Hey, check out what was delivered to Brad’s office yesterday afternoon…

Chotto cool, n’est ce pas?  I plan to head back to Brad’s office Monday morning while he’s away on a scout and shatter the glass case so I can take some better pictures.

Hey, I spoke to Golden Boy Martin Gero today.  He says hi.  He seems very busy and very happy – but I can’t help but think that happiness is tinged with a touch of melancholy at the memories of his good times on Stargate.  That boy will bury us all.  Not because he’s ambitious or necessarily destined for success but because he’s got that crazy look in his eyes that makes me think he would literally like to bury us which is why, when he was at Stargate, we made sure he got the office next to Carl’s.

After watching the second hour of Wednesday’s MasterChef (hamburger battle) episode (Uh, is that Joe Bastianich supposed to come off as a smug jerk?), we decided to fuel up after our morning work-out with – what else? – hamburgers.  We headed over to Romer’s Burger Bar –

Akemi has a burger hankering.

She went with the So Cal Burger: Fraser Valley turkey, fresh-sliced avocado, Soleggiati tomatoes, organic watercress, red onion, orange mayo.

While I went with the Green Chili Chicken Cheddar: Lemon griddled free-run chicken breast, house-made green chili sauce, fresh avocado, minced red onion, plenty of cheddar, Habanero Pepper Verdelait

Akemi is a huge fan of the brioche buns.


On our way home, we came across this little guy.

His name is Monty.

At three years of age, he'd make the perfect match for...

THIS eligible young lady. What do you think? Is there a possible future between them?

Later this afternoon, Akemi drew on her Pierre Marcolini Cafe experience to make truffles…

Hot cream is added to Callebaut dark chocolate then mixed until thick and refrigerated.

Once cooled, the chocolate is cut and rolled in cocoa powder.

Needless to say, they were delicious.  Tomorrow, when she makes another batch, I plan to join in and start experimenting.  Any requests?  Das?

Today’s blog is dedicated to everyone.  Well, everyone reading this.  Those of you unaware of the dedication are out of luck.


dasNdanger writes: “You’re a good man, Joe…even if you never send me any chocolate.”

Answer: I’ve been reading about a looming chocolate shortage and have started hoarding.  I could send you a package of Good & Plenty instead.

DP writes: “Ashleigh is swinging her cell phone in her sweater pocket and not ordering custom-fit frames for your wall hangings.”

Answer: Correct on both counts!

asms writes: “Let us know who you get.”

Answer: Hmmm.  I was unable to attend my NFL fantasy draft so the program selected for me.  Starting line-up = QB Matt Schaub (Texans), RB’s Shonn Greene (Jets), Frank Gore (49ers), WR’s Brandon Marshall (Dolphins), Percy Harvin (Vikings), TE Jason Witten (Cowboys), and W/R Arian Foster (Texans), K Rob Bironas (Titans), DEF (Baltimore Ravens).  The bench = RB’s Willis McGahee (Ravens), Michael Bush (Raiders), Toby Gerhart (Vikings), WR’s Dez Bryant (Cowboys), Nate Burleson (Lions), Davone Bess (Dolphins).  I’m thinking of making changes.

Bailey writes: “Ashleigh is right there in front of you! Go for eeet!”

Answer: Should I ask her boyfriend’s permission first or simply assume he’d be cool with it?

Phil writes: “Its been established that Stargates (or Milky Way ones at least) provide correlative updates to tell each other where they are. Will it be explained how this applies to Destiny? It’s constantly moving so wouldn’t it have to start the update process every time it enters a new galaxy?”

Answer: It won’t be explained in-story but one can assume that Destiny simply detects gates in range.

StuartB writes: “How come you never go get Mexican or post photos of Mexican food?  Vancouver has got to have some good hole in the wall locations…”

Answer: Really?  Where?

Gravy writes: “What sort of precautions are taken against wildlife (eg. bears) when you’re shooting on location?”

Answer: Whenever we shoot in wilderrness settings, one of the onset P.A.’s is covered in bacon and made to roam the periphery of the location, drawing away potential carnivores (ie. bears, cougars, hungry crew members, etc.).

Kymm writes: “If someone were to ask you specifics about a book that you had read in the past, say 5 years ago or longer, would you remember?”

Answer: It really depends on the book.

PattyO writes: “Question: how is it decided who will direct each episode? Does it just rotate, or do some directors only direct some particular writers? Is there a rhyme or reason to it or completely random?”

Answer: We set a rotation, shifting slots to accommodate guest directors or potential scheduling conflicts.

TBA writes: “What is the current status of the Lucian Alliance? Is it now a loose coalition of warlords, or is there another big leader?”

Answer: More of a loose coalition with a hierarchical structure similar to that of contemporary criminal organizations.

Shawn Cassidy writes: “I have a story idea (don’t worry, it’s not a pitch), and I’ve always wanted to sit down and hammer it out. If I was to actually put it down on paper (digital media now), to shop around to a potential agent or publisher, what method would you recommend? Write it up as a novel, script, notes? What software is typically used to write scripts? Is it just done in MS WORD?”

Answer: Hate to be the bearer of bad news but unless you’re Aaron Sorkin or David E. Kelley, you’re going to need a lot more than a great idea.  You’re going to need a script to go along with that great idea and you’ll have to write it in either Final Draft of Movie Magic Screenwriter.

Craig writes: “…will we see any other new rooms/parts of Destiny uncovered?”

Answer: Yes.

Nathan writes: “Are there going to be any encounters in season 2 with the race that created that planet in “Faith”?”

Answer: In a matter of speaking, yes…

Becky writes: “Can you say, does an MFA increase one’s chances of getting anywhere? Are studios/agents more inclined to consider a script from someone who has a degree than someone who doesn’t?”

Answer: An MFA is more likely to help you study and hone your craft than it would land you a staff position.  And the end of the day, it all comes down to your writing ability – as demonstrated in whatever spec script you happen to submit.

Jadeski writes: “Also, Joe, could you ask Ashleigh where she got her top? And if I can get it in Australia?”

Anwer: According to Ashleigh, she got it in China.  Closer to you than us.

Meshakhad writes: “1. Are there any Jaffa among the ranks of the Lucian Alliance forces on Destiny? Are there any women apart from Commander Kiva? And on a related note, is Rush the only non-American of the original crew?”

Answers: No Jaffa.  Yes, women.  And – that we know of.

“2. Have there been any Jews on Stargate? General Hammond did use a Yiddish expression (“From your mouth to G-d’s ears”) in the Season Two premiere of SG-1, which my mom took as evidence that he is Jewish. Also, Eli seems like he might be Jewish.”

Answer: I don’t recall, but I’m sure there were.

“3. Is Eli’s new love interest a) a member of Destiny’s original crew; b) a member of the Lucian Alliance, or c) none of the above?”

Answer: What love interest?

“4. Where do the various crew families live on Earth?”

Answer: All over the country.

“And while we’re on the subject of Earth, how are the people from Destiny getting around? Are we not seeing the several hours they spend in commercial airliners or military jets? Do they use beaming or other alien technology? Or am I wrong about this and all the crew families live within driving distance of D.C.?”

Answer: The military escorts them to meet with their loves ones.  And, yes, we’re leaving those hours of air travel to your imagination.

Jennifer G. writes: “Do you make your own pasta?”

Answer: I don’t.  I know, I know.  Shameful.

Chris Anderson writes: “Any helpful suggestions on where he should be looking in Vancouver as well any little known facts about working and obtaining a job in Canada?”

Answer: Hmmm.  I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

MarieWynn writes: “1) You obviously enjoyed writing for the character of Vala (and as a Vala fan I thank you). Assuming the Lucian Alliance storyline continues, has there been any talk of bringing in her character on SGU since she has experience with them?”

Answer: Alas, although there were instances where we glimpsed her more serious side, Vala’s broad sense of humor makes her a difficult fit on SGU.  Still, I love the character and I’m holding out hope for that Vala/McKay/Ronon/Woolsey dream team spin-off.

2) There’s been a lot of talk concerning whether or not Vala will be in the SG-1 movie since Brad Wright said that there isn’t a place for her in it and Claudia Black has said that she has yet to be approached. Assuming you have read the script, are there any hints you can give us as to why there won’t be a place for her, even as a brief appearance? Any chance you might be willing to borrow her character for Atlantis?

Answer: Sorry, can’t say much about the SG-1 script, Stargate: Revolution, mainly because I read an early first draft and much can still change…

73 thoughts on “August 28, 2010: A model Destiny! Checking in with Marty G.! Burgers! Frenchies! Chocolates! And the mailbag!

  1. The brioche buns look divine, but I thought you went for HAMBURGERS. Those items you displayed look tasty, but I don’t see how you can go to a hamburger place and get glorified turkey and chicken sandmiches
    Hurrah! I got a dedication, and didn’t even ask for it!. Ok, so I’m sharing it with a few, um, several, um, a boatload of folks. But that’s ok. I will cherish the honor with all due humility.
    Thanks for the juicy mailbag, and the answer is yes in reference to Lulu and her prospective suitor.

  2. Love, love, love the pictures of the Destiny model. Any chance that would eventually be for sale?? Pretty please??

    Oh, I’ve got my brother planning to check out SGU for Season 2, and he might even come to this blog. I told him how great it was!!!

    Finally, I was first to post. 🙂

    Have a good night!

  3. >>Have there been any Jews on Stargate? << Your mother was hopeful, but nothing about Hammond from his name or his grandkids. Nor is the expression just common to Jews.

    Sadly SG has not been nice to MOT (Members of the Tribe)… there were no civilizations for us… went from ancient Egypt to Christianity as if thousands of years of Jews didn't matter. The only CLEAR Jewish character, Rothman, got killed. He was also so, well let me let that one go. As for Eli… seems Jewish but they aren't willing to commit obviously.

    Guess on SG you can be black, Russian, lesbian, Chinese, in a wheel chair or most any human variety except Jewish and have a main role. I have whined about this before though.

  4. Holy… That is one friggin awesome Destiny model.

    Speaking about Destiny. I was wondering about it’s overall size compared to Daedalus class ships, Is it much bigger then those? Perhaps as big as a Ancient Orion class ship? But certainly not as big as Atlantis?

    Can’t wait till SGU starts next month, I just bought the 1st season on blu-ray a couple of weeks ago. And I’m planning a little marathon viewing session before the new season starts.

    Kind regards,

  5. please don’t shatter the glass! I took a lot of care in getting it right.
    also, lots and LOTS of pictures were taken before I sealed it up 😉

    also, I may have flown it around the shop a few times 😉

  6. (ARRGHH, seems I posted my mailbag questions a little too late. Guess I have to repost)

    Hey, Joe.

    How’s it going? Got a couple of questions.

    I.) I’m sorry you guys didn’t win the Emmy for Visual Effects, losing it to CSI even. In fact, not only was I annoyed that it beat out SGU, I was pretty ticked off that something such as CSI somehow managed to beat out 4 freaking sci-fi shows. That is, until I saw the scene that CSI won it for.


    I don’t know. What do you think? Did that deserve to win?

    2.) Furthermore, how does that stack up to what we’ll see in season 2 of SGU?

    Thanks for your responses.

  7. http://tinypic.com/r/15ccxec/4


    Handmade ground beef patties, topped with sharp cheddar cheese,
    wrapped in a bacon weave, then the next step, add hotdogs as the heads, legs with slits for toes and tail.

    Next step. Place on an oven rack, covered loosely with foil and baked for 20-30 minutes at 400 degrees.
    A little crispy, not too crunchy…just how a turtle should be, no?..

    just sent to me via email… so cool yet… hahahaha

  8. Wow, that model is a work of art! Who did that? After you smash the glass to get better close-up pictures, maybe you could throw it across the room and take an “in flight” picture so we can see what it looks like in mid-air?

  9. Tomorrow, when she makes another batch, I plan to join in and start experimenting. Any requests?

    peanut butter!

    BTW you look ridiculously happy in the reflection of that model case.

  10. Das said: @ Gilder – You are a much wilder woman than I ever imagined!

    Yes, the mid-90’s (my late 30’s) were interesting times…

  11. The Destiny model is very cool. Where did it come from?

    Answer: It really depends on the book.
    That make’s sense… Thank you for answering my question, ‘preciate it.

    Ohhh next time I’m in Van. I would definitely like to try the Pork/Stilton burger, and the Maple Bacon Pork burger… w the Drunken Doughnuts for dessert. I’m not a huge salad eater but that watermelon, feta and watercress salad sounds interesting. (If the watermelon is nice and crispy, I hate soggy/soft watermelon). Isn’t this the place where you had those fries (pictured a bit ago on the blog). They looked REALLY good…

    @ Annie from Fremantle – I’d also want to try the turtle burger(s)!! Very cute!!

    Have a Good One!!

  12. Ooops that should read a Port and Stilton burger (not a Pork and Stilton burger).


  13. @sci-fi guy: That is the most realistic model I’ve seen of, well, anything!!! Amazing job. Now when do they go on the market?????????

    Can’t wait for S2!


  14. btw where is the atlantis model joe? Did you break into that one as well 😛

  15. Hi Joe,

    OMGosh! A “Vala/McKay/Ronon/Woolsey dream team spin-off!” Made me laugh right out loud picturing a cowering McKay and bewildered Woolsey backing away from Vala’s innuendo and irrational wit with Ronon standing his ground, arms crossed and glaring, yet not understanding a word she said! *giggle*

    As for Lulu, I’m surprised she’s unaltered – how old is she again? Besides, I thought Frenchies couldn’t, you know…, don’t they have to be artificially inseminated? NTM the difficulty in whelping, poor darlings.

    Did DP win the “What the hell is Ashleigh doing?” Contest?

    Smiles, Julie

    @Gilder – how’s the knee?

  16. The model was made at the model shop (who make all the props for SGU). It was 3d printed, and is ridiculously fragile.
    we’re unsure how it could go on the market without a)3d printing each one (which is expensive, and molds) and b) being RIDICULOUSLY FRAGILE.

    also, for those who look closely, there is a shuttle on the top 😉

  17. Seriously…who made that Destiny model?


    That is really awesome! It’s right up there with pg15’s Lego version. How long did that take to make? What is it made of? How is it put together? What else can you make? What do you do for a living?

  18. Answer: I’ve been reading about a looming chocolate shortage and have started hoarding. I could send you a package of Good & Plenty instead.

    As I recall, sir…*I* was the one who alerted you to the ‘looming chocolate shortage*. I think that calls for TWO packages of extra dark chocolate! (No nuts please!)

    Tomorrow, when she makes another batch, I plan to join in and start experimenting. Any requests? Das?

    Sure! MINT! 😈 TWO packages! Remember! Write it down, ON YOUR FOREHEAD! WITH A SHARPIE MARKER! (‘Cause, ya know, I’m guessin’ you check yourself in the mirror about 50 times a day… 😉 ).

    Oh, but wait for cooler weather to ship that out. We’re due for yet another heat wave this upcoming week. And then the hurricane…and then…

    Ya know. I’ll haveta get back to you about that shipment. Right now seems a little iffy. So, make whatever flavors you’d like. How’s about…*rubs chin thoughtfully* ACK! A whisker! I hate those things. 😡

    Anyhoo…not quite sure how you add flavor to the truffles, seeing as how you didn’t explain that. Does it have to be liquid, or can it be something thicker, like peanut butter? Peanut butter sounds good to me (hey, it works for Reese’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups!). If it needs to be something more liquidy, and if it was me – I’d say booze. However, you don’t like alcohol in your chocolate (weirdo), so I’d go with…spices, like cinnamon (or pumpkin pie spice – just a hint), or hot pepper flakes (not sure how that would work with the flavor), or coffee extract (if you have it), or…OH CRAP!!!! LOOKIE WHAT I JUST FOUND!!!!

    I WANT!!!!




    I think my brain jus’ ‘sploded.



  19. Peanut butter choc, mint or coconut please! Nuts are cool too.

    @Whoever posted those turtle burgers- they’re cute and look tasty; alas, my arteries would hate me, but my belly would love it.

  20. Threesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (or fourorfivesome, depending on BF and Akemi’s tastes!)

  21. OMFG!!!!! That model! If something similar to that isn’t eventually made available to the public, it would be a crime!

    I WANT IT! haha

  22. Jennifer G. writes: “Do you make your own pasta?”

    Answer: I don’t. I know, I know. Shameful.

    Perhaps this is something Akemi and you can tackle in the upcoming weeks? And if you make your own, I’m guessin’ you could experiment with some flavors, too:


    (I have an itchy google finger tonight.) 🙂


  23. I’d love to get my hands on a model like that to build. Hell, I wouldn’t build it. That’s what my teenager is for.

    OMG, P.A. wrapped in bacon? I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything while reading that part. Luckily it wasn’t Carl wrapped in bacon. I’d have to be just a bit angry at you. I happen to like bacon and Carl. I don’t know any of the P.A.s, so no judgment passed here.

    You’d have to work out after eating those kind of hamburgers. Yum.

  24. “I’ve been reading about a looming chocolate shortage and have started hoarding. I could send you a package of Good & Plenty instead.”

    I was tormented by my siblings as a child because I preferred Good and Plenty to M&M’s. That comment may put back my therapy by years. Just saying.

  25. Gee, first it was an invitation, a couple of days ago, to your house for duck etc. now today there’s a blog dedication to all of us and now you’re asking us for our truffle flavour requests. Joe – you’re too good to us….. *grins*
    …..orrrr you’re buttering us up for some, as yet, unknown reason. *eyes him suspiciously*

    But hey since yer askin’ I’ll have bananas foster, maple, champagne, or hazelnut.

    Yup, I’m thinking sci-fi guy just volunteered himself for a Q & A…. Please? I’ll hold my questions until he accepts, IF he accepts (of course).


  26. Hi, Joe

    Can you post sometime information for all the symbols on the
    different jaffa forehead tattoos? I want to view more tattoos for more system lords.

  27. Hey Joe! I’m back from a week at the Dominion Astroph-OH MY GOD THAT DESTINY MODEL IS GORGEOUS. DO WANT. DO WANT TO THE MAX.

    What was I saying? Oh right. I was at the Dominion Astrophysical Rad-NO SERIOUSLY. I WANT THAT MODEL LIKE YESTERDAY OR SOMETHING. I WOULD PAY GOOD MONEY FOR THAT.


    …right. I had no Internet for 5 days so there was a bit of catch-up needed. There sure were a lot of Stargate goodness in the last 5 entries – and is it me, or IS THAT MODEL THE BEST THING EVAR-I mean, is it me or WERE the blog entries longer LIKE THE LENGTHS I WOULD GO TO TO GET THAT MODEL OMG IT’S AWESOME.

    But seriously, that is an amazing piece of art. If it ever goes on sale – or whoever made it decided to mass-produce it, I would snatch it up in a Planck Time.

    Well, assuming I have the funds, anyway. Then again, I do have that second kidney that could rake in some cash…

  28. Oh my. I want the Destiny model. Really. It would fit perfectly – *points finger* – right there.

  29. Hey Das – do you watch “Persons Unknown” which Joe has mentioned? I’ve missed some episodes (as it moved) but caught the last two and lo and behold, Robert Picardo was playing a part Wraith character…The wig was very Wraith-like, although it also could have been used by Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy. Honestly, it quite threw me…

  30. est ce que le projet arcturus avait été totalement abandonné par les anciens?
    ont ils emporté leur recherche lors de leur exil de pégase afin de reprendre leur projet de zéro et le finir

  31. est ce que le projet Arcturus aurait pu être une finalité pour rejoindre le destiny ?

  32. Please tell me you aren’t thinking of getting into the puppy business? 🙄

    Das: you sound better!

    Gilder: how interesting? 😉

  33. -Monty and Lulu sitting in a tree…..cute couple,yes. Surprised she hasn’t been on a date yet, but I know how protective her dad is.
    Better check with her brothers and sisters to see if a suitable beau.
    -I am with Akemi on the brioche buns, delicious, and how the heck do you get your face around that hamburger, squish it.? Thanks for the pictures and descriptions. yum.
    -And maybe if you have a green screen around the model, under,etc, and take pictures, you can get the vfx guys to recreate it for your office or make a copy to put back in Brad’s office that looks like the real thing and he will never know its missing, I think I saw that on a Banacek episode once, so it can probably be done(those were real episodes right?!?).
    -@das, hope its not good and plenty you get, I am not a licorice fan, or black jelly beans. so crosses fingers, a prize would be the good stuff.

  34. That model is TOO COOL! And the “burgers” look fantastic. Speaking of models, any idea if any Stargate-related model kits are/will be available for the general public? The ships from all three television shows are screaming to made by “kids” from 10 to 100.

  35. Joe wrote,

    “I think sci-fi guy just landed himself a Q&A on this blog!”


  36. “Today’s blog is dedicated to everyone.  Well, everyone reading this.”

    Hey, thanks!

    Those burgers look good, but what especially looked good were the rolls. I don’t think I’ve had burger rolls like that in a long time.

  37. Now, on a different matter…

    I don’t recall any explicitly Jewish characters on Stargate, although Nomi and I thought that Saul Rubinek’s journalist character might have been Jewish. Part of the issue, of course, is that no character has been seen (to the best of my recollection) doing something explicitly Jewish, either religious or cultural. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a character isn’t Jewish.

    Firefly once did something that a lot of the religious Jewish science fiction fans I know appreciated. They had the character in charge of a Post Office wearing a kippah. He didn’t do anything religious nor did he say anything that sounded “Jewish,” but the simple fact that he was wearing a kippah was a reminder of diversity in the Firefly universe.

  38. If the Lucian Alliance is powerful enough to act with impunity, doesn’t that make them a government?

  39. @Zoomeister – I feel the same way….I wrote a comment on it last week w/ a link to the vid and a link to the article that explains how they made it if you want to hunt it down (last Sunday I believe it was).

    I still feel SGU should have won, however this was an amazing scene that took 3 days to shoot and was totally deserving of recognition. A lot of it was practical camera work (all of the stop motion stuff) but there was a lot of painstaking VFX work in it too. I remember being blown away by it when I first saw the episode.

    Cheers, Chev

  40. Oh Joe & anyone else interested….finally finished the super secret project this weekend and it has been ordered….will take 10-14 days to ship here….After that I’ll check it over, sign it and send it onto you Joe with instructions…can you look after things on your end? Remember…it’s super secret.

    Thanks heaps!!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  41. Several questions:
    1. What is the security like at the offices and how do i get to brads office to take that model destiny? 😀
    2. In your opinion how much of the government would know about the gate? (obviously the president, vp, sec of defense, joint cheifs etc)

    I ask because recently in Australia we have had elections and their is currently no government in power because no party has majority and i was trying to think up how and who would know of the Stargate program. (to be honest i hope that the SG universe wouldnt have the same politicians we do!)

  42. So, I figured I needed to check out the famously punchy @wilw on twitter before I declared @patrickgilmore the best twitterer ever. Done and done.

  43. @Vala/McKay/Ronon/Woolsey dream team spin-off.

    Cam – Jack
    Ronon – Teal’c
    Mckay – Carter
    Vala – Vala
    Woolsey – A mix between hammond and landry.

    Perfect less experienced, more liable to get captured SG dream team.

  44. @DP – Bregman, right. Could go either way. If course, given Rubinek’s personal history, I’m inclined to say Bregman was Jewish (at least by birth) unless something specifically noted on the show said otherwise.

  45. G’day Joe

    I do not think Jack and Vala could be on the same team as I believe jack would shoot Vala. He would not tolerate her.

    Joe cannot go into the puppy business because all the dogs have been DONE. You know fixed-up, nads gone, hardware taken out, neutered and whatever you call in your part of the world.

  46. I’m in the NFL Fantasy comp….I let it autopick for me….awaiting final selections and to be put in a league ‘cos I have no league to join…I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I sucked badly last year….the only way is up, right?

    Joe, what’s the key to success in Fantasy Football…can you please ask Ashley for me….oh and tell her I noticed she moved the calendar while interior decorating… 🙁

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. thanks for the dedication

  47. @Janet we call it neutered and spayed or just fixed (of course I’ve always found the term ‘fixed’ a little odd considering they weren’t exactly broken BEFORE fixing).


  48. @Debra and Michael A. Burstein: Latkes at my house, next weekend. Who cares? It’s a tv show! I will, however, take exception to the Rothman character and leave it at that 😉

    Hi Joe!

  49. @ Tammy – Haven’t watched the show…sorry I missed RP in a white wig (I’m sure it was quite hilarious!). Any screen caps? I need a good chuckle. 🙂

    See…here’s the thing about long white hair…it kinda has to fit the rest of the package. If it doesn’t fit, then it can be a very bad thing. Just like any kind of long hair on a dude. The hair has to fit the face, the body, and the attitude. I will say that some men look much better with short hair. Now, here’s two of my favorite examples of long hair fitting the entire package: Johnny Depp, and Eddie Vedder. Depp still can pull off the long hair, Vedder’s wearing it barely shoulder length now that he’s older, and it suits him.



    Beautiful men like Depp and Vedder – especially in their prime – often look even more gorgeous with long, flowing locks. As they age I don’t mind seeing it shorter, since sometimes the long hair doesn’t work with aging looks. Some men – those with heavy features, like a strong brow, or large nose – often look good with long hair, too…it softens them a bit, like one of my favorite rugby players, Sebastien Chabal:


    Fat guys with long hair, however? Meh – they just look like… well, like ME! 😆 Like fat women with long hair…even if they’re sporting a beard…then they look like fat women with long hair, sporting a beard. 😛 It just doesn’t work. Long hair on guys who are too cutsie or comical just makes them look more cutsie or comical (the latter being the worst – Carrot Top, anyone??!). Also, little weasely guys like David Spade just look littler and weaselier with long hair. There is an art to wearing long hair if you’re a man – style matters (emo does NOT work on everyone), attitude matters, face matters (as in shape, not attractiveness).

    There. Those are just some of MY rules to which guys should, and should not, have long hair. (For the record, most rock musicians should have long hair…I have trouble taking their music seriously if they all look like accountants. Just keep that in mind, you rockers out there. 🙂 )

    das – just sharing yet another of her freaky fetishes. 😛

  50. Is Tammy and Tammy Dixon the same person?? You guys are confusing me!!!

    @ Airelle – Licorice would be bad, since I have high blood pressure and licorice is a no-no for people with high BP.


    MAYbe Joe is trying to KILL me! 😯 MAYbe he IS a supervillain afterall!! 😮


  51. I can’t stop looking at that Destiny. There is so much detail, it is fantastic. I think I see a miniature golf course and a deck-side swimming pool. And who is that goof down in the corner with the camera? Geeeze. There is always someone in the background wanting their 15 minutes of fame!

  52. Chicken sandwiches aren’t burgers. What part of HAMburger don’t you … never mind.

  53. I haven’t even paid attention to the Destiny (Destiny! Destiny! There’s no escaping that for me!) because I’m too mesmerized by Joey’s dimples. 🙂

    Joe – quick question. How’s mum and sis? Will you be visiting them again soon, or not until December? Hope they are well!


  54. Hi Joe,

    thank you very much for this gorgeous pics of the model of the Destiny! Can you tell us something about the meassures of the ship too? – I mean the ship as it is seen in the series, – not the model.
    And, as sci-fi guy already declared, there is one Shuttle on the top of the model to see. But where is the other one? – respectively, where should the other one dock on it?

    Oh, and as others asked also, how does the size of the Destiny compare to the size of Atlantis, that means how much is Atlantis bigger/smaller than the Destiny? Could the Destiny probably land on Atlantis’ landing platforms? (however I think, that the Destiny was built in orbit and because of her design she isn’t able to land anywhere.)


  55. I’m loving the Destiny model. Talk about craftsmanship. Wow. I also see potential $$$ for the powers that be — Can we be getting a Destiny Christmas ornament this year? I bought the SG-1 ornament last year. Then we need SGU action figures. Come on MGM. Heavy marketing potential here.

    Monty is QUITE the looker.

  56. Das: no we aren’t the same person. No worries, it will sort out by itself. I’m used to people calling me whatever name comes to mind: Tam, Tamra, Tammylou, Tammylynn and hey you b****h! 😉 .

    I heard from Narelle, she sounds very busy. I hope she gets a break soon.

    Anyone been watching “Haven”?

    I have started seeing previews of SGU! Sounds/looks very cool. Can’t wait!

  57. Ooooh, I want me a model Destiny!! Wow, that thing is beautiful! I would support you in thought if you were to break the case!

    I’ve been following Remi’s Persons Unknown throughout the summer, and loved it! However, the ending seemed like it was setting up a 2nd season, but the shows been cancelled. Is there any chance you could get him to explain how the series might have continued? Or is there a way I could contact him to ask him?

  58. Monty is so sweet! But Lulu is a discerning gal; she needs a few play dates to get to know Monty better first.

    For you writers, here is a good article about writing specs; it’s an oldie but a goodie. Rule 1 when you submit your TV spec to Austin Film Fest, ABC Disney Writer’s workshop, Warner Bros workshop, NBC Diversity workshop, CBS Writer’s workhshop, Fox Writer’s Workshop, BBC Writers Room, etc, is to spec a show that’s still on the air, so no X-Files specs. Fresh yes, stale no. No matter how much you love Trek or Lost, write a Fringe or Smallville if you want to get read.

    Having your MFA is good, but then it’s up to you to either write to the different shows to query them in a brief letter and see if they are willing to read your spec (slim chances there) or you can submit to the different studio’s writers workshops (better odds if you have a great spec).

    There is also a rule about what to send; if you wrote a House spec then you’d never send that to the House writers. The writers won’t want to read a spec for their own show. So you’d send a House spec to Mad Men, and a Mad Men spec to House, but never a House to House or Mad Men to Mad Men. Mad? Yes, but that’s how it works.

    One more thing, when you submit to the studio workshops feel free to send a Mad Men to Warner’s workshop, or a SGU to ABC Disney, because the studios want to read everything. Don’t think you have to write a ABC Disney show to apply to the ABC Disney workshop.

    Sorry for the long post, hope it’s helpful!


    Warner Bros has a great workshop, and if you apply but don’t win they (at least they used to) invite you to a special 1 night workshop where they give you tips and tricks to improve your specs. They are all kinds of nice!

  59. Joe the Burger place you and Akemi Dined at looks rather empty…did you guys just go early???Are the Menu choices good???

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