Another day spent entertaining my friend Cynthia who has come from London bearing chocolates, marmite cereal bars, and the Swedish film version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (that we should get around to watching sometime soon).  Will be catching up on the mailbag tomorrow so if you’ve got questions, post ’em.  If you’ve already posted questions, be patient!  I just said I was getting to them tomorrow!

The day in pictures –

We swung by DB Bistro for a terrific brunch that included some freshly squeezed pear juice, a Duck Poutine Lyonnaise, the Reuben Sandwich with home made brisket and saeurkraut…

…the “Piggy” Burger, a hearty beef patty/pulled pork combo…

…some delightful home made madeleines, served warm…

…and to finish, a delectable assortment of petit fours highlighted by a hibiscus-peanut butter opera cake.

On our way out, we ran into this little guy. I thought he looked like that dog from UP!

His name is Oliver. I found him adorably earnest-looking.

As opposed to my dogs. Check out Lulu ‘s patented stare-down.

Cynthia loves Bubba’s eyelashes.

According to Cynthia, Lulu comes across as much more severe and scary in photos than she is in real life. She’s actually a sweet girl but, apparently, her pics don’t do her justice.

It was a sunny day so Cynthia and I took the dogs out for a walk. Or, in Jelly’s case, a half walk and carry. Pictured – Maximus working on his tan.

We sample some of the chocolate Cynthia brought back from London. Both great, but I preferred the smoked chocolate.

Remember when mannequin displays were simple set-ups devoid of themes and props? Next week: Housewife Scuba Party!

We stopped by Chapters where I picked up more books including two from authors who have taken the time to stop by this blog and take part in a reader Q&A in support of their books: Jeff Vandermeer and Conrad A. Williams. While I was browsing, I ended up striking up a conversation with a fellow avid reader who recommended the Tim Akers, Jay Lake, and Ellen Kushner titles.

I also picked up the lava toothpaste.

Dinner at Gusto di Quattro included their always great antipasto platter, a spectacular lamb meatball appetizer, a melt-in-your-mouth short rib main, the wonderful game hen, and, of course, half portions of the Spaghetti Quattro and Fettuccine Tartufato.

5:30 a.m. wake-up tomorrow so that I can be in for that 7:00 a.m. crew call.  Awakening – production day seven – shoots on Stage 4 all day, Destiny in the morning, then “up top” after lunch.  In addition to being on set eating sandwiches and samosas, I’ll be in my office finishing that infernal fourth act!  And once that’s done, it’s smoooooooooooooooth sailing!

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For some reason, you don’t inspire confidence when you claim smooth sailing. I’ve seen women who have been in labor for days who have smoother deliveries than you do with your script. Still, like those women, you will presumably cherish the final product of all that labor.
So, do you have a time machine, that you’re able to entertain, take care of the dogs, continue to eat out at the rate you do, work out, AND do your job? The more I see of your schedule, the more in awe of your time management skills I become.
Have a great time with your various enterprises, and looking forward to the upcoming mailbag. And thanks for adding the daily posting to the aforementioned list of tasks you manage so well.


I agree with Thornyrose, Joe – your idea of ‘smooth sailing’ usually involves a hurricane, a rocky shoreline, and a leaky, shark-encircled lifeboat…not necessarily in that order.

BTW…remind me NEVER to go sailing with you. razz

Thanks for the puppy pics! I can’t see how Lulu comes across as scary in her pictures though, but maybe that’s because I’m used to seeing her with some sort of chewy toy in her mouth. You can’t be scary when you’re hammin’ it up for the camera. That goes for you, too, Joe. wink

Have a good night, sir!


Tim Lade
Tim Lade

Is it actual toothpaste because it says sculpting clay which makes me think it is for your hair…or anyone’s hair for that matter.

Also…what is a madeleines?

Note on human…fantastic episode Joe…honestly. I kept looking down at my watch to see how much time was left on the clock and with two minutes to spare I figured Rush was going to come to the rescue but no such luck…they got left behind on the planet. Loved every second of the episode.

I think the standout though was the score…absoloutly brilliant. Joel needs to release a soundtrack post haste…tell him I said that…I told Carl on twitter already so hopefully you can both tagteam the network to get their their lives together.



So I just returned to LA from Vancouver, and Joe, you live in a beautiful city. On one day I ended up walking around it for about 15km. I think I hit Gastown four times that day, and greatly enjoyed each time.

You preferred the smoked chocolate, eh? We went to a brunch today as part of the wine festival, and one of the featured restaurants (I can’t remember the name of it) was serving a smoked chocolate cherry bon bon thing. It was quite smokey. I should note that an earlier item I’d eaten was smoked duck breast (first time eating duck for this former vegetarian…), and I gotta say, the smoked chocolate tasted a lot like the smoked duck… The chocolate/hazelnut paté with port from another restaurant I can’t remember was quite, quite good though.


We were at Granville the other day and took EXACTLY the same pic of those multi-colored roses..amazing flowers…

So far we’ve dined very sparingly…one very good meal at Bluewater Cafe, an excellent lunch at Joe Fortes and moules and frites over at Steveston today…well we had to warm up after getting soaked supporting Michael and Lexa Shanks on their “Walk to end MS” over in North Van this morning…

Oh and watching the Canucks slaughter the LA Kings 7-2 on Friday was pretty damn good too!..I have the Playoff towel to prove it..

Tomorrow is Nanaimo, then onto Tofino and The Wick – got a table booked at the restaurant tomorrow night..cannot wait…and I’m taking pics of every meal a la Mallozzi too!

Deeds x


Reposted questions buddy in case tonight is a mailbag night

1. Will we ever encounter the race that built the star system and the obelisk in the future or is it meant to stay a mystery?
2. The odysey spaceship was on a secret mission during the events Enemy at the gates, and we know through your blog that it was Stargate universe Orientated type mission; however it was the Hammond that was there
in Air. Will the next episodes of Stargate
Universe shed light on this issue or do we have to wait for either sga or sg1 movies to be released in the future? There is no need to divulge anything but just give us a

3. Seriously, Joe, what does it look like for Sga Extinction. It’s been a year and a half that we have been waiting for any sign of hope that it will see the light. I mean if you guys wait too long than the movie will simply be even harder to do. Just give us some sort of closure

Much appreciated


To Joe and fellow blog readers,

Here is an offering of quizzes from the Discovery channel, may they be entertaining. I thought that they were.

Favorite aliens:

Time traveler quiz:

I didn’t do so well on the aliens one.

Arctic Goddess

Hi Joe:

I’m back in cold, snowy Alberta. I keep asking myself…WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

Anyway, do you realize that the Destiny keeps leaving people behind? At this rate, Rush and Col. Young will be all by themselves on that space ship!

My question, should you choose to answer it, is related to writing. When you wrote your short story, did you find it difficult to switch writing styles from script format to novel format? What was the most difficult part of that switch for you?

Do you miss anything about StarGate Atlantis?

If you invited Chris Heyerdahl to appear on SGU, he’d be the only guest actor to appear on all three incarnations of Star Gate. Dan Payne and Alex Zahara could also be used, since they are used to make-up and prosthetics. Is this a possibility in the future?



Coucou Joseph smile ça va bien today? Moi super hier j’ai était au restaurant avec mes parents, c’était pas arrivé depuis 2 ans! je peux vous dire que j’en ai profitée^^!

Tiens vous avez encore eu une bonne journée!
Tout ces chiens sont mimi ^^, Oliver à vraiment de beaux yeux :)!

Depuis quand les chiens bronzent? lol j’ai raté quelque chose là^^….mais en vérité il me semble qu’ils peuvent bronzés mais seulement de la truffe^^

5:30 O_O piouuuuuuu bah mon courage, je penserai à vous qu’en à 10:00 je serai encore dans mon lit..enfin..même si je pense toujours à vous de toute façon.

Gros bisou bisou!!!
Anais ♥

annie from Fremantle
annie from Fremantle

volcanic ash toothpaste???.. umm… err… *whispers* it’s actually hair styling product.

But you knew that – you were pulling our legs huh?

Gosh I love your pugkids.. if I lived near you, I’d definitely pugsit for ya.

Now I’m off to google ‘madeleines’


Why planets in episodes “Time” and “Justice” have the same gate address?!


That piggy burger demonstrates a pet peeve of mine. It is too thick. How the hell are you supposed to take a bite out of it? You have to deconstruct the damn thing before you can even start. Why do they do that? It’s so very annoying… OK, sorry, that’s my rant for the day.

Oooooo questions……I tend to ask a lot of questions (think Dora from Nemo). I had actually just given up on asking them. It’s just that you get so many questions and have so little time, that I thought I would just cut it out. But you’ve specifically asked for mailbag questions, and I’m sure it’s not a tactic, on your part, to avoid working on your fourth act (noooo not at all). So I will ask a couple or three.

1. Have you thought of doing up a Frequently Asked Question section?

2. Do you get a lot of trolls that you have to screen out?

3. How often/long do you work out? What is your routine? I too am puzzled by the svelteness. So I figure you either workout like a madman or perhaps you’re an alien, which would actually explain a lot of other things as well…..

Have a good one!

P.S. speaking of deconstructing food did you see the Sugar Rush episode from the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Cat Cora and the deconstructed chocolate bar from Tru. OMG.


Hi Joe, Daniel in NYC serves up those warm madeleines and petit fours as well, and both are really lovely. Last time my daughter and I went, we had dinner and each ordered our own dessert. Meanwhile, we got a complimentary dessert from the kitchen and they brought out the petit fours as well. Then, our desserts showed up. We did the best we could with all of it, had the petit fours boxed up (in their lovely little boxes with the lovely little ribbon) and had them with a bottle of bubbly way later that night. I wish I was there right about now smile

Elway was back at the ER last night, he’d been down all day, had a slight temp, alarm bells were going off in my head. Other than a popped suture that left a small hole near his weewee (that was very well hidden), they really couldn’t find anything wrong other than he was in some pain when trying to lie down. Thankfully, the doctor that was there is, in my opinion, the best vet I’ve ever encountered (he was the guy that insisted on getting Elway’s spleen checked). He put in a new suture and sent us home with orders for 5 days of antibiotics and some warm compresses for the incision twice a day. A few hours later, I took his temp and it was up, so no idea where we’ll go from here. We may need to give him a day or two, but I’ll speak with his surgeon today to see if he wants me to take him in for lab tests and such. I’m tired of worrying, but mostly, I wish Elway would just get better for good! Hopefully, in a couple of days all will be well again.

Have a good day!


Any word on Jamil’s and Elyse’s Q&As?

In “Human” – holding the gate open by sticking something into the event horizon would’ve given the rescue team only 38 minutes, but why didn’t they even try?


Does everyone ascribe their own dog’s breed to the dog in Up?

I totally saw my Golden/Grand Pyr mix Chloe in that dog.

Shadow Step
Shadow Step

What script problems? Just throw in a couple of pages of music videos, slow pans, lengthy dissolves, longing stares, brooding walks and if there is a chlorofilled planet nearby perhaps a tree or two.

Yay, time overrun ! *g*


I was really impressed by Robert Carlyle´s performance in the episode “Human”! And with impressed I mean Emmy and Golden Globe worthy. And the score to the Rush memory scenes was awesome as always!

How come that SciFi shows and actors never get that kind of recognition (Emmy´s, Golden Globes)? Any Idea?
Will we see a bit of a change in Dr. Rush behaviour towards the rest of the crew and towards Eli?
Up to date, which Season one episode stands out for you and why?

Have a nice week!

Matthew RD
Matthew RD

1) Is your episode still called Awakenings, or is it just Awakening without the “s” now?

2) I notice the jump countdown bears some similarities with that Lost hatch clock, any comment as to whether or not this was intended in anyway?

3) Off topic, but when I read a script from some DVD special feature recently, I noticed “o.s” being used, example;

Hello, Dave

Do you know what this means?

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Anyone have a recipe for madeleines?

Margaret Clayton

Mmm, madeleines. I have a madeleine pan, and I’ve made them… once. Long time ago. I should do that more often. Lemon zest kicks my butt though.

Nice Reuben!


Ooo mailbag smile

Will we be exploring some of the DE members’ past more?

Will there be cake in any part of Season 1 and/or 2? Cake is necessary.

Will they celebrate Christmas before Season 2?

How much of Season 2 will take place in 2009?

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Did anyone see Jewel Staite in Mothman this weekend?


Well, what are you waiting for? Watch the damn movie, ’cause it’s awesome. Noomi Rapace’s portrayal of Lisbeth Salander is badass.


@ Matthew RD

my best guess would be shorthand for off stage

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I’m sorry Mr. M, for posting again. Just wanted to say I’m sending good health vibes to Deni for Elway. Poor guy has been through enough!
So sad about your dog sitting story too, Deni. For many, a dog is just a dog. Working with animals for years, I’ve heard lots of sad stories. One time a lady surrendered her cat in to the animal shelter because he didn’t match the couch. That is one of the tame stories but it does show how thoughtless some people can be toward their pets.

As for Lulu looking scary, I’m not sure what it is but black animals are the last to be adopted. Just a subconscious preference, I suppose. Could that be why Lulu looked more severe scary to your friend? Or it could be that Bubba is a better ham.