I was sitting in Ashleigh’s office this morning, feigning interest in her pre-breakfast post-coffee blather, when Co-Production Coordinator David Magee walked in bearing gifts.

As it turns out, I was incorrect in my initial assumption that David, out of the goodness of his heart, had gone out and bought me a present (although there’s still time for that since we won’t wrap this season until late November).  The big red box wasn’t from him at all but from the gang at Cookies By George. About a week ago, Robert Cooper sent Carl a tin of cookies for his birthday (accompanied by a touching note that read “You are old”) and I ended up featuring the soft and chewy treats on this blog.  Turns out someone at Cookies By George noticed the shout-out and, figuring we’d enjoyed the first batch so much, decided to treat us to a second.

We hit the motherlode!

Despite Ashleigh’s insistence that we open the box immediately, I saved them for lunch and shared with everyone.  My writing partner Paul was a big fan of the dark chocolate chunk.  I was partial to the macaroon chocolate chunk.  Ashleigh whined about the fact that she couldn’t find a macadamia chocolate chunk – between mouthfuls of every other flavor.

Lawren mesmerized by the reverse almond chocolate chunk.

Ashleigh makes do with seven other flavors. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had one of the macadamia chunk cookies. Thankfully, she never reads this blog.

Anyway, great cookies.  Love the soft, chewy texture – perfect for making ice cream sandwiches! http://www.cookiesbygeorge.com/

P.S. Carl wanted to be sure I made mention of his love of beer.

Hey, guess where I ate yesterday?  Uh, that’s right.  But you’ll never guess who with!  Uh, right again.  How did you… Oh, the blog entry title.  Right.  So last night, I hit Cobre with the lovely Lisa from SGU’s fearsome accounting department.

“Where’s dinner?”asks Lisa. “Relax,”I tell her. “It’s only 4:00 p.m.”

I arrived for our 7:30 p.m. reservation at…you guessed it…7:30 p.m. and took a seat the bar to await her arrival.  One bourbon sour later Lisa arrived and we were shown to our table.  Since Lisa is a vegetarian, I briefly considered not ordering any of the meat or fish dishes.  For about five seconds.  Then I ordered the duck, the kurobuta pork duo, and the wild boar belly.  Oh, and the buffalo mozzarella salad, Peruvian tacu tacu, and hearts of palm with butter browned corn arepas for her.  And me.  “Now will that be the duck breast or the duck tacos?”asked the waitress who, I couldn’t help but note wasn’t noting anything herself.  At least not on paper.  She responded by perfectly reeling back our order.

A terrific meal all around although I over-ordered (and, in one instant, received a dish I didn’t order).  Some highlights –

Peruvian tacu tacu: roasted garlic, eggplant, chevre, three chili onion coulis, baby green beans. My favorite. And a vegetarian option no less! Lisa loved the fact that its flavor and textures approximated those of a braised meat.

Normally served with wild Mexcian sea prawns, we went the hearts of palm route served with Pipian Verde and butter browned corn arepas. Another excellent dish. And, again, another veggie option.

Lisa plays catch-up with her Margarita.

I’m on my second Bourbon Sour. Shhhhhhh.

Lisa throws in the towel after a dish and a half and expects me to finish everything else.

Sneakily eating that duck dish I never ordered.

As is my custom, I asked about dessert at the same time I ordered dinner.  I was informed there were three dessert choices: a chocolate terrine, a coconut-blueberry cake, churros, and dulce de leche.  Later, after we’d finished our mains, I asked our waitress to remind us of the dessert options.  She repeated: chocolate terrine, coconut-blueberry cake, and dulce de leche.  “Hey, weren’t there four options?”I asked.  She assured me there were only three, so we passed on the dulce de leche and had the chocolate terrine and coconut-blueberry cake.  And later were reminded that, yes, in fact there WAS a fourth option when the table beside us was served the churros.  Damn.

I overate.  As did Lisa as evidenced by this morning’s breakfast: some weird cottage cheese and almond butter concoction…

A great meal.  And even greater company.

This afternoon, Ashleigh came by and showed off her impressive Executive Producers’ Assistant skills by putting up my Leo Award Certificates for Best Dramatic Series.


Methinks she has a possible future as an interior designer.  Anyway, after she was done, she started doing this…

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on either but guess correctly and win a prize in the “What the hell is up with Ashleigh?” contest!

Finally, I joined an NFL fantasy league as a way of connecting with the crew and taking their money.  The draft is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. (please, remind me) after which my team will kick ass.  Snow Monkeys Rule!!!

Yeah, about that mailbag…

55 thoughts on “August 27, 2010: Cookies By George! Dinner with Lisa! Officely happenings!

  1. I know what Ashleigh is doing – she’s getting cheap thrills from beating herself with the…thing…in her pocket. Is that a cellphone? Whatever. I’ve done stuff like that – have something heavy in my pocket and swing back and forth because it’s fun to feel the heavy thingy in the pocket go back and forth and thump against your body.

    I’m not making myself very clear…that just kinda sounded kinky.

    I haven’t had a good day.

    I actually considered quitting, again.

    I think my dad is losing it…like…his mind.

    You try to work for someone who expects you to do everything, than prevents you from doing anything.

    Oh, shit. Nevermind.

    I’m a debbie downer tonight…though the wine is helping a little (ONLY two glasses – no worries, I’m not drunk). The sunset was nice…and I found horseshoe crab bill…which I snatched out of the waves and proceeded to pretend to stab Mr. Das over and over….in front of a buncha 50-60-something year olds sitting on the beach. Mr. Das said they looked at me funny. 😀

    I need to either watch a movie where people beat the shit out of each other…or something makes me cry. Which should it be? Oh! I KNOW! Best of both worlds – I’ll read the end of Stormbringer. 😛

    Doncha just love it when the crazy lady rants away, Joe?? My job is HELL. So much so that I’m not going to the Baltimore Comic Con tomorrow (I did want to go, too), just because I feel like sitting in a dark room, staring into nothingness and drooling all over myself. That’s what my brain is like right now. I just ate 4 squares of 70%+ chocolate…and I’m not done yet. Yeah…it’s THAT bad.

    Joe – thank you very much for letting me rant and ramble. I wish I could explain how I really feel, but that might not be a smart thing to do in ‘public’. You’re a good man, Joe…even if you never send me any chocolate. Have a good evening, sir!


  2. Ashleigh is swinging her cell phone in her sweater pocket and not ordering custom-fit frames for your wall hangings.

  3. Those cookies look AMAZING! Do they sell a recipes?

    How could you eat dessert after that meal? I suppose that means you are feeling better?

    “What the hell is up with Ashleigh?” Sugar rush?

    Das: feel better soon.

  4. @das I happen to have a chocolate chip cookie… *gives das the cookie*


  5. Hey Joe

    “What the hell is up with Ashleigh?” Inner child got loose?


  6. Go Snow Monkeys!
    Let us know who you get! (I’m a massive fantasy sports fan running NFL and Australian Rules comps for the last 15 years straight and on and off for ten years before that – hmm, yes I am getting old!)

  7. I think Ashleigh saved a couple of the cookies, hid them in her pocket and was whirling them around in her (what is that? a sweater?) shirt-thingee daring you to catch her with the stolen cookies.

  8. Those awards are not straight at all, I would make Ashleigh fix them ASAP, as in 6am monday morning.

    Bieng a friday afternoon, one could only guess that she is warming up for her S&M party, by flogging herself with the bottle of whiskey in her pocket.

    Good news, I got you and Carl’s birthday presents. Bad news, you don’t get it yet. Good news (for Carl), it’s not Dragon’s Blood!

  9. “What the hell is up with Ashleigh?”

    She smokes like a chimney and she has a pack of cigarettes in her pocket. She is excited because it is breaktime!


    Look out, she’s got a gun!!

  10. Ashleigh is stealing some of your Supervillian figures to give them a new paint job over the weekend. And is distracting you from the fact she stole them by holding onto critical pages of the script you just finished working on.
    You’re forgiven for not giving us a mailbag today, given the delicious looking pics and descriptions of your latest outing. Even the veggie dishes sounded appealing. Thanks for taking the time to share, and especially giving us more than one pic of yourself. Nice mugging by the way.
    @Das. Hey, skip Baltimore, come down near Richmond, and we can have a film fest down here. Lots of good Virginia wine on stock, I can darken the house, and you can even try some practice swings with some of my swords. Beats doing mundane things like cleaning house and getting ready to get back into the work grind…

  11. I know what Ashleigh is doing! She’s so excited about [redacted] that she couldn’t contain herself and she’s involuntarily dancing!

    Either that, or she’s prancing about because she got to read the most recent script, and she knows how much we wish we were her right now! 😀

  12. Hey Joe!!!! Guess what!

    I’m in Chicago at the SG convention!!!! IT’S AMAZING! I’ve already met a ton of people, it’s sooo fun. 🙂 Cant wait for the SGU day… Tomorrow should be BA too. Who else is going?

  13. Dude! What is up with you and the lovely Asian ladies?
    Ashleigh is right there in front of you! Go for eeet!

  14. @ Elminster – Awwww..that’s too kind of you. But I can’t take your cookie…that’s for you. HoooowEVER…if you happen to have any angsty, long-locked albino-types lying about…I’ll happily take one, or three, off’a your hands. 😀

    @ Tammy Dixon – I’m feeling okay…really. Just…VERY frustrated. I’m expected to do so much but my hands are so tied, then when things go wrong I get the blame. I realize what sort of person my dad is – he’s a uber control freak – beyond uber. Micromanager, I think it’s called. I’ll never do good enough in his eyes, and every rare compliment always comes with a huge ‘but’. I know it’s not me…in my head I know it’s not me…but it’s hard for my head to get that through my heart, and it doesn’t help that I’ve never had a good self-image.

    I wish I could walk away, but I’m like that dog that keeps getting kicked and instead of running away, just comes back for more. This has been a hellish summer between the heat and the employee problems – I know my dad’s stressed over it – but I fear there’s more to it than that. He has issues with me – he always has – and I’ve always just dealt, but as I see him not holding up his end, I’ve been forced to step in and take more control, and he resents it. If it was my sister? He would be thrilled – she’s the golden child…but guess what? She moved to Florida to get away from this shit. I’m just too stupid to do that.

    And no – I don’t feel bad talking about my father issues in cyberspace. I used to keep this stuff inside (before the internet) and that wasn’t good at all. However, I do feel bad that I’m doing it on Joe’s dime, so to speak – this blog is for his rants, not mine! I have always appreciated his generosity and forbearance, even though he probably rolls his eyes a lot, and is planning to fashion some psychopath in an upcoming novel after me. You’re not doing that, are you Joe?? Joe?? JOE??!


    I can’t discuss this with my immediate friends – the people who know my family – because then people try to ‘help’ too much. They ask questions you don’t want your friends in the flesh to ask…things that are too personal. And then there’s the whole bit about having to look them in the eye afterwards…I’ve never been good at that. The eyes, ya know, are the windows to the soul, and I never feel comfortable with people seeing that far inside of me. But here? Heh. No one can see me! I’m just a green bug, curiously peering out of my little box at you all! Woo! Have I got myself everyone fooled! 😀

    Thanks! Feeling much better now!


  15. @ Thornyrose – ONLY if I can do it all NEKKID!! :mrgreen: Woo!

    Oh, how I wish I could escape. Well…who am I kidding – I DO escape…every single time I sit down at the computer. 😀

    Just heard we may have a Cat 3 hurricane heading our way in about 10 days, or so…too early to tell…but the possibility is there. I think maybe I better get back to God about those prayers of mine…you know, the ones about needing a change…needing to simplify my life and unload some of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years… 😛


  16. I’m with Das on the “What is Ashleigh doing” answer. She’s channeling her inner washing machine. Agitate agitate agitate…

    @Das: Sorry to hear about your rotten day. 🙁 I think chocolate is an excellent prescription for a terrible,horrible, no good, very bad day. That, and Thornyrose’s proposed film festival. And Elminster’s chocolate chip cookie. And maybe Mr. Das can bring some ice cream. And no, you’re not crazy — awful days deserve a rant. Maybe even a Sneaky Hate Spiral:
    http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/05/sneaky-hate-spiral.html *
    I hope your weekend is sane and better.

    – KB
    * Not to say that you’re in a sneaky hate spiral, Das, but that blog always makes me laugh. So it was either that, or the Random Kitten Generator website.

  17. At least she’s not doing the little elevator dance that I do when I get a lift on my own (big office tower, chances of getting the lift with no one in it pretty damn low). But I admit I’ve been known to do the swinging/swaying move, just to bring some action to the convo, you know?

    On another note, she speaks! And was really cute.

  18. @ sorrykb – 😆 Thanks for that!

    I haven’t gotten to the chaos stage of the sneaky hate spiral, but I’ve had a lot of days like that, especially of late. I think the only reason I haven’t hit the chaos stage is because I’m not having any major depression issues right now and so I seem to be a bit more resilient lately. I just hope it lasts.

    Oh, and the cat? THAT is soooo my old lady cat, Marbles! I have to show Mr. Das this in the morning…he’ll be able to relate, especially to the cat. 😛

    (I also took a peek at the Random Kitten Generator – AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!)

    Okay – back to reading a Zenith the Albino story (from a new Sexton Blake anthology book I just got). This is a particularly good story because it’s told from Zenith’s POV, and so I’m getting to see a little more of what makes this gentleman thief tick. I also like this one because he’s literally penniless, lamenting about his abnormality, and welcoming the very thought of death…all while he’s finding excitement in his games of cat and mouse, in the adventures he conjures up on a moment’s whim. I can’t pass up a character who is tormented on the inside, while so cavalier on the outside, never revealing his true self. I wish I could do that. 😛


  19. It’s Friday afternoon, Ashleigh’s car keys are in her pocket, and she’s swinging them around in the joy of imminent escape.

    And it IS Friday… Hang in, Das, we love ya.

  20. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been a busy busy girl this week – last week before school starts! Your dinner looked de-lish, as usual, and way too much to eat, as usual. Sorry about the churros. 🙁 Cookies looked absolutely scrumptious, so much so I had to scan past them very quickly – my blood sugar has been on the rise this week. And for the “What the hell is up with Ashleigh?” contest: I think she’s hoping that repeatedly swinging whatever heavy object is in her sweater pocket will stretch it out enough to whack the camera right out of your hand; devious girl!

    Smiles, Julie

    @Das – So sorry things are tough; it can be so hard to work with family, especially when you feel you’re never able to earn their approval or satisfy their expectations – there’s so much emotion and family angst tied in with the everyday stress on the job. Keep your chin up, my friend; I’m rooting for you!

  21. ummm…. I don’t know…

    She looks like a nervous or bashful 6 year old standing in front of a large audience reciting something.

    So I’m with Elminster. Her inner child got loose.

  22. Das said: because it’s fun to feel the heavy thingy in the pocket go back and forth and thump against your body.

    My dear, you have never played contrasurdo in a Brazilian-style street samba drumline. One word:  vibrations. 

    *that thought should distract Debbie Downer*

  23. @Das. Um, ok. Looking at naked bodies is part of my job sometimes, and a good host makes their guests feel at home… I grok about your dad. My own dad is a physical wreck but his mind is as sharp as ever, but I have dealt with enough dementia patients to realize how hard it is on their caretakers. So, if you decide to run away from the storm, and don’t mind a crowded, rather messy house, come on up. One thing I can brag on is my dvd and book collections. enough to distract you for a few hours or more.

  24. Hey Joe,

    Two SGU questions:

    1 – Its been established that Stargates (or Milky Way ones at least) provide correlative updates to tell each other where they are. Will it be explained how this applies to Destiny? It’s constantly moving so wouldn’t it have to start the update process every time it enters a new galaxy?

    2 – Will the purpose of the ninth chevron on Destiny (its reasonable to assume it has one) be explained or even mooted?

  25. Das: the answer would be easy if you didn’t work for your da; quit. It does sound like you need to take some time off, at the very least. I’m sure you have gone over every possibility, so good luck with whatever you course you choose. Florida is not looking that bad now, yes?
    By the way, I never got that check 😉 .

  26. Ashleigh is making vegan ice cream to share with everyone in the office.

    Not pictured are those little ice-cream-taster-paddles. You know, like the ones you’d get with those small tubs of ice cream you’d get as a kid.

    OK, now I want ice cream.

  27. Bailey, Joe is old enough to be her father’s younger brother. And she’d have to kill him in a few days.

    Joe, Joe Joe… you silly man. Ashleigh is doing the newest exercise workout. Trims the waist, hips and muscles up the thighs. So much more fun than your morning crunches. Ask her to teach you since she has it down effortlessly now!

    Das, unless you cannot leave, then you have to figure out what the payoffs are for staying in misery. No one can help. You have to figure it out. But usually people who haven’t let go of parental issues by mid 20’s end up stuck. Don’t be stuck. Speak to power… tell your FATHER precisely how you feel about him, how his behaviors effect you, and move on. You deserve a happy life but you have to seize it. As the child of a woman who suffered from psychosis and alcoholism, I do know what I am talking about.

    (And for the record, she was a phenomenal loving woman everyone liked ..except when having psychotic breaks and beating me, or binge drinking to forget the episodes.. and she stopped drinking when I was 14, got on medications and was better. I never had a mother, but I did find a friend as an adult until her death 15 years ago.)

  28. is that a gun in Ashleigh’s pocket or is she just glad… never mind.

    Now those cookies kinda look like a whole bunch of seagulls overdid it on the spinach and err… yeah…

  29. I believe she is flinging her keys around herself. I must say, you have one of the best jobs in the world. Love your blog, and have a good day.

  30. Thanks, everyone. I don’t want to make this about me, though…we must discover what Ashleigh is up to! 🙂

    That said, just a few things before putting this to rest:

    @ JulieAloha – I don’t try to get my dad’s approval, that’s probably my problem. My sister is the hoop-jumper, I’m the bull-headed, I’m-doing-it-my-way type. In other words, I’m JUST like my father – both full of negative energy.

    @ Gilder – You are a much wilder woman than I ever imagined! 😉

    @ Thornyrose – Oh, I don’t think dad has dementia, or anything…I just think he has dontgivashititis.
    As far as distractions, today is Read a Comic Book in Public day, and I just got the latest Secret Six trade paperback! More RAGDOLL! WOO!! 😀

    BTW – this is Ragdoll – without mask, with mask, and…well…a lady who shares my sentiments… 😛


    @ Tammy Dixon & Debra – Well, I’m certainly not 20 anymore! 😀 😛 Firstly, dad knows exactly how I feel and he doesn’t care. All he cares about is what is affecting him at any given instant. He’s thirsty? You better jump and get him water. He’s hungry? You better jump and get him food. Earlier one morning in July mom fell down two steps and hit her head on the hard, tile floor, giving her a huge bump on the top of her noggin. She said she should go to the hospital. Dad agreed. She asked if he could call in one of the employees early. Dad agreed…then proceeded to have the employee do work around the shop. When mom suggested that the employee take her to the hospital, dad got all in a fluster, “But I HAVE to go to the doctor today!” You know what for? To get his toenails trimmed. 🙄 Mom rolled her eyes and had the employee take her to the hospital (I wasn’t available because I had my phone off the hook, something I do because dad is notorious for calling up in the wee hours to tell me to do stuff). He is what he is. When he has his mind set on something, that is ALL he can think about. (Sound familiar? 😳 In many ways, we are peas in a pod. )

    My only real ‘issue’ with dad at this point in life is totally work-related – his stubbornness to change while piling more stuff on me, yet keeping my hands tied so tight I can’t really do anything at all. It’s very frustrating. I stay for the benefits: health insurance and flexible work schedule. I also stay because I have worked here for 25 years, and I am scared to death to go into a real work environment. I don’t want to work in an office ever again, I don’t have the confidence to be a waitress, I don’t want to handle money, I don’t want to deal with customers…see where this is going? I’ve worked in a metal box in the woods for 25 years – I can relate better to wasps and snakes and even spiders better than I can to flesh and blood human beings (which I’ve never been good at in the first place!). So…I stay because it’s easy. That’s the payoff. I certainly could have looked for a better job, but I don’t wanna…I don’t want to have to deal with a lot of people, and work ususally requires that you do. No one to blame but myself.

    But no worries, I’ll deal. Thanks for caring. 🙂

    @ Joe – I’ll let it drop now – just thanks for letting me rant a little. {{{hugs AND smoochies}}}


  31. I watched a video on the MGM site, which was a behind the scene vid with James Robbins and he mentioned that the gate in the Destiny gateroom was slightly smaller (because of the mechanics of it spinning, but to also make the room seem bigger).
    Anyway, is the location gate the same size as the other gates?
    And did the production guys make the gates all the same size?
    And more importantly, would the gates in the actual Stargate universe be all the same size?

  32. I was thinking the keys in her pocket also. She probably wants to get the hell out of Dodge on a Friday afternoon, but had to decorate someone’s office with these awards. I’m sure she had some of those cookies stashed away to take home with her.

  33. I just shamelessly flirted with the cute 20-something West Virginian goth guy working at the Family Dollar store. I am so white trash. 😀

    (He was adorable, though! And yes…I confessed to Mr. Das before posting this. 🙂 )


  34. Hey, Joe.

    How’s it going? Got a couple of questions.

    I.) I’m sorry you guys didn’t win the Emmy for Visual Effects, losing it to CSI even. Not only was I annoyed that it beat out SGU, I was pretty ticked off that something such as CSI somehow managed to beat out 4 freaking sci-fi shows. That is, until I saw the scene that CSI won it for.


    I don’t know. What do you think? Did that deserve to win?

    2.) How does that stack up to what we’ll see in season 2 of SGU?

    Thanks for your responses.

  35. I’ve got to be the only person in the world who would be unimpressed meeting anyone from any Stargate production…except for Ashleigh.

    And David Hewlett, but that would be like meeting my twin older brother.

    No questions today.

  36. Ok, I do have a question.

    How come you never go get Mexican or post photos of Mexican food? Vancouver has got to have some good hole in the wall locations…

  37. Coucou!!!!! me revoila=)

    ça va bien? moi oui super=)!

    Hummmmmmmmmm miame! Tout cela à l’air vraiment très bon!!!

    Merci pour les photos….j’aime beaucoup celle de vous <3 !

    Ahaha Ashleigh est vraiment très drôle, elle à l'air très gentil aussi!!!

    Je me pose une question….y'a t'il un aliment que vous n'avez jamais goûter et que vous rêvez de le faire?? ….

    Bonne journée!

  38. Joe, loved all the pictures of the food as usual. Those cookies were to die for. I bet the recipes would be amazing. Have fun with the fantasy football. I wish you much luck in the draft. My husband ran a league for several years which he enjoyed.

  39. Hi Joe,

    What are you trying to pull with “What the hell is up with Ashleigh?” contest! It’s some kind of a trick…… She’s a woman therefore there is no way in hell any man could possibly figure out what was going on in her mind!

    As for advice on your NFL pool, I’ve been a die-hard DETROIT LIONS fan for 25 years, so what the hell do I know about football……(heavy sigh)…. anyways, good luck!

    Thanks as always Joe.

  40. What is Ashleigh doing? Demonstrating to us mere mortals that it requires 3 arms to be a production assistant on SGU.

    @Das: Family drama. Yuck. I have a few family members like this, including my mother (who has died). I do not talk to my half-brother anymore. Have a sister in NJ and her husband addicted to prescription narcotics and seeing my nieces suffer and not too much I can do about it (even consulted with a lawyer about getting custody of them). Grew up in an abusive home, and oddly enough, that is what the school situation with Patrick had become — abusive. It was pushing all the buttons of the past. My other sister would tell me to move, but I told her that would be MORE stressful because at least I know what I’m dealing with and what tactics they use. The decision to pull Patrick out with the uncertainty of exactly how to pay for $64,000 a year tutition when we don’t make that much required a huge leap of faith, but it had to be done. The stress was killing me literally. In just 10 days Patrick has learned so much, I’m lessed stressed out, which in turn is having positive health effects. I’ve worked for the same employer now for 21 years, and I understand the concept of not wanting a job anywhere else. This job has worked and continues to work well with Patrick’s challenges. The fact that I sometimes only make $5-10 a day because of the production effect has not changed my mind yet. Change is scary. Will keep good thoughts for you.

    @Joe: Thank you for letting us all rant from time-to-time. It’s like group therapy.

  41. @das — hang in there kiddo. Our parents are sometimes difficult to live with, yes. Then I remember how difficult I was growing up, and I was the bright child with good grades (my brother not). As the youngest, and the girl, it fell to me to care for my Mom when she went through a period of multiple over the years illnesses, combined with drinking. It was difficult on both of us and, yes, I resented it all. In the end, our roles reversed. I was the parent-figure and in charge and she the child, dependent upon me. Very odd indeed. But how often that scenario play out among all the families in this world.

    She’s been gone for 7 years now and I miss her every day, despite some not so kind memories and pain. I do not scold you das, only remind you that our parents can be difficult but they may leave us at any day. Forgive your Dad.

    If you don’t mind me saying, try writing for a career choice. It’s a talent you certainly have in abundance with your entries on this blog as good examples. Your sense of humor and wry comments are among the best I’ve seen here, with a wink & nod to our host, of course. You have breadth of knowledge and feel passionately about interesting things. Write das! Please, please do! I’d make a purchase – absolutely! Start with submitting articles and write about what you know. You CAN do it.
    You may find it cathartic too.

    Take good care and tell us how it goes.

    On my home front, took Scooter cat, my 15 year old, to vet today. The old man has feline acne 😯 But it’s out of control and all over his chin.
    Antibiotics – ho!
    Antibacterial cleanser – ho!
    To quote Lucius from “Irresistible”, SGA season 3, “Good times, good times”.

    Ah yes, 2 cats

  42. Me again Joe! My other cat Basil reminded me that I had not answered what Ashleigh was doing, so here goes.

    Ashleigh was teasing you with a pocketful of &88sge$hh@
    and she probably didn’t realize that %ddE#2#@, so you better be careful to ,y,7,**&tt%! And that’s my thoughts on the matter.

    BTW, Basil likes to type on my laptop. I couldn’t hurt her feelings and spell check her work.

    G’night and huzzah!


  43. Yup, Cookies by George are super good, although I haven’t had them in a long time. I didn’t even know that they had a macaroon cookie. I usually go for the classic chocolate chunk, the macadamia chocolate chunk, or the peanut butter in a crunch.

    Well, you gotta love that Molson’s, (although personally I don’t like beer) does anyone know a rep?? Can you imagine having a job like that, giving beer away all day, every day! I USED to know a guy…. but that was a long time ago. (sorry Carl).

    Once again, the food looks and sounds divine!! Three words for ya – Churro doggie bag

    Ashleigh – it’s not keys, too quiet, couldn’t hear any clinking. I would think stress ball (for obvious reasons), and the swinging is a type of repetitive stress response. Cockatoo’s (or is it Cockatiels’ – can’t recall for sure) will pull out their feathers, orphaned/abandoned babies will rock, and Ashleigh will swing from side to side. I think Ashleigh needs a raise, that way she can start to put funds aside, for all that future therapy!!. Good thing it is (or was) Friday).

    Have a Good One!!

  44. Sorry for late notice, just learned today, delayed by household work, but:

    Final two eps of René Aubuchon’s “Persons Unknown” will air back-to-back TONIGHT, 8 PM /7PM Central, on NBC in the USA.

  45. Ashleigh is goofing around while waiting for quitting time (and the start of the weekend).

  46. Hi Mr M!

    RE: Ashleigh

    Yes, she’s got her keys in her pocket and anxious to hit the road!!

    Also, that is EXACTLY how I expected her voice to sound like! Sweet dulcet tones…. (am a total charmer no?)

    Best to all at The Bridge


  47. @ PBMom & 2cats – Thanks for sharing! It does help. 🙂 My thoughts will be with you gals, too.

    RE: Writing. I have to be inspired…which doesn’t happen all the time. There was a time when I could even write a short story (for myself), but now? I have a few started, and just lose interest and never get them done. I don’t think writing would be a good career choice.

    Bullshitting, however, I’m pretty darn good at. 😀

    RE: Kitty acne. My old lady cat used to get that – until I got rid of all plastic bowls (use Corelle now) AND the running water bowl (the water bowl for cats with the pump and stuff to trick ’em into thinking that they’re drinking out of a stream). She loved that running water bowl (it even had a little water fall!), but it gave her terrible acne! Something about their chins rubbing on the plastic – allergic reaction, or something. They do not have the problem when I use glass bowls.


  48. PS: Joe – you have some really great people here on your blog. How’s about a dedication to ALL your loyal followers?


  49. Hm, all the SGU staff ladies are awfully cute; is it the Vancouver water?

    For future reference if you go out for dinner with a vegetarian and munch down on the venison you can bet that you won’t be getting any Milu-Milu at the end of the date. (which means “kissy-kissy” in Lithuanian for you dirty minded folks. Shame on you.)

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