Well, I forgot to bring the ice cream in to work again this morning and, while many of you did remind me, I can’t help but recall an exchange from The Last King of Scotland that goes something like:

Idi Amin: Yes, you are my advisor. You are the only one I can trust in here. You should have told me not to throw the Asians out, in the first place.
Nicholas Garrigan: I DID!
Idi Amin: But you did not persuade me, Nicholas. You did not persuade me!

So, in much the same way, while you DID remind me to bring in the ice cream, you did not persuade me and, as a result, Carl suffered the consequences. Needless to say, he was outraged.


No ice cream?!! AGAIN!!!

I hope you guys are happy.

You’ll be pleased or indifferent to hear that I completed my Producer’s Cut of Awakening this afternoon.  My fellow producers will screen it tomorrow and no doubt declare it brilliant after which we will send it to SyFy who will also love it and insist I “not change a thing”.  And that’ll be that.  In the meantime, I shift gears to completing my rewrite of Resurgence.  But not before reading Carl’s outline for the tentatively titled Hope.  Once that’s done, I’ll be moving on to the first draft of Brad’s script, episode #12.  Remi continues his rewrite of Visitation, Linda continues work on her first draft of Alliances, Robert is in New Mexico shooting Malice, while Paul is on set overseeing production on Trial and Error.  Busy, busy!


Gen writes: “Do you think that if you packed it in dry ice, the ice cream would survive being shipped to Michigan? Hint? Hint?”

Answer: Alas, all sorts of things could go wrong in the shipping process that would compromise the flavor of the ice cream – so, no.  If I can’t make sure you get the very best, I’d rather you get nothing at all.  That’s how much I care.

dasNdanger writes: “‘Birthday individual’ sounds so…soooo…awkward.”

Answer: Mission accomplished.

Bryan M. White writes: “Hey, does anyone know how to turn off the autocorrect on the blackberry?”

Answer: Yes.  Step 1: Remove the battery.  Step 2: Remove the smart chip.  Step 3: Throw away the blackberry.  Step 4: Get the iPhone.  Step 5: Enjoy and wonder what the hell you were thinking getting a blackberry over an iPhone in the first place.

Chevron7 writes: “Joe, could you please ask Maverick (Top Gun fan, right?) which was the hardest episode to edit in Season 1?”

Answer: You can ask him yourself during his upcoming Q&A.

JimFromJersey writes: “So what exactly are “cheddar chips”? I’m assuming…grated and frozen cheddar cheese?”

Answer: Nope.  Chedddar-flavored potato chips.

DP writes: “What’s the method to come up with alienish sounding names that don’t come off as silly?”

Answer: Use variations of foreign words.

Shiny writes: “I like Banas better than Maverick. Banas sounds like a tuff talking 70′s cop who doesn’t play by the rules…”

Answer:  http://josephmallozzi.com/2008/05/13/may-12-2008-whispers-julys-botm-club-selections-and-mike-banas-pi/

paceofnature writes: “What’s the time period like between when the first draft of a script is done and the casting search begins and when filming starts?”

Answer: About a week from first draft to Final, at which point prep begins (covering everything from costumes to casting).  A week later, we start filming.

Rex Carter writes: “1) Hi Will General O’Neill visit Destiny via the stones,he should at least once along with IOA head and McKay and or Sam Carter.
2) Does Destiny travel a bit slower than our ships if so maybe Odyseey with its zpm can catch up in a few years maybe in the last episode years from now.”

Answers: 1) Stay tuned.  2) Given Destiny’s immense head start, it would take the Odyssey significantly more than “a few years) to attempt to play catch-up.

dasNdanger writes: “Joe, speaking of Wraith – and since you are starting to dabble in book writing – would you ever consider writing a Stargate Atlantis novel?”

Answer: Nope.  Not my thing.

FoX1028 writes: “1- In “Sabotage”, when the aliens showed up, they came from the galaxy that Destiny was heading.. The aliens are already in that galaxy waiting for Destiny?

2- What happened to the “Repair Robot”? After he finished isolating the damaged FTL drive, they brought the robot back to inside to ship?”

Answers: 1. Not necessarily.  Unlike Destiny that stops every so often to gather supplies, the aliens could have relentlessly pursued, perhaps even overtaken them and lain in wait.  2. The repair robot is back on board and mixing martinis in Brody’s Bar until its next mission.

Shiny writes: “Very cool news on the anthology! So do you have any plans to go for a novel?”

Answer: Thinking about it…

76 thoughts on “May 12, 2010: Ice Cream Update! Production Update! The Mailbag!

  1. Oh, you wanted to be persuaded. Huh. Well…sorry, that’s not my thing. 😉

    (Hell, I have enough trouble persuading Mr. Das to take out the trash!)

    Soooo…early blog tonight. You have a hot date, or something?? Come on, do tell! 😀


  2. What’s ‘Chedddar’??


    Shiny writes: “I like Banas better than Maverick. Banas sounds like a tuff talking 70′s cop who doesn’t play by the rules…”

    Answer: http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/may-12-2008-whispers-julys-botm-club-selections-and-mike-banas-pi/

    😆 Shiny hit the nail on the head, eh?? (I actually thought of bananas when I heard the name ‘Banas’ – but that was mebbe partly Carl’s fault. 😛 )


  3. Joe-

    Hi, I’m an aspiring Science Fiction writer who can write in the same tone as SGU. I want to send a spec script to the right people. This is about as summed up and straight to the point as I can go. Sorry if this is a huge inconvenience, but, if you have good ideas and you can write, what else can you do?

    Also, Carl is funny.


  4. Hello Joe

    I know you were there last year with your BlackBerry which is why I asked. Alas, Verizon doesn’t carry it so I will have to shut my eyes and dream of what will never be… ;-(

    Persuade you… You say… I got nothing… I agree w/ Das. I will leave the persuasion to your co-workers. Just remember… Carl will be upset if you forget again… 😉

    Speaking your co-workers, best of luck with the screening. Any chance of the extended edition making the 2.0 Blu-ray? We have heard so much about this episode, we would be disappointed if we didn’t see the finished version of your initial vision… Before it gets edited for runtime on television.

    Best of luck, and best wishes.


  5. aaaarrrggg early post. I just posted a long comment on yesterday’s blog entry that is awaiting moderation. I’m going to copy/paste a question I had over there to here. It’s actually for Carl. Although now that he’s grumpy because of ice cream deprivation I’m not sure that he will want to answer any questions. Heck, he may not even be reading your blog anymore!!

    So pardon the double question post……… (Not my fault)
    Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask. Is Carl the same Carl who worked on Mysterious Ways? It’s not on his Wiki, so I could be wrong, but I thought I saw his name on the credits and wondered if that was a project he also worked on. I was just curious….

    Carl – how come you never play any practical jokes on Joe? I would think you would be very good at it. Or perhaps you are so Machiavellian that Ashleigh takes the fall/blame for you hmmmm

    @ Das – I had also thought of bananas when Banas was mentioned, but then I’m currently obsessed with bananas… and coconut, and maple, and toffee and chocolate and …

    Have a good one!!

  6. Oh, ack…

    @ Kymm – Obsessed with ‘naners, eh? You need to hook up with Carl. 😉


  7. Hey, Joe.

    I recently came across a post on a message board concerning the Destiny. It brought up some great points. I’ll just copy and past it here. But first, a question to go with it…

    Any plans on addressing the following technologies/bits of knowledge found on the Destiny how they could benefit the Tau’ri (as well as some of the direct key points brought up in this post)?


    1) The solar recharge system is probably the most valuable piece of tech the Destiny has to offer. The Asgard tech on our 304’s is massively underpowered; our primitive Naquadah generators just don’t cut it. For 304’s to reach their maximum potential a ZPM is required, which are quite thin on the ground these days. Having ships that can recharge by flying into a sun will provide us with limitless source of fuel (low on power just set course for the nearest suitable star) and free our dependence on Naquadah mined from off world outposts that are vulnerable to enemy attack.

    2) Destiny’s shield are some of the most powerful seen in stargate,( in some cases better than those found on later Ancient ships, the Orion’s shields couldn’t even withstand the heat and pressure from the magma of an erupting super volcano, but that could be due to the ship being badly damaged). Still Destiny’s shields are probably on a par with Asgard shields given how long that can be sustained under constant weapons fire.

    3) The weapons. Destiny’s main weapon is probably not as powerful as Asgard Beams, but the rapid firing of her smaller energy cannons would make an excellent anti-fighter system on out ships to replace the largely ineffective rail guns.

    4) Other Technologies. Kinos and their remotes, recharging plates, Robot seen in Faith and many other potentially undiscovered technologies which could one day be brought back to Earth for study.

    5) The Database. I am undecided on the usefulness of the Database as of yet. Yes information on thousands of world seeded with stargates is potentially very useful, but the information regarding those galaxies that are near the Milky Way is millions of years out of date. And if the information Destiny is so invaluable then why did the Ancients never bother to go and retrieve it?


    Will we see how wide-spread application this technology/knowledge could be both a benefit (and detriment) to Earth on SGU (hopefully in seasons 2 and 3)?

  8. Carl has a right to be outraged! What is wrong with you Joe? Are you subconsciously mad at your co-workers? (I would have driven you back home to get it…or better yet, give me your house keys and I’ll run and pick it up for you.)

  9. Hmmm, okay Joe… my previous questions were published in comments but not answered in Q&A Mailbag. My hunch is that the questions addressed something that simply cannot be answered right now or would otherwise be too spoiler-heavy if they were answered. I’m hoping there isn’t some kind of “favorites” for the people you do include in your Q&A. I doubt that’s the case. Anyway, here’s a rehashed version of my questions, and these are rephrased in as-safe-as-possible format…

    1. It appears that Lucian Alliance will be a major adversary in future SGU episodes, given that the characters have been hinting at the L.A. group ever since the pilot. Is it possible that (if L.A. is introduced) that they might play a significant ongoing role in SGU in season 2?

    2. Season 1 of SGU has already introduced a variety of really neat aliens, either aliens with a neutrality like the bug-like vortex-like aliens, or aliens with a bestial appetite (the squid-things) or the nemesis-like “Space” aliens. Is it possible that the main characters might be introduced to a friendly and recurring alien race at some point in the future?

    3. Although not apparently pertinent to the main plotlines in the stories, there have been the occasional moments where we’d see hobbies of characters (like Wray as an artist). Is it possible that any of the main characters might also be musically talented?

    Thank you for your response!*

    *And I hope you respond. I’m really curious at least about questions 2 and 3 (omit the L.A. question if you like but I’d love to know about the “friendly aliens” question and the possibility of a musician amidst the main characters). Thanks! 🙂

  10. @ Das – Why Carl? Does he have some sort of secret stash of bananas? Who says he’ll share? Some people like to keep their bananas to themselves.


  11. Hey Joe,

    Is the Destiny the only gate seeding ship the Ancients sent out? I imagine the Ancients would send more than one to cover all the galaxies out there.

  12. The Habs Penguins hockey game is a bit anti-climatic. The flightless birds seems not really in it tonight. However the police are stepping up preparation for a Stanley cup parade just in case.

    Mr M, any hockey playoff wagers with Kerry with a Y this year? My condolence to Canuck fans on their team withering away yesterday.

  13. Answer: Yes. Step 1: Remove the battery. Step 2: Remove the smart chip. Step 3: Throw away the blackberry. Step 4: Get the iPhone. Step 5: Enjoy and wonder what the hell you were thinking getting a blackberry over an iPhone in the first place.

    iPhone: $300
    Blackberry: 99c on Verizon
    Cheap alternative for future chew toy for my 3mo: priceless

  14. @NARELLE, PLEASE send bags of Violet Crumble..love,love,love them!!! My friend Carlo,another sci-fi fan is good about that, but he has done his part, now it’s your turn,we’ve been Joe buddies long enough, right?? You can start importing them, we can get Tim-Tams here in the US.I will be your distributer!! Sheryl.

  15. Have you ever seen the British comedy called Spaced starring Simon Pegg? I highly recommend it.

  16. Dear Joe,

    Thanks for posting the picture of Carl in a Washington Husky shirt yesterday. It always brings a smile to my face to know a u$c alum can see the error of their ways. 🙂 Thanks again!

  17. Joe,
    If you were a fan of your home-town Montreal Canadiens, I’d highly dislike you right now. So, good thing you’re not a hockey fan right? Tell everyone in the production offices, from one hockey fan to another, sorry about those Canucks.

  18. Sorry about the ice cream, Carl. Much like my cat, Joe can be “obedience challenged”. Have you tried squirting him with a water bottle? (Doesn’t work on my cat – but it can’t hurt to try, right?)

  19. You really do not want me to try and persuade you. I tend to break people rather than simply bending them to my will. And broken people are so messy. Nope, you are just going to have to motivate yourself to remember, or better yet, have Carl utilize more than looks of outrage to make you bring in the stuff.
    Glad to see progress on the story front, looking forward to the remamed Masks coming out(ok, so it wasnt on today’s post, but I’ve been scrambling to make time to read and post). And a nice fat mailbag is especially appreciated. Thanks for managing to take the time to field so many questions.

  20. Congrats on the producers cut! Editing rocks and sucks at the same time. It’s fun to do but there are often so many good options it’s hard to choose. And being the indecisive person that I am doesn’t help with editing movies either. :p

    Also Joe

    You said intervention was 6 minutes over. Any chance we’ll see those 6 minutes on the 2.0 DVD?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  21. You know, if you had co-workers that were lactose intolerant, forgetting ice cream wouldn’t be a problem. You should look into firing everyone.

  22. Spider Robinson on Robert Heinlein

    On the most recent episode of the Sci-Fi Saturday Night podcast, Spider Robinson was invited to share his memories of Robert Heinlein. According to Robinson, one manuscript that was found in his papers after his death was a movie screenplay entitled “Abbot and Costello go to the Moon”. In this story, Abbot and Costello were actors in a movie within a movie about flying to the moon. The director of the movie was a stickler for scientific accuracy and built a working spacecraft as the movie set. One night after shooting, Abbot and Costello were goofing off in the spacecraft after hours and accidentally started the spacecraft on a path towards the moon. Hilarity ensued.

    Also according to Spider Robinson, Robert Heinlein owned all of the Jefferson Airplane albums. He said that he really liked Grace Slick’s ability as a vocalist.

  23. What do we need to do to get you to bring the damn ice cream to work? Poor Carl. What a pitiful look. I feel bad for him. I do.

    Just wanted you to know that the addition of Brody’s Bar was a good idea. Everyone needs to drive rotgut to relieve stress, well, except for TJ that is.

    Does jumping around doing the producer duties mess up your train of thought on the writing part of your job? I’m sure that sitting in on the editing, then reading other scripts, then having to sit back down and write or rewrite as the case may be is a bit of a challenge. You probably can compartmentalize it since you’ve been doing it for years.

  24. Hey Joe,

    I’ve been very busy with work and so I’ve been a bit behind with episodes, but I finally watched Sabotage tonight. I must say, I’m enjoying the back half of the season more than the first – more action (my 9 year old appreciates that too) and lots of intriguing things being set up.

    One question about Sabotage – when Destiny dropped out of FTL, were there no other planets in range other than the one where Eli, Chloe and Scott were stuck? These older gates must have much more limited range than the ones in Milky Way or Pegasus.


  25. Few production questions for you.

    I noticed you mentioning a few times that you run an episode’s scrip by SyFy, does the same go for Space and the other networks, or is it SyFy that’s ordered the episodes, and those other networks purchase from SyFy?

    So I know the network sets up the broadcast schedule (obviously duh!), but who sets up your filming schedule? I would imagine that it’s somewhat frustrating as a writer to not know if there is going to be another season as you’re going through the current ones episodes. So do you write differently, and more specifically, end your seasons differently because of that scheduling?

  26. @ Sean D – Joe picks what questions he wants to answer. It’s as simple as that. His blog. His rules. He gets so many questions, that he can’t possibly answer them all. Sometimes, if you look back in old postings, you may find that he has already answered your question.

    I wonder if Violet Crumble is similiar to our Crunchie chocolate bar? Oops I was hunting a link to show you which chocolate bar I meant and found that Wiki indicates that the Crunchie is comparable to the Violet Crumble, so my suspicions were correct. The Crunchie is one of my favourites. Yummmm.

    Joe – next time in Japan you may want to give some of these flavoured Kit Kats a go. They aren’t going to be fine chocolate and some of them sound gross but would still be interesting to give a taste test (see bottom of link). Here’s the link from another one of my favourite food porn blogs Cakespy.

    Wasabi Kit Kat:

    Other Kit Kat flavours currently available include:
    Royal Milk Tea, Banana, Soy Sauce, Crème Brulee, Green Tea, Cantaloupe, Corn, Raspberry Passionfruit, Golden Citrus, Intense Roasted Soybean, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cafe Au Lait, and Ginger Ale.
    They have discontinued some interesting sounding ones; Azuki, Yuzu, Maple Syrup, Grape, Apple, Cherry Blossom.

    Just watched Supernatural – I love Bobby, he kills me….

    Have a good one!

    P.S. Isn’t the ice cream for Ashleigh? What does she think of you forgetting it three days in a row? I think you are kinda living dangerously. SHE was prompt in meeting her bet debt obligations. Just sayin.’ *grumble blamin’ us for not reminding, THEN not persuading, probably ate it himself already mumble*

  27. Look, if you forget it again you can make Ashleigh go get it. Better yet, pretend that you forgot it and just set it on Carl’s car, then tell him his lights are on, window’s cracked open if it’s raining…anything to get him to go down.

  28. Goodness, I have much catching up to do. I was in Cabo, sucking down margaritas and excellent food. I’m as fat as Pancho, the Marina sea lion.

    We once took cream puffs and ice cream sandwiches packed in dry ice to Burning Man. Mmm, ice cream in the desert. Except the dry ice carbonated the ice cream! Weird and tasty at the same time.

  29. @Kymm… Soy Sauce Kit Kat?? UGGGHH!!!Reminds me of the squid icecream Joe tried..

    You’ll be pleased or indifferent to hear that I completed my Producer’s Cut of Awakening this afternoon. My fellow producers will screen it tomorrow and no doubt declare it brilliant after which we will send it to SyFy who will also love it and insist I “not change a thing”. And that’ll be that.

    Do I detect some sarcasm??

  30. Joe,

    Maybe you don’t want to share the ice-cream. Or . . . oh, my, maybe you didn’t even make the ice-cream . . . or should I say, the alleged ice-cream. Has anyone else actually witnessed this phantom ice-cream? If this is meant as some subtle vengeance on Ashleigh for her “not-a-cookie” cookies, I dare say it has backfired on poor, poor Carl – twice now! Take pity, Joe, be merciful! However, Carl doesn’t so much look outraged as caught in the midst of some operatic aria of great import, something on a par with “Kill the Wabbit.”

    😉 Julie

  31. @das I’ll have to check out your link when i’m online properly next. Operating off phone. Didgeridoo takes incredible skill. Love the sound.

    @Sheryl Because you asked so nicely 🙂

    @Joe I have a BlackBerry and an iPhone. iPhones are fun but crappy as a business tool. The calendar in particular. Can’t handle meeting requests is a huge down fall. But BlackBerry is the kid at primary school that dressed in a suit and carried a brief case; practical but no fun. Yes we did have a kid at Primary school who did that.

  32. officially “V” hooked!!! I’m a “V”addict. Will soon be looking to join “V” anonymous . Just finished watching another 2 episodes. Which now brings me to ….waiting for episode 12 of season 1 to air….
    I’ve been neglecting your blog.
    Saw 6 hours of “V” in less then a week!!!
    ….can’t get enough of Anna, she is such a “loving” mother.
    She’s my favorite character, she’s so mean 😈
    If Robert is in Mexico, do I assume its Robert Carlyle you’re referring to , and that the rest of the crew is with him while I’m freezing in Montreal. I had to put the heat on last night, it was so cold.At least it’s not snowing!
    The Canadian won again 5/2 against the Penguins. Went down for 5 minutes during the game,and suddently heard my mother screaming. I was concerned something was burning, broken, that she might have fallen down. … Turned out she was watching the game. She is one of those passionate viewers: Screams during hockey games and sleeps during movies.
    Added a 4 pm snack to my day; turned out that waiting 6 hours between meals is too long for me… and some people used to wonder why I was always hungry at 5h30 p.
    My brother had a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago. It’s sort of a “freak” type of accident, too embarrassing to describe. Nevertheless, he managed to break his ankle and had to get surgery. It’s his second accident/surgery in less then 2 years. Could have told him so, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have listened to me. Less then 2 days after he restarted riding his motorcycle, I received a very pleasant call at work. He always starts the conversation with ” don’t panic, I will be ok”. He couldn’t stop raving about the Montreal General Hospital. He was treated like a King. Did I mentioned that he had time to argue with the paramedics on which hospital he was supposed to go to? Guess who won!!!
    Well, I’m abusing my free space, I’m off 😀

  33. GO HABS GO!!

    also don’t forget the ice cream, or Carl is gonna hurt somebody, and I would hate to see him take it out on Lawren.

  34. ice cream suggestions

    bacon (cook the bacon in the ice cream base)

    also, my sister is going to japan in the summer. Can you recomend any culinary purchases? Like chocolate truffles, or yuzu juice, etc.

  35. “Step 1: Remove the battery. Step 2: Remove the smart chip. Step 3: Throw away the blackberry. Step 4: Get the iPhone. Step 5: Enjoy and wonder what the hell you were thinking getting a blackberry over an iPhone in the first place.”

    Step 6: Throw away the iPhone. Step 7: Get an LG KC910 Renoir. Step 8: Enjoy the 8 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Divx/Xvid video, Dolby Mobile sound, and Turbo 3G of the Renoir, while wondering why the hell you even got an iPhone in the first place. 😉

  36. Salut Joseph!! La forme? Moi oui 🙂

    Ahhhh la Créme glacée!!!!! Lol les photos de Carl, il à l’air tellement déçu =( ^^

    C’est bien que vous ayez finit le script, j’espere que vous n’allez pas ecnore devoir le modifier..

    Ohh un roman de sga!! ça serai tellement bien (traduit en français surtout XD) mais bon je préferai largement un téléfilms!

    Tiens en parlant d’anniversaire, je prépare déjà le votre lol, je suis impatiente de vivre à Paris, il y’a un tel choix! Et je pourrai même vous envoyez des cadeaux à nimporte quel moment XD

    Passez une bonne journée!! gros bisou!

  37. G’day Joe


    Violet Crumble do vary a far bit from Crunchie. As Violet Crumble is honey comb and Crunchie is a weird substance that melts in your mouth and out in the open where I live, it is very humid here. Violet Crumble is a lot harder.

    For Carl’s sake take in the damn ice-cream. That look is pityfull.

  38. Oh. I thought I should add, I’m typing these comments on an iPhone 🙂

  39. Joe,

    Any chance you would be willing to share the sweet corn and cheddar chip ice cream recipe?

  40. Last King of Scotland: Great movie. Great reference Joe.

    Carl: We’re pulling for you buddy! But I think we/you are going to have to count on you for the “persuasion”.

    Cheddar chips. Ahhh! I was not thinking as literally as I should have been.

  41. Hi, Joe — don’t know if you are familiar with SF author Alastair Reynolds (one of my favorites for many years), but he gave SGU a lovely review on his blog — it was startling to see the word “Stargate” in the title 🙂
    It’s possible someone has already sent you this — if so, my apologies for the repeat.

  42. Hey,

    I’m sad my Penguins lost 🙁 …..congratulations Joe & Montreal. We should have put that series to bed ages ago…..oh well, next year guys. I’ve only just started following Pittsburgh since the Olympics. I’ve been learning heaps about hockey on Twitter thanks to my buddies…especially Lia_AT.


  43. Re: Icecream for Carol

    Joe, do you want the present I was going to send you? If you do, then you’ll bring the ice cream in for Carl. Once I see proof of Carl eating that ice cream i will send your present….its really cool!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  44. @Major D. Davis

    I agree. I like to see the extended versions of episodes. I loved Vegas and Enemy at the Gate on DVD. I also loved (I mean LOVED) the extended version of Air on Blu-ray!

    I like extended versions because of films like The Abyss. In the extended version, he film has a proper ending. I enjoyed the 3 hour special edition much more than the theatrical release which was cut down for time.

    Joe: are there any plans to put extended episodes in the season 1.5 blu-ray set?

    Best Wishes.


  45. @ Joe – Sooo…you’re hot date was a hockey match, on tv? Boy…you ARE getting old! 😉

    @ Bryan M. White – You gotta keep a sharp eye on Joe – he wants us to do his dirty work for him, so when things fall through, he can look all innocient while he points his finger at everyone else. Tricksy li’l fella, he is.

    @ Kymm – Yes. It appears Carl has a secret stash of ‘naners in his pockets. My only concern is that his jeans appear to be rather snug, which might…ya know… bruise the fruit.

    @ Ultracurious – What a fantastic idea! Joe is very catlike – he’s fastidious, finicky, and fiercely independent – it only makes sense that he should be disciplined as only a feline can be. The squirt bottle.

    @ Ashleigh and Carl! – You two listening??! Squirt bottles. Full. On your desks. Pointing at the doorway. (If that doesn’t work, might I suggest ‘sticky pads’, or a few pennies in a tin can – all quite effective in feline obedience training.)

    @ Carl – Carl, just for you – a word of advice. If Joe does bring in that ice cream today (which I doubt because he probably ate it all while watching hockey last night) – don’t eat it. By now, that homemade ice cream is probably all crystalized and gritty and rubbery – just plain nasty. Instead, insist that Joe makes you a new batch – AND has you over to his place when he does (so you don’t miss out this time). Hmmm…mebbe an ice cream party?? At Joe’s?? Yeah, that’s it! Ice cream party at Joe’s this weekend – invite everyone! Bring the kids, too!

    @ Joe – Better get ready. There’s a party at your place this weekend. You might wanna get that bachelor pad of yours in shape – start picking up those underpants and dirty socks strewn all over the place…clean the bathroom…hide the porn.

    Oh, and have a good day, sir!



  46. GRRRR! YOUR hot date, not you’re. Serves me right for not proofreading. 😛


  47. I found out also what I think the robot looks like in addition to part replicator — Mr. Gutsy from the XBox 360 game, Fallout 3: See here:


    Since you can’t deliver your fans the delicious ice cream, maybe we should all invest in some ice cream makers, you give us your secret recipes, we’ll make them, and we could have ice cream of the month review and talked about what we liked or disliked. Might be fun.

  48. Fess up, you ate the ice cream didn’t you? On a more serious note: What kind of butter fat content do you like? Are you going with whipping cream, or do you dilute it with whole milk (or something else)? I prefer a custard base with whipping cream/whole milk mixture.

    I’m going to look up those books now. Have a good day!

  49. I hope you guys are happy.

    Not particularly. But, my crappy day yesterday that saw me discover a large quantity of tiny glass cubes in my SUV and an equally distinct lack of GPS in said SUV pales in comparison with Carl’s justifiable disappointment.

    @Carl: I feel but a hint of the pain you must be feeling. Hang in there

    Shame on you, Joe, for forgetting the ice cream a second time. Please don’t let it happen again.

  50. Hello Joe,

    So just to double check: we are all invited to the Ice Cream party Das is holding at your place? 😉

    Best wishes,


  51. you know whats funny about that movie? i used to live in Uganda so the movie reminded me of how exotic it was. the main capital is so small that you can reach any destination in the city in 2 minutes, only thing hindering you are the crappy roads and the darkness of the night (no light poles).

    should i start asking questions for Maverick now or later?

    heres one just in case but i go many more:

    —- what editing program do you use? (Adobe, Avid, final cut or sony?) I know they are all pretty much the same but its interesting to know.

  52. @Joe … Oh, cheddar-flavored potato chips or, as the British would say, cheddar crisps.

    I do wonder how cheddar cheese ice cream would taste.

  53. Hi Joe

    What about having some wheels, boats and ‘air-floats’ for local planetary explorations? Surely those fun-loving – and, ok, inquisitive, conscientious – Ancients would have packed some vehicular support goodies. Too much walking, begads!

    On the subject of options for exploration, I’m pondering a more exotic variation. Might a conscious swap/temp-merger be possible with indigenous life-forms for scientists to check what they are about?

    Might you be thinking in principle – yes, ok, possibly even interesting, but dramatically how do you show such? And, how does the swap work? And, wouldn’t a good deal of time be needed which isn’t possible when Destiny keeps doing brief pit-stops?

    It could be possible when the crew get more control of Destiny? And the swap could work by tagging animals as we do except with stones? (This mechanism plays into the question of how Young was able to swap with the damp-head alien without it seemingly having a stone set-up as SG folk use).

    And, then, how to dramatically illustrate? And, hey, cut idea but, come on, WHAT”S THE POINT? Well….this plays to how and why Ancients would expect their gear to sit undisturbed, or not, on arrays of planets. Those bodies are not inert rocks so what was the long-game? Maybe it didn’t matter much, statistically? So long as they successfully seeded enough worlds then with built-in redundancy (ie can lose a few here and there, which doesn’t sweat the gate-links for they can bypass the ‘gaps’) and so there will always be enough left for a functioning system?

    So, what am I asking?
    1) Your brief take on the questions, possibilities.

    2) Your view on whether what I’ve seen as gate- and stone-related limitations are barking up the right or wrong trees. And,

    3) If possible, without giving too much away yet (not asking much here) can you tell a little about what the Ancients’ game was with planets beyond using them as stepping stones across galactic rivers.

    4) Destiny wastes (?) energy from its limited stores to drop out of FTL and jump back again. While the crew check things out for their own ends, what is Destiny up to? Uploading info?

    Would be great to get your answers to any or, hey, all of the above.

    Looking forward to Friday night’s next installment …


  54. Forgot the ice cream, you say… I must be really good and you probably ate it all…

    Might be interesting to make ice cream at home – any suggestions on the most practical ice cream maker?

  55. Oh yeah! So for two years and three days I’ve had the image of Mike Banas: PI in my head thanks to Joe’s 5/18/08 post! See, we do listen to what you say, and not only that apparently I’ve misplaced every quadratic equation I learned over the years yet Detective Mike Banas: CSI Vancouver ain’t goin’ nowhere. It will be my Rosebud.

    That is my favorite quote from Last King of Scotland! In fact I haven’t reminded you at all because I believe that the ice cream may have already been eaten, and all this talk of reminders is merely a stalling tactic and at some point the only remedy will be for you to whip up a fresh batch of ice cream; didn’t you once you Maple liquor?

    Perhaps in honor of the Canadians pummeling my Pens you should do an all Canada Stanley Cup special edition ice cream flavor.

  56. Wait a minute-New Mexico??? Very interesting! Wow, it’s not that often that you guys film away from Vancouver, right? Does this mean that the New Mexico shoot is going to be another epic ep like Vegas?

  57. Yes! Go Habs Go! All the way to bring home the cup! My question Joe: Is it ok to send fan mail to the studio for the cast? Or is there another place to send fan mail that would be better. The cast and crew are fanominal and would love to be able to write to tell them so. However wouldn’t want to do anything that is not kosher.

    Feel free to tell Alaina Huffman that her brilliant performances have kept me glued to my TV week after week begging for more! 🙂

    Oh and loved that they’ve incorporated a makeshift Bar into the show! That is awesome! Hawkeye from M*A*S*H would be proud of Brody! And the design pics for it look amazing too! I can just see it now “Brody’s” Bar “Where the drinks are out of this world!” (feel free to use that line as I love it!) Will we be seeing more of “Brody’s”? That would definately add a little lighter fair to the usual darker feel of the show.


  58. A lot of news in the headlines today:

    The sky used to be orange (probably): http://news.discovery.com/earth/no-seriously-why-is-the-sky-blue.html

    Twelve year old boy wows school program with Lady Gaga song: http://www.examiner.com/x-22969-Guilty-Pleasure-TV-Examiner~y2010m5d12-YouTube-sensation-Greyson-Chance-to-perform-Paparazzi-on-Ellen

    iphone might have lost another prototype: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ytech_gadg/ytech_gadg_tc2014

    A safari ends in tragedy for lone crash survivor: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100513/ap_on_bi_ge/ml_libya_plane_crash

  59. Joe:

    1. Is Visitation the title of the episode that went unnamed for ages and ages? I’m not sure that it sounds like an episode title…is it a good fit for the episode?

    2. Watched Lost last Friday…did Scott, Eli, Chloe & Greer have food with them? Just wondering when was the last time they ate and drank water.

    Oops….just realised that I hadn’t finished sending this….oh well…here goes anyway.

    Cheers, Chev

  60. Hi,
    Here are my questions.

    1. Do you have an idea about when you now expect to hear from MGM on the movies?
    2. Based on the work done on the second season of SGU to date, will any of the characters from Stargate SG1 be seen in the next season. ?

    Thanks a lot


  61. Hi Joe,
    any news on SGU soundtrack? Joel Goldsmith did an excellent job!

    Thanks for answer

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