if you feel that way but realize that there is a reason for the different format/storytelling… this Stargate team is in a different situation than what the teams in the other previous shows have faced, which allows the possibility to have Stargate stories from a whole new perspective (i.e.- it’s growing the brand allowing the Stargate world to be used in a different way; just like Deep Space 9 did for the Star Trek brand… and in retrospect DS9 put out some of the best thought provoking storylines ever written in Star Trek lore). Plus SGU is being used to still keep the characters and storylines from SG-1 & Atlantis alive and current. If not for SGU we wouldn’t know that Jack is now a 3-star General (and doesn’t know his way around the Destiny), we wouldn’t have seen Sam in action aboard the George Hammond fighting the Lucian Alliance, or would not have known just how involved Daniel is with the recruitment of various individuals for the Stargate program (or that he leads Black Ops missions). In Season 2 both Woolsey & McKay are making their presence known. And you just know that Walter Harriman is still out there somewhere pushing buttons. Not only that but SGU has added so much more to the mystique of the Ancients, giving us info on them that dates way before they created Atlantis. Basically SGU has been able to weave the storylines and characters from the previous two shows along with their own storyline to help further the Stargate cannon as a whole, thus giving a wider spectrum as to what the Stargate world is all about. The future of Stargate rests within the hands of Universe (which interestingly enough is a show about the Stargate’s past). Honestly, when I first watched SGU when it premiered it wasn’t my cup of tea. But I stayed with it because it continued the storyline of my 2 favorite shows (SG-1 & Atlantis) albeit from a different perspective. And you know what, it was the best choice I could have made! I’ve learned so much more about the Stargate world than I ever knew, and it really brought some ideas and storylines from SG-1 & Atlantis full circle in ways I never would have expected. I realized that the same writers & producers (and same crew) from my favorite 2 shows were the same ones putting this show together, so I trusted them… and it paid off. If you want to see more of Atlantis & SG-1, then you need to give SGU a chance (rent the Season 1 dvds and watch several of the episodes back to back… it will make a huge difference!). Remember if you turn your back on SGU, then you are turning your back on Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis. If the ratings are good for the first 10 episodes of SGU’s Season 2 then it will be renewed and Stargate will keep keeping on; if the ratings aren’t there though…

    –>Bottom line: if you like Stargate albeit SG-1 or Atlantis then you need to support SGU so that you can have the opportunity to see more SG-1 and Atlantis!

  9. Well, for once your truffles would be safe from me. The first batch has too many flavours for my taste, and as for the second batch, I don’t like Guinness, so someone else is welcome to these ones… but I’ll call dibs on the next ones…

    I guess I don’t understand the animosity, and why they can’t let it go after all of this time. After all, it’s been so long, and to sustain that level of anger, over a television show, is kinda… what’s the word I’m looking for… unusual… umm… nope, I’ll probably think of the word tomorrow. But suffice it to say, it’s not appropriate to take it out on the actors, they should perhaps try putting themselves in the actor’s shoes. If someone were to offer them a dream job (in their particular field), would they decline it (even if their predecessor were *unfairly* fired)? I don’t think they would. IMHO.

    It’s nice to see the Doctor again…

    Well, anyway, it’s late… I’m going to try and get some sleep, even though I’m not tired… *sigh*

    Have a good one!!

    P.S. – I’m surprised that your pups haven’t gone on strike for equal billing… Max is the only one in your blog’s header; he must get tormented/teased a lot for being Dad’s favourite… Can’t you just hear them in puppy therapy, “Well, you were ALWAYS Dad’s favourite…”

  10. I think the TPTB have set up the SGU cast for problems with the rabid portion of the fanbase. Since I don’t recall any of the showrunners (BW,RC,JM,PM) remarking about who actually cancel SGA and when that decision was make. The buck must stop with somebody. It doen’t help that SGA was announced cancel one day and SGU green-lited the next day.

    Also the showrunners had been scarce at conventions to answer the concerns of the SGA fans. So the current SGU cast became defacto spokespersons for the missing showrunners. Even when they are clueless about the interlude between SGA & SGU with the possible exception of David Blue. What happen to the promise SGA movie?

    Sadly the move into Tuesday will not do the SGU ratings any good. IIRC the competing shows are Glee, NCIS and No Ordinary Family. Especially with the non-advertising of SGU on Skiffy. Casual viewers will presume SGU is canceled if it is not there on Friday and without ads to point them to Tuesday night. It risky to move a show into a different day of the week now. most people will not bother looking for it elsewhere.

  11. G’day Joe

    Unfortunately there are morons in this world.
    Thanks GOD (which ever GOD you believe in) there are beautiful people like Marty G.
    All morons should be neutered at birth.

  12. The design of the view screens for somewhere in Destiny is a bit strange. Why would you have individualized irregular screen display formats. Almost all modern information displays are customize on regular common display formats. Like the 1920×1080 display for high end big screen TV. Especially in places like a ship’s bridge or airplane cockpit, so information data could be switch between different displays.

  13. Ohh jebus. Again with those guys… I hope the actress – or anyone else – won’t think less about rest of the SG fans because of few morons. I’m so angry I can’t even think what to type. Angry, and even embarrassed.

  14. 1 the priors of oris used stargate to go to our galaxy
    Was it due to their powers ?
    Did they use a power source like ZPM ?

    2 There is a big difference of size between a supergate and a stargate.
    Is it a problem if we send a traveler without ship by this one to contact a stargate ?

    3 Why atlantis would vaporize if we used the engine with whirlpool?
    Is it possible to mitigate this problem?

    4 is the crystal skulls could be usefull to contact the destiny if we had one of them in the ship ?
    We don’t know how to use them, but our allies could show us how to use these ones

  15. Choose a team because of your love of canines, and face disappointment. Pick teams because guys with axes and swords are cool, be disappointed. I feel your pain…
    Thanks to Marty G. for his standing up to our fortunately small, albiet extremely vocal loony fringe. Short of hitting these folks with a hammer on the head, hoping the trauma will counteract their normal idiocy, I fear that the only way to deal with them is reactive, not proactive.
    Im not even going to guess as to the circumstances of the storyline bringing Woolsey and McKay into the episode. I’m just estatic these two characters, and the actors who play them, will be showing up in SGU. SGU is holding my attention, but I have to admit it just doesnt feel like SG. I know that was the intention, to move in a different direction. I think it’s a shame it still comes off as a bit of a BSG wannabe. But it’s still got potential, it is still original sci fi programming, and it’s still got a solid production crew working on it. And the writers aren’t all that shabby either.
    Anyways, thanks as always for the post and the pics. But get Bubba out of his sulk so we can make sure he’s doing well.

  16. Joe, sorry about Georgia, but thought you might enjoy this. 🙂


    Hopefully, they will do better next week for you.

    Wow! What people will do to get attention. I had thought about going to Dragon Con, but wasn’t able to. Now, I wish I could have given those people a piece of my mind. There is just no excuse for bad behavior. You guys really put yourselves out there for the fandom, and I, for one, appreciate it. Hope the actress knows there are alot of people out there who appreciate what does.

    Have a good day! Oh, by the way, I loved the pictures of the chocolate.

  17. The % of cocoa does make a difference in the truffle, I did not know that. and I think the next batch)(secret ingred) might be kinda tasty, not diluted??
    Good going Marty G,(he is a gentleman) some people just don’t get rude behavior, is it a different generation thing or just no fetching up.? And Joe, are you right alot???(teasing)
    @das, Hope Mr das is better today and didn’t mess up his hand by not doing as the doctor said, men, somedays… hope you are faring better today also.
    I thought the other day the someone in the space suit was Brody, maybe ran out of ingredients for the still and went to get barnacles off the hull of the ship, maybe.
    And thanks for Bob Picardo pix, dashing as ever is he! 😉
    Facebook-not a member, is it still even popular?, ha.!
    Have a great day!

  18. Expressing a polite dislike of the show to one of the actors, doesn’t seem out of line to me, but being rude certainly is wrong.
    While I remain very bitter about the cancellation of SGA, I wouldn’t think to be rude to one of the actors on SGU. I’m sorry that a few badly behaved people could be seen to represent those of us with similar feelings.
    Although I wish SGU had never happened, I’m certainly not going to throw anything nasty at the cast and crew of the show.

  19. Heya, Joe…

    I tried to wait up for your new entry, but – alas – at 1:00 am I figured it was time to go to bed. 😛 Probably better I did go to bed, because getting into a rant that late at night isn’t a good thing. So, now that I’m all refreshed, lemme just say this about disgruntled SGA fans:

    Can’t we just feed ’em all to Todd? Pleeeeease?? I mean…isn’t he right here on earth? He must be quite peckish by now…though I don’t know if he’ll actually enjoy feeding on such a bitter snack. In fact, I’m fairly sure he’d spit them all right back out. 😉 Yeah, yeah…I know…he’s not real…but it’s a nice thought, isn’t it? Oh, and that movie? I figure the biggest problem with getting it made has to do with MGM’s dire financial situation, but the overly negative attitude of a very vocal group of fans can’t be helping, either. Why make something that – at this point – you figure will be met with such negativity it’ll ruin it for everyone – sensible fans and actors alike? “OMG! Can you believe they gave Keller more than 2 lines! It’s an abomination!! I’m outraged!! They ruined the whole movie!!! Let’s start a ‘Kill Keller’ campaign!!” 🙄 Sadly, I fear it will be just like that.

    Onto more positive things…

    September 11th is the anniversary of the day hubby and I met – waaaay back in 1988, in our house of worship. 🙂 We celebrated yesterday by going to the Roar to the Shore:


    The 2007 gallery pics are the best example of what the weekend is like – thousands of bikes to drool over, and lots of good food (I had hot Italian sausage with fried peppers and onions and a dash of tomato sauce on a hoagie roll – DE-lish!). Had a great time, and saw some beautiful and seriously badass bikes (I love the traditional black/chrome combo – not a fan of colored paint or crotch rockets).

    At least this year I didn’t make the same mistake I made a few years back. Something told me NOT to walk through the crowd staying at the motel with the heavily armed police presence…but did I listen?! Nooooooooo. Nothing like thinking, “Lalalala….hmmm…why are these guys all glaring at me. Sheesh. Paranoid, are we? It’s not like I’m gonna touch their precious bikes. I’m just looking ’em over because they’re nice bikes…and, oh…look…they’re all wearing the same jackets…and it says…’P…A…G…’ ACK! PAGANS! Omgomg! Don’t breathe, you might knock a bike over! And god forbid, do NOT fart, they might think you’re firing off a grenade launcher!”

    Yeah, I got out of there, quick. 😛


  20. Thanks for proving me right, guys! You’re as predictable as a bunch of six years olds.

    Well said..

    Disgusting behaviour from such infantile drongos… they should stay at home and continue rerunning their dvds whilst missing out on such a great new series that is SGU. Their loss.

  21. So sorry about the SGA fan going off on actress! I miss SGA, also but….why take it out on the actors? Actors have the least say in a show’s demise. Sounds like this fan has a problem with mental illness.

    Facebook? I agree with PBmom. It’s a nice way of keeping touch with old friends. My hubby uses FB to interact with his clients. He is the “computer friend” you call when your computer has problems and who, you could hang out with after hours. It works for him.

    Das: love the olives but they very salty. I’m going to try my cherry pitter on them today and make a sandwich. The goat feta is smoother.
    I hope hubby is ok today.

    PBmom: glad you had a good time but sorry about the dinner. I don’t go to high end places a lot but 50 minutes does sound waaay to long a wait.

  22. The SGA/SGU divide seems to border on hooliganism at times (minus the beer bottle throwing, or is that next?) Glad someone came to her defense…

    On the displays, this may be too technical for you to answer, but what software/hardware does the Playback Department use to animate those displays? I’m an engineer, and I’m just being curious…

    On a separate tack, what about a Q&A with someone from the Prop and/or Playback Departments? Or would your blog suffer a catastrophic hit-drop of mind-numbing proportions? (yea, I know how the general public responds to tech talk!) 😉

  23. Wow…I’m sorry to hear that about one of the Dragon*Con panels. I wasn’t there but now I wish I had been, if only to help shut those people up. I was, though, at the Creation Con in Chicago the weekend before and I think most of the fans were well behaved. Tell the cast member that I am sorry some fans feel the need to be rude and that I truly enjoyed meeting her in Chicago!

    As for your Georgia Bulldogs, what can I say? Sure LSU won but they were playing Vanderbilt and they played like crap! That’s what happens when you don’t have a quarterback.

    Hope your Guinness truffles turned out well! If you need someone to sample them, I readily volunteer!

    Geaux Tigers!

  24. i dont know what to say really. while i do believe SGU is responsible for the cancellation, its not any of the actors fault for all this and even if, its just a TV show. well to some of us its not “just” a tv show but you know what I mean. im most certain though, the fans who did this are not entirely right in the head. if they go to such great length for a cancelled tv show i wonder what they might do after a breakup. scary.

  25. You know what? I think I’m gonna make some Super Secret truffles tonight in my Super Secret kitchen. They sure won’t have Guinness in them, ‘cos I recently tasted it for the first time during a beer experiment and it’s the most vile tasting liquid I’ve ever tasted. If I do I’ll be sure to take a Super Secret photo of them.

    Cheers, Chev

  26. I’m normally just a lurker, but I do have to say I met Alaina on the Walk of Fame at Dragon*Con and she was amazing to me even though I didn’t have the money to buy an autograph. I’ll never forget how nice she was to me — not all of the actors were as nice when I told then I didn’t have the money. (For the record, every SG actor I fangirled without pocket change was extremely nice. They didn’t have to be.)

    I think a lot of us who love every single iteration of the franchise (Atlantis as well as Universe) kind of wish there had been more Universe presence there to balance it out. But Alaina was a fabulous ambassador and I think — despite the idiots, of which there will always be some — some D*C attendees will try Universe this season because of her.

  27. Beer flavored? Huh. Tell us how it tasted.

    Some “fans” just don’t get it. How embarrassing for them. Nah. How stupid of them. I probably would have told them to get a life. Sorry that a SGU actress had to put up with that kind of crap though. Good for Marty G.

    The dogs look so unhappy that your team lost.

  28. @Ponytail

    For simplicitys sake, as you’l probably miss my response on Joes other post. I wasn’t being rude, or insulting towards anyone when I made that comment about being a non fan of Lindas work. She just hasn’t done anything that I would consider watching. I’ve always given honest opinions on Joes blog for the past couple of years. I’m not exactly going to say I love everything she’s done to try and gain favour or something. I’m sorry you can’t see that.

  29. Infantile fans. Ugh.
    They make everybody look bad. Bless Marty G for doing the right thing. That it should even be necessary? Shameful. I’m a fairly patient person but I tell you, my tolerance for these jerks is at an all time low.

    but you’ve got Guinness truffles in the making! You have to say how that works out. Booze and truffles never seems to work out well for me, in the making or the eating, so if you’ve got secrets on firming those babies up, pass them along 🙂

  30. Well this is strange because I was at that panel and didn’t witness anything of the sort. The actress in question was Alaina i.e. TJ, and everyone was very nice to her. Ok, people didn’t roar with approval when Martin Gero mentioned the SGU aliens (actually it felt kind of awkward when SGU was mentioned as nobody in the crowd really said anything), and most of the things people asked were SG1/SGA related, but there was no targeting of anyone and Gero didn’t have to charge to anyone’s defense…so now being indifferent towards SGU counts as “targeting” the actors?

  31. It’s a terrible shame when bad apples target someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the decision on Atlantis’s demise. I bet even if Atlantis had a run of ten years before going off air they would probably still moan about it, (insert my moan about SG1 here, heh) well done Marty G for putting them in their place. I don’t think any rational person expects a TV series to be on the air indefinitely and if you do, well, that’s just not the way it works, and never will.

    On another note, yes Universe is different and to have a go at anyone who’ll listen how you’ll never watch it because it’s not “like” Atlantis or SG1 I find funny. Would you REALLY be happy if it was identical to Atlantis or even SG1? You’d end up having so many deja view moments you’d wonder if you’ve seen it before….

    Well I’m off for a walk, where’s my aluminium plated hat?

  32. @ Airelle – Mr. Das seems just fine…he’s eating everything in the house! We stayed home today – he was tired (I think it’s the pain meds), and I’m feeling a bit…meh. Seems the tummy trouble I had the other day was nothing to worry about…but nothing I want to talk about here, ifyouknowwhatImean. 😉

    @ Tammy Dixon – Yes, olives in general are salty, and kalamata’s especially so. Doesn’t bother me because I’m like the salt creature from Star Trek…and sometimes in the morning I even look like her. 😛


  33. JOE!!

    Those truffles look delicious! But you didn’t send any my way!

    So the food carts are open from 3-10 everyday. How about this Sunday coming up? And the “takoyaki” balls are actually called bakudanyaki. The 3 carts are Tenku Bakuanyaki, Fumisen Creative Sushi and Shoryumen Noodle House.

    Send an e-mail my way!


  34. Hey Joe,

    First soccer game of the season this morning (yes, in the pouring rain) and we won! I’m really enjoying playing with this team, so just wanted to say thanks again.

    Glad to hear that the dogs are all doing well! We actually just got a hedgehog (yes, a *hedgehog*, random, I know), and Bella really doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. It’s pretty funny, actually. The little critter’s name is Haji (after the character from Blood+), and he’s my brother and sister’s. Here’s a pic, if you’re interested: http://tumblr.com/xsjhgn7cz

    Speaking of anime, we’re watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Have you seen it? It’s quite different from the first one.

    Hope you’re well,

  35. @Martin Gero stuff

    Shocking stuff that fans still want to act like that. I think some people have trouble letting things go and can’t come to terms that Atlantis is over.
    Go Martin Gero..

    Anyway sorry Joe for not like asking tons of questions at Linda, as I said yesterday most of the stuff that could be asked has been asked, and I haven’t really been up to date on the stuff shes worked on. Granted I think Remi is a genius writer and some of stuff asked at home Linda did work on but unfortunatly I didn’t stick around to watch some of the episodes she wrote. However I guess I’ll just have to wait and see the finished result of her episodes in the back half of Season 2 to have a proper opinion.

    Anyway yay for Lou Diamond Phillips, awesome actor. Hope he’s happy with the over all positiveness of the questions directed at him, he did mention about the blog interview on his twitter.

  36. Ok, I’ve read the last couple of responses, and I might be setting myself up to have tomatoes thrown at me :), but I just have to ask this question. Why, oh, why, would you go to a panel with an SGU actress and ask questions about SG1/SGA?? It makes no sense. The only thing I can think of is that they were being asked of Martin Gero. It’s okay to say you don’t like something, but move on after that.

    I will give you an example. When Amanda Tapping first started doing Sanctuary, my husband and I watched the first episode or two because she had been on SG1. We then decided it really wasn’t our cup of tea, and we haven’t watched it since. I would never dream though of telling her not to do something because I don’t like it. It’s not my business. I wish her all the success in the world, but I won’t watch Sanctuary because I don’t care for it. And I’m sure any of these actors/actresses know that not everyone will care for everything that they do, and that’s okay. We, as fans, need to be responsible for how we behave.

    Thanks for giving me the space, Joe.

  37. @ Lisa R

    Because it wasn’t an “SGU panel”, it was a panel consisting of SG1 / SGA actors and an SGU actor. Questions were asked about all 3 series, although it is true to say that the SGU actor didn’t get as much crowd attention as the rest. But unless this supposed harrassment took place “off-set” so to speak I don’t remember anything whatsoever that could have been construed as malicious towards Alaina. Someone’s wires are crossed somewhere I reckon.

  38. There are videos of the Dragon Con panels on the Internet:


    I didn’t see anything which I would describe as “several doofus Atlantis fans” who “chose to target her with their petty misplaced anger.” Alaina Huffman was just ignored. People didn’t ask her questions. They were just more interested in the SG1 and SGA actors. I have also read several con reports from people who attended the panels and no one mentioned any kind of attacks towards Alaina Huffman. There is a difference between ignoring someone and attacking someone!

  39. @Lisa R said “Why, oh, why, would you go to a panel with an SGU actress and ask questions about SG1/SGA?? It makes no sense.”

    Actually, it makes perfect sense.

    Sept. 4th Panel – Jason Momoa/Paul McGillion, SGA; Ben Browder/Michael Shanks/Lexa Doig, SG-1; Alaina Huffman, SGU; Martin Gero, SG writer/producer

    Sept. 5th Panel – Michael Shanks/Lexa Doig, SG-1; Jason Momoa/Jewel Staite, SGA; Alaina Huffman, SGU; Martin Gero, SG writer/producer

    With several SG-1/SGA actors at the panels, were the only questions that should have been asked been SGU questions? No one’s allowed to ask the SG-1 and SGA actors that they paid good money to see any SG-1 and SGA related questions because one SGU actress is there? Does that make sense?

    I’ll probably get tomatoes thrown at me for this, but I also can’t see where Alaina was mistreated by anyone at those panels. No one had to charge to her rescue like Bob said. I’d like to know what is meant by all of this and that has everyone here throwing daggers. Time for me to duck.

  40. hi, joe,

    while i don’t talk much anymore, i read here everyday. and this brings me to… i miss seeing pics of amanda here. do you have some that you’ve just not released, that you could share with the fans?

  41. @ Lisa R

    “Ok, I’ve read the last couple of responses, and I might be setting myself up to have tomatoes thrown at me 🙂 , but I just have to ask this question. Why, oh, why, would you go to a panel with an SGU actress and ask questions about SG1/SGA?? It makes no sense. The only thing I can think of is that they were being asked of Martin Gero. It’s okay to say you don’t like something, but move on after that.”

    At the panel on Saturday were Michael Shanks, Lexa Doig, Martin Gero, Ben Browder, Jason Momoa, Alaina Huffman and Paul McGillion.

    At the panel on Sunday were Michael Shanks, Jason Momoa, Paul McGillion, Martin Gero, Alaina Huffman, Lexa Doig and Jewel Staite.

    I think SG1 and SGA fans have a right to ask questions about SG1 and SGA at those kinds of panels! But of course some people like to use every opportunity they see to bash SG1 and SGA fans!

  42. Well I watched the panel video off a few sources and never saw anything but courtesy towards the certain SGU actor. Could someone elaborate here? I’m missing something.

  43. @ Adam White – So very sorry for your loss. Your story about Ugg made me all teary-eyed. You were a good daddy, and my thoughts are with you and your wife and all those who loved Ugg. {{{hugs}}}

    ~ Deirdre

  44. @ Randomness – think what you like, but some things just don’t need to be said. Joe hit it right on the head when he referred to some fans as acting like 6 year olds. That is exactly what I was thinking when I read your comment. I taught 1st grade for 20 years. They will say anything at that age. Hopefully, as children mature, they learn what to say and what not to say. There is great wisdom behind the saying, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  45. Hi Joe,
    I felt bad about this SGU actress kerfluffle and was wondering if could you explain a bit about exactly what incident you were refering to when you said people were disrespectful?
    I have watched the youtube vids of the panel and can’t find any bad moments, so was just curious.
    Still no excuses for people being mean or rude, but honesty is OK I would think.

  46. I am utterly appalled. WTH? I hope she knows they are fringe morons… the type who spit on actors because of a character they play. So out of reality, such losers… Well disgusting.

    As for FB… LOL I just talked to the daughter about how she posts on fb but doesn’t seem to read her friends stuff. She informed me she reads THEIRS, just not mine. LOL. As she pointed out, she talks to me a lot, no need. Hrumpft. But I love being able to see what my friends and family are doing at a single glance. Gladly none of them portray narcissistic tendencies and use FB to communicate WITH others, not just post about their own doings.

  47. Adam White: I shed a tear reading about your boy Ugg. I’m so sorry he had to go so soon – but I can see that he had the best possible 3 years with his family and hope that good memories will comfort you.

  48. To all of those who responded: Thank you. I was not aware of how many SG1/SGA actors were at the panel, and of course, people do have the right to ask those people questions.

  49. Wow,that’s crazy – that fan going off like that. My theory is if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, keep it to yourself. Spread the love. Some fans really need a reality check and need to get over themselves. Actors/ actresses they are just people doing their jobs.

    But on a better note, Joe, how is your mom and sister? Haven’t heard much lately about them, but then again that may be because I have been playing catch up. Hope things are well.

  50. Thanks for posting the video link. I’m gonna check it out later. That’s interesting that people who were there and people who have watched the video claim that no one attacked Alaina. Very curious indeed. I certainly hope that your source who reported that was reliable seeing how there’s a video of the whole thing. Rabid mean fans are one thing, but stirring the hornet’s nest when nothing remotely nasty even occurred is bad PR.

    The reason why the SGU actors might not get as many questions is that SGU isn’t as well liked as SG1 or SGA. The 1.1 million and 1.4 mil live in the season finale is proof enough of that. I think the low ratings have more to do with the style of show than with upset fans. Caprica, a darker show, isn’t doing as well as BSG did either. Times are tough, the economy is bad, and some people do not like watching shows that only make them feel more depressed. It’s that whole escapism attitude to watching movies and television shows that comes into play. I’m one of those people. Heck, I actually slapped down $100 a month for satellite television just so I could watch SGU. I refused to go out the night it premiered. It was boring and slow and I don’t like the dark and gritty style of filming. Oh and the stones, I don’t like them either. SGU was the whole reason I went out of my way and spent so much money to watch. It was truly a disappointment. I can honestly say I simply could care less about it now. I got rid of my satellite box so I won’t be tuning into season 2.

    I don’t wish any ill of anyone involved. I’d have signed up if I were an actor. But if this “attack” has more to do with the fact that Alaina didn’t get many questions, then really, I don’t think you can blame Atlantis fans for that. If SGU were pulling 2.5-3 mil live viewers then this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s simply not as popular. I think there’s just a lot of people out there that did give it a chance and didn’t like it. People can twist the numbers all they want, but the truth is the ratings for SGU’s finale had to have Mr. Wright crapping his pants. It’s certainly not the numbers that he would have wanted or were expected. We all know that DVR counts for nothing as you can’t make a profit off people who fast forward through commercials.

    I’m sure Alaina is a brilliant actress. I’d hate to see her attacked by anyone. The lack of questions though is not indicative of her ability as an actress but of the general lack of interest of SGU. Let me tell you that despite all of my huffing and puffing over the Atlantis cancellation, I made sure that my butt was in front of the television at 9pm for the premiere of SGU. Sadly, the show isn’t going to change enough for me to tune in for season 2 so I got rid of my satellite service.

    I suppose most Atlantis fans probably didn’t go through that kind of trouble just to see SGU. Not all of us are mean people. If the movies are ever released, you can count on me buying blu ray versions. Someone said that as a SG fan I have an obligation to support SGU. I’m sorry, but there are a lot of great shows out there and I simply don’t have time to watch the ones I consider crappy. (stress I consider) As much as I love SG1 and SGA, I’m not going to waste 43 mins of my day watching something I do not like. I don’t have legal means to access it anymore anyway as I live in Australia. I decided my $100 a month for Austar could be better used for my trip home next Christmas. I’ll save $1500 at least by Christmas 2011. 🙂

  51. The video of the alleged “several doofus Atlantis fans chose to target her with their petty misplaced anger” can be found on YouTube here:


    There is no heckling, there is no rudeness, and no infantile behavior. It was one fan, asking one question, and very well phrased. He prefaced by saying that he’s a huge fan of both shows, and was asking in order to clear up the misconception in question. Yes, Martin answered very well, and Alaina was smiling when she asked “Can you say that again?” Time stamps are as follows, for anyone curious to see what actually happened:

    8:50 – Question begins with preface of how much the fan likes Universe and Atlantis both.
    9:40 – “I’m curious whether there was any relationship between Atlantis going off and Universe starting up?”
    9:50 – Martin – “The short answer is no….”
    “200 episodes is unheard of…” (audience applause)

    Martin talks it through for several minutes, and there is audience (high-spirited) laughter throughout. There is no heckling, no having to defend Alaina, no audience booing, at all.

    Martin talks about how SGU was going to happen whether or not Atlantis got picked up for a 6th season, and then:

    11:22 – Alaina asks, “Can you say that again?”
    11:23 – Martin responds, “SGU had nothing to do with Atlantis being canceled.”
    There is audience laughter and applause, and then
    11:32 – moderator calls for the next question.


    And we’d love to have you, Joe, as a guest one of these years! Come see what the fans are like first-hand. 😉

  52. Okay…Hubby and I have been watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy all day, and we just got to the giant spider part. 😯 Notice that I am now typing on the computer, and ignoring the tv. 😀

    The whole thing is okay, but even on this second viewing of the entire thing I’m having trouble making that connection with the characters that I need in order to fully love a movie or show. The Hobbits are all kind of a sappy, wussy bunch…not my cuppa…the elves are too cold and aloof (they remind me of Ancients, and we all know how I hate Ancients), and Aragorn is sexy (I like Viggo), but so far I’m not feeling a connection. The only one that sort of connects with me is Faramir, but I won’t really know until the end. I think the problem here is that there are so many characters, none really get my full attention…instead they all kinda blur into one.

    Although, some of the Uruk-hai are kinda hot…



  53. Joe

    “But recent infantile fan behavior, while disappointing to some, confirms what I’ve been saying all along. Thanks for proving me right, guys! You’re as predictable as a bunch of six years olds.”

    If the aforementioned event was recorded on this video:

    Then others have a different interpretation of what happened.


  54. Those are some pretty awesome computer graphics; I’m always amazed at what gets put into TV shows and movies in terms of special effects. It always fascinates me seeing whats being generated now a days, but of course not as nearly interesting as i find programming 😛

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to make graphics just as good, or possibly better(as technology is still improving) in the future for my video games 😀

    Thanks for the shots of the “super-secret set,” it looks like it’s going to be awesome 😀

  55. Joe .. joe joe… Why so late lately? Some of us wait trying to read before bed… I am too old for this. Post early please.

  56. Joe,

    “…six year olds.”

    There was one really mild question on the following video:

    I don’t see what the big deal was.


  57. Dear JM,

    We, the trolls – as the lovely Brian Jacob Smith calls us, SGA fans – would be deeply honored if you could spend some amount of your precious time to come up with some details about the aforementioned incident, since no one, who was actually there know anything about it.
    As you can see in the replies, there are videos to prove that no such thing happened, even the DragonCon’s representative says that she doesn’t know about it. So if you can specify the time and place, maybe the person, we could punish the bastard for your contentment. Maybe we’ll get his/hers favorite toy, like a 6 year old would do…

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