Sorry.  Late entry today as  I was off getting my hair cut.  I bit the bullet and made an appointment at a place my buddy Ivon recommended.  I must admit, my hair has never smelled so good.

Today, we watched the very first director’s cut of the new season.  Congratulations go out to writer Carl Binder, the cast and crew, and, especially, Robert Carlyle who delivered big time in his SGU directorial debut.  Next up for Bobby = he’ll be doing the catering for episode 7.  Can’t wait to try his spicy jambalaya!

Alas, not much progress to report on the script front.  I’m stilled mired in the Teasely morass of episode 10, Resurgence.  For once, I’d love to write an episode that doesn’t include any of that pesky dialogue.  Just pages and pages of action direction, meaningful looks, and people crying.  And the occasional explosion.

Hey, guess what premieres this Friday night on Syfy?  That’s right!  Stargate: Universe is back with the first of ten new episodes.  Friday’s episode, Space, offers action, adventure, aliens, and a few surprises.  And, speaking of those aliens, if you want a sneak peek, look over here (, but only if you want to be spoiled.

Every so often, I like to check out the search engine terms that have led the uninitiated to this blog.  Usually, its terms like “Joseph Mallozzi” or “Stargate Producer’s Blog”…Ah, who am I kidding.  Usually, its terms like “Julia Benson”, “Elyse Levesque”, “Alaina Huffman” and “Ming-Na”.  But, occasionally, the darndest descriptors find their way onto those lists.  Some of my faves from the past few days include:

“japanese facepalm smiley”

“super sexe montreal”

“piggy puffs”

“fort dodge, iowa twolly”

“awesome chocolate cake”

Hope everyone found what they were looking for.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Flannery.  Get better, buddy!


Thornyrose writes: “well, I’m torn between that women standing together thing and the fact that you’re just a nice guy who deserves to win.”

Answer: Not to mention the fact that, while she’ll blow her winnings on rice cream sundaes for her vegetarian friends, I’ve earmarked mine for a habitat in Kenya that helps alcoholic orangutans get back on their feet.

pg15 writes: “Perhaps your hand pain will go away by itself in a few days?”

Answer: That’s what I assumed.  Last month.

Thornyrose also writes: “If the hand is still bothering you might be worth going to a doc to get checked out.”

Answer: I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.  My hand has roughly 13 hours to magically heal itself.

Lawren writes: “I’ve never supported Ashleigh this much in any endeavor.”

Answer: What about the time she tried out for the part of Billie in that off-Broadway production of Glitter?  You seemed pretty damn supportive then too.

Sylvia writes: “How’s Mamma Mallozzi?”

Answer: Back home and doing better.  I’ll see her this weekend.  Thanks for asking.

Sean D. writes: “1. What’s your favorite tea?

2. What book did Rush finish reading in “Light”?”

Answer: 1. I’m a matcha man.

2. It wasn’t a real book, just something the props department came up with (placing a fictitious cover on a real book).

Jeff writes: “And lets hope for Butler destroying Michigan State, since I’m a Wolverine fan.”

Answer: Go Bulldogs!

Avabird writes: “Joe, how did you develop your fondness for eating body parts that most people won’t eat?”

Answer: Not sure.  I was a fairly adventurous eater growing up, something I parents encouraged.

Avabird also writes: “What was the first thing you ate that you probably thought you would never eat?”

Answer: Fugu.

Avabird also writes: “Is there anything you have eaten that you wished you hadn’t?”

Answer: Thirteen bowls of ice cream in one sitting.

Deni writes: “I know she’s really old for a Greyhound, but that doesn’t really help, you know? She’s not in any obvious pain, but dogs can be so stoic that it’s hard to really know.”

Answer: I agree.  I often wonder about poor Jelly and her bad hips.  Some nights, she can’t sit still or will start furiously licking her lips or whining.  She’s obviously experiencing some discomfort but I can’t exactly ask her “Where does it hurt?”.  And there are other times when I’m sure she just sucks it up and suffers quietly.  My poor girl. 🙁

56 thoughts on “March 29, 2010: Production Update! Our Premiere Approacheth! Mailbag!

  1. Hey Joe

    I had a black lab that also had horrible hip trouble. We’d give him an aspirin a couple times a day to help with the pain. Might not be a bad idea.

  2. Wot? No piccies of the new do?? I am…disappointed. 🙁

    Good to hear Momma is back home! Give her our best!

    “I’m a matcha man.”

    Matcha, matcha man,
    I’ve got to be, a matcha man!
    Matcha, matcha man,
    I’ve got to be a matcha!

    Okay…that’s all I got. I’m really tired. Nites, sir!


  3. Joe, re: Jelly and hips. Two things. Bromelaine which is a natural anti-inflammatory from pineapple. I order mine from Naturmix but you can get anywhere. It works great (I use it too, might help your hand!). The other is more expensive, it’s called adequan. It is an injectible that actually helps restore fluid to the synovial joints… the liquid padding that keeps them from rubbing. If it works on horses and my big Rottweilers, it could be amazing for Jelly. I hate seeing any animal in pain when solutions like those that are harmless could help. Good luck on the hand!

  4. I’m looking forward to the premiere

    Can’t wait to see how the Young/Rush debacle plays out

    There are just some things a person can’t undo

    Framing a person for murder is one…Marooning the other person on a planet is another

    Or maybe we’ll find that one cancels the other out…and Young and Rush become “besties” like they were always meant to be?

    Should be an interesting episode

  5. Found my bikini top!! Yeah, that only makes sense to a few people here.

    Did you ever find your script Joe?

    Poor Jelly. Did you end up looking into the injections? My Gran’s/Mum’s dog is now 18 and the effect of the injections is wearing off after a year. Mum’s going to take him back for another round but she has a feeling 2010 will be his final year. He’s such a trooper. Think that’s a big part of Gran rubbing off on him.

    Great to hear Mama Mallozzi is back home.

    das – I know you’re not a Buffy fan, but it’s impossible to hear that song and not picture Buffy Season 1 in a cheerleader outfit singing it while dancing around her kitchen. Or is that just me?

    Deni – Thinking of you guys and Flannery.

    Tammy – Challenge her to a dim sum-off!

    Anyone else watching what’s going on at the LHC at the moment?

  6. I got it! What about a loud smoke alarm goes off on the Destiny and the crew has to figure out how to turn it off. It is so loud that the crew can’t talk to each other, but can only gesture and point. That would relieve you of writing that pesky dialogue. Another idea is maybe tell the actors they are being given an acting exercise, tell them the idea of the scene and just let them improv the scene. It might be the beginning of a new form of script writing for SGU!!!

  7. Be careful with the aspirin recommendation. I believe dogs need to have enteric-coated aspirin. You should call the vet. I don’t know the brand names in Canada, but Rimadyl is a quite popular doggie-pain reliever. You could also try a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement for dogs. That may help. You can get that at any pet store.

    Glad to hear your mom is home.

    I cannot WAIT until Friday. My withdrawals from no SGU on Friday nights has been HORRID.

  8. joe, my finger accidently clicked on the link above. I accidently spoiled myself 😀

  9. 13 bowls of ice cream in one sitting? You’re crazy.

    Yay, SGU on Friday. Can’t wait to find out what happened to Rush. I’ve been watching HGTV every Friday when I’m home. Definitely staying home this Friday night.

    I’m amazed at the pain dogs and cats can endure. Having gone through three pets with horrible cancers, I just can’t imagine the pain and how they all dealt with it. We can tell someone else what’s going on. I wish they could so we could help them.

  10. I had an Australian Shepherd with arthritis in her hips. I gave one glucosamine tablet a day. She was a pretty big doggy so the vet told me to just get the kind a human would take. I’d dunk the large tablets in peanut butter and she thought it was the best treat ever. And it did help her–quite a bit, actually.

  11. I’m rootin’ for you now, Joe! That place in Kenya must need thousands and thousands of dollars if orangutans have to be brought all the way from Borneo to dry out. Is it something in the lovely Kenyan climate that helps the process?
    Anyway, it sounds like a worthy cause. So go Joe’s teams!

  12. Hey Joe,

    Wow, that is some picture for the new back ten. Wow, I mean okay…alien is right. Cool…going to be a ride.

    It is always nice to hear good things about your mom. Sending her a *big teddy bear hug*.

    Sounds like next season is in good hands. I am still trying to wrap my mind around this one.

    So very cool of you to share with us.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl :o)

  13. Joe said: “Every so often, I like to check out the search engine terms that have led the uninitiated to this blog.”

    ….and every so often I add bizarre search terms that I’ve found in your blog posts to Google so that they show up in your statistics… although I can’t claim japanese facepalm smiley or piggy puffs or any of those today….wish I’d written down the last ones I did – they were hysterical and an attempt to cheer you up when you were down.

    Glad you finally got your haircut and it smells pretty (why weren’t there any photos?)…do you have a manscaping appointment as well?

    Re: episode with not much dialogue – how about the brilliant Buffy episode “Hush” ….The Gentlemen are the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

    Good luck with the hand thing, hopefully its nothing serious….have you ever though about a hand transplant – who’s hand would you want?

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Ahhh, the Mallozzi war chant – Matcha Matcha Man!

    Please do convey our best wishes to Mamma Mallozzi on your visit home! Or, her visit to Vancouver. Aha, the real reason for the need for a hair cut. One must always appear spiffy for Mom! Good Man!

    Who’s doing the cooking? Mamma should be taking it easy!
    And, I guess being careful of stuff consumed…but, there are things that are very “medicinal” in nature and I hope she is able to get a fair share of that.

    and it is way past bedtime in the mid west.
    Nite nite.

  15. @Narelle – OMG…the bikini top! Fantastic….seen my ipod shuffle?

    I’ve got a good feeling about this week….perhaps there’s a small window where everyone finds stuff..

    Cheers, Chev

  16. Hey Joe, your dream writing job sounds like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie! 🙂

  17. Joe,

    Will we see Robert Carlyle try his hand at writing a story (or at least contributing the story idea)?

    Two more games to go.


  18. i got here from the stargate universe wiki.

    ever had a tingling feeling like cold water being pored over your hand?

  19. my question is “is there a possibility of seeing Rick reprise his role as Jack O’Neill in Season Two?”

  20. -Happy to hear that your mom is home – best place for her to get better now.

    The reason that I’m so wrapped up in the Stargate concept is because it is so plausible to me. I *know* that we are being visited because I saw a disk in the sky once, doing a gentle bank, heading into space until it disappeared (more to the story, but…) . I haven’t a clue what they’re doing here or what they look like. But, mercy!!! if they look anything like the aliens we are going to see, that really scares the bejeebers out of me. The truth could be anything… I’m really looking forward to Friday and the beginning of the second half.

    It is so heart-hurting to see our furballs in pain. The suggestions are helpful.

  21. Mr. M, take Jelly to the vet. As the other stated, there are some good meds out there that might help the pain.

    rice cream sundaes?: That is just NOT right!

    Glad your mom is better!

    Deni: I’ll be praying for you making this terrible decision. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  22. Joe,

    Good luck with the hand doc, and have a great trip to see your mama. Give her lots of hugs!

  23. Do you give Jelly glucosamine-condroitin? It helps with joint pain a good bit. The brother-in-law uses it daily and it’s safe for dogs. Ask the vet. 🙂 Poor poochy. 🙁

  24. ” For once, I’d love to write an episode that doesn’t include any of that pesky dialogue. Just pages and pages of action direction, meaningful looks, and people crying. And the occasional explosion.”

    Hey Joss Whedon was able to pull it off. I think you could to. 🙂

  25. And what do we strive for if it’s not great smelling hair, thanks Ivon for helping Joe out. Picture to follow,right?
    Looking forward to Friday and SGU, got the popcorn ready to pop.
    Spicy jambalaya, ok ready to try it, how ’bout some red beans and rice, etouffee,,ok, and don’t forget the ice cream.
    Does Jelly like to be massaged, maybe if it didn’t pain her too for you to massage around, it might help, probably wouldn’t hurt and she knows you would be gentle.
    Have a safe trip to see mom.
    @deni, good thoughts for your baby Flannery.
    @narelle, glad you found the top, maybe the black hole is spitting things back at us, could be that its too full.

  26. Sounds like you have a busy few days. Doc visit, flying off to see mom, and I presume returning in time for work on Monday. Hope you have a doggie sitter that will give Jelly the special attention she deserves. Not that the other doggies don’t deserve special attention too.
    When do we get to see the haircut? And I must admit to dissapointment. Never took Ivon to be the type to go to a place that would leave you with nice smelling hair. Serious loss of macho points there. Since you at least tried to find a real barbershop, your macho rating holds steady.
    Busy enough in the next few days that the premiere of the second half of Universe won’t be a torture to wait for. Thanks for the mailbag, and hoping the doc has some good news for you. (like you’re simply getting ready to grow a new limb ala District 9).

  27. Hubby says the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is two weeks.

    But then he doesn’t have long hair, LOL.

    Ginger has been helping my joint pain, but I have no idea if it is good for doggies.

  28. Apparently somone has already reviewed the new SGU episode, those of you who like the new incarntion are ok it is just the rest of us who will be dissapointed at least for this next episode.

    Reviewed by: Michael Hickerson (Slice of SciFi Editor) Slice of SciFi Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 A Solid, Dark and Compelling Return The good news for fans who were enjoying the first season of “Stargate: Universe” is that when the series returns Friday to SyFy nothing has changed. That bad news for fans who didn’t like the series is that nothing has changed.

    So much for more action, I have left out the spoilers by the way.


  29. Hi joseph! ça va ?

    Moi super! Demain je passe toute la journée dans un parc d’attraction du future nomée “Futuroscope”, je suis tellement impatiente, comme je rentre tard je risque de ne pas pouvoir passer sur votre blog!

    Ehéhéhé oué Andria m’a dit pour ce week end 😉 vous allez pouvoir bien vous reposez!

    gros gros bisou ♥

  30. I hate getting my hair cut (I know that sounds petty but you’d understand if you knew me) but I also am bitting the bullet. The Parkinsons Society is doing a Cut-A-Thon on April 25 and for $35 you get a grab bag of cool products and all proceeds go to Parkinsons research so I thought this is a good excuse to endure a hair cut so I’m rather excited 🙂

  31. Acupuncture. For human and dog. It helped my Australian Shepherd’s arthritis a lot. And I had it after my back surgery last year and couldn’t believe how much it helped!

  32. Good to hear your mother is progressing.

    Does she prefer to be called Mamma Mallozzi or Mamallozzi?

  33. 13 bowls of ice cream? Wow. O.o That’s quite an accomplishment. And I have thought eating a quart to cure “the blues” was pretty bad.

    For me, adventurous eating meant I tried the eel and abalone sushi. Or conch chowder at Bahama Breeze. Haven’t yet been able to eat the sea urchin.

    One of the elements I have completely enjoyed about SGU is the tension/hate between Young and Rush. And that’s not been between major characters before in Stargate. Or at least, not in the same way. And I like the “maybe I’m evil genius/ maybe I’m your only hope vibe” with Rush. Okay, I just like Rush.

    Talking about March Madness, let’s not forget the ladies!

    Have a great weekend visiting your mom! Say hello from us!

  34. Danggg I can’t wait.

    Oh and sorry I haven’t been here lately. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the stargate movie campaign logo contest, so it’s eaten up all my Internet time. Still, I’m gonna try to find to post here from now on.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  35. Hi everyone and Joe, Sheryl here, here to report my sis, Deni and I had a nice w/e shopping and then dinner last night for 20, we hade a great dinner and Mr. Deni is wonderful. Now the bad news, Deni called me this afternoon at the vet’s as I was on my way home and gave me the bad news, Flannery was VERY sick and had to be put to sleep!! Deni is beside herself!! I am doing this post for her as she was not sure she could do it!! She may comment too. A horrible thing, but the poor baby was suffering! Elway is upset too!! Our thoughts to Deni!! WE know that these are our pets, but they are part of our family and more like our children!! I know I think that way about my cats!! Deni thanks everyone for their well wishes and thoughts and I am sure she would like to hear from you all!!@Chervon 7, I told her about our talk before all this and she was happy to hear that we had “talked”. You all take care and hug your animals/babies!! Sheryl.

  36. I can finally recommend some books! The Outsiders Vol 3: Wanted or as I call it “The Trouble with Nightwing,” and Richard Stark’s “The Hunter” by Darwyn Cooke — it’s drawn in the coolest 60’s style with great artwork.

    Question; I was checking out the fan vids on youtube for SGA, where fans had to stre-e-e-etch the meaningful looks and The One Kiss in order to create the ‘ship vids (Teyla and Michael are apparently cheating on poor Shep, if you believe the vids!) So how is it writing for steamy SGU after writing for such a chaste SGA; was this something that writers wanted to do for a long time? I apologize for asking this question again but now halfway through SGU the differences between the demure SGA and steamy SGU are even more marked.

    SGA was all about repressing and heavy silences while SGU screams and slides down walls before leaping into the nearest bed; not a bad thing mind you; I’m all for passion, but I wonder how the writers are handling the steamier writing style.

    Also, if SGA could have been like SGU how would the lovelines have been drawn – which hookups were the writers rooting for? (Teyla and Michael? Rodney and Elizabeth? Shep with Clone Elizabeth? Teyla and Ronin? Zelenka and Sam? )

  37. @ Deni – very sorry to hear about Flannery. It sounds all too familiar. My sympathy and thoughts are with you and your family.

  38. My only request with a haircut is that I don’t have to comb it for a few weeks.

  39. JM, I know you mean well… ahem… but you are aware that alcoholic orangutans live in southeast Asia, not Africa, aren’t you?

    (I’m pretty sure African orangutans — otherwise known as “chimpanzees” — are teetotalers.)

  40. Any idea what is going on with Stargate: Revolution. Has MGM been sold…have they given the go ahead? I am dying to know. Its just gotta happen!

  41. Thank you all for your kind words; Ron and I are comforted by your friendship and caring. 🙂

  42. So this script you long to write without dialogue, any chance of something stylised coming our way in the near future? I’d be curious to see something like that put onto film, especially considering how interesting your dialogue has been in the past (and present).

    I’d also like to annoyingly point out that I spent a fair while reporting back on Au Pied de Cochon and got no response. Nothing? Really?

    Hope the hair looks as good as it smells.



  43. Nyyyyyce. I admit it, I took a peek and really liked what I saw. Creepy.
    I have a date Friday night with my tv, a new episode of SGU, a bottle of red and my bf via the magic of MSN video.

    Ya gotta love technology! (Is it bad that I remember life before the internet and home computers?)

  44. I just started reading Consider Phlebas and am having a bit of a tough time getting going on it. It sort of just tosses you right into the mix of things with little explanation of what’s going on. Does it get a little easier to follow the further you get into it? So far, it’s almost a bit too alien for me. Regarding the return of SGU, can’t wait. And I’ve got my DVR set to record the marathon earlier in the day. On a final note, any update on the comic book?

  45. Joe, don’t want fight.. don’t publish if you think it will. But honest, forgo the glucosamine/chondroitin. Research says not of value in many research tests.

    May clinic says glucosamine alone in some situations may help

    But bromelain works like aspirin, but safe for dogs. Adequan is studied to death and superb results.

  46. Robert Carlyle catering? Hmm, more than purple potatoes and bad strawberries I hope. Also hope we get a face-off between the two Roberts in S2–Carlyle and Knepper. I just gave myself goosebumps typing that. Say it’s soooooo Joe.

  47. Anxiously awaiting the SGU premiere!

    I firmly believe I will enjoy the back half of season one. If it has everything you said it does, it should be awesome.

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