Bubba discovers those doggy toys are damn hard to grip.

Jelly looking ten years younger.

Maximus senses food.

Bubba wonders "What's up?"

Jelly playing it cool.

Bubba hanging out for the afternoon.

Lulu's ready for her close-up.

Today, we sat down to watch Andy Mikita’s director’s cut of Trial and Error, one of my favorite episodes of SGU’s second season.  And that’s saying someting given that I wasn’t initially onboard with the story when it was first pitched.  Well, one terrific script and a solid week of production behind us, and we’ve got ourselves an amazing episode – t hat, once second unit shoots that final missing scene next week, will come in at seven minutes over.  Even with the expected tightening, Paul will be hard-pressed not to lose some scenes (the first two off the top, the discussion that may find a home in Carl’s episode) and Mr. Sparkle.  Poor, Mr. Sparkles :(.

Meanwhile, Paul has started work on the second part of the mid-season two-parter and he’s elected to abandon all three place-holder titles “Resurgence II: The Heretic”, “Resurgence II: Electric Boogaloo”, and “Still Resurging” in favor of the much more understated “Deliverance”.  Brad is working on his rewrite of Twin Destinies following our marathon morning mind-bending discussion.  Carl’s on set hanging with the guest stars for his episode, The Greater Good. Linda is working on her rewrite of Alliances while Remi has started fleshing out one of his new arenas.  Rob should be in post, working on his director/producer’s cut of Malice.  And, with my revised draft of Resurgence out, I am looking ahead to my next story…whatever that may be.  I’m thinking musical.

I have a little over two weeks before our June 14th book of the month club discussion of Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint (hint, hint!  Pick it up!), so I’ve started three new books.  The first, Infected, by Scott Sigler, has been sitting on my to-read shelf for a while.  The second, Earth Strike: Star Carrier, by Ian Douglas, was recommended to me by Brad Wright who is a big fan of hard, military SF.  The third comes compliments of our friend and editor John Joseph Adams who was kind enough to send me an advance copy – official release date September, 2010 – of The Living Dead 2 which boasts an intriguing line-up of zombie fiction from the likes of Robert Kirkman (he of my fave comic book series, The Walking Dead), Adam-Troy Castro (another friend to this blog), Max Brooks (World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide), Cherie Priest (yet another friend to this blog), and Sarah Langan (yet one more friend to our little online community).  Should be fun!

51 thoughts on “May 27, 2010: Get yer dog pics fix! SGU production update! Next up on the reading block!

  1. I’m reading! I’m reading! Sheesh. Give a girl a break, would ya? But I’m really enjoying Swordspoint and may actually some questions for the author this time.

  2. 1. Have you guys ever considered bringing Major Davis back in a recurring or even guest role? Cunningham said in Gateworld’s latest column that he’d be interested, but as always, it’s up to the writers.

    2. This question might be answered for me after viewing Incursion 1 & 2, but why was Mike Dopud cast as an entirely new character when he already had a perfectly good character, Odai Ventrell, in the Lucian Alliance that could have worked just as well as a new one? I’ve never had a problem with reusing actors in minor roles in Stargate in the past, but this goes a little past my comfort zone.

  3. Awww man Deliverance? I think Resurgence II: Electric Boogaloo should’ve been the title. But, if you guys want to go for the meaningful title, that’s fine to, I’ll just sit by and mope. I might check out the book Brad Wright gave to you, I’m also a huge fan of military SF, so it might be exciting. Hope everything is progressing smoothly on set, and if you need any help, I live in Vancouver so don’t hesitate to ask (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink, and anything else that falls under subtle hint giving).


  4. BTW: WHAT is the deal with Cheyenne totally pooching the building of Stargate Worlds virtual world/MMO? The one Eli is supposed to have won at the start of SGU but has never gone live.

    I’m a virtual worlds developer, and if you guys are frustrated at their lack of performance, I’d be happy to do the project in house for you guys.

  5. Dang it!!!!!!!!! Seven minutes over. I hate when you have to loose great scenes for time. :(. Just like with Intervention…., Oh well.., guess that’s just how the games played 🙁

  6. Oooooo…Deliverance???! Will it have banjos and piggies in it???! 😀

    Thanks for the doggie pics! Always a treat! Not sure if you can see this video or not – but I saw it, and – at about :57 seconds in – I immediately thought of you, Joe!! 😀 Enjoy!!!


  7. Yes!!! I agree. Please bring back Major Davis to SGU! I miss him so much. It would be great to see him as a chapperone for personel visits or just hanging at homeworld command!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  8. Wow, did Jelly get a face lift? She looks 10 years younger is right! That’s a puppy picture, right! She is a sweetie. Both your girls are. Those boys are cuties too!

    I’ve been thinking of Cherie Priest’s book lately. I live in Texas and it seems like we have are own Boneshaker nightmare going on in the Gulf of Mexico. Those yahoos have drilled a hole into the earth and enstead of gas, it is gushing oil. Soon the Gulf will be uninhabitable, everything will die, and only Zoombies covered in brown glob and other “interesting” people will dwell there.

  9. Shame on Paul for abandoning such great classics as “Resurgence II: The Heretic”, “Resurgence II: Electric Boogaloo”. I was really looking forward to watching the crew of the Destiny engage in a dance battle with aliens…Please tell me that’s still in the cards!

    Anywho, keep up the awesome work. Lovin’ every minute of SGU. Though if you could include Brody and his kick arse distillery more, I would greatly appreciate it. I love me a drinking scientist..

  10. Joe,

    Thanks for the puppy pics – I needed a fix today. I am tres bummed – *sob* My car is terminal – the engine is bleeding out and I’m in shock. Is it silly to cry for a car? 16 years we’ve been together – he’s had a long and wonderful life – but I can’t bear to even look at another car right now. I’m going to make myself something chocolatey now.

    *sniffle*, Julie

  11. And now for A Joke That’s Probably Already Occured to Many People:

    Too bad Kinsey isn’t around anymore, he could have been inexplicably playing a banjo in “Deliverance.”

    This has been A Joke That’s Probably Already Occured to Many People.

  12. Hi Joe. I got to meet John Scalzi briefly during the preview night at Phoenix ComicCon today. He’s a very nice man, and I look forward to his SGU talks on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  13. The first picture of Bubba is proof you are some sort of Evil Overlord, and/or Bubba is demonically possessed. Loved all the pictures but have to admit that was my favorite. My next favorite was Maximus doing his best winsome look.
    Thanks for the reminder on the BotM. Still got to get hold of it, but once it’s in my grubby paws I’ll move it to the front of the list.
    Thanks also for the peeks into the title changes and show progress. Here’s hoping everyone who ventures out on the Memorial Day holidays take extra care. Out this way at least the insanity is already starting on the highways.

  14. @ Das – At first, I thought your video got moderated. Made me curious as to what exactly was on it. I was ohhh bad Das *giggle* But no fear eh!!

    Thanks for the puppy pics!! That first picture of Jelly is a particularly good shot.

    Joe – is this something you would eat? Just curious…

    Kymm’s New Word of the Day: Manther
    “The male version of a cougar, an older man who preys on younger women.”
    Hmmm I couldn’t possibly think of anyone who this would currently apply to… *plink plink* I would just like to have it available in my vocabulary, in case I ever hear of one. *whistles tunelessly and looks up to the ceiling and around*

    Have a good one!!

  15. Hey Joe,

    In addition to having the King of SG Ice Cream-etc., ya should include a Champion Taster for the people who are voting on the best ice cream…

    …the ice cream -making contestants (one or both of ya) prepare your own unique “suicide” flavor ice cream…

    (“suicide” meaning it includes a *whole bunch* of flavors)

    …but don’t let anyone know what those flavors are.

    Whichever ice cream taster is able to guess the most correct flavors wins.

    Silly but fun. And probably gross considering what all kinds of flavors might taste like together. Or perhaps it’ll actually taste good?


  16. @ JulieAloha – Sorry about your car…that’s a bummer. Interesting that you think of your car in the masculine. I tend to think of vehicles (of any kind) in the feminine…that way I understand when it’s being cranky and stuff. 🙂

    @ Kymm – I are an idiot. 😛


  17. Don’t kick my ass! 🙁
    Uhm… How is it to act with space dolphins without seeing them?

  18. >Resurgence II: Electric Boogaloo”,

    made me smile.

    >the much more understated “Deliverance”.

    made me cringe.

    Thank god there was no piggie reference along with this,
    or you would have creeped out a whole over 40 demographic.

  19. Electric Boogaloo would have been the perfect occasion to serve my Electric Kool-Aid. A shame. Deliverance is alright though. But then, I always hear banjos faintly in the background of the soundtrack of my life. Comes of being married to a hillbilly.

    Ah, c’mon people, the 70s were very good to me.

  20. @ Das – Thanks – he’s always taken care of me, no matter how moody I’ve been with him; maybe that’s why I’ve thought of him as masculine – I dunno, just gonna miss him. I know – Owha, Tagee, Kiam – I have no shame in it. :j


  21. dang missed out by thaaaaaat much for the deliverance banjo line!! Coyses!!!

    Gorgeous piccies of the pugkids.. of course!

    Lulu’s not doing her staredown.. has she mellowed somewhat?

  22. @Poor Old Edgar…there may still be a way…open a file at Homeworld Command, glimpse a photo of Kinsey; incorporate a sample of DUELING BANJOS in the episode score; find one of Ronny Cox’s real-life CDs among DESTINY crew belongings and play a selection or two.

  23. Kinsey, when last seen, was under control of a Go’auld and escaping PROMETHEUS via ring transport. The assumption is that he’s hiding out on Earth. But this is sci-fi; ANYTHING can happen!

    With those givens, I suspect TPTB could find a way to bring Ronny Cox in to reprise the role. (Joe: I’m touring Ireland with a small group that includes Ronny next month; happy to pass along a message!) 


  24. Thanks for the puppy pictures, they are all so adorable. Jelly looking ten yrs younger, only diff I can see if a few more furrows in the brow and that may be from worrying about poppa or when is dinner?>>
    -You never did say what kind of cookies Robert brought back from NM, we live for descriptions and pictures, thanks.
    @das- are you all having the bug problem I read about in NJ.? like love bugs here(fl) someone probably brought them in to get rid of something else and that didn’t work and all they do is multiply like rabbits.(2 times a year) The video was cute of the dogs, wonder if Joe dresses his pups up for parade?!?
    -Not even going to the deliverance discussion, cringe when I think of it, lol…
    If they run out of fuel they could make it with Brody’s still, although they might have to fight for it..don’t light a match.

  25. A Musical episode would be amazing but would probably be ratings suicide, not everyone has a sense of humor lol, a 45 minute episode with everyone singing but not realising why, like perhaps outside influence from a musical loving alien race would be totally cool.

    So you could probably imagine a final act with Rush and Young trying to communicate with them along with Eli and Brody asking them to perhaps stop the song, only to find out once they leave the system it’l stop automatically, or perhaps defeating them with the power of song.

    Eh. I love these ideas.

  26. Coucou =) ça va ? Ahh enfin le week end !!

    Lol les photos XD vos chiens sont extraordinaires,j’aime beaucoup les têtes qu’ils font.

    Vous aviez acheter quoi pour la fête des méres ? ici c’est ce week end et j hésite encore =s

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  27. @JulieAloha: So sorry to hear about your car! I felt exactly the same way when I had to give my old car (Frankie Eyes) to Mr. Deni as his was terminal, as well. I bought a new one (The Daniel Jackson) and it’s just not the same. We’re getting to know each other, but when I see Frankie Eyes in the driveway, I still get a little verklempt. 🙂

    Hi Joe!

  28. Tell Paul he might want to consider “Resurgence II: The Quickening”. Can’t go wrong with that title.

  29. SGU: The Musical? Sounds like a blooper reel candidate.

    Now, SGU: The OPERA…! THERE’S a concept! (Paging Max Bialystock!)


  30. Great dog pics! Sorry but I don’t think I’ll get to Swordpoint yet. I’ll try to read it later but miss the Q & A.

    Busy day today. Taking the big cat to the vet. Harry (cat) is a svelte 23lbs, so son helped me with him. When you add in the weight of the carrier, it becomes substantial!
    Jo (the vet) found Harry has a heart murmur, so I have to take him for an ultrasound later. I’m not too worried about the heart murmur yet, his activity level is pretty low 😀 . I had to leave Harry with Jo, so she could tap his bladder for a sterile sample. Jo is going to take him home with her tonight and I can pick him up at her house. It’s great being friends with a vet! 😀 BUT I still miss the big guy.

    PBmom: Good luck tonight! It sounds like they aren’t going to do anything willingly. When you get the lawyer involved, I hope he includes pain and suffering in any settlement! What they have put your family through can never be compensated for but hitting someone in their wallet might prevent this from happening to another family.
    You may be facing a dozen people but we are all there with you in sprit!

  31. Hello Mr. M…..

    Got a couple questions if you don’t mind…

    1. Is there any new news on the movies… what happened to the rumblings on the SG-1 movie front? Have they died down or progressed?

    2. Any news on the re cap music?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  32. Questions for Julia:

    1. What’s your workout routine? Did that change when getting the role of Lt James?

    2. Which cast member would you most like to beat in an arm wrestling contest?

    3. Some people are surprised at James’ reaction to losing Scott to Chloe. I see it as a normal reaction exacerbated by the fact that she’s in close proximity to them in a stressful situation. How do you see it?

    4. I loved the scene of James looking after Franklin in Sabotage. I sense a backstory there, like she’s been the primary carer for someone in her past. Any clues?

    5. What was the first job you ever had? – Acting or non-acting.

    6. Do you like to cook? If so what’s your fave dish to make?

    7. What are your aspirations for Lt James in Season 2?

    Cheers, Chev

  33. I am sure you could come up with a new twist to a musical ep. You should check out FRINGE for their own unique take on a Musical ep. It was quite Fun.

    Maybe the crew could find an ancient karaoke machine on the Destiny? ; )

  34. Hi Joe,

    I’d watch an SG Musical, but I think it would have fit SG1 better for the personalities involved – I would LOVE to see Chris belt one out as T’. 😀

    What other shows have done the musical departure episode? I thought of Buffy and Xena, but can’t bring others to mind – there must be more than that.

    Quavery Smiles, Julie

    @ Deni – Thanks – I feel so disloyal thinking about other cars, plus I can’t really afford to buy a car right now. My mother may buy herself one and give me hers to tide me over – she can afford it and at least that way I don’t have as much guilt; otherwise I would have to borrow $ from her and I hate to do that.

    @ Gilder – I believe David, Amanda and Jewel already came up with an SG Opera during the filming of Trio – it just needs to be produced! 😉

  35. I’ve never seen Deliverance, but I lived in South Carolina for 18 months or so … great place, nice people, but there were people there who really did think that NASA faked the whole moon landing thing, honest-to-goodness. Not to mention the whole War between the States baggage. SGU: Deliverance makes me think of the Reavers on Firefly (shudder) …

  36. In O’neill’s office at the pentagon, why is there a plaque with patches for atlantis, midway, deadalus and apollo (all atlantis stuff) yet nothing for SG-1(i saw the air force patch, yes). Is that SGU’s nod to atlantis or something? Is it a clue to the future or something? Anything?


    Yup. Summer is unofficially here, and already I’m hating the traffic, the bicycles, the people who just meander in the middle of the street, looking at…oh, I dunno…the clouds?! Argh. Next three months should be fun 😛 (I miss the snow already!!!!).

    @ Airelle – Depends on what ‘bug problem’ you’re talking about. Mosquitos are terrible right now – just terrible. Gnats, too. My folks have had a big problem with ants (and again this year a colony moved into our fax machine in the office!). They finally had an exterminator come in because it’s been so bad.

    I haven’t noticed nearly as many bees and wasps, however. I wonder if the cold winter had anything to do with it.

    RE: Computer viruses. I caught one on Monday at 3:22 pm. Despite my security, a virus/fake antivirus program hijacked my computer, preventing me from accessing my control panel, etc. I was soooo mad! I fiddled and farted around until I found one of the buggers – got rid of that – was able to run virus scans that got rid of a few others, and the guy who works for us found the glitch that prevented the computer from going on-line, and…for now…everything seems okay! Woo! It’s nice being on the winning side for a change! 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Joe & Co.!


  38. Enjoying one of the rare days I’m not working Friday evening 😀 . Watchiiiiiiiiiiiiiing TV. 😀

  39. Oh, if you did a musical you know Rush would steal the show with his brooding man alone number.

  40. Hey Joe

    Watching SG:U tonight and I just thought that the series now has the feel of SG:1 season 8. It was a bit slow, in the beginning (although still good) and has steadily grown, episode by episode. I can only image what the Mallozzi cliffhanger will bring!
    Kudos to you and all the staff and actors.


  41. I’m baaaaaaaack! At school, that is. Taking summer classes so I can (maybe? fingers crossed!) graduate on time!!!

    I have Infected as an audiobook. If you have iTunes, Joe, you can hear Scott Sigler read it himself on his podcast!

  42. Oh Joe, the puppies were gorgeous as usual. And speaking of puppies, one of mine got bitten by a spider during the week, woke us up at the ungodly hour of 3.30am, her face was all swollen up and she could barely see. Poor baby! Mr had to take her to the vet as I had to go to school, and she was given a couple of shots of steroids and antihistamines. Most of the swelling went down, but that night all these ‘hives’ came up all over her, so off we trotted to the vet again for another set of injections. She’s fine now, but that was our excitement for the week! 😀

  43. Bubba has the sillies doggy eyelashes I’ve ever seen. Is Maximus short for anything, like “Cutepus Puggus Maximus?”

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