Pursuant to yesterday’s post pursuant to the previous day’s post pursuant to my post of two day’s earlier, I’d like to say “Brian, relax.  You’re still loved.”  Everybody makes mistakes (Except me, of course.  My record is spotless.).  I simply took issue with the assertion that Rob Cooper had no interest in seeing Atlantis go another season – specifically because he DID go to bat for us at crunch time.  Also, and this is something many fans may not be aware of, while both Brad and Robert very much looked forward to launching the third Stargate series, they were fully prepared and more than happy to wait a year for Atlantis to run its course with a sixth and final season.  Back in early January of 2009, Brad participated in a fan Q&A in which he said as much: “My preference would have been another season of Atlantis, alongside two new movies, then Universe.”  Unfortunately for Atlantis fans, it didn’t work out that way but, in retrospect, Stargate fans in general have greatly benefited from a great show, Stargate: Universe, that has kept the franchise alive and well and forward looking.

Hey, look’t what I got in the mail today from blog regular Maryanne…

Thanks, Maryanne.  Much appreciated.  Carl is envious.

Speaking pugs, I took my pug, Jelly, in for a consultation the other day.

She's the one not in the pink.

Apparently, she’s a good candidate for this stem cell transplant I mentioned in a previous post. The poor old gal suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis of her elbows, but the vet believes she could be helped by a procedure that involves harvesting tissue from the fat deposits in her belly (she’s got more than enough to spare), sending it to a lab in San Diego that uses a centrifuge to separate the stem cells therein, then having the lab send the concentrated stem cells back to the hospital where they’ll be injected into the problem areas. Judging from the online research I’ve done, early returns are positive and the vet I spoke to says he has performed nine such procedures, with eight of the nine showing promising returns.  It’s a hefty price tag – about the price of a business class ticket to Tokyo – but I’m willing to sacrifice now so that, years from now in my old age, she’ll no doubt do the same for me.  Anyway, she’s scheduled to undergo the treatment in mid-July.  I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, by the way, Maryanne – sorry about your Aussie soccer team not making the cut at the World Cup.  Also, my condolences to fellow Italian soccer fans who witnessed their team…well, they didn’t witness much as Italy was barely able to muster a couple of ties before bowing out to Slovakia today.  I’m not making excuses for them, but I suspect they were sitting back hoping to win the game in the penalty shoot-out – not realizing there are no penalty shoot-outs in the first round.  Also, condolences to French fans who saw their team melt down, mutiny, and refuse to practice.  The cherry on the crepe suzette was French coach Raymond Domenec refusing to shake the hand of South African coach Carlos Alberto Parreira after the conclusion of France’s final match, a 2-1 loss to South Africa.

Quelle horreur!

In keeping with the soccer theme, I received a red card from one of the on-set officials today.

Frankly, I think it was a bullshit call.

On my way back from Stage 4, I passed by that new building that just went up on the lot and caught a peek at what construction was working on for an upcoming episode.  Spoiler alert!

Then, a halfway across the parking lot, I came across this handsome fella –

Jamil Walker Smith takes over for Kiefer Sutherland in newly announced next season of 24.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Briangate 78.  Grey skies are gonna clear up!  Put on a happy face!  Blah blah robubba jibbub!  Put on a happy face!  Zub nub nub all over the place!  So put on a happy face!

86 thoughts on “June 24, 2010: Oh and one more thing! Gift in the mail! Jelly update! Pics!

  1. Mr. Mallozzi, just wanted to say thanks for putting a smile on my face today. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog since January. I will keep Jelly in my thoughts.

  2. @Briangate78

    What the turd dude? :(. You didn’t enjoy all the discussions we had on the ratings thread? 🙂 I really don’t want to see you go. People like you are the guys that make me want to hang on gateworld… Please don’t leave. We can start a thread.. A just positive thread where me and you and majorsal and other non negative people can hang in the off topic thread. :). Please don’t go. 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  3. Oh and lol, Jamil does look Kiefer-esque. Looking forward to season 9… Where Jack Bauers adopted brother, Ronald Bauer, kicks some terrorist a**! 😉

  4. Hey Joe,

    Too bad about Italy aye, I was expected them to beat NZ (I’m from NZ) but I was quite disappointed with the way the Italians acted in the game, constantly faking injuries for nothing, plus that big dive that guy did in the penalty box!

    So NZ, who are only in the world cup for the second time ever, who were expected to lose every game, drew every game and finished higher than Italy, even if we didn’t get through to the next round. I think we surprised a lot of countries!

    A quick question – do you really follow Ice Hockey at all? I’ve followed your blog for quite a while now, and can only remember you mentioning it a few times, mainly the Olympics. Do you support Montreal or the Canucks, or someone else?


  5. Re: Spoiler Alert

    So, they finally found the garbage disposal! Congratulations to all on Destiny for their perseverance!
    (Although you’ve now ruined the episode for everyone. Thanks a lot 🙁 )

    das I actually have five of the evil demon creatures now. Yes, it’s official, I’ve become a blue-haired crazy old cat lady.

    pg15 Wow! How is it that you’re not already working for Stargate????? I particularly love the infusion of more drama by the use of heavy doses of dramamine.

    However, I’m not so sure that I like the idea of sen

    tences being started one week and concluded the next. Maybe you could just ask a question, physical injury to someone (fell down those blasted stairs again), or whatever instead?

    Then provide the answer/resolution/cast the following week. Sounds like a plan to me.

    One more thing, how are you going to work your Stargate duties into your attendance at CalTech? Thinking of moving the production to California? Not gonna happen! We will band together to stop you, fiend! 😉

  6. “She’s the one not in the pink.” – I wonder what das’ comment will be?


  7. OMG! They arrived!! For those that don’t know Maryanne = Chev = @imwebgurl.

    They look even better in the photo. You’re so welcome. I was supposed to get you cufflinks for your birthday but went with the calendar instead and got Ivon some Maple Leaf ones for his birthday. I’ll have to share the website with you.

    Anyhoo….if Carl wants a pair of cufflinks he’ll have to work for it….maybe write in a scene on SGU for Cadet Hess…remember him? Or perhaps just pose for a photo with a sad puppy dog face.

    Thanks for you condolences re our soccer team..I still have Uruguay, they’re my dark horse team but I’m sucking in my pool. You might like this: Ed Kavalee vs Italy.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Awww that was nice of you…. *sniffs*

    It looks like that little jezebel Jelly is about to plant a big wet one on the pink …..what is it …a frog (the feet look like a frog’s), so did she ditch Mr. Ducky and break his heart? That’s really good news about her being a candidate for the stem cell replacement therapy. Hope it helps!!

    Those are really cute cuff links. See when I said that your pig links were pugs, I was just having a vision of the future, because now you have a pair of Pug Links. Do you wanna know what else I see in the future?

    I notice you didn’t say who was winning the pool and where you stood in it, it must be pretty bad eh? I bet Ashleigh is kickin’ yer butt, isn’t she?

    Joe writes “Everybody makes mistakes” …and some more than others….ummm… could you just remember saying that. I’m thinking of adding it to my signature. *giggles*

    The Spoiler Alert – looks like a good chance for snow…

    Have a good one!!

  9. As an Australian I’m sad we bowed out of the world cup, but I’m glad I can now go back to ignoring soccer for another 4 years.

    Also love the blog Joe, only started reading after first watching SGU so long time lurker first time poster. Keep up the good work (both the blog and SGU)!

  10. Probably shouldn’t ask such an indelicate question but – how old is Miss Jelly? I really hope that she will make a good improvement.

    World Cup – Scots are usually accused of supporting whichever team is playing England. Would I be so petty? Probably – if I was interested in football.

    Years ago there was a national football match at Wembley Stadium (London). England v Scotland and I think that the English may have won. However the Scots invaded the pitch and took home goal posts and much of the turf. Much fun was had by all!


  11. Ok I will ask is that a ponytail on the side of Jamil’s head there or is that Kiefer hair? Wasn’t sure there,.He looks so serious, maybe he didn’t know you were taking his picture?>>
    I do hope the stem cells work for Jelly, What great advances in science they have made, for sure, keep us posted.
    Nice cufflinks Joe, now if you just had a suit to wear them with, aha, an excuse to shop! oh wait, maybe thats me, and the shopping… need more chocolate and will think about it.
    Enjoy the day/night.afternoon, whatever!!

  12. that’s a lot of Styrofoam!

    So far my world cup team is doing all right (Germany! yeah!). I kind of hope they end up playing Japan.

    I am running a 10k Saturday morning – wish me luck 🙂 (To at least not be last.)

  13. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jelly.

    And why does Jamil have a lock of red hair curling down the right side of his neck?

  14. Those cuffs really are priceless. A worthy gift to a worthy man.
    I wish you the best of luck with Jelly and the procedure. My research has been inconclusive thus far, but my local vet seems to believe it’s legit. For that price we expect to see Jelly tap dancing on her hind legs when they are done. Or at least have her no longer require your services for the most basic of movements.
    I am sorry about your Italians going down in flames. I can’t say the same about watching the French behave badly. South Africa is working hard to be a good host, and with the French team seemingly intent on setting the mark for most obnoxious behavior, I admit to some relief that America is not vying for that spot. So how is the pool going at this point?
    Very yummy pictures, especially of a certain actor who plays a hard charging sargeant. Makes a great ending for a long day Thanks for taking the time to post, not to mention working your way through all the comments daily.

  15. Hey I learned a new phrase today!

    “What the turd dude?”

    Thanks Major D. I’m gonna use that at work tomorrow! See ya in the unemployment line! 😆

  16. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Jamil Walker Smith
    in some sort of “24-esque” TV show or film.
    I think that he’d be really good for a possible role
    in something of that nature.

    Is Jamil available?…what is he up to these days anyhow?

  17. Hey Joe,

    Glad to hear that there’s something you can try for Jelly.. Hoping it works out!

    You’ve seen Blood, right? I just finished it, and I loved it. Initially I didn’t like the ending, and then my brother informed me that you always have to watch the credits at the end of an anime, and I’m much happier with it.. Though I really enjoyed the series as a whole.

    I know you’ve done posts on animes in the past (I have them bookmarked for summer viewing LoL) but if I liked Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Last Exile are there any along those veins which you’d recommend of the top of your head?

    Hope all’s well with you, doggy health issues aside.
    Nadine Ramsden

  18. “Stargate fans in general have greatly benefited from a great show, Stargate: Universe, that has kept the franchise alive and well and forward looking.”
    While I agree with that for me, that statement doesn’t sit well with me because there are many fans who did not benefit from SGU at all. But on the other hand, you can’t please anyone. I just worry about negative reactions to that statement.

  19. I’ve been reading about the possible applications for stem cells for years. I’m particularly interested to see if they can repair spinal cords in the future. It is so promising.
    Do you know how long it will take for them to prepare the stem cells from Jelly and do the injections? Poor girl. It sucks getting older!!!!! Good luck and just think, Jelly will get a liposuction out of this! All the rest of your pooches will want the procedure now 😉 .

    Narelle: sorry about those late nights. I hope you make some mula from the job, at least!!!!
    I haven’t read Weather Wardens yet. My mom was visiting, so I didn’t get to read while she was here. Thank you, for the Outcast suggestion, I made a note to look it up. I’ll pull up W. W. on the reader this weekend.
    Hubby LOVES the “mega” Sony ereader (Reader Daily Edition?). He doesn’t use the wireless except to download PC magazine. It’s screen is much larger than my pocket addition. I read that there IS a price war going on among the top ereaders to compete with the ipad. That ipad looks very cool for magazines. I don’t think I would enjoy reading a book with the ipad, but for a fun gadget, it looks cool.

    Thanks for the pictures, Mr. M.!!!

  20. Hey Joe,

    I hope it all goes well with Jelly.

    Found out the other day why Ralph’s leg hadn’t been healing. This worked its way out of his body on Tuesday. Slight ick alert on the pic.
    Yup, that’s been inside him since September, and despite our continual visits to the vet, it wasn’t picked up. Our poor guy was so miserable on Monday night he wouldn’t leave my lap. And at his size that hurts. On Tuesday morning he came up and I saw something white sticking out of the wound in his leg and pulled that out.
    At least we know now but doesn’t mean we’re happy about it.

    Tammy – I hope you like the Weather Wardens! Fun read.

    I’ve seen there’s a price war. I have no doubt we’ll have an iPad in our house at some point, but I won’t be using it for reading. It’s the technology of the Readers which help with my eyes that attracts me. My eyes are stuffed after 12 hours in front of the computer so the Reader alleviates some of that strain. I’m considering handing down my Reader to Mum in a couple of months and getting another. But I have such an attachment to it now! Sounds like your Hub is addicted! I do sympathise 🙂

    Yep, getting paid for the work, but I don’t get paid on degree of difficulty unfortunately.

  21. @ Maryanne – LOVELY gift!

    @ Jelly – Hope you’re back in the pink soon!

    @ Elminster – SEE??! I CAN be good. 😀

    @ cat4444 – We have 3 indoor (one old gal that I’m surprised survived the winter…so will probably be down to 2 soon), and a bunch outside. All the ferals except two males we haven’t been able to trap yet are fixed. Mr. Das kinda named them…he’s not real original. Lemme see…there’s:

    Moustache (I call him ‘Staches’ – he’s a tuxedo-type cat with big, white whiskers against his black face.)
    Charger (he’s ‘bossy’, always pushes the other cats away.)
    Patches (white, with tabby ‘patches’ on his back.)
    Kitten (was a kitten last year…soooo… )
    Sweet Pea (I call her Peanut, she’s tiny.)
    Tabby (A tabby…also known as Fat Tabby)
    Tabby #2 or Phantom Tabby (Another tabby… 🙄 )
    Front Yard (because he lives in the front yard. 😛 )

    There’s also occasional visitors: Moustache Jr. (Sibling to Moustache), Momma Cat (Now spayed, she’s Sweet Pea’s mom), and a new one – a little black and white kitten we are calling WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM??!

    @pg15 – It’s been a crazy day – haven’t had a chance to give a listen to that video. I will as soon as I can.

    @ Joe – You guys need to hire pg. Now. 🙂

    In other news…This has been a craptastic week. Hotter than the hubs of hell – second heat wave already this season. It’s been in the 90s, high humidity, with a heat index today of 103. We’re just not used to this sort of extreme weather. So, of course, our one mechanic decided to take off for a week. All sorts of air conditioners and refrigeration going down, and this guy suddenly takes a vacation, leaving the workload on our second, less-experienced mechanic, and a friend who used to work for us, has his own business now, but is helping us out. Still, he has his own customers, so he’s split between us, and them. We’ve had ads in the paper, but just can’t find a mechanic who knows commercial refrigeration AND has a valid driver’s license. I swear, all the suspended drunks must live in Jersey. 🙄 Every year we have a hell week like this, but usually a bit later in the season. This early heat wave has been killer, and it’s taken a toll on us all, especially dad who is just getting too old for this.

    We’re supposed to go canoeing on Saturday, but if this heat and humidity keeps up, I’m staying home in the AC!

    Lou Anders’ Swords & Dark Magic anthology arrived yesterday – very excited to read Moorcock’s new Elric novella that’s included. I did begin to read it, but I got to a part about Elric’s ‘urgent, alien body’…and my mind started wandering and then I totally forgot where I was and what I was doing…

    Yup. I’m THAT easy. 😛 😛 (Which reminds me, I have a story to finish reading. 😉 )

    Nites, Joeykins!


  22. @ponytail..

    See ya tomorrow evening. :). I’m a veteran at unemployment. I usually use that phrase in all my job interviews but I guess they just don’t get my sense of humor. :p. Maybe I’ll get hired at some whoopie cushon factory… They will probably be able to appreaciate and identify with my potty humor. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  23. I’m sorry Joe. But I TOLD YOU! Italy is going to try again in 4 years. Also, the picture with Louis with a Brazilian Jacket and a Portugal cap is effing awesome. Funny thing is that he was born in the Terceira Island in the Azores, that was actually called Insula de Brasil (Brazil Island) around 1430, that’s before America and Brazil was discovered (!). So in some way, he is Brazilian LOL!
    Also interesting:
    Brazil the Mythical Island

    I wonder, do Louis still knows any portuguese?

  24. What’s with all the paper? Someone’s practical joke? A script gone really wrong? Louis is really funny. I wonder if he walked around all day with the red card.

    Good luck with Jelly. The things that they can do nowadays with animals. One of my cats was radioactive for a while. Seriously. There’s a procedure for the thyroid that can make a cat radioactive for up to two weeks.

  25. To Briangate, you crazy kid: We should totally create our own little hub of hilarious awesomeness for us Gateworld fellas that just wanna have fun. We’ll include swathy Latino boys for RedDevil, blackjack and hookers for EvilSpaceAlien, and all of your favourite dog toys!

    To Joe, you crazy kid: What script are you working on at the moment? Or is it break-time?

  26. HI Mr M!

    Nice thoughtful blog entry.

    So, Gilder is gone back on her travels. It was great to talk SG and swop tales of likes and dislikes, with a fellow fan. Always feel a bit on the outer rim here, so it was great to chat with some one who does indeed know their Asgard from their elbow!
    This marks the 3rd Joe M Blog regular who has visited me here in Ireland. *take a bow Vikitty and Antoa315!* I feel my house is turning into an SG-Rivendell.

    Also, Gilder got a sneak peek at a little gift I managed to pick up recently for a certain Exec Producer.

    Best to all at The Bridge


  27. Heheh that ref of yours – well his eyes match the card ..and he looks a bit ‘Young’ to be a ref 😛

    Nice cufflinks!

    All the best to little Jelly-belly.. she’ll be fine and running rings around you in no time.

    Boo to the French Coach.. how rude!

  28. Bonjour Joseph!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mon dieux mais ne montrez pas ces images, nous sommes déjà la risé du monde, ça ne fait qu’enfonçer le couteau dans la plais!! Pour dire vrai je n’ai jamais entendu parler de football durant cette coupe du monde (concernant la France), j’avais l’impression chaque jours d’assister à un épisode de Dallas, avec toujours de nouveaux rebondissement..je me demande comment ont en est arrivé là =(! En tout cas je peu vous dire que tout le pays à honte de cette équipe de france et du staff qui les entoures.
    Ahhh oui l’Italie! Dommage que ça soit terminé pour elle, au moins elle sortie par la grande porte, grâçe à ce beau match contre la slovaquie!

    Maintenant que l’Italie est éliminé, qui allez vous supportez?

    Moi le portugal et les USA! =)

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!!

  29. That’s one awesome gift. 😀

    Will we ever find out how did the Blue Aliens get hold of the communication stone? It’s quite obvious that Rush didn’t take one with him.

    (I know I keep asking this, but I’d really like to know.) When will we know more about TJ and her backstory? Please tell us it’s before late S2.

  30. Je pense que l’équipe de France de cette année a été une honte, pas une vrai équipe mais des millionnaires stupides. Ils ont déçus la France pas parcequ’ils ont perdu mais parcequ’ils se sont mal comportés (Domenech qui refuse de serrer la main, Anelka qui insulte son entraîneur). J’ai vu le match entre les USA et l’Algérie et même si au début je soutennais l’Algérie, je souhaite bonne chance aux américains pour la coupe du monde de la FIFA.

    Et vous Joseph, qui soutenez-vous ? Quelle équipe est la votre ?

    PS: J’écris en français plus simple pour que les gens comprennent mais si vous comprennez un français plus complexe dites le s’ilvous plaît. 😉

  31. What a nice gift from Maryanne! Dudette, you did a great job picking those out. 😀

    I think Carl would look great wearing an amulet that holds two pics: one side would be him, and the other would be a greyhound. That was incredibly funny.

    Funny pic as well of Louis (with facial hair; so very Latin, and dashing *g*) with the red card. I suspect it was well-deserved, by whomever, for a variety of reasons. (Similar to Clue, only non-participants seem rarely to find out what went down. I’m learning to let teasers slide just like water down Mr. Ducky’s back.)

    @ Kymm

    Gotta agree with you that Jason M.’s ride from two-three years back looks like a retro Mary Kay award car. — Is there something iconic about ’50s – ’60s pink Cadillacs? I’ve never heard the Bruce Springsteen song.

    Nah, Jelly wouldn’t bail on Mr. Ducky. Appearances can only count for so much. (What I’d like to think, anyway. . .)

  32. Narelle: That is SOME splinter! I’m very surprised that plank didn’t show up on X-ray! It must have been obscured by the bone? How did that opossum shove the plank into Ralph anyways?! Now I KNOW that opossums fight dirty!
    If you are upgrading then look at the Daily Reader ereader. It’s a touch screen, the interface is improved, it has 16 colors of gray (instead of 8), bigger screen, and a removable battery. It came with a zippered cover and a wall recharger, as well.
    I’d wait on the ipad, myself. When the competition releases their versions, I’m sure ipad will drop their prices to compete. One thing about the ipad that bugs me, is that there is no SD card slot!

  33. Narelle: sorry but I looked at the picture again. It’s a drain tube! No wonder you are upset! Ralph must have chewed off the sutures holding the tube and the tube got sucked in. That must have been some deep wound!
    Anyway, I hope Ralph gets back to normal now.

  34. Hello Joe.

    Glad to hear that there is something that can be done for Jelly. please give her our best wishes, and extra hugs.


    Best Wishes,


  35. Hey Joe,

    Thank you for the reply, it was more than I expected. You are a true gentleman. I just need to be careful what I post in the future.



  36. Best wishes to Jelly.

    Hmmm, Extreme Makeover: Destiny? They get nice window treatments and some Italian marble in the foyer?

  37. Before I enlarged the picture of the cufflinks, I thought they had Ewoks on them. 🙂

    (Which also would have been cool, but wouldn’t have made as much sense as the pugs.)

  38. Mr M, I echo Thornyrose‘s request for update on the office pool for the World Cup. Who is in the lead?

    It’s been an interesting & unpredictable World Cup so far. Any thoughts on that gaudy red kit the English team were sporting in the game against Slovenia?

    Nice cuff links from Chevon7 AKA Maryanne

  39. My kids would have so much fun in that polystyrene mountain!!! my guess – they going back to get mo’ ice???

  40. Great news about Jelly. I wish that option had been available when my shepherd went through the arthritis/dysplastic hip mess. She went through a lot but was a real trooper and enjoyed many years out in the country barking at my horses and chasing evil squirrels and cats (please remember as a dog, all squirrels and cats are evil). Family and friends gave me a hard time about spending a great deal of $$ for the available treatments at the time and kept saying how money would be better spent on starving children. The situation was difficult and the lack of support devastating, so it’s great that you have such a supportive following! My basic philosophy has always been to put the interest of my pets first, so if they are comfortable and happy more than not, that’s the bottom line.

    I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out. I have a senior horse who will probably be facing arthritis in the coming years so it would be interesting to see if this treatment can be used in horses. Joint issues are among the leading causes of having to put a horse down. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce that???

    Good luck Jelly and kudos to you Joe for giving her the opportunity.

  41. Ewww poor French team, I was like Oo! each episode of this total mess !
    Algeria is out too, after a really good game against USA.
    So who am I gonna support…
    For the video of Raymond, he was so much disappointed about the team and those events that he could’nt admit what was happening to him. He knew for a long time ago that he would be out after the WorldCup. But he should have shake South Africa Coach’s hand, it’s just respect.

    Louis looks awesome, this guy is so funny.
    Is Jamil a kind of first black famous spy of USA now ? And I think I see some long hair…weird.

    Bye Joe.

  42. Domenech est une honte pour la France… la masquarade assez duré, 6 ans qu’on attend son départ…

  43. Joe, can you say what happened to the Third Shuttle Destiny had? Was it destroyed in an attack against the ship by an unknown force at an unknown point during the last 50+ million years?

  44. @ Narelle – Poor Ralphie!! I hope he heals up quick now that that…whateveritis…is out of him! Give him big smoochies from me! 😀


  45. Hi Joe,

    What was the red card for?? Come on, whaddya do???

    Also, is it just me or does Lt. Greer need to trim his right ear hairs to get back into military spec? Or has he been infected with some sort of mutated wookie virus in season 2. Oh I can’t wait!!


  46. Awesome news about Jelly…worth every cent. How long will it take before you see results?

    I’ve had a couple of days to ponder over my RCC top 10 and my order is:

    1. Vegas – that is my fave Stargate episode eva!!! I cried at the end
    2. Time – such a clever script….did he have to draw it up on the whiteboard when he was pitching it?
    3. Doppelganger – Shep vs Shep…thank-you for writing that fight scene
    4. The Fifth Race – great team episode and the Asgard – wow!
    5. Runner and Sateda – 2 wonderful Ronon episodes, I find it hard to split them
    6. Threads – made me cry
    7. Paradise Lost – I loved the feel of this. SGU Human reminded me of Paradise Lost. Love O’Neill & Maybourne banter
    8. Heroes – made me cry again
    9. Meridian – made me cry again and again and again
    10. Citizen Joe (story by) – I know our heroes aren’t in this much but I really got into the story and Joe…this was one of the cleverest ideas for a clip show I’ve seen.

    OK…so technically this was a top 11 but can you blame me? There so many top eps. I guess to sum it up – Robert Cooper makes me cry.

    I have a feeling I’ll be adding some of Season 2 eps to my list – Malice…hehe

    Cheers, Chev

  47. Narelle – OMG that’s massive…you’re so lucky that Ralph is still with you….poor “notsolittle guy”


  48. Narelle poor wee Ralph. I bet he feels like biting the vet for their poor treatment of him. Give him a hug from the two kitties and me.

    I had a look at some of your other pictures – until I got to the ‘wrapped rodent’. I am a little freaky about such things – the picture will probably give me nightmares.

  49. Great news for the Jelly update!
    WOW…good for Jamil. He is and will continue to be awesome.
    Maryanne – fantastic cuff links. So coool.
    Louis/Luis is great. So, what did you do to deserve the red card? and, not to mention the red eyes. Good thing this is SGU and not Doctor Who that had the Ood with red eyes that was a bit scarey.
    Good luck for the rest of the cup challenges and may the best world team win…and the best pool “sharpie” win.
    Of course, we would like to know those results. Enquiring minds and all.

  50. Wow I need to get my eyes checked, Totally didn’t see through J. Louis’s awesome disguise 😀

    And is it just me or is Jamil slowly turning into Dr. Kavanaugh A.K.A Pony-tail guy, From Atlantis? (My bet is you guys put that lock of hair there to mess with us :D)

  51. Oops, Sorry for the smileys. I know how much you hate those. *insert little yellow circle with winking facial expression*

  52. That’s good news about Jellys treatment Joe, hope she gets better as a result. If only all pet owners were you like you, most probably wouldn’t bother to treat anything like that, it just shows the love you have for Jelly. I hope it all works out in the end of her.

    Speaking of that Red card pic, Portugal cap and Brasil jacket, lol. I think todays game between the 2 teams was pointless because regardless of what happens both teams were through to the final 16. Which was why the Brazillian team rested its best players.

  53. @ Otros Ojos – Yup, Elvis made the 50’s pink Cadillac an icon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis%27_Pink_Cadillac

    …. I bet you have heard the song, and just aren’t placing it….. Springsteen’s Pink Cadillac has been covered by a lot of people (Jerry Lee Lewis, Natalie Cole, Melissa Etheridge etc), as I was grabbing the link for you. I noticed that even Alvin and the Chipmunks have covered it, which made me laugh, although it’s somewhat disturbing on some level, given the fact that the term is a sexual metaphor.

    There isn’t a ‘real’ video for it (it was the B side of Dancing in the Dark), so I grabbed the lyrics video, there are a couple of live versions, but he plays/sings it slower and you can’t dance to it. I definitely prefer the faster version. Check it out!!


  54. Jo,
    some questions for the mailbag.
    will we be seeing any of the Atlantis crew in SGU?

    The ftl drive. As this is a drive that allows you to travel faster than light speed why arent they experiencing no time lag? e.g. the ancient ship in atlantis that was maxed out to light speed and had been traveling for 10,000 years and had not aged? should this not be the case with destiny?

    Is the Atlantis gate room set still up?

  55. @Kymm,

    And the Boss set it against the Peter Gunn theme. 🙂

    One of the better songs on the Tracks Boxed set…

    Best wishes,


  56. French coach Raymond Domenec refusing to shake the hand of South African coach Carlos Alberto Parreira because he has said 2 mounth ago “It is a shame for the football but it is like that… Henry cheated at the particular moment.” about the hand during ireland vs france. Raymond Domenec is a shame today, but when france was in final in 2006 he was one hero.


  57. @Jelly – hugs to you,Jelly, hang in there.

    And all those nice things I once said about Best Buy – I take it back. After buying a new washer and dryer… the dyer….won’t fit in the “closet” because of the vent. The answer to that was… stack them. Well that’s fine, but now try and get Best Buy to do it. 2 days, 1 hour 15 minutes on the phone , I still have to wait a week to get them out here to do it, EVEN THOUGH I called when they told me to, to check to make sure the installation was scheduled, TWICE,I called to be sure and all I got was lies,LIES,LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. @ Brian M White – No, I had no idea that there was talk of Springsteen ganking….. ahem….. paying tribute to the Peter Gunn theme music.

    I did some checking and there is a link in this forum to ‘Coincidences, Rip-Offs, Homage’ which you can do a direct comparison between the two songs. Personally I can’t hear the similarity, but then it may have something to do with the arrangement ….??? Maybe it’s the horns getting in the way, but obviously some people can hear it, hence the controversy. Perhaps, I’m tone deaf… I know I sure as heck can’t sing, maybe that’s been my problem all along *huge smile*


    Have a Good One!!

  59. @ Kymm

    Thanks so much for the info and the links. You’re right: once I watched the video, the lyrics registered as a Natalie Cole song – just one that didn’t really stick with me.

    Don’t know what the Alvin & the Chipmunks producers could’ve been thinking when they green-lighted that one (hmm, maybe $$ spent by parents wanting a little payback for indulging their kids. . .) I’m just glad Weird Al Yankovic didn’t cover it. 😉

  60. So, with RCC gone, who is stepping up?

    Oh, btw, general stargate question: Why do we never see any Earth corporate executives travelling through the gate to our allied worlds to engage in trade? It isn’t government agents that do commerce, its business people. It is annoying that the only business people we see in any of the Stargate shows are portrayed as no good crooks.

  61. Thx 4 everyone’s kind comments regarding the cufflinks…it may become my signature gift…that and iphoto calendars & books….oh and Beers of the World – one of my fave gifts for guys. Plus, I did send David Blue an “I geek sgu kino” t-shirt – that was a fun gift too. Hope I stumble on a photo of him wearing it at a con or something…keep your eyes open folks.

    I’ll shut up now…

    Rob’s last day today ….dammit he’s made me cry again 🙁


  62. •*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*• ★★ Thanks Robert C Cooper ★★ •*¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•

    Best wishes for whatever you do in the future.

    Cheers, Chev

  63. @Kymm

    Thanks for the link. I thought it was just me… 😉

    Best Wishes,


  64. Hm, who in the SGU office pool had Uruguay in their bracket?

    Exciting news about Jelly, who has the most kind puppy face.

    Oh and nice rendition of the Ewok version of “Put On a Happy Face.”

    Next January if you have some vacation time you may want to venture to the mountains of western Pennsylvania to take part in the one of a kind Penn State seminar on ice cream making at the Penn State Creamery. Penn is the alma mater of the Ben and Jerry, I kid you not:



  65. Whew! I take it back. You’ve definitely got me beat in the “crazy cat lady” category. Yay! 🙂

  66. In keeping with the soccer theme, I received a red card from one of the on-set officials today.

    Frankly, I think it was a bullshit call.

    Red card. Red flames.

    Joe, were you playing with matches again? Anyone see any more fire trucks outside the studio the other day?

  67. I’m glad Jelly is a good candidate for the procedure. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  68. Joe, so, is Luis Ferrera and big brasil team soccer fan? I hope he cheers for Dunga’s team today against Chile.

  69. Dobrý deň neviem či to tu už bolo ale , chcem sa spýtať ako to vypadá s tretím SG -1 filmov a prvým SGA filmom na internete som čítal všelijaké fámy ,že bude ale aj nebude tak mohli by ste aspoň povedať ako to s ním vypadá ?? 😀 I m Slovak fan of Stargate .
    thanks to reply

  70. Hello I do not know whether it’s here already but I want to ask how it looks with the third SG -1 SGA movie and the first film on the internet I read all sorts of rumors, but that will not so you could at least say it as it looks? ? : D I m Slovak fan of Stargate.

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