I’m pretty damn excited about July’s Book of the Month Club selection.  The author is a supremely talented heavy hitter in the SF literary community, wrote one of my favorite scifi novels (Reveleation Space), and, oh yeah, also happens to enjoy Stargate (http://approachingpavonis.blogspot.com/2010/05/stargate-atlantis.html).  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

House of Suns, by Alastair Reynolds

From Publisher’s Weekly: “It is 6.4 million years in the future and humanity has spread throughout the Milky Way. Some cultures have established transient empires across space; others, the Lines, have used relativistic travel to colonize deep time. Clone-siblings Campion and Purslane are delayed on their way to a Gentian Line reunion, a coincidence that saves them from a massacre. Allied with potentially hostile Machine People and an enigmatic post-human god called the Spirit, armed only with fragmentary records and hints that Campion’s research provoked the mysterious House of Suns, the Gentian survivors struggle to find and stop their enemies before the genocide can be completed. “

From The Guardian: “‘Reynolds injects a good old fashioned sense of wonder into his science fiction by combining a story of epic scale with a series of awe-inspiring revelations, each more breathtaking than the last. The finale is thrilling, moving and humane. This is Reynolds’ best novel to date.”

From Interzone: “”Reynolds has written a hugely entertaining extrapolation of contemporary mores: a far-flung comedy of manners, with fascinating precedents. This is warm hearted science fiction with big ideas that are easy to follow. House of Suns might well be the author’s most human novel to date.”

From The Times: “”Reynolds understands and uses hard science, giving an aura of plausibility to his wildest flights of fancy. As well as visionary brilliance, Reynolds also supplies a knock-your-socks-off ending. A thrilling, mind-boggling adventure.”

Intrigued?  Then circle May 25th on your calendar because that’s when the paperback hits bookstores.

Discussion the week of July 12th with author Alastair Reynolds.

Anybody out there watching anime?  I watch a couple of episodes of the odd series every morning during my workout, just to brush up on my Japanese.  Some shows I’ve loved, some I’ve hated, while most have fallen somewhere in between.  The series I’m watching now, Black Lagoon, is hovering near Love It territory!  What’s it about?  Mercenaries, mobsters, and mayhem.  Highly recommended – unless you’re easily offended.  Or, well, moderately offended.

Check out the series Funimation home page here: http://www.funimation.com/blacklagoon/


DasNdanger writes: “Okay. I’m gonna be blunt. That’s Hollywood sex. And, I hate to tell ya…Hollywood sex is NOT REAL! It never happens that way! If you want me to believe that these people are really having sex, then I DEMAND THE FOLLOWING:”

Answer: In our desire to be as accurate as possible, we did include all of the various elements your mentioned. Unfortunately, they were cut for time and an abbreviated scene was aired.  Wait for the director’s cut!

Kevin writes: “(1) The Senator’s death is known about on Earth. Did they just explain it away as a private plane crash or something to that effect? And if so, what was Chloe’s disposition? She obviously is missing as well.

(2) Which then brings a bigger question. Over the run of SG1, SGA, and now SGU, there have been ‘alot’ of deaths of Earth people. When you start adding them up, it easily adds up to the thousands. There are also ‘alot’ of people involved or who have knowledge of the Stargate program. Is there any plans for a big reveal of the program?”

1) I’m not sure what the official cover story was but, yes, something along those lines – possibly a heart attack followed by a closed casket funeral.  As for Chloe – she’s probably attending a school out of state.

2) Depends who’s doing the planning.

Rex Carter writes: “Hi Joe this may sound like a stupid question but do you know if Stargate Universe will be picked up for syndication this fall on local tv stations to replace Stargate Atlantis?”

Answer: Sorry, Rex.  No idea.

Ludo writes: “Do you look for new actors for the SGU season to come?”

Answer: We do cast locally.  Each audition is script-dependent of course.

lkk222 writes: “@joe please kill someone important, pretty please?”

Answer: Hmmmmmm.

Robert writes: “Trought all the time I’ve been reading your articles, Fuel Restaurant as become an obsession. So for my first time in BC, I have to go there. Is it far from Howe Street ?”

Answer: You might want to cab it over to 1944 West 4th Avenue.

Major D. Davis writes: “Ive really been enjoying the Kino scenes, especially the most recent ones, will you guys be producing more kino scenes for season 2?”

Answer: Doesn’t look like it. 🙁

Erin Elizabeth writes: “The fact that the fans actually went through the trouble to make a site dedicated to allowing fans to speak their minds on this topic speaks volumes.”

Answer: Yeah, I think it speaks volumes about the people who spend the greater part of their existence endlessly wringing their hands and stomping their feet over a show they claim to hate and don’t watch anymore.  When I first heard about it, I simply shrugged and thought “Hey, kids will be kids.”  And then I learned that the organizers WEREN’T kids but (presumably functioning) adults.  Holy crap!  That’s both scary, sad, AND a little funny.  I would think said “adults” could direct their effort to more constructive pursuits like getting cereal pitchman Sugar Bear his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or organizing a nationwide boycott of tomatillos just for the hell of it.  Oh, and I’ll respectfully call bullshit on your “site dedicated to allowing fans to speak their minds”.  I’d add “so long as their opinion parrot that of the site’s organizers.” Hoowee!  A Japanese word comes to mind. Hikikomori. Look it up.  🙂

90 thoughts on “May 15, 2010: July’s Book of the Month Club Selection! An Anime Recommendation! Mailbag!

  1. LOL go Joe. No joke.. you don’t like a show, change the damned channel. For crying out loud. What idiots.

  2. Ugh Erin Elizabeth can suck it. No one gives a flying frak if you watch the show or not…honestly and truly. Here’s an idea…take a long walk out of a short airlock.

    Question for you sir…although you may not know the answer. I have become slightly in love with the score of the show and was very curious to know if the piece that plays over the re-cap at the beginning of each episode, perhaps just the second half, is used in an episode at some point. I think, minus Human, it has been my favourite piece yet.

    Thanks Joe…keep being awesome. 🙂

  3. Old news – had to get ice cream fix and had to “settle” for B&J American Dream Cone – yum. Did not know at the time, but apparently it is a favorite of Steve Colbert.

    Please do advise when the director’s cut for Pain or the second half of season 1 will become available. It will be a hoot.

    July book cover looks good. Time to watch Amazon for availability.

    Just a thought – Replacement word for adults who do not act like adults = adolts. That came from an 8 year old and it is rather appropriate at times.

    Now to finish the other half of my B&J. yum…

  4. Hey there Mr Mallozzi. Looking forward to House of Suns, sounds like it should be a great read. A book I recently picked up, called The Age of Ra. It’s a scifi book of sorts, and so far I’ve found it very intriguing. Be forewarned however, it does feature some pretty hash language.

    I’d like to talk a bit about the episode of SGU that aired last night. So far I have found the second half of the season to be much better than the first, which I found quite underwhelming. This particular episode, however, I felt the same way. While there were great character moments throughout (I especially loved Rush’s) there was just something missing. I can’t quite place it, but the show just didn’t have the “pizaz” that I found from some other episodes. I don’t wanna clog up your comments section with a full review here, but I do wanna say, while this wasn’t the best work I’ve seen you guys do, it is by far not the worst. And, for me, that’s the defining factor. You guys are moving this show in the right direction, and so far you’ve kept me hooked. Play your cards right and I may even stay around for the second season 😉

    Anyways, thanks Mr Mallozzi, and I hope you think about checking out The Age of Ra. All the best,


  5. Woo! Bring on the director’s cut!

    And THAT is all I have the energy I have for tonight. Here’s why…woke up about 7 am, got dressed, made the beds, fed the cats, made up a shopping list, went to breakfast with Mr. Das, started running my errands, got distracted by a borough-wide yard sale, bought herbs and pots, a wooden firkin, a couple cheap pieces of pottery, a Lydia Pinkham’s liver pills pill case (couldn’t resist!), and a great steamer trunk that had all the information in it from its original purchase, including who bought it, and from where (Lit Brothers, Philadelphia). Stopped by to see mom and dad, rushed home at noon to meet up with Mr. Das, packed his dinner and helped him get off to work, planted the herbs I bought, mowed the lawn, found homes for the stuff I bought (the steamer trunk went in the ship room, of course!) and FOUND A BIGASS SPIDER! 😮 (I had to capture it in a glass all by my onesies and take it outside…I almost fainted, and now I have a bad case of the heebie jeebies!). By 6 pm I was finally getting to my errands , came home and started cleaning the house, sat down at 8 pm and had a couple slices of pizza while watching idiots on COPS, went right back to cleaning/rearranging and finally finished up about 11:00, just in time for the news. Watched the news, chatted a bit with Mr. Das, kissed him good night, jumped in – and out of – the shower, painted my nails, read for about 20 minutes, had a little red wine and chocolate while watching the NCIS marathon on USA…and just now sitting down to read your blog. Whew! I’m poooooooped!!

    Nites, Joe!


  6. I knew it was a burn, glad you didn’t disappoint. lol

    Hikikomori Definition
    The equivalent of a Western “basement geek,” only suggesting a neurotic, unhealthy degree of both obsession and isolation.’

    @Sylvia – I’m likin’ the ‘adolt’

    Have a good one!

  7. I actually visited that “other” site, mainly because they are willing to publish certain spoilers that the main fan site doesn’t allow.
    While I don’t really like to get hateful about anything, I found a few interesting discussions there that cannot be held elsewhere. Because that “elsewhere” has been heavily censored as of late.
    But honestly, if you are a fan of SGU, I wouldn’t spend much time there, it would just make you upset.
    I remember some of the vitriol that was spewed over SGA’s last season and it was allowed to run rampant over at GW. I guess they didn’t want that to happen again, but by the same token, it just doesn’t seem fair that people were allowed to bash SGA to their heart’s content, but now are not allowed to be negative about SGU…
    Just sayin.

  8. Mr M have a look at the counter-SGU site. Lots of rants. Especially amusing is the posts blaming you for canceling SGA.

    Only reason to look up that site is for the rating numbers. Which they post very promptly.

    @Tim Lade Be civil. anyone can post anything on this list as long as they are respectful and isn’t a personal attack. Erin Elizabeth is simply stating a fact that a group of disgruntle fans have set up a anti-SGU site. Since the list moderator (AKA Mr M) allow the post. The post content should be discuss in a civilized manner. No reason for snide comment if you disagree with the person posting it .

  9. Hi, Joe.

    Ivon Bartok mentioned on his Twitter site on April 29th, that he was thinking about moving back to Toronto in 2011.

    Is this why we may not be getting any additional Kino videos for SGU’s second season?

    Also – if Ivon is moving – sob – we’ll miss him! His contributions to SG1, SGA and SGU have been impressive. And, he’s also got a great sense of humor.

  10. Joe,

    Always glad to see director’s cuts and I listen to every commentary – love them!

    Re: EE’s comment, thank YOU for being open in your own blog to dissenting ideas and comments – I don’t mean the idjits who just want to scream invective about everything they hate, but those who bring a different view, angle or take on a subject and are willing to listen to others’ views as well. We may come with our own opinions, but I think you and most of your readers keep an open mind while considering other ideas. I like your blog because it is welcoming, has a real sense of community and humor, is informative and fun.

    Thanks again, Julie

    @ Das – MY GOD, are you still breathing?! The spider alone would have stopped my heart. I don’t think I’ve done as much in a week as you have in a single day .

  11. awwww doesn’t anyone wanna come out and play tonight? I guess I will just have to play with myself……… umm er…… let me rephrase that….. I will find other ways in which to entertain/amuse myself.
    Hmm maybe some ice cream for brekkie.


  12. Heh. It’s about time you mentioned the [anti-site] folks. Did you know that they have a list of Pro-SGU people who they deem “fanatic”? Oh no, it’s not about the fact that we like SGU, it’s because we’re jerks about it, so they say.

    Yeah…making a list of “jerks” and then making fun of them on your own board? There’s something ironic there I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Anyways, I’m proud to say that, out of every person listed who are also regulars on Gateworld, I’m at the top of the list. Finally, after years of fanatic devotion to the Stargate Franchise, I am being recognized for my efforts. OH HAPPY DAY.

    Erin Elizabeth, first of all: funny that you didn’t get censored (as far as I know – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Perhaps Joe isn’t as EEEEVIIIIIIILLLLLL as you and your ilk think he is.

    Or as Joe likes to think he himself is.

    Secondly, you say that “the fact that the fans actually went through the trouble to make a site dedicated to allowing fans to speak their minds on this topic speaks volumes.” Well, to me it speaks more to their obsessive and vengeful behavior, which luckily for the rest of us is only applicable to a fringe of the fandom. Why do I say this? Because the anti-site boasts the awesome poster population of a mighty 118, with 98 of them being active. Hey, if it were 1000 or something, I’d be impressed and a little more disturbed, but as of right now they are no different than your run-of-the-mill disenfranchised fans who decided to use their ample free time (italicized for that special someone who once boasted about his/her lack of free time because he/she had a SRS BISNIZ adult life; you know who you are, sweetcheeks) to hide their sadness at losing a show they loved and their jealously of seeing other people having a good time watching SGU under a thick, slimey layer of bitching, moaning, snarking, and bellyaching.

    Furthermore, it’s not much of an effort either. Besides the handful of people who actually went through the trouble of making the board, the rest only spent as much effort as it needed to register and then bitch their little hearts out. Oh yeah, I’m real impressed with their resolve. What are they going to do next? Make a Facebook group about it and make a bunch more of their fellow suckers push the “Like” button?

    Look, I’ve been in this fandom for a long time now. When Gateworld put in place “Anti” and “Pro” threads, those who hated whatever Stargate was on at the time piled into the Anti threads and wallowed in their own discontent. When Gateworld banned them, they went to the News comments to wallow in their own discontent. When Gateworld banned that, they created their own forum to wallow in their own discontent. Nothing’s changed. [This site] is no more of consequence than those Anti-SGA Season (blank) threads of old.

    Interesting. I just browsed that board a little and saw a poster with an avatar of Joe and a dildo. No, I’m not kidding. I wish I were. I also wish I were blind. In the famous words of Guy Fleegman of Galaxy Quest fame: Oh, that’s not right.

    I’m gonna head off the “OMG he’s tattling” posts with “dude this ain’t kindergarten.” Prove me wrong, Suckers.

    Right, so I know you Suckers are reading this because, deep down, you know the Awesomeness of The Joe – is this rant enough to put me at the top of the SGU Fanatics list? Come on guys, I’m getting tired of adding the “out of everyone who’s a regular at Gateworld” disclaimer when I boast about being at the top of your list of non-TPTB people who drive you the most nuts. Or, are you like Kruge and be all like “No, because you wish it!” Because that’s not cool you guys. Not cool at all.

  13. LOL – I don’t see anyone blaming Mallozzi for canceling the show. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Mallozz, but how could a writer cancel a show? Anyway, I’ve not found a post that said Mallozzi was the evil mastermind behind the SGA cancellation.

    Gateworld members and admins have pretty much prohibited any pro or anti talk period. You’ll be told off and censored if you love certain aspects of the show, or if you hate certain aspects of the show.

    For proof of that, I’ve provided a link.


    So this is one of the reasons why the other site has been created. Whether you’re an SGU lover or a SGU hater, you can freely discuss how you feel.

    There’s a number of people on there that love SGU and are sick of the Gateworld sensors. It’s enjoyable to discuss things with them. So if you, like me, are sick of mean people telling you what you can and can’t say, then come on over. Just know this, if you dish it out, you gotta be able to take it. 😉

    By the way, I’ve never put SGU in a negative light at Gateworld yet every word I do type is nitpicked and criticized by fans of the show. Heck, they even followed me to the SG1 discussions, attacking my posts and attacking/insulting the characters AND the actors from SG1 and SGA. It’s wrong to insult the actors. However, gateworld allows it as long as it’s not directed at SGU actors or characters.

    I noticed that SGU’s key demo 18-49 is rather low. It got beaten by Merlin last week. Would it be bad of me to say that maybe the 12 year olds should stop staying up past their bedtimes, get off the gateworld forums, and stop harassing other fans of the SG series? It probably is, so I won’t say it.

    Anyway, I’m just sick and tired of how some fans think that it’s a competition between SGU/SG1/SGA making it impossible to have any meaningful discussions at Gateworld. This is why I’m a member of the other site. They don’t air at the same time, there’s no competition, so why are people viciously attacking the actors, fans, and characters of the other shows?

    With all due respect, Mr. Mallozzi, you have no idea what you were talking about in your mailbag today. You’re not a regular member of Gateworld, and I sincerely doubt you even checked out the other site. Next time, you should probably research it before you insult other people.

    Since you speak French, then I’m sure you can figure out this proverb.

    Il faut tourner sa langue sept fois dans sa bouche avant de parler.

  14. @Kymm – Re. your post yesterday concerning sex scenes vs. violence scenes, why should Americans adopt a more balanced attitude toward such matters? Hell, we’ve succeeded in going our own lonely way in not adopting the eminently logical metric system (among many other sensible measures with which you’re familiar, and, as an English-speaking non-American, can see in a unique light) – why rock the boat by rethinking priorities?

    Foodporn: Coconuts and bananas can be used to make a very tasty, out-of-the-ordinary salad, especially if you substitute the longer and often firmer plantain for the average banana. Plantains are less sweet, but that works well with the key ingredient of salsa. Any salsa will do, really: a little spice can go a long way – or a sizeable splash of sizzling salsa, whatever you like; the goal is simply to raise the main ingredients to new heights. Serve in a small wooden firkin if desired, and enjoy with whichever beverage doesn’t overwhelm the plantains. – Advisory: This delectable dish has been known to lead to dancing. (cf. Blondie, “Eat to the Beat.”)

  15. Ok, in other news, my buddy Henry and I are going to Refuel on Monday the 24th! Perhaps we’ll see you there? 😉

    Also, what do you recommend?

    Oh, and of course, I saw “Pain”. I enjoyed it, for the most part. However, as much as I hate to say this since Carl is Awesome…it wasn’t that great. Basically, it felt like some brilliant character work wrapped around a lackluster plot. I’ll start with the good.

    The character stuff felt like a “summary” of the various character issues we’ve seen this year, to prepare ourselves for the 3 part season finale that will propel us into the next. There was also a thing that I’ve been waiting for since the pilot.

    Clearly, all the character issues harken back to what we’ve seen, and it’s great to know that you guys AND the characters themselves haven’t forgotten about these issues and will hopefully build on them later on. For the main characters, Scott remains guilty over the son he had accidentally left behind due to being a stupid teen – a teary shuttle ride wasn’t the end of that, after all. Rush, despite his callous and enigmatic exterior, does have a deep seated fear; the fear seems to be more primal than emotional – a fear for his life. I think it’s interesting that it wasn’t just the fact that aliens scared him, but aliens that managed to probe into his mind – his mind being what I believe to be what Rush believes to be his greatest asset. There is nothing scarier than beings who can take your greatest strength away from you so easily.

    Meanwhile, I thought Greer’s reasons for what he did to be very noble despite what he actually did. His fear of failing the crew, of Young, drove him to take drastic actions. It was probably the wrong thing to do if he really wanted to quell a rebellion, but like he said in “Life” – he’s the guy that has to do these sometimes-necessary things, he’s been trained to do these things that nobody else would or could. Of course, this harkens back to “Time” and “Lost” where it was shown Greer is the way he is because he wants to use the strength that was trained into him by his father to make a difference in people’s lives, to protect them despite whatever may happen to him, physically or mentally. Also, it took me by complete surprise when Greer’s father showed up; loved that. Notice how Greer does what his father tells him to do; I’ve always surmised that Greer was ultimately thankful for what his father did to him, to make him into the force of nature that he is today. This is a sorta-confirmation of that, IMHO.

    Meanwhile, the secondaries have their turn too. James continues to miss her time with Scott. The “conversation” they had in the teaser was very interesting, considering that it was basically James talking to herself. One can see her insecurities coming through – thinking that Scott has to choose between her and Chloe, and then next moment having “Scott” remind herself that he has already made his choice. I am really liking what you guys are doing with James; she’s got the toughness down pat, and now we’ve got that layer of human imperfection painted on too. Now we just need to see her in happier times to really get how she ticks. Volker’s scare just made it clearer how much he meant what he said back in “Life”. Patrick Gilmore did an amazing job when he was in that box; that scene made me pretty nervous.

    Now, that thing that I’ve been waiting for? It’s what Senator Armstrong said. For the first time, someone in the series expressed the feeling that this is a dream come true; that they are sailing the stars, seeing things no human has ever seen, exploring the far reaches of reality and existence. When he said those things, I felt a chill go down my spine. It’s a very powerful thing, that urge to explore, to see and understand so many new things, and I’m glad it was Chloe who expressed these feelings (since the Senator was just an extension of Chloe’s mind).

    It’s funny. I asked you a few days ago, Joe, about whether you guys have seen Cosmos precisely because I wanted something like this (and thank you for answering those questions, by the way; and thank you for reading that very long post). SGU is doing a lot of great things, but one thing that it’s missing IMHO is wonderment. There’s no doubt that the issues on the ship are important to the crew and that they will have to deal with all the drama that arises when one tosses a group of people together like that, but there is something to be said about being out in the Universe and how that changes one’s perception of the nature of one’s existence through the realization of just how incredible the Universe is.

    And now, with this excellent, touching scene in “Pain”, I am reminded of a quote by the man of Cosmos himself, Carl Sagan:

    “The exploration of the cosmos is a voyage of self-discovery.”

    Not only do I think this quote could (and should) describe SGU as a whole, but also considering that Chloe seems to be the one with the most to discover about what she is capable of herself, this revelation that being out there among the stars is a dream of her and her father’s is a perfect fit. I loved that whole sequence, and I hope you guys really expand on this concept, as well as its connections to Chloe. Of course, Christopher McDonald is brilliant, as usual, and it actually made me tear up seeing Chloe deal with seeing her father again and realizing what I had thought at the time: “I don’t care if this is fake. My dad’s in front of me and I’m going to hug him and cry into his shoulder like I’ve wanted to all this time.” It’s what I would’ve done in her place. Elyse did an amazing job with this episode, IMHO; one of her best performances. Her “goodbye daddy” was heartbreaking, and very surreal if one realizes that ther other people are seeing her say that to thin air.

    Going back to Cosmos for a moment, I really really hope that some time in the future, one of the characters will reference it somehow. Or, better yet, have someone say:

    “Think of how many stars, and planets, and kinds of life there may be in this vast and awesome Universe.”

    I mean, SGU is basically what Carl Sagan was talking about. Humans going out into the stars and exploring the complete unknown despite our insecurities, fears, and issues. I hope that Chloe’s scene in “Pain” was just the beginning of our characters realizing exactly how privileged they really are, going where no one has gone before.

    Moving on. The scenes between TJ and Young were as cute as ever. Young’s overprotectiveness continues. It’s pretty sweet. 😀

    So in these respects, I think the episode did brilliantly. However, where the episode falters is in how these character moments are framed. I think you guys could’ve gone deeper into the character work if the mechanics of the hallucinations were something else – something that wouldn’t have gotten so much focus. For now though, we have an episode with great character stuff wrapped around a plot I’ve seen far too many times; I don’t really care about ticks. Worst of all, with the series focusing so much on character stuff, you guys have no time to really develop the crisis like in SG1/SGA, where the attraction of these crisis situations is in how you keep upping the ante and throwing monkey wrenches into our heroes’ plans to make it even more desperate. Thus, we get a half-baked problem that really doesn’t feel that urgent; it’s like, this problem will probably not get any worse than this and they’ll solve it eventually, so all it does is take up valuable character time. Unfortunately, this is a very difficult balance to achieve in 42 minutes. You guys will just have to figure these things out the hard way, and I wish you good luck.

    That guy with the snake thing freaked me out. I had to turn away during the, uh, “scratching” scene. It was too graphic for me; clawing at an already-bloody arm? *Shudder*

    There was one intriguing notion introduced in this episode that I wish you guys developed more, which was how they may need to limit gate travel if bad stuff like this keeps happening, introduced in the last scene. At the time, it felt like it came out of nowhere – they’ve had problems offworld before but never had this thought. However, it was still a very very interesting thought. IMHO they should’ve had one of Scott, Chloe, or Eli mention how dangerous being offworld is after their recent experience, maybe at the beginning of the episode, just to bookend it and make it more of a theme of the episode. I mean, it’s something that’s never really explored (though there was a brief mention at the end of SG1’s “Bad Guys”) in the past SG series since they were about exploration, but really, other planets are dangerous – is it really wise to go to every one that Destiny shows them?

    Anyways, to wrap this up: brilliant character work, average plotting; could’ve benefitted from more time and more focus on the characters’ problems instead of diluting it with the tick stuff, which has been used far too many times. Still enjoyable though.

    And Carl is still Awesome. I just want to make that clear.

    @ Das: Wow, so that big giant paragraph about your day was all that you can muster with the energy you had tonight? Gosh, you must’ve been really tired! 😉 😛

  16. Coucou Joseph,

    ça va bien? Moi pas vraiment j’ai eu d’attroces douleurs dans le pied cette nuit sans savoir a quoi c’était dû et j’ai encore les doigts qui gombflent j’ai pas chance en ce moment, hier j’ai appris qu’il y avait eu un probléme dans la livraison de mon portable et que n’étais pas prise dans mon job d’été =(

    Merci pour ces Q/A, gros bisou!

  17. No kino scenes for Season 2??? Which other show can offer something so creative, entertaining, and unique for Special Feature DVD’s and website viewing? Joe, I know other people have ultimate control of the purse strings; but. . . This news is a major letdown. – Wait – Are you also referring to kino scenes used within episodes? That would leave me too dejected even to silently curse about it.

    Well, at least there *is* a Season 2. . . But TPTB have already killed what, to me, was a major (and highly enjoyable) character.

  18. Too far.

    Socially withdrawn and reclusive fans are still fans. In fact, they probably have supported Stargate the most over the past 12 years, tuning in every Friday and buying stacks of DVDs. They might not have a lot to do with their spare time, but the effort they’ve put in to doing what they’ve done makes it very clear that they don’t like the direction the Stargate franchise is going, and are worried about it’s future.

    And I am inclined to agree.

  19. The anti-SGU site is the stupidest site ever. I have no problems with them disliking the show, neither does GW. It’s how they express it. Some things people have said over there makes my stomach turn. Because of that I have no respect towards them whatsoever.

    Too bad to hear about no kinosodes in S2. 🙁 They’ve been quite fun.

  20. @sylvia – ‘Adolts’. Love it!

    @Joe – You posted that DVR numbers are high for SGU. I believe you’ve commented before about how scifi fans are usually their own worst enemy. I assume the advertisers, and hence the network, are mainly interested in live numbers. Do you know if the DVR numbers factor a lot into their renewal decisions?

  21. Looks like fandoms bring out the worst in some people but never mind, its all horses for courses. What makes me smile though is the assumption that THIS IS THE FIRST TIME negative discussion has happened when some of us can state categorically that it really all started over 40 years ago with a little known series named Star Trek. Ok so there was’t the internet to get all vocal on but fans produced fan clubs, newsletters and fanzines by the score and one faction dissed another. Its not difficult to see why the world is in the state its in when people get so vitriolic about something thats made up.

    Das honey, I had to go and have a lie-down after reading your energetic post:) a warning next time please:)))

  22. Intrigued? Then circle May 25th on your calendar because that’s when the paperback hits bookstores.

    I already have May 25th marked on my calendar. As a matter of fact you do too Joe….its my birthday!! You know it would totally make my day if you had a hot, talented men pic spam in the blog in honour of my special day on the 25th (in no particular order….Ivon, yourself, BamBam, Joe F, David H, Jason, Rainbow, Kavan, Connor, David N, David B, Brian, Patrick, Peter, Jamil, Robert, Louis, Lou, Josh, Jeffrey, Mark S, RDA, Michael, Chris, Ben B, Alan, Paul, Carl, Rob, Brad, Martin G, Lawren …I feel like I’m forgetting people….sorry if I did…you know you rock!! Oh and not one of those cast & crew photos where everyone’s so tiny I can barely make them out….so, would you please do that for me? 😀 I’ve been good.

    Cheers, Chev

  23. Major D. Davis writes: “Ive really been enjoying the Kino scenes, especially the most recent ones, will you guys be producing more kino scenes for season 2?”

    Answer: Doesn’t look like it. 🙁

    But I love them 🙁

    They really add to the show…..I’ll ask on here what i asked on twitter…is it because of the financial woes at MGM that there’s not enough money to produce them or is this a creative decision?

    Some people said to me that maybe they ran out of KINOS or there’s not a need for them anymore but I disagree.

    Cheers, Chev

  24. Joe, I have question for you. Please answer, the fate of the world depends on it!
    What is the name of the song from the start of Pain?

  25. @ Bailey

    I agree with you. Gateworld is censoring quite heavily, which prevents a lot of debates. Negative comments are deleted and often whole threads. There are hardly any honest discussions anymore.

    And it seems there is also a huge double standard going on. At one time Gateworld allowed anti threads. Season 9 and 10 of SG1 had for example anti threads just for complains. There were also a lot of anti threads in regards to SGA. SGU fans are by the way still allowed to speak bad about SG1 and SGA on Gateworld and they often do this, when they put down SG1/SGA to make SGU looks better.

    You can hardly criticize anything about SGU on Gateworld anymore. Some people wrote that Chloe was acting stupid in “Space” and a moderator wrote a warning, that character bashing isn’t allowed. Another one only said that Rush could need a bath and was banned.

    And now Gateworld doesn’t allow spoilers from the Ukraine. Some of SGA’s episodes were also shown outside of the USA first and they didn’t forbid spoilers then. This is another double standard.

    In the past there was for every Stargate episode a fan poll on Gateworld. They stopped those, too. I guess because it looks too “negative”, when SGU episodes got a lot of bad votes.

    Gateworld isn’t really a Stargate fan site anymore, it is a SGU marketing site, which allows less SGU critique, than the Syfy forum!

  26. Totally agree in the “hikikomori”, Joe. As much as I live the whole SG franchise, it’s still just a TV show. A very good one in my opinion, but still you have to keep it in perspective. I can’t help but wonder if these people wouldn’t be happier spending their time volunteering at a soup kitchen, or doing ANYTHING more productive.

  27. I’m starting “Prisoner”, but “House of Suns” looks like something my hubby would love! So is “Prisoner” going to be a BOM selection later?

  28. Egads – I went to the last comment section to see if I could find this website (I have to confess I’m a glutton for punishment and because I have some level of amazement that people want to spend time hating a show. Granted it’s they’re right, but it doesn’t mean I won’t raise my eyebrow in a Teal’c like manner). Didn’t see a link which is all well and good I suppose.

    Saw on the comments on the sex scene. I thought it fit so I didn’t think anything of it (except that I ushered my tot out of the room quickly, but it’s an adult show as far as I’m concerned. I don’t let him in the room when we’re watching Lost either).

    I too have wondered about the cover story for the SGC. A lot of people die doing deep space telemetry…

  29. I don’t think it’s a good idea for Joe to have a perve at that alternative site. It’s full of presumptuous bias so there’s no point.

    Joe has allowed criticism of SGU on this blog so I can’t see how anyone is being censored.. sure , posts that are inflammatory and disrespectful to Joe, SGU actors and us fellow bloggers are a no go because that’s just courtesy. You can criticise the show…. the SHOW but leave the personal shit out of it.

    Space ticks eh? Did the doc get rid of them the Aussie way? By pulling them out with tweezers, tossing them in a vegemite jar that has about 1 cm of methylated spirits and then throwing in a match. Ticks go POP!!! and spew forth human blood from their once intact abdomens. yeah!!!!

  30. “Sugar Bear”!! That is one of the many pet names I call my little crazy Beagle Maggie. I didn’t realize I must have gotten it from a cereal pitchman! I wonder were I got Honey Bunny, Sugar Sweet, Sugar Pie, and many others from. My little Sugar Bear is outside right now digging all the dirt out of the flower pots. Ooops, now she’s pooping! What a sweet little Baby Cakes!

  31. “Wait for the director’s cut!”

    Hoping to sell more DVD’s with big yellow stickers: “Now with even more realistic sex scenes!” *g*

    “That’s both scary, sad, AND a little funny.”

    Because making TV is such a worthwhile meaningful endeavor which brings balance to the world.

    And of course there is advertisement on the site, so they may be making money of gateworld banned ranters.

    “I’d add “so long as their opinion parrot that of the site’s organizers.” ”

    Which you could of course only know if you had an account on the site

    So what’s your nickname on http://www.**********.com ? 😉

    Hey, I like that you are saving the life of that spider rather than stomp on it!
    I generally ask them to leave first – and if they don’t… well, that’s their choice then isn’t it! *g*

  32. Good morning Joe!

    Ya, I’m in a good mood today. All my kids are in town today, and my grandkids. We’re going over to my daughters for supper. Seems we’re celebrating today, seems I’ve let another birthday creep up on me. Ya, I turned 53.


  33. BotM club selection looks good, and I’ll take a shot at the anime. What I’ve sampled of the genre so far hasnt impressed, but who knows. It’s ironic I can remember bits of an old Japanese tv show about a boy and his dinosaur( a brontosaurus, as they were known then). Wish I could remember the name of the show. Be interesting to see a few episodes today.
    An anti-SGU site? Got to check that one out too. Seems like a lot of effort to put into a sci fi show, or any simple entertainment. But then, humans aren’t always, or even usually rational.
    Tried something from the store. Prepackaged crepes. Yep, just as bad as you would expect. The only good thing is they are thin enough that you can almost ignore the bland taste and poor texture. On the plus side, it’s inspired me to break out the ingredients to make my own fresh ones. With strawberries in season, and with some creme fraiche, might be worth the effort.
    Anyways, thanks for the selection and the mailbag. Still waiting for puppy pics…(I know, get over to twitter)

  34. Joe, the July selection looks interesting, may have to make a trip to the book store, darn it…

    The anime,,do they ever run out of bullets, the endless supply, hard to tell the good guys, real fast action, kinda like Ronon in Sateda, whoa. That should get your adrenalin pumping on your exercise equipment.

  35. wow cool havent read any of his books yet, but they are everywhere.

    as for black lagoon, i googled it and i want to know, why doesnt that girl zip up her short shorts? whats the idea behind that fashion statement, that she will not conform to waist buttons? i dont know what the story is about but they all look like misfits to me, rebels and such so that isnt a unique thing in anime, i would like something more different if im ever gonna watch anime. but these two pictures are my fav:



    — that second picture is payback, Joe for making me google Maria Ozawa, lol.

  36. @Montrealer: Politeness, n. The most acceptable hypocrisy. ~Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary, 1911

    I’m sure @Tim Lade greatly benefited from your scolding, Miss Manners. 🙂

    @Erin Elizabeth: Really? You’re all still carrying on? Who knew? Who cares?

    Hey Joe! Yeah, snarky is the theme around here today, which brings me to

    HI DAS! I’m baaack…

  37. Hey Joe, just wanted to say thanks for dedicating yesterdays entry to me and my fiancée! 🙂

  38. Gee, another site I can happily ignore. So, do I need waders, latex gloves and a surgical mask to visit the anti-site before deleting it from my consciousness?

    I enjoyed Pain. Hubby thinks the sex scene needs better lighting. Mmm, space ticks.

  39. Joe, i dont know if this interests you or not. Steam just got released for macs and they offer Portal for free until May 24th, after that you wont be able to download it for free.

    so here:


    and the general site for mac games: http://store.steampowered.com/browse/mac

    —if you dont know what Portal is then maybe you should check this one (no it has nothing to do with stargate): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_(video_game)

    theres a sequel Portal 2 coming out at the end of the year. its a very odd game but boggles the mind. and Steam is like the itunes for games, popular with gamers.

    and heres a recent promo for the offer:


    —-imagine if one day they decide to make a SGU video game and ask you to write it, would you do it? that would be wacky.

  40. Joe, this might be a strange question but i have wrote a book and i was wondering how i would i get it published and even made into a tv show.

  41. Wow, you leave for a night and look what happens!
    Haven’t been over to the hate site, but I can’t believe how far all the SGU hate has gone. I never understood the logic behind “I don’t like this, but rather than just stop watching it, I’m gonna create a website, and bitch to ALL THE WORLD!!!!!!” Blows my mind. Has anyone thought of counteracting this movement and creating an “I’m in love with SGU. If I could I would name my firstborn child after it.” I think we should, it could be Legen- wait for it. DARY! Legendary! Also, would be legendary if Niel Patrick Harris showed up on SGU. Random I know, but I’m just saying.

  42. @duneknight

    Portal ROCKS. The 360 version has 14 additional puzzles (test chambers). I think Joe will appreciate the humor of the. GLaDOS AI.

    Best wishes.


  43. Hello Joe.

    I was just on IMDB and they show that the Atlantis movie is now in Pre-production for a 2011 release date. Can I, as a fan who first picked up the franchise as a fan of the movie in 1994 and came back to it because of the strength of the characters(and by extension the great writing) get my hopes up that production will begin after production on season two wraps?


    Best wishes.


  44. @BStearns

    Don’t we have an I Love SGU sight right here? And moderated by non other than Mr M. I know we all appreciate (and I have said this before) how he takes time out of his day, every day, to let us know how things are going, and giving us the chance to speak our minds as well.

    Personally, part of what keeps me coming back each week is the fact that I know Joe has the utmost respect for us fans. I picked up on that when I first joined this little community. It took a few episodes, but at Joe’s recommendation, I kept watching. Now, I am glued to my TV each Friday. (and I enjoyed the series even more the second time through when it was released on Blu-ray). The fans have this site. THANK YOU Joe!!!

    Best Wishes.


  45. I don’t understand why fans rant among themselves about what they hate about a show. It’s such a fruitless endeavor. A huge time waster. Because you guys sure aren’t going to go to sites like that and troll the forums to find out what people don’t like (at least, I don’t imagine you would). I’m quite grateful that you have this blog and allow us to comment, because it gives us a chance to express our feelings (good or bad) about the show to someone who actually makes it. We know you’re still not going to change things just because we say we hate something or whatever, but at least we can be sure our comments are being read by someone relevant. I only wish all franchises had such an outlet.

    Now I’m just mad at Hulu for the week-long delay. By the time I get to watch an ep, the time for questions about it has passed.

    You’ve made it sound as if a main character will die, and I’m a bit worried about who it will be. I really hope it’s neither Rush nor Eli, but neither of those seem to be very expendable characters, so I’m not too worried. You gave me a scare there a couple weeks ago with Greer, which was interesting, as I didn’t much care for him at the beginning but now I’m hoping he won’t die. Considering you’ve already given us a death scare with him, though, I don’t really think you’d for-real kill him, at least not so soon. I’m hoping TJ isn’t going to die either, since she seems the most interesting of the ladies, but there’s the pregnancy to consider, and I don’t know what you guys plan to do with that (and, of course, there’s SG’s history of killing off doctors for no apparent reason; yes, I’m still bitter about Carson). And I think that actually about covers all the people I’d be very bummed about if they died. So… looking forward to seeing how this all turns out.

  46. @ otros ojos

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean, and you may have been asking a rhetorical question, but I didn’t ask anyone (or country) to change their priorities. Nor do I follow what metric has to do with the subject of sex and/or violence. I also don’t understand why you are attacking me. I don’t think I have been unkind to anyone on this site, that has never been my intention, I am sorry if anyone misunderstood what I was saying and was made to feel bad.


  47. Hey Joe,
    I went to that particular site recently to see what all the fuss was about and needless to say I thought that it was weird. I am all for respectful criticisms of shows and I actually enjoy the discussions that ensue but that site was just hatred. Now I want to be clear, criticism does not equal hatred.

    I also found it intriguing that they have a whole thread dedicated to you, but of course you know the nature of these people, it was mostly personal attacks. Again it doesn’t make sense that they are attacking you when they are the ones at their computer fuming about a show that was cancelled over a year ago. So I have to go back to my initial statement and say that my experience at that site was… weird.


  48. Geez, I thought flame wars went out of style a decade ago.

    As a Net and con friend of Darryl & Dave, as well as others at GW, I’m tempted to defend their policies. However, I’m no longer a “regular” on the site or the forums and don’t know much about current events there.

    What I CAN say: GW and GW Forums have survived and provided a resource and “town hall” for 8 years. How many fan-founded and -operated sites can say that?

  49. Happier thoughts.

    @Jeff…Congratulations! May you have a lifetime of happiness together.

    (((Elminster)))…pass those (((hugs))) to your family. I’m same age, no descendants, so I have extra hugs to share.


  50. @shadow step and otros ojos…I enjoy your sarcasm. Balances right on the edge of propriety… 😉

  51. “have used relativistic travel to colonize deep time”

    Btw, does that mean we are colonizing superficial time? 🙂

  52. @Deni

    So you are saying we should wish for you to take a jump of an airlock as well?

  53. Deni: how is Elway doing? I thought of him this weekend. My vet friend, Jo, had to put TWO of her three cats to sleep this week. Terrible luck, terrible blow to her because these cats are her kids! She is a vet, so they got the best care available but they were 15 years old.
    Anyway, I took her out of lunch and thought of you guys. How I’m glad you didn’t have to face two losses in one week. Jo is handling the loss better than I would.

  54. I have to say that I admire your patience. If I had to address as many issues about my job as you do, every single day, on my own blog I think my sanity would take flight ne’er to return.

  55. @ Bryan M White
    Good point, guess I kinda dropped the ball on that one. Maybe Joe would like to take it one step further to counteract the petition they have on their site (guess what it’s for!) and start one to keep SGU going? Who knows how long it’ll take us to surpass their numbers!

    @ Shawna
    I agree with you completely. The way I look at it is would you keep reading a book that you hated with every fibre in your body just so you could stand back afterwards and rant to everyone else who has read the book about how bad it was? I know I wouldn’t. Rather than waste hours of time I’d stop and start reading something else. I posted a bit of a rant on my site about this exact thing.

    And yes, I think we should all thank Joe for taking the time out of his day to give us this great outlet. If he was just looking for propaganda to promote SGU this wouldn’t be nearly as popular a blog. So thanks Joe, for all you do here. Oh, and I guess, if I have to, for all you do on the show too 😛

  56. Hey, Joe.

    I didn’t get my question about Destiny and her tech answered. ;_;

    I’ve decided to ask again:

    I recently came across a post on a message board concerning the Destiny. It brought up some great points. I’ll just copy and past it here. But first, a question to go with it…

    Any plans on addressing the following technologies/bits of knowledge found on the Destiny how they could benefit the Tau’ri (as well as some of the direct key points brought up in this post)?


    1) The solar recharge system is probably the most valuable piece of tech the Destiny has to offer. The Asgard tech on our 304′s is massively underpowered; our primitive Naquadah generators just don’t cut it. For 304′s to reach their maximum potential a ZPM is required, which are quite thin on the ground these days. Having ships that can recharge by flying into a sun will provide us with limitless source of fuel (low on power just set course for the nearest suitable star) and free our dependence on Naquadah mined from off world outposts that are vulnerable to enemy attack.

    2) Destiny’s shield are some of the most powerful seen in stargate,( in some cases better than those found on later Ancient ships, the Orion’s shields couldn’t even withstand the heat and pressure from the magma of an erupting super volcano, but that could be due to the ship being badly damaged). Still Destiny’s shields are probably on a par with Asgard shields given how long that can be sustained under constant weapons fire.

    3) The weapons. Destiny’s main weapon is probably not as powerful as Asgard Beams, but the rapid firing of her smaller energy cannons would make an excellent anti-fighter system on out ships to replace the largely ineffective rail guns.

    4) Other Technologies. Kinos and their remotes, recharging plates, Robot seen in Faith and many other potentially undiscovered technologies which could one day be brought back to Earth for study.

    5) The Database. I am undecided on the usefulness of the Database as of yet. Yes information on thousands of world seeded with stargates is potentially very useful, but the information regarding those galaxies that are near the Milky Way is millions of years out of date. And if the information Destiny is so invaluable then why did the Ancients never bother to go and retrieve it?


    Will we see how wide-spread application this technology/knowledge could be both a benefit (and detriment) to Earth on SGU (hopefully in seasons 2 and 3)?

  57. @ Kymm – Careful, or Joe might start calling you a perv. 😉

    @ JulieAloha – Trust me, if I had seen that spider 10 years ago, I would have locked up the room, left the house, and sat in the car until Mr. Das came home. I’ve worked hard at desensitizing myself to the leggy critters by forcing myself to look at pictures of them on-line, or when they’re on the other side of the glass or screen. When I have a close encounter like this one it takes me a little longer to get over it, but I am MUCH better than I was just a few years ago. Really small spiders hardly bother me at all; by really small, I mean the kind who have a body about the size of this ‘o’. The bigger the body and the longer the legs (or the faster they move), the more I freak out. I really doubt I could ever get to a point of allowing a tarantula walk on my arm like people who are ‘afraid’ of spiders do on tv…anyone with a real fear would drop dead with one of those hairy beasts touching them!

    And another reason I was able to move this spider is because it was sluggish, AND I was determined to put the steamer trunk in place, and that meant getting rid of this big spider. After I let it out, I found ANOTHER one just about as big, tried to catch it but it was REALLY fast, and ran behind the bed. I wasn’t gonna hunt for it…my skin was already starting to crawl off my bones…and just hope it stays at ground level. No idea where the thing is – I’m guessing maybe in the baseboard heater.

    @ pg15 – POT! POT!!! POT!!!! *points at pg15* Next time you call me ‘black’, you better do so in a wee little three-line post. 😉

    Also, if you notice, I didn’t have energy to snark, tease, complain, call Joey names, complain about sex scenes, or ask whether or not Todd has piercings we can’t see…only energy to recap my day, which I could do (and was doing!) in my sleep.

    So there. Pffft. 😀

    @ Shiningwit – I have a theory about my energy yesterday (energy that I had been lacking for the last two weeks). Because it was dry and breezy, and because I was doing stuff outside like walking around to yard sales and mowing the grass, I was fiercely thirsty. I drank buckets of water yesterday…something I rarely do because I rarely feel thirsty. I drank and drank, and had energy coming out the wahzoo! Now I’m wondering if all those days where I feel like I could just sleep for weeks isn’t, in fact, a sign that I was dehydrated. I really have to force myself to drink water – I get busy and just forget – and right now I have no other explanation for my energy levels yesterday except for the fact that I was drinking a lot of water.

    @ annie from Fremantle – Okay…that spider actually made me chuckle. 🙂

    @ Shadow Step – When I was a little girl, I learned the very hard way that when you step on a big, fat spider…it POPS!!! POPS, I tell ya – POPS!!! 😮 Worst of all, the vibration goes right up your leg and takes root in your brain, so that whenever you think of stepping on a spider again, a phantom vibration goes up your leg and you’re instantly reminded of what happened the very first time you stepped on a spider. 😛 I’ll never, ever do that again.

    @ Deni – That sounded like a warning…



  58. @Kymm

    Clearly the fault is mine for muddy communication. I was being sarcastic toward my own country for our habitual reluctance or refusal to change our ways, regarding a wide variety of important issues. Nothing personal toward you or your comment was intended. In fact, I was very glad you brought up the matter of sex compared to violence.

    Also, I had no intention of attacking you; quite the opposite… You commented about no one coming out to play, and my intent was to be playful. Obviously I did a very poor job of evaluating my response before I clicked on “submit comment.” I’m truly sorry, since I also don’t think you’ve been unkind to anyone on this site.

    My most sincere apologies, and I hope you have a good day.

  59. @DAS, Go Flyers, i know you know that i am from Phila. and since my Canucks are “out” that’s my 2nd!! Sheryl.

  60. @Gilder

    I’m glad you enjoyed the part that was supposed to be sarcastic. Apparently I got too carried away, and seriously miscommunicated other things.

    *feels sad*

  61. @ Sheryl
    Whoa! what are you doing! Go Flyers? Are you crazy? Habs are gonna come in and walk all over ’em. Y’know why? 2 words. Camellerri and Halak, lol.

    GO HABS!

  62. @Shadow Step: Am I missing something here?

    “So you are saying we should wish for you to take a jump of an airlock as well?”

    Oh honey, if wishes were horses…

    @Das: Three words: P. M. S.

    @Tammy Dixon: Hi sweetie! Thanks for thinking of us 🙂 He’s doing magnificently, pretty much back to normal. We just got back from a visit to “his” horses (at UF), frozen greek yogurt (with his vet’s blessing) and a drive through some cool country roads. We’re right at seizure time, so I’m a little on edge, but considering where we were a month ago, this is “normal”. So sorry to hear about your friend and her kitties, how sad.

  63. @ Shawna – let me echo that. I just never saw the point in pouring energy into hating something, but then I also never saw the point in sitting around making fun of people in school. I figure if you don’t like something, why not go find something you *do* like and support it? I work in customer service and it reminds me of the older lady that came in one day (when I previously worked retail) asking for a pie carrier. Well, we sold cake carriers and she complained because she didn’t know what she was going to do with the extra few inches >.<

    I chuckled a bit at the anti-SGU site and rolled my eyes. It is what it is – there will always be people who want to be vitriolic in their opinions.

    Joe – wondering, are you a Connie Willis fan? She wrote To Say Nothing of the Dog (one of my favorites) and she just came out with a new novel Blackout which I've really been enjoying.

  64. Joe,

    Wow – I hope you feel the love here today – I think you can count on us to form up behind you in your defense (or at least mostly, in the case of Ashleigh)!

    I work with children every day – I kinda think of the anti-SGU peeps as the bitter older sibs when the new baby comes home – they feel betrayed and lash out at the parents as well as the baby, overlooking the fact that the parents, or in this case, the production team still loves the other children – they just have a new one who needs time and attention to thrive. Sadly, that bitterness only hurts the embittered. They certainly do themselves no good by spewing hatred – it doesn’t help them achieve their goals. Many of us loved SG1 and SGA passionately and wish they would continue in whatever form possible, but there’s no point in blaming SGU for missing them. I personally liked them better than SGU, but that’s just my affinity and it doesn’t mean I won’t keep watching – not because it’s the only thing going, as some assert (there’s a lot of great stuff to watch out there) – but because it is still quality TV and great entertainment.

    Whew! Rant mode off – well, I feel better!

    😉 Julie

    @ Das : on spiders: I can’t stand the ones who see you, know how big you are in relation to themselves and STILL charge at you like they know something you don’t! Strangely, I can manage the tarantulas, I don’t get the heebies from daddy-long-legs, and I am fascinated by their role in this world – I just dont want them in my near vicinity! All my childcare kids know not to even tease me about them – I’ll hear a whisper across the room, “uh, oh, don’t tell Julie,” and I am GONE! LAM – laughing at myself!

  65. @ Das – That’s O.K. I am a pervert.

    @ Otros Ojos – I guess since I didn’t understand the comment I shouldn’t have assumed that you were attacking me. I’m sorry for the miscommunication. Perhaps next time you just need to type s-l-o-w-e-r so that I can understand. *crooked smile*


  66. Just want to say, I LOVE stargate in all its forms…. and Joe I think you and all the teams/writers/producers/directors and actors are doing a fabulous job… i never want to see it end
    thanks all! 🙂

  67. @BStearns,

    You know, since MGM sold the rights for Oz to Warner Bros, and James bond is on hold right now, I think Stargate is MGM’s biggest current franchise. I am sure the Studio and the producers will treat it with the respect it deserves for as long as they can. I hope that means this franchise continues for a while… a LONG while.

    Best Wishes.


  68. Joe,

    Hey now, don’t mock the recluses. We may be your biggest fan base! (jk).
    I really love reading your blog. I am looking forward to reading July’s BOMC selection. For once my little library has one of your picks. That all said, there is a debate going on on Hulu about the asgard. I would love to have the clarification that you would be able to bring to the subject. Were all the asgard male? We never met female asgard, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist does it? or don’t they.

  69. For the record…I hate metric. (No offense to you, otros ojos…I just saw the word and right away it got my hackles up…whateverthehell hackles are.)

    Metric is too clinical – there’s no passion to it, no romance. Just imagine Benny and Joon with this song:

    When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be,
    I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next you
    When I go out, yeah I know I’m gonna be
    I’m gonna be the man who goes along with you
    If I get drunk, well I know I’m gonna be
    I’m gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you
    And if I haver up, Yeah I know I’m gonna be
    I’m gonna be the man who’s havering to you

    But I would walk 500 kilometers,
    And I would walk 500 more,
    Just to be the man who walks a thousand kilometers
    To fall down at your door.


    Or what about this classic, A Bushel and a Peck…or…as it would be in metric…:

    I love you, 35.238 liters and 8.810 liters!
    35.238 liters and 8.810 liters, and a hug around the…teeters! (Sorry, ‘neck’ doesn’t rhyme anymore!)
    A hug around the teeters, and 115.6 liters and a heap.
    115.6 liters and a heap, and I’m talkin’ in my sleep.

    Woo! No metric conversion for ‘heap’!

    I see metric sneaking into my life, and I hate it. I can’t visualize metric measurements – all my house is standard, all my tools, everything in my life is in feet and inches. Metric just does not compute in my head. I will never switch to it, even if the country eventually does. I. Hate. Metric. It’s cold, clinical, unromantic. There’s just no passion in it, no imagination. Ugh. Worst system ever invented.

    I hate metric as much as I hate American Football, Will Ferrell, animal abusers, Wraith killers, and shrimp. There. I said it.


  70. @ JulieAloha – There are three kinds of ‘daddylonglegs’:

    The Crane Fly (looks like a giant mosquito) – an insect, not an arachnid or spider.

    The Harvestman (found in all campground bathrooms!) – an arachnid, but not a spider.

    The Cellar Spider – a true spider.

    I assume you mean the harvestman, since those are the ones I call ‘daddylonglegs’, and I used to be terrified of them (my sister always threw them on me!)…but I’ve gotten a bit better, though they still freak me out a little.

    I actually have a cellar spider living in the window right at my desk at work. It has this crazy web, and catches small flies and ants and stuff. I let it stay there as part of my ‘desensitizing’ program. It doesn’t freak me out too much because it’s nearly invisible, despite the long legs.

    @ Kymm – Pervert! 😀


  71. @DENI, hahaha,just a little late!!@BStearns,yea flyers!! They r kicking the shit out of Montreal at the moment 5-0!! And Joe, are we starting this SHIT again?? All you haters, BITE ME!! Sheryl.

  72. Kymm

    Thank you for the kindness of your response.

    I don’t know you; you don’t know me — misunderstandings are inevitable.

    And I don’t think you’re a pervert. I like your sense of humor, and would miss it if I didn’t get to read it anymore. (Really.) I have a couple of books that combine food and mild eroticism, and I find that to be a very good combination. — So, call me a fan. 🙂

  73. das

    No offense taken. I’ve heard similar opinions on the metric system. I’m a firm believer in romance, and know that metricity (is that a word? lol) has none. But for some things, I prioritize the utilitarian side of the issue.

    Hey, at least we can agree on animal abusers and Will Ferrett – er, Ferrell. *g*

  74. @Tim
    “If I had to address as many issues about my job as you do, every single day, on my own blog I think my sanity would take flight ne’er to return.”

    Hm.. how long have you thought he was sane?


  75. @ Sheryl
    Damn… I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that. But don’t worry, same thing happened with Pittsburgh. We got rocked the first game, Halak came back in game 2 and was magnificent. Shaping up a good series.


  76. @ Melissa, Mel: Hi there, just a few bit of info from a Gateworld regular towards your comments here:

    Gateworld members and admins have pretty much prohibited any pro or anti talk period. You’ll be told off and censored if you love certain aspects of the show, or if you hate certain aspects of the show.

    For proof of that, I’ve provided a link.


    So this is one of the reasons why the other site has been created. Whether you’re an SGU lover or a SGU hater, you can freely discuss how you feel.

    You can definitely still say good and bad things about SGU, as long as it’s not overly rude (though I suppose what is/isn’t overly rude is up for interpretation). What IS gone are the Anti/Pro threads where only specific opinions were allowed. All this means is that there are no more “home bases” for people of a specific view to stay in and fester in their own views forever.

    Frankly, as someone who was there when these threads were up and running, I’m very glad they’re gone. I pretty much avoided both of those sites (after flirting with the Anti thread for a while because I was even more of a jerk back then, lol), and they do absolutely nothing towards driving discussion.

    But just to be clear, “pro/anti talk” is still allowed. However, as it’s a discussion board, you will be a part of a larger society and may be asked to support your views. Personally, I don’t see the problem with that.

    By the way, I’ve never put SGU in a negative light at Gateworld yet every word I do type is nitpicked and criticized by fans of the show. Heck, they even followed me to the SG1 discussions, attacking my posts and attacking/insulting the characters AND the actors from SG1 and SGA. It’s wrong to insult the actors. However, gateworld allows it as long as it’s not directed at SGU actors or characters.

    Well then, you should’ve told the mods about those posters. And, if you did and they did nothing, then yeah that’s pretty bad.

    I noticed that SGU’s key demo 18-49 is rather low. It got beaten by Merlin last week.

    Untrue. The total viewers of SGU were beaten by Merlin (which is still pretty disheartening) but its 18-49 demo stayed above Merlin’s.

    Anyway, I’m just sick and tired of how some fans think that it’s a competition between SGU/SG1/SGA making it impossible to have any meaningful discussions at Gateworld. This is why I’m a member of the other site. They don’t air at the same time, there’s no competition, so why are people viciously attacking the actors, fans, and characters of the other shows?

    I can’t speak for all who does that, but as someone who did a bit of it (and I’m pretty sure I never attacked the actors, though I could have blocked it from my memory), I’m gonna say that it’s a defensive thing. Please consider that for a very long time SGU was bashed mercilessly by the fans of SG1/SGA, and it still is. It’s payback time now, so to speak.

    And it seems there is also a huge double standard going on. At one time Gateworld allowed anti threads. Season 9 and 10 of SG1 had for example anti threads just for complains. There were also a lot of anti threads in regards to SGA. SGU fans are by the way still allowed to speak bad about SG1 and SGA on Gateworld and they often do this, when they put down SG1/SGA to make SGU looks better.

    Well, there aren’t any Pro SGU threads either.

    The ridding of the Anti/Pro threads was an attempt to better mix the population of Gateworld instead of dividing them further with those vapid excuses for threads. It’s not so much a double standard as an evolution in the philosophy of the forums.

    You can hardly criticize anything about SGU on Gateworld anymore. Some people wrote that Chloe was acting stupid in “Space” and a moderator wrote a warning, that character bashing isn’t allowed. Another one only said that Rush could need a bath and was banned.

    That’s only part of the story. The poster who talked about Rush needing a bath not only posted that incessantly every time Rush was brought up (and was borderline insulting Robert Carlyle, since obviously both he and Rush look the same), but was also pretty antagonizing towards SGU fans in general.

    And now Gateworld doesn’t allow spoilers from the Ukraine. Some of SGA’s episodes were also shown outside of the USA first and they didn’t forbid spoilers then. This is another double standard.

    Again, IMHO, it’s not so much a spoiler as a lesson learned after the SGA episodes were leaked.

    Your comment seems to read like the Gateworld PTB went “Muahaha, we let SGA spoilers run free when it leaked because we hate it, but since SGU is awesomer, we will treat it better!” When it could just as well be “Muahaha, the forum sucked when all those spoilers from SGA ran rampant, so how about we learn from that and don’t let that happen this time?”

    In the past there was for every Stargate episode a fan poll on Gateworld. They stopped those, too. I guess because it looks too “negative”, when SGU episodes got a lot of bad votes.

    This I can agree with you. In fact, I just found this out when I read your comment here.

    That’s not cool.

    @ Das: Damn. I guess I should’ve gone with my original instincts and posted that response in a separate comment! 😛

    Now that you mention it, yes, I did notice there was a distinct lack of pierced Todd in that post. I guess I was tired too. 😉

    And I love the metric system! Everything is 10! But then again, I’m a scientist. I don’t believe in romance. 😛

  77. So, you know, I’ve not been hugely positive in the past about SGU, and about Chloe in particular. I just wanted to say, having watched Pain, that maybe she is starting to grow onme after all. Eli and Chloe were hands down my favourite character interaction of the episode, mostly because it comes through so clearly how BFF they are, in a good way.

    I wanted to kiss Wray at the end when she walked past Greer without even looking at him. Yes, I get that he was under the influence of an alien tick, but I’m glad he didn’t get a pass for actions from all parties involved. And, well, I kinda like the Greer/Wray tension — it makes my teeth grind in a good way.

    Please thank Mr Binder for a fun episode, ticks and all.

  78. @pg15
    “It’s not so much a double standard as an evolution in the philosophy of the forums. ”

    The philosophy being: we only want people who agree with us.

  79. I finished “House Of Suns” a month or so ago and loved it! Can’t wait for the discussion!

  80. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the address for FUEL… Much appréciated…

    Dois-je réserver beaucoup d’avance ou c’est plus calme la semaine (mercredi soir)?



  81. Hello Joe!
    I am sure you get asked this quite a bit .
    I heard that it costs about double the money to produce a movie for stargate than anepisode would cost.
    So if that is the case, don’t you think MGM could scrape up the cash to produce at least one of the 2 Stargate movies planned ?
    I also have read that the SG-1 show was going to start filming late sping or early summer. Amanda Tapping had commented about this in an interview back in the winter.
    Do you have any apdate at all on the movies ?
    Thank You!

  82. Like Line Noise, I also read “House of Suns” about a month ago and look forward to the discussion. In the first Alastair Reynolds book I read, Revelation Space, he came up with my favorite space ship name of all, Nostalgia for Infinity 🙂

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