Well this is friggin’ annoying.  I’m suddenly unable to upload photos to my Mac – which means no pictures of the sub par pasta I was served last night for you guys.  Instead, you’ll have to trust me when I tell you the ravioli in brodo were limp and underwhelming and the evening’s special long gnocchi bland and inedible.  The pizzas were good (although Ashleigh took issue with the caramelized onions – which is just plain crazy) and the nutella tart great as always.  The service was good – with the exception of a minor hiccup that had me requesting the waitress switch out our plates so I wouldn’t have to eat my pizza in a pool of broth – and they even comped us the gnocchi.  I’m willing to chalk this up to an off-night at the usually dependable Campagnolo and look forward to a more memorable return visit.

Ah, damnit!  In an effort to rectify my photo-uploading issues I inadvertently erased the photos on my camera’s memory card.  So if you were hoping to eventually see snaps of a savorless dish or Ashleigh on her third drink of the night, you’re out of luck.  Instead, here’s yet another puppy pic Fondy sent my way of the kids in T.O. –

Brie and Stewie, all snugglesome.

Alas, no progress on the script front today.  In fact, just the opposite.  Remi handed in his first draft of episode 9, Visitation, and some of the character developments in that episode impact several scenes in Resurgence – meaning I’m going to have to reconsider my attack on the scenes in question.  Also, I suddenly realized that the information I was hoping to keep secret from character X would have been all too obviously to him the second the agreement is made – and that necessitated my going back and re-attacking that scene as well.  LOTS going on in a fairly complex story and the challenge has been to clarify without complicating, inform yet entertain, deliver one of the most mind-blowing Visual Effects extravaganzas to date and NOT blow our budget.

My houseguest, Cynthia, heads home tomorrow morning, back to London with its tea and crumpets and zombie hordes and wrong way driving.  Tonight, I send her off in fine fashion: with some Tête de Porc at Refuel.  So fancy!

Today, we were in Ashleigh’s office chatting when somebody mentioned a friend who happened to be single.  “Hey, maybe I can set him up with one of my single friends!”offered Ashleigh in a very clear dig at me who she clearly considers not good enough for her friends (perhaps “too weird” judging from last night’s dinner conversation).  Well, that’s fine because you, my faithful blog readers, are going to set me up (How’s that coming along by the way?). However, in the unlikely event you guys are unable to make that racy-Japanese-actress-Maria-Ozawa thing happen, I’ll happily settle for someone nice.  And dark-haired.  A tad bookish, maybe even a tad geeky, with an affinity for comic books and anime. Stylish and possessed of a unique fashion sense.  Who looks great in black. Dangerous.  With a villainous streak. Who looks good wielding a variety of weapons.  Sort of like….hmmmm….

Yeah.  Exactly.

65 thoughts on “April 29, 2010: Camera issues! Script issues! And Personal Issues!

  1. Joe Joe Joe.. you dirty oldish man, lol.
    What happened to your dining partner who didn’t want to be photographed? If you’ll deep freeze yourself about 12 yrs I’m sure my daughter would date you. She’d date you now but I’d have to hurt you. I have a friend who is most of those things.. but she’s lesbian and in a relationship so you’re out of luck (but her partner isn’t 🙂 ). You’re smart, cute, charming… you’ll find one on your own.

  2. Awwwwww to the babies. Please convey our thanks to Fondy’s sending you pix of the babies….so cute.

    And, OH MY to the “dream girl!”
    But, hey….it’s your life, so whatever floats your boat.
    Of course you will share pictures and stories….right?

  3. Hey Joe

    From that last description it sounds like your wantin’ Lexa. From the Andromeda days. She’s taken or can you take Michael?


  4. be glad to oblige you but kidnapping IS frowned on by international law enforcement, Though perhaps by throwing in your chocolate party pictures we could entice someone along that meet your criteria.
    Of course you realize that we, your faithful readers, cannot believe anyone is really good enough for you. So you would be well advised not to trust anyone whom we do suggest. We would consciously or subconsciously be undermining any efforts on your part to engage in a new relationship.
    At this point I have no more comparisons to make. Constipation and childbirth no longer seem adequate to describe the process. Well, maybe one more comparison. Passing a kidney stone. I’ve been advised by female patients that have suffered from both stones and childbirth that the kidney stones are by far the greater of the two evils. Now,will you please manage to push through the script so I can quit trying to come up with these ridiculous comparisons?
    Thans for the post, looking forward to more pictures. Stewie and brie are adorable, but don’t forget to give us a few shots of the regular pack.

  5. If there are pictures that you didn’t want to lose, there is a way to get them back. Just don’t take anymore pictures on that card until you’ve run it through some sort of recovery program. I’ve done it before and gotten back 95% of the pictures that I lost when I accidentally formatted the card on a vacation (that was a bad day). Actually I think the program that I used was called CardRecovery. I just thought I’d throw that out there in case you weren’t aware of it. Feel free to disregard if you have no problem losing those pics to the ether.

  6. Brie and Stewie are adorable. Were your dogs ever that snugglesome with one another?

    Sorry, Joe, but neither I nor my few unattached friends meet your dating standards.

  7. Your blog site has gone bonkers and forgotten my name. I’m endeavoring to jog its memory. (It’s Sparrow_hawk you ninny! Not parrow_hawk!)

  8. Heh, you just described me…’cept I’m not very stylish, and you left out the word ‘dumpy’. Oh well…so close, Joe… sooooo close.

    Eh, your loss.

    As far as the dinner pictures are concerned…I’m not buying it. Unless, of course, you’re a total 8008 (type it in a calculator and look at it upside down). How does one just erase their pictures??! Sounds to me like you were getting rid of the evidence. 😉

    Have a good evening, sir. I’ll keep a sharp eye out for what you’re looking for, but I have a feeling my tastes will be slightly different from yours…




  9. I think Ashleigh erased the pictures — another part of her yet-unrevealed but no doubt diabolical plan. 🙂
    Will keep a look-out here in L.A. for your dream-girl. But we might have some trouble getting those weapons across the border. I hear Canadian customs frowns on such American imports.
    P.S. to Das — Nice pic, but give some warning next time! I almost choked from laughing. 🙂 (Then again, I suppose I’ve been around this blog a sufficiently long time that it being your post should be warning enough.)

  10. Oh, and PS…

    That piccie of Brie and Stewie – It’s AWWWWWsome! 😀


  11. Oh, Joe, I don’t have time to help you out. I still haven’t had any luck finding a nice guy for myself (and my friends aren’t doing anything at all to help, either).

  12. That Brie and Stewie are just so adorable. Has Stewie calmed Brie down any or does she still run amuk all over the place and get into all kinds of mischief? Will Stewie breed with Brie to make little Bries? They would sure make some beautiful pups. Are you taking names for the waiting list for the pups?

  13. Yes, given the short delay in moderating the comments this afternoon, I did have my suspicions that not much work was getting done on the script. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

    Awww you are breaking my heart. It has only been three days since you put in your request. Someone is a little … ahem … anxious. Do you think Japanese-French Canadian porn stars living in Vancouver grow on trees? Since you are in such a hurry, perhaps you need to push Jelly and Bubba off of the (casting) couch and cash in on being a Hollywood (North) Producer. You may want to start working that angle.
    (Full disclosure – I was going to link to a beautiful Asian girl I found for you on an escort site but thought it was over the line. She does offer the GFE, adult videos, bi, sub, w long dark hair, and only 19. I did bookmark it though, if interested, just let me know). Have I mentioned that I am the Queen of Links?

    To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure why your charm, good looks, intellect and humour aren’t working a little better for you. Are you shy?

    I hope Cynthia enjoyed her visit and has a safe trip home.

    Have a good one!

    P.S. – Don’t your Mom and sister read this blog?

    *hangs head* I.am.going.to.HELL.

  14. Boys. Sheesh.

    Coming from a girl whose Husband thought she was either a stripper or a secret agent when we first met (not helped when his friend made the same secret agent comment. And he’s lucky he still has his nuts after the stripper comment), looks can be deceiving. Little did he know what he’d really got himself in to.

    Just be careful of what you wish for Joe. Last thing you want is to be tied up by some leather clad, dark haired hotty who runs off with your clothes, money, prized cuff links, iPhone, Lulu and sends an email to Ashleigh outlining where you can be found with no forewarning of the state she would find you in, although the email does mention to bring a camera… with lots of spare memory. Just sayin’.

  15. Joe – Das is on right on the money. I’m not buying the “dog ate my homework” excuse you just pulled for not uploading the promised pictures. I think you thought the better of it, and Ashleigh probably weighed in as well.

  16. @DAS

    😀 At least a person can breathe is their “leather”…

    As for little Ms. Danier-Leather[a great Canadian leather store]-Body-Paint… That kind of outfit looks just super on camera, but in “RL”, beyond a bitch to get in & out of when you need to pee!!

  17. You know, since you are a writer you could write a episode with perhaps a race of people that just so happen to be Japanese weapon wielding women… Just saying… Best episode ever…

    I would settle if you just introduced 1 character that matched that description.

    I’ll be waiting!

  18. Ashleigh won’t set you up with one of her friends? Geez. Well, why not? OK, she works with you. Good enough excuse.

    Brie and Stewie are so cute. I just love the ears.

  19. You want her?!

    Welp, that will take some effort. But, not to worry Joe – I’ve been kidnapping people since the age of 7 and I will get this done. Now, do you want her delivered alive or dead? I could also deliver her in a superposition of alive and dead states (I call it the Schrodinger Specialty) for an extra fee.

    Whatever the case, I will need some funds and supplies. First, the plane ticket to Japan – for mission purposes I will need to fly 1st class; I hope that wouldn’t be a problem? Once there, I will be in need of the following:

    50 feet of rope
    20 more feet of rope
    An onion
    A funyun
    2 more inches of rope
    A strawberry milkshake
    A kitchen sink
    Maria Ozawa
    A gun without bullets
    Some bullets
    A DVD of that Simpsons episode where RDA guest-stars
    A DVD player
    A piggy-back ride
    A tranquilizer dart
    A dart board
    A ninja
    A series of unfortunate events
    4.7 ounces of fuel
    4.7 ounces of refuel
    Pornography – for research purposes
    Japanese pornography – for recreational purposes
    A series of fortunate events
    A series of impossible events
    A capella
    A white point star
    Carl Binder

    Then, wait for 4-6 weeks and you’ll have a brand spanking new Maria Ozawa on your doorsteps. Promise!


    1. So, which episode in the 1st half of the 2nd season was once the elusive 17th episode of the 1st season?

    2. This is a downer but…given how the ratings are going, IF Season 2 gets to be SGU’s last, will you guys have time to put in your planned series finale at the end of the season?

    3. How do you think SGU will deal with the heavier competition and higher expectations of a Tuesday timeslot?

  20. Hey, I haven’t said anything about “Human” yet! Overall, it was a damn good episode, but I felt it could’ve been stronger in some places.

    Of course, Robert Carlyle hit it out of the park! That man is made of brilliance, and that last scene between him and Gloria broke my heart. Robert was just so genuine in that scene; after ignoring her and the whole situation for the entire episode, he finally gave into his pain and guilt and broke down. Rush held his dying wife’s hands in his – something he did not get to do in the real world – and let it all flow out. I wonder, was this really a memory he’d like to forget, or did he subconciously wanted a “do-over” so that he could do exactly this? Poor Dr. Rush.

    The entire episode is pretty much a character study in this vein. For a while I was slightly irritated that Rush was so detached from everything – like he wasn’t reacting to the world around him – then, of course, I realized that this was his way of concentrating at the work at hand. He tries so hard to block out what he THOUGHT would be the distraction in this effort (a “necessary evil”, as he put it), that he completely missed the fact that what he blocked was actually what he needed. Robert Carlyle portrayed this detachment perfectly – like I said, he did it so perfectly that I got annoyed with him. Heh.

    And yet, I find myself going back to that last scene. For the entire episode, Rush slowly but surely gravitated towards Gloria, as if his conscience was calling him to her. Then, at the end, he reveals that his conscience died with her. He needs her to go on. Even now, on Destiny, the death of his wife urge him onwards with the mission. Like he said, he won’t forget her – but I have a feeling that he couldn’t even if he tried.

    Another very interesting bit was how Rush was seemingly jealous of Eli, which was perfectly understandable and it was great seeing him finally admit it. Once he started going on that monologue I just sat back and bathed in the raw disdain Rush had for – not Eli – but his own failure to match Eli’s brilliance. That’s gotta gnaw at him. I especially love that little snap of his finger.

    That admittance was long time coming, and it’s once again one of those “coming together” moments in the show, where the character reactions come naturally out of the actual events within the show and all the past developments. Love ’em.

    Also loved the fact that that whole scene took place in a classroom I know all too well. That was just surreal.

    Now, the not-as-strong parts IMHO came down to the away mission. Don’t get me wrong – Eli and Chloe were hilarious; their scene together in the gateroom had me laughing out loud for real and I thought Eli’s “Please don’t kill me?” to Greer was one of the funniest lines and deliveries in recent memory – but that whole B-plot just felt…thrown together. We need these character stuck in a hole. Ok – throw them onto some planet, and have them get stuck. Details? Meh. We’ll worry about that later.

    It bothered me that the planet was so Earth-like that nobody commented on it – it was even more Earth-like than the Faith planet! The ruins also felt like somebody took a planet from SG1/SGA and plopped it into SGU for no good reason. Stone columns? Arches? I mean, they do make good architectural sense, but it’s hardly alien or even imaginative. I suppose in this case I’m calling for style over substance but…I don’t know; I just thought the days of stone stuff was behind us.

    Still, the CGI layout of the entire ruin was a nice shot.

    That ruin system also (presumably) led Chloe to try to find Human remains, which doesn’t make any sense at all out there on the other end of the Universe. Similarily, I was annoyed that there was a creature so similar to a spider billions of light years away, until I realized that it had 10 eyes. That was a nice touch. Still, I’d loved to see something more alien.

    That said, those were just aesthetic details that bothered me, and I hope they will improve in the future. The actual character stuff with the team, on the other hand, was great. This was definitely not SG1 or FART. These guys and gal are inexperienced, but they are trying. The team is slowly coming together. In Scott, you have the inexperienced leader; in Greer, you have the pragmatic, honorable ass-kicker that doesn’t seem to like any “unorthodoxed” team members; in Eli you have the funny genius who’s motivated by curiosity, but whom is also lazy and would rather play games then do anything useful; and in Chloe you have the heart, truth of spirit, and strength of conviction that is needed on every team, but she is also often overwhelmed by fear and/or self-doubt.

    This team’s first foray onto a new planet ended in disaster, but in time, hopefully they will become what SG1 and FART started out as. It will be fascinating to watch them grow and work together.

    One last thing: Young was an interesting element in this episode. In the last one, he was trying to be nice to Rush, but in this one, he was back to being calloused towards him. This leads me to believe that, as in real life, Young still doesn’t like Rush but wish to at least mend some wounds between them. It’s unrealistic to start genuinely repairing work relationships right after what they went through, so I’m glad to see that it’s not all sunshine and unicorns right away. They have a ways to go yet!

    Oh, and I also loved James in this episode. There’s something about a strong, military women blowing shit up that’s…mmm mmm good. 😉

    Seriously though, I liked that brief moment when she realized that she might lose these people, and of course Scott, due to her and her team making things worse. It nicely contrasts the commanding presence she had earlier in the episode. It was another step in humanizing her after the montage scene in “Space”.

    So anyway, overall a great episode, with somewhat annoying (for me) style choices. I’m sure you guys will do better in the future though, like with that script of yours – that “Visual Effects extravaganza” – can’t wait!!

  21. hope i don’t start sounding annoying by asking you to say hi to jamil for me again!

    also did i just read you like animes??? my favorite is Evangelion (if I had to pick one), what’s yours?

    btw I am reading a book by Ian Banks right now, I’m not sure if you like his novels or not. It seems interesting for now.
    and btw, I have total faith in you guys to not let the show drop in the ratings! it’s a wonderful complex show and I love it, but like some of my friends said, a bit more of action wouldn’t hurt 😉

    anyway, say hi to jamil!!!

  22. Salut mon super Joseph 😉

    ça va bien? moi oui !!!

    Rohhhh minde pour les photos, bah sa sera pour une autre fois!

    Encore des problème de scripte? je n’imaginé pas qu”il était aussi compliqué d”en écrire un…bon courage.

    Vous avez vu les audiences du dernier épisode de sgu? c’est pas vraiment bon, j’espere que pour la saison 2 vous avez reppris les bonnes veilles recettes qui ont fait le succés de stargate, sinon j’ai peur pour l’avenir de la serie.

    Lol la photo XD il faut arrêté de rêver ^^!

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  23. Hey, Joe

    You usually post food photos so doesn’t that dish look a bit rubbery?

    A writing question, for what happens In The Room. Specifically, when you plan series arcs and character arcs and episodes, and get to pitching broad story possibilities to fit, and divvy them out, how detailed do you go?

    I ask because I didn’t anticipate the process to throw up re-write problems like you described for Resurgence following Remi’s submission on Visitation. How does it work?

    (Those other writing related questions I submitted recently, well if you get a chance to, y’know….)

    Ok…I’m looking forward to see what happens to the herd on the planet in tonight’s ep. Still feel numb about them. But STILLl really like Rush’s dreamtime & inner dialogues – for that part, Human still aces Faith.

    Hope you have a good send-off nosh with Cynthia.

  24. Hi Joe first: 1)Thank you for doing the all mailbag day earlier would love to see more like that from time to time maybe on some weekends or such.
    2)Wonder if we can hear from time to time on sgu how earth is advancing trying to convert their ships to take on power from suns like Destiny can do some periodic briefings or mention from earth from somebody visiting from the sgc via the stones or if not maybe on the kinosodes or online site so we can follow along online as we watch.
    Kind of like the bbc did when doctor who came back like this page http://www.whoisdoctorwho.co.uk/
    Would love to see something like that set up online the current mgm site expanded to include the facts and figures but officially done.
    3) Also would love to see Destiny bottle up some extra sun power for emergency use maybe a precursur to zed-pms especailly when Destiny is in between galaxies with no suns in their flight path for a month or so or for emergencies like alien attacks or to explore more of Destiny by boosting the sheilds again.
    4) Also can we get a map of Destinys current position in the galaxy as they go or at least how many galaxies away are they now.Tried to count them on the map in “Air” but I couldnt work it out or when the map was shown did it show all galaxies Destiny traveled through including the season 1 galaxy they are in now.I counted 11 galaxies shown have the dvd 1.0 set.
    5) Or on the website idea if one cant be created and run maybe fans can add to it wikipedia style with what we see and hear watching sgu and submitted for approval offically just so we have something we can look up thats official and approved if we were wondering something think someone already suggested that earlier,thank you.

  25. I’ve been wondering what happened to my mentor at the dominatrix academy. It’s good to see she’s aging gracefully, though perhaps not naturally. (Hint: She only goes out at night. And try taking a bazillion mg. of iron for two weeks before the date – gives a guy an unpleasant metallic flavor.)

    That outfit gives “gun rack” a whole other connotation.

    You kids have a good time. Don’t forget the wooden shiv.

  26. My daughter is pretty, looks good in black, loves comics and anime, is 26, and is an aerospace engineer who works on weapons systems.

    Alas, she’s married. Sorry.

  27. LOL! I know someone that is single, in her twenties (too young?) dark haired, a graphic artist, has awesome video game skills, killer talent on the WII, and wants puppies instead of children someday…and loves Stargate Universe.

  28. Hm, you know there are all female bodyguard firms (at least in Eastern Europe, but hey – planes!) you could start hiring different bodyguards as a sort of undercover creepy casting process 😉

    Anyway…. Maria Ozawa eh… *looks her up*

    I see wikipedia claims she had her “debut” at 13 – likes to cook, has a pink Nintendo and makes at least $8000 a month.

    So… if we are to plug you on her blog ( http://blog.livedoor.jp/ozawa_maria/ ) how should we refer to you?

    As “rich and powerful” or should we stick to “overpaid and employed” ? 😉

  29. PG15: loved your review, as always.
    As for your kidnap plan, remind me NEVER to make you enemy 😉 .

    Narelle: My hubby dated a stripper before he met me. It really explained why his parents were so nice to me. Paved the way, so to speak 😀 .

    I promise to watch SGU tonight, if I’m not huddled in a closet/bathroom hiding from a tornado.

  30. @ Ganymede – Joe’s problem is that he’s looking for a thin chick – and everyone knows that thin chicks aren’t nearly as fun and sexy as thick chicks. 😀

    But, because Joey’s so picky and needs Miss Perfect, I think I found exactly what he’s looking for, and she’s Italian, too!:



    Right up your alley, eh, Joe? 😉


  31. Those pups are way too adorable for their own good. I just may have to get me one some day 😀

    Yep, been there done that on deleting pics. Only mine were a bit more important….Bridge set tours ’06 🙁 I was literally sick to my stomach. But, I did have a few backup shots I took with my old 35mm. The really good ones… I’ll have to rely on my memory, sigh!

  32. Joe,

    I’m doing the KFC Double Down tonight. I’ll give my review…if I survive. Maybe I should eat it during SGU so I can go out happy..

  33. I haven’t had a chance to read the blogs all week. I promise to catch up.

    Your list of attributes you’d like to find in someone reminds me of a French class exercise we had. We had to list all the attributes we would like to find in a future husband/wife. When I read my list, my French teacher’s sat thoughtfully with a smile on his face. When I was done, he paused for a moment and said to me, in English, which was unusual for the class since it was conversational French and we were to all to talk only in French, “If you ever find a person who fits all that, look me up and let me know.” He chuckled and then we moved on. Of course I didn’t find someone who fit ALL those adjectives, maybe just a quarter of them, and I still found happiness.

    I’d stay away from the Ashleigh friends. They would just drag you to all their vegan haunts and talk about saving the whales, saving the polar bears, saving the (fill in the blank). And they would tell her things, things you probably would never want a co-worker to know.

    PG15 — Love your plan. But it would just be easier to borrow the Asgard beaming technology. LOL.

  34. The San Antonio Spurs have won their first-round series in NBA (USA pro baketball) playoffs.

    It’s time for me to start walking behind the bandwagon. I don’t pay attention to pro b-ball unless the Spurs are potential champions.

    Joe, sorry to see that your nostalgic favorites, Detroit’s Pistons, are not in the running this year.

    So, everyone, who’s rooting for which team?

  35. Alas and alack your description of Ms Right describes yours truly in her hey-day so jump in your time machine and meet me on May 6th 1982 on the corner of Crellin St and Dalton Road and I’ll give you a run for your money:)

  36. Oh yeah, Thank you Fondy for the puppy pics, Brie and Stewie are an awesome looking pair.

  37. @dasNdanger

    Hm, you think if she pressed her head against a window it would stick?

  38. Joey – that chick in the picture? She better not fart in that outfit or she’ll blow her shoes right off. 😉

    Of course, I shouldn’t make fun, considering what I find attractive. I just know, given the chance, I would come home with something like this:


    Got that from trendyortranny.com…which seems to be down right now. But I love the cap they gave it: “What ever sex this tranny is, it’s Wayyyy to pretty for its own good.”

    😆 Yeah, I love the pretty boys…as long as they ARE boys. I’m hoping this one is. 🙂


  39. Kinda’ wonderin’ what google searches will lead people to this blog entry, kinda’ ‘fraid to know.

  40. Joe

    What do you think of posse in space Defying Gravity?

    UK series (though fewer eps), like Dr Who, Ashes to Ashes both in terms of concept and eps?

    V? never thought I’d see that remade. Oh, no.

    PG15 seems the man with the plan. A commissioning call may be needed, and maybe the Baron can black-fund the op with funds from his email buddies in Scammerland.

    How’s the Remi-enforced – no, scrub that – Remi-inspired rewrite – no, drop that – the re-envisioning going? No bother, huh? A doddle, as they say in Glesga.

    Looking forward to more SGU.

    Hope the camera upload behaves. Wire transfer (old mac) or card slot (new mac)? If old, who has a new machine to do the deed and email to you? If new, oh dear.

    best, P

  41. @ Shadow Step – 😆 I’m thinking she needs a job in an auto body shop – as a dent puller! SSHHHLLLLOOOOO-POP!!!

    @ Tammy Dixon – At first I thought you meant the last picture I posted – and I was all like, ‘what’s wrong with shim?? Other than the fact I’m not quite sure if it’s a guy trying to look a gal, or a gal with a serious adam’s apple…’ Then I realized you and SS were referring to Wonder Lips.

    And to answer your question, I really don’t know. Body image issues and the like? Of course, knowing what sort of weird looking things I find attractive (green, eyebrow-challenged jagged-toothed bugmen with extra nostrils on their face 🙄 ), I’m guessing that some people just think stuff like that is beautiful. Difference between what I like and that, is what I like is normal under the make-up, but that isn’t.


  42. Awwww. Puppers!

    I need a good recipe for nutella tart, any suggestions?

    I know some single, hot, wild women, mostly fire spinners and silk dancers. A little too untamed by your standards.

    I’ll be wandering off to Cabo for Cinco de Mayo. Booked that week totally forgetting about the holiday! Staying at an uber-nice resort, but likely won’t be indulging in the fine dining. I think the budget is thrashed down to fish tacos on the marina level. Still… margaritas! Woohoo!

  43. Well, this is a totally random question, Mr. M. (and I’m sure you won’t be doing a mailbag tonight ;)) but do you know the Japanese band Kalafina? I’ve heard their sound referred to as ‘operatic rock’, but I think it’s pretty much original to them. The band was formed to sing theme songs for anime, but eventually they got so popular that they started putting out original singles too. I’m not sure if the music itself is your style, but you can find out a little more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalafina Plus, there’s plenty of their music on Youtube, if you just search ‘Kalafina’.

    Please, please, pleeeeease…let me know what you think of their music if you get a chance to listen!

  44. Joe,
    1. A porn actress, is that what you really want?
    2. What you really seem to be looking for can be found. I know this sounds crazy, but those are the kind of chicks that attend comic conventions.

  45. @ annie from Fremantle – Yeah…the adam’s apple – for me, that’s the main attraction. Love a skinny guy with a skinny neck and a nice adam’s apple. Still, when a guy’s on the trendy or tranny site, it’s hard to tell exactly which way he’s going. I’d like to think he’s just trendy. 🙂

    Okie dokie…show’s coming on.


  46. Hello Joe,

    I liked the Greer story this week, but I have a problem with Scott, Eli, and Chloe. If Destiny is a nine symbol address, the ninth symbol taking into account the variable “distance” shouldn’t the ship drop out of FTL and establish a wormhole? I can’t believe Eli wouldn’t figure that out.

    Getting back to Greer, I really liked how this episode established why he became the man he became.

    All in all, not bad. Can’t wait to see Eli get everyone back on board next week. Best wishes.


  47. Wow. Just…wow.









    LOVED Greer’s backstory! He’s certainly my favorite character in the bunch, and now I think I’m starting to fall ‘in love’ with him. Which, I suppose, means he’ll die. But dammit – if there was ever a character I’d love to see make it back home, it’s him.

    I loved the contrast between his sense of duty towards the lost Scott in Air, and Scott’s sense of duty (or lack thereof) towards Greer in this ep. Scott has proven himself a weak leader, allowing Eli to call the shots when he really was the one who should have been in charge. Will Scott redeem himself? Time will tell…

    Lots of goodness in this one, but I must admit I stopped watching, waited to see the ending, then went back and watched the parts I skipped. I just wasn’t prepared to lose that one. Oddly enough, I don’t feel so bad with how things eventually played out…not bad at all.


  48. Greer breaks my heart. That picture he was looking at several shows ago, I think was a picture of his Mom.

    Am I right?


  49. Well that was just unacceptable! You people get back here right now and fix this!!!!

  50. Hey Joe

    Just saw Lost… you guys are certainly on a roll, several excellent eps in a row. Congrats!


  51. Just wanted to say, I really loved “Lost” tonight. Great stuff all around. Giant spiders, alien dinosaurs, TJ revealing the pregnancy to Young, the Greer flashbacks, getting to see inside the alien ship, lots of gate travel and some nice character moments for Lt. James.

    My only complaint? When Greer was running to the Stargate why didn’t he try to radio Scott again to keep them from leaving without him?

    Anyway, that small quibble aside, this was my favorite episode of SGU yet. I hope we get more episodes like this. Looking forward to next week.

  52. I would set Joe up with Lynn Chen; she was in this meh indie movie with Anthony Montgomery. The movie was pretty flat considering the writer worked on Arrested Development, but Lynn stood out in the film.

    Gotta add “must love dogs” to the list of guns, pleather and books for Joe’s dream gal.

    Brie and Stewie are so cute and look so huggable! Brie has such a sweet face!

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