A small victory today!  After rethinking my opening scene during my morning shower, I decided to change tack and rewrite what I had – removing one character, tightening it up, and adding an extra scene enroute to finally completing my Tease.  Of course, I’ll no doubt rethink what I have and rework it during tomorrow morning’s shower but, for now, I’m pleased with this most modest of accomplishments.  At the very least, it means I’m moving forward – which is something I desperately need to do sooner than later because between my upcoming trip to Montreal, and the prep and production weeks on Awakening, writing time is going to be at a premium.  But since, of late, I seem to be at my most productive while showering either driving or anytime after 11:00 p.m., then finding the time to work on the script shouldn’t be a problem.

Went to see the doctor today about my ailing hand.  He suspects it’s the result of an injury I may have sustained while weight training (damn unwieldly stackable dumbells) and suggested I keep off it for the time being (ie. absolutely no handstands!).  He sent me for x-rays – just to be on the safe side – and told me to check back with him in a couple of weeks.  If my condition doesn’t improve, there may be therapy in my not-too-distant future.  Great, I say!  I’d love to have someone to talk to about my various ailments, script issues, and fear of overly affectionate clowns.

Hey, three days to the premiere of Space!

Well, I’m Montreal-bound for the long weekend.  We’ll be feasting on foie gras and trotters at Au Pied de Cochon Easter Sunday, much to my delight – and my mother’s chagrin.  I’m looking for a good, fat book to help pass the time while I’m flying, and lying awake in bed at 1:00 a.m. trying to adjust to the time change.  On the recommendation of my friend Tomomi, I’m eyeing Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first book of the Millennium Trilogy.  Thoughts?  Can 27 million consumers worldwide be wrong?  Well, yes, they have been wrong before.  Good point.  Anyone else read it?

My heading off to Montreal means that my dogs-sitter will be moving in with the pooches for those five days.  As a result and in my desire to offer her the very best in temporary accommodations, I will not only make up the bed in the guest room and put out some clean towels, I will also ensure that her bathroom is stocked with both soap AND toilet paper!  Does it get any better than that?

Finally, sad news from one of our blog regulars, Deni, who has informed me that her long-time companion, greyhound Flannery, has finally passed away.  Condolences go out to Deni and her loved ones.

In Memory of Flannery

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Deni.

The mailbag:

Debra writes: “Two things. Bromelaine which is a natural anti-inflammatory from pineapple. I order mine from Naturmix but you can get anywhere. It works great (I use it too, might help your hand!). The other is more expensive, it’s called adequan.”

Answer: Thanks for the tip.  I’ll check out Bromelaine.  In addition to glucosamine chondroitin, Jelly is also taking Metacam for the pain and receiving monthly cartrophen injections.  Also, the occasional massage.  Despite the not-so-subtle hints I’ve dropped about my sore lower back, she does not reciprocate.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Found my bikini top!!”

Answer: I’m sure the guys at the beach will be very disappointed to hear it.

Narelle from Aus also writes: “Did you ever find your script Joe?”

Answer: Nope.  I suspect Fondy may have packed that and brought it with her as well.

Edith writes: “That place in Kenya must need thousands and thousands of dollars if orangutans have to be brought all the way from Borneo to dry out.”

Answer: The whole point is to take them away from the temptation of their regular haunts, Borneo watering holes with their Happy Hour Pina Colada specials.

Harold writes: “ever had a tingling feeling like cold water being pored over your hand?”

Answer: No, but I have experienced a dull ache that felt like snow being pressed up against my wrists.  Of course I was shoulder deep in a snowbank at the time.

Lt. Colonel John Shepard writes: “is there a possibility of seeing Rick reprise his role as Jack O’Neill in Season Two?”

Answer: Not so far, but Jack will be making a return to SGU in the back half of season one.

daffydave writes: “Apparently somone has already reviewed the new SGU episode, those of you who like the new incarntion are ok it is just the rest of us who will be dissapointed at least for this next episode. […]  So much for more action, I have left out the spoilers by the way.”

Answer: Yep, that’s it.  Let some reviewer decide for you.

Shiny writes: “So how is it writing for steamy SGU after writing for such a chaste SGA…”

Answer: SGA wasn’t exactly chaste.  There was the McKay/Keller relationship, Ronon’s interest in Jennifer before the early developments on the Amelia Banks front, Teyla settling down with her baby daddy, Woolsey and that Aussie who turned out to be an alien and, of course, Sheppard trying to nail every female alien he could get his mitts on.

Shiny also writes: “SGA was all about repressing and heavy silences while SGU screams and slides down walls before leaping into the nearest bed..”

Answer: I don’t know if I agree.  No, strike that.  I DO know.  I DON’T agree.  SGA didn’t have all that much repressing – although fans of specific ship pairings would argue otherwise.  On the SGU front,  Scott hooked up with James before settling down with Chloe, and Park enjoys the occasional frolic, true.  In fact, I’d argue that “all about repressing and heavy silences” applies more to SGU characters like Eli, Young and T.J.  Even a character like Wray who is in a healthy relationship experiences a sense of loss and distance in her partner’s presence.

Shiny also writes: “Also, if SGA could have been like SGU how would the lovelines have been drawn – which hookups were the writers rooting for? (Teyla and Michael? Rodney and Elizabeth? Shep with Clone Elizabeth? Teyla and Ronin? Zelenka and Sam?”

Answer: Depends on which writers you’re referring to.  Marty G. and I toyed with the idea of making McKay a father when he was Katie Brown (an idea my writing partner Paul did not appreciate) and it’s no secret that the possibility of a Sheppard/Teyla hook-up loomed large.  But both of these potential storylines were reconsidered when we chose to embrace the Teyla pregnancy arc.

djdsnacks writes: “Any idea what is going on with Stargate: Revolution.”

Answer: Still no word on the Revolution front but I’m feeling positive about it.

Amz writes: “We deliberated over the dessert menu, which looked amazing, but I’m not the restauranteur that you are Joe. We went for espressos instead…”

Answer: WHAT?!  You missed out on Au Pied de Cochon’s fantastic, coma-inducing pouding au chomeur!  You have to go back!

65 thoughts on “March 30, 2010: Yep, it’s Tuesday.

  1. {{{{hugs}}}} Deni – 🙁 So sad. (I see you got my e-mail – I’ll drop you a line in the next day or two. Just really tired again…)

    Nites, Joe.


  2. If McKay was Katie Brown, wouldn’t that make him a mother???
    PS – I hardly think Shep was out to nail anything that moved, y’all made sure Rodney saw LOTS more action than he did… 😛
    PPS – I sure hope Extinction isn’t extinct. SG1 already has 2 movies, I want an ending to Atlantis, for fraks sake!
    PPPS – Good Luck on Friday with Season 1.5.

  3. Thanks for the dedication to Deni,my friend, it’s been a LONG day! Love ya,Deni…Sheryl.

  4. Hello Joe.

    Can’t wait for the return of SGA. I like the way you borrowed a “McKayism” about doing your best thinking in the shower, just like the guy who discovered displacement, except he was in the bath tub. Did you write that line?

    Hope your wrist starts feeling better. Take it easy, and try wearing a brace during your trip to Montreal. Best Wishes.


  5. I do kind of agree about SGA (and SG1 for that matter) being more “chaste” than SGU.
    Those two shows, particularly SGA, did not have the overt sexuality and onscreen coupling that SGU does.
    I’m not saying this is a bad thing for those that like it, it is a very different style of show. But there is a palpable difference in the level of sexual content and exploration.
    On SGA fans of the Weir and Sheppard pairing used to talk about “eye sex” between the characters, on SGU James and Scott do the actual deed onscreen. Definitely different.

  6. I’m so sorry Deni. 🙁

    Joe, don’t tell me what happens in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!! I’m up to page 10. I got distracted by the Weather Warden series. But once I finish the last two books and then read the new Dresden, which comes out tomorrow, I plan on heading straight back to it. Problem with my reading material is when I go back to reading something straight, I keep on waiting for the reveal by a character where they turn out to be a Wizard, Vampire, Lycanthrope, Telepath, Djinn, Demon, Fairy and when it doesn’t happen I get strangely disappointed.

    Answer: I’m sure the guys at the beach will be very disappointed to hear it.


    PG15 – This one’s for you 🙂
    I dreamt that Jon Stewart was the head of a Mafia organisation based in South America. His underground lair was full of tunnels and rooms but rose out of the ground onto a beautiful island with pristine beaches (I liked that bit). Somehow I’d got onto the wrong side of Stewart’s organisation, was captured and brought before the Mafia Boss for my fate to be decided. After a tense moment of silence staring at each other I realise I have to say something to stall for time while I work out a plan for my escape. And what do I say to him? “You really should make your Moment of Zen tshirts available in Australia.” Dream ends. What the…?!!

    Safe travels to Montreal Joe!

  7. Condolences to Deni for her loss. It’s a cruel irony that our closest non human companions can only live a fraction of our own lifetimes. the heck with the human genome; the scientist who manages to make dogs live 40-60 years will be a gazillionaire.
    Hope you have lots of fun back home, give mom sis and the family our regards. And good to see you’re not slacking on the work. Ever thought about getting a convertable? then you can drive around with the top down, and effectively take a shower and hone your ideas on the way to work, weather coooperting. Just trying to be helpful… and good for you for making it to the doc. Though your hand not changing into some alien claw does dissapoint.

  8. coming to MTL this weehend huh! what are my chances of bumping into you this time?! 😀
    ….you absolutely need to see my hair’s red highlight Joe !

  9. Thornyrose – So true are your words. When I look at my ageing Kelpie I sometimes wonder if these creatures choose us. To teach us self-centred humans that unconditional love is possible, not to judge all by the actions of a few (my Kelpie was an abused street dog) and to realise that everything, no matter how beautiful it is, is only temporary in our lives, so love it with all your heart while you can. We can’t use words to say how we feel, or to explain why they’re hurting and how we wish we could make the pain go away, so they teach us how to show love and compassion. There is much to learn from our animals.

  10. Sorry to be a pest but is Peter DeLuise back as a regular director for season 2?


  11. Absoloutly cannot wait for SGU to return. Been counting the days. I plan to watch all of Season 1 on Friday in order to prepare for the occassion.

    If you are ever in Edmonton Joe let me know…fantastic restaurant named the Wild Tangerine across the road from where I am. Free East Meets West chocolate dessert in it for you.

    On a scale from 1 to A billion how pumped do you get when you see your name on the screen at the end of an episode? For me…that would be such a high that would probably never get tired…

  12. @Deni: My deepest sympathies.

    @daffydave: You should read my preview then that will post on April 1 if you’d like to have some reviewer make up your mind about how you should feel about “Space.” I will indoctrinate you.

    @Joe: Here is a link to a funny thing I found in my local paper: Stargate Daycare on Honea Egypt Drive. While I find it cute that someone locally decided to open up a Stargate Daycare on something that has the word Egypt in there, isn’t there some legal problem with this. Doesn’t MGM own the rights to the name? Perhaps we can send all the SGU haters there since they are all acting like children. Here is the link to Twitpic where I scanned it in. http://www.twitpic.com/1c43l3

  13. @Deni, so sorry to hear about your dog. I know how hard it is to lose one, especially one you’ve had for a long time.

    Say hello to Mom & Sis, enjoy your trip to Montreal!


  14. Joe,

    If you’re looking for a nice FAT book, and since you seem to enjoy Stephen King – I’d recommend “Under The Dome” – although it clocks in at 1074 pages, and may violate the no-weight-lifting stricture.

    I’m about 2/3 of the way through, and so can’t attest to a satisfying conclusion, but I sure am enjoying the ride so far!

  15. Well, if we’re talking about seeing actual sex-scenes, SGA was tame in comparison. (Not that I think SGU is dramatic or anything. I think it’s tastefully done.) But in the number of relationships, you’re right, there isn’t a difference between SGU and SGA. Although I’m still waiting for some juicy details on TJ and Young! I’m onto you guys…

    Also, I gotta say, I’m very grateful to Paul (and Rachel in a roundabout way) for that one. I tend to accept what the writers give me, but I wasn’t Katie’s biggest fan.

    Have a safe flight! Hope your bracket stays intact! All I care is that baseball season starts this week and I’m going to see a Royals game next week. And that the Frozen Four is in 8 days.

    My condolences to you, Deni. *hugs*

  16. Deni–So sorry for your loss. It’s never easy, especially when it’s one of your family (yes, pets are part of the family to me). Take care.

    Have fun with the family for Easter.

    I really don’t mind the pairings on SGU. I think it’s just more in tune with real life. As a writer, is pairing up two of your characters limiting or freeing? You can’t have Scott hooking up with any alien because of Chloe. Or you could, which would cause all sorts of drama.

    I know on SGA I saw chemistry between different characters that I am sure the writers didn’t see or want to see happen. Pairing up does limit you in choices of storylines sometimes I suspect. Not to say that we can’t always wish for a pairing. That’s why we like the show in the first place.

  17. Hey guys, thank you SO much for your kindness and concern, it means so much to me. Nice to know that even though I’ve never even met most of you, I am privileged to call you my friends. And Joe, you’re absolutely the best you blow me away.

    @Sheryl: Thanks for everything darling, we’ll talk at some point today. Love you too.

  18. Sends Deni {{{Scottish hugs}}}, heart goes out to you. I had to put my cat Indy down before Christmas. [Haven’t found a new companion yet (or ‘fully mobile furry hot water bottle’ as I used to refer to Indy), but I see a wee Cairn Terrier in my future.] RIP Flannery – always in our thoughts, forever in our heart.

    Joe – enjoy Montreal, I’m off to Rome tomorrow, assuming British Airways don’t screw around with my flights any more. Just in case they do – got any spare wraith stunners I can use on anyone who annoys me.


  19. Hi Joe, long time reader, first time poster. I finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and it’s definitely worth a read, I also saw the Swedish movie adaptation of it (with subtitles, naturally).

    I am now about 1/3rd through the second book in the Millenium trilogy which is actually a bit more intriguing too.

  20. I would definitely recommend the Millenium series. Although while The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo can be slow at times, it is worth your time. The second book in the series is without a doubt, the best. After you’ve read it you should also check out the Swedish movie trilogy based on the books. The first movie is supposed to have been released in the US recently. I’m not sure about Canada. It is definitely worth watching before the Hollywood remake is out. You’ll be blown away by Noomi Rapace’s fantastic performance as Lisbeth Salander.

  21. Hi Mr M!

    First off:
    @Deni : Sorry to hear about Flannery. Best to you from all the gang here in Ireland Deni.

    Girl with Dragon Tattoo….haven’t dipped into it yet, but it’s on the pile.

    Safe trip home. Wish the very best to Mama Mallozzi, hope she is well. As an aside, how about a Q and A with Mama M? Let’s get to hear the real story….separate the Man from the Myth!

    Also, if there is any other recipes she wants to give out…they’d be welcome.

    Don’t forget tomorrow is: HOLY THURSDAY Batman!! (yes, sadly I wait all year to say that one line…)

    Best to all


  22. Hey Deni,

    Condolences to you and your family for your loss. Gorgeous photo of Flannery, his ears look like angel’s wings.



  23. Some things for everyone to amuse themselves with:

    How well do you know your 80s Lyrics?

    I got an appalling 48.4….I’m sure y’all leave me in your dust.

    80s not your thing? Why not test yourself with How well do you know your 90s Lyrics?

    If I thought I was bad with the 80s, well I sucked more with the 90s…scored 20.5…at one point one of comments suggested I wasn’t sober in the 90s at all…..hey, not nice….I’m usually spot on with my lyrics.

    Anyhoo, no googling & share your results with the rest of the class.

    Cheers, Chev

  24. My condolences Deni – I’ve only had my grey for two years, but I can’t imagine being without her, even though I’d get the middle of my bed back at night!

    Joe, Adequan works for Babe’s arthritis, except for the days she spends too much time running at doggie daycare. But a day or two sacked out in bed or on the couch usually remedies that. And greyhounds are VERY GOOD at just sacking out. They are the world’s fastest couch potatos.

  25. Just a note for those that haven’t read the review that was mentioned by @daffydave. I read the review and apparently, the reviewer seems to think that everyone dissatisfied with the first half of season one has exactly the same issues.

    I thought it was a bit contradictory when the reviewer says that there is a lot more action, there are aliens, and a space battle – but it’s the same as before.

    Sounds like a lazy writer to me.

    I’m planning to watch Space several times so I can nitpick it myself. I hope everyone else does the same. 🙂

    Joe – I would have to agree that SGA was a bit more chaste. There would never be a line like “Put down what you’re doing” in SGA because it would never be as graphic to make the joke work. I’m not against it either. In fact it bought some benefit of the doubt to put up with the angsty stuff for me.

    Then again, SGU isn’t a show I encourage my daughter to watch with me for the strong female role models that can do anything like Carter, Weir, or Teyla. Not a bad thing, just a difference. Now we watch Chuck and Bones for that.

  26. @Deni, so sorry about Flannery. Its not so easy I know. Take care and prayers for you.

  27. Good mornin’, good mornin’!
    It’s great to stay up late,
    Good mornin’, good mornin’, to you!

    I dreamt last night that I had…PUPPIES! 😀 I mean, not that I literally gave birth to puppies, no, no, no… but that I got two puppies, and they were adorable! I like nice dreams…

    Know what today (3/31) is??! It’s our 20th anniversary! Woo! I mean…hubby and me…not me and Joe’s blog, or anything. And we’re celebrating today by…going to work. 😛 But first, BREAKFAST! We’re gonna have a nice breakfast out somewhere, and since hubby works the night shift, probably save our anniversary dinner for sometime over the weekend. Weather’s supposed to be nice Saturday, so maybe we’ll even make a day of it.

    Have a good one, Joey!


  28. Countdown 3 days! I’ll be visiting Dad and step-mom in Michigan, who actually have cable and will be able to watch LIVE for first time, if I can get the kids to bed first (see above discussion on sexuality in SGU). Fun, fun, fun!


    So sorry for your loss of Flannery. My next-door neighbors just lost their little Jack Russell terrier, and I have never seen my neighbor cry so much. It hurts to lose a good friend.

  29. Deni – Lovely picture of Flannery. So sad to have your friend leave too soon. I’ve lost a couple too and there is always a void left. My thoughts are with you.

  30. @Joe – THANK YOU for confirming the intention to put Teyla and John together, and for the pictures of them next to each other a few blog entries ago. So many people already consider John the “other father” when we look at Torren John. Genetics isn’t everything. Fanfic writers just write John as the father, period. Kanaan who? I wish you all had gone with what you had planned with John and Teyla, but it’s never too late (hint, hint) to get things going with the Extinction movie.

    Not that you need it, but if you’re interested in some inspiration in writing for these two soul-mates, here are some more Youtube videos. I doubt that you’re into this sort of thing, so bear with me please. The first one is kind of a bittersweet Teyla and John “best of” video that tells a story of loss. The second one tells a beautiful story of Teyla and John becoming a couple and of the birth of their child, Torren John. The third one is John dealing with his feelings about becoming a father when Teyla tells him that they are going to be parents. The last one deals with Teyla and John not getting together but wanting to. I added it in because I do think that you are right about us Sheyla shippers thinking that there was a lot of repression going on with Teyla and John. A lot. Sometimes I think that’s why these videos exist. They are only a few minutes a piece, if you‘re interested.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruh9XLDxXEw – Tears of an angel

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCrAacumiDk&feature=related – Secret garden

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YuIaq884JU&feature=related – Open arms

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14dtfamRbFc&feature=related – What hurts the most

    I haven’t forgotten to watch your episode on Friday. I’ll be watching Space at nine o’clock.

    @Deni – I’m sorry for your loss.

    Peace & Love,


    P.S. I still don’t think John is a womanizer. His heart belongs to Teyla:0) Thanks again to you and the other writers for writing all of those great Teyla and John moments. I hope we get more with the movies.

  31. @deni

    Im sorry to hear. That really stinks. Loosing pets really suck. Greyhounds are such great dogs. Im sorry for your loss. 🙁


    CONGRATS. Thats awesome. Its great to see people who stick to the commitment of marriage that long. 🙂

    Hope you have a great time!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  32. Joe,

    I just heard that MGM released its rights to “Rage of Angles” by Chris Judge (with Michael Shanks) due to financial considerations. It has then been picked up for production (pilot) by the Starz Network in the US. So it looks like Teal’c and Daniel will get together onscreen again.

    Any thoughts on if MGM should shop out Stargate? Possibly to see if the SGA and SG1 films can proceed?

    P.S. I always thought that even though Shep was a womanizer, it would have been interesting to see him commit to Elizabeth and see her struggle to have to place him in harms way every week. Just my 2 cents.

  33. My heart goes out to Deni, sorry to hear about you pooch.

    My Dr. made me go get my knees x-rayed a couple of weeks ago and when I saw him on Monday he said they were clear so chin up, I am sure it’s nothing.
    Maybe your Dr. will refer you to a sports medicine type much like mine did and then all of you Dr.’s combined can get together for martinis and discuss your hand and weather or not they should send you to Tibet for some alternative medicine. Naturally while you were there you would pick a fight with a Yeti and emerge victorious, causing you to become somewhat of a local celebrity. They would make t-shirts with your face on them and sell em to tourists. The mountain air and high altitudes would fix your hand and you would come home ready for another day.

    So you see, it’s not ALL bad.

  34. @Barstool Babe: Yeah, no kidding they’re the world’s fastest couch potatoes 🙂

    ALL OF YOU, again, thank you so much for your kindness, it has really helped.

  35. Deni – I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved pet. It’s really hard losing someone you love.

    I love Montreal – great shopping! Eat some Macarons for me. Say hi to the family from us at the blog. I second the Q and A with your Mom and expand the request to also include your sister.

    Have a safe trip!

    P.S. have you tried the Maple Syrup Pie at Au Pied de Cochon? I love Maple…..I think Maple Syrup must run through our Canadian veins. Also, what is the Sugar Shack (Cabane a Sucre)?

  36. What are the things in the top corners of SGU’s Ancient consoles (the lighted circles with bronze star-type things)? Are they supposed to be just lights, or some type of dial?

  37. Oh and if you are looking for a quick diversion while waiting for your plane(s). I just found this website a couple of weeks ago. Quick life lessons on what NOT to do…. Some of them are really funny.



  38. Book Suggestion:
    I see you’re reading a Steven King. So am I. I’m rading Duma Key. I’d never heard of it before but it’s really good so far.

  39. Hi!

    I just want to second J on thanking you for the confirmation that John and Teyla would have/could have/should have happened and I can’t help but agreeing that that can still happen if ever the movie gets back on the road. Or better yet, restart the series (hope is thing with feathers was always my favorite Dickinson work).

  40. Speaking of ailments…I have a few, but I won’t go into details here. But I found this website; http://www.iherb.com/ you MUST check out. It’s fantastic! They have great products at low prices. Shipping fees are very low and delivery is fast. They also provide user reviews and product info and ingredients, which some sites don’t.

    Sorry for your loss, Deni. My dog is 13 so I know her time is getting short. She still has spunk but has some trouble with her hips and her eyesight is going. She has been with us since she was a pup. It is very hard losing a lovable companion.

    I am hopeful for the second half of SGU. Promos look good and all the write-ups are encouraging. As far as “ships” go and comparing them with all 3 SG shows….I prefer leaving most of it to the imagination. It was there in SG-1 and SGA but not seen. Now with SGU, it’s seen. Kinda like reading a book, it is usually better than the movies.

  41. Keep the fanvids coming, J! Country songs sure do suit the Sheyla ‘ship. I like the clips of funny SGA moments posted on youtube (Rodney’s “messy hair, pretty girl and caveman” description of the team is a favorite).

    My condolences to Deni on the loss of her pup Flannery. Greyhounds are such elegant and smart pets. My neighbor’s greyhound would escape out their gate at high speed and roam for miles until someone he knew passed by, which was often me . He’d follow me in a zig zag pattern, knocking down trashcans and chewing up flower beds on the way. I’d get lots of dirty looks and yells to put my dog on a leash, and I’d try to explain that it wasn’t actually my dog and good luck catching him. Then he’d wait for me to open the gate to his house and amble on in after a busy day of tormenting the neighborhood.

    SGA was chaste for good reason; Shep wouldn’t just hop in bed with Teyla or Elizabeth out of duty and respect but there is plenty of “eye sex” as Bailey calls it and of course The Kiss. Ultimately the friendship between the team was the best ‘ship of on SGA, especially the Rodney/Shep bromance. I only wish Michael’s arc would have been villain to antihero to hero instead of villain to hero to supervillain but only so that he could have been a worthy foil in the Shep/Teyla ‘ship. Michael ended up an icky stalker instead of an angsty lovesick antihero. And there was that whole crazy thing where Teyla killed him, ouch!

    I’d like to see what develops for Young, Eli, Wray and Johansen. I’m not a fan of the stones tho; I’d like to see the characters chuck their long distance relationships and develop romances on the ship. But I watch more for the action and adventure than the ‘ships.

    Hey, how does the all-male SGU writing team like writing for so many female characters? Was it a concious decision to have more female characters on SGU or did it just evolve organically as the show developed?

  42. I have a general question… Is anyone else not able to see the John-Teyla clips on youtube? Or do you perhaps know if they don’t work internationally for some reason (I’m watching, rather trying to, from Germany)?

    Thanks 🙂

  43. I still wish that you guys would have reconsidered reconsidering the John and Teyla relationship even after the whole pregnancy arc. There were too many unresolved issues between John and Teyla and the potential for more was still evident even after Kanaan settled with Teyla in the city. After all, the only thing he was doing for Teyla was babysit their child. 😉

    And I don’t believe that John wanted to get on with every other female alien in the Pegasus. I honestly believe that John does want to settle down eventually and have little Sheppards’ running around the city taunting all the little McKay’s and Ronon’s in the city! 😉

    Maybe in the movie/s?

  44. Did you happen to have a chance to catch Lexa Doig on “V” last night?

    Haven’t had a chance to keep an eye on your blog as of late.

    Looking forward to SGU’s return, something to pick up spirits since having to put my dog down on the 24th. Seems to be in the air with Deni’s loss aswell.

  45. That is such a sweet picture of Flannery. Thanks for putting that up for us, Mr. M. It’s hard when our pets pass on.

  46. Hi, Joe.

    I subscribed to CBS Watch Magazine (it’s FREE) a while back, it’s mostly fluff, but what the heck, it’s FREE!


    In the April 2010 issue, on page 88, is an article about comfort food going chic. Mentioned – at the Oak Room in NYC, they have gussied up the PB&J sandwich with … foie gras, and replacing the mundane PB with macadamia nut butter. And in San Francisco, 1300 on Filmore cooks custom-ground grits with mascarpone cheese and butter, topped with sauteed wild mushrooms and drizzled with truffle oil.

    Uhm … yum?

  47. @ Shiny – Shep wouldn’t just jump in bed with Teyla or Elizabeth ’cause we all know he was saving himself for Todd. 😉

    I can’t help but think he’s been following that pasty, long-locked fella all around Atlantis this past year, like some kind of junkie looking for a fix…


    Shep (looking in the mirror): “Lookit – I’m getting crow’s feet.”

    Todd: “Your feet look fine to me.”

    Shep: “Not on my feet… on my face!” (Looks down, pats stomach, and frowns) “And I’m starting to get a belly, too…”

    Todd (looking skeptical): “Ahh…I see. And what does this unfortunate condition of yours have to do with me, Sheppaaard.”

    Shep: “I need to improve my looks, make some changes now that I’m back here on earth… ya know, for the ladies.”

    Todd (with a flourish): “Hmmmm…have you ever considered growing your hair longer and bleaching it… perhaps shaving off your eyebrows…?”

    Shep: “That’s not what I mean.”

    Todd: “…maybe a tattoo…”

    Shep: “No! Look…” (glances around with shifty eyes, and whispers): “I…uh…ya know…I need a ‘fix’.”

    Todd: “If you have broken something, I am sure someone els…”

    Shep: “Not that kind of fix! I need… you… to fix me up with some of your…ummm…your ‘gift’.”

    Todd: “The Gift of Life?”

    Shep: “Yeah, that stuff.”

    Todd: “And how will this benefit me?”

    Shep: “I won’t kill you.”

    Todd: “That is your best enticement? Ha! If I die, the gift of life dies with me, so my death would be to your disadvantage. You will have to do better than that, John Sheppaaard…much better…”

    Shep: “I’m not feeding you again.”

    Todd: “It seems in your best interests to do so. After all, these…’crow’s feet’…on your… face…sound quite unpleasant.”

    Shep: “Okay. Kavanagh, I’ll feed you Kavanagh.”

    Todd: “He’s the one who faints every time he sees me? Mmm…no…I prefer a bit more fight in my prey…”

    Shep: “Woolsey, then.”

    Todd: “Eh….an amusing toy, but the taste of fear is a bit too bitter for me.”

    Shep: “Teyla…you always said she’d be a tasty one.”

    Todd: “Ah, but she is also very useful to me. It would not be to my advantage to take her life… just yet.”

    Shep (becoming desperate): “Zelenka!”

    Todd: “That belly of yours isn’t getting any flatter…”

    Shep: “Beckett!”

    Todd (shakes head): “Handburn. Clones give me handburn.”

    Shep: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

    Todd (shrugs): “What can I say? They repeat on me for days. So do Mexicans…they’re a little too spicy. I was thinking more along the lines of…Ronon Dex.”

    Shep: “Wish I could…but, sorry… can’t.”

    Todd: “Why not?!”

    Shep: “Eh…he’s not with us anymore. Changed his name, and everything.”

    Todd: “Is that so. What does he call himself now?”

    Shep: “Conan.”

    Todd: “Not very original. You picked it, didn’t you?”

    Shep: “Wait. How do you know what Mexicans taste like…?”

    Todd (squinting at Shep’s forehead): “Hmmmm…is that a receding hairline I see? Perhaps we should get back to the subject at… hand …”

    Shep: “Wait! I’m going bald, too??! Ach! Okay, okay! What about Rodney…you’ve had your eyes on him for a while…”

    Todd: “I prefer McKay alive for now. He provides me with a type of intellectual stimulation rarely found amongst your kind.”

    Shep (singsongy): “He’s an-NOY-ing…”

    Todd: “That is true, but he entertains me. Ha! Just the look on his face the other day when I told him all Wraith were hermaphrodites… ahhahaha…priceless!”

    Shep: “Haha…ahh…uuuh… You’re joking, right?”

    Todd: “There’s one way to find out.”

    Shep: “Show and tell?”

    Todd: “Oh! Suit you, sir!”

    Shep: “I’ll get me coat.”


    Yeah…NO idea where that came from. 😛 Sorry. And there are – mebbe – two Brits out there who get the ‘suit you’ and ‘I’ll get me coat’ lines – I did that for you! And me! 😀


  48. Oh crap, just remembered my anniversary is April 10th (17 years). I always forget, hubby is the one that keeps up with that stuff.

  49. Hey, Joe…I shouldn’t quit my day job, eh? 😆

    And thanks, everyone! I still can’t believe I’ve been married 20 years to a guy WITH eyebrows… simply amazing. 😉


  50. @das – congrats!
    I did 25, but not like you, I did 10 and 15. And now I’ve done a blissful 5 all by myself (and the odd child or 2 or 4 living with me, hell had all 4 and 3 grand-daughters living with me at one time).


  51. Hello Mr. M

    Just wanted to let you know I shot you an email about something from the stargate movies campaign email just so you know its not spam. Sorry to bother you again, I know I sent you an email not to long ago but I had a really important question regarding the campaign I needed to ask. I would greatly appreaciate if you read and responded to the email. After this I promise I won’t email you again for a loooonggg time unless its a matter of life and death. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

    Oh and also could you please not publish this message.


  52. Sheppard is not a womaniser…he’s a flirt…and he’s very good at it.

    Cheers, Chev

  53. With whichbook.net you can choose books on your mood…..just move the sliders and press go.

    One book listed was The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson
    “An epic read that supposes that Western Europe was totally wiped out by the plague in the 13th century, and that history was made by Muslim, Buddhist, Chinese and Native American cultures instead. Being centred on Eastern tradition, the history follows a group of souls, endlessly reborn, endlessly experiencing different lives, endlessly working towards escape from the wheel of existence.”
    Source: whichbook.net

    The last book I read was a rec from Ivon, “The Pleasure of My Company” by Steve Martin. I was quite impressed with his writing…found it both amusing and sad. It might be a bit small for you though….but amusing read on the plane

    “Daniel Pecan Cambridge is the narrator and central consciousness of the novel (actually a novella). Daniel, an ex-Hewlett-Packard communiqué encoder, is a savant whose closely proscribed world is bounded on every side by neuroses and obsessions. He cannot cross the street except at driveways symmetrically opposed to each, and he cannot sleep unless the wattage of the active light bulbs in his apartment sums to 1,125. Daniel’s starved social life is punctuated by twice-weekly visits from a young therapist in training, Clarissa; by his prescription pick-ups from a Rite Aid pharmacist, Zandy; and by his “casual” meetings with the bleach-blond real estate agent, Elizabeth, who is struggling to sell apartments across the street. But Daniel’s dysfunctional routines are shattered one day when he becomes entangled in the chaos of Clarissa’s life as a single mother. Taking care of Clarissa’s tiny son, Teddy, Daniel begins to emerge from the safety of logic, magic squares, and obsessive counting.”
    Source: Amazon

    Good luck

    Cheers, Chev

  54. Thank you everyone for caring so much, it’s been a great help to Deni and me. And Joe, I can’t begin to thank you for everything. Ron

    @Das: Deni says “Happy Anniversary” to you and Mr. Das. 🙂 Same from me. Enjoy!

  55. My heart goes out to Deni at this sad time. I have three precious Italian Greyhounds of my own. I can’t imagine the day when we’ll have to go through that sadness. 🙁

    On a happier note, I am very anxiously awaiting the return of SGU Friday. I have made it known to my family that Friday night is SYFY night and don’t even think about touching the remote or I’ll go into my mean mommy mode. Otherwise known as M.M.M. They are shaking in their boots! 🙂

  56. My Question is this: “Will we see Rodney McKay or Samantha Carter making it on to the destiny via the communication stones to help Dr. Rush out?

  57. would it be alright if i sent you something i wrote, and you tell me what you think? it will probly be short, confusing, and poorly written.

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