Here’s a suggestion: Don’t pay attention to the suggestions made my anyone who works in a bookstore.  Between those ubiquitous staff picks and the disquietingly animated advice offered by aimless aisle-wanderers, you’d think they’d get it right at least some of time.  The sad truth is that, for the life of me, I can’t even think of a single book recommended to me by an employee that I actually enjoyed.  Their choices have been so consistently staggeringly awful that I’ve been tempted to have them name their most despised novel and go with that.

Also, a special request to publishers and authors.  Enough with the horror/classic mash-ups.  Please, spare us:

The Heart is a Lonely Vampire Hunter

A Farewell to Arms and Legs and Heads

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Troll

The Way of All Flesh Eaters

Native Son of Dracula

Harry and the Henderson the Rain King

Tender is the Night of the Living Dead

Howard the Duck’s End

A Room with a View and a Closet Hiding a Guy with a Hatchet

Bride of Frankenstein’s Head Revisited

The Old Man and the Sea Monster

Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the Woods

The Grapes of Wrath of Khan

Sophie’s Choice Cuts

The Adventures of Augie March of the Zombie Penguins

The Postman Always Rings Twice To Make Sure You’re Not Home Then Crawls in Through the Back Window and Lies in Wait for your Return.


Nicholas T. writes: “will Martin Wood be directing SGU in season 2?”

Answer: Nope.  Martin has his hands full with the latest season of Sanctuary.

Nicholas T. also writes: “I have a number of books on dreams and the brain that I would like to mail to you. How would I address them?”

Answer: You can send them to me c/o Stargate Universe, 2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC, V5M 3Z3.

Jim writes: “I think what I am concerned about is if including Atlantis characters only makes you do some minor changes to Evolution, then are the characters just going to be superfluous in the SGU guest appearances?”

Answer: I think you mean Extinction, not Evolution.  The changes made to the script will have to do with the timing of events (essentially the set-up) and won’t influence the heart of the story.

Kymm writes: “Why do you call Martin Gero Golden Boy?”

Answer: Because his smile lights up a room like a sunny morning.  Why else?

John writes: “I was wondering, are you sick of answering questions about the Stargate movies?”

Answer: If there was something to report, I’d report it.  Still, I don’t mind informing fans that there’s no information – unless I get a “What’s the latest on the movies?” question on the day after I’ve already fielded the exact same question.

Ben writes: “I was curious, will there be any more green-themed episodes, or was that a one-time network thing?”

Answer: The network asked us to a green episode back in Atlantis’s fifth season, but we weren’t asked to do one last year.  Instead of limiting ourselves to green, this year, I’d like to see us cover a whole host of other colors including mauve and magenta.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Hey Joe (whenever I say that I hear Jimi Hendrix), did Jelly get a tube down her trachea when she was under? I know this can cause an irritation. With pugkids, I know they have breathing issues so maybe they put a tube down to help with respiration.”

Answer: I believe that’s exactly what happened.

Rex Carter writes: “Hi Joe in Season 2 of SGU:
1)Will we find out where Destiny is its spaceial co-ordinates and what Galaxy they are in now just in case Rodney finds a case of zpms somewhere so they can send the General Hammond to catch up with Destiny?
I mean are they in some galaxy we cant see from here or on any astrological maps?
2) If the SGC dialed Destiny if they find a power source and sent heavy equipment through would the equipment fly out of Destiny’s gate and smash into the wall and be pulverized or okay to use still like a puddle jumper or could such pilot of jumper fly away in time and land on the floor?
3) Was there ever any trouble with the MALPs crashing into the stargates on either sg-1 of sga going through the gate and directly into the wall on the other side of the gate props where it was heading?
4) About ZPMs theorectically how many zpms would be needed to dial Destiny even for a minute connection?”

Answers: 1) Destiny is too far to play catch up with at this point.

2) Anything coming through the gate will be a projectile, but it would be traveling so fast that it would strike the far wall.  It could, however, sustain damage unless the crew was prepared for it and took steps to soften its landing.

3) No, but in this case we’re dialing a nine chevron address.

4) A lot.

Adam White writes: “Hi I have a pug related question for you. Our little man Ugg suffered two fits last night within 3 hours he is now at a specialist running tests where he had no further fits in about 16 hours. Both times he fitted It was as he woke up so kind of hoping it was a fluke or epilipsy for obvious reasons. Any ideas or have your herd ever suffered similar?”

Answer: I haven’t had a similar experience with my pugs.  Do keep us posted on Ugg’s progress.

Negolith writes: “I made it easy because I’ve noticed in the past that you have difficulty with honest criticism….”

Answer: I have no problem with honest criticism, but I do take issue with immature comments and general douchebaggery.

Negolith also writes: “Yeah, those horrible irredeemable whiners out in fandom – they follow the shows, buy the DVD’s, the tie-in novels, the merchandise, shell out big bucks for conventions, develop a passion for characters that make them spend hours of time doing videos or artwork or fiction that they get no compensation for….”

Answer: Sorry, but the fact that you’re a fan doesn’t excuse infantile behavior that would be considered socially inept, even downright psychotic, outside of the cozy, cocoon-like shelter of the internet.

Nani writes: “One more thing… So, now SGA is being revived after you told us time and time again that it would NEVER happen???”

Answer: Hey to break it to you, but it aint being revived.

75 thoughts on “July 17, 2010: Don’t recommend me a book! Enough with the mash-ups! Mailbag!

  1. Hi Joe,

    Completely agree with you about the bookstore employee thing. We had someone at a bookstore here tell our 10 yo son what he should be reading. Let’s just say it didn’t go over well with either him or us. 🙂

    Have a good night.

  2. Nice mashup list! Sweet! I’d actually enjoy reading The Grapes of Wrath of Khan! 😀

    Can we send your “best dog dad” mugs to that address too! I’m sure you’ll be getting several. 😉

  3. I’m having a hard time with the questions for the panel Trying to find some that were not asked earlier in the Q & A with some of the actors. In addition, we can’t ask questions about what is going to happend with each one of the charaters since the info is top secret.
    A lot of e-interviews are available that provide even more info….. I’m questionless 😀 :mrgreen:

  4. My Question is this: Since Mitchell and Carter got promoted to full colonel following the defeat of the ori will we see John Sheppard and Major Lorne get promoted to Full Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel since they saved earth from the wraith attack in Enemy at the Gate or will they have to defeat the wraith for them to get promoted?

  5. @Deni and Joe,

    Hello. Hope you and the dogs are doing okay. My best wishes go out to both Elway and Jelly. Give them both a hug for me.

    Best wishes,


  6. You know, if you were to write the books to fit those titles, you would open up a whole new genre that might actually be worth reading. As it is, I am tempted to carry wooden spikes and silver slugs to use on all the rabid vampire/werewolf fans out there. (slugs with a sling, since I don’t want to give the anti gun folks any ammunition, if you will). Ideas that were fine in 19th century literature and early 20th century film have been horribly overdone in the last quarter century. The finall straw being the reduction of the genre to adolescent love stories. You do an invaluable service in providing alternative reading to remind us there is something better out there in the literary world.
    Thanks for the mailbag, and hope Jelly is showing continued improvement.

  7. Hey Joe sorry if I asked a “what’s up with the movies” if you answered it the previous day… I skimmed through the mailbags but I must have missed it. 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  8. I don’t know if this was answered before, but was the MALP props on SG-1 and SGA actually remote controlled?

  9. @Eric.Stewart…Questions don’t have to be original. There will be plenty of people at the panel who are not as well-informed as Joe’ blog commenters.

    Since I’ve made my share of Q&A blunders, a couple of hints:
    1. Make the question short and to the point. If it needs more than one sentence of setup, it will probably bore the live audience.
    2. Give the actors a straight line for a joke…like “Boxers or Briefs?”, “Who’s most like their character in real life?”, “What’s the strangest item you’ve ever autographed?”

    Which reminds me, Joe, please add this to the list for RC:
    “What do you know about your character that we don’t?”
    To change it up a little:
    What does David Blue or Robert Carlyle know about Col. Young that Louis Ferreira doesn’t?

    For Joe, from the newest edition of TIME, a foodie article about foraging.,9171,2004117,00.html

  10. @Eric.Stewart…Chevron7 posted some good questions in yesterday’s (16 July) comments. And you could crib the 10 questions from “Inside the Actors’ Studio”.

  11. @Gilder …awww thanks….took me about half an hour this morning to come up with those…it is difficult trying to come up with questions they could answer that we all haven’t heard before. I hope somewhere I had one or two that fit the bill.

    Is anyone going to ComicCon? Apart from @PaganX that is…

    Cheers, Chev

  12. @Collegeboy8907

    But that was a team effort in saving the Earth from the Wraith superhive, No *I* in team.

    Concluding, best wishes to Jelly, hope she gets better. I think that will be a long term thing Joe till you see some perma effects of her treatment, hopefully she’l be right as rain again but naturally things take time, I hope it works out for Jelly anyway.

  13. Another question, was the ancient writing on the atlantis stairs ever decided to say something, but never used in story? Or was it just for decoration?

  14. @Bryan M. White: You’re so sweet to think of our dogs, thank you! Elway’s doing great, back to his old self, hogging the entire bed and cuddling with his dad 🙂 Have a good night!

    Hi Joe, come on, if you get a chance, drop in and tell us how Jelly is doing tonight. So many of us here have been thinking of her and need more frequent updates! Give her a kiss from us, please 🙂

  15. I had asked before if there was an approach you could see to take with the Ancients that would make them more interesting from your point of view.

    Maybe I missed the reply or you missed the question. In any event…thoughts?

  16. I love your mash-up book titles, Joe! Is there a spate of that sort of book coming out? I remember hearing of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but never quite got around to reading it.

  17. Question for Erika Kennair:
    -Is there any chance that SyFy could pick up Ben Browder’s web series “Naught For Hire” if it garners the same amount of attention that Sanctuary did during its web run?

    Question for Rob @ Comic Con:
    -Joe vs. Carl in a stare down… who wins? And would there be cheating involved?

    4 Questions for Joe:
    -The Ancients built both Destiny and Atlantis… I take it that Destiny is older than Atlantis, but by how much?
    -Did Janus have anything to do with the Destiny (any secret labs, etc.)?
    -Is there a chance of any kinos ever being discovered in Atlantis or did that technology get abandoned by the time the Ancients built Atlantis?
    -Since Carter & Vala are currently no longer going on SG-1 missions, who do you think would be the current day SG-1 team members (Cam, Daniel, T’ealc, and…. )? Would they incorporate Atlantis teams into SG teams (i.e.- a possible team of Cam & T’ealc w/ Shepherd & Ronan would wreak some serious havoc)?

    Thanks again for always taking the time, Joe!

  18. Hi Deni,

    Thanks for asking. Jelly seems to be slowly recovering from the surgery – a little slow, a little tired, a little raspy, but in good spirits. She has no interest in exercise so I really have to push her to get out and walk around.

  19. If anyone wants to see a scifi series start a story thread in their opening episode and use subtle hints throughout the season that are clear and coherent, ending in a powerful climactic episode, then watch this weeks Dr. Who. This is one of the top 5 scifi episodes of any series of all time. The whole season has been building to this point and the clues have been there the whole time. And this was only the penultimate episodes. We still have the Season Finale next week. There have been few shows period that have a first season as great as this Season’s Dr. Who has been. Although since Dr. Who has been around for so long it’s hard to say, even though we have a new lead actor, that it can be compared to the premier of any other new series. This episode was so amazing, I worry that the finale will be a letdown compared to it. I loved David Tennant in the role, but Matt Smith has taken the role to a whole new level. I wish there were more than 13 episodes in the season. And I wish I didn’t have to wait another 3 months or so for SGU and Sanctuary. Although it was nice to see Jewel Staite in Warehouse 13 this week.

  20. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. You’ve put up with a lot of crap, some of which I’ve even probably added to, and I just wanted you to know that I do appreciate what you do here.

    To be honest, I had given up on SGU during the first season. It’s not really my cup of tea and I had a number of problems with the show. I stopped watching after the midseason break. However, now that you mention an SGA/SGU crossover, I think I’ll give it another chance.

    I don’t really care if it’s a gimmick to get people to watch, that’s what television is all about anyway. I’m not going to hold a grudge against a television show, how silly is that? I’d love to see what Remi has come up with. He seems like a cool guy.

    Joe, you’re right about that other site. Some of their rants sound like Mel Gibson’s recently released tapes. It’s not healthy to hold grudges, especially not at a television show.

    I hope I haven’t caused your eyes to glaze over yet, because I wanted you to know that I’ve been praying for little Jelly’s recovery every night. I even had a dream before her procedure that she was back to her old self, running around and getting into mischief. She’s an adorable little pug, well Lulu might take the cake on that one, but I wish them all the very best.

    I wish I could win the lottery, I’d offer to fund the SG1/SGA movies. Then, I’d buy my island in the Caribbean. If there was enough left over after that, I’d buy you a house in Japan…if of course Kanaan could die a honorable death. 😛 I know, I know, poor Kanaan, it’s not his fault. Well that’s all wishful thinking anyway. 😀

    Thank again. I appreciate everything you do. I’m sorry you have to put up with pain in the butt fans at times and I deeply apologize if I’ve ever been one.

  21. Ooooo, Joe!!! I am soooo lovin’ those titles!! 😀

    But wait… aren’t those really from your ultra-secret-stored-in-the-alternate-dimension-“Safe Place” anime collection…?

  22. So, Joe, what’s the latest on the movies?

    Signed, Wraith Food

    (PS-Hope Jelly is feeling better)

  23. Hey Joe? I have a question. What’s the latest on the movies? 😈

    (I can’t believe I was the first to say that…)

    Give Jelly a kiss on the mouth for me. (I kiss my dog. Then I see her eating something gross and tell myself to stop doing that. But I do it again. She’s soooo cute!)

  24. Hey I was just thinking about picking up Masked on tuesday when I noticed you were a contributing author. So I have since decided against it, but I digress.

    Probably some questions for Lou but maybe you could anwer them, since I don’t know much about the industry. Have you read through it yet, like an advance copy, or did Lou send out all the stories to all the authors for input? And what exactly was Lou’s job in this project? When I hear “edited by” it makes me think he just runs spell check and looks for grammatical errors.

    I am gonna pick it up, I was just joking earlier. Thought I would mention that so you didn’t lose any sleep over it.

    P.S. How is Jelly and any news on the SGA movie? 😛

  25. How cost effective is it to create Internet only Stargate shorts and various micro-series? With the number of former Gate actors coming through SGU, you’d think a real simple story filmed on existing sets (or in your back yard) could be highly effective at filling in gaps of time and lore, using rudimentary lighting and a single HD cam. Or are there too many contracts and licenses to be worked out?

  26. Ie, a 5 minute conversation between Jack and Young in Jack’s office, for instance?

    New model of television. The post-script.

  27. Heck, a rudimentary script would be all that’s needed in some instances. Kinda like The Office shorts. Throw a few gaters in a room, give them a scene, and say action. lol

  28. Scene: Rush and Eli play checkers. Eli wins. Rush throws the board in his face.

    And cut.

  29. Ok, last comment, and a future book recommendation – A Spell for Chamelon, the first Xanth novel. Reminded me a lot of the MisEnchanted Sword.

  30. Joe! Not fair! Not fair! Don’t you answer those (Quade) questions about “Masked” until it is BOTM day. (If fact, I’m going to write them down and ask them myself. HA!) I think I need to go to bed…I’m getting tired and devilish.

  31. (Long time Lurker, first time poster)

    Back, way before the hype, I had someone recommend Twilight to me at a bookstore. I was looking through the fantasy/sci-fi section and someone stacking the shelves asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I said, “I’m kind of feeling like something urban-fantasy,” he replied with “Well THIS book is quite good. It’s about vampires!”

    “Vampires!” I thought, “How could that go wrong?”

    The answer: It can go very wrong.

  32. Hey Joe I’ve got a couple of questions.
    First, Will we see the SGC any time soon on SGU?
    Second, Is there anything us fans can do to help get the movies off the ground?

  33. Your constant willingness and ability to answer questions like the last ones in today’s mailbag with wit and respect keep amazing me.

  34. Sorry but I just can’t see Teyla just leaving her people like that after searching for them for most of season 4. It just goes against every thing we have learned about her and her people over the years.

  35. Huh…seems like the thing to ask, so I’ll ask: Joe, any update on the SGA movie front?


    Thanks for the update on Jelly. We are all wishing her the best!

    Now…to try to get back to sleep. 😛


  36. Joe – (you can delete this if you want)

    I was just searching through past blog entries, and noticed that several days in January of this year have ‘2009’ dates on them, instead of ’10. Not sure if that messes up the ability to search for those entries, or not, so I figured I’d mention it. Also, I’m just really mad I didn’t notice it when the entries were made…a missed opportunity to harrass you! 😀

    Have a good day, sir!


  37. Kymm writes: “Why do you call Martin Gero Golden Boy?”
    Answer: Because his smile lights up a room like a sunny morning. Why else?

    You’re right!! There isn’t any other possible explanation for Martin’s nickname, I must have been having a TOTAL blonde moment, o-or I was tired, yeah, I was reeeeally tired!!….(she baaaaacks away slowly, turns around, and runs away.…fast.…cuz she’s not touchin’ that one a ten foot pole) *grins*

    …that’s why I could never recommend a book to a writer, that’s waaay too much pressure!!

    My Favourite book title is the last one about the Postman…

    Khaaaaaaaan!!!….Star Trek tats….I wonder if there are a lot of Stargate tattoos…

    Have a good one!!


  38. Re Ugg: the specialist rang earlier today the little man has had no further fits since the initial two. He is still having an MRI tomorrow to determine what’s going on. Hoping now that having two so close then none that it doesn’t fit PDE – also according to the vet he is now a little more back to normal as his notes say that he is difficult to examine and now he is being a turd again. Will let you know what they say.

    As a side note if any pug owners know of a good charity for PDE could you point me in the right direction

  39. Hello!

    Me revoila!!! Je suis vraiment désolé de ne pas être passé avant mais bon ordinateur est tombé en panne..graa la poisse -_-‘…là je suis sur celui de mon pére.

    Je vais faire mon maximum pour passé regulièrement, vous me manquer trop trop =(.

    Merci pour ces Q&A.

    Je vous adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I think SGU is boring compared to SG1.
    I watch it in hopes of seing the old SG1-greatness return. So far it has not

    How long will this show go on for? Do you have a plan at all?

    I have a hard time seing the importance to the story, because unlike SG1, we dont get to see what earth gets out of this at all. Is it just gonna be an action-show?

  41. Hi Joe!


    “Kymm writes: “Why do you call Martin Gero Golden Boy?”

    Answer: Because his smile lights up a room like a sunny morning. Why else?”


    Do you mean to say that Gero’s “Golden Boy” nickname isn’t a reference to Kintaro, freeters, toilets, the allure of beautiful women, the joy of studying, crazy exaggerated facial expressions, or anything else from the manga/anime? 😉


    “Rex Carter writes: “4) About ZPMs theorectically how many zpms would be needed to dial Destiny even for a minute connection?”

    Answers: 4) A lot.”

    …I literally laughed out loud at that. 🙂

    And I think you may have mentioned it a while back but I’m curious…

    How old is Jelly now?



  42. Hello Joe,

    I’m glad to hear Jelly’s procedure went well. I hope she gets great results.

    I was looking through a Taste of Home magazine and found an article on Woodhouse Chocolates. They’re located in St. Helena, Ca. I thought you might be interested if you haven’t already heard about them. I love the hearts under wedding and party favors.

    Hope you enjoy.

  43. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for answering my question, I guess that would make sense, now I can’t wait to see how it all turns out, glad that there is some hope Keller won’t contract the disease.

    Hope Jelly is doing better. Hugs to you Jelly.

    @ Deni Hugs to the Elway too.

  44. Ugh. I’ve given up on asking the people at Barnes & Noble for suggestions…they always ask what authors I like, then recommend something completely different, or something very poorly written. And I REFUSE to read those damn sparkly vampire books. I don’t understand the hype surrounding Twilight. Lol.

    Oh my god, when I got on Fark this morning, I saw a link to John Scalzi’s blog re: the death of his dog. It was beautifully written, to the point where I felt sort of stupid because it made me cry! Did you read it? I’m not really a weepy sort of girl, but I can’t even imagine dealing with the loss of a furry family member…our dogs are like our children!

  45. Hey Joe,

    2 questions for you 😉

    1. Will the crossover SGU/SGA be a bigger thing than SGU/SG-1 was? It’s only one episode, so it would be kind of sparsely only to bring 2 Characters via stones to destiny?!

    2. Can we hope, to see anything of Atlantis itself in this episode?

    3. If yes, can we expect to see the Gateroom of Atlantis? I mean, the set is big. Would you build it up only for one episode?

    Thanks for answering 😀

    greeting from Germany

  46. “The Postman Always Rings Twice To Make Sure You’re Not Home Then Crawls in Through the Back Window and Lies in Wait for your Return”

    I need to send this one to my siste, who probably still jumps into bed from three feet out so that the thing under it can’t grab her 😀

    Hope Jelly starts showing improvement soon!

  47. Your list of book mashups is incredibly funny. Tender is the Night of the Living Dead – love it! If only Fitzgerald was around to be deeply offended, and Hemingway was around to be highly amused by Fitzgerald’s pout.

    The Heart is a Lonely Vampire Hunter: I’m wondering why Joss Whedon didn’t nab that one for Buffy TVS. Perfect fit. (Now watch a Twilight fanfic-writing cell gank it.)

    I’m very glad to read that Jelly is at least holding her own following general anesthesia. Will look forward to your further updates.

    @ Kymm

    I’m wondering why I’m not surprised that you’d single out a mashup on The Postman Always Rings Twice. *grins* — Did you get any time to pamper yourself this weekend? And if so, did any dishes get swept off the kitchen table? *w*

    Some cool and/or weird tats there (plus assorted piercings, etc – and the one of guru-looking Spock made me laugh. “My diet consists of the mushrooms indigenous to this planet, Dr. McCoy.”)

  48. I gave up in store recommendations a long time ago, too! Probably when I was in sixth grade and reading ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and an employee suggested ‘Boxcar Children’ to me…

    Hypothetically, if you really, really wanted to read a book and you enter a bookstore only to find that they have no science-fiction section, which genre do you go to next?

  49. @ dreams2knight – I checked out your link to Woodhouse Chocolates – they sound really good esp. the Bananas Foster, Brown Butter Ganache, Cinnamon Toast, Thai Ginger, Quatre Espice, Gianduja (to single out just a few) and the English Toffee. The Butterfly Bars and the Hearts are pretty. Now if they would just ship to Canada… We don’t bite… *mutter mutter*

    @ Elminster – *facepalm* usually I’m all over the Google, this time it never entered my mind to Image search for Stargate tats for some reason *blushes* Thank you for the link…

    @ Otros Ojos – yup, I did get in a little pampering, how about you? …and I’m going to be doing the dishes later…


  50. Can anyone guess what type of natural disaster is the deadliest in the United States? Is it the earthquake? The hurricane? The tornado?? Nopers. It’s the heatwave. That’s right…the heatwave kills more Americans a year – on an average of 1500, primarily in cities – than any other sort of natural disaster.

    Read more:

    Right now it’s in the nineties, with no relief in sight for at least a week. This is totally insane for us, and I hate it. I don’t think I’m ever coming out of the house! And I’m NEVER moving to Florida!



  51. @Melissa – *big hug* – that can’t have been an easy blog comment for you to write…glad you’re able to give it another chance…maybe check out the 2nd half of S1. If it still isn’t your cup of tea, that’s ok….we can’t all like the same thing.

    Cheers, Chev

  52. Book selection is incredibly personal and difficult….I work for a public library so I know what its like being on the other end. Its actually a skill, my friend is excellent at it. People will specifically visit on her Saturday for her assistance with selections and a chat. Her genre is mainly mysteries and thrillers.

    Re:mashups ….this sort of thing always happens when something slightly different is successful…its the bandwagon effect.

    So Joe, how about I tell you what not to read – the latest Janet Evanovich – Sizzling Sixteen…it took me until page 83 until I laughed out loud. Plus I get the feeling she’s gonna keep teasing us with Ranger…come on, there’s only so much teasing before people get jack of it. Stephanie needs to hookup with Ranger for more than a night. That would be an EPIC book I tell you. Is that better Joe?

    Cheers, Chev

  53. I have noticed over the last several years that some of my favorite shows even as far back as the 80’s were at least in part Canadian produced.
    (DaVinci’s Inquest, Intelligence, Xfiles, Friday the 13th (TV series) Three Stargate series, Jeremiah,
    War of the Worlds(tv), etc)

    I’ve been trying to nail down what that quality is in Canadian produced TV that makes it stand apart. Any thoughts?

  54. Hey Joe or anyone.
    I’ve been craving southern fried chicken. Anyone got a recipe they use/like? I’ve been searching the web but they are either simple (flour, salt, pepper) or crazy.


  55. LOLOL. I actually have had some suggestions by bookstore staff that I asked for that were good, okay were what I wanted. But what I asked for was PWP (porn with plot). So there you go.

  56. @das

    I thought you gave up on Extinction many months ago! 🙁 Does this mean you are hopeful for the movie again!

    If das is hopeful its bound to happen! 🙂

    Ok couple questions… everytime i see the movies mentioned on your blog I feel like theres still hope and it gets me excited and out of my frustration about these movies.. soooo

    1. Im glad to hear your still confident the SGA will move into production(and SG-1 too). So I was wondering. Given MGMs financial situation, the DVD market, the economy, SGUs shooting schedule, actor’s schedules, when do you think (Educated guess) that the movie(s) will go into production. Is a shoot on season 2 of SGU’s hiatus out of the question.

    2. So you told us what ep of SGU the SGA characters would be in, could you maybe tell us what SGU episode the SG-1 characters will appear in (Brad wright said there would be SG-1 characters in season 2)? Could you tell us what characters will be making an appearance or is that for syfy to announce?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  57. @ Kymm

    Yes, in fact I got pampered pretty thoroughly – I have a friend who does massage therapy, and she insisted that I come in. Sauna, loooong Swedish massage with scented oil, quiet music playing, then a nap right on the massage table. Later I learned this was part of an evil plot to get me to a truly surprising surprise party. (j/k, she’s a good friend.) But it was sweet of her to do all that before I went on to seriously overindulge in both food and drink. Still recovering. Not very gracefully just now – will appreciate and laugh about it all later.

    Pleasant thoughts while doing the dishes . . .

  58. Hey Joe,

    Just curious, what ‘s the name of the Australian scifi magazine the SGU/Atlantis news was in. I guess I’ll throw in my two cents on Atlantis. They had to go back, there might be more wraith with the coordinates to earth from enemy at the gate just no way to get there…yet. Better to be proactive and go back than to stay and wait until they make to earth sooner or later. Right?

    Thanks for the blog and mailbag. Its a must read everyday.

  59. @ Otros Ojos – Ohhh Swedish massages I love those. Weeeell, actually I’ve never met a massage I DIDN’T like, I love ‘em all!! Friends are great aren’t they!!
    Ohhh a Surprise Party? Does that mean it is/was your birthday?? Hopefully, you’ll recover quickly from the overindulgence, but it’s sooo worth it isn’t it. The pleasure and the pain, like a lot of things in life eh!!…*giggle*

    Have a good one!!

  60. @Das – make sure you don’t move to Australia then…. during summer we can hit the 40s (that’s 40 C + ). Yep.. and up north in the equatorial Aussie regions.. it’s hot and 99% humidity (that I can’t handle).

    Hugs to Jelly … hope her throat’s feeling better…

  61. Why would they have to feed Todd?? Can’t they use one of Atlantis’ stasis pods and have him snooze until needed?

  62. @ Annie from Fremantle – Oh, not worries. No plans on moving to Australia, not because of the heat, but because of the bigass spiders! 😯

    @ cheri – Aww…but where’s the fun in that?? Sure, I’d rather Todd go seepy-byes for a few months or so instead of starving him to death, but I really MUCH rather see him prancing about Atlantis, making dirty hand jokes, giving Rodney the willies, and shamelessly flirting with Sheppard. 😀


  63. In response to one of your mailbag answers regarding the SGC sending the Destiny supplies and have it fly out of the gate.

    If you look at SG:1 – Solitudes and The Fifth Race; you see how an unstable power source can affect the wormhole and send the traveller out faster than they entered.

    Atlantis: Rising – they attached a stable energy form from the ZPM so they came through as normal.

    Thats why everyone was thrown out and why Young was flung across the room, the unstable power boost caused it.

    …Just in case someone else asks 🙂

  64. Hi Joe, Re Ms Jelly, well, I guess that as dogs get older, these things take a little longer to get over! Glad she’s in good spirits, anyway 🙂 An extra kiss from me for her tonight, ok?

    Elway’s back to normal, took him for his Sunday ice cream (yogurt), found a rooster that somebody had dumped by the vet’s office (no, really). The poor thing was apparently used to being around people and kept trying to get in the car and when I got out of the car, he kept following me around looking terrified. Broke my heart! He was half-starved, so I went to the grocery story to buy whatever roosters eat (?). Elway, meanwhile, had never seen a rooster and was totally fascinated every time the thing crowed. I was checking out at the grocery store while Mr. Deni and Elway waited in the car (poor Mr. Deni, we’re always having some animal emergency, either mine or “animals or unknown origin”). All of a sudden, the cashier screamed (all happy, woowooing) “It’s Daniel Jackson!”. I turned around, “What? Where?”. She said “Uh, on your t-shirt.” Awww, shit. Anyway, Mr. Rooster will get a home on a farm tomorrow. Should be fun putting him in the car with Elway 🙂 Obviously, the rooster will be in a carrier, but still…

  65. When I ask for recs from bookstore employees, it’s usually, “What’s popular now?” because I’m talking about the YA section and I’m curious what kids are reading.

    Though I do think this classics/horror thing has gone way too far. I can’t tell you how many ‘Mr. Darcy is a vampire’ books I’ve seen. I haven’t read any of these types of books, but it sounds like an amusing idea–once or twice–if done well, which they probably aren’t, given how quickly they’re banging these out to keep up with the fad.

  66. Maturity is a two-way street, sir. I followed your blog regularly while SGA was on the air, and there were times when someone would bring up a glaring continuity error, where something even went completely against long established SG-1 canon, and your reply would come across as very churlish and snide as opposed to a clever repartee. And that coy little comment about feeding cranky fans to Todd? That’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for longtime fans of the entire franchise. I will agree with you that some people do abuse the anonymity of the internet – I work as a customer service agent in a call center for a major satellite provider and I get examples every single day of people thinking they have a free license to be total jerks just because they’re not face to face with me – but how was my comment any more immature than your reply and others you’ve made in the past that can easily qualify as “general douchebaggery”? (I seem to recall one comment roughly around SGU’s mid season in response to people not being happy with the show as something along the lines of “that’s the way it is, it’s not going to change, and if you don’t like it, tough”. It kind of has the feel of a grade-schooler stomping his feet and yelling.) And believe me, if we could have this conversation face to face, I’d still be blunt and honest and not pussyfoot around. It’s the Scottish/Blackfeet ancestry.

    But I am a writer, and one very serious about the craft, so let me rephrase my first comment as to why I quit watching SGU in way that will be more professional: I watched BSG religiously and absolutely adore Robert Carlyle, so I gave SGU a chance. However, I quit watching after a handful of episodes because I found the characters to be one-dimensional clichés with few, if any, redeeming qualities that made me unable to invest any sympathy whatsoever in their plight. The communication stones were incredibly irritating in how they were misused – there would have been much more drama if these people truly were cut off from Earth like Atlantis was for their first year – and the fact that Destiny could miraculously supply the unfortunate castaways with what they needed to survive in their first few days was pure deus ex machina. Either that, or there’s one super aware, mind reading AI running the ship, and with Ancient technology, who knows. In a nutshell, I just simply found the show formulaic and the characters uninteresting and unlikeable.

    If and when any of the SGA cast does appear on SGU, and depending on which ones, I may tune in. It will certainly help the ratings – after all, look what Joe’s ten minute appearance did for Warehouse 13, and I haven’t heard the numbers yet for the episode with Jewell Staite and Sean Maher. But in the meantime, I’m still not putting out any hopes in a standalone SGA movie, as much as I’d like to see one.

  67. And that coy little comment about feeding cranky fans to Todd? That’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for longtime fans of the entire franchise.

    Speaking as a longtime fan of the entire franchise, I can assure you that my teeth are perfectly intact.

    The sense of entitlement that some fans have is incredible. The producers do not owe you anything, they do not have to explain themselves to you, nor do they have to change the show because you don’t like it.

    Feeding cranky fans to Todd might work, though I suspect he’d find them so bitter he’d sooner starve.

  68. @ Negolith

    Having been on the receiving end of Joe’s
    less than magnanamous side a time or two,
    I get what you are referring to….


    Having read a number of your comments
    over the last few weeks…I can’t say I have seen
    a great deal of constructive/useful criticism in there. The formula seems to be attack/insult/repeat. If you have something useful to say…like ideas for improving the show, put it out there. Maybe if the idea is worth a damn it’ll happen. A good idea speaks for itself.

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