Tomorrow’s the day so you’re going to want to head down to your local bookstore and camp out in order to make sure you get your copy of…

Masked: An awe-inspiring anthology of all-original superhero fiction edited by Lou Anders!

Publishers Weekly says: “Anders (Fast Forward) delivers an ambitious collection of superhero tales that provide top-notch plots and characterizations while honoring their four-color roots.”

I09 says: “This book could teach Hollywood to do superheroes right.”

Booklist says: “every author here provides abundant creative vision and a sure sense of heroic storytelling”

SFRevu says: “Lou Anders has assembled a collection of engaging, entertaining and sometimes even thought-provoking stories about the human (and superhuman) condition. Many of these characters will stay with the reader long after the book is set down.”

Baron Destructo says: “Curse you, human scum!  The day fast approaches when all will bow down and recognize the superiority of the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil. But until then, kick back, relax, and read a good book.  The Baron highly recommends Masked.”

Cookie Monster says: “Me like bookie.  Rhyme with cookie!”

Need I remind anyone that Masked is our September Book of the Month Club selection?  Pick it up, read it, then join in the discussion that will include appearances by editor Lou Anders and several surprise guest authors including – if I’m available – myself.

Oh and if you’re attending Comic Con, be sure to check out:

10:00-11:00 With Great Power Come Great Stories— Authors discuss creating superhero superfiction, including novels and stories in anthologies like Masked and Wild Cards. Authors include Lou Anders (Masked), Jackie Kessler (the Icarus Project novels), Caitlin Kittredge (the Icarus Project novels), Gini Koch (Touched by an Alien, the Katherine “Kitty” Katt series), Kevin Andrew Murphy (the Wild Cards series), Chris Roberson (Book of Secrets), Caroline Spector (Wild Cards contributor), and Matt Sturges (Justice Society of America). Moderated by Maryelizabeth Hart of Mysterious Galaxy. Room 32AB

Author Daryl Gregory (whose “Message from the Bubbles Gum Factory” is one of my favorite stories in Masked and who will be joining us to field your reader questions in support of his novel, The Devil’s Alphabet, our August Book of the Month Club selection), assures me that he and Fables scribe Bill Willingham will be on hand to heckle.

I seem to have stalled on the script front.  It would seem that lately, the greater part of my day is spent: a) fixing things around the house, b) booking a repairman, c) waiting for said repairman, d) re-booking the repairman so that he can return and complete work on the defective whatsit because he didn’t have a replacement part in his truck when he came the first time, e) anxiously waiting the repairman’s return and jumping up to answer the door whenever I hear a car pull up only to discover its a family checking out the open house across the street .  Yes, in that order.  I also managed to squeeze in some hiragana study, filing, work on my tax installments, and this blog.  Tomorrow, however, is the day I finally make progress on The Hunt.  Onward to Act the Second!

Well, because somebody asked nicely (a.k.a.: reminded me because I’d completely forgotten), here are some behind the scenes photos from Stargate: Atlantis’s final days.  All photos courtesy and copyright MGM Television…

Akemi made cooked oysters for dinner today.  Okay, in some instances half-cooked.  Normally, I wouldn’t worry.  After all, I eat raw oysters all the time.  Except that these particular oysters contained a warning on the package that read: “These oysters are for cooking!  NOT to be consumed raw!”.  I’m going to take that as more of a suggestion and hope for the best.


Eagle writes: “What is the ‘for sure’ date for season 2 premiere?”

Answer: Sorry.  All I know is we’re moving to Tuesday nights and we’re premiering in the last week of September.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Do pugs come in a skinny version?”

Answer: Sure, but they’re about as common as four leaf clovers and humble NBA stars.

sylvia writes: “Now where did you two go for your Dim Sum?”

Answer: Sun Sui Wah on Main St.  It’s always very good, but she prefers the more high-end offerings of Sea Harbour Seafood in Richmond.

Debra writes: “Joe are you seeing any improvements yet with Jelly?”

Answer: She’s back to her limpy pre-treatment self.  I look forward to seeing if she shows any progress when she’s finished her meds.

Debra also writes: “And WHEN will SyFy announce the Atlantis crossovers?”

Answer: That’s a question for SyFy.

Kymm writes: “So is Mr. Gero making you jealous with his New York Foodie experiences?”

Answer: He did while he was there.  Now he’s making me jealous with his L.A. Foodie experiences.

Garbriele writes: “1. What happened to the Goa’uld infiltrated on Earth? Are they still here or have they been all captured and extracted by the Tok’ra?”

Answer: We can assume they’ve been captured – until a story comes a long that upends that assumption.  I don’t think we’ve heard the last of goa’uld Kinsey.

Gabriele also writes: “2. Will you introduce another Daedalus-class vessel in the future or the existing ships are more than enough?”

Answer: It’s certainly possible but, at present, there are no plans to do so.

Gabriele writes: “3. Destiny is older than Atlantis. In “The Lost City” we come to know that Atlantis is about 30 million years old. The gate aboard Destiny is older than the ones in the Milky Way. In “Frozen” we come to know that the gates in the Mily Way are about 50 million years old. Is the Destiny about 60 million years old?”

Answer: Damn that’s old.  If Destiny is older than the Milky Way gates then yes.

Gabriele writes: “4. We know that in the Ori galaxy there are gates. The Priors used them to come through the Milky Way gates and probably the people in that galaxy use them to get to other planets. Is it possible that the seeder ships reached the Ori-Ancient home galaxy long ago and seeded the Destiny gates on those planets? So, is it possible that the gates in the Ori galaxy are of the same model as the gates that we see in “Stargate Universe”?”

Answer: I don’t believe they were.

Elminster writes: “I’ve been craving southern fried chicken. Anyone got a recipe they use/like? I’ve been searching the web but they are either simple (flour, salt, pepper) or crazy.”

Answer: Okay, here’s a variation of a fantastic pork chop recipe from America’s Best Test Kitchen.  Get yourself a chicken breast and pound it flat.  Dip it in a bowl of egg whites, then dredge it in flour, garlic powder, pepper, salt, paprika (or cayenne powder), dried oregano, and thyme.  Make sure it’s well coated, then set it aside. Fry up five strips of bacon over medium heat in a cast iron pan.  Set the bacon aside and add vegetable oil to the bacon drips and bring the heat up to medium-high.  Re-dredge the chicken in the flour mix, shaking off the excess, then set it down in the pan.  Cook until the underside is golden brown (usually 2-3 minutes) then flip and do the same.  Set it aside and let it sit for five minutes, then serve with a side of roasted yams and gravy and/or top with caramelized onions.  Oh, and don’t forget to turn off the stove.

Trish writes: “Do the dogs every try to steal your chocolate?”

Answer: No but Bubba once negotiated a veritable Rude Golberesque series of steps to get at a bag of milk chocolate-covered almonds.  He succeeded.  And had explosive diarrhea for two days.

Tammy Dixon writes: “You know Mr. M., those left over chunks could be melted down for strawberry dipping.”

Answer: Too late.

dasNdanger writes: “Now that I’ve gotten over my initial jealousy, how do you rate Pralus chocolate over the others you’ve tried?”

Answer: I rate them right up there – although Amedei remains my favorite.

Collegeboy8907 writes: “Since Mitchell and Carter got promoted to full colonel following the defeat of the ori will we see John Sheppard and Major Lorne get promoted to Full Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel since they saved earth from the wraith attack in Enemy at the Gate or will they have to defeat the wraith for them to get promoted?”

Answer: Alas, no promotion for either but something just as good: a hearty handshake, a thank you for a job well done, and half-price season tickets to the Clippers.

Tuskin writes: “I don’t know if this was answered before, but was the MALP props on SG-1 and SGA actually remote controlled?”

Answer: Yes, and it would make this ungodly whining/whirring sound whenever it crept along.

Tuskin also writes: “Another question, was the ancient writing on the atlantis stairs ever decided to say something, but never used in story? Or was it just for decoration?”

Answer: Apparently, there was a secret message hidden in the stairs, and the only reason I know is because some enterprising fan actually translated it! Don’t recall what it said but I believe it was “Don’t forget to eat your ovaltine”.

Don writes: “I had asked before if there was an approach you could see to take with the Ancients that would make them more interesting from your point of view.”

Answer: Fear not.  There are plenty of Ancient fans in the writers’ room more than willing to keep the dream alive – so I don’t have to.

Lewis writes: “The Ancients built both Destiny and Atlantis… I take it that Destiny is older than Atlantis, but by how much?”

Answer: Brad and Robert are the keepers of the official timeline.  If you’re going to Comic Con, get Rob to give a detailed rundown.

Lewis also writes: “Did Janus have anything to do with the Destiny (any secret labs, etc.)?”

Answer: Unlikely.

Lewis also writes: “Is there a chance of any kinos ever being discovered in Atlantis or did that technology get abandoned by the time the Ancients built Atlantis?”

Answer: The kinos were originally planned for Atlantis, but never made it into the series.  Chances are some may exist in some distant Atlantean storage closet.

Lewis also writes: “Since Carter & Vala are currently no longer going on SG-1 missions, who do you think would be the current day SG-1 team members (Cam, Daniel, T’ealc, and…. )? Would they incorporate Atlantis teams into SG teams (i.e.- a possible team of Cam & T’ealc w/ Shepherd & Ronan would wreak some serious havoc)?”

Answer: Two weeks ago, I would have said no but given the change in the timeline of events then I would say, yes, it’s probable that Atlantis personnel have been incorporated into SG teams.

Melissa writes: “I just wanted to say thanks for everything. You’ve put up with a lot of crap, some of which I’ve even probably added to, and I just wanted you to know that I do appreciate what you do here.”

Answer: No problem and I appreciate your taking the time to post, critiques and all.

Melissa also writes: “I wish I could win the lottery, I’d offer to fund the SG1/SGA movies. Then, I’d buy my island in the Caribbean. If there was enough left over after that, I’d buy you a house in Japan…”

Answer: That’s totally unnecessary.  A simple condo in Tokyo would be fine.

Quade writes: “Hey I was just thinking about picking up Masked on tuesday when I noticed you were a contributing author. So I have since decided against it, but I digress.

Probably some questions for Lou but maybe you could anwer them, since I don’t know much about the industry. Have you read through it yet, like an advance copy, or did Lou send out all the stories to all the authors for input? And what exactly was Lou’s job in this project? When I hear “edited by” it makes me think he just runs spell check and looks for grammatical errors.”

Answer: Check the blog’s sidebar.  Masked is September’s Book of the Month Club selection!  Editor Lou Anders will be swinging by the blog (along with a few other guest authors) to field your questions.  I may even answer a few as well.  To answer your question – I was sent an advance copy of my story which I proofread.  I sent the requested changes to Lou who passed them on to the publisher.

Stuart writes: “How cost effective is it to create Internet only Stargate shorts and various micro-series?”

Answer: It all depends on who is paying for them and what kind of a return they get on that investment whether it be monetary or in the form of more eyeballs.  At present, I don’t think there’s money to be made and their impact on viewership is debatable.

metalfan20 writes: “First, Will we see the SGC any time soon on SGU?
Second, Is there anything us fans can do to help get the movies off the ground?”

Answer: No plans on seeing the SGC in the near future.  As for the movies – the only thing any of us can do is be patient.

Marius writes: “How long will this show go on for? Do you have a plan at all?”

Answer: Nope, no plan.  The writers usually come in every morning, think up a scenario (ie. the team visits a planet ruled by minotaurs) then head down to set and inform the actors who basically make up the dialogue while the director shoots.  So far, this approach has served us well.

Marius also writes: “I have a hard time seing the importance to the story, because unlike SG1, we dont get to see what earth gets out of this at all. Is it just gonna be an action-show?”

Answer: We will be seeing more of the impact you’re alluding to in the back half of season 2.

Sean D. writes: “How old is Jelly now?”

Answer: The old gal is eleven.

Juergen writes: “1. Will the crossover SGU/SGA be a bigger thing than SGU/SG-1 was? It’s only one episode, so it would be kind of sparsely only to bring 2 Characters via stones to destiny?!”

Answer: 1. The script is in the process of being written so I can’t compare page count, but going on what we discussed in the room – yes, it will be bigger.

“2. Can we hope, to see anything of Atlantis itself in this episode?”

Answer: Possibly.

“3. If yes, can we expect to see the Gateroom of Atlantis? I mean, the set is big. Would you build it up only for one episode?”

Answer: We wouldn’t build the set for one episode and instead use pieces presently in storage and green screen.  That is, of course, if we plan on seeing the Atlantis interior.

steph writes: “Hypothetically, if you really, really wanted to read a book and you enter a bookstore only to find that they have no science-fiction section, which genre do you go to next?”

Answer: I’ll hit SF first, followed by Fantasy, then Horror.  I’ll also head over to the Fiction section as some of my fave authors (ie. Jeffrey Ford) are occasionally shelved there as well.

Major D. Davis writes: “Given MGMs financial situation, the DVD market, the economy, SGUs shooting schedule, actor’s schedules, when do you think (Educated guess) that the movie(s) will go into production.”

Answer: I couldn’t even hazard a guess.

Major D. Davis also writes: “So you told us what ep of SGU the SGA characters would be in, could you maybe tell us what SGU episode the SG-1 characters will appear in (Brad wright said there would be SG-1 characters in season 2)?”

Answer: He did?

Negolith writes: “I followed your blog regularly while SGA was on the air, and there were times when someone would bring up a glaring continuity error, where something even went completely against long established SG-1 canon, and your reply would come across as very churlish and snide as opposed to a clever repartee.”

Answer: In which case I’m sure it’ll be no problem for you to dig up an example of my replying in a “churlish and snide” manner to someone who politely asked a question.

Negolith also writes: “And that coy little comment about feeding cranky fans to Todd? That’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for longtime fans of the entire franchise.”

Answer: Really?  How interesting that, only days earlier, you were accusing me of being thin-skinned.  Allow me to take a moment to apologize if my comment about feeding cranky fans to Todd hurt your feelings or frightened you in any way.  I’d like to make it clear that I have no intention of feeding cranky fans to Todd or any wraith for that matter.  The truth is the wraith are fictitious characters that exist solely within the fantasy setting of the t.v. show you and fellow cranky fans are expending an impressive amount of time and energy decrying.  For what it’s worth, given the opportunity, I would not feed cranky fans to the wraith.  I would feed them to crazed baboons instead.

Sorry to hurt your feelings again.  Just kidding.

No, I’m not.

Yes, I am.  Just kidding.

Negolith also writes: “I seem to recall one comment roughly around SGU’s mid season in response to people not being happy with the show as something along the lines of “that’s the way it is, it’s not going to change, and if you don’t like it, tough”.”

Answer: You paraphrase but, yeah, at the end of the day the show is what it is, darker tone, flawed characters, communications stones and all.  What do you want me to say?  Many fans have enjoyed the second half of the first season because they felt that some of the issues they’d brought had been addressed in the back ten, but those episodes were simply a progression of what we’d already established rather than an overhaul in the creative.

gordon writes: “Feeding cranky fans to Todd might work, though I suspect he’d find them so bitter he’d sooner starve.”

Answer: Sorry.  I just couldn’t leave this one to flounder in yesterday’s comments section.

Eric.Stewart writes: “thas is a very short mini skirt !!!”

Answer: How do you know what I’m weari- ?!  Oh, you’re referring to Akemi’s picture.  Uh, right.  Yeah, they’re all the rage in Tokyo.  (P.S. Looking forward to that return trip in December).

106 thoughts on “July 19, 2010: Masked hits the street! Last days of Atlantis! Mailbag!

  1. Your Answer: We can assume they’ve been captured – until a story comes a long that upends that assumption. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of goa’uld Kinsey.

    Hmmm, if thats the case, the only way this potential storyline could be wrapped up is in Stargate Revolution…….which would be awesome since I loved Kinsey……

  2. Damn. Won’t get to my regular book supplier before next week. Guess I’ll have to drop in the local big box bookseller and grab a copy of the book. The pics are greatly appreciated. Atlantis has always been my favorite show of the franchise, and to see cast and crew in your photos always brings a feeling of wistful nostalgia.
    Very nice mailbag also, snark and all. Perhaps you should pick a day for a mailbag, with the caveat that any and all answers will be snark-filled. Sure, your detractors will use this as proof of your callous disregard for fandom, but they will believe that no matter what you say or do. But for the rest of us, we would get to watch a master wordsmith at work. Plus, it would be fun trying to come up with the questions to provide you the fodder for the quips, cuts, putdowns, and verbal flayings. Just something to consider.
    Thanks for a satisfying way to end the evening, and best wishes for Jelly.

  3. Hey Joe

    Thanks for the recipe! I have all the ingredients execpt the paprika tho I do have the cayenne… so, judging by the lack of eating the bacon it’s for drippings only, for flavour? I have, and use, the cast iron skillet almost daily so I’ll give it a try. Thanks again!


  4. if the atlantis movie’s timeline has been changed to fit sgu, will that be the same for the sg1 movie?

  5. Question about the status of the sg-1 team: one of your mailers said that vala left sg-1 so my question is When did Vala leave sg-1? Is she atill part of the SGC or did she leave and revert back to how she was in season 8 and 9?

  6. Super Congrats on the book coming out! That has to be exciting.

    Oh, you can actually list on one hand what distracts you from writing? Try my day – two small kids. It’s not that I don’t ever get 15 straight minutes to think, but I don’t know when I sit down if the call to action will come in ten seconds or ten minutes so getting on a roll is pretty tough.

    It takes me days to fail to write what I can write if I can just slip away to Tim Horton’s for a few hours. Even without the 2 small children, my last trip to TH was cut short by false labor – oh, the irony that #3 is already distracting me.

  7. Gabriele writes: “4. We know that in the Ori galaxy there are gates. The Priors used them to come through the Milky Way gates and probably the people in that galaxy use them to get to other planets. Is it possible that the seeder ships reached the Ori-Ancient home galaxy long ago and seeded the Destiny gates on those planets? So, is it possible that the gates in the Ori galaxy are of the same model as the gates that we see in “Stargate Universe”?”

    Answer: I don’t believe they were.

    I think the gates were probably developed in the Ori galaxy based on “The Ark of Truth”. The ring technology definitely existed at the time the Ancients left the Ori galaxy, since the one group ringed to their ship from the underground base before leaving.

    Also, I think it was the Ori that started the plague in the Milky Way to eradicate the Ancients once and for all, which is what precipitated their leaving for Pegasus. Doubtlessly the Ori thought the Ancients had been destroyed long before they ever returned to the Milky Way after the disaster with the Wraith.

    So, if the gate technology already existed when the Ancients left the Ori galaxy, and the Ori were determined to wipe out the Ancients, I would think that Destiny would have been sent in the opposite direction to that of the Ori galaxy pursuant to the “why tempt fate” school of thought..

  8. Hi Joe, this is no way to sound rude, do you read all the posts/ questions, i’m just wondering as there are a lot of posts, as I’ve asked many questions and non have been answered recently, I’m not trying to be rude, I know your too busy to answer every question people have given you. In other words, have I offended you in any way in any of my comments? Thanks, and sorry if this sounds confrontational, its not ment to.

  9. Answer: No plans on seeing the SGC in the near future.  As for the movies – the only thing any of us can do is be patient.

    You don’t think the stargate movies campaign and mailing letters is any good? It’s better then sitting around and just waiting right? 😉 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  10. Thanks for answering my questions btw.

    Well twitter is down so I can’t get you the link… But this is what scifitv tweeted.

    #SGA and #SG1 stars will appear in #SGU Season 2, says Brad Wright.

    So will there still be SG-1 characters in season 2?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  11. Joe thanks for the promised pictures. Great to see.
    I was going to ask how the book gets people to review it b4 its out, now I know they ship copies to famous people like Baron and Cookie (rhymes with bookie, funny!!)
    @das, I hope I get my copy soon,was that from Amazon? They say they mailed it…

  12. @Major D. Davis

    Personally I think you should continue. It’s the thought that counts in all. I remember us discussing this just over a week ago I believe saying exactly the same thing, It won’t make a difference, it’s more a waiting game. But show your passion as a fan. It’l work.

  13. Hard to get too excited about Masked coming out when my copy will take at least 10 days for the US Postal Service to walk it from NJ to TX. Maybe they should start riding horses again.

    And by the way, your chocolate blog yesterday looked heavenly. (How does Akemi stay so slim hanging around you?) Suddenly the Kit Kat I was eating didn’t taste so good.

    You and your “explosive diarrhea”! Everytime you say that I start giggling…

    Also: I thought “feeding cranky fans to Todd” was hilarious!

  14. @ Airelle – Yup, got mine from Amazon – a preorder. I started to read the first paragraph of Joe’s story, realized it was probably gonna be better than I expected. (No offense, Joe…but I had my reservations…a weird kind of ‘nervous for YOU’ thing that I usually only get when someone in the family has to stand up in front of everyone and give a speech, or something. I think this might officially make you my kid brother. 😀 ) So, anyway, I decided to wait until I have a full evening or afternoon to read the entire story, without interruption.

    @ Joe – You are so very, VERY naughty! 😆


  15. Oh, and it would have been funny to see Jason’s wig on one of your pugs. (seems like he was always sticking it on somebody) Too bad you couldn’t have taken it home with you for one day to snap a couple of photos. Whatever happened to that wig? Gathering dust in props?

  16. @Joe:

    1. Check your Yahoo account(s), please.

    2. Give poor Marius a break. I don’t think he’s a blog regular.

    @Marius: Hope you understand that Joe was joking about not having a plan. The short answer is, yes, there is a plan for SGU, but it is subject to change.

  17. Good News Dept.: Vancouver-area SG fan and talented artist /photographer Beth B. was just hired by the Sears Portrait Studio, Metrotown. If you are in that area, please support this deserving young lady.

    Joe, perhaps a formal portrait with the pups for your Christmas card?

  18. How much are we going to find out about the blue aliens in Season 2? I assume they have an agenda beyond “Hijack Big Ship. Wreak Havok Laugh Maniacally!

    Also, FTL is different than Hyperspace, but how much slower is it? In the past the ship has stopped when there was a need to refuel or to get needed supplies, are we going to see more of that? As things stand, the crew has to guess what the ship stopped to restock. Is the ship ever going to communicate more directly…like say via a certain missing crew member?

  19. Joe, thanks so much for the BTS Atlanis pictures!
    Loved them all – especially the Ronon Wig on Bob 😛
    And the Rachel/Joe pic is sooo sweet.

  20. Hey…Joe! I think you ought to put out a cookbook. You always make me hungry when you talk about food on your blog. Especially, when you use pictures.

    Is there a way we can encourage MGM to green-light Extinction (SGA movie)….or even 3rd SG-1 movie? I’m starting to lose hope. But…I don’t want to lose hope. Please…say something encouraging.

  21. Reading your blog today made me realize something. In your line of work, writer’s block could be the kiss of death. It’s not the same thing as not being able to finish the paper that is due for Professor Schaffer’s English 326 class … if you cannot write, the show cannot go on. What, if anything, do you do when you have writer’s block. How do you kickstart your creative flow? In all the time you’ve been writing for SG, has there been one script that has given you the most trouble?

    Oh, and by the way, I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one … but are you hinting that Major Lorne is gay? HA! I think I read somewhere that Kavan Smith thought that would be a great twist to the Lorne storyline. Now that I think of it, Ming Na’s is the only SG character who I remember as being gay. When you are making decisions of this nature for a major player – someone for whom everybody writes – how do you get everyone to agree?

    Just thinking outloud in my insomniac haze. Thanks Joe!

  22. Thanks for the awesome photos …

    Out of curiosity (not that I have any money lying around), what would the predicted budget be for making the SGA movie?

  23. Oh, and don’t forget to turn off the stove.

    uh… did someone get a camera in my kitchen somehow?? O_o

    Gordon… I got ten words for you regarding your comment about Todd starving…

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!… (that’s ten, I counted)

    Poor Jelly, regarding her pre-op limp.. I hope it improves.. I suppose there’s no guarantees hey…

    As for Akemi’s short mini skirt – we had those in the early 90s, in the days when I could even wear them – I always felt self conscious about my legs being exposed like that so I wore dark ribbed tights which looked nice anyway (or so my boyfriend thought). Go Akemi!!!

    Your humour today is literally making me LOL… Joe. 🙂

  24. Thanx for the wonderful pics of BTS Atlantis! I always wondered what Jason looked like without the wig. 😀

    And what an awsome mailbag! I’m now on tenterhooks waiting for the next one. 🙂

  25. Masked has just appeared on the Sony estore as well. Hooray! I’ll download it before heading off in the next couple of weeks. If I download it now, I’ll read it. I need to have something to pass the time when flying.

    Had hoped Jelly would be one of the ‘improvement in 24hrs’ cases, but maybe she’s having phantom pain? Can dogs get that? Where they are so used to the pain, that even for a while after it subsides a little they still use the limb as they did prior to pain relief.

    That Rachel/Joe pic is pretty awesome… and I’m around 10 years too old to be using that word, that’s how awesome it is.

  26. Well, glad you got the post up early before the Oysters hit!!

    When I first glanced at that third picture I thought “Boy, I hope Jason knows that women really well, otherwise, she may take umbrage with him for grabbing her … ahem… rack”. Then I took a second glance and saw the grey beard *too funny*

    That’s a really good picture of Rachel.

    @ Otros Ojos – Belated Happy Birthday!! A wall hanging would be very thoughtful, a LOT of work, but I’m sure she would really appreciate it!! Umm a billy club?

    Long mailbag – nice!!

    Oh, I thought Martin was in New York w Bored (obviously). Dude gets around!!

    I apparently couldn’t wait until today for chocolate, so early in the A.M. I dug out the bag of chocolate chips, that I keep on hand for baking, and hit it HARD. Although I’m trying to tell myself that just means that I’ll have less to pack/move…*crooked smile*

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions the last little while!!

    Better luck with the script tomorrow!! (today?)

    Have a Good One!!

  27. I’ve got to be honest, the move to Tuesday gives me a concern. A great, big, NCIS shaped concern. I really am loving SGU, and I want it to do well, but that is the most watched show on television according to some metrics.

  28. @Joe
    What will be the time line between Extinction. the cross over and the Homecoming books

  29. If the worst thing happens and Extinction doesn’t get made, what other ways could there be to continue the Atlantis story?

  30. I am very fond of Atlantis as a city. and I am very sorry that this city, we no longer see. want to see him in the new mission. Atlantis is a very strong military plotforma Cator can unechtozhet all that on the way ….

  31. (dubbled post, because the link an the end didn’t work fine 😉 )

    Hey Joe…
    thanks for answering my questions.

    But I have an other one 😉

    1. Asuming, SG-1 movie will be green-lighted in winter 2010/2011. How long from that moment on would it be, until the movie get’s finished? The first both movies were close to the end of SG-1. I think, now it takes more time?!

    2. Do you have any plans to appear yourself as a cameo in SGU? Or have you been in there before and we only didn’t see you? 😛

    3. Have you ever seen any fan movie about stargate? I know, you aren’t allowed to copy the stories 😉 , but have you ever seen one? And if so…which one? What’s your opinon about such projects?

    (little selection: )

  32. Back when I was watching “Enemy at the Gates”
    and the whole “wormhole drive” idea got brought up, I kinda groaned a little because even though I understood that it was sort of necessary, it was a huge leap technologically speaking. Can I assume that the “wormhole drive” isn’t something we’ll be seeing again anytime soon?

  33. Hi Joe,

    Long time reader and very rare poster.. What can I say, I am naturally a watcher not a joiner. I stumbled on the blog looking for Stargate and stayed for the food, books and dogs.

    The reason for this post is to say thanks for the great reading recommendations. I was never sure which Sci Fi to pick up from the book shelves and generally stayed clear. I have started slowly reading through some of your previous recommendations. I’m gradually working my way through Iain M Banks (and got my nephew reading him too) and thought The Speed of Dark was one of the best books I have read in a long time. This last weekend I picked up John Scalzi’s Old Mans War and had it finished within 24 hours.

    So thanks – I promise I’ll keep an eye out for Masked in my local bookstore – is it being published in Australia?

  34. There’s been a lot of talk of explosive diarrhea around here lately. Time to install some blast doors in your house, Joe. 😉

    (Why yes, I count 2 mentions as a lot; it’s the way of a fan).

    Those are some great photos! Thank you! Also, I think some Sheyla shippers just fainted.

  35. Joe, count me as one who wasn’t sure about SGU when it first started, but now really really enjoys it. And thank you, I appreciate all of the extra info. and the chuckles I get from reading your blog. It makes my day.

  36. @daniel fleming. don’;t take it personally if your questions arent being answered. Mr. M. has his system. You may not get a question answered for months, then find you get a half dozen responses, including answers to questions you didn’t really expect to get a response to. He does focus on quesions that interest him, so you might try to frame your questions in a way that piques his interest. Or do what I do, and just ask away, being pleasantly suprised on those occasions he elects to address one of my questions.

  37. Hi Mr M!

    Thanks for the BTS snaps of SGA.

    Thanks also, for the impressive mail bags of late.

    On that score, how is your Mom? We haven’t heard much news of her of late?

    Have ordered Masked via Amazon, I expect it as soon as is superhumanly possible.

    Best to all at The Bridge.


    Oh, and if RCC is still taking questions, I presume that guy will ask him if the Furlings make an appearance in S2 of SGU!!!
    A separate question for RCC would be :
    Any chance we could see some other space-farers (of the human kind) way out where the Destiny is? I’m thinking people like The Travellers and the like….just a thought.

    Many thanks again

    Oh, and final thought : Have you been to Re-Fuel recently? How are Tom and Rob?



  38. Wow, what a large mailbag. Thanks!

    I downloaded your book to my ereader. Sounds good!

    Scratches to Jelly!

  39. Hi Joe, have you ever seen “Vexille”? It’s an anime film released around 2008. Not a massive anime fan myself, but I quite enjoyed this one.

  40. “dasNdanger also writes: “I am a bit saddened that the movie seems even further away now, and that whatever you had up your sleeve for Todd & Co. in Extinction may now all be changed.”
    Answer: The crossover in no way effects the timing of the film’s production, only the timing of the story itself. And what I have up my sleeve for Todd &co. remains unchanged.”


    OMG Please, please, please let it end well for Todd, I’m begging you. My heart was ripped open numerous times in Season 5 SGA and I will not survive it if Extinction goes down the same path.

    How about Todd saves the humans (yet again :P) from “Extinction” and they reward him by helping him become the Supreme Commander of all the Wraith remnants scattered throughout all the galaxies?

    And please give us some more information about the Wraith, like finally knowing Todd’s real Wraith name? Maybe you could write a book about the entire Wraith culture and then sell the movie rights to it, but make sure Christopher Heyerdahl has the starring role 🙂

  41. I should be getting my copy of Masked this week.

    Waiting for the repairman shouldn’t stall you on the script front unless, of course, he’s coming to repair your computer. After all, professional TV writers must surely be able to write no matter what distractions abound. 🙂

    As for this:
    “Answer: Nope, no plan. The writers usually come in every morning, think up a scenario (ie. the team visits a planet ruled by minotaurs) then head down to set and inform the actors who basically make up the dialogue while the director shoots. So far, this approach has served us well.”

    I love it! It reminds me of Wormhole X-treme! Weapons at maximum!

  42. @randomness

    Thanks man. 🙂 I know what you mean… it sure as turd won’t be the deciding factor… But it’s better then sitting around just waiting. 😉

    Oh and thanks for the pics Joe! More please!!!!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  43. Hey Mr. M.

    I have a question which I want to ask a long time.
    Did you really rebuilded 10 years show of SGC to make one episode shot from Icarus base?

    Was that Lucian Alliance “pyramide” on Icarus-like planet made from SGC (Icarus) stage?

    Are you planning any other use of this place?
    I think that SGC means much for SG fans.

    Thanks Harfist

  44. Hello Joe.

    Thanks for the Atlantis pics!!! Best wishes to you and the pups. BTW, how has Jelly’s recovery been going? I hope she is doing well.

    Best wishes!


  45. Thanks so much for the behind-the-scenes photos from SGA. Do you have any more that you could share? I really miss those guys.

  46. Awww….those SGA pics are adorable. Jason, he’s too adorable.

    And oh my word, my John and Teyla shippy heart!!!!
    That’s how I wanted to see them at the end of the series. *grumbles* Thank you for sharing these with us. 🙂

    And much love to Jelly. I can understand her pain for I just had surgery, too. 🙁


  47. Congratulations on the release of the book, Joe. I’m looking forward to reading your story!

    And thanks for that recipe. One question, though, on the redredging step, do you dip the cutlet back into the egg white then into the flour?

    Second question: I was curious about what kanji Akemi uses for her name: 暁美 or 明美 or 朱実?

    @deni: I’m glad to hear that Elway is doing well!

    @Narelle: Now that Deni mentions it, how about an update on Ralph? Is his leg healing?

    @das: how’s the “crappy tunnel” doing? Or are you too hot to even care?

  48. @ Sparrowhawk – The crappy tunnel is still crappy, but not nearly as bad as it was two or three weeks ago. When my sister was here, she did this ‘pressure point’ therapy that her doctor taught her, and – believe it or not – I think it worked. She put pressure on this ‘knot’ I have at my elbow, and after a few minutes I had noticeable relief in my hands that lasted for hours. She gave me a book, and – if I ever get around to reading it – I think I’ll give it a try. I also started sleeping on the sofa, which – oddly enough – helps, too…though Mr. Das pouts that I’m not cuddling with him. But I gotta do what I gotta do, and I really don’t want the surgery if I can find relief another way.

    @ Todds worshipper – I was under the impression that Wraith do not have names (though they do have distinctions, such as soldier, commander, queen, scientist, technician, etc.). I believe they just think of themselves as Wraith – a hive collective – with the emphasis being on the survival of the whole instead of the individual. This would make the concept of having a personal name both foreign – and somewhat of a curiosity – to them, thus. Joe – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


  49. *glomps Perragrin* Great to see you!!! Hope all is well! (Personally, I think it would be far more ‘oooo’-worthy if Shep was nuzzling Todd in that pic… 😉 )

    To anyone who can read Chinese or Japanese

    Can you tell me what this says, and if it’s Chinese, or Japanese? (Heh…watch it be Korean… 😛 )

    Thankies in advance!


  50. Thank you for the BTS pics of Atlantis

    That Joe/Rachel one is just beautiful and the David hug is lovely too – I wish there had been more pics like that around – just shows the friendship between the cast and/or crew

  51. oops, just looked closer at that RononWig photo and it isn’t Robert Picardo at all, geez that wig gets around.
    (I keep coming back and looking at the pictures cause I miss these guys sooo much!)

  52. Great pics of the SGA cast! Something tells me that Joe and Rachel pic will end up in a youtube fan vid in the near future. Jason is good looking with and without his wig; is that wig still in the props somewhere? You guys should add replicas of that wig to the MGM online store. Who wouldn’t want a ten pound Satedan rasta wig for those nights on the town?

    My fave item was the Stanfield’s fancy pants; is that a Canadian brand of designer undies? Or is the gentleman’s name actually “Stanfield?” The man to Stanfield’s left is looking away from the undies with a mix of horror and sorrow.

    How long did they say it would take to see improvement in Jelly’s condition?

  53. ganymede wrote
    “Well… I think the FanFic “SHEYLA” fans just get *ballistic* with that Rachel/Joe pic!!”

    Oh surely not! Can’t they separate the actors from their characters? Good grief. Ewwww. That’s just insulting to both of them and their wife/husband.

  54. Thank you for the pictures and for answering so many questions! Does your bookstore actually differentiate between science fiction and fantasy? If so I am quite jealous. Finding a good fantasy book tends to be made more difficult by the fact that they’re all mixed in with sci-fi and fiction.

    In 1969 (I think that’s what the episode was called), we see Cassandra use some sort of a device on her wrist to open a wormhole, might we see it or its origin in SGU?

    In Prototype, in SG1, a device is found to ‘help’ in the process to ascending. Given the IOA’s keen interest in the matter, I am surprised that no one ever tried it. Is this because it won’t work, or it wasn’t allowed?

  55. Hi Joe….

    Sorry, Haven’t had time to write back after my passage in Vancouver…. Had to go strait to Halifax NS before coming back to Montreal…

    However, my staying in Vancouver was great but rather short unfortunately but restaurants were great… Thanks for the heads up on the Fuel location.

    Took the skytrain to go back to the airport rather than the limocar… That was a nice ride and the view on the elevated part was great…

  56. Oooh, nice SGA pics. Always love to see something we haven’t seen before.

    Please have one snark-filled day. You do it so well. I happen to live in a snark-filled household (teenagers). You have to show them how it’s done.

  57. Thanks, that you said, maybe Kinsey is coming back 😉

    I would love to see that.

    But he will not appear in Revolution or Extinction, or?

  58. Question for ya, Joe,

    Will we be seeing a trailer for SGU Season 2.0 at Comic-Con?

  59. “Answer: Nope, no plan. The writers usually come in every morning, think up a scenario (ie. the team visits a planet ruled by minotaurs) then head down to set and inform the actors who basically make up the dialogue while the director shoots. So far, this approach has served us well.”

    Did someone in the writers room ever actually come up with a story where the off-world team visits a planet ruled by minotaurs? Or did you make that up?

    Because now you got me all excited about how interesting an episode that would make.

  60. Aww, such sweet SGA pictures. I particularly like the group-hug around David and whoever’s glomping Kavan.

    @Lewis: “…a possible team of Cam & T’ealc w/ Shepherd & Ronan would wreak some serious havoc…”

    Oooh, I like this idea. And Daniel can take command of SG-11 for long-term off-world archaeological expeditions. 🙂

  61. Joe.

    You are awesome.

    That is all.

    (And thanks for sharing the SGA pics. Just like photos from last day of shooting SG-1’s last episode, this made me also teary.)

  62. Does the fans that Todd injests come in different flavors? Sweeter more appreciative fans are akin to White Chocolate, while Bitter ones are on the Bitter Dark Chocolate Spectrum?

    If that is the case then I completly understand why the wraith are wraith. I mean come’on, they are just women on a chocolate sugar rush with the ability to suck it out of the life essence of others.

    :-p No offence ladies I’m a chocolate lover to.

    Great to see that Jelly is doing better!

  63. *is glomped*

    Eeeew.. Thanks, Das. I’m gonna have ‘Todd the lollipop’ stuck in my head for the foreseeable >.>

    Missed ya too 😀 Predictable that i’d get dragged out by a piccie, huh? And one word.. Aaaaaall Blacks! Okay, so that’s two. But Springbok Terminators, or what?? 😛

  64. (Joe, sorry if this is a duplicate – WordPress seems to have eaten my previous submission.)

    Thanks for the heads-up on Masked. I’ve ordered it, and it sounds like I’ll enjoy it very much.

    It makes my day to see Cookie and the Baron (who in my mind looks exactly like the Count on Sesame Street) making an appearance, however brief, in this entry. – Cool pics of SGA behind the scenes, thanks!

    Good luck on the home-repair front, and with your misbehaving script.

    @ Kymm

    Thanks very much! – Yeah, the wall-hanging will be a lot of work, so I’ll plan it for a Christmas present. It’ll be sort of minimalistic Asian-design ferns, with the back cloth set into black-lacquered dowel rods to make a Chinese scroll. (Some years back my bro asked for one to go in his study, so it’s not grandma’s kitschy stuff. If I couldn’t get designs I like myself, I wouldn’t embroider. Just felt a need to say that.) – Yes, I think my friend will appreciate it; she’s more into “personal touch” than “bon chic, bon genre” style. – Geez, I talk a lot, don’t I? Sorry . . .

    The billy club/baton/brass knuckles thing is just my little joke about dealing with overly friendly dudes. I don’t own weapons, actually.

  65. Ok Das, my post on doggie ice cream was so much more relaxing than your post about the “ship of spider”. Cringe….. 🙂

    Your story Mr. M has started off with a bang! Way cool.

  66. @ Perragrin – What was best about the last All Blacks/Boks match was that Justin Marshall (my favorite All Black, ever!) was guest commentator (at least for the play-by-play I had), and it was good to hear him once again. He just retired from the game, and I will seriously miss him.

    As far as LolliTodd goes…you know, I’m not into ships – certainly NOT into slash ships – but there is just something SO fun about shipping Todd and Sheppard, as long as it’s ALL about the food. 🙂


  67. Hey Joe,

    A thousand people may have already sent you this link, but just in case, here’s one you should check out. It’s on the official ABC news site (not sure how they thought it was national news, but still…) so safe to click.

    Looks like these folks have a French Bulldog too. Bet it’s steamed that the pug is getting all the camera time.

    Looking forward to picking up your book.


  68. Loving the story. Just have to ask: Was the character Mr. Imperial inspired by any actor you may have worked with on any of the SG series? No names, a yes or no will do.
    My favorite character name: The Groovinator (don’t know if I spelled that right).

    Sorry about the multiple post today. Off work, kid in camp equals free time.

  69. @ Das: I’m suffering the guilt pangs. Have been waaaay too bouncy about the NZ Maori recently. They killed Wales. Mashed Ireland. And sent England running for their bus passes. My only saving grace, is I keep telling myself they’ll also be AB’s one day. Then I don’t feel quite so bad 😀

    Re Todd:.. i’m getting to the point where I miss the guy. What does that tell ya? 0.o

    BTW.. I owes you an email. I know it’s somewhere in my Inbox. I just gotta find it and, uh.. you know.. reply.

  70. Got my copy of Masked today and will settle in to read…and start with the Mallozzi entry first, just because it is you.

    Great pix, THANKS for posting them.

    And, as ShirtNTie asked, how is Mama Mallozzi?

    Now to get the other stuff done so I can sit undisturbed to read the book.

  71. @ Perragrin – Sometimes it’s just more fun sitting around the table here with Joe, drink in hand, nibbling on chocolate, just shootinging the bull and scratching the occasional pug and/or Frenchie head that happens by. 🙂

    I haven’t seen the Maori play in a while – probably well over a year. Sounds like they’re doing great, though! NZ in general seems to be doing good – better than they have in a while. I’m guessing they’re finally settling into the new team (after so many ABs went north to play over the past few years).

    And as far as Todd goes – well, that tells me you’re finally developing some test in men. 😉


  72. HEY!!! I have a great idea….bring back the female team from Whisper’s on the Atlantis crossover movie…..

  73. Blah, blah, blah – that’s developing TASTE in men…lol. Good thing I didn’t add an ‘es’ on the end of what I did type. 😛 😛

    (Blame it on the heat!)


  74. Thank you for the pictures – they were a nice reminder of how much we loved all the characters.

    I was bored and went looking for something in ‘imdb’ and ended up looking at details for SGA. The information for the show indicates only 99 episodes were made (or whatever the technical term is). I know that there was a 100th episode so am I missing something?

    I hope Jelly’s sore hips improve – she needs to be active and agile to keep Lulu under control.

    🙂 Susan 🙂

  75. sparrow_hawk – Not sure if you saw, but a few weeks ago a 10cm drainage tube worked its way out of Ralph’s leg. o_O Since then, his leg wound has now healed! He just has some serious fur growing to do now. Fingers crossed we’re seeing the end of this.

    das – I was thinking about scoping out some surfing locations for my day off work in Bali then read your post about ‘in my surfing today’ and thought, “Das surfs?”. I need caffeine.

  76. Oh Das, no more scary spiders and ohhhh. that hoarder video, eeeww,,,,,sad….
    Oh good Joe, THE book (MASKED) is here today,,yeah.. let the reading begin,.. Have a great day!!

  77. @Kevin

    Personally il’d love to see a Phoenix more, but they wouldn’t really have much place in a show like SGU, as it wouldn’t be worth the trouble of showing a legendary bird flying above the heads of Matt/Eli etc on a planet only to find the bird has no relivance to the story of said episode.

  78. Sounds like Teddy the Pug has been watching the 1960’s Batman series and likes it.

  79. Well crud, I guess I should look at the comments before I post. Someone beat me to it.

  80. @ Narelle – When I was a kid, I was a really good body-surfer – until the age of 13 and I got flipped in a wave in shallow water, and hit my arse on the sand, and bruised/broke/whatever my tailbone, and couldn’t sit for about 3 months. I never told my parents, either.

    So, then I took up boogie boards and stuff, and I was really good at that, too. But I never got into surfing because I can’t swim (sink like a goddamn monkey, I do!), so never could go out as far as the surfers. Mr. Das is a surfer, though, not that he ever gets to do it any more now that he’s old and responsible. Waves aren’t very good around here – even big waves during nor’easters roll only a short distance – so it’s not like he’s missing much.


  81. aww pity the kinos weren’t used in Atlantis… I can just see some interesting exchanges – McKay telling a nosey kino off, and Zelenka swearing at it while he’s trying to get work done (after being told off by MdKay).. hehe

  82. Hi Joe, long time reader, first time commenter.

    I have a question about nahquadah and trinium. Early on in SG1, I vaguely remember Carter mentioning neither is found in Earth’s solar system. Considering the Ancients presence on Earth for millions of years, did they pretty much mine it all away or did it just never form due to cosmic happenstance?

    I’m enjoying SGU more and more as it passes. Keep up the good work!

  83. Hi Joseph,
    I have a question. You say “last days of Atlantis”.
    Does it mean, that there will be no movie?
    Or were that just the last days of Season 5?
    It would be great if there will be a movie. I was very sad when I’ve heard that Season 5 would be the last season.
    Hope you will anwser my question. I know it is difficult, because so many people write comments on this side.
    Good Luck for your work,

    Nana, a big Stargate fan

    I am sorry if my English is not so right. I come from Germany. 🙂

  84. I liked the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis.Ho much loved his characters: John, Teyla, Ronon, Rodney, Lorne, Elisabeth, ect. I think the actors were excellent, really talented producers and the series a success. I’m sorry it’s over. I hope to see in the future continuation of the series with new episodes, or at least see my favorite characters.
    You are good boys, should reward all with a OSCAR!

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