Jelly’s on the mend and showing some improvement.  As many of you will recall, two weeks ago the old gal could barely get around due to hip dysplasia and arthritic shoulders and elbows.  Then, last week, she underwent a stem cell procedure that saw her own stem cells harvested from her belly fat, treated, then injected into the problem areas with the hope that they would help stimulate the new growth.  Well, even though she’s still given to lying about for most of the day, this was her last night trying to chase down Akemi:

Not exactly spry but certainly moving a lot better.  Here’s hoping there’s still more recovery to come.

BTW – thanks to everyone who provided the link to the Batman pug (q.v. yesterday’s comments section).

Lou Anders, the editor of that newly-released superhero anthology, Masked, I’m a part of, was recently asked to come up with a soundtrack for the collection by music, lit, and pop culture blog  Lou then asked each of the book’s contributors to come up with a song that best represents their particular story and – here’s the catch; there’s always a catch – explain why the song is appropriate to the story.  Anyway, it would seem I was the lone hold-out, so I offered up my selection and thoughts in a semi-comprehensible manner.  You can find the article here:

And, if you’re interested, you can pick up masked here Amazon, here B&N, here BooksAMillion, here IndieBound, and here Borders.

Some progress on the script front.  Who says SGU isn’t funny?

Finally, here the second half of those behind-the-scenes pics from the last days of Atlantis.  All photos courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

64 thoughts on “July 20, 2010: Charting Jelly’s progress! The Masked soundtrack! Last days of Atlantis II!

  1. Yay! Ear scratches and belly rubs for everyone – this round is on me! I hope Jelly Girl continues to improve.

    An extra pat on the head for you, dear old doggie dad.

  2. I don’t know who says SGU isn’t funny – but I gotta admit, the kino web scenes (I found them on youtube) are classic!!!!

    They’re not over the top, just natural and subtle, so can we see scenes like this included in the show itself?

    Thanks for the pics of Atlantis.. nice wig there.. I do miss SGA, especially the characters , but I do also love SGU.. so it’s not so bad.

    Good to see Jellybelly moving around.. would a bit of weight loss help out her situation? *ducks from Jelly’s wrath*

  3. Sorry I read the title and thought you were literally drawing up a chart. That would have been cool!! Will you draw up a chart??? It could list her movements – walks with limp, jumps on bed, walks up stairs, plays with the others, scratches herself…you know and you could put crosses where she can’t do something and ticks where she can. I love a good chart.

    Thanks for all of the Atlantis pics…they’re super cute.

    I think SGU can be funny but its mostly in the KINOS as Annie pointed out. “Wait for It” aka purple dye was freaking ha-larious…who wrote that? Then TPTB went and axed the KINOS….that made me very sad….maybe there were tears, maybe not…but I wish they were back…although I guess now they won’t be the same next season.

    So that makes me think, will there be an overall arc in Season 3, is there one in Season 2.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. how come the dogs haven’t been on Twitter, have you been hogging the laptop?

  4. Yay for Jelly!

    Boo for no Todd pictures!

    Yay for script progress!

    Boo for me being just too tuckered out to contribute anything more!

    Nite, Joey!


  5. Wow! You would of thought that was Lulu running around. Look at Jelly go!!! Great to see! I placed rug runners around on slick surfaces to help my dog with traction as she got older and her arthritis got worse.

    Great pictures again of the Atlantis cast. Why is Joe’s chair so small? What was it like working with Jason? He looks like he has never met a stranger. How did they ever get him to settle down long enough to shoot a scene? What is the story behind that infamous wig? Where is it now and did it appear on everyone’s head at some point? Where is the picture with you wearing it?

    Boy, Lou Anders sounds like a task master. First you have to write a story, then you have to come up with a song to match it. He should have been a college professor. Maybe he was…

  6. Actually accomplished a thing or two today. Not necessarily what I planned, but progress (or catching up) nonetheless.

  7. Hello.

    Glad to see Jelly is doing better. Hope she continues to improve.

    Thanks again for the Atlantis pics!!!

    Best wishes,


  8. I cannot believe how much better Jelly’s moving around, Joe! Here’s hoping the improvement continues! Incredible.

    Love the pics, thanks!

  9. Thanks for more Atlantis photos!
    I loved The Team one and the chairs before the Gate made me get a bit sniffly, just really miss these guys so much.
    Jason and Jason and Robert – too funny!
    Good luck with your book – sounds like people are enjoying it!

  10. San Antonio adapts SG props once again. Remember my report on flashing traffic chevron signs a while back? Well, we now have flashing stop signs, reminding me, of course, of early SG1 adventures.

    We’re also due to get the TSA’s full-body scanners. TOTAL RECALL, anyone?

  11. Outstanding SGA pics! Thanks Joe 🙂 So who has the wig now?

    Good to see Jelly moving a bit better. Best wishes for much more, and lasting, improvement.

  12. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks for all the SGA pictures! You’ve made my day 2 days in a row! You’re awesome Joe. I’m really so happy to hear that Jelly is doing better. 😀

    Oh and Joe – I would seriously love to see a Cam/Teal’c and Sheppard/Ronon team. They would kick some serious a$$! I don’t recall who brought that up, but I’d do anything to see that happen. 😀 A SG1/SGA movie crossover would be absolute brilliance in my mind. A wonderful thank you goes out to who ever brought that team idea up and put that great image in my mind.

    @Chevron7 Thanks so much for the hug. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. It made me smile. 😀

  13. G’day Joe

    So good the Miss Jelly getting around a bit better. Hope her pain is considerably less and she improves.

    Nice Atlantis pics. I am missing SG-1 more and more now.


  14. Awesome Atlantis pics Joe! Wouldn’t mind a couple of those for my collection. They are fabulous!

    Been reminicing on my trip to Vancouver (just got back Saturday nite) and I have to aay there were sooo many great places to eat there that I am seriously contemplating moving out there (from Ontario). And I was completely wowed by the Richmond Night Market! Glad you blogged about it!

    Question. If we wanted to send something to any of the SGU cast, would we be able to do it and if so where could we send it to them?

  15. Hmm I am probably more than naive but I always thought that was Jason’s real hair…who knew?!! Well I guess you did Joe.

  16. That’s great news about Jelly. Lookin’ good.

    Yay for more SGA pics. That wig. It looks like it could move on its own. It must be heavy. I can see why Jason wanted to cut his hair though. The weight of all that hair on your head must have been giving him headaches. At least with the wig he could take it off.

    The Robert Picardo picture is priceless. I wonder what he’s up to now?

  17. Sorry for the second comment, just was able to watch the vid and Jelly really seems to be doing well!

    Question for the mailbag, if possible:
    Someone brought this up on GW and it has me curious. Why didn’t Sheppard ever get “shipped” with anyone during the 5 years of SGA? Other than the flirtations with Larrin, Chaya, etc., he never had a real, ongoing, current relationship.
    Was there disagreement over who to ship him with? Or was it a desire not to tie the hero-character down to one pairing?

  18. Now I’ve got Sabotage stuck in my head.

    Great to see Jelly’s having some fun.
    I’d love to see Jelly at hydrotherapy. She’d be adorable.

    Take care.

  19. Woo hooo for Jelly chasing Akemi. Good sign there is improvement for her.

    Now to get Akemi some running shoes cause if Jelly does not chase, betcha Lulu, or Maximus will specially if she has some food offering they might want.

    Great SGA pix, thanks.
    Great Puppy Vid…thanks for that too.

  20. I’m not saying that SGU isn’t funny, the humor is more subtle and I like it that way… But what’s the question about? I’m scared now.

    Jelly looks a lot better, and I hope she keeps getting better.

    Again, nice Atlantis pics. Did everyone get a chance to wear Ronon’s wig for the special occasion? 😀

  21. Hi regarding Ugg the neurologist says it’s his immune system attacking his brain. We have got him on a trial and now got to hope we get the right drugs. Lots of sleepless nights so far and lots of tears but he is under the care if the best neuroligist in Europe so he is getting the best care possible

  22. Hey Joe…
    thanks for answering my questions.

    But I have an other one 😉

    1. Asuming, SG-1 movie will be green-lighted in winter 2010/2011. How long from that moment on would it be, until the movie get’s finished? The first both movies were close to the end of SG-1. I think, now it takes more time?!

    2. Do you have any plans to appear yourself as a cameo in SGU? Or have you been in there before and we only didn’t see you? 😛

    3. Have you ever seen any fan movie about stargate? I know, you aren’t allowed to copy the stories 😉 , but have you ever seen one? And if so…which one? What’s your opinon about such projects?

    (little selection: )

    sorry for bad english
    and greetings from germany

  23. Uh oh, now that Jelly has regained some of her past agility, she will no doubt begin reasserting her female dominance over the other beings in the household. Clearly, her first target is Akemi – obviously an attempt to stop the division of your affection between her and herself. Better watch out for that, Joe. 😉

    Seriously though, very glad to see Jelly bounding around like that, and even keeping up with Lulu!

  24. @Gilder

    Have to break this you. The TSA full body scanner was adopted from decades old technology for examining mechanical parts (i.e. jet engine turbine blades) non-destructively.

    @Mr M

    Looks like Jelly is no longer a foot warmer. There should be few more years left in the old girl yet. Great News.

  25. Nice pictures of Atlantis. I especially like the last one with the gate. Just wish those chairs weren’t in the way.

    Could you guys like… Rebuild the set and take a picture of an open gate without the chairs? Would be an awesome desktop wallpaper (Kidding ofcourse, About the rebuilding, Although it would definitely be an awesome desktop wallpaper)

    Also good to see Jelly’s doing a lot better now. I hope she recovers well and will be running around with the rest of the gang soon.

    Kind regards,

  26. omg I just realised who that was in the wig! Picardo! aaaaaaaahahahaha!!

    Please tell me Joe, that the wig still exists somewhere where you can get your hands on it. If so… I dare ya to wear it and take a pic (better still, go out in public with it on)…

  27. Yes! Jelly does seem more comfy but still …..a little wobbly in the hips. I wouldn’t let her over do things yet. Best wishes for a lonnnnng remission of symptoms!

  28. Thanks for sharing the Jelly race with us. I am so glad to see she is motivating much better, good doggy daddy. Bet she and you will be glad when she is done with her meds, so much fun giving pills. Really happy to see her running better, give her BIG hugs, and of course all the others too, can’t slight the rest of the kids. Good that Akemi is there to help with doggy care. Hi Akemi (~~waves~~).
    Joes chair in the pix, what a funny sight, and it looks like a sock on Davids chair, did he lose one? Thank you for the pictures to remember. and Jason (whatahunk), I would much rather watch him jump on anything than tom, youknowwho. like the hp film, he who must not be named.
    I listened to Sabotage and,thanks utube, and am looking forward to your story.
    Have a great day!

  29. Hey…Joe! Glad to see Jelly is recovery well. Love your baby doggies! They alway put a big smile on my face!

    Thank you for the SGA BTS pics. I love the pic where Robert Picardo is wearing the Ronon’s wig. LOL!

    That pic with Joe and Rachel is very sweet. 🙂

  30. Thank you for the SGA BTS pics – another great pic of Joe and Rachel and that team one is lovely too.

    It is a shame that there isn’t a part 3, 4 and 5 etc of this set.

    Thank you for sharing these

  31. That last picture is so sad!
    But I’m glad Jelly’s doing better- it’s always hard when pets get older and have all sorts of disabilities.

    Oh, and-
    @Tim Lade – It was his real hair for a while but then it got really heavy and he wanted a change, so they made a wig for the remainder of the show.

  32. I’m glad to see that Jelly’s on the mend!

    Second wig swap and it’s still as funny as yesterday, if not more so 🙂

  33. Thx for pix. Geez, I really miss that cast.

    Glad to see Jelly looks like she’s moving around pretty good.

  34. There seems to be some discrepancies as to how humans evolved in the franchise. In SG-1 it was established that humanity had evolved while the Ancients were in Pegasus, as when they returned to Earth “it was so harsh, its people so primitive by comparison…”, but in the recent Daniel Jackson videos (and I think even in a Brad Wright interview) it was said that the Ancients had restarted human life when they returned. Could you clarify if this is a mistake by the writers, a retcon, or should the video’s be ignored?


  35. Jelly looks like she’s moving a lot better! All that running is good therapy.

    I’ll get Masked at the mall this weekend when I see Salt; tempted to see Inception again tho.

    The song choices are very cool; do you guys have a YouTube video for the book? You could whip a music vid set to Sabotage to promo the book; cast Ivon as the superhero who rescues Ash, who turns out to be a superhero herself.

    Thanks for the pics of the SGA crew, I’m looking forward to the new SGU season to see which of SGA cast members pop up.

  36. @das

    A couple posts ago you sounded optimistic about the movies! I thought you said you had given up? Glad to hear your hopeful again though. 🙂

  37. @ Major D. Davis – RE: Optimisim over the movies. I was funnin’ with Joey. I really have given up on the movies, and have adopted the attitude that if they (esp. Extinction) don’t happen I won’t be heartbroken, and if they do happen then it’ll be a nice surprise. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it at this point.

    @ Joe – Hope Jelly is feeling even better today. Are you guys on vacation now?? If so, when do you crawl back to the office?

    Have a good one, sir!


  38. Questions for the mailbag:

    1. How long does Destiny take to transit a galaxy?

    2. Are there any non-Americans on Destiny, excluding Rush and the Lucian Alliance? One thing that I liked about Atlantis was the international cast, but that seems to be absent on SGU.

    3. Can Kinos fly fast enough to cause serious injury if they hit someone?

  39. Oh and another quick question.

    When you write a music montage into a script how does it work? Do you guys first find the song, and then film it to fit the song.. or do you just film all the little cutaways, and then once you find a good song you assemble fitting segments into the montage?

    And when is the first montage in season 2?

    Thanks so much,
    Major (montage lover) Davis 😉

  40. heres to hoping jelly gets even better!
    Will she get any more injections?

    have you kept any mementos from SGA/SG1?

  41. the picture of Picardo in dreads with Mamoa standing beside them is priceless. thanks for sharing the pics; as always they bring a smile to my face. The video looks promising in terms of Jelly’s recovery. And picked up Masked. Started reading it in order, then decided after the third story I didn’t have the patience to make it to your story. So I skipped ahead and read it. Now I’m having to resist comments until the BotM club convenes. All I will say is that I’m satisfied I have not wasted my money, even though I’ve only finished 4 stories so far.
    Thanks as always for the daily dose, Now, isn’t it about time for another dining critique, good or bad? Other than the chocolate it’s been days since we’ve seen any of the delectible dishes you favor.

  42. Hello!! ça va?? moi oui toujours pas d’ordinateur!

    J’essaye de passé sur votre blog dès que possible et c’est toujours un plaisir!

    Merci pour ces photos, elles sont superbes!!!!…Atlantis me manque de plus en plus chaque jours…

    je me suis rendu compte que la moitier de mes series préférées étaient Canadiennes^^, c’est rigolo, mais je me demande qu’elle est la chose qui differencie les series canadienne des series americaine? En ce moment je suis en pleine periode “Sydney Fox l’aventurière” et “Le monde perdu de sir arthur conan doyle”

    Lol la video, vous aussi vous aimez faire courir vos chiens^^!

    gros gros bisou,
    a demain:)

  43. @Das

    Oh lol. Im confident in the SG-1 movie… though the cast isn’t getting younger and they have commitments to other projects.

    As for SGA im less convinced it will happen.. though recent developments have made me feel otherwise. The hardest part about Extinction will be reuniting the cast. If that can be done.. I m sure itll get made.

    Doesn’t make up for the fact they were about to finalize production dates(the SG-1 movie was greenlit and so was the SGA movie.. well pretty much) and contact the actors when all of a sudden it went dead. But hey.. Better late then never.

  44. @das

    Thats why I feel like campaigning my butt off. Its doing something positive and it shows MGM fans are still interested! These movies were screwed over in the past but we need to forget about the past and focus on the now/future.

  45. @Montrealer: Thanks for the interesting fact. My thought, not well expressed, was “life imitates art”, i.e. current technology is reminding me of past fiction.

    @Angelus: Haven’t looked in a while, but there used to be Gate wallpapers available on Gateworld,,, etc.

  46. Loved your story! It had enough meat to be a stand alone book, though. I’ll start on the rest today.

  47. Joe,

    This thought just struck me:

    Humanity in Alastair Reynolds’ novel House of Suns was technologically equal to or superior to the Asgard in Stargate SG-1 with the notable exception of routine FTL travel.


  48. @Gilder

    Yes, But I need really high-resolution wallpaper. 2560×1600 or higher, Anything lower then that looks crappy on my 30″ and won’t look that good on when I’m upgrading to a multi-screen setup (3x 27″ Asus 3D display) later this summer.

  49. Awesomeness. Looks like Jelly initially was at the back of the pack in the video but regained the front position and took charge, her female extinct took over and the old gal showed whos the boss.

    Quick question Joe, any plans for an anime related blog post this month?

  50. Aw! You go, Jelly-girl!Thanks for sharing the vid, Joe. Here’s hoping she continues to feel better.

    Thanks again for the Atlantis pics, too (even if it does make me all regretful and nostalgic. I miss my team.)

  51. Hey Joe!

    I’m glad that Jelly is showing some improvement!! I hope it keeps up!!

    Thanks for the pics!

    Have a good one!!

  52. Joe, thanks for the pictures! Yeah, it makes me really sentimental, too, like others. Miss them a whole lot, actually. No piccies of Paul McGillion? Loved the pics of Rachel and Joe F. Man do they have chemistry…

    Jelly! She’s scampering around pretty good. And how sweet it was to hear her bark. Aw… Now I want to hug her, but gently.

    Gotta jet. Howdy to all.

  53. Joe – guess what??! It takes 13 seconds to scamper around the island in your kitchen! You might want to file that knowledge away just in case you get invaded by Aliens, or Predators, or Wraith, or some disgruntled actor, or a crazed fan, or Ashleigh, or…oh, you get the idea.



  54. Jelly appears to be doing much better. She’ll never be the pup she was, of course, but it looks like she’s feeling more pain-free, and that’s good news.

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