I woke up this morning to discover an email from Exec. Producer Robert Cooper sitting in my mailbox titled “Help!”.  I, of course, assumed he’d been nabbed smuggling snow monkeys again and needed me to bail him out of that prison in Honshu.  But, as it turns out, it’s not my help he needs; it’s yours!  Rob’s message:

“Sometime in the middle of the night last night I suddenly realized I had agreed to moderate the panel at comicon.  Which apparently means I’m supposed to challenge the panel with hard-hitting thoughtful questions.  Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy with this whole snow monkey smuggling ring to get around to it. .  Perhaps you could enlist your blogashpere to assist me in coming up with the kind of questions fans wish they could have ask.

P.S.: You know what would make a great Christmas gift for someone you love?  That’s right!  A snow monkey!”

So there you have it.  If you can’t be in San Diego for the SGU Comic Con panel but want to participate nevertheless (or will be attending the panel but don’t want to go stand in line to ask a question because the last time you did some guy dressed like Darwin the dolphin from Seaquest stole your seat), start posting your questions for the cast via Robert Cooper.

Also, for those who missed yesterday’s entry, SyFy’s Director of Development and Stargate point person Erika Kennair will be swinging by the blog to answer questions, so if you’ve got something to ask her, here’s your opportunity.  Unless you’re Carl in which case you can just wait until the next time you see her.

Hey, guess who I heard from yesterday?  No, not Jeremy Piven – I don’t even know the guy.  It was Golden Boy Martin Gero – formerly of Stargate: Atlantis and Young People Fucking fame, presently of HBO’s Bored to Death fame – calling to make sure I returned that copy of The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt to my local library and, while he had me on the phone, checking in with things in general.  No surprises on his end – busy and in demand. Still, we did discuss the possibility of working together again in the near future – or, at the very least, doing the dinner thing.

Seriously, I’ve got to get myself one of those World’s Best Dog Dads coffee mugs.  My pug Jelly went in for the second stage of her stem cell procedure yesterday which involved their injecting her concentrated stem cells into the problem areas: her deteriorated hips and arthritic shoulders and elbows.  They had to put her under and she’d been on an IV drip for most of the day so that by the time I picked her up, she was tired and needed to pee.  Very and a lot. Last night, she was stiff and languid, and she seems to have acquired a bit of a rasping cough.

On the mend.

She’s doing a little better today but t remains to be seen what kind of benefits she derives from the treatment.  Now, to ensure the best possible outcome, my already pampered pooch is receiving the star treatment.  In addition to her morning joint medication and twice daily eye ointment applications, she’s also getting Percocet three times daily, Clavamox twice daily.  I’m to apply a cold compress to her front and hind quarters for about 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day in addition to helping her perform some passive range of motion leg stretches three times a day.  It’s like I’m working a dog spa.

Hey, you, do me a favor. Put this away for me, willya?

I was surprised by the enormous response to yesterday’s blog entry concerning the Atlantis guest appearances planned for SGU’s second season.  Show co-creator and co-show runner Brad Wright mentioned it three weeks ago.  Clearly some of you aren’t reading your Australian scifi magazines!

Speaking of Atlantis, while going through the production stills from Enemy at the Gate, I came across some wonderful behind-the-scenes shots from those final days.  If everybody’s nice, I’ll see what I can do about posting a few in the next couple of days.

Today’s entry is dedicated to JimFromJersey and his finacee Christine.  Congratulation, kids!


Stryse writes: “I think the IOA would have a hard time letting Atlantis leave Earth. I’m thinking Homeworld Command would probably agree with them.”

Answer: Wholeheartedly agree.  It wouldn’t be in their interest to have Atlantis return to Pegasus – UNLESS…

Stryse also writes: “I think the Air Force has demonstrated a willingness to help a friend out, so I’m sure one of our battle cruisers would be sent back to Pegasus to return any residents home (assuming they wanted to leave… Earth does have its perks).”

Answer: Hmmm.  Debatable unless they were already scheduled to make the trip.  And if they were, one wonders which character would choose to go back. Yes, given the choice, I’m sure Todd would make the trip, but it’s unlikely Earth’s authorities would be inclined to let him go.  Ronon?  Sure, it’s possible he’d want to head back and continue his one-man war against the wraith.  Teyla?  Possibly, she’s got roots back in Pegasus, but I would think that the Milky Way’s comparatively safer environment would influence her decision.  She’s now a mother after all.  Kanaan?  He’d probably be the biggest fish out of water and the most likely to feel homesick, but given the choice would he abandon his wife and son?

Stryse also writes: “I would be surprised if they were. Some [personnel] probably were reassigned, while others may have had their roles shifted a bit.”

Answer: I think the turnover would be fairly small given that these people were chosen for expedition because they were the best at what they did (I refer to the scientists and technicians).  The military personnel could be reassigned but, in general, I think the IOA would be more likely to add support staff than turf experienced/knowledgeable individuals.

Stryse also writes: “Granted they can pop in for those family bbq’s on a more frequent basis, but they’ve not had to deal with being cut off from Earth for some time now.”

Answer: True, but they’ve never had the luxury of being able to go home for the night and returning to work in the morning.  Theoretically, yes, with the gate bridge it was possible, but it was more likely they were allotted specific dates rather than the freedom to come and go as they pleased.

JohnMHammer writes: “As for Todd: Didn’t he successfully complete the gene therapy which allows a wraith to eat “normal” food?”

Answer: He did but in Enemy at the Gate we learn that he has reverted back to his former self.

Nate writes: “In the 5th race O’Neill uses Ancient Knowledge and builds a power source to get to the Asgard home world, but in the episode where SG-1 goes to an alternate reality to save earth (the ep. name escapes me) the two Carters get the device working and Carter tells the other Carter the Asgard made the device. So was that a mistake that got by everyone and were they wrote by different writers? ”

Answer: Sorry, Nate, this question was before my time on the show.

Shiny writes: “What pray tell would lovely Lorne be announcing?”

Answer: His candidacy for Congress of course.

Deni writes: “Elway’s in the ER tonight, started having seizures a couple of hours ago.”

Answer: As always, here’s hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

dasNdanger writes: “Previously when Sheppard found din-din for Todd it didn’t set well with some fans. I’m not opposed to capital punishment when the shoe fits (child killers, spree and serial killers, etc), so I had no problem with it, but I don’t know if that’s the route you’d go.”

Answer: I think it’s the route a certain type of person would go if they needed him badly enough.

dasNdanger also writes: “I am a bit saddened that the movie seems even further away now, and that whatever you had up your sleeve for Todd & Co. in Extinction may now all be changed.”

Answer: The crossover in no way effects the timing of the film’s production, only the timing of the story itself.  And what I have up my sleeve for Todd &co. remains unchanged.

for the love of Beckett writes: “David Hewlett twittered/tweeted a while ago that he’d had an official visit back at Bridge studios. So there’s one probable down.”

Answer: I’m neither confirming nor deny which characters will be putting in an appearance, but I can say that whatever business David had at the Bridge, it wasn’t with us.

Jim W writes: “Hello, I don’t understand. Is there going to be a Stargate Atlantis movie?”

Answer: Hopefully, eventually, yes.

ytimynona writes: “Hey Joe, is this why you were so reluctant to comment on Extinction’s progress? I mean, if this ep is answering all our questions, the movie will hafta be significantly rewritten, right?”

Answer: I’m not reluctant to comment on Extinction’s progress.  There simply hasn’t been any progress to comment on.  As for answering all those questions in crossover episode – don’t hold your breath.  As I pointed out in yesterday’s entry, some will be answered and some won’t.  Gotta save something for the movie, no?

Montrealer writes: “Hate to be contrary folks. But the SGU/SGA x-over is a very bad thing. IMO it means that the SG1 & SGA movies are dead with the current written scripts.”

Answer: That’s a pretty big assumption given that you’ve read neither script.  I have and can tell you the crossover episode will only have a minimal effect on Stargate: Extinction (the heart of the story remains unchanged), and no effect on Stargate: Revolution.

Montrealer also writes: “Also it’s another sign of desperation of the TPTB and their attempt to lure back the departed SG1/SGA fans.”

Answer: Ah, what’s a big announcement without a fan conspiracy to follow it?  Of course, in order for a conspiracy theory to have legs, it needs to make sense.  As I’ve already stated, if this was the desperate bid for ratings you assume it is, we would be doing it in the first half of season 2 given that the show’s fate will be decided on the strength of those first ten episodes.  The crossover episode will be episode #15.  By the time it airs, we will already know whether or not the show is coming back for a third season.

Montrealer also writes: “Putting SGU in the much more competitive Tuesday night slot will probably result in lower viewer share.”

Answer: A counter argument is that more people watch television on Tuesday nights than Friday nights which could translate to higher Live + SD ratings (as fans are more likely to watch it when it airs rather than recording it for later viewing).

gforce writes: “So, are the points in your post addressed in the episode, or are they just a tease?”

Answer: Some are addressed.  Some aren’t.

gforce also writes: “If everything turned out to be best case scenario (not that likely, granted), is it at all possible that they would give the go-ahead for both movies at the same time? And if so, could they technically be produced simultaneously?”

Answer: Sure.  More or less at the same time.  As was the case with Ark of Truth and Continuum, one would shoot first and the other would immediately follow.

Lance W writes: “Assuming the crossover episode(s) go well, will that boost the chances of Extinction coming out sooner rather than later?”

Answer: It’s unlikely to have an effect.

Pixie writes: “Does your mentions of Kanaan in relation to Teyla mean that they are raising their son together as a loving couple?”

Answer: It certainly does.  So far.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “The Stargate Magazine…I heard a rumour that it was winding down? I know this isn’t your area but do you know if this is true? Or someone hear might know???”

Answer: Alas, the rumors are true.  I looked into it and learned that the magazine felt the same financial pinch experienced by many other similar publications.  As more and more people turn to the internet, fewer and fewer magazines are being sold.

kabra writes: “Before I forget…. let me just ask about the Keller /McKay thing, re: where are they now question, wasn’t it in the ep Last Man Standing where Shep was 12,000 years into the future and Atlantis was a desert, Rodney was reminiscing about the past and Keller developed some disease from the Hoffman drug and was dying while he was trying to figure out how to reverse time???? Will any of that change????”

Answer: I suppose it depends when Keller contracted the disease.  If it was before the events of EatG then, yes, she will get sick.  If it was after the events of EatG, all bets are off because we’re looking at a new timeline.

Michelle writes: “I really, truly hope you don’t describe Atlantis as on/near Earth permanently. For Earth to abandon Pegasus after all the trouble they’ve caused there would be rather unforgivable.”

Answer: Oh, I’m sure there would be many who would want to do the right thing, go back, and continue the fight – but it’s unlikely these conscientious individuals would be the ones calling the shots.

Bailey writes: “What is the difference between a crossover and guest appearences from another show?  I ask because this ep is being referred to as a crossover, while the SGU eps with Daniel, Carter and Jack were not?”

Answer: For purposes of this conversation, they’re the same thing.

Gilder writes: “It’s a crossover, IMHO, if two current-season series share a story line. See CSI /CSI Miami, the Law & Order franchise, L&O /Homicide: Life on the Street, NCIS /NCIS LA…and wasn’t there at least one SG1/SGA crossover?”

Answer: Nope, you’re right.

Gabriele writes: “Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

you’ll change the timeline for the movie “Stargate Extinction”, right? So the timeline will eventually be:

1. Stargate Atlantis “Enemy at the gate”

2. Stargate: Revolution

3. Stargate Universe “Seasons 1 and 2″

4. Stargate: Extinction”

Answer: Correct.

VWraithAnne writes: “I don’t really see the big deal in feeding him some lowlife criminal who was already on death row somewhere.”

Answer: I’d have no objection, but some people might.

domdom writes: “Tell me if I’m wrong. I thought sgu was a stand alone show.”

Answer: If, by stand alone, you mean it has nothing to do with previous incarnations then, yes, you’re wrong given that we had three guest stars from SG-1, O’Neill, Daniel, and Carter, right off the bat in the series premiere.

Rolaine Smoot writes: “I’m writing MGM to let them know how I feel about this, just like I’m telling you. It’s a SGA movie or none at all! The word is spreading like wild fire!”

Answer: Great!  While you’re writing them, see if you can get them to do a remake of The Abominable Dr. Phibes.  I loved that movie!

gategrrl560 writes: “Paul MacGillion was one of the speakers and he stated that he’d definitely be interested if Beckett were included in the storylines.”

Answer: Yes, I like Paul and certainly would be interesting to see two of my favorite Scots share some screen time.

Negolith writes: “I tried watching SGU, I gave it a chance, but I found the characters to be such an unlikeable bunch of irredeemable whiners…”

Answer: Too easy…

Jim writes: “I know you spent a lot of time and energy working on the Altantis movie script but shouldn’t you for the betterment of SGU and the franchise be willing to toss the script and write a new Atlantis movie if or when that ever happens?”

Answer: Why would we do that since the SGU appearances would only necessitate some minor re-jigging to the opening?

Nicholas T. writes: “How many additional years of SGA did you all plan to produce before the decision was made to cancel the show?”

Answer: Hey, Nicholas, it sounds like we have  a lot in common.  Re: SGA – we went year by year.

Nicholas T. also writes: I have an interesting science paper to share with you concerning human brain development and dreams that very well could be used in some creative way by you and the writers on SGU. I work with the scientist that wrote it. How could I send it to you? It is cutting edge and certainly sci-fi worthy.”

Answer: BaronDestructo@yahoo.com  It sounds like something the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil might be interested in.

83 thoughts on “July 16, 2010: Robert Cooper needs YOUR help! Golden Boy Marty G. checks in! World’s Best Dog Dad! And a mucho mailbag!

  1. Looks like your pug is doing better… so cute! I know what it’s like to have a dog on the mend. My dog, Cory, is still recovering from Cauda Equina surgery. I blog about him too =) High five for dog blogs! Keep up the good work.

  2. I’m glad Jelly is on the mend; she is lucky to have you. Hopefully you won’t have to keep up that caregiving schedule for long.

    @Deni: Sorry to hear about Elway. Sending good thoughts.

  3. Not to be a spoilsport, but with all the extra care and medication Jelly is getting, how are you going to be able to tell if the treatments worked? Given enough meds and TLC she’s bound to show some improvement. Never mind the jealousy issues that will be rearing its head with the other dogs. On the plus side, you are gaining expertise in the event you decide on a career change.
    Still feeling happy about the crossover episode. Be even happier when MGM gets its fec…stuff together and decides to do the movies. Once they do, I can get back to buying SG related stuff from their websites.
    Looking forward to those EatG behind the scenes shots. But the price is a bit high; we have to be NICE?? this is as bad as Christmas and Santa. So, what constitutes nice to you, so that I can adjust my behavior accordingly?
    Thanks for the meaty mailbag and enjoy your weekend labors with Jelly.

  4. Big hugs to you and to Jelly. You are a gooood daddy doing everything you can for your little one.
    Please do keep sharing progress reports. And, pix are nice too. Look forward to any additional photos you may post, so, as requested, will be nice and patiently await your blog photo gifts. THANKS

  5. Too quick to hit submit.
    Deni – sorry to hear about Elway..also sending good thoughts.

  6. Loved the pictures of the dogs and hope that the treatment ends up being beneficial for Jelly.

    question for Rob Cooper to ask cast at Comic Con: Do the military and civilian portions of the crew find more of a common ground in season 2 as they are dependant upon one another for survival??

    I wish so much that I could be at Comic-Con, but I have my brother who is a San Diego resident and a long time attendee of Comic-Con going to the SGU panel for me. Looking forward to hearing his report.

  7. Cute pics. Best wishes to Jelly, and Elway.

    Reading yesterday’s comments, and I’m confused about the apparent hostility towards Kanaan, and the confusion about whether he and Teyla were a ‘couple’??? Where has the hostility and confusion come from? Season 5 clearly indicated that Teyla and Kanaan were living together and raising Torren together, so I don’t understand why there is confusion. And I have no idea how Kanaan can be so disliked! He’s surely not been seen enough to be unlikeable?!?

  8. @gilder, David Blue had a link on his twitter from io9 which gave the schedule for comic con..
    if that works, it gives you the whole schedule.

  9. Hi Joe,

    Again, thank you for answering my questions. I am happy to hear that Jelly is home and well.

    Questions for Robert Cooper:

    Now this is really difficult. You mentioned that Paul got into a fight with Rob in the writers’ room concerning the story arc of the ancients and that only Rob knew where it was all going.

    So, question #1
    what did we learn from torment of tantalus and the “meaning of life stuff” discovered there? After all, Daniel did have Ernest’ notebook and the video he recorded of the elemental language. Why did we never return with a cargo ship to investigate further? This was potentially a rich story line that was never developed.

    2. why did the nox not play a role in our exploration of the universe? why did we not become better friends of theirs particularly after the fall of tolana?

    I am sure that I will come up with more questions prior to the conference. I still cant believe that Rob has moved on. This is his life, his creation. What the hell could he possibly do without Stargate? As the saying goes, if it isn’t broke…….

    A question for you Joe:
    will Martin Wood be directing SGU in season 2?
    By the way, I think that Peter DeLuise is awesome and you should have him direct as often as possible. Same for Andy Mikita and Will Waring. Those four are the best you have and you know it (Brad Turner isnt that bad either). Any chance that you will have Mario Azzopardi direct an SGU esipode? After all, he has done SG1 and SGA.

    I look forward to your response to the paper I emailed you.

    Thank you Joe,

  10. Hey Joe,

    When your done with Jelly you can come over to my place. My shoulders have been feeling a little stiff lately, and my back has been bothering me a bit. Should I pencil you in for mid-Wednesday?

    Joe did the Props guys just recycle the Goa’uld Grenades into Kinos? And am I wrong in saying they were also used in Atlantis, I just can’t remember what they were.

  11. For Erika Kennair

    As director of development, is there a standard process for how a show is developed? Is it mostly in house (like when
    Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge were trying to create their own series). Do you approach creators known to you looking for what they might have to offer? Or to say “We are really wanting this kind of show for next fall. Would you be interested in taking a stab at that?”

    And at what point is your job done with a particular show
    that you have developed. Do you take part in any “pitchfest” type things, where aspiring creators/writers have the opportunity to get their ideas heard by people like yourself?

  12. Hi Joe,

    I have a number of books on dreams and the brain that I would like to mail to you. How would I address them? They are written by the scientist I work for, Allan Hobson. Give me an address and I would be happy to send them to you.

    Have you thought of tonka bean ice cream before?


  13. Dr. Phibes! I LOVED that movie but I’m not sure I would want to see a remake of it or The Rocky Horror Picture Show, either. Campy cult classics like those should remain sacrosanct. But that’s just my opinion.

    You’re such a good doggie daddy, Joe.

    @deni: I hope Elway recovers soon.

  14. Joe wrote:

    “Why would we do that since the SGU appearances would only necessitate some minor re-jigging to the opening?”

    “If, by stand alone, you mean it has nothing to do with previous incarnations then, yes, you’re wrong given that we had three guest stars from SG-1, O’Neill, Daniel, and Carter, right off the bat in the series premiere.”

    I think what I am concerned about is if including Atlantis characters only makes you do some minor changes to Evolution, then are the characters just going to be superfluous in the SGU guest appearances? I am more concerned about comments you made to exclude previous Stargate incarnations technology, aliens, and characters from SGU. The Stargate franchise has developed a rich universe over the past decade. I understand the whole SGU needs to stand on its own (similar to SGA’s first season) but why not use this rich universe. Give us SG-1 & SGA guest appearances. (Pegasus Project is my favorite episode BTW)

  15. @riley regarding Kanaan. I’ve never had a problem with him, but I’ve found that a lot of people do because he got in the way of something. I personally liked Kanaan, and wished his and Teyla’s relationship had been shown or at least mentioned more since I felt it wouldve given Teyla and the Athosian culture some more development. A lot of people were confused because Kanaan wasnt in EATG, so they just assumed that Teyla left him in Pegasus.

  16. Hello Joe,

    Both you and Deni have my best wishes for the speedy recovery of your pups. Joe please give Jelly extra hugs from all of us tonight. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

    Deni, you have my best wishes and prayers for Elway’s speedy recovery as well. I was sorry to hear that he is having trouble again.

  17. Hello Joe,

    Both you and Deni have my best wishes for the speedy recovery of your pups. Joe please give Jelly extra hugs from all of us tonight. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

    Deni, you have my best wishes and prayers for Elway’s speedy recovery as well. I was sorry to hear that he is having trouble again.

    Best wishes,


    Ps. Thank you for telling us about the Atlantis pictures. I know many of us would love to see them.

    Pps. I think the move to Tuesday is a good idea. traditionally, Tuesday has always produced good ratings: Lost, Deadliest Catch… Do you know what time SGU will air in its new timeslot?

  18. Joe – I think I have a solution for feeding Todd. He doesn’t have to feed on someone to death if I remember correctly. So how about they look for volunteers from the prison population where they can serve their term by having years taken off their life? So if a guy has a 20 year prison term left, then Todd takes 20 years off his life and they get out of prison immediately. This could be done multiple times obviously.

    Whadaya think? 😉

    Questions for Erika:

    1. Has a decision been made on which timeslot SGU will occupy on Tuesday night?

    2. Are you able to share that information, and if so, when is it?

    3. If you are unable to share that information, can you tell us when it will be announced, and if so, when?

    (These questions may seem redundant but Joe might answer Q1 with yes/no if he’s in a mood, so one has to be careful on this blog) 😉

    4. Which episode of season 1 of SGU was your favorite?

    5. Are you opposed to just a bit more humor and action in SGU as long as it doesn’t override the general angsty theme?

  19. Question for Robert Carlyle for comic-con (via Rob Cooper): Has your perceptions or ideas of what your character’s motivations and beliefs changed from what you originally thought? Are you still curious as to what his ultimate goal really is aboard Destiny?

  20. Answer: Oh, I’m sure there would be many who would want to do the right thing, go back, and continue the fight – but it’s unlikely these conscientious individuals would be the ones calling the shots.

    Dude, dude, DUUUUDE! *shakes head in dismay* WHEN are you gonna learn that ‘continuing the fight’ in the Pegasus is NOT the right thing??! Had those pesky earthlings still been there, I’m sure not one human colony would be left alive! They totally threw off the delicate balance in the food chain, and caused much human pain and suffering in the process. No…best let the Stargate folks stay on earth, and allow the Pegasus galaxy time to heal.

    Of course, you can always try to wiggle out of it and write that now the Wraith are decimating their own human herds, but we all know it’s Sheppard & Co. that got the ball rolling, and are solely to blame for the mess they created in a galaxy not even their own.

    Teyla? Possibly, she’s got roots back in Pegasus, but I would think that the Milky Way’s comparatively safer environment would influence her decision. She’s now a mother after all.

    Okay, I’m gonna disagree with you here, Joe. As far as I can tell, the only real threat Teyla faced in the Pegasus was the Wraith, and mostly because she was a part of a team that was actively hunting them down (when the opportunity presented itself). For the most part, it seemed her people lived in peace among themselves, and had no threats that I know of from other human colonies. But here on earth? Let’s see what Teyla and her young son will face…

    She’s going to have to watch him like a hawk, protecting him from those who prey on children. No playing outside alone, NO playing in the street, no talking to strangers. Also, he can’t drink soda or eat candy or burgers and fries for fear of heart disease and diabetes. His crib has probably already been recalled, his toys are full of toxic chemicals, and he’ll probably get e coli from the first piece of lettuce he eats.

    Now, Teyla. Well, the big city can be far more dangerous than the whole of the Pegasus. There’s street gangs, and drug dealers, and opportunistic rapists, and people who just enjoy hurting other people for no good reason other than that they can. There’s also the traffic, the pollution, the poverty, the blight. The world scene is even worse – child soldiers, terrorism, disease, human trafficking and slavery, war…and the list goes on. Sure, there’s goodness here, and lots of people live in peace, but all she’ll have to do is watch a 1/2 hour of real world news, and she’ll be pining away for her homeland.

    So, don’t assume Teyla would be quick to set up permanent residence under the Milky Way stars. There are many pros and cons to both galaxies, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she opted for the relative innocence of the Pegasus over the all too sullied planet earth.

    Answer: I think it’s the route a certain type of person would go if they needed him badly enough.

    And what type would that be?



  21. What a wonderful doggie-dad you are! 🙂 I bet Jelly is lapping up all the attention – after giving you the cold shoulder for taking her to the vet. 😀

  22. Ack. Got so carried away, I forgot to give Jelly my love, and to give YOU, Joe, a doggy bone and pat on the head for being such a good doggy dad! So, come ‘ere, big fella, and lemme rub your belly…awwww, yeah…that’s it…that’s a good boy. How’s that? Does that feel gooood??


    Also, sending good vibes doggy mommy Deni’s way – I wish you and Elway (and the rest of the family) a peaceful evening and weekend! {{hugs}}


  23. In response to VWraithAnne’s question;

    I don’t have a problem feeding criminals to Wraith, I am actually for it. It would empty prisons, saving us money, and get intelligence, keeping us safe. The problem is, you can’t even feed a chicken to a starving african child without someone getting all up in your face about it.

  24. @PBMom, Sylvia, Brian M. White, Das, Sparrow, Riley and JOE: Thanks so much, all of you! He’s home, we’re tucked in bed, hopefully for the night. He’s exhausted, still sporting a IV catheter in his arm just in case, but otherwise, ok so far 🙂 Hope Jelly feels much better in the morning, and so hoping this works for her. Please give her an extra squish and a kiss from all of us. 😉

    And Joe, I loved this one:

    Negolith writes: “I tried watching SGU, I gave it a chance, but I found the characters to be such an unlikeable bunch of irredeemable whiners…”

    Answer: Too easy…

    🙂 Goodnight, all!

  25. @ Quade That is very true; you’ve gotta be pretty sneaky to get away with killing that chicken without some kind of comment regarding animal rights.

  26. @ das – You’re so right! Teyla’s son will probably get hooked on dangerous skateboarding, violent video games, girls with fast cars, drugs, become a shop-a-holic, drunk at high school football games, (no, wait, that was me) gambling, quarter pounder with cheese, homemade bombs, expensive jeans, colorful tatoos, body piercing, skittles, texting while driving, and that’s up to his teen years.
    Teyla will have to put up with tailgaters, nosey neighbors, fire ants, shoppers blocking the isle in the grocery store, slow lines at the bank, car insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, retirement plans, replacing that little light inside the refrigerator, mowing the lawn, and out of control teenagers. OMG! She has to go home, that’s all there is to it.

    @ doggie daddy Joe – I think Jelly wants her nails painted too. A nice shade of pink would look pretty. Don’t forget Lulu’s. We don’t want her to be jealous.

  27. Aww poor Jelly, I thought it was just a single shot. I didn’t realize it was going to mean being anesthetized again, plus multiple shots. She deserves the pampering and you DO deserve the mug!! Just watch out that she doesn’t pick up the ‘habit’!! Nothing worse than a pupster with an Oxy itch!! *grins*

    Why do you call Martin Gero Golden Boy?

    Hmm now why did I immediately become suspicious when you said…
    “I came across some wonderful behind-the-scenes shots from those final days. If everybody’s nice, I’ll see what I can do about posting a few in the next couple of days.”

    When it comes to SGA and SG-1 characters appearing on SGU, to me it kinda looks like you’re in the unenviable position of being damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, aren’t you? I knowwww… Captain Obvious reporting for duty Sir!! *salutes*

    @ Tammy Dixon – I’m glad you found a recipe that would work for you and thank you for letting me know. Three-quarters of my kitchen has been packed up, (inc. my cookbooks and recipe binders), as I’m moving in the next week or so. I was going to call my Mom in the morning to see if she had hers handy. I will warn you that they are very sweet. If you make them I hope you enjoy them (try freezing one and see if you like them frozen). *smile*

    Have a good one!!

  28. Poor Jelly! You seem to be doing a lot for her – hopefully she won’t be much of a diva after she’s better 😉

    In regards to Teyla and Kanaan, I noticed you mentioned Teyla as his wife. When do you imagine them carrying out the Athosian marriage ceremony? I do regret that we didn’t get to learn more about the Athosians. Necessity (the fear of being culled for example) can create a lot of interesting traditions/rituals and I think it would have been cool to see what kind of ‘bonding’ rituals are part of their culture. (I think you mentioned that you’d never read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. There’s a group called the Aiel that I sometimes think would share traits with the Athosians).

  29. @ Ponytail – I knew you’d see it my way. 😉

    @ Deni – Yeah, 😆 @ the “Too easy…” remark. He’s a quick one, our Joey. 🙂


  30. Is Kanaan going to be more a part of whatever Atlantis appearances there may be than he has been in the past? Are we going to get to see him be an interesting character? I think part of the reason so many people (myself included) were disappointed that Kanaan was the father of Teyla’s baby was that he was just some random nobody, rather than a character we knew and found interesting. But now that he’s here, I’d like to like him, so it would be great to see some character development with him like we got with Tomin (who I ended up really liking by the end).

  31. Being very nice, here… Atlantis pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  32. Hey Joe,
    I was wondering, are you sick of answering questions about the Stargate movies? Like in each entry someone manages to ask about them and you keep saying the same things over and over again about them. And if something happens in relation to the making of the movies, I know you would say so.

    I hope Jelly feels much better and make sure you pamper her even more!!

  33. Hey Joe,

    Don’t you find it hilarious that the same fans who just months ago were complaining about the lack of Atlantis characters on SGU are now complaining about the announced Atlantis crossover? Does it ever surprise you how batshit crazy some fans get?

  34. @ Robert Carlyle and Louis Feirrera via Robert Cooper: Are your characters going to have love lives anytime soon?

  35. Wasn’t there mention of a moon base at some point? Atlantis would be hard to find/detect by civilians with boats and telescopes if it were hiding on the dark side of the moon…

    I was curious, will there be any more green-themed episodes, or was that a one-time network thing?

  36. @Robert Cooper for the panel: Should Destiny’s residents adopt pets? What kind of pets might they find?

    @Joe: Well, whattayaknow, I’m right about something!

  37. In case you all didn’t know, John Scalzi’s dog died yesterday. http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/07/17/kodi-1997-2010/


    That’s two nights in a row I’ve been all teary. Last night they were tears of joy. Tonight, I’m bawling in anguish. Dogs are such a huge part of my life that I empathize deeply whenever someone loses their dog. 🙁

  38. So um, raincheck on questions for Erika? Because I once again am having difficulty seeing out of my eyeballs…

  39. @IdahoPotato

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t best describes it most. I think some people won’t be happy regardless of what occurs in SGU, said people are just born complainers anyway.

  40. @Deni,

    Glad to hear Elway is back home!!!

    Hugs and my best wishes,


  41. Hello Joe,

    Regarding your comments on Kanaan, the character is in a difficult position. Here, you have a character that (before we first meet him) is only mentioned once by Ronon. When we are finally introduced to him, he is a soldier for the enemy, so fans of the series are kinda’ conditioned to dislike him. Then we only see him once after he was rehabilitated, so fans are still somewhat uneasy about the character.

    Regarding Todd, I really liked the idea that Sheppard was willing to feed a prisoner to Todd in order to help a friend. For me, the fact that Sheppard was willing to do what he did is part of what made his friendship w/ Rodney so strong in the final season. His actions in season 4 helped to make that friendship come across very powerfully in episodes like The Shrine and The Last Man.

    I know that A lot of fans were uneasy about Sheppard doing showing a dark side, but I look at it as something that helped to show his willingness to help a friend in need. That he would cast aside his own moral values to help a friend was something that really affected me at the time the episode aired. 🙂

    Would he do it again… Doubtful. I don’t think that he looks at Todd the same way he did in Common Ground. I think he tends to view Todd as a bit of a complication that he could really do without (sorry Das)… I think that Sheppard will inevitably make good on his threat tht he made in EatG. Can’t wait to see what happens when the movoe eventually gets made.

    Best wishes,


  42. Darn two typos in one day. Is “movoe” even a real word? Apparently my blackberry thought it was… 😉

    I meant “movie”. Anyone know when the IPhone will support Verizon???

    Best wishes,


  43. @Das

    Quick question: I think Sheppard is more than willing to kill Todd at this point, but do you think that Todd would try to feed on Sheppard as a last resort (if it came down to it)?

    I have already stated the their relationship has changed considerably since Common Ground. But how so you think Todd’s opinion of Sheppard has changed (or has it)? I wonder if Todd has gone from considering Sheppard a “brother” (he said that at the end of Common Ground) to now looking Sheppard as a meal that mildly amuses him?

    Food for thought (pun very much intended)… 😉

    Best Wishes,


  44. Regarding Todd’s dietary needs.

    Didn’t you write, in this very blog, that Wraith could live off the energy of “lower animals”? As I recall, you said consuming humans was a preference; something like “lower animals” being “hamburger instead of steak”.

    Also, while Atlantis is in USA waters, I don’t think prisoners could be (legally) fed to Todd, even if they volunteer in order to have their sentences commuted, or if they are on Death Row. The Constitution of the US forbids “cruel or unusual punishment”. It’s not one of those pesky differences of opinion.

  45. What happened to the funny looking man with the pineapple?

    Will he be making a return to the blog?

    Mmmm!…..yummy sweet pineapple….delicious.

  46. With all those Q&A’s you’ve arranged (and they rock!), I’m out of questions… For some time…

    😀 Questions to any of the actors –

    What’s the best and worst part about working in front of a green screen?

    The first half of season 1 was about getting to know the characters, second half dealt with external threats. How would you describe the upcoming season?

    To Robert Carlyle –

    Rush seemed to soften a bit after episode “Human”. Will we see him doing some questionable and sneaky things again in season 2?

  47. hello, joseph.

    i was not sure where to post this, so this seems as good a place as any.

    i was one of those stargate fans who immediately took to sg-1 and sg-a. i fell in love with the characters within the first episode of each series and watched faithfully each week.

    then came sg-u. i’ll be blunt: i did not like any of the first ten episodes at all. i forced myself to watch out of obligation to the franchise. “boring” summarizes how i felt during my first viewing of the first ten episodes. this lasted until the last five minutes of “justice”. i literally walked around for ten minutes repeating the words “oh…my…god!” and “no…way!”

    since then, i have been hooked to sg-u. hooked is an understatement; i was a stargate fan before sg-u, but now, my support of the show has been taken to a new level. my fandom now extends to listening to stargate podcasts, reading snippets of upcoming story details, and, of course consuming your blog. after watching fifteen years of stargate, i did not think i could become an even bigger stargate fan, but sg-u has proven me wrong.

    as for the first ten episodes of season one, i watched them again, and FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I CANNOT REMEMBER WHY I FOUND THEM BORING. they are simply brilliant. in each case when i thought you left important plot details unfinished, you would later address my concerns in future episodes in a far more engaging, satisfying, and teasing way than i would have imagined possible. i have not been disappointed. not once!

    you, the cast, and the crew are extremely good at what you do, and i wish you all much continued success.

    an sg-u fan.

  48. Pics? *perks* Nice? Hmmm…

    We love you Joe, oh yes we do!
    We love you Joe, and we’ll be true;
    When you’re not with us, we’re blue!
    Oh, Joe-oh-oh, we love you!

    Everybody now!

    HMSGLC: holding my side giggling like crazy!

    Smiles, Julie

    @Deni – So glad to hear Elway is recovering!

    @Das – I know, it’s so unfair that Joe hit you with possible Todd and Wraith action right now, but STOP KEYBOARDING – you’re gonna make your crappy tunnel worse!

    @PBmom – good news yet?

    @ytimynona – so sorry, hon *patting shoulder* take your time, we understand :*(

    @Jelly – hang in there little girl, you have no idea how many people care about you!

    @Lulu, Bubba, & Maximus – be good to daddy, no more messing about in the kitchen, so daddy will be in a good mood and post the promised pics tomorrow 😉

  49. I’m looking forward to the crossover because it may generate more interest in getting the SGA movie made. I think it’s a good idea all around.

    Awww Jelly. Poor baby. You’re a good doggie dad, Joe. Such a cutie. The things that I’ve done for all the animals in my life.

    One of these days, I’m going to make it to ComicCon. One day.

  50. Hey Joe (whenever I say that I hear Jimi Hendrix), did Jelly get a tube down her trachea when she was under? I know this can cause an irritation. With pugkids, I know they have breathing issues so maybe they put a tube down to help with respiration.

    HUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUG To gorgeous little gal.. wishing her all the best. Don’t forget a nice doggy massage to help with blood circulation 😉

  51. Hey Joe!

    Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time in Vancouver. Got to see some of the folks from SG1 & SGA at GateCon. Met the extremely awesome and talented BamBam for coffee last week.

    Did a few things that you’ve blogged about like going to the Richmond Night Market tonight. That was the cherry on top of the week. So much food, not enough stomach for all of it.


    Other things I did were the standards like Whistler, Chinatown, Suspension bridge, Gastown, Granville st., Robson St, Olympic Cauldren and even road the sky train just to see more of the city!

    Feeling sad that tomorrow I have to leave! (

    Any chance with the crossover episode we will get to see Beckett in it??? I’m hoping so.


  52. Question for Robert Cooper at the panel:

    To any of the cast: At its best, what element of science fiction makes the genre the most appealing? On the same note, what type of science fiction do you find most appealing? – scientific problems, exploration of the human condition, pure fun and fantasy, space and exploration, or darker philosophical story lines?

    Thanks Joe! I’d love to see the various responses to that question! I know the cast has been asked similar… but I’d love to learn more details.

  53. @Riley@. I think most fans couldn’t really care less about Kanaan either way because he was never around and a pretty insipid character. He appeared out of nowhere to be the baby daddy, that seemed his only purpose. The only fans who express interest in him or want him to be with Teyla, are Shep/Weir fans. Well you can guess the reason for that. lol

  54. Thanks Joe and thanks Gilder!

    Hope Jelly is feeling better soon. Scratch her ears for me.

    Off to the wedding and Key West!


  55. Hi Joe in Season 2 of SGU:
    1)Will we find out where Destiny is its spaceial co-ordinates and what Galaxy they are in now just in case Rodney finds a case of zpms somewhere so they can send the General Hammond to catch up with Destiny?
    I mean are they in some galaxy we cant see from here or on any astrological maps?
    2) If the SGC dialed Destiny if they find a power source and sent heavy equipment through would the equipment fly out of Destiny’s gate and smash into the wall and be pulverized or okay to use still like a puddle jumper or could such pilot of jumper fly away in time and land on the floor?
    3) Was there ever any trouble with the MALPs crashing into the stargates on either sg-1 of sga going through the gate and directly into the wall on the other side of the gate props where it was heading?
    4) About ZPMs theorectically how many zpms would be needed to dial Destiny even for a minute connection?
    I’m thinking 100 zpms at least.

  56. Will the Fandemonium book ‘Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Homecoming’ affect the SGU crossover episode or Stargate Extinction?

    Are Fandemonium’s books considered canon?
    and if not why let them be written?

  57. Hi I have a pug related question for you. Our little man Ugg suffered two fits last night within 3 hours he is now at a specialist running tests where he had no further fits in about 16 hours. Both times he fitted It was as he woke up so kind of hoping it was a fluke or epilipsy for obvious reasons. Any ideas or have your herd ever suffered similar? Either way could you give yours a hug from us as it’s amazing the hole they leave when there not with you. Hope Jelly is doing well and completly get going to every expense for the little ones!

  58. ? for Erika, What is your favorite vegetarian dish to fix?
    Thanks Joe for asking Erika to do Q&A, sorry not more creative ? but I really enjoy reading responses(and I think some one else always thinks of the good ones-questions)

  59. Hey Joe I hope you can answer this

    1)Is there a reason why does Destiny have the Chevron on the floor to light up when all the other one light up

  60. Awww, you are a good doggie dad! Keep up the good work. Thanks for the update, the pictures and the mailbag.

    Das: you crack me up!

    Kymm: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule. I hate moving! So I hope you get moved and settled soon. I’ve had haystacks before but thought they would be harder to make. Thanks for the tip on freezing them.

  61. I heard Westboro Baptist Church is going to protest Comic Con. This one should be hilarious. I only expect it to happen one year. I’m assuming however they’re making their traveling money – law suits, weirdos who just like to watch trouble – won’t pan out this time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Somebody, please bring a camcorder.

    Forgive me if I don’t go straight to the source to investigate such a rumor. I’d rather take my chances at being wrong than expose myself to those sites. My religion, Christ-following, includes an expectation of pursuing sanctification and reading WBC stuff, even critically, isn’t part of that path for me.

  62. “Negolith writes: “I tried watching SGU, I gave it a chance, but I found the characters to be such an unlikeable bunch of irredeemable whiners…”

    Answer: Too easy…”

    I made it easy because I’ve noticed in the past that you have difficulty with honest criticism….

    Yeah, those horrible irredeemable whiners out in fandom – they follow the shows, buy the DVD’s, the tie-in novels, the merchandise, shell out big bucks for conventions, develop a passion for characters that make them spend hours of time doing videos or artwork or fiction that they get no compensation for….

    Horrible, ennit?

  63. Stryse writes: “I think the IOA would have a hard time letting Atlantis leave Earth. I’m thinking Homeworld Command would probably agree with them.”

    Answer: Wholeheartedly agree. It wouldn’t be in their interest to have Atlantis return to Pegasus – UNLESS…
    ==== = = = = = = =
    …And so, could our favourite former IOA person and current head of Atlantis (Richard Woolsey), have something to say about the eventual home of Atlantis? I love this guy – I can’t believe how talented the man is.

  64. Hey Joe im back!

    And I sprained my ankle and screwed up a bone in my foot! Ill be in a boot for about 4-6 weeks and i can’t run(obesity here I come) :p ! I guess more time to spend on your blog and GW and the campaign. 🙂

    Ok.. so quick question.

    Are there any updates on the movies. Have you maybe talked to MGM about going ahead with the movie(especially considering some will be appearing in season 2)? Have there been anymore updates on Revolution? Do you still think its possible the movies can shoot over the season 2 hiatus of SGU.

    I hate to say it but the situations of these movies have been really depressing. I really really hope we’ll hear something soon. Im running out of juice. 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  65. Lorne for congress, hm. He seems more like a career soldier and likely to be running a SG base somewhere.

    My brain is still incapacited from a surfeit of Lemon Meringue pie; first there was the happy pie eating, then the queasy feeling, followed by a desire to nap.

    Then I had Lemon Meringue bad dreams; I was battling some sort of enemy incursion, and then I had the idea to short circuit my rifle to turn it into a grenade, but when I threw the rifle it failed to detonate, causing the enemy to laugh heartily. Just when we started to get overun by the enemy suddenly I found myself at an outdoor fashion show. No more pie for me. I think I saw that “booby trap rifle” trick on SG or Star Trek.

    I hope Jelly will start feeling better soon from the procedure. She looks so forlorn with her bandaged paw, I am sending her a virtual hug.

  66. Questions for the cast:

    Do you find any special challenges in playing the role of a military man, especially in light of the awe they receive from some and the distrust from others?

    We saw Eli find out about the Stargate, how do the rest of you think your respective characters handled finding out about it?

    Is there any particular science fiction element you’d like your characters to experience, i.e. alternate universe, time travel, etc.

    A question for Ms. Kennair: what is your favorite science fiction element (time travel, alternate universe/timeline, body switching, sickness, etc.)

    @DP – I looked into what you said and yes, WBC is planning to picket the Comic Con. Like you, I find it offensive as a Christian that they call themselves such and yet act in a manner completely opposite the faith they profess. I think, however, that you can take some solace in knowing that they picket Christian churches as well (including a lot of my denomination the EFCA) proving at least in a small way that they aren’t part of the greater Christian church and that few condone their activities.

  67. @DP, one more thing: if they’re picketing Comic Con at least they can’t be desecrating some fallen soldier’s funeral disturbing his or her family’s mourning.

  68. @ Jen For the record I’m generally a “non-shipper”, and really don’t like “ships” between main characters. That’s why I like Teyla and Kanaan along with the reasons I stated earlier. While I may perfer Shep/Weir over other alternatives in fanfiction, I never wanted to see them together in canon while they were on the show. This is not really the place to discuss ship affiliations; but I felt I needed to clarify my position. Sorry.

  69. hi Joe, your dogs are cute, also if mgm decide to renew Stargate universe, will it just be on the viewing figures from the people how watched it there and then on that one night, or will they include the people who have recorded it on there dvrs.

  70. @ JimfromJersey – Congrats, sir! Best wishes to you both!

    @ Bryan M. White – Well, I don’t think Todd would go down without a fight.

    I’ve always been under the impression that Todd, regardless of the front he puts on, dreams about feasting on Sheppard’s lifestuff every time those two are within arms reach of each other. Afterall, Sheppard IS the strongest human he’s ever fed upon. To put that in Mallozzi-terms, I think Sheppard is Todd’s Pierre Herme foie gras macaron. 😉 But what holds Todd back (for the most part) is his cunning and common sense. He knows he needs Sheppard, and so he restrains himself even when he knows he has the upper hand. I also think that Todd has a certain respect for Sheppard. I do think Todd has more respect for Sheppard than the other way round, and I think he can think of this particular human as a ‘brother’ by Wraith standards. Sheppard IS very much like Wraith – he’s cunning, he’s ruthless, he’s going to do whatever he has to in order to survive. I think this is what Todd likes about Sheppard – he’s a challenge, he has to stay on his toes around him for fear of getting his own throat slit. John would fit in quite nicely in a Wraith hive.

    And Sheppard? Sheppard – being so Wraithlike – would kill Todd (his ‘brother’) in a heartbeat. He’s kept his word with Todd, and tolerates him and probably respects him to a degree, but Sheppard can’t see beyond his own hatred and military mentality to think of Todd as anything other than an enemy. Shame, that. Of course, I’m not sure if Sheppard and Todd could be anything more than what they are…would a Wraith agree to a friendship with one he considers so beneath himself? Would someone like Sheppard ever really trust a creature he believes to be so inherently ‘evil’?

    See – here’s a big difference between human and Wraith. As long as there is other food around, Wraith do not *need* to kill every human they come in contact with. They seem to enjoy having ‘pets’ (worshippers), and – of course – it’s in their best interests to keep human colonies healthy and thriving. Wraith need humans, but humans don’t need Wraith, and therefore have no qualms about killing them all.

    I know – rambling. Have many more thoughts on this, but it’s really HOT here, and I’ve been refinishing a table – outside – and the fumes and heat have finally gotten to me, so if I didn’t make any sense, that’s why. 😛 Table looks nice, however – I only did the top because it had some damage to the finish and that’s the surface we’ll be using, but left the ‘rustic’ legs as is. It’s going to be part of my nouveau-retro-medieval-whatever-the-hell-you-wanna-call-it kitchen redo. Nice old solid wood table with two large drop-leaves, and little ‘chew’ marks from some critter on the rail underneath (I suspect a parrot)…I LOVE the character it adds! Just sanded it down and put a tung oil finish on it for now…looks lovely, and ooooold…just the way I like it!

    @ JulieAloha – I’ve been typing TONS all week – billing and other stuff for the office. My sister came up to help out (summer is killer here), and with her helping dad, I was able to get out a month’s worth of billing this week. In other words, instead of doing bills each week like usual, I did 4 or 5 weeks’ worth. I was SO backed up because of the heat, and between the phone calls, the errand running, the phone calls, the bill paying, the phone calls, the payroll and taxes, the phone calls, the insurance decisions (since it’s renewal time), I just haven’t been able to get much billing done, not to mention my doctor’s and dentist appointments during this horrible heat wave that just doesn’t want to end.

    I SOOOO can’t wait for winter!

    @ Tammy Dixon – Here…here’s some plaster. Now, go patch up those cracks. 😉

    Of to our local hibachi place with all the family before my sister and her husband head back home tomorrow! I’ma gonna miss her. 🙁 She’s like Wonder Woman, or something…she saves me every time!


  71. @Rob Cooper for the panelists: You’re teaching “Acting 101” for a semester. What’s one thing you’d like the students to learn?

  72. @Major D. Davis

    Welcome back, hope you get better soon, and most of your questions were covered on previous day mailbags, if you need a quick answer anyway.


    I’ve always thought Hammond would make a good senior leader like beyond the job he had. Like president or something. Great guy.

  73. Hi Mr M!

    A quick post to say thanks for answering my question. I am very saddened to hear that about the SG Mag. I would relish each and every copy over the years. It was a great source of behind the scenes info, glossy snaps, adverts for upcoming cons and a terrific quiz at the back!!!

    Please pass on my very best wishes to all the staff and a HUGE thank you from Ireland for the many years of great entertainment.


  74. Oh no Deni…so sorry to hear Elway has been ill again…sending all my love.

    Cheers, Chev

  75. Re: crossover …..why yes of course we keep up with Aussie Sci-Fi (they have the best scoops) but as you’ve seen from the comments a crossover is way bigger than a couple of guest appearances. I’m still hoping for something epic with that ep though.

    Some questions for Rob for the panel:

    1. Is there less pressure and more energy on set acting in an ensemble show than being in one with a smaller cast with a few leads? How does it compare with work you’ve done in the past?

    2. Who gets whumped the most in Season 2?

    3. What other areas of film are you interested in? Writing, directing, ever wanted to try your hand at Sound Effects?

    4. IF Franklin’s consciousness was absorbed into Destiny to create Destliny who do you think Destliny would communicate with first? James, Brody, Volker, Eli, Young or someone else?

    5. What musical instrument do you play or would you like to learn?

    6. When you get together as a group, how do you manage to get a word in? None of you are exactly shy…lol

    7. Who sucks at Rock Band?

    Cheers, Chev aka imwebgurl

  76. Oooh one more for Rob’s panel:

    8. Which Robert Cooper episode is your favourite and why? 😀

    Cheers, Chev aka imwebgurl

  77. Would it be wrong to accidentally lock Kanaan in with Todd? Maybe, but it would tidy things up. Not that I’m a massive Teyla/Shep shipper, I probably enjoy the Sheppard/McKay relationship more, but its better than Teyla/Kanaan.

    Oh and thumbs up for Lorne coming out!!

    Cheers, Chev

  78. So is Golden Boy an affection term? ‘Cos I call a work colleague Golden Boy and its not.

    Cheers, Chev

  79. About stand alone show.
    @domdom writes: “Tell me if I’m wrong. I thought sgu was a stand alone show.”

    Answer: If, by stand alone, you mean it has nothing to do with previous incarnations then, yes, you’re wrong given that we had three guest stars from SG-1, O’Neill, Daniel, and Carter, right off the bat in the series premiere.

    You presented sgu as a stand-alone show not me when sgu was greenlighted.
    Of course I know there were three guest appearances in sgu last season.
    So Sgu was redirected and keep bound with SG universe.
    So sgu can’t live without some “old” guest from “old” show.

    Sorry but what do you mean by right off the bat in the sereis premiere. English is not my native language.

  80. @Nate, is it possible they were referring to the fact that it was the asgard’s knowledge which led to the construction of the device?

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