So next week is the big Ice Cream Throwdown pitting me against fellow Exec. Producer Rob Cooper.  Four flavors!  Two days!  One champion!  Winner take all (and by “all”, I mean “absolutely nothing of any consequence except for bragging rights to the title Stargate Ice Cream King 2010” – but I’ll take it).  Since Rob will be directing on Wednesday, we’ve decided to make Monday and Tuesday our face-off days.

The first day of competition will see us each presenting two flavors.  In a transparent attempt to win the influential mint vote, Rob has already announced he’ll be serving a Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream.  In a bid to sway the remaining undecided voters, I’m countering with one of my big guns, the flavor that turned me off ice cream for two whole years!  Wait, let me explain.  About two years ago, I was swept up in an ice cream-making frenzy that saw me bringing in a multitude of creations every Friday afternoon for my co-workers to enjoy.  Until, I made “it”, THE flavor, a creation so delectable, so unbelievably tasty, that I ended up eating five bowls at a dinner party I was hosting and made myself physically ill.  I’m, of course, talking about the Advokaat-Laced Vanilla with Crumbled Milk and White Flake Chocolate.  It’s pretty damn killer.

Rob has also let it be known that he’ll be doing a Coconut Ice Cream as well – so I’ve decided to counter with my own coconut creation: specifically, Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream.

Tuesday, round two, will see us clash in Battle Chocolate.  He’s already committed to a Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream, which sounds pretty darn awesome.  I haven’t finalized my flavor yet, but I’m thinking of going with a premium Milk Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Shavings.  I’m considering going chocolate dougnut or chocolate chip as well…

And finally, for the coup de grace, we’ll duke it out in the Wildcard Round where anything goes!  He hasn’t tipped his hand on this one, but I’ve already decided to go with a Burnt Caramel and Sea Salt Ice Cream.

Well, that’ll be my weekend.

I swung by C&L Video this afternoon and picked up a couple of titles including, as per your recommendations…

Eureka Seven

Still not convinced.  The fact that one (or quite possibly more) of the young characters glides around on a flying surfboard contraption is cause for concern (Treasure Planet anyone?) but given my trusting nature, I’m going to go ahead and give you all the benefit of the doubt.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The decision to pick this one up wasn’t so tough.  I enjoyed the first series and expect to enjoy this one as well.

I also picked up a couple of titles you didn’t recommend, but would like you to weigh in on nevertheless…

Nabari no Ou

Ghost Hound. Not to be confused with…

Ghost Hunt

Shigurui. If I'm in the mood for something light...

Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to hit the mailbags between ice creams.

Ask ’em if you got ’em!

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Mmmmmm that all sounds so delectable Joe! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. You got my vote! Do you plan on holding a contest for the rest of us to taste these delectable deserts? PPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE…….. smile Thanks Joe, you rock!



Questions For Mailbag

Will we see SG1 characters in season 2 of SGU?

Is there any word on the movies?If not, do you have an idea when MGM will make an announcement on this?

Thanks a lot..


nothing beats food that deals with chocalate on top of chocolate. Someone should video tape the battle and make a video out of it.


I wish a couple of fellow employees would duke it out at my work like you and Robert Cooper are going to do. I’d like a Bar-B-Q cookoff personally. You’re going to have your hands full going up against the show’s creator. His title alone might persuade votes on his side. I love Chocolate Mint but haven’t tasted any ice cream that does not remind me of toothpaste, so you may have an edge there. But on the other hand, I hate white chocolate (it’s not real chocolate!!). So good luck to both of you. Wish I were there!


question for the mailbag;

any chance of a weird food purchase taste-testing on your part any time soon?


The thing that struck me about your anime selections, since I’ve never actually read them, is that many of the characters look like Sheppard.


Hey Joe,

You have made some fine ice cream choices. Personally, I would be most interested in the Burnt Caramel, Advokaat and the Coconut Cream Pie (in that order). The milk chocolate w dark chocolate, may need a little something extra. Although not having tasted it, I could be totally wrong, it’s just my opinion (I knowwww everyone has one….sorry). Good luck in the competition!!

Have a good weekend and enjoy your anime. *smile*

Nicole Gustas
Nicole Gustas

Burnt caramel and sea salt?!? I don’t suppose you need an impartial observer to come up there and try it…



*reads blog about ice cream and chocolate…*

Question: How come y’all don’t have asses the size of freakin’ Texas???!

It’s 1:00 am and I’m reorganizing my spice cabinet…so gotta run. Have a good night, sir!



I don’t know if you would bother with this one but I just watched a series with my little cousin called “Avatar the last Airbender”. It caught my attention while he was watching it because of M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie coming out “The Last Airbender”. It is a cartoon based on anime and you can see the similarities in curtain areas. The story is about a boy who must master control of water, fire, air, earth and if he doesn’t the fire nation will end up taking over the world.

I just watched the entire series and I can say I was pleasantly surprised. All 3 season’s of it had a great story and the ending wasn’t to bad either. It is geared more towards kids but being a 24 year old who enjoys most types of anime I would actually recommend this. I can give you a better run down of the story if you would like, but if it doesn’t seem like something you would be interested in then disregard this entire message, like it never even happened.


How about posting the winning ice cream recipe once the contest is over question …. just to make sure it’s really a winning recipe grin


Your subliminal advertising is working…i seem to have this overwhelming need and desire to buy an ice cream maker.

A few questions

(1) Just watched ‘subversion’ since i’m a week behind in Canada. There is some talk between Young/Telford about Emily. From what we saw, nothing happened between Telford and Emily, but the dialogue here was a little unclear. Did something happen? or does Young think something happened? (which from his perspective could seem possible).

(2) Did you consider subjecting R.C or L.D.P to repeated taserings in order to get their acting to the desired ‘beliveability’ for their torture scenes? And would you have enjoyed seeing it had it been done?

(3) Is the texture in home made ice cream the same as store bought? or is it totally different?


Just finish rewatching Subversion. I personnally think that Louis Ferreira and Lou Diamond Phillips were superb in it!!!!
Loved the whole interrogation situation. Great improvement in the fight department grin , that was a lot of fun to watch. Not sure what is my thing with fight…probably been watching too much hockey lately
Like the new character Kiva. She’s about to become part of my favorate female character with Chloe.
That was a great episode. I not too familiar with the “lucian ??!!” alliance. I felt like I was missing a few connections in the episode because of that. Is Kiva alien ?I yes, I thought , from what I had read somewhere ( not sure if it on this site or in web interview you seem to have given a few months ago) that there were not supposed to be any english speaking human looking aliens in SGU?

nevertheless, looking forward for you end of season “two part-ERS” !!!! grin


Please ask Joel Goldsmith if he used PVC pipe for perscussion, a la Blue Man Group, in the back half of SGU S1.

Nothing else comes to mind at the moment…no, wait…would you kindly work my “raccadillo” into S2? I think the DESTINY crew needs a pet. 


Saw the V finale last week. I was a bit disappointed to see that most of Anna’s army was destroyed. I thought it was too easy. She has those screens that allow her to see what is going on at all time, and she was not able to see that several groups were after her army !!!!
It’s been awhile since the last time I saw V . Can’t remember if in the initial version there were red skies.
I think Anna is a lovely mean character. This role fits her like a glove. Like the wat th episode ends with the twisted smile on her face.
I’m currious to see what will happend wiht the baby in the following episode. What will they do with Josua. Glad to see Maurice Chestnut in a TV series grin


I just want to remind you my question: Is Joel Goldsmith working on SGU soundtrack or not? I love the score. Definitely the best in SG franchise so far.


Coucou =) ça va bien?
Moi oui !

Yahhh! J’espere vraiment que vous allez gagner ce concour de Créme glacé!!! Je suis de tout coeur avec vous, vous êtes le meilleur ♥

La liste des villes où l’on vie le mieux a été établie !! Et Vancouver arrive 4iem!!

Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais s’a ne m’étonne pas^^!

Dites, demain pourrai t’on avoir une photo de vous sur le blog??? s’il vous plait smile

gros bisou!
A demain!


OK, I have some ideas for the contest…First off we need to have teams of supporters – Team Joe vs Team Rob….maybe there could be badges or I could make some twibbons for the Twitter folks. I love Rob but I declare myself on Team Joe.

Are there gonna be scorecards? There should be scorecards..

Could Lawren perhaps film each round?

I think there should be a trophy….like an engraved icecream scoop.

What do you think of my ideas everyone?

Cheers, Chev


great decision picking Eureka 7, I can guarantee you will absolutely love it, its nothing like treasure planet though, in the Eureka 7 universe there is this sport called “lifting” or “Reffing” and its basically the most popular sport on the planet, everybody Ref’s.

Ghost hound seems interesting, I might check it out, I always heard of Nabiri no Ou but never watched it though.

can’t wait to hear how the Ice cream challenge goes!


Something for Joe’s mailbag:

(1) Which ice cream maker would you buy now, if you had none?

(2) You invite your new girlfriend over to your house for her first anime session (she has never seen anything like this, and she may be hard to convince, since the most likely will be in the opinion, that animated series are something for kids, not adults), which anime will you choose to show her, in hope that it will blow her socks off?

(3) What’s your secret for eating that much ice cream without gaining weight?

(4) Concerning the loss of too much footage on the cutting flour due to squeezing an episode into a too small timeslot: Who decides, if there will be extended cuts on SGU BDs?

Greetings from Austria / Europe,



Hi, Joe.

I had a question that goes back to SGU’s “Sabotage” and ties in with the Tok’ra from SG1 in reference to Dr. Perry.

Was a Tok’ra symbiote offered to Dr. Perry to repair her body when she became an adult?

Just curious.

Waiting patiently for Incursion, Part 1.

(Is it Friday yet?)


I really want SGU to be a wonderful part 3 in the SG franchise. I enjoyed the episode “Lost” as it reminded me of the Vietnam vets and their experiences while seamlessly melding it with the scifi tech.
What I don’t like about the show is the depressive sets, the silly /stupid women (I’m a woman), the slow pace, and very few aliens/new tech. I watched the Trek series as a kid and this show is reaaaaaal slooooow.
If you want realism might I suggest people like Dr. Mae Jemison, Barbara Jordan, or even Hariet Tubman as role models for tough, articulate, life changing women?

“This is the worse type of drama with antics taken from the Jerry Springfield and Maury Povich shows. I’ve seen the previews of cw’s boy on boy action-not long before it dribbles into this show. OOOh how edgy! With this- No my mama didn’t teach me better-generation everything goes…..except thoughtful, insightful, intelligent writing.
Wow do we really want to see a Camille character cracked out, or the medic with two or three youngin’s in tow. Would you tune in to see the fresh face Lt and Sgt discovering they have hidden hom.osex.ual tendacies or that Eli is a secrete food addict?
This is not the kind of realism I want to see.”

If the only things the characters bring to the story line is the occasional adolescent amateurish humping, pawing and moaning or tittilating lesbian sex scenes…kill the characters!


Hi Joe,

If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend Macross Frontier. It had some nice characters that one can feel genuinely interested in following and has a mystery that keeps you hooked till the last episode in order to see how it plays out.

Anyway, my questions for the mailbag:
1) Is it safe to assume that the Lucian Alliance has managed to get another leader and stabilized when Ventrell came after Netan? Or have they splintered into rival factions? Is Netan even alive or was he killed off?

2) Will we learn anything more about the Ancients history on the show? Like the time period when they launched Destiny and possibly who sent the plague that nearly wiped them out?

3) Not an SGU question but more of an SGA one. I read in an earlier post by you about a plotline involving how Micheal got Beckett’s memories from the Wraith. Are there any other plotlines that were discussed before the show ended? Like, were the Lost Tribe and Daedalus Variations race going to appear again?

4) Do you watch the new V? What are your thoughts on it?

Anyway, take care Joe!


I love caramels with sea salt! Ditto on caramel covered in dark chocolate and sea salt. Unfortunately they are not easy to find around here. Living out in farm country has some wonderful advantages, but it does limit the availability of some things unless you’re set to make a long drive.

Ought to just try ordering some online. Any recommendations for an online shop?

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

All the ice cream ideas you mentioned sounds decadent! It will be a tough decision. Good luck with your batches! I agree with Eric.Stewart: recipes!

This is not a good sign for the oil spill: