Boy, I’m going to get in trouble for this – but against my better judgment, I am uploading a pic of one of the placeholder titles up on the white board in the writers’ room.  Like Teal’c Interrupted, Fool’s Goa’uld, and The Red Shirt Diaries, this temporary title may end up as nothing more than a happy memory, but at the very least it may offer some insight into the actual episode.

You ready?

Avert your eyes if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Okay, here it is –

As I reported yesterday, I finally have a (rough) first draft of my script, Resurgence, episode #10.  Le voila –

I’m going to go over it a few more times, tighten up the dialogue, and try to strip away some of the visual effects.  As it stands, I count thirty-five visual effect shots – which would be fine in the old days of SG-1 when two-thirds of them would end up being simple zat blasts, but in this case, there aint nothing simple about some of these sequences.  If ever there was a candidate for an episode to receive to the 3D treatment, Resurgence would be it.

Meanwhile, those side projects are shaping up nicely.  My short story, “Downfall”, will finally see the light of day as part of the forthcoming superhero (and, in my case, villain-themed) anthology from editor Lou Anders (  Meanwhile, Paul and I are about to close the deal on that secret comic book project I’ve been referring to over the past year.  There’s talking of kicking things off with a four-issue arc and then moving forward (on all fronts) from there.

I spent the day running around, attending to countless chores and outstanding issues that needed attending to only to discover, once six p.m. rolled around, that I’d only accomplished about half of what I’d set out to do.  Still need to pick up that lock for the garage door.  Still need to get my car detailed.  Still need to change those light bulbs, clean out the refrigerator, clear out my closet, sort, file, shop, and email.  And yet, amid the mayhem of the day, I did take the opportunity to spend some quality time with the dogs –

Maximus and Lulu soak up the sun.

You spend all that money on chew toys and, at the end of the day, they just want to play with the sock.

Jelly ponders the possibility of sunshine.

Bubba - In your face.

Lulu hugs the grass.

By the way, I read the first fifty pages of May’s book of the month club, Carlos J. Cortes’s The Prisoner, and all I’ve got to say is “Wow!”.  If you’re an SF fan, do yourself a favor and pick it up – hopefully in time to take part in next week’s discussion.

55 thoughts on “May 1, 2010: Spoiler Alert! Projects on the Go! Dog Day Afternoon!

  1. Joe – just a quickie…

    Thanks for the adorable puppy pictures! They make up for the lack of Alan McCullough pics this past week… 😉

    Today was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!, and somehow I ended up spending $100 on books. 😛 I’m looking for something different, so picked up Jonah Hex and Solomon Kane and a couple other things in an attempt to find my new ‘Elric’ or ‘Wolverine’. I also picked up 6 of 7 issues of P. Craig Russell’s adaptation of Stormbringer – I have it in trade paperback, but was thrilled to find the near mint issues, all but #5. Will have to track that down elsewhere now. Mr. Das and I visited a friend and went to his comic shop – Conquest Comics – 80 miles to our north. Nice bunch of people – and Joe – you would have been absolutely drooling over their statues! Here – have a look:

    Great day, just rolling in and I have tons to read…AND the in-laws are coming tomorrow, so I’m gonna need another weekend to recuperate from this weekend!

    Nite, Joe – and I can’t wait to see what your comic is all about! Looking forward to it! (Better be an albino in it, too! 😀 Yeah…fat chance, I know…but it doesn’t stop a gal from hoping!)


  2. Hello, Joe:

    Good Saturday to you. After your issues with your script, I couldn’t help but smile when I clicked on the photo of the script that you have provided for your blog. There is some irony to the statement:
    “The image cannot be displayed because it contains errors”.

    I must admit to having great admiration for television writers. I have no idea how you manage to reach a dramatic peak at the end of a scene in just the right number of pages. I suppose it comes with practice, yet it must still present challenges from time to time. Is that what you were having issues with, or was it dialogue or something else?


  3. Hi Joe

    I hope you had a relaxing Saturday. The pics of the dogs look like they had a great day too!

    I have a couple of disjointed observations, so I’m just going to ramble a little bit:

    In the episode “Human”, when Rush was talking about Eli solving the ninth chevron when he couldn’t, I was reminded of the Salieri / Mozart relationship in Amadeus.

    I love Eli, but he’s starting to whine just like McKay did. Surely all brilliant scientists don’t have to whine. Or is it just the guys? Carter and Park don’t whine, but McKay and Eli do. Hmmm …

    Maybe the show looks great in HD, but on my not-so-old set, everything on the Destiny just looks dark. If the power reserves are at maximum, shouldn’t it be a little brighter? (I know this week they talked about the power conservation due to crossing to the next galaxy, but the dark issue has been going on for a while.) I even tried watching an episode on my laptop through Hulu, but it was even worse.

    Thanks for sharing all the inside info on the show. I’m really looking forward to the space dolphins!

  4. Always enjoy puppie pix…thanx.

    Lost – excellent. As a few others, wondered why Greer did not shoot his weapon to attract attention since the radio was not an option. Gasped when Eli just missed the Destiny on redial. Don’t want to pick on Rush, but his, “…cutting it close as Young said,” probably is the reason Eli’s first dial cut off – gate was busy, and of course for the second dial, they ran out of time before he completed the dial. Arrrrghhh, now to wait again, to see what happens.

    Love the title – hey, if Doctor Who can have a space whale then SGU can have space dolphins.

  5. Just finished watching “Lost”.
    That episode had a lot of depth to it!It was fun to watch!
    …I was starting to think that maybe I was in the wrong age group to watch SGU! 😀

  6. HI Mr. M.,

    Love the doggie pic’s! Socks for toys! That is so true, I spend tons on toys too… and all the kitties want is to tare up the couch and curtians! I feel you pain. Speaking of pain, how is your Mom’s hip doing! Better I hope!


  7. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien? Moi oui, dérnier jour de vacance pour moi^^!

    Je n’imaginai pas qu’on pouvait faire autant de choses en une seul journée? Mince elles devraient être plus longue si vous n’avez même pas le temps de tout faire^^!

    Voici une phrase qui me plais bien:

    “which would be fine in the old days of SG-1 when two-thirds of them would end up being simple zat blasts, but in this case, there aint nothing simple about some of these sequences”

    Je suis en pleins dans sg1 en ce moment et c’est juste un Chef d’oeuvre cette serie!

    On a toujours du temps pour ses chiens!!..ou ses enfants mais comme vous n’en n’avez pas..c’est peut être mieux en ce moment car là vous ne pourriez faire que 10% des choses que vous auriez prévu dans une journée XD

    Gros bisou
    A bientôt.

  8. You have the cutest dogs ever. Period.

    “Lost” question – Why does Destiny skip so many planets with gates on ’em?

  9. Hi, Joe.

    And don’t forget that in Robert Urick’s scifi classic, ‘Ice Pirates,’ they had space herpes.


  10. Re…j’ai oublier de vous dire..j’ai vraiment aimé l’épisode “Lost” 🙂 il y’avait plus d’action, ont a vu plusieurs planétes et il y avait un monstre aliens pas joli du tout…j’aime ça!! =)….a continuer sur cette lancée^^!

  11. there is some rule of nature that you are only supposed to accomplish a fraction of what you set out to do. So getting half your list done means you actually reached your goals for the day. Exceeded, since you had the quality time with the dogs. Who are as adorable as usual. Next to my own pooch, they have to be the cutest dogs to enjoy human company.
    With the Prisoner, I’m already wondering if it will be made into a movie. I’m both excited and scared at the prospect, as Hollywood’s track record isn’t so great with sci fi projects. But the book screams to be interpreted on the big screen.
    Thanks for the teaser, or the misleader, as the case may be. Enjoy the last day of the weekend, and good luck with the rest of that list.

  12. @Charlie’s Angel
    “…on my not-so-old set, everything on the Destiny just looks dark. If the power reserves are at maximum, shouldn’t it be a little brighter?”

    Can’t – then they would have to build a set 😉

  13. I was just rewatching SGU Lost and a thought came to me. If Destiny is leaving its current galaxy, does that mean that it will also be leaving behind the hostile aliens it has encountered?

  14. Hey Joe-

    Wanted to give “Lost” a second viewing before reporting back. All in all, it was a very good episode, and far exceeded my expectations in some ways. Last week I was worried that the cave-in was simply a pretext for bringing Scott, Chloe, and Eli into close quarters to resolve their issues, only to be wrapped up in a tidy bow with a timely return to the Destiny. I couldn’t be any happier to be proven wrong. The fact that “Lost” didn’t go in this direction gives me that much greater faith in you guys as storytellers.

    Here’s what else I liked about the episode:

    1. The TJ – Young pregnancy disclosure storyline/scene. It was definitely the emotional highlight of the episode. I can’t say enough of Alaina Huffman as an actress. Everything in that climactic scene worked for me. The tormented look she gave Young when she said that she was keeping the baby was a sublime piece of acting.

    2. Eli taking charge of leading the group back. Unlike Das, I was glad Scott deferred to Eli in the search for Destiny. There’s a time from brains and a time for brawn. This was a time for brains. I think Scott asserted himself appropriately when certain decisions had to be made, so I thought the leadership dynamic between Scott, Chloe, and Eli was appropriate.

    3. I like the subtle character development taking place with both Rush and Young. Rush is displaying slightly more empathy, while Young is displaying greater decisiveness.

    What I didn’t appreciate as much:

    1. Please don’t make Eli into a whiner. I can take the emotionally-immature Eli, the snarky Eli, and the slacker Eli. I can’t do the whiny Eli. I didn’t watch Stargate Atlantis primarily because I couldn’t stand that whiny, narcissistic scientist. That character grated on my nerves. I felt the same grating irritation when Eli started whining. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m hoping that’s the last time we see that side of this character.

    2. Not enough Jamil Walker Smith. I was looking forward to Greer’s backstory, and not some story played mainly by a child-actor, but a story that would highlight Jamil’s unique talent. I didn’t feel that was accomplished. The backstory on Greer was a letdown because of that. If this were an episode in which Greer’s backstory was the main storyline, it could have worked, but as it stands I was disappointed. Jamil’s talent makes the Greer character work.

    3. Maybe it was the editing, but I felt this episode had too many moving parts. Each storyline felt as though they could have been a main storyline all by itself, so it felt kinda crammed together, and slight short-changed.

    That said, all in all, I’m really enjoying the second half of the first season. That dinosaur-alien was great, the diverse environments are great, and the overall science fiction is fantastic. The enigma regarding the travel between galaxies without stargates is an excellent development. How will Eli, Chloe, and Scott eventually return to the Destiny? Is the Destiny operating in power-saving mode or breaking down? Did Eli alert the aliens to the location of the Destiny when he activated that console? Amazing. Excellent.

  15. I’ve recently discovered how easily dolphins can derail the suspension of disbelief. At what point does it get silly and what’s so bad about silly? That’s the question to wrestle with.

    But, anyhow, sea life in space vs. anyone writes itself – the plot holes can be muscled through. Go for it.

    Congratulations on the progress on the side projects.

  16. Woah, spray-painted grass. Or is your grass really that green?

    Here we have dusty brownish grass. Take my word for it, we definately do not have that shade of green.

    It seems a shame to mow it.

  17. Hi, all,

    Believe I mentioned before that I watched “Human” and “Lost” in sequence Fri. night. Will try to put spoilers at end of post. Overall, two enjoyable episodes.

    (aside to Joe: OK, after “Human”, I’ve given up my confidental theory about Rush.)

    Congrats on finishing the script, Joe. Need a trustworthy proofreader? (Yeah, I know, have offered before.)

    Thanks for puppy pics. Vancouver skies look as bright as Texas sunshine!

    Have seen a few SG1 repeats recently. Comparing with SGU: SG1 is like a 70’s comic book with straightforward story, clean graphics, bright colors. SGU is a modern graphic novel with multiple story lines, blurred lines and backgrounds, somber tones.

    If someone’s made that comparison before, please forgive the repetition.

    OK, gotta get on the road. Husband working at “estate house”, I need to go help today & Mon.


    Rush’s deep grief and resulting personality change, as well as his inner dialogue, rang true. Long-timers on this blog may recall that I’ve been there, some days STILL there.

    Was Young’s courtly reaction to TJ scripted? Nice touch, either way.


  18. Joe, if there’s any word on the Stargate movies, you’ll let us know won’t you?

  19. Also, if there’s really gonna be space dolphins, there should be at least some reference to “so long and thanks for all the fish”…

    And, the “42” reference (the answer to life, the universe and everything according to Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) reminded me of something. You know how in Star trek, the number 47 keeps coming back as a running gag? According to an internet contest held on the Sev Trek website years and years ago, this is because 47 is “the answer to life, the universe and everything – adjusted for inflation.”

  20. @ Shadow Step — ha ha — very funny. I guess I just told my age calling it a TV set. When I was a kid we had black and white TV with vacuum tubes. It was a big deal when we got our first color “solid state” TV. And we only got 4 channels — ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS.

  21. @Anais
    J’aime beaucoup votre T-shirt pour Mr. M! Vraiment styler! LOL.

    Joe, Lost was great. *SPOILERS* I was truly surprised that they didn’t make it back to Destiny. I literally gasped. Great job!

  22. The errands will always be there, don’t worry they won’t go away. It looked like such a beautiful day how could you not play a little hooky and frolic with the dogs. I know this question is like asking which child you love better, but do you have a favourite pup?

    I haven’t been here a year but it sounds like you and Paul have written a comic book (series?) and currently negotiating distribution. That’s very cool. It must be very exciting. You’re sure a busy writer; comics, short stories, SGU, blog. You mentioned, in a previous post, about not writing a book. But you know if you strung all of your blogs together that must be two to three books worth of writing. I can’t remember if I asked this before or not, but how do you and Paul write together? Do you alternate scenes? Or discuss what you both want to write and he does one script and you do another? I was just curious.

    Have a good one!

  23. @Charlie’s Angel

    It was more a dig at them than you Angel 😉
    Actually it isn’t that long since i got rid of my old thrust cathode ray tube TV. They are all sets to me – even if some of the modern ones come with USB ports and Internet *g*

  24. A repost my friend in case tonight is mailbag night:

    1. Will it be revealed how fast Destiny travels ? many galaxies its traveled prior to the arrival of the icarus team?
    3. You guys should start naming them galaxies at the rate Destiny is travellong through


  25. Just finished watching “Lost”. It had me holding my breath once…trying to remember if all the cast had signed back on – therefore surviving this episode. While doing the math, it occured to me, “Oh no! This is a Gero episode…Gero can’t be trusted!”. I hadn’t realized how mistrustful I’ve become.

    Martin, if you’re reading this – I apologize for the instinctual thoughts…but I guess that’s what happens on Sunday 😉

    Amazing episode – well done to all. Greer’s backstory is high-impact…wow.

    And thanks for not killing anyone.

    ~this week~

  26. WTF? WordPress signs me out right as I’m commenting. Thank goodness I copied my comment before I hit “Submit”.

    Good to hear that your side projects are doing well!

    Oh, I forgot to thank you for answering my questions the other day so…thank you!

    Destiny vs. The Space Dophins? Surely, a clash of titans. Perhaps Destiny will come out victorious when it sticks its pointy end into the Dophins’ blowholes.

    Hey, I spot an error – the date on the Resurgence script seems to be wrong, unless an April 0th really exists. 😉

    Anyways, I’ve been meaning to share something with you for a while. A few days back, I was studying for my Lagrangian Mechanics final when I realized that I could use SGU as an example to help me study. In the episode “Faith”, it was stated very clearly that Destiny went around the star in a parabolic orbit, and that the journey took 1 month to complete. I also assumed that the star system was an analog of the solar system with only the sun and Earth present, and that the Destiny started near the planet (and thus was at a distance of 1 AU from the star). These bits of information was enough to constrain the exact path of Destiny within the star system.

    At the end, I got the following stats:

    Destiny’s initial velocity upon entering the system = 38 km/s
    Destiny’s closest approach to the star = 0.195 AU
    Degrees of arc Destiny swept out in her orbit = 102

    I really only cared about the initial velocity, since it was a test on whether you guys did your research. Clearly, if it were too fast or too slow, then something’s wrong. However, since 38 km/s is only slightly faster than how fast the Earth moves around the sun, I’m happy to conclue that either you guys DID do your research, or that you guys were unbelievably lucky; either case is fine. 😀

    That In-Your-Face Bubba pic seems like something out of a magazine.


    1. Since you’re back to being an Executive Producer for Season 2, does that mean that you can give us episode rundowns for Awakening and Resurgence, like you did with those SGA episodes you wrote?

    2. Is there any significance to the fact that the only 2 non-one-word SGU episode titles so far are right next to each other? Are they a 2-parter perhaps?

    3. Now that Young and TJ are kinda joined at the chromosomes, how will Emily feel about this? Are you guys going to touch on Young’s wife again soon?

    4. How far are you guys along on coming up with stories for the 2nd season? Got an idea for the season finale yet?

  27. OMG Just watched Anderson Cooper interviewing Chef Jose Andres on 60 minutes. He is a molecular gastronomist.

    New bucket list addition.
    ‘Minibar by josé andrés serves Andrés’ cuisine in a small space. Three chefs serve a prix fixe menu of thirty to thirty-five small courses to six diners at a time. The restaurant has two seatings each night.’
    -4 month wait list. Washington D.C.

    Did you know that they teach Culinary Physics at Harvard?



  28. Since Martin Gero is currently working on Bored to Death how exactly does he write episodes and give his ideas for SGU? Is he on conference call while you are doing your brainstorming all together? Does someone fill him in on what is going on?

  29. Question for the DVD owners: Did Chloe’s hair start curling during S 1.0, or is this new since her abduction?

    Yes, the obvious pun re hair-curling frights comes to mind.


    Skimmed the “Human” transcript at GateWorld

    ARMSTRONG: Me too.

    (Everyone stops and turns to look at her. She looks awkward, realising she has no good reason to go. Eli jumps to her rescue.)

    WALLACE: Chloe has been studying all of Doctor Jackson’s work.

    YOUNG (not believing it for a moment): Really?

    SCOTT (equally dubious): You have?

    ARMSTRONG: I have.

    WALLACE (quietly): Say something archaeological.

    ARMSTRONG: Stratification.

    WALLACE (out of the corner of his mouth): That’s good.

    ARMSTRONG: Thank you.

    WALLACE: Plus, didn’t you say you took ancient history?

    ARMSTRONG: I did.

    WALLACE (to Young): At Harvard!

    *channeling Roseanne Roseannadanna /Gilda Radner*
    Never mind!

  31. Question: Do you have a current predicted time frame in which you expect to receive word on Stargate Extinction?


  32. Hmm. Why is my comment still waiting to be approved when 2 subsequent comments have already been?

    Is it because there was too much science in it? 😉

  33. @ Holloway –

    I hope you don’t mind if I reply to some of the comments you made regarding Greer, since I, too, am loving this character.

    ”So that leaves Greer as the lone regular main character, who has appeared on every episode, who suffers from a lack of screen time and dialogue.”

    Yes…Greer is not the chatty one. Thank goodness! In my opinion, giving Greer more dialogue would only weaken the character – he’s not a man to reveal what he’s thinking, and that’s what makes the character so appealing to me. He’s introspective, thinking and feeling all sorts of things on the inside while maintaining a poker face on the outside. He’s in control – guarded – he’s not going to show his hand – and that’s what makes him exciting and unpredictable. For instance, you think that he’s going to do something one way, but he surprises you by doing it in a totally different way…one moment lashing out, the next showing compassion…or even an unexpected sense of humor. The purple potato comes to mind – only he could have pulled off the bluff – not the garrulous Eli or the reactive Scott.

    Greer’s silence speaks volumes. – it tells his tale in ways no words could express. You can decide for yourself what that silence means, but I take it to mean that he’s a man of deep thought and depth and brewing emotion, and that’s why he appeals to me.

    ”I find it astonishing that a guy this good gets so very little dialogue and scenes on this show.”

    I am one that would certainly love to see more Greer in the show. However, because of the type of character Greer is, I’m afraid that too much of him in an episode will lessen his impact. By comparison, I’d like to point to Todd in SGA. I would have loved to see Todd become a member of Team Atlantis, or something, but I also realize that it would over-expose the character and take away some of the thrill of his appearances. When Todd was on the screen, you knew something was about to happen, and in some ways Greer is very much like that – his scenes are going to have impact, but that impact would be lost if the character is given too much air time.

    That said, I certainly wouldn’t mind a seeing a little more Greer from time to time…especially with his shirt off… 😉

    ”There was so much going on in the ep that of course it would be impossible to spend too much time on Greer which makes me wonder why pick this episode to explore his backstory?”

    That backstory was essential to this episode. It showed the depth of Greer’s character – his loyalty, his determination – that he would not just assume a man is dead, but would go back and give his all to save him, as he did his father. In this we see the contrast between Greer’s loyalty and sense of duty, and (what I perceive to be) Scott’s wishy-washiness. Now, would I have liked to see a bit more of Greer’s backstory instead of TJ and Young? Sure. But I don’t think too much time was taken up with consequences of Young’s John Edwardesque affair.

    “And as for romance? … The only scenes in which Greer has had direct one-on-one contact with women was when his fellow military comrade TJ said she didn’t trust him and of course his confrontations with Wray. “

    I believe we saw Greer happily doing the horizontal mambo in one of the music montages at the end of an episode, so needless to say, the man is getting some action. No worries there. That said, I would hate to see Greer sucked into a soap-opera a la Young and TJ, or Scott and Chloe. There’s enough ‘romance’ for me in this show (too much, in fact), and so I am so very much enjoying the exploration of a strong character like Greer without it involving his penis.

    ” I’m just worried that the show already has its four lead males in place with Young, Rush, Scott and Eli who all fit a role the audiences are comfortable with, and that Greer as a result is more of an after thought. His almost laughable exclusion from virtually every SyFy promos, advertisements and trailers …”

    This is my only real concern – the number of male ‘leads’. Seems to me they’ll have to start thinning out the herd, and I’ll be seriously pissed if Greer is the one to go. He’s certainly my favorite and probably the main reason I’m still sticking around. I would hope race has nothing to do with how the character is used since, obviously, he appeals greatly to me – a white chick – while none of the white guys are really floating my boat the same way he does. He’s certainly the sexiest out of the bunch, on top of being such an intriguing character. So race shouldn’t be playing a role in this, but if it is, shame on SyFy and anyone else calling the shots.

    ”So my question is does that translate in the production staff meetings or writers meetings when you guys get together to plot the short range and long range arcs of the show? Was Greer, even before you cast a black actor for the role, always meant to be a supporting character who wasn’t going to figure too prominently in the storylines? And if so does that mean that despite how good Jamil Walker Smith his character will never be truly pushed into the spotlight?”

    Yeah, I’d like to know the answers to this, too. Joe??


  34. Damn computer viruses! My teenage daughter visited a new game site and picked up an incredibly annoying virus that calls itself Antispyware Soft. My antivirus program recognizes that it is there but can’t seem to eradicate it.

    Now I can’t open most of my programs due to a plague of pop-up screens telling me that my computer is infected and I should buy their antispyware program. Blackmail pure and simple.

  35. @ Sparrowhawk – You got a nasty one. You’ll probably have to pay someone (like your virus protection peeps such as Norton or McAfee) to remove it – but that requires you turn your computer over to them remotely. I caught a bug like that last year on my office computer, and could not get rid of it compeltey, so just installed a new hard drive. Total pain in the ass. I feel for you, really I do…


  36. compeltey?? COMPELTEY??! Damn my aversion to proof-reading! 😡



  37. Luv the dog piccs! We have noticed our cats are “solar powered”. Are your pugs solar powered as well?

    These storms are killing us in the south, this time it was the flooding. Eleven people dead:

    So Canada doesn’t get many tornados, but what about floods?

    PG15: Stop wasting time studying for exams! Where is our new review!!! Just kidding, go forth and learn 😀 .

  38. Having to wait a whole week before the eps appear on hulu is killing me. Can’t you do something about this Joe? Pretty please?

  39. Tammy: LOL! The review is coming soon! I promise!

    Meanwhile, I was just made aware of this magnificent 3D model of Destiny. Check it out, you guys! It’s freaking Awesome!

  40. I don’t think the library is going to buy The Prisoner in time for me to read it. Too bad, that’s right up my alley.

  41. @Charlie’s Angel

    Helpful advice for viewing SGU on your laptop. You must have the AC cord plug in other wise the laptop will dim the display. Most of the laptops I encounter have this helpful feature to conserve battery life, or not so helpful.

  42. Rats Joe! A comment disappeared. Oh well it was just a suggestion to check out the link for the Image Gallery at Minibar. They have some really unusual courses; light bulb of flavour, deconstructed white wine etc. Sorry, sometimes I get overly excited and don’t take the time to put all I want to say in a single e-mail. Hence the multiple e-mails.

    @ Tammy Dixon – speaking for the prairies, yes, we get floods every year, except that it is frozen (snow) *boooo bad joke.*
    Seriously, we don’t get that many floods, we tend more towards drought. Except for some reason Winnipeg gets nailed every once in awhile because of the Red River. But we just blame the States (not really), it’s just that the floods start in the States and end up there. Winnipeg built a Waterway there decades ago, so the water goes around the city and floods the countryside, a case of the good of the many versus the shit out of luck of the few.
    I don’t know what you guys are doing up there, but between the hurricanes, tornadoes and floods (Oh my). You may want to get out of dodge, it sounds really bad. Is it just me, or does it seem to be happening a lot more often?


  43. Am not up to date with latest SGU episodes, too busy having fun travelling round Vancouver Island – even in the lousiest Spring weather I’ve ever experienced over here…stayed at the Empress and had an awesome Curry buffet in the Bengal Lounge – it’s more British than I am!

    Spent 3 days up in Tofino before that and stayed at the Wickaninnish Inn…ate at the Pointe Restaurant twice – sublime!…the English Pea Panacotta was to die for….just wondered if you’d ever ventured up there and eaten there at all?…I can most thoroughly recommend it…

    But for tomorrow (if it ever stops raining) it’s Barb’s Fish & Chips, Fisherman’s Wharf….best F&C around Victoria…gotta love a country that puts batter on it’s salmon and fries it!…

  44. Well there is a saying “put a sock in it..” haha..

    Love love love piccies of the pugkids.. so cute.

    I have two rats and I know they’re not going to live that long (2 yrs)… so I’m going to name my rats after your kiddies.. making sure the personality suits.

  45. Hi, Joe.

    Ivon Bartok is trying to get his work (Kinos & DVD featurettes) credited over at IMDB. Ivon’s probably too polite and humble to ask for your assistance, so I thought I would (not being polite or humble that I am).

    Could you please assist Ivon in his quest?

    Thank YOU so much in advance.


  46. @ Gilder

    Maybe her hair straightening appliance didn’t make it off icarus onto the Destiny? Or maybe there’s no power socket for her to plug it in there :p

  47. First, let me congratulate you on your choice of headline. Al Pacino’s Dog Day Afternoon is an oldie, but a goodie! Sometimes, I wonder why there isn’t an alien planet with Michael Corleone as their leader.

    Second, let me congratulate you and your team for producing such a great show in SGU. It looks gorgeous in HD, and the music is so spot on. It took me a while to adjust to this new incarnation of Stargate, but once it hit its stride in the first batch of episodes, I was hooked. The episode “Lost” had a very clever ending. If it was Atlantis or SG-1, the stranded team would have made it back, with a few jokes to boot. It’s as if you want the audience to know; “that’s not how we roll anymore”. And I think it worked quite well. I have nothing but good things to say about the last 5 episodes.

    Third, 24 and Lost are coming to an end in May. How do you feel about that? Do you watch either of them?

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