Success!  I finally completed a first draft of episode 10, Resurgence.  It’s a little rough, granted – but it’ll do.  I’ll spend the weekend revising it and deliver it on Monday.  Normally, it takes me about an hour to write the fifth act (usually in a white heat, coming off the momentum of the fourth act break), but this script was anything but normal.  It never got any easier and I ended up spending the afternoon writing and re-writing those last five pages.  But the important thing is that I’m finally done and pleased with most of the results.  And as for those aspects of the script I’m still a little iffy about – well, I’m sure I’ll grow to love ’em.

Hey, thanks to author Ellen Kushner for dropping by and introducing herself in advance of the June Book of the Month Club discussion on her novel, Swordspoint.  Those of you who missed Ellen can check out what she has to say in the comments section of my April 27th blog entry (  She even shows off her French for Anais and Jordan.

Well, I saw Cynthia off this morning, but not before she showered me with goodbye presents: chocolates, macarons, and cookbooks.  Since last night was her final evening in The Land That Sun Forgot, I saved the best for last and took her to Refuel for the “above the shoulder” pork dinner.  It was very different from the last time I went ( where the meat was carved table-side and enjoyed medieval style: copious amounts of meat served alongside a dozen sauces and spices. This time, following a brief presentation, the head was whisked away and we were served several chef’s courses highlighting the various cuts.

The house cured plate: a terrific assortment of cured meats.

Crispy pig ear with salsa verde and fried pig brain. The brain had a nice creamy consistency and was quite tasty, surprisingly devoid of the metallic aftertaste I’ve come to associate with it. The ear was fantastic – crispy, somewhat chewy, but delicious. The salsa verde was the perfect accompaniment.

I recognized it the moment it was set down in front of us: pork cheek, the most luxuriously unctuous morsel you’ll find. Here, swimming in a rich chicken-beef-lamb-veal-duck broth(!). Marvelous. I’d happily come back just to have the broth.

It’s too bad most are scared off by the idea because the meat in the head area is, by far, the most tender. The jowl, for instance, is nicely marbled without being overly fatty. Here, served with mashed potatoes and some sort of greens that reminded me of broccolini.

Another tasty contrast in textures. Here, the meat is accompanied by more crispy ear, and greens. Cynthia thought the dollop of fresh ricotta unnecessary but I thought it married nicely with the pork.

Oh no, they didn't. Yes, they did. Brioche fried in pork fat accompanied by bacon ice cream. While good, the savory brioche would have benefited from a little syrup to transform it into a true dessert. While good, it felt like it belonged in one of the earlier courses. The ice cream was very good, with little pieces of crunchy bacon throughout.

A big thank you to Tom and Chef Rob for organizing the meal, Chef Ted for designing the various courses (hope you guys are enjoying Tokyo!), and Chef Jane for the flawless preparation.

After dinner, we stopped by Chapters where I picked up a couple of books (recommendations from one of my very favorite authors, Jeffrey Ford, who is, by the way, the most whimsical and outrageously inventive writer publishing today –

No Sleep Till Wonderland is about a narcoleptic detective who lands himself smackdab in the middle of a murder investigation. Half Asleep in Frog Pyjamas, you (yes, YOU are the main character) must deal with a stock market crash, the disappearance of a 300 pound psychic, the fall from grace of a born-again monkey, African rituals, and legendary amphibians. They both sound like great fun.

I also came across the latest issue of Backyard Poultry. Alas, my subscription has lapsed.

Then, we came home for second dessert: chocolates and maccarons.

Anyway, you’re all busy watching/commenting on tonight’s episode, Lost, so allow me to get out of your way.  But first –


Debra writes: “What happened to your dining partner who didn’t want to be photographed?”

Answer: Denise is presently reading and eating her way through New York as part of an 11-day research trip.

Thornyrose writes: “Now,will you please manage to push through the script so I can quit trying to come up with these ridiculous comparisons?”

Answer: Done.  Ish.

PG15 writes: “1. So, which episode in the 1st half of the 2nd season was once the elusive 17th episode of the 1st season?”

Answer: Episode 7, The Greater Good.

PG15 also writes: “2. This is a downer but…given how the ratings are going, IF Season 2 gets to be SGU’s last, will you guys have time to put in your planned series finale at the end of the season?”

Answer: By the time we find out whether or not we’re picked up – probably no until late 2010 – we will have already wrapped production on the show’s second season.

PG15 also writes: “3. How do you think SGU will deal with the heavier competition and higher expectations of a Tuesday timeslot?”

Answer: I think the move to Tuesday nights will be a good for the show and look forward to our new night.

Ishak writes: “also did i just read you like animes??? my favorite is Evangelion (if I had to pick one), what’s yours?”

Answer: Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Now and Then Here and There, GTO, Kino’s Journey, Death Note, Last Exile – to name a few.

PJR writes: “A writing question, for what happens In The Room. Specifically, when you plan series arcs and character arcs and episodes, and get to pitching broad story possibilities to fit, and divvy them out, how detailed do you go?”

Answer: We have a general sense of the various story and character arcs with enough wiggle room to shift gears if something isn’t working, if someone comes up with a different take, or if real life intrudes on the production and necessitates a change.  Sometimes, the challenge with these arcs comes in getting from point A to point Z, especially if you assume you’ll be hitting point P in your script – only to have it happen an episode earlier, forcing you to revise the scene to hit point Q instead.  Simple, no?

PJR writes: “Hope the camera upload behaves. Wire transfer (old mac) or card slot (new mac)?”

Answer: Card slot?!  My problem is fixed!

Teal’c_PI writes: “Well, this is a totally random question, Mr. M. (and I’m sure you won’t be doing a mailbag tonight ;) ) but do you know the Japanese band Kalafina?”

Answer: Sorry.  I’m not familiar with their work.

dasNdanger writes: “Joe – the spiders were your idea, weren’t they?”

Answer: I was thinking of you.

51 thoughts on “April 30, 2010: Finally! Ellen Kushner drops in! Cynthia leaves! Dinner at Refuel! And – some mailbag!

  1. Hey mr. M

    I have to admit I enjoyed lost much more than human. Though the pregnancy reveal could have fit in in some other episode much better. Little disappointed in the cinematography. Didn’t feel like sgu at all, more like SGA.

    On a positive note loved all the BEAUTIFUL alien worlds. And the end really supprised me. I expected them to get back. Really excited for next weeks episode, just I hope this body swapping turd doesn’t suck. It might mesh well but I’m afraid it will stick out like a sore thumb despite the awesome plot with the FTL drive and stuff. But I’m trying to reserve judgement till seeing the ep.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. Hi Mr M.

    I saw that Jewel Staite was at the Bridge Studios today for a cast read thru etc for “Doomsday”…. any chance you ran into her and any chance you snapped a few pictures?


  3. Dang I just read my post and it sounds negative. I’m sorry. I truly did enjoy it. It’s tied with Space for my fav 1.5 episode. I’m sorry I focused on the negatives not the positives of the episode.

    Lost= 8.5-9/10


    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  4. Answer: I was thinking of you.

    I’m thinking you gave Marty the idea as paybacks for my reaction to his plaid suit.

    Come to think of it…that suit was actually scarier than the spiders.



  5. Hey Jo,
    First time commenting for me tho I’ve been lurking for a long time. Just wanted to know whether having the extra writers on board is meaning a lot of rewriting of scripts? Is there a lot of extra communication having to be done?

    Loving SGU tho sorry I have to confess here in NZ we are so far behind I have to watch it on YouTube. I do promise we always buy the DVD’s tho I realise that doesn’t really help for viewing stats. Have made a convert out of my 18 year old and now she’s talking about heading over to Canada for GateCon. We sent her to Melbourne for a con a few months back and she loved it.

  6. Last Exile blew me away when I first watched, for the time the series was produced, the animation/CG was incredible, it’s too bad it can’t really be replicated in live action form, well series wise, il’d cost too much lol

    One series that reminded me so much of Cowboy Bebop has to be Coyote Ragtime show, besides some of the main villians, the cast is mostly adults, also the head guy *Mister* looks like 60 and is still able to kick an insane amount of ass.

    Had to say, anyway speaking of Scifi and anime, if there are any non anime fans here, check out Planetes, it’s about a group of debree collectors, it reminds me so much of how the future will be in like 50 – 100 years, not wanting to spoil but this anime is a literal masterpiece.

  7. Joe

    i have to admit Martin Gero is a genius… I have to say that along with Space and Time this is my favorite eppy this season so far. Great suspense, great action, and great visual effects to let one dream. All in all this is what I like in and about Stargate in a Nutshell. I hope and sincerely do that Mr. Gero will contribute some more in season 2.

    I really miss his style which I came to love from Atlantis.

    Quick questions sir:

    1. Will it be revealed how fast Destiny travels ? many galaxies its traveled prior to the arrival of the icarus team?
    3. You guys should start naming them galaxies at the rate Destiny is travellong through


  8. Craig: My only complaint? When Greer was running to the Stargate why didn’t he try to radio Scott again to keep them from leaving without him?

    I think he broke the radio when he was slamming it into the rocks while he was still buried when he got no response from Scott.

  9. Lost was frelling great. Ballsy move on the writers parts to end it where it did, a nice bit of action/adventure, some exploration… Good stuff. Props to Gero for it all.

  10. Very good news that you have managed to finish the script. Or at least close enough that I will spare you the latest hideous comparison to come to mind. And could you quit showing those pigs heads dishes? I’m starting to develop a Pavlovian response, drooling on the keyboards and licking my lips. Guess I should add them to my bucket list. Or barrel list. I work on the hypothesis that if the list is kept long enough I simply can’t be inconvienanced by dying first.
    A big wow on the episode tonight. Some real nice drama, a great dive into Greer’s past, hard decisions, bad decisions, and desperate gambles that don’t pay off. I liked the balance of character moments, such as the pregnancy’s reveal.
    the only downtick was Chloe, for me. While I appreciate that she seems to be stepping up to the plate finally, it just didn’t seem to jibe with the way she’s been portrayed before. Most especially her sudden ability to spot patterns and deduce their significance. Is this an aspect we’re going to see explored more? And if Chloe has developed it as a side effect of being captured, what does this bode for Rush, who was in alien hands even longer? Minor quibbles, by the way, which did not seriously detract from the overall enjoyment of the episode. Kudos to all concerned.
    Thanks for taking the time to handle a mailbag, as well as post aforementioned drool inducing pics.

  11. Hi Joe, really nice episode! Loved the scene with Greer stuck under a pile of rocks, I actually reached out to hold Elway’s paw and could feel my chest tightening. A little claustrophobic, maybe? Even the flashbacks didn’t get on my nerves. I was suprised by TJ dropping the pregnancy bomb the way she did, I really thought I had that one all figured out. The ambigous reaction to the news was beautifully done, as well. The spiders, however, I could do without. The monster/dinosaur thing will give me nightmares, thank you very much.

    Off to Tampa tomorrow to see The Shanks (!). It’ll be good to get away for a couple of days, I’m pooped out from all the dog stuff. Sheryl left a day early and is already there; I guess she couldn’t wait 🙂 Mr. Deni will stay with Elway and the Cockers and hopefully all will go well (Elway’s doing much better, by the way). Should be a fun weekend! Have a good night!

  12. Congrats on finishing the rough draft of Resurgence!!

    I could do all of the food except for the brain. I have a friend who is trained as a mortician, they sometimes have to attend highway accidents to pick up remains, and he said that the brain is really quite fragile. That it’s the consistency of ‘tough jell-o.’ Nope, not for me, thank you very much. Although one of my Dad’s favourite treats was Head Cheese (and Pickled Pig’s Feet).

    I used to be a voracious reader, but it has waned somewhat in the past few years. Life happens. But those two mystery books are of interest to me. It is mentioned that ‘No Sleep Til Wonderland’ is a follow-up to ‘The Little Sleep,’ so I will try to hunt down that one first. I like to read books that are in a series, in order.

    Although I am in the business of tech, I generally don’t like to buy the latest/greatest tech toy. I generally like to buy version 2.0.I let the other poor saps work out the bugs and figure out what v1.0 is missing. I am, however, sorely tempted by the new Ipad (when/if it comes to Canada). So my dilemma is do I start holding off on purchasing books until I can get them electronically, or do I go ahead and buy ‘real’ books. There is just something about real books, the feel/weight of them, and the smell of them. You know? However, I am trying to downsize and I’m kind of tired of moving 25 boxes of books. Well, having the movers move 25 boxes of books, but I supervise them, so that has to count for something no? Maybe I’ll pop to the library and see if they have them. Our libraries aren’t that big, so I don’t hold out much hope there. (oh, and I dislike reading books off of the computer, so that is a last resort). Anyway…..

    What is it with you and chicken magazines? Should we be starting to worry that you like chickens in a bad touch kind of way?

    I’m just going to watch SGU a second time, so I will post my SGU comments/questions tomorrow.

    Have a good one!

  13. Hi Joe…

    How ’bout writing a musician into the Destiny crew? Any chances of them finding an Ancient musical instrument in one of those crates or perhaps someone making their own instrument? 🙂

  14. Lost…Wow! What an ending! I never thought that you would…






    …..Leave them stranded on the planet. I was convinced that they would dial in with seconds to spare. Now I have no idea how they will reunite with Destiny. Great Visual effects, especially the dinosour. But the lovely A. Huffman stole the show. She was amazing in this episode, especially the emotional scene with Young in the infirmary. Here emotions in the scene were tear jerking and shows why T.J. is my favoite character by far. I liked Young accepting responsibiltiy and saying the would make it work. Like in Human, I didn’t like the flashbacks, this time with Greer. I know it shows a big charcter development, but I want to go forward and not backward. I loved how they returned to the planet with the stranded ship. Nice to see James step up, looks like she will be the new number two until Scott returns. Thought it was really funny how Riley is taking over Eli’s “blog” with the Keno. All in all, a powerful episode. Can’t wait until next week…bring on Sabotage!

  15. OMG i was about to suggest you check out Planetes but someone already did a few comments above mine! Yay for good tastes in animes. Btw im glad to read you love the good stuff, and not the never ending shonens -_-
    Planetes starts episodical but quickly becomes much more character focused and it is amazing. Definitely check it out!

    Got a small question for you: do you agree with what some fans say (we need more action) or do you believe the show can go more than 2 seasons without said action/sg type exploration. i personally love drama, but i get that some sg1 atlantis fans feel like sgu is not sg anymore because of that. again not what i think.

    also: say hi to jamil! say ishak said hi lol! how is he? and a small question for him: is he surprised by the amount of fans his character has? and what type of things does he do to get in character before a scene? i loved the line “WHAT could POSSIBLY be down there” in last week’s episode lol it was so awesome!

  16. Don’t dis the Backyard Poultry! My chickens and geese would be laying some weak shelled eggs if it was not for that magazine. Who knew the secrete was oyster shells? Not me… at least until I read my Backyard Poultry.

    Alas I wish that statement was not true.

  17. Thanks to my unpredictable and fragile back, I stayed at home today. Seeing “Human” and “Space” in sequence was a treat. Looking forward to further character and creature reveals!

  18. Coucou Joseph 🙂 Comment ça va ?? Moi super!!

    Waouuuu merci pour toutes ces photos ça me met l’eau à la bouche huuummm!

    Contente que vous ayez finit l’épisode 10, cela n’a pas était facile!

    Je me pose une question, est t’il plus difficile d’écrire un script pour sgu que pour sg1 ou sga? Si oui pourquoi?

    ahhhh la poule!!!!! je voudrai tellement m’abonner, dommage que ça n’exsite pas en france.

    Bonne journée!
    Gros gros gros bisou!

  19. @cat4444

    I believe that the radio was broken during the cave-in that separated Greer from the others.

  20. Love the sound of those books. This is where GoodReads is very handy.

  21. Hi, Joe.

    Wow, just – Wow!

    SGU’s ‘Lost’ was so amazing. Really, really enjoyed. Excellent script by Martin Gero. Truly marvelous performances by all the actors, but especially Jamil Walker Smith, Brian J. Smith, Louis Ferriera and Alaina Huffman.

    The episode was so rich in detail and scope. The SFX and artwork, the music — all those planet scapes!

    Loved the T-Rex-Troll.

    Kudos to everyone involved with ‘Lost.’ I’ve watched twice tonight, will watch again Saturday.

    Thank you all!

  22. Hey Joe,

    Question if I may? Do you feel that the rules of the supermarket isle traffic management should reflect the same laws you use on the road?


  23. Joe, How come the filming in SGU is so choppy? It is kind of crazy making to watch.

  24. This was a really KICK-ASS episode. You guys have to be proud. Maybe that’s the best episode of SGU to date. I was surprised with this ending, not so familiar with SG shows. Loved planets, musics, effects, giant dinosaurus creature and acting performance of our crew. And we’ve got some info about “primitive stargates” 😀 100% for this one. I’d say “So say we all!” but that’s another show. So I’ll say: Thank you! Looking forward to Sabotage.

  25. Really enjoyed Lost. I liked the character development for Greer and thought the special effects guys did a WONDERFUL job on the alien worlds. And the ending was a surprise as well. I really expected all of them to get back. Question: I’m guessing some kind of alien will help them get back to Destiny since the ship’s left the galaxy now. How close am I??

  26. Hello, Joseph.

    I’m one of those who think Greer is one of the more fascinating characters on the show. Therefore I have been really looking forward to episode “Lost” ever since learning it would provide a backstory for him. Unfortunately the episode on that front didn’t turn out to be worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong. The episode itself was pretty good. The Greer storyline? Not so much.

    Let me say that I’ve been enjoying SGU since its debut. I never understood the beating it has been given by some Stargate fans. The one piece of criticism that I thought was a little justified was that at first the show’s female characters all seemed a bit too undefined. But even with that I felt people were jumping to conclusions too quickly by not letting the show’s first season play out more. Interestingly enough (but not surprisingly) what no one was complaining about then or now was the underdevelopment of any of the minority/non-white characters. To me though it sticks out like a sore thumb and I have to say so far Wray and Greer seem to fit into the category of “underdeveloped”. But at least with Wray it can be blamed in part on the fact that the actress is not contracted to be on every episode. So that leaves Greer as the lone regular main character, who has appeared on every episode, who suffers from a lack of screen time and dialogue.

    I’ll be blunt. Outside of the obvious personality differences the one main thing that separates Sgt. Greer of SGU from Lt. Ford of Stargate Atlantis is that Jamil walker Smith is able to elevate above the limited material he is given. That’s not a knock on Rainbow Francks, that’s just an acknowledgment that Jamil is a special talent who has a way with words and facial expressions that most actors don’t possess. I find it astonishing that a guy this good gets so very little dialogue and scenes on this show. Greer has become a fan favorite because of the great lines he deliver each episode. But one of two lines per show does not equate depth. I was hoping that “Lost” would go a long way in providing some much needed focus on the man but the flashbacks regarding Greer were so rushed, so short and so limited. There was so much going on in the ep that of course it would be impossible to spend too much time on Greer which makes me wonder why pick this episode to explore his backstory? Or why not at least cut back some on the other storylines such as the one involving Scott, Eli and Chloe? Did we need to spend time this episode on the drama of TJ’s trepidation of telling Young about the baby? Couldn’t that have occurred in the previous episode “Human”? In that last episode TPTB went out of its way to devote the majority of the hour to the backstory of Rush. In “Lost” the flashbacks of Greer’s life didn’t start until about midway through the episode and in total those flashbacks may have taken up a mere three minutes in screen time.

    I addressed the issue of race because there is typically a ceiling placed above minority characters on TV shows that in effect limits what they do or can be. The big storylines typically never center around them; they typically don’t play a key role in solving the main problems that our heroes must tackle. So far Greer falls into this description. And as for romance? Well, when it comes to the guys that’s typically reserved for white male characters. Rush had a wife, Young has a beautiful wife and was having an affair with TJ, and of course Scott has women everywhere throwing themselves at him. Even Eli’s pining for Chloe gives him more of a romantic angle than anything Greer has on this show. The only scenes in which Greer has had direct one-on-one contact with women was when his fellow military comrade TJ said she didn’t trust him and of course his confrontations with Wray.

    Is all this just a coincidence? Perhaps. Certainly I’m not claiming racism is at work here and I hope you’re not taking it that way. Instead I think there is an unconscious tendency for many white writers to gravitate towards the characters that best represent themselves physically. If that comes across as presumptuous, condescending or insulting then please accept my apologies. I’m just worried that the show already has its four lead males in place with Young, Rush, Scott and Eli who all fit a role the audiences are comfortable with, and that Greer as a result is more of an after thought. His almost laughable exclusion from virtually every SyFy promos, advertisements and trailers (which I know you and others working on the show have nothing to do with) don’t inspire much confidence in me that I could be way off in this view.

    Joseph, I have read a few posts from you this season in which you heaped special praise on Jamil for the work he has doe in front of the camera. You’ve also mentioned early on how others that you know who aren’t part of the production have singled him out as well for his performances. So my question is does that translate in the production staff meetings or writers meetings when you guys get together to plot the short range and long range arcs of the show? Was Greer, even before you cast a black actor for the role, always meant to be a supporting character who wasn’t going to figure too prominently in the storylines? And if so does that mean that despite how good Jamil Walker Smith his character will never be truly pushed into the spotlight? I hope that’s not the case because in my opinion that would mean squandering one of the best resources this show has.

    Apologize for the length. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  27. I really loved Lost. Thanks much to Marty G. for the great writing throughout. In particular, Sgt. Greer’s solitary reflections and flashbacks give wonderful insight as to what shaped him as a man who is a soldier. Kudos to Jamil Walker Smith for a performance that took him through a very wide gamut of thought and emotion, and made every second convincing as part of the whole.

    Again, it’s gratifying to see Chloe and Lt. James given some positive and/or complex character development, just as we’ve seen with Camile Wray and TJ all along. I’ll look forward to the same for Lisa Parks. (I know it takes time to develop all the characters; but with men in predominance, it seems balanced to start revealing the strengths that brought women to the Icarus Project.) I love how *all* the actors really give 100% to their roles, week after week, so that even small bits of stage business help fill out the characters.

    And, again, major kudos to everyone who does such great work behind the scenes to make everything work so very well. For just one example, all the glimpses of a variety of planets were awesome, down to the details. And the kino continues to fulfill an important role: informative, revealing, and entertaining, it’s a valuable Destiny crew-member. — Geez, I love this show.

  28. Hi joe, i’ve a little question ( my first one) to you:

    Recently, Paul McGillion answers to some fan questions in a Q & A, he said:” I’d love to be part of Atlantis if they decide to come back, but it would be all up to the producers, though, and, of course, the fans.”

    In your mind, do you think it’s likely ?

  29. Thumbs up on the big reveal! I love how understated it was and I was so glad this didn’t get dragged out. I’m not a TJ/Young shipper, I just find the story intriguing and now I want to pick your brain (although I don’t know how much you can actually reveal with the show still going, but hey, I’ll try)…

    1. Was the TJ/Young backstory in the original put together or was that something that developed when you decided to write in Alaina’s pregnancy?

    2. Will we see Emily again?

    3. Young strikes me as the anti-O’Neill (he’s certainly his own character but I’m thinking of him in relation to Stargate history). Where it was not only a sense of duty but also of avoiding pain, Jack did not pursue Sam (and Sam of course having a deep sense of duty and several of her own personal issues) – Young seems to want to be dutiful and noble but his impulsive and emotional nature get in the way (he makes knee-jerk reactions – I found it revealing that he talked about leaving Rush as making him the type of man he didn’t want to be and yet, that’s the kind of man he IS). What I’m wondering is if in his creation there was some level where he was compared to Jack O’Neill?

    Enjoyed the episode – I found myself thinking as I watched Scott – hey he could lead the next SG-1 (his character is really developing as a leader, while it was a painful decision, I was very proud of his ability to make the difficult choice)… what do you think of Stargate: SG-1 Redux? LOL

  30. Joe
    correct me if im wrong.
    but was lost the first time we ( the audience ) have traveled through the stargate with the visual effects of the wormhole?
    p.s show is getting better 🙂


  31. Joe, great episode last night many things that were great and a few i definitely didn’t expect.

    First off during the conversation with Rush where he says he has already asked the destiny to go back for those stranded, and the sudden loss of power which was the ships attempt to conserve energy. my first reaction is that it was going to channel all the excess power into the gate in order to reach a greater distance. we know that a gate’s reach is directly connected to its power input so in you opinion would this have worked?

    Also wouldn’t it have made more sense for the team to stay put on the planet? the whole conversation about maps and knowing which direction they were going led me to believe that no matter what, those on the destiny would have a much great chance of finding them as indeed they do with Greer.

    Can’t wait for the next episode, it looks to be a good one!


  32. Great episode again…the backhalf is on a roll!

    Loving the fact that I have been surprised two episodes in a row about the team making it back and everything wrapping up. How much longer will you keep the crew seperated? I think into the first couple of episodes of second season is more than fair.


  33. Hello Joe.

    I guess I am the only person who did not like the episode. Am I the only one who doesn’t get why the nine chevron address for Destiny wouldn’t just cause the ship to drop out of FTL again so a wormhole could be established? And don’t mention power requirements because Eli could have taken that into account, or month e everyone to another hate which was closer to Destiny.
    That said, I enjoyed the Greer story line. I guess I will delay judgment until I see how this story ends. Can’t wait till next week.

    Best Wishes.


  34. Damn auto correct. I meant “move everyone to a closer gate”. Could you please edit me Joe? Thanks.

  35. I really enjoyed last nights episode. Great seeing Riley back, good as new too.

    I was not expecting eli and co. getting stranded tho, i thought for sure they would make it.

    Sabotage looks good, looking forward to it.

  36. Hi Joe

    I enjoyed Lost, and it threw up a few questions for me:

    1 – After being buried under rubble Greer had to have been bruised, sore and possibly cut/ injured in some way. How was he able to climb and then hi-tail it across the meadows to the gate?

    2 – Strategically, why hasn’t Young got the civvy boffins to rig up a personal survival beacons should radios be lost or broken?

    3 – Destiny doesn’t stop at every pre-seeded gate, it has emerged. Has a pattern been detected or a conjecture made about its strategy/choices when opting to drop out of FTL?

    The choices can’t all be pre-set given the episode Faith.

    4 – With a window of only hours to examine planets between FTL jumps, what is Destiny doing – scanning? What? Is there a database that has been accessed to show what’s being measured?

    5 – Destiny was designed to have a crew of Ancients although that never happened. It would see that they’d have been doing what the stranded SG crew are doing – dropping down to selected planets.

    Wouldn’t they have designed Destiny to automatically take action or intercede if too many people were incapacitated or missing, to ensure survival and not just plough back into FTL. Otherwise it’d be like designing your ship to be like an interstellar bronco and you then having to try and stay on.

    But – if they did, why is such protective functioning not working for the SG team?

    Thanks – I look forward to learning more.

    Thanks, too, for your answer to one of my writing questions (there are more, recently, if you’re on a roll…)

    best, P

  37. Just saw “Lost”! You can’t leave so many things hanging like this!! What will happen to Eli and others?! What about Young and TJ?! Ack!!

    A wonderful, wonderful episode. 🙂

    And thank gawd the alien didn’t look like a dinosaur. A truly alien alien. And Rush’s glasses. Come on, now they have to get back on board.

  38. Kymm: Consumer Reports did a plug for the ipad in their June 2010 issue. I like to check their review out before a big purchase. I have an ereader and LOVE it. The only down side is, I can’t loan the books out after I have read them. On the other hand, I don’t have stacks of books piled up anymore!

    Saw SGU last night and enjoyed it. I liked the spider! Pg15 said it had ten eyes but I didn’t catch that last time. My eyes aren’t so good but I thought it had teeth before, too. Did the spider have teeth and eyes or just eyes? When can we expect you to work the spider in the show again? Could some of the spider’s eggs have gotten into the teams packs? That ship would be a cool place to raise some little spiders. 😉

    The weather here has been horrid. I felt like I was in the movie Twister today, except we were trying to “avoid” the tornados. Sirens going off everywhere and hubby has to go pick up a rental car for work! Does Canada ever get tornadoes?

  39. WOW – I got a lot of catching up to do… I didn’t realize I how long it has been since I read the blog. Between going back to work semi ill and celebrating our 16th anniversary in where else Orlando – time flies. Did I miss anything good?

    We started our celebrating in West Palm Beach for an awesome concert by Weezer!!! Then on Thursday we left for
    Universal Orlando, one of my most favorite places on earth. Simpson’s ride -OMG!!! Harry Potter opens in June. There’s one thing missing… a Stargate. Universal and the franchise are related, right???? So why doesn’t Universal have a Stargate attraction????? Then we polished off the celebrating by a concert in City Walk with the band playing a Weezer song, Beverly Hills – just for us. Now if I can only find my camera….

    Oh and here’s a tip… the Royal Pacific Resort… there are two other on site hotels…one of those would have been a better choice.

    They had a pet menu… $3.75 for a bowl of milk. $7.00 for a bottle of water, and $6.50 for itty bitty chocolate chip cookies.

    So did I miss anything good??? I know what I did miss for some reason… SGU didn’t record. But I know I can catch it next week.

    @ Sheryl and Deni – girls, I wish we could be in Tampa, we thought about it… but having to go back to work on Monday after driving 4 hours back to Jupiter…. Sorry, please give Mr. Shanks my best and maybe next time. Did he have to make an appearance on a Sunday??? Can’t wait to see pictures, love to share mine… can’t seem to find the camera : (

  40. I did not sleep well at all last night, YAWWWN!

    I have re-watched the episode of SGU. IMHO Eli/Chloe/Scott abandoned Greer way too fast. What happened to never leaving a man behind? Since Greer has some childhood abandonment issues; it will be interesting to see his reaction, when the trio gets rescued. (yes I took Psych 101). At this point I cannot even hazard a guess to his reaction. Please extend my compliments to Jamil, Alaina and Louie on fine performances, and also to Mr. Gero on a great script.

    Captain Obvious here again….
    I guess I don’t understand some of the criticism. The shows run a little under 43 minutes long. It would be impossible to incorporate what everyone wants. I think it would be a difficult balancing act; between introducing the characters, developing the back stories, forging new relationships/alliances, getting in enough action, figuring out the science of Destiny, trying to stay alive, oh and don’t forget to give specific lines because the actors are female/male, blue/black, young/old, civilian/military, happy/sad, human/alien/human-alien-hybrid (and heaven forbid you should include a sex/love scene, don’t you know that all S.F. fans are asexual). Oh and in your remaining time can you bring back the characters from both SG1 and SGA? ….Forty-Three-Minutes…. Good luck with that.

    Is this why you are had a bit of trouble writing Resurgence? You are trying to please too many masters? There’s too much ‘history’ that needs to be adhered to?

    When I first watched SGU I found it rather confusing because not only was there a large cast both on Earth and Destiny, they were sometimes in different bodies (stones). Before the second half started I re-watched the first half and it was a lot easier to follow.

    Hindsight being 20/20, do you wish that the first part of the season concentrated more on the ship and perhaps less on what was happening on Earth? That they had perhaps saved the earth scenes for the second season? (I know you didn’t know you had a second season, but you know what I mean, no? I assume there is a loose outline/plan for the first three to five years.)

    O.K. It’s time for a power nap… Say hi to the pups.

    Have a good weekend!

  41. Tammy Dixon. Thank you so much!! *smile* I had looked at the Kindle, when it came out, but it wasn’t available for Canada. I don’t think it’s available even now. I have heard mostly positive things about the Ipad, and then I caught Oprah and she was raving about it, and if Oprah says it good…… I keep meaning to sign up for Consumer Reports it’s on my To Do List.

    I can answer your tornado question. Some of the prairies are considered to be the tail end of the Tornado Alley that runs through North America. So yes, we do get the odd tornado, but because we are so sparsely populated, they rarely hit anything.


  42. @Tammy Dixon We get a few here in Southern Ontario. Had a real bad one (for us) last year, it went through the top of Toronto.


  43. What’s this about a new timeslot?? I think it would fantastic for Stargate to get out of the deathslot. So is this just in America or Canada aswell and when will it be implemented??

  44. Elminster: We see at least one tornado system per year. So far, my area has been very fortunate, they seem to go around us. Still, yesterdays storm killed one person in Arkansas (east of us) and last week’s storm killed ten people (south from us) in central Mississippi.

  45. Kymm: if the ipad doesn’t work out for you, try looking at Sony’s reader; light weight, cheaper than the ipad and you can download library books (depending on if your library supports ebooks) .
    Or try the Nook, it has a cool interface, cheaper than ipad and an extensive library. Some authors will let you “loan” out Nook ebooks for a couple of weeks to friends. I’ve heard that list of authors is a small one though. Plus, they would need to have a Nook also.
    Good luck!

  46. Always fascinating to read everyone’s comments! Although we are soooooo far behind here in Aus, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the back half of S1. Great work everyone! 😀

  47. First I must say that Lost was excellent. I loved the way Greer’s back story was revealed. I laughed when Eli, Chloe, and Scott had to run from the, uh, whatever it was. And I felt empathy for them at the end of the episode.

    I am finding that the last few episodes leave me feeling like the story has cut off before the show ended. I want more! I don’t want to wait until the next week!

    One question about the food pictured. The platter of cured meats looks delicious. What cuts are they? Are they all from the head, or from other parts of the pig?

  48. I must say I’m disappointed at this display of wanton destruction and hostility on the part of the terrans.

    Shoot shoot shoot. What would have been nice and different was if the spider people had helped dig Angry smurf out of the hole, forgiven him for his transgressions against one of their own and sent him on his way with a packet of crisps
    and an umbrella drink.

    Just like that mega murloc might have been out for a nice evening stroll in his forest, sniffing the flowers, enjoying the trees, bathing in the glare of the full moon when suddenly he hears the sound of the activating stargate, thinking it might be new friends he rushes happily to the gate crying out a greeting of hello and welcome – and what greets him? Those humans screaming at him, throwing small elongated metallic objects and him and scamper quite rudely through the gate.
    Did they try to communicate? I think not.


    “I think the move to Tuesday nights will be a good for the show and look forward to our new night.”

    Remember to wash your mouth before you taste some of those fancy dishes or the taste will be lost 😉


    “I think he broke the radio when he was slamming it into the rocks while he was still buried when he got no response from Scott.”

    Why didn’t he shoot a few rounds into the air?

    “Greer has become a fan favorite because of the great lines he deliver each episode.”

    Not all, some still think he is a dangerous psychopath (regardless of cliche background)

    @Bryan M. White

    “I guess I am the only person who did not like the episode. ”

    No no, the rest have just stopped posting here 😉

    “Am I the only one who doesn’t get why the nine chevron address for Destiny wouldn’t just cause the ship to drop out of FTL again so a wormhole could be established?”

    Well, I’m assuming they dialed a 7 chevron address not a 9 chevron address. But it does seem a bit sloppy programming doesn’t it? But then you are talking about a system which doesn’t allow complete strangers to maneuver the ship, but is fine with them playing around with big honking weapons *g*


    “What’s this about a new timeslot??”

    Moving to Tuesday and party on down with competition like White Collar, Glee and NCIS.

  49. spoiler

    @Shadow Step,
    About “wanton destruction”, I wondered when they were shooting at the spider, if they spider could be friendly. But then I thought, “who am I kidding? Big, ugly spider coming at me? I would shoot too.”

    As far as communicating with the other big, ugly thing, are you serious? Something huge coming at you, you’re going to stop and say “Hi! I’m new in town. Can you direct me to the next stargate?””

    You would be a nice snack for a big, ugly thing.

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