Hey, you know who’s really awesome?  Actress Julie McNiven.  And I’m saying this because she’s incredibly talented and unbelievably sweet, and not just because she brought me some TimTams back from her recent con appearance in New Zealand.  I was touched!  “Why did you get me Tim Tams?”I asked her.

“Because you told me not to,”she reminded me.

Oh, yeah.  I faintly recall saying: “Have fun.  And don’t you be bringing me back anything.  I’m serious! Nothing.  I’m good.  Even if you see something and say That would be perfect for Joe!.  Nothing.”

Of course, my fellow Exec. Producer Carl Binder had to go and ruin everything by noting the Tim Tams – that Julie had lugged all the way back from Middle Earth – and remarking: “I love those!  I get them all the time at the Urban Fare in my neighborhood.”

Thanks a lot, Carl.

And thanks a lot, everyone.  I forgot to bring in that Vanilla Ice Cream with Shaved White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Flakes, partly because it slipped my mind, but mostly because you guys didn’t remind me like I asked you to.  I hope you’re happy.

Spent the day in post today with editor Mike Banas who I initially referred to as Banas until I realized it was probably too curt, but didn’t want to go with Mike because it was too familiar, so split the difference and settled on a nickname.  Anyway, Maverick and I worked through the day my producer’s cut of Awakening: discussing the Previously On, extending the visual effects sequence in the tease, losing that scene from Act I, trimming here, adding there, paring down some of those extra shots VFX Supervisor Mark Savela tried to sneak in and, ultimately, putting that scene I took out back into Act I.  Things would have gone a whole lot easier if I had actually been able to read the notes I’d jotted down while watching the director’s cut. I don’t quite recall writing “T.J. bargs tp woogle zog” but, in retrospect, it may have been Rob’s note.

Tomorrow, I head back to post where I’ll go over my cut one more time before putting it out to the masses.

Miscellaneous pics…


Jelly sits like she’s paying attention in class.

Carl Binder…

Fastest banana in the production office.

Awkward hug file no. 056678

David Blue, too techy to talk.

Kate update: She bought a new car. Look how happy she is!

Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok puts on his dreamy face.

Ashleigh does a pretty dead-on imitation of Ivon's dreamy face.

Ivon considers the cheddar corn ice cream.

Carl is somewhat disappointed I forgot to bring in the other ice cream. Can you tell?

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday individual Riley!

75 thoughts on “May 11, 2010: Julie McNiven is awesome! My day with Maverick! The day in pictures!

  1. Carl, is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see…




  2. Do you think that if you packed it in dry ice, the ice cream would survive being shipped to Michigan? Hint? Hint?

    Also, Ivon needs to be in front of the camera more. Just sayin. Guest starring role?

  3. I probably should have posted this earlier in the day [11th] but, you know, RL… Whatever, if you can still TIVO it or whatever, this morning’s MARTHA STEWART had a film piece on some Japanese “home-style cooking” restaurant in NYC. Didn’t quite catch the name… Oh, wait… Found it!


    And the recipe for what they did on the show – which I didn’t watch the rest of…


    Whatever… immediately thought of you!

  4. Actually, I believe Sylvia did remind you to bring the ice-cream, Joe – don’t blame the commentators, we’re pretty sharp. I have to say, the look on Carl’s face was worth forgetting the vanilla! Did he at least try the Corn & Cheddar Cream?

  5. Hey, Joe.

    1. Have you watched Afterworld? This thing is amazing.





    It’s pretty simple, but It’s still some great apocalyptic/psychological stuff.

    2. And speaking of web-series, this also looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome:



  6. Aw Das, I might’ve known it’d be you that would beat me to that particular punchline LOL

  7. Carl, would you please be a little more circumspect in future? Our Das might not be able to cope with temptations like that 🙂

  8. Joe, it wasn’t that we forgot it was more that we were hoping you wouldn’t notice us making a furtive exit with it tucked away somewhere safe:)

  9. Now I think I’m done I’ll go and see if I can sleep through whats left of the uh…morning *shuffles off muttering darkly about 4am*

  10. Aw, cheers Joe! That was a surprise. Doesn’t make up for missing out on ice cream, though. And I was so looking forward to it! Still, my work friends gave me some French cheeses and a bottle of Cab Sav (with a somewhat explicit naked woman drawn on the label… we had to relocate the ‘award-winning’ stickers to make it safe for work 😉 … didn’t work so well because there were only two stickers – and she was allll naked!)

  11. Hey – I’ve just realised you’ve made me 38 again! You have a time-travelling blog! Seriously, though – do we really want to relive 2009? Wasn’t that good a year …

  12. Hello.

    Didn’t Ashleigh request the vanilla??? Just saying… 😉

    Best wishes.


  13. Some other thoughts…

    1. Carl looks like Oliver Twist in that last picture.

    2. Ashleigh looks pretty in pink.

    3. Something about Ivon in that second picture reminds me of Shawn (James Roday) from Psych.

    4. I can only imagine that cheddar corn ice cream tastes like feet.

    5. Jelly looks like she’s planning an attack on that phantom foot creeping around the corner.

    6. I get TimTams at the local winery, right down the street. 🙂

    7. Have you ever tried a TimTam Slam? I’ve done it with both coffee, and dry red wine.

    8. Does David Blue have more than one of those shirts? If not, how soon before that one he’s wearing starts to turn??

    9. Maverick, eh? Is that ‘Maverick’ in the James Garner kinda way, or in the Sarah Palin kinda way?

    10. Fess up…you’re keeping that Vanilla Ice Cream with Shaved White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Flakes all to yourself, arencha?

    11. ‘Birthday individual’ sounds so…soooo…awkward. How about ‘birthday buddy’? Or, ‘Today’s birthday blog dedication goes out to so-and-so!’?? Hell, you’re the writer – come up with something better yourself!

    12. Have a good evening, sir!


  14. @ Shiningwit – sorry, luv. 🙁 But at least we know that great minds think alike, right?? GREAT minds…not pervy, twisted, dirty little minds. 😉


  15. Hello Joe.

    Couldn’t help but think that the ice cream was subtle revenge for cookie-gate. After all, you conveniently forgot the common flavor… I like the way you think… 😉
    By the way: I apologize, I know you said she checks in regularly, and now (even if I am wrong) I have planted a though… Remember “revenge is a dish best served cold…” and it is very cold…

    In the raw food restaurant she took you to once… 😉

    Best Wishes.


  16. Nuts. Thought, not though…

    Hey, does anyone know how to turn off the autocorrect on the blackberry?

  17. @ das – I’m kinda cool with the ‘birthday individual’ bit! Most people would happily admit that I am quite … individual 🙂

  18. You do know that you can get TimTams at your local neighborhood SaveOn/Overwaitea or Safeway, right? No need to go all the way to New Zealand for them.

  19. @Gilder

    Thanks anyway…

    Proof reading is hard on this thing since if the comment is too long, I can’t scroll back up. Most of the time, I can’t proof read till I submit, and read the comment while it awaits moderation. 😉

    Best Wishes,

  20. @das If Oliver was about to take a pipe to Mr. Bumble’s knee, yeah…

  21. @das – You’re not alone in getting a Psych vibe from that picture of Ivon, especially the second one.

    Then again, I’m getting a Doctor Who vibe from the pic of Wild West Carl. “Don’t drop the banana!” – “Why not?” – “Good source of potassium!”

    – KB

    P.S. (to Joe, not das) DON’T FORGET to bring in the Vanilla Ice Cream with Shaved White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Flakes. (See, now you’ve been reminded.) mmm… sounds delicious.

  22. I didn’t know what a TimTam was so I went and consulted The Google. They had the normal definitions etc and some product images, along with this rather peculiar slogan/image. I guess I may need to get me some TimTams. Ummm yeah……

    The first picture of Ivon, with the furled brow, looks like James Dean or Luke Perry.

    The ice cream thing, yeah dude, I still have to call bullshit on that. You WERE reminded, so basically you have forgotten it on Monday, but it looks like you forgot it AGAIN today. Look at Carl, he is not a happy camper, and I don’t think he’s buying the ‘I forgot’ story either.

    @Brian – technically the base of the ice cream is vanilla, it just has some ‘stuff’ added.

    Now where did those TimTams go…….?

    Have a good one!

  23. @ Bryan – I am so sorry, I have spelled your name incorrectly..,,

    My humblest apologies.

  24. Is Carl really this much fun at work? You should have told David Blue to put down the Crackberry. Just kidding.

    Why would you put corn in ice cream? It sounds like something someone down South would do (south as in U.S. south). And yes, I am from the South. Now you have me wondering what it tastes like.

  25. Great assortment of pics, thanks.

    Carl had to have known what would immediately go through many minds with his “gunslinger” pic, so no way will I apologize for thinking the obvious. – Yes, I’m referring to the plain grey UWashington t-shirt. I know his daughter goes there, but why not the school colors?? We won’t forget his fondness for UCLA blue.

    It looks to me like someone has possibly been working on a David Boreanaz impression. (Related to TV characters, not current Hollywood tabloid fodder.) Hmm. . . A bit of both, but more Seeley Booth than Angel-ic, I think. And all the more effective for that, since most of us are about ten years older. (Nice nuance, by the way, Ivon.) Bones = Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel lite, but fun anyway, and, umm – well, fun will do. — But maybe I’ve got all of that wrong. Pardon me while I slap myself back into brain-operational mode. . .

    It’s only because I’m really tired. (Yeah, I know, I didn’t convince myself with that excuse, either.) I had a few minutes earlier to check on Twitter, and when I saw a flock of seagulls, I ran so far away all evening – all the way to Panama, where I saw that Jamie’s crying because Diamond Dave Roth is still hot for teacher and runnin’ with the devil. And now I’m going to go call in a 5150 on myself.

  26. Geez, can’t believe I forgot!!! I’ve seen Kyle Chandler also looking like that, exactly alike, as Gary Hobson on Early Edition – newspaper under arm, and the cozy shirt is more typical garb for Hobbers. How could I have missed that? Kyle Chandler can also make the screen sizzle, and I LOVE Friday Night Lights.

    Maybe Carl and Ivon should go together to get their SGA cards. Or something. And now my mind really is worn out.

  27. G’day Joe

    Tim Tams = DROOL.
    Sorry about the mess *gets out shamwow*

    I do not buy them much, as they only last an hour in this house. Here in Australia they are everywhere.
    They best add for them was having three wishes and getting a
    never ending pack of Tim Tams. Yes that is my wish. Must buy a pack tomorrow and hid from kids and hubby.


  28. Riley is awesome Birthday individual 🙂
    She may like cold and I may like heat but I always have a blast when we catch up.
    Gotta run. Flight home boarding. Hey Joe!

  29. Hey Joe how are you ? I’m sorry to post comment only when I have some questions, but i’m still reading.

    Here are some Q’s for Alaina ( you wrote Alain on her pic ) :

    I hope you’re fine, and your kids too.
    How did you manage the shooting of SGU with your pregnancy ? Was it hard ?
    Did you know Stargate before the casting of SGU ? Were you a fan ?
    Do you watch the show every friday or you don’t want to see you on screen ?
    A anecdote from the shooting ? Ho is the atmospher on the set, you guys seem really funny on the set !
    What is your favorite scene ? episode ? moment ?
    How is Charley-Jane ?

    A few word in french ?
    Have a nice day,
    bye Joe see ya.

  30. Oooh, TimTams. They’re easily get-able in our local Safeway (Woolsworth) and Coles supermarkets. Aldis has a edible, but not as nice version too. I used to eat whole packets for lunch or supper, just cos I could. I think I overate them, cos I don’t like chocolate so much anymore.

    @sorrykb – I was thinking of Doctor Who and his good source of potassium too! Although the line ‘always bring a banana to a party’ sprung to my mind.

    I gotta try the cheddar corn icecream. It sounds cool. anyone ever tried corn chips dipped in sweet yoghurt? It’s yummy!

  31. Gahhh…ohhhhh…um….bu….ahhhh….wo…..gahhh….he….um….fu……holy shit joe….um, thanks. 😉

    cheers, chev

  32. OK….I think I’ve recovered….

    Joe, could you please ask Maverick (Top Gun fan, right?) which was the hardest episode to edit in Season 1?

    Actually is he available for a Q&A?

    TimTams – I LOVE them….but I don’t like them messing with them with different varieties…Give me original TimTams…..so have you done the TimTam Slam Joe?

    Cheers, Chev

  33. Gen said:

    Also, Ivon needs to be in front of the camera more. Just sayin. Guest starring role?

    Hell yeah!!!

    Maybe Cadet Hess is now a 1st Lieutenant working at Homeworld Security.

    Cheers, Chev

  34. So tonight I picked up takeaway from the newish Indian restaurant for the regular Thursday night dinner at my parents….only one problem – its Wednesday….D’oh!

    Oh well, it’ll be nice tomorrow night.

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Tim tams – what’s the fuss about? Just choccy bickies (my boys like the white chocolate ones.. I can take or leave them).

    Hey David! Have you lost weight? You look thinner. I guess it’d be a smart move considering the food Eli has to put up with on Destiny. Lookin’ good. We’d call you ‘Bluey’ here in Australia..

    Gosh what a cute pic of Jelly! *simultaneous awwww*

  36. P.S did she get you the dark chocolate tim tams? Or the double coated ones?

  37. @ Riley – Well, there ya go! If you’re cool with it, then who am I to nitpick, criticize, quibble over, snipe at, etc., Joe’s choice of words. Forgive my pettiness. From here on out, I will attempt to change my ways. Attempt. Not sure I’ll be all that successful. 😉

    @ Bryan M. White – Proofreading is overrated. I usually do proofread, and I STILL don’t see my mistakes until after I submit my message! 😛 Grrr! Even Joe makes mistakes, and he’s a writer (this in NOT a nitpick, only an observation. 😉 ). Besides, this is only the internet, NOT Mrs. Haversham’s third grade class, despite what Mr. M tries to tell ya.

    @ PoorOldEdgarDerby – Now that you mention it… yeah. That is the face of a man who is NOT to be messed with. Joe, you better bring in that ice cream, or you just might find a severed horse head in your bed, or something.

    @ sorrykb – Wild West Carl, you say? Hmmm. Mebbe it’s Carl’s Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman impersonation…I mean, just look at that charming smile, that girlish figure. 🙂 Post-menopausal Dr. Quinn, of course…otherwise I couldn’t explain the ‘stache. 😛

    @ crazymom1 Wait. What??! Are you saying that MY mind IS usually in the gutter??! 😮


    @ Kymm – At least you didn’t spell it ‘Brain’ as I’ve been known to do. 😛 Sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own! Hmmm…mebbe I should start blaming all my ‘gutter’ comments on my fingertips. Ya think folks will buy it???

    @ Joe – DON’T FORGET THE ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!

    And no, I’m not proofreading all of that. 😀


  38. So what exactly are “cheddar chips”? I’m assuming…grated and frozen cheddar cheese? I’m intrigued by the concoction. And chance you’d “next day air” a taste to NJ? Nah…didn’t think so.

    Kate is so happy because she’s rockin’ that Mötörhead t-shirt. Rock on Kate!

    Joe: Don’t forget the vanilla!

    Go Flyers!

  39. So, Joe,

    What’s the method to come up with alienish sounding names that don’t come off as silly?

  40. Maybe Jelly is thinking ,,is this the foot of the person that will feed me today?!?
    Carl, does he practice his expressions in front of a mirror or is he that good and spontaneous?
    Good for Katy, it always makes me have a happy face to get a new car, congrats to her.
    -Yeah and I do see May 2009 on top, maybe you cant change that without losing the post? Too many things crashing around in your brain I imagine.. don’t sweat the small stuff.
    – And Ashleigh could be warning you all not to step on her fashion sense. I liked the jacket.

  41. “Jelly sits like she’s paying attention in class. ”

    Or getting rid of lunch 😉

    “Ashleigh does a pretty dead-on imitation of Ivon’s dreamy face.”

    Is that what she is doing? I thought she looked drunk *g*

  42. Joe,

    FWIW, I’ve seen TimTams at the Superstore (do you have Superstore out west or is it some other Loblaw’s brand?) here on the east coast.

  43. @Das & Kymm

    Thanks. Actually, you could say “Brain”. Like our old friend Sheppard, back in 2002, I took the test, but didn’t become a member… 😉

    Best Wishes.


  44. Coucou Joseph!!

    ça va bien? moi super, je suis déja en long week end!! et oui Jeudi on fête la victoire de 45 et Vendredi on fait le pont….alalala elle est belle la vie, même si j’ai des tonnes de travail à faire^^!

    Trop bien ces photos!! Il y’a vraiment une bonne ambiance au Bureau!! Tiens, la photo de David me fait pensé que j’ai achetée un nouveau portable!! Le Sony Ericsson Vivaz, il est super, avec une qualitée de photos géniale!

    Gros bisou!!
    Je vous adore!

  45. Tammy Dixon wrote: deeinsouthafrica: peace and education are always a good alternatives. I don’t believe you have to worry that Africa will be invaded, ….no oil.

    I suspect the big oil companies would beg to differ, what with the fact that Libya is one of the larger oil producers in the world, and Nigeria, Angola and Gabon have significant oil reserves as well. Algeria, Mauritania, Dem. Rep. Congo, Egypt, and yes, even South Africa, are a few of the other energy exploration targets. So, yes, Africa does have oil and natural gas reserves.

    Sorry, deeinsouthafrica…

  46. Someone asked if the Fandemonium Stargate novels are any good, well I’ve enjoyed most of them! they have a pretty good bunch of authors who have mostly paid attention to the TV canon.

    And no, they are not a good replacement for SG1 & SGA TV, but its all I’ve got left til more movies are made!

  47. Love Tim-Tams,and yes, I know what a Tim-Tam slam is!! I can now get them here in Florida, BUT ..VIOLET CRUMBLE-NOOOOO, I LOVE THAT,and can’t get it here, there is a importer is CA, somewhere by LA. FAR… My friend in OZ sends me bags of the stuff, but it’s ALL gone now. Does anyone know where to get it closer here to me in Florida? BTW, Hi Joe, how ya doing? This AM, I am drowning in Chocolate due to the Canucks loss,woo is me…. My buds and I are suffering this AM due to this loss… Peter K., Mark S., and Galen Fletcher, we will survive… I think!! Now it’s time to root for the FLYERS!!! Better days ahead…Sheryl.

  48. I like Banas better than Maverick. Banas sounds like a tuff talking 70’s cop who doesn’t play by the rules and has a huge mustache and an even bigger hairpiece to match, as in “You’re a loose cannon, Banas! One more complaint against ya and you’re outta here, I mean it, Banas! And I don’t want ya nowheres near that mob case, Banas, I can’t trust ya not to piss off the Chief of Police again with your devil may care antics. And don’t gimme any of that lip, Banas, I’m on to you!”

    At which point Banas slides across the hood of his ‘stang, hops in through the driver’s side window and screeches out of the alley ways knocking over trashcans and empty boxes full of newspapers.

  49. No idea what a Tim Tam is but I’ll get my Canadian friend to educate me. Great pictures. The last one of Carl is a bizarre combination of Oliver and Scrooge. the man should be in front of the camera. As should Ivon. You have one of the bestest jobs in the world, getting to meet so many great interesting fun and patient people. It would be even betterer to hear about the ones whose company do not thrill you, but I understand the reasons we don’t get to hear about those folks.
    Someone suggested packing and shipping some of your ice cream to them. Now that would make for an interesting prize the next time you decide to hold a contest. Though I can just imagine the FDA or Canadian equivlent holding up the shipment until the package arrives as a dried out, moldy remnant of the original product.
    My semi-quick review of the Prisoner. The first thing I noticed about it was the pacing. Following the all too nasty description of the cryo process, and the realization that Lukas was more than just an incidental character, I was hooked in the whole great escape premise.
    I wasn’t disappointed as the the characters made their way through scenes I’m careful not to think about, for fear of smelling, feeling, or even tasting things best left to lower animals to delve with. I enjoyed the peek at the underworld inhabitants, and their ability to adapt and survive in an inhospitable world.
    Among the things that worked for me. Pacing, up to the end of the book. The unfolding of the relationships between the characters(at first I wasn’t sure that I liked the way they were bound to each other, but I was able to put that aside). The dystopian world, not that far removed from us today. The culture of corruption has won, and the population ignores or is unaware of the fact. Nikola, in particular, was a favorite character. Odelle was an over the top villianess, which worked in this case.
    The not so great aspects. Nikola was my favorite, but we’re never really given a lot of depth to the characters. Something had to be sacrificed to the pace of the story, I suppose, and I feel that character was the aspect shorted. Not that it’s a bad thing. We’re given enough to feel some attachment to the characters, especially Laurel and Russo. But the characters did not offer us many suprises. Odelle in true Evil Overlord form uses a sledgehammer when breaking eggs. Senator Palmer is always one step ahead. Even our war-damaged secondary characters clean up and become perfectly functional in normal society with little effort. And Nikola switches from the nemesis of the escapees to their ally a bit too glibly. I’d have gladly read an extra forty or fifty pages to see these characters fleshed out a bit.
    The other less than appealing aspect to the book is the ending. We have a character who is introduced late in the story, who can and does nuetralize all of Odelle’s resources in one fell swoop. Nikola’s doublecross makes it just a bit too pat for the protagonists to arrive and expose the entrenched corruption in the prison system. And the final wrapup seems like hurried stitches in the fabric to close the tale. And a military funeral with honors for a civilian? Odd request coming from ivy league lawyers with no prior military experience of their own. I can understand the desire for a tribute, but that just didn’t ring true.
    All of the above, however, are quibbles. The book left me visualizing the different scenes as if watching a movie. I’d love to see this adapted to the big screen, assuming it wasn’t ruined in the translation. Maybe not a great book, but a good one which was well worth my investment of time.
    Anyways, thanks for the pictures and everything else. And give that ice cream giveway some thought. Think of the flavors you could come out with. Ivon’s iconic peanut brittle, Carl’s classic chocolate crunch, Mallozzi’s mellow yellow cheesecake…

  50. Joe, I have an English/Grammar question. My husband who has a B.A. in English – tries to explain to me the use of “begging the question” . He understands it but sometimes we both have a had time applying it. How would you explain it?

  51. @Mel

    The important thing is that

    a). SGU beat Merlin in the crucial 18-49 demo

    b). SGU kept didn’t loose any of it’s 18-49 year old audience from the previous episode though overall viewership did fall.

    Also these drops and raises are just flucuations. People with neilsens box cout for about 26,000 people. So say 8 people who would love to watch sgu live, who have a prior commitment on Friday night, decide to dvr sgu and watch it saturday, that’s a 200,000 drop in viewers!!! People are busy Friday nights! And unfortuantely sgus 2.1 million viewers top priority isn’t to watch sgu live. 🙁 You have to look at live 7 numbers to determine SGUs popularity.

    Oh and LONG LIVE BAG!! :p

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  52. @Shadow Step

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw the picture of Jelly. I couldn’t come up with a good line though… 😉

    I wasted my creative energy getting in an SGA reference.

    Best wishes.


  53. iamza: Thanks for the facts! I like to learn something every day.

    Great pictures Mr. M!

  54. @ kabra – I know I’m not Joe – but I am bored, sooooo…

    Here’s how I’d use it:

    “Joe keeps himself fastidiously groomed and surrounds himself with beautiful women, but he also wears a lot of black with open collars and gold chains…and he’s Italian… which begs the question – is he a Gigolo, or Mafioso?”

    How’s that?



  55. @drldeboer: Thanks for the info on the book series – I hadn’t picked them up for fear of major disappointment, but I’ll check them out and give them a try.

    @Shiningwit/Das: Feet flavoured Ice-Cream – I’m thinking Swiss Cheese for that creation.

    @Shiny: LOL – empty boxes full of newspapers? Loved the image, though!

  56. PS @ Kabra – My use of ‘beg the question’ is considered improper, but has in recent years come into more common usage. Language evolves, and so I see nothing wrong with the use of ‘beg the question’ in the sense of ‘raises the question’, since it is becoming more accepted, and – if you ask me – makes more sense than its original usage.


  57. Just watching Moonlight on SyFy (’cause nothing else is on)…and I realized what was so bad (for me) about this show. It was just waaaaay to laden with sap, too much about the ‘love story’. Gah…clingy women really get on my nerves after a while. The rest of the storyline was pretty good – always a joy to see David Blue, too – but my favorite character is Josef…he reminds me of a friend who, in turn, reminds me of Dick Powell. Now. Wasn’t that the most important thing I could share with everyone today?? 😀

    Okay…gotta get back to work. 😛


  58. @iamza
    Yep, one day the big boys are going to move in, once the natural everything elsewhere has been depleted. Hopefully by then the African nations are educated enough to realise that this would not be a good thing. Let the rest of the world drive solar-powered cars, it’s good for the planet anyway. 🙂

    As for immediate invasions, we are preparing for the soccer world cup at the moment.
    Yikes, the hotels are all full, so I guess the mayhem is coming…

    If you are coming, treat everywhere like it is the streets of New York (or London) at 7pm on a Friday – i.e don’t make yourself a target.

    Another tip is to never travel alone or make eye contact if you are.

  59. Deeinsouthafrica: don’t make yourself a target.
    Another tip is to never travel alone or make eye contact if you are.

    Gee, that sounds that you are talking about downtown Memphis 😀 . Have fun at the soccer games!

  60. It’s taken me several days to process the intensity of Sabotage and the conversation I had with myself in my own mind about it.

    I want to send thank yous to everyone for delivering such a remarkable episode. We all had been asking to see someone in the SGC who was differently abled, but then once we heard that would occur, many of us were worried about how this would be accomplished with the communication-stone swapping stuff.


    1. I think that unless you are on a respirator, it would be almost impossible to get the sound of the respirator and talking to be real but Ming-Na did a really great job considering this is just an episode on television and not a movie where she might have had months and months to do research.

    2. I loved the symmetry and parallel story lines throughout. For example, the beginning when Mandy admires the beauty of movement again and then she repeats that at the end before she has to go back to SGC.

    3. Another point of parallel was the Franklin/James scenes with the Camile/Sharon/Mary scenes. We saw Mary and Sharon feeding Camile, and then soon thereafter saw James feeding Franklin.

    4. Interesting in polar opposites where with the quadriplegia the mind is intact but the body does not move; with Franklin’s catatonia from the chair encounter, his mind is disconnected from his working body.

    5. I love the relationship Camile/Sharon have, but that is because Reiko and Ming-Na really pull this off. I feel as a viewer that they have been together forever. That is just great chemistry, which is interesting considering both actresses are heterosexual in their real lives. I hope we get to see more of them. Camile is a totally different person with Sharon than she is on Destiny.

    6. Awww… the visual effects knock me out every time. Love, love, love the robot with that spidery, 1940’s diver-helmet feel. Perhaps a new collectible MGM could create (new Christmas ornament?). LOL.

    7. Greer is pretty special if he can go through what he did in Lost and come out of it with no grudges. Makes me wonder what the heck Telford did to agitate him so.

    8. I know I can’t have everything, but I was hoping for a little more drama getting Scott, Chloe and Eli home.

    9. I love that Mandy reminds Eli that it is a blessing to be on Destiny. I also loved that when she expressed having feelings towards Rush, and Eli thought that was strange, she immediately thought it was prejudice towards her disability, which was not the case at all. Eli just doesn’t see how the ladies could love Rush.

    10. Love the still.

    11. Love how Rush’s character is developing and that is a multidimensional character. He can trust people, but that circle of trust is very small indeed. After seeing the indifference to the memories of his wife in Human, it was nice to know that it did affect him. I can understand how it would make you relive all the grief again.

    12. The easiest answer is to say that Franklin ascended, that the chair helped that in some way in addition to him making the ultimate sacrifice. He did go from a character who was worried about self-preservation in “Air” to someone willing to give his life up to save the crew. I hope you NEVER explain it to us. I love not having everything in a neat little box.

    13. Now, for my take on the swapping: Is it a blessing or a curse to have a disability and to get an opportunity to live without it? How would your family feel? As many of you know, my child has autism among several other disabilities (hypotonic cerebral palsy, sensory integration disorder, receptive-expressive language disorder, seizure disorder, scoliosis, mental retardation — there may be others I’ve left out). I often have said that I would give anything to be able to have a conversation with him for 24 hours. Because he is nonverbal and has a very limited sign language vocabulary, I have no idea what the world is like for him. I have a mother’s instinct of when he is “off” or not feeling right, but like an infant, I have no idea exactly what might be bothering him. I imagine that he will have a reduced lifespan not being able to tell a doctor his symptoms. I do not know if he knows any world different from the one he knows now. When we see further in the episode the possible way Franklin is viewing the world, I wondered if that was the same way my son sees the universe. But on the flip side, once he went back to the way he is, there would be a definite grieving process for me, and all the feelings of loss would come rushing back to me. I am sure after I moved past that, I would see the opportunity as a blessing, but it would not be immediate. As he would return to a world that has limited communication, would he miss not being able to express himself once again and would that cause behavior outbursts since that would be the only method of communicating once again? While contemplating this, it brought up a whole range of emotions for me. Actually it still does.

    I really loved this episode. Thank you for it.

  61. Is it too late for questions for Alaina? I am so behind on your blog, Joe, I’m sorry!

    1. What aspects of your character do you like the best and the least?

    2. What is your favorite episode so far for your character?

    3. What characteristics do you share with TJ and what characteristics are different?

    Also — I just realized something about the robot — It looks like an early version of a replicator (at least in the spider legs department). Do you think it might be up for a Q&A? Serge Graystone on Caprica actually has a Twitter account. LOL.

  62. All of these Tim Tam comments is making me think starting up a Tim Tam distribution company for this blog may be a worthwhile venture.

  63. @ Chevron 7 – *tee hee*

    @ das – hey it works for me! I can in no way be held responsible for what my fingertips are typing. *bad fingertips bad*

    @ Bryan – well, I may have crappy grammar, punctuation and spelling, but I try to get people’s name correct, as the name is usually RIGHT in FRONT of my face!!

    Jelly actually looks like she is about to do that butt drag/wipe thing they do across the floor. Or she’s begging the foot for food, and with her svelte waistline she looks like she could use a good meal. *pay no attention to the rolls, that’s just puppy fat*

    Julie McNiven – I actually don’t recognize her from the SGU episode, but I recognize her as an Angel from Supernatural. She’s very beautiful, very ethereal. Plus, she got to make out with Dean Winchester. Heh heh heh!

    Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask. Is Carl the same Carl who worked on Mysterious Ways? It’s not on his Wiki, so I could be wrong, but I thought that was a project he also worked on. I was just curious. The women who played Miranda on Mysterious Ways, was the Doctor, who removed the tracking device from Dr. Rush.

    Why do I remember trivia/stuff like this and can’t remember my phone number half the time. *sigh*

    Have a good one!!

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