Robert Cooper returns from New Mexico bearing cookies. Carl approves. Lawren...isn't so sure.

This afternoon, Carl and I took a stroll through the new alien set on Stage 6.  To say that we were mightily impressed would be to understate it.  Wow.  Needless to say, I took lots of pics.  Needless to say, I can’t show you any of said pics at the risk of spoiling things for you.  So you’ll just have to trust me.

Ashleigh brought back a bottle of hot sauce from her Miami trip, just for me. Okay, she says it's for "everybody" but, really, I'm the one who eats the hot sauce so we all know who she really brought it for.

Actors Patrick Gilmore (SGU’s Dale Volker) and Peter Kelamis (SGU’s Adam Brody) swung by the production offices today to tell me how much they enjoyed Resurgence – but really to sample the ice cream I brought in.  Despite my feelings that the Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Shaved Dark Chocolate was too peanut buttery, some peanut butter fans (ie. Carl) liked it just fine.  The Maple-Bacon Ice Cream was the winner among those who tried both however.

Patrick and Peter can't wait to start reading episode #10, Resurgence.

Speaking of ice cream – fellow Exec. Producer Robert Cooper has challenged me to an Ice Cream throwdown.  Three different flavors over three different days with one ultimate winner to be crowned The King of Stargate Ice Cream ’10 complete with handy whacking scepter and tiara.  I’ve got my work cut out for me because, besides being an accomplished cook, Rob is no stranger to ice cream-making.  He has already tipped his hand, suggesting one of his flavors would be a Chocolate with Chocolate Brownie.  He also considered Brad and Ashleigh’s requests for a mint-flavored entry (in an obvious attempt to curry their favor.  For my part, I think mint is more suited to bubble gum, not dessert, so I risk losing their votes by not offering up own version).  Finally, he is openly toying with the idea of a fruit-based ice cream.

Not sure how I’ll counter.  I’m thinking of going with an ice cream with a more natural base (ie. honey-vanilla) that will allow me to showcase a particulate (ie. cinnamon bun).  I also think that, given my love of chocolate, it would behoove me to match his Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream with a chocolate creation of my own.  As for my third entry, I’ll let him go fruity and opt for something a little more adventurous, hoping I’ll score extra points for originality.

I’ll start researching tomorrow, probably make a few different batches over the weekend, and then decide what I’m going to go with on the day.  What fun!

Hey, you know who’s a big fan of zombies?  Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok.  I leant him my The Living Dead anthology a couple of months ago (he loved it), then my copies of World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks (which he also loved), and, today, it was my eight-volume collection of Robert Kirkman’s brilliant The Walking Dead (soon to be a series on AMC!).

Ivon loves them zombies!

Whodda thunk?  He never really seemed like the zombie type.

A reminder – how could you forget? – to get in your questions for actress Julia Benson, SGU’s Lieutenant Vanessa James.  Post ’em by Friday, or she’ll come over there and personally kick your ass.

Some interesting links from around the net:

The Newscientist website’s May 25th Picture of the Day will make you think twice about wading into a murky lake.  It kind of looks like a deadly kino fish, no? gives you The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Series Finales in TV History – – from Alf’s dissection to St. Elsewhere’s offing of the MTM kitty.

Speaking of endings, writer Madeline Ashby tells us “What anime can teach us about ending a story”:  Cowboy Bebop, yes! also gives you 6 TV Shows That Completely Lost Their Shit:  Felicity traveled through time?  Really?

One more reason to eat chocolate:

Top Seven Deadly Foods: Gross or Tasty?  Well, in the order in which they are presented: Gross AND Tasty, Gross, Gross, Gross, Gross, Tasty, Tasty.

61 thoughts on “May 26, 2010: Taking a stroll through Stage 6! Office happenings! News of note!

  1. I got World War Z for Christmas a few years back and read it whilst in the throes of a wicked bout of the flu following some poor choices (and a couple ones I stand by) on New Year’s. Needless to say, delirium made it even more of a thumping good read.

  2. Questions for Joseph Mallozzi

    1) Whose idea was it to use naquadria as the power source for the 9th Chevron on SGU?

    2) In the Stargate Atlantis finale, was the Wraith Todd ambiguously spared in order to set up a bigger confrontation with John Sheppard rather than something anti-climactic like him walking into the room and shooting Todd?

    3) In Stargate Atlantis, did Dr. Mallozzi ever win back his anime from Dr. Zelenka?

    Questions for Julia Benson:

    1) What was it like playing one of Lucius Lavin’s six wives in the Stargate Atlantis episode, “Irresistible”?

    2) On Stargate Universe, what would you rather explore in Vanessa James’ backstory and why: her empathic nature (as she seems to care about others on Destiny like Franklin or tolerating Spencer) or her assignment in Iraq (that she mentioned in “Air” Part 3)?

    3) What was a bigger challenge to you as an actor and why; the body switch with Dr. Amanda Perry in “Sabotage” or the hallucination sex scene from “Pain”?

  3. I really wish I could have tried the Maple Bacon ice cream. Yum.

    Bacon + Anything = Said Thing Better Than It Was Before

    And I have to agree that mint has no place in dessert. I don’t really like it in general. Except in Moroccan tea, in which case it’s pretty great.

    I think for your third entry you should do something spicy. I like spicy ice cream.

    Then you can mail some to me.

  4. Ohhh ice cream and links – be still my beating heart!!

    An Ice Cream Throwdown, I’m sooooo excited!! How many judges? Who’s judging? If Ashleigh’s one, you may be kinda screwed before you even get started. You may need to go into huge damage control with her. *whisper*jewelry*whisper* Or offer to go to a Vegan restaurant for lunch.

    I’ve actually been looking into ice creams flavours, you are probably going to want to stay on the safer side IMHO.
    Some flavour suggestions for you are:
    Banana Brown Sugar Ice Cream
    Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
    Peanut Brittle Ice Cream w Caramel Sauce
    Taffy Apple Ice Cream
    Nutella and Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream
    Tiramisu Ice Cream
    Cannoli Ice Cream
    Candied Bacon w Rum Ice Cream
    Marscapone Ice Cream w Black Truffles

    Some base flavour suggestions (needs a particulate):

    I was reading the Gross Food list and I was going hmmm is it bad that I think some of these would be good? I didn’t notice your gross/tasty evaluation until I clicked back to the post, and I was in agreement with your assessment!! Now I don’t feel so bad….Elvis doughnut mmmmmm

    Have a Good One!!

  5. O.K. last suggestions…… for tonight.

    Brown Butter and Peanut Brittle Ice Cream
    Brown Butter w Salted Almond Brittle


  6. Nice pic of KLAM, nice to see him again, He needs more dialog, Joe!! More screen time for him, please!! Sheryl.

  7. ok I don’t know if I want to open up the new tab which is gonna show me those top 7 foods.. *shudder*

    As for mint – it’s only good if it’s fresh and chopped in a salad OR for toothpaste.

    Cest fini.. haha

  8. You have to answer chocolate with a chocolate creation of your own. I don’t like mint either in ice cream. Some people do. Don’t give in. Go with the cinnamon bun flavor.

  9. Good luck on the ice cream challenge Joe, I suggest you go with Chocolate, Cinnamon Bun (Mmmmm sounds wicked), and, of course, Awesome. I don’t know what it would entail, but I’m pretty sure if you just named it Awesome you’d win, cause it’s, y’know, awesome.

    Also, thanks for the links, some hilarious endings there. Not to mention random and out of nowhere. WTH were the writers there thinking? Any plans to use something like that in the SGU series finale? Maybe the snowglobe one. Could be good, might finally win back all those fans who hated the show forever.

    Thanks again Joe.


  10. I have an idea

    How about a chocolate icecream with a salted caramel over the top of it??

    ie serve up the choccie icecream but pour this over and put some sea salt flakes over it

    250g caster sugar
    50mls water
    150mls thickened cream
    150g unsalted butter

    place the sugar and water in a saucepan and place over a medium heat, stir until the sugar has melted then allow to simmer until caramel has formed. Whisk in the cream then continue to whisk in the butter, whisk to a thick glossy sauce.

    Pour over the icecream and sprinkle with salt

  11. The problem with links to Cracked is I spend hours browsing and laughing and forget to do stuff like, uh, sleep.

  12. Mmmmm, ice-cream contest? I’m not sure about this, but what about something like a balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar with crystallized ginger? Don’t know if the vinegar would curdle the custard or if you could get the same flavor effect with another ingredient. I love Kymm’s idea of Tiramisu – coffee base with chocolate/espresso ribbons and chunks of brandy soaked sponge cake – served with mascarpone. And I like mint in moderation, maybe a fruit sorbet, lemon or raspberry or cranberry/pomegrante, with crumbled sugared mint leaves. For chocolate, maybe a smooth dark chocolate with grand marnier and candied orange peel? I think I may need to experiment myself this weekend!

    Have fun! Julie

  13. Queens and princesses wear tiaras. I recommend losing. (Even if not by much.) – No reflection on Robert Cooper, since he’s a co-creator of SGU, and a dedicated ice-cream maker. (YAY!) But then again, he *is* a Cowboys fan. Hmm. . . Alternatively, you could give the tiara to Peter Kelamis, who’d then have the opportunity to show off another girlishly appealing ‘do — maybe the “Homecoming Queen” look, if you Canadians have such frivolities. I can picture him being overwhelmed by everyone in makeup and wardrobe. “He needs to wear *this* foundation!” “No, his coloring just begs for something different!” “Tinted contacts, definitely!” “Yards and yards of velvet and lace, and a leather peekaboo corset!” – and so on. Good times. . . (mwahahahaha)

    Ivon and zombies: His remarks on Twitter have shown a definite affinity not just for zombies (and a craving for bacon – Coincidence? I think not), but for world domination as well. You guys might want to hire a PI to keep an eye on things. Just sayin’.

    – Okay, small glitch: *You’re* the one supplying Ivon with zombie lit; *you* crave bacon; and – most telling – *you* are Baron Destructo, well-known to be bent on world domination. I’m getting a little concerned now, especially after having watched an episode of Castle in which Vodun practices (“voodoo,” I assume) figure heavily.

    With the SGU writers busy, I gotta wonder what Joss Whedon is up to these days. Sending out an SOS. . . .

  14. Oh geez. . . Kymm’s list of flavors is killing me.

    Why was I worried about zombies? Can’t remember, lol.

  15. If I don’t dream about ginger with brown butter / toasted macadamia / rum ice cream in a few minutes here, I’ll feel stung in the morning.

    Will look forward to reading linked stuff later. Love, thanks for all the variety you give us. – A bientôt.

  16. Bad idea, Joe. The last thing that should be used as an incentive to do ANYTHING would be to suggest that if they DON’T do it, Julia Benson will go to their house. That’s more of a prize than anything else.

    “Wait, what do I have to do?”
    “Send in questions for Julia Benson.”
    “What if I don’t?”
    “Then she will go to your house and kic-”

    See? It just doesn’t work.

    Besides, if she does come to my house, I can just ask her my questions personally. You really should’ve thought this one through, Joe. 😛

    Oh, and I’ve written up my Refuel experience! Of course, I took pictures of my meal, and surprise surprise nobody cared! The food was amazing and the service was great. Full details (including another thing that I did that day) can be found here:

    Good luck on the ice cream challenge! I’m sure you’ll…cream the competition. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh yes, your competition will be…iced. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    @ Tammy, das: Awww, you guys are sweet. I too would be honoured to be on any list that I am on. 😉

    And also any list that das is on, of course! You too, Tammy! 😀

  17. Sorry, my Internet is having some major hiccups. Of course I have questions for Julia. 🙂

    What do you think of James/Scott relationship?

    James is easily one of my fav secondary characters. Will we see more of her in the 2nd season?

    Where do you see your character in, say, a few years from now?

    Most fun experience you’ve had while working on SGU?

    What’s your fav James moment in SGU S1? Mine was in “Space”, where she talked about Caine without knowing that he could hear her. That was funny, hehe.

  18. Hey Joe. Long, long time since I posted anything on your blog. We just had SGU premiere in New Zealand … finally. I just wanted to provide a counterpoint to some of the trash talk about SGU I’ve seen on this blog and elsewhere. I was very, very, very impressed with Air. Maybe you could pass on my congrats to those involved (for what they are worth), because I think the actors, writers and other production staff have done a really good job on SGU, from what I have seen so far.

  19. Who is this Julia lady you mention? How much to pay her to kick my ass, whoever she is.

  20. i hope the new “alien set” doesn’t mean Lucian Alliance an entire second season, because it would be like watching gangster shoot’em up sci-fi show

    i’m rather hoping for a diversity of alien encounters and a recurring alien antagonist that is more eye to eye with Ancient technology or even a ascension motivated type of alien, because SG-1 and SGA left us many unanswered questions about about the Ancients who build “Destiny”

  21. Yum, cinnamon bun – nice.
    The cookies and habanero hot sauce would be a strange combo for a weird food combo for the day…eh?
    Yeah, no mint in ice cream – save it for the actual candy mints or as appropriately suggested – toothpaste or mouthwash.

    Great photos of the gang.

  22. Face it, Joe…Ashleigh loves you to pieces. Not sure, however, if that’s in a creepy, or a non-creepy, way. You’ll have to ask her. 😉

    And what’s up with Carl?? Ice cream, cookies…any food that passes through the office…Carl’s all over it like a seagull on french fries. Why on earth doesn’t he weigh 400 pounds??! Geez…I just look at a cookie and I grow another butt. 😛

    Thanks for the links, Joe! Some fine examples of shows that truly did crash and burn! 😉 And those ‘tasty or gross’ foods? Most actually looked pretty good. 😛 ‘Gross’ is the stuff you eat, Joe – cod sperm and pig brains and stuff like that. Better had they labelled that bit ‘Tasty or Deadly’, ’cause I’m thinking that stuff would give you an instant heart attack on the first bite.

    Gotta run! Have a good day, sir!


  23. vanilla-honey-cinnamon-bun ice cream sounds AMAZING.

    I’m a huge fan of ginger ice cream – have you tried that yet?

    btw thank you for the birthday note. it made my evening. <3

  24. ” … in an obvious attempt to curry their favor …”
    ” … opt for something a little more adventurous, hoping I’ll score extra points for originality …”
    Reading between the lines, I’ve deduced that you’re going to make curry ice-cream!
    (well, it would certainly qualify as “adventurous” and “orginal”. 😉 )

  25. Kymm had some good ice cream suggestions.

    I talked to a lady from the Philippines and we discussed avocadoes. She didn’t understand the guacamole thing because her people like avocadoes creamed with banana, not mixed with spice. Could banana/avocado make a good ice cream?

    The buttermilk peach ice cream sounds good to me. Probably too tame for you but the others might like it.

    Cool links, I’d forgotten some of those finales (or maybe blocked it out). It wasn’t a series finale but I’ve always remembered “Dallas” for their “it was just a dream season”.

    The food? Too much!

    Chocolate? Hey, I gave you that story a few days ago!
    I wonder how much money was wasted on that study?

    We are all in the South waiting to see how the new fix for the oil leak will go:

  26. In regards to the Zombie love (which just sounds weird) have you seen Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland? If so, what did you think?

  27. O.K. I’ve had a chance to sleep on it; you may be right about the points for originality. So here are some of the more unusual flavours thats I’ve sussed out to date:
    Balsamic Ice Cream
    Triple Cream Brie Ice Cream
    Roquefort and Honey Ice Cream
    Guinness-Milk Chocolate Ice Cream
    Smoke Bacon and Egg Ice Cream
    Figs and Port Ice Cream
    Spicy Beet
    White Sesame Ice Cream w a Molasses Swirl


    P.S. the cinnamon bun ice cream does sound really good….

  28. “What anime can teach us about ending a story”

    Totally agree. I think this is the biggest reason I no longer watch TV shows, and instead just watch anime only. They can take 13 episodes of 20 minutes each, and make a decent story with an end. Whereas most TV shows get cut after 10 episodes, which the writers didn’t plan on, and thus the show never got an ending, even when there were people who liked it.

    And in the case of BSG or Lost, the writers didn’t have a clue what they were doing, just making crap up as they went along. Other than Stargate, Bablyon 5 was the only other series in recent memory that I liked, because JMS had a specific story to tell from the beginning; he knew the ending well in advance.

    So my advice to writers? Plan an ending after 10-13 episodes. It doesn’t have to answer every question, but it should close satisfactorily. You can leave some things open for if you get picked up again, but I’m sick and tired of BS writers who can’t really tell a story, and rely on the same formula that everyone else is using.

    Be different! North American TV does the same ole thing for it’s series, but Japan has some truly wacky and off-the-wall ideas all the time. Don’t copy everyone else, because it will just look like you’re trying to play catch-up, and don’t have any real ideas of your own.

    I suppose that’s why I like Nanoha; it may have started as a magical girl genre, but it turned into something different, and something I like to see: Girls kicking ass with well-done fights, while still retaining touching emotions. It turned the entire genre on it’s head, by incorporating other genres.

  29. Let me qualify that. The flavours I listed above are not all that weird/unusual like shark fin noodle, squid, charcoal, beef tongue, oyster, potato, foie gras and caviar, soy sauce, or viagra etc., but just ones that I was hoping to make, and still sounded good (to me) at the same time.


    Last ice cream post for today *promise*

  30. Hi.

    I finally got to see SGU last night. Boy it was intense. I had a feeling right from the start that Tellford was a bad guy. Good Stuff. Poor Rush getting tortured like that. He is in so way over his head.

    I just LOVED seeing Jack and Daniel together again. You wouldn’t believe just how very happy it made me to see them banter like the old days. Seeing O’Neill on the Destiny made a lot of sense and then Jack’s line about “he knows what is special about him” was, to me, a perfect O’Neill moment. I love how it just stopped Telford in his rant. RDA seems to really be enjoying playing Jack again.

    Some people were commenting that having Daniel being the guy who followed Rush was out of character for him. I believe Daniel is fully capable of doing some black ops surveillance given the fact that he has spent the more then a decade being part of a secret government project.

    My question is: When the guy drops off Rush, he pulls out a book to read. Was that book OLD MAN

  31. D’OH, my comment got sent before I could finished my question.

    Was the book that the guy was reading one of John Scalzi’s novels? It looked like OLD MAN’S WAR.

  32. Ice cream. Need I say more, I wish I could try all the different kinds that there are but I know there are some I just won’t like. But that’s life I suppose.
    So here goes I have some question for Joe and here they are:

    How do you feel about the progress of Stargate Universe and do you think it will out last Stargate Atlantis?

    Do you ever that any ideas from your fans and implement them into any of the scripts for the series?

    And now questions for Julia:

    How do you like your character and do you think that the series will have an episode on her past?

    How do you like working with so many people from some many different backgrounds on the show and behind the scenes?

    Is you character (Lt. James) going to have a larger role in the upcoming episodes showing more of how she is and what she feels compared to some of the other characters?

    I have only posted here a few times but this is sort of new to me. Joe I love your anime collection I have a collection of about 5,500 myself. I also draw anime and make anime cells for short films as a hobby.
    I hope Stargate Universe is going as well as you all had planned it would and we all love to see how happens next as the series continues.

  33. Coucou Joseph!

    ça va bien? Moi oui mais je n’ai pas trop le temps, je passe rapidement pour vous faire de gros bsious bisous;) Merci pour ces photos et les liens!!!

    A demain!
    Anaïs qui pense chaque jour à vous ♥

  34. Hi Joe; with a lot of people **still** moaning about SGU not being in the mold of SG1 or SGA (I think change is good myself and am loving this new show), there is one small gripe I have which you might be able to quite easily fix.

    When travelling in FTL, people inside the ship with two or more windows in their rooms can see the light blurring outside the window. However, it’s the same blur across the two or more windows on the same wall. Where you should see a light blur across the ‘front’ window and a moment later that same blur across the ‘back’ window as the ship passes that area of …bluriness.

    If you can get your special effects boffins to offset the playback for the ‘rear’ window, it’ll look less like two monitors on one feed behind the set – and more like the ship is moving through something since the ‘rear’ window will show a moment later what the ‘front’ window has shown.

    Does that make sense?

  35. What video game is that behind Ashleigh? I wish I had The Simpsons arcade game myself. One can dream.

    The fanged fish reminds me of the pictures in the LIFE book “The World in Which We Live In” which my siblings liberated from the school library. It would scare the dickens out of us to see pics of freaky deep sea fishes and cool dinosuars.

    The 2010 Ice Cream Challenge sounds very cool! How’s about Rose Ice Cream, with rose petals, or Rose Apple ice cream with lovely rose apples?

    Or something blue and fresh tasting that looks like the color of an active Stargate, using Alize Bleu liquor; it has that beautiful flourescent blue color and yummy flavor.

    Is it Friday yet? I’m ready for some more SGU.

  36. Ashleigh was in Miami and she didn’t tell us? We, (FLA fans) would have met up with her. You haven’t been anywhere in FLA until you’ve been in Palm Beach County.

  37. Questions for Julia

    Quick get know you questions:

    1. Bottled water or tap?
    2. Beach or Mountains?
    3. Reading or watching SGU?
    4. Joe’s homemade ice cream or Ben and Jerry’s
    5. Diamonds or Pearls?
    6. Dogs or Cats?
    7. Brothers and sisters?
    8. Hockey or Football?

  38. @Scary

    I liked that Daniel and Jack stuff too. Made me wish Sam and Teal’c were there. With the third SG-1 movie on the backburner it would be neat if they could figure out some excuse to get the band back together for a guest adventure on SGU. Considering that they have all been in the SGC from jump it would be easy for the writers to come up with some special situation that called for their combined experience.

  39. Speaking of Daniel, I firmly believe he only followed Rush because he is probably one of few people Jack trusts completely without a shadow of a doubt, so in reality when faced with a possible mole from the Lucian Alliance and are unsure how far it spreads, you’d naturally want your best guy right? Correct me if im wrong Joe.

    Surprised people are speaking about this ep still, but it has to be one of my favourite episodes after Space, space was just awesome, not saying that because I’m commenting on Joes blog, the episode in general harks back to the classic Stargate formula and was kinda exciting to watch.

  40. Guess I’ll join in on the Julie Question thing.

    1. How has the experience thus far been for you playing Vanessa James aboard Destiny?

    2. If you could change one thing about your character, what would it be?

    3. If you were stranded aboard one of Destinys shuttles, weeks away from the Destiny, with any of the cast, who would it be and why? For arguements sake, you have enough food and water, and Destiny is waiting for you.

    4. If your character could have anything sent to her aboard Destiny, what would it be?

    5. Any favourite authors, or books you enjoy reading?

    SGU related questions, like any good Q&A should have 🙂

  41. What kind of cookies did Robert bring in?

    I don’t know, I kinda live my life according to the phrase “Trust No One.” *cues X-Files theme* So if you don’t mind I would rather see the Stage 6 pictures for myself. I like to form my own opinions. This way I can judge how impressive the alien sets actually are, or if you’re just blowing smoke up our collective skirts *wink* We won’t tell anyone else about the pictures!!! *promise*……. Are you buying it? ….. Didn’t think so ….. *heavy sigh*

    Hey, granted those series finales may not have been the best and were perhaps ‘soul-crushing’, but at least THEY got an ending, not like some other series that shall remain nameless…*snicker* (the flat-lining kitty is kinda funny…CLEAR)


  42. hi joe, first time posting on your blog, although not the first time reading, took me ages to work out how to write to you haha. i know by other sites and stuff that appreciation is hard to come by these days, but just a personal thank you from a life long stargate fan, and keep up the good work. loving SGU, and, like many people, looking forward to the eventual movies of SG1 and SGA. oh and by the way, not the biggest anime fan, but i saw you chose escaflowne as one of your top 25. i loved that anime, terrific storyline, i was starting to think you hadnt seen it til i saw its picture haha, good choice.
    couple of questions:
    1: are you going to be selling your ice cream, cause it sounds great haha
    2: on a serious note, will there be many different types of aliens encountered during universe, or will this new alien be a frequent encounter for a while
    3: will we find out anymore about the asguard from the pegasus galaxy, because i thought that was an excellent way of bringing them back, and would love to see their grey little heads again haha
    all the best


    Here is a link for zombie lover Ivon, if you click on the Videos you can see Greg Nicotero’s demo reels for the many gross effects the KNB EFX team created for George Romero, Robert Rodriguez and Tarantino among others. I could only get through half of the vid before I got the willies.

  44. in regards to the anime endings vs those finales on tv, right now i have to say that i agree with what the story said. Having God in the final in some way personally is not all bad as long as you do it right but comparing to all of the anime finales i have seen vs regular tv shows i like how the anime wraps everything up. Anime endings have sence of emotion to then like the ending of Chrono Crusade unlike some of regular tv show were it is just plain sappy or just awfull. What do you think Joe.

  45. Thanks for that photo Joe…you may want to invest in some blinds as the sun has blown it out. The photo gives me an idea for a little Photoshop project…you mind if I take it out for a spin? I’ll happily Twitpic the result here….I’m sure you’ll like the results….you may even want me to do you too.

    Cheers, Chev

  46. @ pg 15 – I enjoyed your post, you did great!! Whenever I go to Vancouver, I always feel slightly claustrophobic, but from your pictures, lots of wide open spaces around, just need to travel out a bit. I’m glad you enjoyed your meal at Refuel (for the most part). I’ve wondered if everyone’s dining experience would rival Joe’s or if he gets ‘favourite child’ service. Umm that’s not the correct term, I can’t think of it right now, but you know what I mean, no? But according to your experience they do, so that’s really cool!!

    Joe – I can’t say that I have vast amount of sophisticated fine dining under my belt, so this may be old hat to you. If you would skip down this link post to the point where they are opening the bottle of port (it’s near the bottom). They are using red hot port tongs. It makes sense; the cork crumbling and the disturbing of the sediment. (I wonder if you can open wine like that as well). In all of your travels, have you ever seen anyone open a bottle like that?


  47. otros ojos said:

    Ivon and zombies: His remarks on Twitter have shown a definite affinity not just for zombies (and a craving for bacon – Coincidence? I think not), but for world domination as well. You guys might want to hire a PI to keep an eye on things. Just sayin’.

    – Okay, small glitch: *You’re* the one supplying Ivon with zombie lit; *you* crave bacon; and – most telling – *you* are Baron Destructo, well-known to be bent on world domination. I’m getting a little concerned now, especially after having watched an episode of Castle in which Vodun practices (“voodoo,” I assume) figure heavily.

    Haha…you saw that….I have faved that answer. I’m curious about the eating bacon and eggs before “wrecking havoc” on the world. I have offered my assistance in his world domination…I could be Pinky to his Brain. Narf!

    Cheers, Chev

  48. Julia Benson question (since everyone has asked some really good ones, this is the only other one I could come up with):

    For a SGleeU episode, what song would you like to sing and why?

  49. First, thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement. I so appreciate it. 9 a.m. central time tomorrow to likely 3 p.m. central time — think good thoughts — send me some positive energy.

    I just realized I hadn’t written my thoughts about Subversion:


    1. Loved in the beginning with the conversation about dreams. I could actually picture you and Paul Mullie having that exact conversation.

    2. I thought this was a great mixture of classic Stargate with edgier SGU mixed in.

    3. The 314 number — is that the combination to your stash of super secret chocolate? Pi is too obvious.

    4. Felt the story about Telford letting the people die while he was undercover to keep his cover reminded me of Churchill’s decision about Coventry.

    5. Enjoyed Ming-Na’s scene with Young when he was giving her one-word yes/no answers.

    6. Of course loved Mr. Scalzi’s book in there. Since I followed Lost and Caprica, they always put those secret gems in there for uber-fans. Thanks for that.

    7. Enjoyed the baby shower, and later when Chloe offers TJ friendship, encourage, perspective and hope.

    8. O’Neill and Daniel Jackson — Who wouldn’t love that? Later I like O’Neill’s like to Telford when he says, “I know how I’m special.” And Telford gives him this look like, I’m pouring out my soul to you and you’re making a joke? Also enjoyed his feigned outrage about being a corporal in the swap.

    9. Mike Dopud now has triplets in two galaxies (not just one person that looks like him but two others, the SG-1 character and the SGA character).

    10. Enjoyed Greer’s enthusiasm to want to help interrogate Telford.

    11. Jeff (my husband) greatly enjoyed the garrote scene. Poor Olan, we hardly knew thee.

    12. I appreciated that all sides of the torture issue were presented in a simple scene.

    13. Best of all I love the continuing going down that road that was started in Stargate: Continuum about what right do we have to play God. What was fantastic about Lou Diamond Phillips’ performance was that you thought he was brainwashed, but he really isn’t (and PLEASE don’t fall back on that easy way out — it would be much more interesting). And the perception of truth. In the my blog, I used the analog of the Iraq war and how the difference sides perceive it. And these people will remain steadfast in their believes/perceptions without being swayed by the other side. It was such an honest performance. What he saw while he was undercover changed his mind and he believes that Destiny should be used to help everyone, not just Earth. But I think the Lucian Alliance, obviously, wants it as a power play. People can look at the same situation and see 2 different truths. Take my school stuff. To parents fighting for their kids, they know I’m right and what I am doing is righteous. However, the school thinks I am mentally unstable, manipulative, a problem parent and whatever else you’d like to add to that list. I’m a villan to them and a hero to my community. I will never be able to change their perception of me. I have tried not to hurt others in the process, but I know I have (teachers’ feelings, etc.). So Telford would likely appear to be a hero to some and a traitor to others. I think that is very cool. Because that is truly what happens in real life.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow night. After round 6, I’m going to need an escape and knowing that SGU is the light at the end of my tunnel tomorrow night will give me something to focus on.

  50. To have some pretense of impartiality, are you setting up some sort of scoring system, ala Iron Chef? Say, taste, texture, appearance, and originality, using 1-5 points per catagory? That will help you out on originality at least. Looking forward to the details of the throwdown as it unfolds.
    Those links are just too dangerious. And hilarious. I really should visit more often, as if I have time to do so. Loved their take on the shows and the finales though.
    Best of luck on preparing, and however cruel make sure not to give away your testing results, even in an attempt to misdirect Mr. Cooper. No sense in giving him any edge, and you can always fill us in on the gory details of your efforts to create 3 perfect ice cream flavors after the fact.

  51. Ashleigh brought back a bottle of hot sauce from her Miami trip, just for me.

    What brand is the hot sauce?

    I’m a big fan of hot sauces and I’m always on the lookout for something new. My current favorites are “Sweating Bullets” (also from Florida) and “The Beast”, both Habanero blends. I’ve also used “Dave’s Insanity Sauce”, but I found it was mostly heat without a lot of flavor.

  52. I need an excuse to eat chocolate???? I think not!!!!

    The deadly foods? Honestly, the only one that I would give any consideration to at all is the bacon on the chocolate cake. As long as the chocolate is dark and not too sweet, it might be pretty tasty.

    And thanks for the link to that article about what anime can teach us about endings.

    @Kymm: No apology necessary. Most people think that pathology = autopsies. But if that were true, I wouldn’t have chosen it as a specialty; it is more satisfying to be able to help save people than to simply figure out why they died.

  53. @PBmom I love that question, good one. I also like the SGleeU, idea, that would be hilarious.

  54. I support the maple + bacon choice, my sister made some maple bacon frosted cupcakes last month and they wer teh bomb.

    I am also a big fan of peanut butter and bacon sandwiches and have been contemplating that as an ice cream flavor. I highly recommend people try the sandwich. Nestle could kill Reese’s off if they could invent a candy of pb in a bacon containment…

    I am a big fan of sherbets, sorbets, and ices, of orange, lime, raspberry, strawberry flavors, but am interested in what a kiwi sherbet is like… watermelon should be good too.

    Straight old strawberry ice cream is great, with chocolate syrup is awesome. Classic combo.

    Ben & Jerrys Coffee Heath Bar Crunch is also one of the best, I’m interested in trying Werther’s crushed in a Kahlua & Stoli ice cream…. hmm how high a proof can you make an ice cream without it melting down?

    Best Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood .. no question about it.

    Not a fan of zombies, sorry. Weekend at Bernies was the last zombie movie I watched and 1 per movie is about all I care to see, and then only as comic relief. My pretentions to world domination run more along the lines of Pinky and the Brain, Stewie Griffin, or Dogbert.

  55. Hey Joseph, I wanted to recommend you an anime: Buso Renkin. Fighting, awkward style.

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