I was on set this morning, covering for my writing/producing partner, Paul, who was off on some secret agent-related matter, leaving me to make the tough calls on the episode in production: Intervention.  As tempting as it was, I did NOT arbitrarily have the ship’s interior painted plum, but I DID leave a message on Paul’s cell, informing him that we were running late and would therefore have to skip the climactic scene.  “We’ll do it with a look,”I assured him.

I had a great time with Director Andy Mikita (who I’ll be spending a lot more time with when episode 3, Awakening, shoots in a couple of weeks) and the rest of the crew.  Special thanks go to Glenn who introduced me to the joys of juicing my juicing me up a carrot-beet-ginger-apple  concoction for breakfast.  “Hey, aren’t you going to wash those?”I asked as he cut up the beet and shoved it in the juicer.  “Nah,”he replied.  “The dirt is the best part!”

Our main cast is awesome.  Our supporting players are awesome.  And our recurring guest cast is awesome as well.  That’s a win-win-win!

Was planning to get some work done on Resurgence (episode 10) today, but ended up doing the notes on the Awakening blue draft instead.  Needless to say, I’ll my script will be keeping me company while I’m in Montreal this long weekend.

The other day, Carl was going on about some friends of his who put diapers on their dog while it was going through a “leaky” phase.  He found the whole thing ridiculous.  And so, just for Carl, I dig up the following pics of a youthful Jelly…going through her “leaky” phase.

And then I came across this pic of my gal Jelly in sprightlier times…

And then I came across these pics of Maximus.  I can’t believe it’s the same dog (pictured in my blog banner) who my mother has nicknamed Big Sausage.

Speaking of dogs, I received the following email from my sister yesterday:

“A few years ago, I was gifted a set of those realistic rabbit fur covered kitties in a basket. Although the kids loved them, the parents are totally creeped out by them.

It is with great sorrow that I must report that the kitties in the basket are no more.

As Mamma kitty and her babies were peacefully resting in their basket, danger lurked in the space they called home. Unbeknownst to them, a predator lay hidden behind the cherry wood desk. Despite a lame paw, Aspen the husky is a ruthless predator. He stopped at nothing once he attacked the helpless kitties. Even their constant cries of “Meow, meow, meow… I love you” weren’t enough to soften the kill.

Please see the attached photos to see what I found when I finally walked into my office.

In sadness,


Aspen. Look at him. So cute. And destructive!

Today’s entry is dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Das.  Here’s to another twenty years!


Bryan M. White writes: “I like the way you borrowed a “McKayism” about doing your best thinking in the shower, just like the guy who discovered displacement, except he was in the bath tub. Did you write that line?”

Answer: As a matter of fact, I did.

Jim S. writes: “Sorry to be a pest but is Peter DeLuise back as a regular director for season 2?”

Answer: Peter DeLuise is on the season 2 director’s schedule, yes.

Larry writes: “If you’re looking for a nice FAT book, and since you seem to enjoy Stephen King – I’d recommend “Under The Dome” – although it clocks in at 1074 pages, and may violate the no-weight-lifting stricture.”

Answer: I’m going to wait for the softcover.  In the meantime, I picked up a bunch of Stephen King books last weekend that I’m looking forward to tackling in the very near future.

Kymm writes: “P.S. have you tried the Maple Syrup Pie at Au Pied de Cochon?”

Answer: Not yet, but I’ll be sure to on this trip.

35 thoughts on “March 31, 2010: My day! Puppy pics! Mailbag!

  1. Ok I have a few questions then.

    1. Is Peter directing cloverdale?

    2. Are you guys gonna stick with the same camera style in season two as you did in season 1 (Pleeeeaasss do, don’t listen to the shaky cam haters)???

  2. ROFLMAO, poor rabbit kitties. CUTE DOG! OMG baby Jelly. Aren’t you ashamed to do those antlers? LOL, didn’t think so. How’s the hand? Hope you have a good weekend with your mom. Give her my regards.

  3. I know what that picture of Jelly was all about. You were re-enacting a scene between Terrible Mouse and Pierre Bear. I recognized the poses immediately because I just read that story to my kids a few hours ago.

    Don’t act like you don’t know the story because you don’t have kids. I know you know Richard Scarry books and Terrible Mouse’s fate – all to impress the lady Bear at the trading post.

  4. Joe,

    I am on a Stephen King kick too. Just finishing up his work from the 70’s with The Dead Zone. So The Long Walk was the last one I just finished, which was quite enjoyable.

    I must confess, the unabridged version of The Stand was quite long. I felt like a badass reading the long version though.

    Like, yeah. Look at me. I’m cool.

    Still a long ways to go on my chronological Stephen King quest.

  5. Such cute puppy pictures! I’ve forgotten if you’ve mentioned it before, but how old are the pups now? And how did each of them lure you into taking them home?

    @Deni I’m so sorry to hear about Flannery. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  6. Dang…just accidentally erased my entire post. 🙁

    Thanks for the dedication, Joe! *smooches* Can you imagine any man putting up with me for a day, let alone 20 years?? Mr. Das is a saint.

    We had a nice breakfast this morning at a restaurant that just happens to have live music on Wednesdays. A bunch of folks with guitars and mandolins play in this little (I mean LITTLE) 50s-style roadside dinner, and we just happened to hit it on the right day. They were pretty good, too! Nice way to start the morning.

    @ Mr. Deni – Nice to see you here! And thank you! Give Deni a hug for me, and a raspberry on her cheek!

    Cheekberries – it’s what I give my father-in-law when I kiss him goodbye on the cheek…on his face. Not all the time…I save ’em for special, like when I’m feeling particularly mischievous. 😈

    I give hubby cheekberries, too…but they’re a bit different…

    Yeah…better shut up now. 😛

    LOVE the puppy pics! That one of wee little Maximus is just too adorable! How can’t you love a puppy?? And Aspen? Good dog! I hate those real fur animals…I have my suspicions that the fur used on those things comes from dubious sources. Though I’m not against the use of fur in general (When I was a kid I had a room decorated with hides and fur…’cause, like…I’m weird) this is one place I draw the line.

    “…juicing me up a carrot-beet-ginger-apple concoction for breakfast.”

    That’ll clean ya right out! 😀

    Oh, and tell Glenn that even though the dirt may be the best part, the Salmonella, E. Coli, and other possible contaminants are not. With the risk of cross-contamination these days, even innocent veggies are exposed to things once only found in cow pastures. So…WASH ’em, and wash ’em good! (Sorry… that sounded a bit motherpreachy… 😛 )

    Nites, sir…and thanks again!


  7. Baby Jelly. So cute. OK, I’ll stop now.

    Glad to hear that Peter will be directing again for SGU.

    Stephen King. I just can’t read horror. Nightmares.

  8. OMG, look at Maximus!!! I mean, he’s always cute. That header is so adorable. But as a puppy? I’m speechless!!!

  9. Joe, you’re taking as much time as that knife story thing ??
    ….that reminds me ( of course it needs to reminds me of something) of one of my ex- rockclimbing partner Éric. That was before I bang my toe on one of the rocks, …had to stop for a good 3 months, ….tought I had broken it. It was taking him 15 minutes to decide which wall we should climb. That was for every wall , and I’m not exagerating. He was driving me nuts.
    “how about this one” I would tell him ” well…..” he would answer. Couldn’t help wondering if it took him that long for every decision he needed to make. I would climb all the way up, he would climb the same wall halfway. Don’t get me wrong, he was a very nice guy, It just took him FOREVER to make up his mind.
    now the link between you and this story 😀 … none.
    Just tought I would fill in my daily blog on you site with something interestingly useless to know!!! (why not!)

  10. Jelly and Max are so cute.

    What is up with those antlers. Wasn’t wearing diapers enough insult?

    Bad but very cute Aspen.

  11. Awwww. They pups are soooo adorable. I think Aspen and my Maddie would get along great!

    I hope you have a safe flight to Montreal and that you enjoy your time with your family. Say hello to them. Some of us (like me) have to work. Yep, people still need their medical reports typed on Easter. I would hate for someone to have to wait for a heart transplant surgery on Sunday because no one was available to type their history and physical which has to be on their chart before they are wheeled into the operating room. But that is okay. It is only once every 4th weekend that I have to work.

    I like the purple family so a nice plum sounds great as a new interior color. My office paint is actually called “Easter Egg Purple.”

  12. I just want to say that I am really liking new Stargate. Excited to find out what will happen on Friday. Boo to the haters.

  13. Aww! you got me. those pictures are deliriously cute.

    Regards to Mrs M and Sis and have a deliriously good weekend.

    @Das & Mr Das – congrats on 20 and heres looking at the next 20:)

  14. of course it serves me right for not checking the time and therefore not realising it was 3am before I headed for bed but the irony kinda struck me as I’m re-reading Stephen Kings Insomnia.
    On that note I’ll say Good Morning and make as graceful an exit as I can manage.

  15. There can only be one expression I can muster at the pix of the lil ones….aawwww…so adorable.

    Oh…please, don’t “purple” anything on SGU.

    Agree with Das…you don’t need to get sick fro the host of crap in dirt. shudder…

  16. It’s melancholy for me to look back at young pictures of my pets. Good memories but I see the results of aging, you know what I mean?

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  17. Joe, great pics of the dogs!

    Congrats to Das & Mr. Das for hanging together for 20 years.

    I’ve never been a fan of horror or Stephen King, then I picked up The Stand. I’m still not a fan of horror, but The Stand still creeps me out many years later.

    One more day till SGU returns! YAY!!!!

  18. Oh thanks Joe for sharing the pup pictures, they are really adorable. I have used those diapers things at one time or another when mine were pups, they work. Really Carl! and Jelly’s looks fashionable as well. The ones for the male pups of course fits differently. Aspen’s eyes say it all, lol, what me?!?, the kitty must have said something to really tick him off. Safe journey to moms, *waves to mom and sis*, I know you LOVE to fly. Have a macaroon for me, any flavor.
    Congrats to Das(and Mr Das) on your anniversary!

  19. That pic of Jelly & Max is freaking adorable!

    Poor fake kitties!

    Grats to Das & Mr. Das!

    Have a great long weekend everyone!

  20. Aspen. Look at him. So cute. And destructive!

    Yep. We have a Husky-Lab mix (body of a Husky with Yellow-Lab coloring). whose temperament is ALL Husky. Anything small and furry is at risk of being attacked and disemboweled (especially if it squeaks)!

    Turns out that the little squeaker that they have in the dog toys is a fairly good imitation of a wounded rabbit…you don’t want to ask how I know that 😉

  21. @Deni, hugs and condolences.

    Mmm, dirt smoothies. I want a juicer, but it isn’t in the same budget as everything else this year. Dang things are spendy.

    Last night I was carrying the empty cat carrier to the basement and I fell down the stairs. Stair, actually, luckily I was at the bottom. Hit my face on the doorknob and landed on my hands and knees. The bruises are spectacular. I’m very stiff this morning and have weird pains in odd places. I need a stunt double if I’m going to be such a clutz; I’m too old for this crap! Do stunt doubles come in short, fat and whiny?

  22. May I suggest the purchase of a kindle? Alas, one loses the smell and feel of real books, and I found the page turn delay kind of annoying when I first tried to read on the device, but the annoyance subsides quickly. And the upside is that I can carry a whole library with me wherever I go. Plus, it’s lightweight!

  23. With the Stargate Con coming up in Vancouver in a couple of weeks, I was wondering if you would be willing to do a dinner like you did a couple of years ago.


  24. @maggiemayday: Thank you, so appreciated 🙂

    @Das: Mr. Deni says “Hey!”. That’s chatty for him 🙂

    Hi Joe, so, Elway has been kind of down since Tuesday, figured he was upset over Flannery. Now we’re off to the vet again, he’s got a high temp and who knows what’s going on. Oi, enough already.

    Anybody here familiar with Dog Judo? Check it out at dogjudo.com, pretty silly but still funny.

    Have a good day, everyone!

  25. maggiemayday: so glad you weren’t hurt!

    Mr. M, Aspen preformed a “mercy killing”. Good dog!

    Say hi to your mom from all of us!

  26. Hi, all, checking in from Anxiety Central, AKA 7 days to Chimaeracon. Between home, business and con obligations, I’m playing Whack-a-Mole!

    My proactive health care is producing results. Energy levels increased just in time for final month of con obsessi… I mean prep.

    Joe, I had lunch yesterday at one of San Antonio’s newer high-end eateries, Il Sogno Osteria at the re-developed Pearl Brewery. My sister’s neighbor is one of the chefs. Enjoyed plate of three antipasti; ground sweet peas (not sure if the term was tapenade or paste), grilled summer squash, and mozzrella/ham pinwheels. Sorry, no photos; Big Sis rolled her eyes.

    to be continued, perhaps…

  27. My condolences to Deni. Was Flannery a rescued greyhound?

    Congrats to Mrs. & Mr. Das!

    Generally good news on the Chimaeracon front. We have more pre-registrants this year than last, have filled every gaming slot and most panel slots (only one panel room), and some long-pending schedule items are falling into place. The year-long donations of time, energy and *ahem* cash are paying off!

  28. Joe, I am wanting to post a question for the mailbag…don’t know how so…Is the set of Atlantis still standing or has been torn down? Also, I understand the complaints about SGU but I still think it is a good enough show to watch the ENTIRE season befor making a judgement. For all the fans hating on the show, they must have forgot that SG-1 started out pretty slow. It only takes a few action packed episodes to get them on board! can’t wait for tomorrow night, new aliens look interesting. thanks

  29. I went through a juicing phase but it sure takes alot of fruits & veg to juice everyday. Then I decided I didn’t want to drink my calories, it never felt like I ‘ate’. Plus, we need more fibre in our western diets.

    If Carl thinks diapers are ridiculous ask him about these. (I had hoped it was an April Fools joke but according to the comments, this is not the case).


    (My favourite comment – “pretty sure those things are tied to their tails and not….um……err….”plugged in” like a Glade Plug-In” My second favourite comment “What is she gonna do with that thumb? Oh dear lord!!!!”)

    I also like Dean Koonz, he’s similar to King.

    Aww cute pictures. Puppies on pillows….. Although with the threat of leakage problems I don’t know….

    Looking forward to the new epsiodes.

    Have I said how much I dislike how the studios are cutting seasons in half. It’s like you’re just getting to know who’s who and then it’s byyyyeee see ya in four months suckers. Then with my crappy memory I have to watch the first 6-8 episodes again to familiarize myself with the plot lines again. grrrrr. (sorry for the off topic rant – just a real pet peeve of mine).

    Have a great day everyone!! Safe flight Joe!!

  30. Hi Joe!

    OMGed, I almost passed out from the cuteness of Baby Maximus!!! Baby Jelly was adorable too!!!!



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