Last night, we went out for Rob’s final meal.  In Vancouver.  For a while anyway.  We ended up going to The Flying Tiger, a restaurant that specializes in “Asian street food”, some great, some truly horrendous.  I suppose it depends on what street you happen to be strolling through.  Sketchy back alley offerings including alarmingly fishy toto tuna sushi tempura and Hawker street noodles that tasted like they’d been boiled in dish water.  On the sunny side of main street, dinner highlights included:

Great grilled kalbi ribs.

Excellent pulled duck confit crepes

And the duck bone that almost pierced the roof of Carl’s mouth.

Anyway, the food was hit and miss but the company was grand.

Ivon. I wonder if this suave pose will work magic on Japanese women. Well, guess we’ll find out in December.

Lawren. He’s got that “I should be judging So You Think You Can Dance” look.

Rob. Not so fast, buddy. You’ve still got one more day at work.

Carl. Doing his Akemi impression.

I showed the above to Akemi.  She had two things to say.  1. She doesn’t pose like that.  2. Carl shouldn’t tuck in his shirt.

This morning, I mentioned this to Carl who took offense to the suggestion that tucking in shirt made him look dorky.  Paul confirmed the prognosis: “It shows your age.”, leading Ashleigh to reprimand Paul for his insensitivity – although, seconds later, she admitted that he was right.  Still, Carl refused to believe, so I stepped out into the hallway, made a little wardrobe adjustment, and stepped back into the office to demonstrate how he appears to others…

That did it.  He untucked his shirt and, in so doing, ended up looking ten years younger and infinitely cooler. Am I wrong?

Hey, ever notice how Carl just seems to take over a blog entry?  Well, I’d like to take this opportunity to profile some of the other hardworking individuals who make Stargate so much fun.  People like the lovely –

Ashle- aw, geez!

Today was an eventful one.  Kerry from post tried to run me down.  We ate pizza for lunch.  And Remi actually lived that nightmare where you dream you go to school in your underwear except that, in his case, he was at work, and instead of being naked he was the next closest thing: in his spandex bicycling outfit without a change of clothes –

If this were Iran, the morality police would have already arranged for his disappearance.

After lunch, we took a break to celebrate Laureen (1st payroll assistant) and Nathan’s (2nd assistant production coordinator) birthdays with…

What else?  Birthday cake!

After which I instructed birthday girl Laureen remove her and Nathan’s name from the cake, along with the “Happy Birthday” so that we could re-use it an hour later as Rob’s going away cake.  The salt of her tears made the icing that much sweeter.

Carrot cake! I had two pieces because there were two people celebrating their birthdays and I didn’t want either of them to feel left out.

This was it.  Rob’s final day.  After clearing out his office, he went back for one final sweep, only to discover –

Carl already staking a claim to the freshly vacated premises.

Carl admonishing me for even thinking about posting that picture on my blog.  I assured him I wouldn’t.  Please erase it from your minds.

Afterwards, we sat around and chatted –

Rob and Carl.  Note the Greedo bust on the book shelf, a thoughtful gift from me.  That Carl inherited when Rob forgot to take it with him.  Or, maybe, he left it behind because the sight of it would trigger memories too bittersweet to bear.

Lawren and Ashleigh, pretending to look interested.

Carl regales us with tales of his bridge phobia.

Rob wonders "Is this guy for real?".

Ashleigh. Ditto.

The rest of the day was spent yakking about Carl’s first draft of Hope, episode #14, my outline for The Hunt, episode #16, and whether or not Radio, episode #18, still worked given the preceding episode.

Slowly but surely, the writing offices emptied out until it was just Rob, Ashleigh, Lawren, and me.  And then, the time came.  Arms laden with boxes, we (and by “we”, I mean Rob, Ashleigh, and Lawren as I was carrying my briefcase and tupperware snack container) headed down to the parking lot, Rob’s last journey down those stairs (until September when he comes back for a three-day visit).  And, in the parking lot, the final goodbye. It was… well, I have to admit…it was sad.  Even back when Brad and Robert handed off the reins to Atlantis after season three, they remained a presence, popping in on a semi-regular basis to spin stories, critique scripts, or steal our lunches.  So, even though they were “gone”, they weren’t really.  But this is different.

I’ll miss the guy.  His ability to spin like no other, tap-dancing his way out of the tightest of narrative corners.   One of my old bosses used to say “Don’t come to me with problems; come to me with solutions” (which is all well and good so long as you’re not talking to yourself) and this was something Rob could do like no other: zero in on exactly what wasn’t working in a particular story or script, and then come up with a fix.  It’s very easy to criticize but much, much harder to find a way to make it better, and Rob always found a way to make it better. He may not have had an answer when he gave you the note (although, quite often, he did), but, invariably, he would talk it out, pitch out ideas, and, eventually, find that answer.  And whereas I could spend days spinning my wheels in a futile attempt to figure out a third act twist or A-B story connection, Rob would solve the problem in less time than it took him to lean back, look skyward and say “How about…?”

How about we make this Vala character a tough, wise-ass mercenary who battles Daniel in the downest, dirtiest fight we’ve ever done on the show?

What if, instead of trying to cast that new doctor, we bring in the Rodney McKay character I created in SG-1 and make him a part of the Atlantis team?

What if we take this opportunity to reveal Eli’s concern for his ailing mother, or Rush’s love for his deceased wife?

I tend to refer to the Stargate production as a well-oiled machine.  Well, Rob was one of the two biggest cogs in that machine.  Without his immense contributions to the franchise, we wouldn’t have ten seasons of SG-1 to look back on – five seasons of Atlantis, two SG-1 movies, a season of Universe with the prospect of many more to come, and the possibility of more movies to continue the legacy of the previous shows.

In the end and when all is said and done, this is not goodbye.

It’s ’til we meet again.

60 thoughts on “June 25, 2010: Sayonara, Rob-san!

  1. Bye, Rob!

    Question: Is there any conscious decision to use particular shapes in creating the various ships, etc. on Stargate? Is a specific type of symbolism being sought? For example, we have a circle for the gate itself, the Goa’uld Ha’taks are pyramids, Atlantis is a snowflake, and Destiny is a pendulum.

    I have to say it was a long time before I realized that Atlantis’ shape actually looked like a snowflake – all light and airy and refined.

    I love the shape of Destiny – on the edge precariously balanced between life and death. The image from Incursion II looking at Destiny from below as the pulsar flares is a particular favorite. Spectacular image and much kudos to the VFX folks.

  2. ;-( ***********Bye Rob*********** 🙁

    I like Carl’s beige top/shirt – not my colour but it looks nice and soft.

    Akemi was ‘sneaked’ back into the blog was she not. Hope she is enjoying Vancouver, the hounds and your company. 😉

    How’s sis doing? And your mother?

    It is now about five in the morning and I am off to bed.


  3. Greedo? Where? Oh I see! HAN SHOT FIRST!!! 😛

    Dear Rob, you will be missed sorely by the audiences you’ve been entertaining for so many years. I especially will miss you! Best of luck in the future, though. Hopefully you’ll still have time to come back and write en ep or two! 😀

    Joe, I can’t believe you didn’t give poor Carl this advice sooner! 😛 Seriously, though, we love all the Carl/everyone else pix! Keep ’em coming! You spoil us!

  4. 1. Bye-bye, Rob. 🙁

    2. Hey, McGee! What’s up with the little roundworms all over your shirt?? 😕 (Yeah, yeah…you don’t believe me? Well, then…just google ’roundworm’ images… 😛 )

    3. Okay. What the hell is that comin’ outta Ashleigh’s ear?? 😯 Is she like…remote-controlled, or something?

    4. I wanna pet Lawren’s arm. Really. It’s just…soooo… very…mmm… pet-worthy. Yum. And he’s really sexy with that beard. Now, if only he’d grow his hair a little longer, and…

    …did I say ‘pet-worthy’ out loud?? Yeah…okay…my fetishes are showing, so I’ll shut up now. 😛


  5. BTW the thought of Rob not writing for/directing/producing future SGU/Stargate projects makes me want to cry a little.
    *sniff sniff*
    Okay, it makes me want to cry A LOT.
    *snuffles some more*

    *abandons all pretenses and starts bawling*
    I’m okay. I’ll be off in the corner wishing for things that could never come true…

  6. @ Robert C. Cooper – Good luck! I will miss your smile. Thanks for creating my favorite character Ronon Dex. I could feel the love when you wrote for him. I hope you will either keep Joe informed with what you are doing (so he can tell us), or just comment here every so often and keep us updated. I definitely want to watch what ever you do in the future. I love your work! You have an awesome talent! Best wishes always!! It has been a pleasure.

    – Lesley

  7. Fond farewell Rob… come back real soon and please ask Joe to tell us what you’ve been up to when you’re ready to let us know… we Stargate fans love your talent and will follow you to any show/production! Promise…

    Cheers mate!

  8. Wow. Nicest blog entry ever directed toward me. I should’ve left years ago. I know some fans would agree. So sad that we’ve come to a point where we communicate our true feelings over the internet this way. On the other hand you could argue it has allowed us to open up and say things we wouldn’t normally say face to face. So I reply, back at you Joe. I will miss you too and look forward to returning to our dinners out. I’m glad I can call you a friend after all these years of working together. I’ll definitely try to find a way for us to work together again in the future. Man, this is turning into a real Greer/Volker scene. And yes, I purposely left Greedo behind. A little something for Carl to remember me by. Hope you don’t mind. If ever I was having a tough time with a script I would look over at Greedo and think what would he do? The answer was always the same: Have his arm shot off in a cowardly fashion by Han Solo. But it always reminded me, don’t write something I’m going to regret years later and then want to go back and change. It helped me out many times. Don’t let him throw it out.

  9. Hey Joe,

    Best wishes of true altruism to our dear Rob Cooper… he will be missed.

    Question for your sir:

    Now that Rob is moving on to other things… does that mean Brad Wright will take on the mantle of the uber boss or will that honor be shared with you.

    Question for our Colonel Young:

    1. What is your favorite episode of Season 2.
    2. What is your favorite cuisine
    3. What is your favorite book

    Thanks buddy and take care

    Your Italian Montreal Fan

  10. Good luck, Rob, with all your future endeavors. We will miss your work. Thanks for all the good years. Your work will live on and on.

  11. Rob looks entirely too happy to be leaving. I think we’ll miss him more than he’ll miss us.

  12. Wow! Big blog post today with lotsa great pictures! ….and yes, it even made me tear up a bit. I HATE good-byes with a passion!!! *shakes fist at Joe for making me cry* ….heyyyyy noooo….. *shakes fist at Rob for leaving in the first place*

    Yum……. Food pics, I haven’t had carrot cake in years, it looks really good, and really moist, and really carroty, and the icing is spread not too thick, not too thin, but reeeeally juuuust right……*looks at cake, all mesmerized and stuff, for a few minutes, then daintily wipes drool from mouth …chin …shirt* (O.K. O.K. I’m just really hungry right now)

    There is a guy at work that strikes the Ivon pose all the time….. yeah it’s a good thing he’s already married…. *that’s a hint for the Japan trip – yer welcome!!*

    Pssssst ….. Carl….. yeah you….*ixnay ethay irtshay ucktay* (translation just between you and I…nix the shirt tuck). You are now a total hipster and as an added bonus – if you have the extra cupcake (or two) at lunch – no one will notice the food baby!!!

    @ otros ojos – yeah you’re right, one can only imagine if Weird Al had covered it. *giggle* or maybe more of a *shudder*

    Have a Good One!!

    ……. and then I read Rob’s comment……….Awwww crap……there I go ………*sobs*…… you writers sure know how to get a girl right in the heart.

  13. I can’t say I’m sorry to be seeing Rob leave the Stargate fold, he has always been my favourite of the SG writers and I think by far the most talented. Then on top of that he just blew me away with abilities a director when he decided to widen his horizons. I believe it’s more than time for him to spread his wings a little and try new things. Personally, I will be looking forward to seeing what he does next. I’m sorry to say SGU hasn’t been much to my taste and I stopped watching some time back, so the thought of Rob lending his formidable skills to other, fresh projects is very exciting. Good luck, Rob! Thank you for pretty much all of my favourite SG1 episodes, from Torment of Tantalus in season 1 all the way to Unending in season 10. Thank you for the wonderful journeys you wrote for “my” Daniel, thank you for so much of what made Vala fabulous and thank you for giving the SG1 series such resonant end. See you on the other side!

  14. @ Rob – Since I wasn’t around from the beginning – and never watched SG1 – I feel I really don’t know you as well as others here do. I only came to the show a little over two years ago…and you probably know why (it had something to do with those lovely, pale, long-locked creatures …), but I’ve decided to stick around to see how things play out with the new show. Knowing that you have written some of my favorite eps for both Atlantis and Universe does make me sad to see you go…but it’s more than that. I will alway remember you as being very civil towards me – and others – when you did a Q&A here (I believe it was after Vegas), even though I know at least one of my questions was a bit…well…fanatical. Maybe you were rolling your eyes as you typed out your answers, but at least you hid it well. 😉 I’ve always appreciated that.

    All my best to you!

    ~ Deirdre

  15. @ROB

    Babe, you’re the *BEST*!! Gonna miss you around here. You’re like the “Thor” of this place!


    Okay. So, if anyone is starting a pool on guessing where Rob is headed for now, my entry would be: SANCTUARY — unless of course, he’s starting up something fresh [VEGAS would have made for a great Pilot!]… Yeah, I can just imagine the lovely Amanda luring him away…

    Oh, BTW, did Carl check that Greedo head for hidden cameras and/or mikes?

  16. Good by Rob! Best of luck with your future endeavors!!!

    Tell Carl un-tucked shirts are the way to go, my dad just got back from Hawaii with that revelation. =D He noticed nobody ever tucks in their shirts there. Guess Carl and my dad are just old school.

    Will there be a return of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day segments?

  17. All this speculation as to what Rob is doing next, but Joe confirmed it in the first sentance:

    “Last night, we went out for Rob’s final meal.”

    You’re going to have Rob killed?! What is this: John Grisham’s “The Firm” where once part of the company you can never leave unless it’s in a box?

    Wow, thats harsh. Still – I’ve loved Stargate since SG-1 and I don’t think I’ve missed a single episode or film: Joe, make sure you raise your game as Rob leaves as I look forward to many more seasons and spin-offs to come!

  18. Bonjour Joseph!!!

    ça va bien? moi oui !!!!
    Merci pour ces photos 🙂 ♥ ça fait plaisir de revoire toute l’équipe et sourtout vous (L) ça faisait longtemps, vous êtes “so cute” sur les photos. Je n’avez pas imaginai que Carl soit aussi grand…ou c’est vous qui êtes petit?, ça n’enlève en rien votre charme et charisme naturel =)

    ohhhhh Robert, c’est vrai que ça du être triste, il manquera à de nombreux fans!! Ont t’adorent Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quel gateaux!!!! J’en avais rarement vu un aussi épais!…aux carottes o_O? je me demande quel goût ça doit avoir..

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bsiou!

  19. HI, Joe.

    Thank you for the great photos.

    And … sniff … this is not goodbye, Robert C. Cooper. Thank you for all your hard work, talent and contributions to the Stargate verse. Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors, and to you and your family.

  20. awww, this was sweet! Good luck in your new ventures, Rob! You will certainly be both missed and followed.

  21. @Rob Cooper – Strange to see you go. Best of luck for the future, and if you ever find yourself in the Oshawa area let me buy you a beer.


  22. Bye Rob :((((

    Some observations:

    1. Lawren – looks like William Peterson in Manhunter – seriously cool movie.

    2. Ivon – why do I get the feeling you’re gonna be posing like that in all your wedding photos? Hmmm? (oh and folks I’m not trying to start any rumours that IB’s getting married, ok? ….it’s just a joke)

    3. Joe – this comes from both my sister and I…..OMG Harry High-Pants!! Such a bad look even if you were trying to illustrate a point.

    Plus acid-wash jeans? Do I have to go Carson Kressley on you?

    Oh and Rob’s last meal? It wasn’t called The Last Supper was it….cos I’d be scared if I was you Rob…I’ve read the book.

    4. Carl – what, no intern to rest your feet on…what is the world coming to?

    I think that’s it…

    Cheers, Chev

  23. Best wishes to Rob in whatever he gets into now. It’s gotta be good! Great that he will be coming back in Sept. Well rested and new prospective, even if its just for a while. He has done a wonderful job with the shows and will be missed. Nice pictures of Rob, thanks Joe, he always usually seems to be smiling in his pictures. Greedo will miss you, see how sad he looks already, but his mission is clear…

    The shirt tale saga, I agree, tails out,,more relaxed, beware those unseen pounds can sneak in under the tails so be careful to monitor that, or it seems like it to me. Joe, you and Carl sorta doing the Fonzie, Hey!! thing, looking good! Maybe Carl just wants the chair and not the room?!?
    and yeah @das, I see the squigglys, wondered about that, thought since he went to the hallway to adjust wardrobe, he maybe took a shirt he found there?? or from someone..just for effect.

    And Remi, could he not visit wardrobe and borrow say maybe one of the spacesuits to wear around until quitting time or something equally as doable. Unless you guys told him he couldn’t, not that you would tease anyone in any way or mislead…

  24. I think we’ve already discussed the yawning thing but I was just reading an article in which scientists claim that yawning may be a sign of sexual arousal and not a need for sleep.

    Weird huh? They can’t yet tell the difference.

    So just to clear things up for everyone….if I happen to yawn in the middle of a conversation it’s more than likely that I’ve been up late watching the soccer, it’s not an invitation..ok?

    Man, just talking about yawning makes me yawn

    Cheers, Chev

  25. Did Rob just say Greer/Volker??? Well that’s a pairing I never imagined…a spoiler for Season 2?

    Cheers, Chev

  26. @Robert Cooper. Thanks for years(decades!) of entertainment. As a fan of the show, I’ve also become a fan of yours based on the shows you’ve written and directed. I hope you keep Joe posted on your doings, so that we can follow your career. If not, we’ll just have to track you through IMDB. The best of luck with your future projects, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you back working on Universe, even if it’s on a part time basis. Just two words for you to consider if you find you’re not busy enough. Convention Circuit.
    Mr. M. thanks for sharing the final hours of Mr. Cooper’s days at Bridge studio. The pictures are both terrific and hilarious, and you’ve lost nothing in your ability to caption them. Alas, I’m hopelessly a geek and old fashioned. Carl looks natural with shirt tucked in. You, on the other hand…. are a man supremely confident in his appearance to allow that one photo to be posted. And I am willing to bet that Ivon will attract more than his fair share of feminine attention when you two hit Tokyo later in the year.
    Only one question. How did Carl come to inherit Rob’s office? Anyways, thanks for the great post and hope the weekend is fun filled.

  27. Awww….bye Rob. *sniffs*

    I’m such a sentimental fool. You got me all teary-eyed…Joe. That was a lovely send-off for Rob. He certainly has made Stargate to what it is today. Hopefully…this is just goodbye until (hopefully) the movies get made.

  28. Bye Rob! Thanks for the many hours of Stargate programming. Best of luck in whatever you do next.

  29. Great entry Joe, you almost mode me cry.

    I don’t usually comment, I mostly lurk, but I just had to say thanks to Rob for all the wonderful years of Stargate. I recently started watching SG1 from Season 1 again, and it’s reminded me how much I love the show. Rob has written some of my favorite episodes, including Threads and Unending, and it’s sad to think that he is leaving Stargate.

    Good luck to Rob in the future. He will be missed.

  30. Hello Joe,

    Wow, I never noticed until today that Carl does monopolize the blog. Any chance of us getting a Q&A with him? I don’t think he has done one since I started following the goings on at Bridge Studios.

    @Rob, thanks for the memories. I will miss the characters, and the story lines that you created. You were responsible for many of my favorite SG-1, Atlantis, and SGU moments. I really enjoyed the Ori story, Vegas, and Time, and your influence will be missed. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

    Best Wishes,


  31. Thank you, Rob. You will be missed.

    Joe, I used to date a guy who tucked his shirts in like that.

    Key words: used to.

  32. Wow this is sooo sad. Bye Rob. I have been around since SG1 first aired and what a ride. Some of the BEST sci-fi EVER!! Congrats to a truely talented man. Hope more SG to come!! As I’m sure you all know, RDA is now on twitter and what a hoot!! Twitter gets more amusing by the day!! Hope you all have a nice weekend!! Sheryl.

  33. Hey, Joe.

    I’m going to miss Rob.

    Is he still going to be able to freelance on SGU and other SG series? Would you guys (please) routinely drag him back to do so?

    And once again, a few more questions.

    (LOL I’m going to keep asking these until I’m sure they get answered)

    1.) Have you seen these?

    See? Riley has fans.

    2.) Have you seen this, BTW?

    Pretty interesting. What’s your take on it?

    It’s not really here nor there with me but there’s one part of that I VEHEMENTLY disagree with and that’s the Riley part. Riley is just too awesome.

    3.) Will you have an alien join the cast (and no, I don’t mean a Jaffa, Tok’ra or Lucien Alliance member)? PLEASE no “aliens/people with rubber foreheads” retread or any other human look-alikes. I mean a true, non-human looking alien. The majority of main-cast “aliens” in sci-fi television usually consist of humans wearing make-up and/or silly clothes and costumes. That’s pretty annoying. And this coming from someone who is a huge fan of Teal’c. Break that (rubber) mold.

    Why not one of the Blues?

    Having one of them onboard the ship would give insight into their race. Also, it not knowing how to speak English at first and examining how different it’s species is from humans both physically and culturally would make for a great story arc.

    4.) Now that Lost is over, have you guys thought about poaching some of their crew a little? You know, people like script writers, directors, producers and other areas of production? Writers and directors as freelancers, at the very least? It would be very awesome to see Damon Lindelof join the SGU crew.

  34. Bye Rob… Were gonna miss you a ton. 🙁 I really wish you the best of luck on future projects.. I know you’ll succeed with whatever you do.. You’re Brilliant!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  35. So… Guys… the “wardrobe”…

    Joe-ster, you really needed to lose a couple of collar buttons there. I nearly had an SNL moment for a sec. Hell, Shirt-Tuck-Carl was actually starting to look good!

    Carl, Sweetie, here’s the 411… unless you’re sporting a 6-pack, a great tan, arms like Popeye, look like you walked off a GC cover, a fancy-ass belt buckle, got a membership at Waimea, and/or are *closely* related to one of last night’s SUPER MAX winners, the shirt should be UNtucked *AND* open at the collar [oh, and collar up too. Always look waay cool]. Seriously, do you really want to look like some mallozzi…?


  36. Joe,
    Which one of you Producer’s will fill the slot vacated by Rob???….I never Tuck my shirt in….

  37. All the best to you Rob, thanks for taking me away from it all, and expanding my imagination with your talents.

    This has to be the second time this blog has made me teary eye.

  38. Goodbye Rob and Good luck!

    Hey, Carl needs to TUCK his shirt to put emphasis on the fact his abs are flat!

    susan the tartan turtle: yes, I agree with you. Something’s going on with Akemi 😉 Akemi seems like a nice lady, so good luck with that Mr. M.

    That cake looks yummy!

    Thanks for the pictures!

  39. I really was very moved by your words to Rob, and then even more so by his response: I think you’ve encapsulated the experience of many, many, many people, only with the (understated) eloquence that fails a lot of us when we’re in the same situation. Not gonna cry me a river, but yeah, I teared up a bit – not just thinking of you and Rob (and colleagues), but of all those who have to go through similar partings. “Until we meet again”. . . Well-spoken. – Okay, time to leave that thought.

    Love the pics. I think I’m now conditioned to laugh every time Carl poses for you. – Poor Remi, yeah, unless you’re some guy who’s used to walking along the beach in Speedos, the spandex bike shorts can be a bit discomfiting in public.

    That’s not Ivon; that’s DA FONZ!!! – Er, no, I guess it really is Ivon. Nice pose, dude! I can hear Fonzie saying “Heyyyyy” in that ultra-cool way he had. Black leather jacket. . .shades. . . Uh-oh, now I’m hearing Twisted Sister’s cover of “Leader of the Pack.” – Butwiththealternateending. (Whew.)

    The luscious-looking ribs and carrot cake are making my stomach growl.

    Thanks for the entry – serious, but still a ton of fun, just like so many Stargate episodes over the years.

  40. Bye Bye Rob! さようなら!

    Speaking of Rodney McKay, personally I see him as the backbone of Atlantis, he’s such an amazing character.

  41. @ Kymm – lol. . . It’s a sort of gift to be like Weird Al, and make people giggle and shudder at the same time. – That brings to mind – Oh snap, the thought was at the tip of my fingers. . .

  42. Geez you guys, get a room willya? LMAO I love Robs response:) Good Luck Rob X

  43. Yep… just gotta reiterate what everyone else has said… BYE ROB and g’luck with whatever you do in the future.

  44. We are all going to miss you, Rob. Good luck and come back any time!

    My daughter thought that Carl’s head was joined with Ashleigh’s body in that one pic. A guy with a dress? Untuck that shirt! Some shirts look good tucked, some do not.

  45. Dammit, Joe. You’re making me all teary like this. 🙁
    So, no last Q&A with Rob, I take it. Okay. I hope he’ll suceed in what ever he decides to do. And perhaps come back to write and/or direct some post-S2 SGU episodes. 😉

    “The Hunt”, eh? Does it mean the crew will finally get some meat to eat?

  46. That was a beautiful blog entry. But also sad. 🙁

    Goodbye Mr. Robert C. Cooper! You wrote/co-wrote my favorite episodes of Stargate and it’s sad that you are leaving. Your episodes always had a certain edge to them; a deeper meaning underneath, and I’ve always loved that. I wish you best of luck in using your immense talents in whatever future projects you decide to take up!

    Now…what does that “C” in the middle of your name stand for?

    In the meantime – of course Carl monopolizes your blog entries, Joe. How can he not? He’s so much cooler than all of you after all, what with that untucked shirt. 😉

  47. He definitely looks better with the shirt untucked. Although it would also help if it were less baggy. Maybe try one size smaller. Tell him he shouldn’t be ashamed to show people he has a torso.

  48. That was a great farewell, Mr. M. I definitely share your sentiments. And thank you for the pics! 🙂

    One thing, though…I think you misspelled ‘sayonara’. 😉

  49. What a lovely tribute to Robert C., and as moved as I was I still had time to greedily covet Rob’s black SGU t-shirt. The lucky so and so.

    Fresh chapters and new adventures are wonderful things, I look forward to seeing what new tales Rob will whip up in the future.

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