Another day, another chocolate-tasting.  This time, we shift our focus away from Paris and its award-winning Pralus Chocolats toward the high-altitude environs of Salt Lake City and Utah’s Amano Chocolate, makers of heavenly hand-crafted artisan chocolates.  The line-up:

Even though they’ve only been in business since 2006, Amano produces chocolate on par with the world’s best.  And, while quite frankly all six bars were terrific, one stood out as best among an excellent assortment.  The Dos Rios dark chocolate bar, made from beans from the Dominican Republic possesses a subtle bergamot orange undercurrent that had Akemi uttering “Earl Grey!” after the first bite.  Hints of clove and cinnamon round out the flavor profile.  Easily one of my top ten favorites alongside Amedei’s chuao the Pralus papouasie.

Jelly’s condition continues to improve.  Suddenly, after months of getting me to carry in and out of the house, she’s suddenly doing stairs again –

Okay, now she’s just showing off.  Two months from now she’ll be doing the doggy triathlon.

Every month or so, a website posts one of these Top 100 book lists and I invariably take the time to count off how many titles I’ve actually read.

Of the 100 Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read ( I scored a somewhat respectable (?) 47/100 although my reading repertoire is missing some seminal works including Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers, and Dune!

Thanks to Michelle for providing a link to the following tribute to Robert C Cooper from the gang at Solutions.  And just in time for what may well be his final Stargate-related Comic Con appearance.

And, finally, since somebody asked (Randomness I believe it was): on the anime front, I’m presently four discs deep into Mushi-shi, a series that failed to pique my interest the first (not one, but) two times I sat down to watch it but that now – after a little perseverance – ranks among my Top 25 favorite anime series.  At turns humorous, horrifying, touching, and just plain terrific.

93 thoughts on “July 21, 2010: Another chocolate tasting! Jelly shows off! 100 Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read – How many have you read? Solution’s tribute to Robert Cooper!

  1. That’s great about Jelly! Getting caught up with your last few journals and the Hubby and I loved watching the videos of Jelly. It’s great to see her much improved :)!

  2. Hello Joe.

    Wow!!! Jelly seems to be doing well! Hope she keeps showing improvement. 😉

    Best wishes,


  3. YeeHah for Jelly! You go girl…and I swear that she is putting a little shimmy in her walk that has nothing to do with her hips. The local fellas better watch out…

  4. Watchout, Joe! The next thing you’ll know, she’ll be “borrowing” the car and doing “donuts” on the front lawn!

  5. Hi Mr M!

    Thanks for posting the link to the RCC Tribute on Solutions. A well rounded piece. (Thank you Michelle).

    LOVE the soundtrack idea to Masked.

    For those who don’t know the song (all two of you!) here’s a link to the song/video….

    …which was used to great effect in the last Star Trek movie….but is also (I feel) an homage to that great TV Series “The Streets of San Francisco”….whose theme tune is :

    And of course to link it all together:

    The Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso was constructed in the foundry in Vancouver, which is now:

    The Bridge Studios!!!

    Phew!! Link Central eh?

    Best from


  6. Awww it’s so nice to see Jelly taking the steps!!!

    Of the 100 essential scifi novels, I have only read 8. Despicable! I guess I’ve got some reading to do….

  7. lol @ Scigirl!

    That’s really such great news about Jelly! Great work on finding out about that procedure Joe!

    Btw, Dune is one of my all time favorite books. I highly recommend it!

  8. Jelly’s improvement is *so* wonderful to see! It’s incredibly moving to see obvious relief from pain and lack of mobility in any animal or human. I’m trying to put myself in your place, seeing these very encouraging early results . . . I would be blown away. Will keep hoping for even more improvement. – This has been one of the best story arcs ever, and it’s real . . .

  9. Hey Joe

    Nice link for the list. I count 32 off the top of my head, I’d have to go back through my collection to see if there were any more. Oh wait! I can’t they were left in an old house of ours and when I found out and went back they had been tossed… along with a lot of other stuff of mine.


  10. Well, I’m at 40 on that list. In fact, one of them is what started my love of Sci Fi. I was in grade 7, and we had to go to the school library and pick a book, any book, read it and write a book report on it. I chose War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells (#32). Read it. Loved it. And have loved Sci Fi ever since.

  11. I posted a rant on here a while back about how SiaSL (unabridged) comes to a satisfying conclusion right smack in the middle, then it’s all preachiness and supporting “logic” that works only because Heinlein said so. I thought you would feel my pain, Man. BTW, the first half of the book really is very good. It would have to be to support the last half being that bad. I was kicking myself that I recognized a satisfying conclusion for what it was and didn’t stop reading when it became annoying because I thought all science fiction fans just had to finish it to have nerd cred – guess not.

    And Dune? Say it isn’t so. I think those were the first fiction books I picked up outside school (bad experience reading Great Expectations turned me off for a while). I couldn’t help but read all six of Frank Herbert’s. Then, I listened to half of one of his son’s contributions and I haven’t recovered – that disturbing. But those six books were super-awesome and kept getting awesomer. The second half of the trilogy doesn’t seem like it could possibly be an afterthought. It seemed like it was planned that way all along.

    I’d probably score pretty low unless books on tape count.

  12. Go Jelly Go! Made me smile.

    I’ve been lurking, very stressed over my stubborn elderly father who did not want home nurses or assisted living. He barely spoke for the last two days, then last night he passed away in his sleep, his cats by his side. He was 87 and missed mom a lot. He lived his life on his terms, and he chose to leave his way too. I am sad, but I am good with the end of his life.

    Aloha Oe, Master Chief.

    Poor kitties are looking for him….

  13. I’m glad you are enjoying Mushishi! One of my all time favorites. The music and the art are outstanding and I love the stories. I have the sound-track and listen to is often. It’s not an action-heavy anime and has a more episodic style than many others, which may be why you didn’t get into it the first time (or two). I think hanging out with Akemi has mellowed you.

    It’s great to see Jelly doing so well.

  14. Hi Joe! Glad to see Jelly is getting better! Can you say if any cast from the other shows will be appearing in SGU (you don’t have to specify who) in S2?

    And if we wanted to send stuff to any of the cast would we be able to do it and if so where would we have to send it?

    Definately excited about a SGA crossover episode!

  15. Look at that girl go! Whatever the therapy cost, it was worth it.

    Re: Dune. A great book. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT watch the movie.

  16. I got a forbidden message trying to go to the link… so no idea how many of the list I’ve read. Though I’ve done all three of the ones you have somehow managed to dodge. Glad to see Jelly is doing so well,and hoping it lasts a good long while. Thanks for the video and link, even if it didn’t work for me…

  17. Hi Joe! I can’t remember if this was asked before but I would really like to have the soundtrack of sgu, is there any release date on sight?
    PS: I apologize for my english :$

  18. Joe you must be thrilled about Jelly. I know that if it were me and seeing someone I cared about so much doing better it would probably make me cry.

  19. Hey Joe!

    Very, VERY glad to hear that Jelly’s improving!

    On the anime front, I just started watching Samurai Champloo with my family… Have you seen it?

    We’re really enjoying it so far. Apparently it’s by the team that made Cowboy Bebop.

    Thought I’d share a couple Bella pictures with you, if you’re interested…
    Dreaded bathtime:
    Dog tired:

    Nadine Ramsden

  20. Got there a different way: 41/100. However, some of them I read so long ago that I no longer remember the plots. I’ll have to save the list and give some of the others a shot.

  21. Way to go, Jelly! That is quite an improvement. She may be an old gal, but she’s stylin’.

    I have read 17 of the books, and seen 20 movie versions.

    Thornyrose — I got a forbidden message on the link too. I typed in the title “100 Science Fiction Books, etc.” on search and was able to bring it up as a cached page.

    Artisan chocolates… drifts off into chocolate haze…..

  22. Awwwww! Jelly Girl! Looks like she’s making great progress! She’s such a happy little doggie. 😀

  23. Good for Jelly! I’ll need to find a vet that will give me the same treatment. Great list of books. I was surprised to find I’d hit 56 read after going through the lot. Many I read 40 plus years ago. Need to go back and revisit a few. I find it interesting how influential these books were and continue to be for me. I owe less to my schoolin’ and my peers and a great deal to these authors for making me the free-thinker I am today. That and my warped cynicism, hyperactive irony gene and diabolical sense of humor.

  24. Wooo, go Jelly!
    Alas, I scored only a 7 out of 100. But I felt proud that I still recognized the titles of most of the others, even if I hadn’t read them. Knowing the gaps in your knowledge- even if you are slow to fill them- is still the first step.
    But that said, I did score a 22 on the “100 Books to Read Before You Die” list they had a link to, and for a recent high school graduate I would say that’s respectable.

  25. I generally don’t like lists of books I should have read or movies I should have seen (I usually end up shame-facedly slinkling away and pretending I didn’t look at it) but I decided to try this one and was astonished to find that I’ve read at least 72 of these—and I have maybe half-a-dozen more in my collection that I need to review to find out if I read them and have simply have forgotten (and yes, I took advantage of the senior discount at the store today).

    During summers in junior high I rode my bicycle to our little suburban public library and read every single book in the SF section. I started off reading the ones that seemed most interesting but soon got obsessed and read them all. It wasn’t a big library—there were probably 300-500 titles—but over a couple of years I read every single one.

    One year during high school I kept a list of books I read—I hit well over 200 (not counting books for school).

    I wish I still read that voraciously but I’m afraid cable TV, DVD and the Internet have spoiled me—nowadays I’m more likely to be found watching an old sci-fi movie or a new sci-fi show than reading a good book.

    I need to remedy that. But at any rate, thanks for the link and best wishes for Jelly–loved the videos.

  26. G’day Joe

    Very good to see Miss Jelly get out and about.
    It took me bit to see it, I was only getting 2 seconds. I had to download it to VLC, that finally worked.

  27. Thanks for the link Joe. I’ve already downloaded a few. I have a lot of Foundation Sci Fi reading to catch up on. It took until I was 30 to realise Sci Fi/Fantasy was my genre of choice so while I’ve now read over 400 Sci Fi/Fantasy books in almost 3 years, I haven’t read a lot of the classics.

    Great to see Jelly being adventurous.

    maggiemayday – May he rest in peace.

  28. hahahah my Jack Russell just gave me weird looks because I yelled out GOOOOOOD GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRL!!! at the top of my high pitched voice. Onya Jelly!!! hug hug..

    maggiemayday sorry for you loss xx

  29. Yesterday’s picture of Jelly pulled at my heartstrings. She’s just so sweet, and that picture has become my favorite of her. And now seeing her growing younger is amazing! Will she need booster shots along the way to maintain her mobility?

    Well, I ordered Masked today, and looking forward to joining in on the discussion for the first time. And thanks for sharing the Atlantis photo’s. Can’t wait for the new season to start!

    @maggiemayday My thoughts are with you and your family. It’s so hard when our parents age, but I’m glad to hear that you found peace in his passing.

  30. The list of 100 top SF.. odd, some I don’t consider SF.. but have read 41. LOL on Dune, read them ALL, btw. A few on there I also need to read though.

    WOHOO on Jelly. That is fantastic news.

  31. Mushishi, interesting choice there Joe. I’m currently watching My Bride is a Mermaid, don’t let the title put you off, it’s actually kinda funny, and if you need a series thats not so serious that you can watch to unwind this is totally it.

    Japanese title is Seto no Hanoyome, I see it as more a romantic comedy than anything else.

    Explaining this series is kinda hard, I mean, explaining would kinda spoil.

    Happy to see Jelly is doing so well, I guess all the positive energy combined with the treatment is having a huge effect on her.

  32. I think I read about half the books on the 100 list. And only about half of that stand the test of time. The fail ones just don’t seem to be that readable for me now.

    Asimov is a great writer who have terrible characterization. Most of his characters are too 2-dimensional for my taste. I even get to meet him at a Boskone SF convention many years ago. A fun guy.

    Find most of the books before the mid 50s to quite strange. Most of the books from the more Literary writers (i.e. M Atwood) seems to be quite Dystopian or Nihilist.

    Still got the half of the half the 100 list that I like around the house.

  33. I also got the “Forbidden” message. I’m going to assume for now I’ve read them all. Except for the one that blows and only got on the list because it’s dad is friends with the list’s dad.

  34. Coucou me revoila!!

    ça va bien?

    waou tout ce chocolat!!! je ne sais pas comment vous faites pour ne pas en être dégouté à force d’en manger…j’ai encore vraiment du mal à en manger mais j’essaye à mis remettre petit à petit peu..

    Contente de voir July est en meilleur forme!!

    Pleins de gros bisou!!

  35. First, a warm ‘Hello’ from Romania (not exactly as far as Pegasus or Destiny, but it might as well be).

    Just wanted to ask you: am I an absolute freak if I read no less than 91 books from that list? And I own 42 of them (yes, that ‘magic’ number). And, more important, don’t you think this top lacks a host of names and/or titles? Like, off the top of my head, A&B Strugatsky (Roadside Picnic, for example).

    All the best to you and to everybody (pugs obviously included),

  36. Hi again Mr M!

    Meant to add, I only read 6 of the 100.

    However, I have copies of another 10 on the list which are on the to-do list!!!

    It would be nerdily interesting to see what the average “Have Read” rate amongst the Joe M regulars on here would be?

    Best to all


  37. To settle a discussion, could you clarify whether Rush ‘tricked’ the Stargate into thinking it was on Earth in the pilot, and the symbols are an address, or, if like the dialogue suggests, the sequence is actually just a code.

  38. Jelly’s improvement is really terrific –wonder if it would work on my knees….:)
    Only read 14 of the 100, and will likely never complete the list because I could never get through any Ayn Rand! Doomsday Book is one of my all-time favorites, and Dune is up there too, although the further the series went the less I thought of it. Started very young reading the “Lucky Starr” series of kids’ sci-fi stories by Paul French (yea long ago) — imagine my surprise when I found out much later that “Paul French” was actually Isaac Asimov!
    Currently I’m a couple of chapters into Alastair Reynolds’ latest, Terminal World, and am already loving it.

  39. “Dune” is one of the very few books I couldn’t put down.. my house was a sink full of dishes, a pile of laundry and one pissed off cat who wanted to be fed on time during the adventure that was “Dune”.. I will never forget it.. it’s a must read.

    My cat lived to be 22, relax… 😛

  40. seeing Jelly go up the stairs has made my day!
    It tops the chocolate, and that’s really saying something 😀

    (It’s been terrible. With every chocolate post, I get a mad craving to wolf the small block of Val Rhona I have squirrelled away in the cupboard…must resist…)

  41. Yay Jelly. She’s definately improved! That’s great to know! Please post the training videos from the dog triathlon if she decides to participate. Thanks! 😉

  42. Oooo, just to add – 55/100 for the reading list, and now a list of more books to read 🙂

  43. Joe did you have these chocolates already, do some places not ship chocolate in the heat of summer.?
    Wonderful video of Jelly, way to go girlfriend!! one row, one hoe, great news, thanks for sharing.
    The book list, I recognize a few and have read several, I am sure your list could far exceed 100. now if I see the names at a flea market/book sale, maybe I will get some I have not tried that are listed. thanks Joe.

  44. Only 13/100 sci-fi books read for me. But I have a few more in my reading pile. Looks like I need to read more classic sci-fi rather than all this modern stuff. Damn I wish I could read more than a couple of pages in bed before falling asleep!

  45. Since Dialing to Destiny from different planets cause it to drop out of FTL, would it be possible to cause Destiny to drop out of FTL by dialing from the ship?

    What will be the time line between the SGU/SGA cross over, the Homecoming novels and Extinction

  46. Super Jelly! I think we’ve finally found the girl to star in the Wonder Woman movie! Go, Jelly go!

    The tribute to RC was very cool, tons of great info! It’s so cool to be able to look back at all that ‘gate and see the legacy you guys have created even as new SG is still in the future.

    My vote for fave RC joints on the poll were Sateda, Runner and especially Vegas.

  47. @ maggiemayday – So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers are with you. {{{hugs}}} Give dad’s kitties hugs for me, too.

    @ Joe – It’s great to see Jelly moving around so well! Do you think it’s because of the procedure, or the meds she’s on?? And if it is because of the procedure, then when the hell are they gonna do this for humans???!

    It’s just noon, and so far today I’ve done the daily chores (beds, dishes, cats), a load of laundry, put another coat of tung oil on a table I’ve been refinishing, water the garden, grabbed a bite to eat (just!), and now I gotta run to work.

    Tonight I might be trying to de-feral a kitten. This little guy showed up in our back yard about 3 weeks ago, and seems unrelated to any of the ferals we take care of (all are fixed, except two males that we can’t catch). We trapped the kitten on Saturday and my neighbor took him to try to tame him a bit before surgery. Well, he’s not calming down, but she thinks it’s only because he’s scared to death and around so many other cats. So we might give it a shot – see if he can be domesticated for adoption. If not, then he has to be returned to our feral colony. We have about 6 ferals, with two that ‘visit’, but I think are cared for/owned by others.

    In the meantime, I have no idea where I’m going to put him – he’ll probably be caged, with a litter pan. This table I’m refinishing takes up the front porch, he’s not going to ‘live’ in my living room (I don’t want the litter pan there), the bedroom is out, our ‘ship room’ – like the family room – is probably too small and is ruled by our old lady cat anyway, and one cat ‘lives’ in the utility room, and the other in the kitchen (she likes to be near the food 🙄 ). IF my garage was tidy, we could keep him there (which would be a nice, quiet place for him to calm down), but it’s not – it’s a mess (I REALLY need to have a yard sale soon!). Oh well, my problem…I’ll figure something out.

    Gotta run!


  48. WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Way to go Jelly!!!

    (Joe please kindly pass along and translate my message into pug, thank you).

  49. Way to go Jelly!

    Joe, it looks like she was waiting on you to pick her up! On another note, as the food expert that you are, have you ever had a Baumkuchen? It’s a roasted cake! Seen it on the food network and it looked delicious. I thought about ordering one but I want to know if they are as good as they look.


  50. I went to 3 bookstores this morning, 2 Chapters and a Black Bond. None of which had Masked in stock. That has to be a record for fastest selling book ever. At the second Chapters I asked the lady to check when they would come in, she shrugged her shoulders and said she didn’t know…..thanks.

    I ended up getting a couple graphic novels and World War Z, since i loved the Zombie Survival Guide and the Illustrated History of Zombie Attacks.

  51. Maggiemayday: so sorry for your loss….

    Mr. M.: Jelly looks great! Her knees/hips still look a little wobbly to me but she is less painful. It was interesting they way she looked unsure of herself and waited for you to pick her up… So does the vet recommend she push her limits or do they say go slow?
    It would be cool to have a before and after video posted when her treatment has peaked.

    Das: good luck the kitten. I worked at the Humane Society yesterday. One way the H. S. parts ways with my view of humane animal treat is, I think the pets are better off euthanized than in a cage for years. Our H. S. doesn’t believe in adopting cats to outside homes! Yes, there is more risk but…they aren’t stuck in a cage indefinitely!
    Do you manage to get your feral cats spayed/neutered? If yes, fantastic! If not, there are a lot of low cost neuter programs out there.

  52. @ maggiemayday

    I’ll be thinking about you as you deal with the sadness over your father’s death. As Deni said, may good memories remain. – I’m relieved for your sake that you’re good with the end of his life. Take care.

  53. @ Tammy Dixon – He’s being neutered today – and I’ll find out later if he came through okay (I believe if they FIV they do euthanize them – but not sure). We have two males that won’t go near the cages – hopefully one day we will trap them and get ’em snipped.

    I don’t like the idea of a cat kept in a cage, either. My one neurotic cat has isolated herself to the utility room, so I’ve been letting her outside while I’m home, just so she can move around a bit. Honestly, I think she needs valium, or something. We have a quiet home – Mr. Das and I are not loud, shouty type people – we’re pretty docile. We don’t play loud music at home, or anything else that’s noisy. So you would think our house would be very calming to a nervous cat, but – obviously – it’s not enough. I’m actually wondering if this kitten – since it’s supposedly a male (I haven’t checked, just taking my neighbor’s word) – might settle the ‘women’ in the house down. The gals just haven’t been the same ever since we had to put Cowboy down. 🙁


  54. @Jelly: LOOKING GOOD!!

    @Joe: I score 2/100 (holds her head in shame) I have a lot of reading to do!!

  55. @Maggiemayday

    My condolences. You have my prayers and best wishes.



  56. Das: I hope you can catch more of the little critters for spay/neuter. They can be devious though.
    Hubby and donated a few large cages (6ft by 4ft) cat cages to the H. S.
    The long term cats are much more comfy in those cages but they have too many cats. I just hope some more cats get adopted soon.

    Our weatherman said something I’ve never heard any of them say before “It will be cooler Monday but it will feel hotter.”.

  57. @ Tammy Dixon – I forgot to tell you that some of our shelters around here have a ‘barn cat’ program, supplying cats to farms and such to live in barns and catch critters. Anything like that around you?


  58. Das: Wow! Great idea. I’ll propose it to them….but we don’t see eye to eye on some things. A barn cat sounds like a fun life for a cat, though.

  59. Hello Joe!

    Couple questions for the next mailbag if thats cool.


    So will there be SG-1 characters in season 2?

    2. When you write a music montage into a script how does it work? Do you guys first find the song, and then film it to fit the song.. or do you just film all the little cutaways, and then once you find a good song you assemble fitting segments into the montage? And when is the first montage in season 2?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  60. Very happy to see Jelly looking so nimble!

    Ouch, I score a sad 11 on the ‘have-read’ science fiction books and most of those aren’t what I’d have considered science fiction at the time (1984, 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, Farenheit 451). I have a lot to look forward to reading I believe! I was a bit surprised to see L.Ron Hubbard on the list, aside from having invented scientology, he wrote books I consider rather poorly written.

    Do you know of a good top 100 fantasy list? I found this one:
    on which I scored a somewhat better 40, though I disagree with a lot of the choices (Twilight over Wheel of Time, not to mention 92 other fantasy novels? And a Harry Potter book as number 1?).

    @Nate: Personally, I like Baumkuchen, an Austrian specialty, but I think Baumstamm Kuchen is even better!

  61. @Maggiemayday – I’m so sorry to hear your father passed. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


  62. I haven’t read very many of the titles on that list but I did read Stargate Solutions article…does that count? It was very well researched and composed. Thanks SS.I particularly liked looking back on characters and noteworthy things that happened in RCC’s eps.

    Joe, what characters did you and Paul introduce in your scripts and what noteworthy things happened in them?

    Some that come to my mind are the all-female team on SGA, Vala, Larrin, Kiva, Cadet Hess, the controversial date rape, Shep losing an arm and the team fishing at Jack’s cabin. There’s heaps more…Joe what do you remember most?

    Cheers, Chev

  63. 36/100, plus a few I *think* I’ve read but not sure, which doesn’t recommend them very highly.

    @maggiemayday – to leave on one’s own terms is a rare blessing. {{hugs}}

  64. @ maggiemayday – I’m so sorry to hear that your father passed away, you have my deepest sympathies.

    I also got the forbidden message – I will hunt down the book list, and look at the tribute to Rob this weekend, when I have a bit more time.

    Chocolate – You know you’re gonna turn into a cocoa bean pretty soon, b/c you eat so much chocolate!! What’s with all the sampling, you just had the party!! (O.K. I’m just jealous I admit it…).

    *Go Jelly Go* … *Go Jelly Go* Hey have you ever thought of putting up a little doggie handicap ramp on your deck stairs (to the side, out of the way). It was just a thought.

    Reading this morning’s paper a quote caught my eye, from Giuseppe Valiante, which I thought was interesting.
    “Teachers and school boards should embrace comic books and graphic novels as “gateway” literature; helping children transition towards more complex narratives and helping boys catch up with girls in reading achievement according to a new study.”
    I just thought using the term gateway was an unusual choice; it’s usually a drug reference, but it fits doesn’t it.
    ….and we’ll ignore the part that says girls are smarter than boys… *blows raspberry* *giggles* (I know that’s not what it says/means. I’m just teasing, don’t want to start a gender war!!)

    Have a Good One!!

  65. Kitty update: The little boy was actually a little girl (I never had a chance to look at her, but my neighbor who took her to the clinic thought she was a boy). Of the 12 kittens they ‘fixed’ today, 10 were females. They were able to handle her okay today, so they think she may be tamed yet. I might be getting her tomorrow or Saturday, to take care of until she can be adopted, or I fall in love with her and decide to keep her. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t check her for FIV (because she seemed very healthy)…it would have given me a bit of peace of mind.


  66. Oh and..

    3. Just curious, has this SGU/SGA crossover renewed discussion of Extinction with MGM. Because you guys must have talked with the studio about the crossover episode and the movie must have come up in that discussion.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  67. RE: Sci Fi Novels…

    I cut and pasted the link and it worked just fine!

    So…I looked at the list and realized I don’t have to read any of those books, I can just watch the movies! 😀

    The only sci fi book I’ve ever read is Earthblood by Keith Laumer…it was pretty good, I guess (did you ever read that one, Joe?). I always preferred murder mysteries because I need the ‘mystery’ to hold my attention, otherwise my mind drifts too much. Mystery…or albinos, or mutants with claws…those work, too. 😀


  68. @ maggiemayday – sorry to hear about your father. My dad is 85… Take comfort in knowing he died peacefully and is with your mom again.

    Joe, looks like a great list to choose some future BOTM’s from – that is if you can get the authors to come talk to us. That is a must!

    Jelly looks like she is having a wonderful time!! Good for her!!!

  69. Have you employed a lot of foreshadowing in the first season that we haven’t picked up on? What about in the second season?

  70. Oh yes, I scored 20 out of those 100 books but there are few on that list that are on my reader for later. Hubby scored 75. He loves Sci-fi but leans toward the classics.

    Das: I agree, a FIV test would give you peace of mind.

  71. Tonight’s dinner was Leftovers Stroganoff: Re-heated pork lo mein, stirred in equal amount of cottage cheese. Fresh fruit for dessert. Tasty and satisfying.

    Now to hunt down these top 100 book lists. 

  72. I’ve only read 30 of them; how pitiful. Like someone else I wouldn’t read Ayn Rand. In fact I joined the Facebook group in favor of plugging the gulf oil leak with her works. Also don’t care for Dean Koontz — too much torture stuff for my tastes. The surprise entry has to be Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard, but I have to say it’s a really enjoyable book. Don’t judge it by the worst-of-all-time movie.

  73. Well, I certainly sucked on that fantasy list. Only read 8 of them, and have had another 3 sitting around forever in the “to read” pile. Ah, well, not a big fantasy fan anyway. And, no, none of them were Twilight or Harry Potter.

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