I’m considering doing something a little different from the five star, fine dining culinary pilgrimage I take to Tokyo every year.  No, I don’t intend to replace my annual Japan trip, just supplement it with a more casual, down home excursion – perhaps a trek across the U.S. in search of the best American eats.  I want to be like that guy on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives minus the peroxide hair.  Yes, I’m thinking…Road Trip!  Minus the driving of course.  I’m putting together a list of must-visit cities (and their must-visit restaurants) so if you’ve got any suggestions, I’d love to hear ’em.

To those of you requesting a Q&A with my office arch-nemesis Ashleigh: http://josephmallozzi.com/2009/06/19/july-19-2009-my-arch-nemesis-ashleigh-answers-your-questions/

Which reminds me.  Guess who’s leading the SGU NCAA Office Pool?  Yep, just as I predicted, Ashleigh has taken the early lead.  But it’s early and I still have faith in both the Ohio State Buckeyes and West Virginia Mountaineers to make me look good.  Or, at the very least, better than Ashleigh.

Check out the Art Department Package and pics from my favorite episode of the first half of season one…

Art Department Package – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

Gate Address – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time. Yep, we keep records of every planet our team visits.

Destiny Storage Room – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time. More of the Destiny rooms to help you complete your own model Destiny!

Destiny Lab – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

Ext. Jungle Planet Stargate/Clearing – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Ext. Jungle Planet, Cave – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

Int. Jungle Planet, Cave – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

Int. Jungle Planet, Cave – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

Nest - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

Squigglers - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time. What'd you think they were called?

Attempting to detach a young squiggler that has clearly mistaken Carl for its mother. Watch the teeth!
Speaking of which...

Fruits & Nuts - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Time.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday individual Gen!

73 thoughts on “March 20, 2010: Roooooooooaaaaaaaad Triiiiiiiiiiiiiip! Making Time!

  1. Yeah, my pool was pretty crushed by the Kansas upset. If Duke and Ohio State can hold out, it should be very good for me.

    Joe, from the moment I learned that yougo to a joint named “Memphis Blues Barbeque” I’ve wondered if you’d ever had the pleasure of the real deal. Depending on what specifically you’re craving, I know plenty of places to reccomend, holes-in-the-wall and classier joints alike.

    And if you wanna see how the pros and amateurs measure up, Memphis Barbeque Fest is May 13-15. Here’s a link if you’re interested.


  2. I will put in a vote for Atlanta. Especially along the Buford Highway corridor, we have some great Asian and Mexican restaurants. Lots of other good places throughout the city. To get you in the mood, try reading a great blog about places to eat in Atlanta called the Blissful Glutton – http://blissfulglutton.com/ The pictures alone are worth it. Be sure to check out past months/years.

  3. Wow, I was so eager to warn you I didn’t bother checking my spelling. It’s the Rendezvous.

  4. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Herbfarm (though not a diner…and pricy…and reservations are necessary, I believe):


    I have their cookbook by their original chef, and it’s amazing! I would love to dine there one day, but – alas – I doubt it will ever happen, so I’d to dine vicariously through someone else, and who better than you, Joe??! Of course, there is a new chef, and I’m not sure it has the same reputation as it did back 7 or 8 years ago when I first heard about the place. Also, I believe the meals are all served with wine – that’s part of the experience – the wine pairings – and I know you’re not big on the fruit of the vine. Sheesh – some Italian you are. 🙄 Anyway, for the price I would be very cautious about going without doing your homework. Worse comes to worse, you can always buy the cookbook!




  5. So. Has Carl been able to eat Calamari – let alone, hear the word spoken – since that picture was taken?

    Can’t help envisioning Kirk Douglas cast as an unwitting pawn in a certain rather nasty “Disney Moment” of Classical Literary destruction! – Who knew that Carl would be the one to reprise the role?!

  6. Of course, you could always come here, Joe – as I recall, you vacationed here as a youth. Not sure we have any restaurants worthy of your tastebuds and high standards, but I’m sure we could find something. Boardwalk pizza, fries and funnel cake, for starters, followed by a good Philly cheesesteak, an Italian hoagie, and cardiac arrest. 😛


  7. well, NYC, for sure. Unless you’re actually gonna drive, and don’t want to go to the other side of the continent. But if you decide to go to NYC, I’ve been making up a list of places i’ve been wanting to go to, and i’d be happy to share it with you

  8. Come to Moss Landing, California and eat at Phil’s Fish Market. Phil defeated Bobby Flay with his fantastic cioppino during an episode of Throwdown.

    Castroville, which is immediately south of Moss Landing, is the artichoke capital of the world. Nearly 100% of the commercially grown artichokes in North America are grown in Castroville and the surrounding towns. They have an artichoke festival every May, and back when she was Norma Jean, Marilyn Monroe was crowned the Artichoke Queen in 1947.

    Also, you should go to the Monterey Abalone Company. It’s one of the only places in the U.S. that raises abalone.

    A Monterey specialty is a flatfish called a sanddab. They are exceptionally tender and sweet. So far as I know, you can only get them in the area between Monterey and San Francisco.

    No matter what, you MUST do the Northern California Trifecta: French Laundry in Yountville, Gary Danko’s in San Francisco, and Marinus in Carmel Valley. Although my personal favorite San Francisco restaurant is Gitane.

    (It’s my job to know these things. Seriously – telling people what is awesome in my area is what I’m paid to do!)

  9. Joe,

    The Food Network has this show called “Man versus Food” where this guy visits various restaurants like you mentioned. Some of those restaurants may be what you want.

    Yes, I am curious as to how West Virginia University’s stingy defense will hold up against high ranking opponents outside of the Big East.

  10. road trip, huh! sounds like a nice idea 😀 how many states do you plan to visit, in how many days, how many hotels do you plan to stay in, will you rent a car. Sounds a bit pricey !!!!
    I know this might not sound original, but if you plan to go to the States, you might want to try Bertucci’s…. The restaurant has great pasta dishes, with real seasoning in them.
    It’s a must try! :mrgreen:

  11. Coucou Joseph!!! Comment ça va ?

    Ahh mais quelle bonne idée pour ce voyage gustatif au us !! ..je peux venir avec vous? lol ..moi dès cette été je m’attaque à tout les restaurants Parisiens et je pense que je vais créer un blog car moi aussi j’aime la nourriture mais j’ai tout simplement pas l’occasion de pratiquer dans ma campagne pour l’instant.

    Merci pour ces photos 🙂 Cette bestiole fait vraiment peur, a t’elle un rapport avec les extraterrestres vuent dans le trailer 1.5?

    Bonne anniversaire Gen!

    Bonne journée!

  12. Lurker – first time poster (please don’t mock the punctuation/grammar).

    I would love to take several such trips (U.S. and International). In fact, I plan my vacations around food, as opposed to activities/sites.

    (whispers so no one will hear) I actually have a Food Bucket List…….and it’s reeeeally long.

    In the States, some items/places I would like to try:
    -Serendipity 3 – Frozen Hot Chocolate (New York)
    -Magnolia Bakery – Cupcakes (New York)
    -Bouchon Bakery (New York) Martha’s favourite bakery
    -Dylan’s Candy Store (New York)
    -Cream Tea (or High Tea) at the Ritz (New York)
    -an authentic bagel, pretzel, pizza, cheesecake, hot dog, oh and did I mention CHEESECAKE etc. (New York)
    -Pilgrimage to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory (Vermont)
    -Carlo’s Bakery (The Cake Boss) – Lobster Tails & Cannoli (Jersey)
    -Antoine’s – Oysters Rochefeller (New Orleans)
    -find the best Etoufee, Gumbo, Mud Bugs, King Cakes, Cajun, Creole, Alligator etc. in all of Norlans
    I could go on and on……………

    Joe – have you ever heard of the Food 100 lists out there on the blogosphere? Given your adventurous palate, I assume you would be able to cross of alot of the items, on any of the given lists. Here’s a link to a couple of them. (if you’re interested – look at the first paragraph and they can explain what they are much better than I can). There is also an American 100, Greek 100, Omnivore 100 etc.

    The Sweet 100

    The British 100

    Have a Great One!!

  13. Gotta say I hope you’ll lose on the West Virginia. Although it’s doubtful. Tigers have pluck, but little seeming talent.

    Well, I can’t offer up any places specifically (although I know Guy has visited places in both towns, including a good BBQ in St Louis), but, you will have to let us know your general schedule. I’d love to pop over to Kansas City or St Louis if you pass through and meet up as an attempting-to-be-daring food lover.

    Also, Minneapolis has some amazing restaurants. I’ll try to find the list I had at one point.

  14. Oh, and PS. That faint din you hear, that if you listen closely sounds like cheering? Yeah, that’s the sound of the town I live in celebrating KU’s loss.lol

  15. I’ll be your guide to San Antonio’s homegrown favorites, both traditional and new. We’ll avoid tourist traps and national chains and support local restauranteurs. SA runs the gamut–American diner eats, European, Asian and Latin of various origins, and, of course, barbecue and Tex-Mex.

    Could you make that trip next Spring and be a guest at Chimaeracon X as well?

  16. Gary Danko, San Francisco – best food I’ve ever eaten..

    For the stunning view alone and a pretty good “Ambrosia Burger”, visit “Nepenthe”, Big Sur, CA….been there, done that, and yes I bought the t-shirt!!

  17. Hi, Joe!

    Thank you for again for posting the photos of the production art work. Always entertaining and very informative. I love the creative process.

    Visiting N. Calif? If you wind up in Sacramento, for sushi try Taro’s.


    Look for the location at Arden Fair on … Arden Way. It’s right off the freeway – Hwy 80 or Hwy 50 (well, a small drive off of 50)!

    Also in Sacramento, is the fantastic Frank Fat’s in downtown Sac (also right off the freeway) – there are several locations to choose from, but I like the one at 806 L St.


    Italian – Biba’s is wonderful.


    And yes, you guessed it, right off a freeway.

    We have quite a wide selection in Sacramento, with the wineries surrounding us, and the politicians in the Capitol. LOL! French, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Greek, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern and one of the best steak restaurants – Cattlemen’s that I’ve ever been to.

    http://www.beststeakinthewest.com/ (Right NEXT to the freeway!)

    If you wander west from Sacramento, my favorite Japanese restaurant is a Pop/Mom place called Joe’s Honda Sushi, in Pleasant Hill, tucked in between Martinez, Concord and Walnut Creek. (Again, right off the freeway [680 this time].)


    It’s a small restaurant, and the owner Joe is the chef. Fantastic place with terrific taste combinations.

    No matter where you decide to travel, have a safe journey to and from, and I hope you enjoy your epicurean adventures.

  18. Yes! Finally, Joe, you have embraced the Road Trip. Having taken many of them across the western US, I can safely say that it is a joyful experience for anyone who is nature-inclined and…

    …Oh wait, you want to search for good eatin’? Uh…well, um, there’s a great restaurant in the desolation of Northern Nevada. They serve…food. Good food! Also, be sure to visit Crater Lake; it’s beautiful there…and also there is food. Great food! Yeah…food.

    Ah who am I kidding, I know nothing of food. Though, it did feel pretty good to finally eat at restaurants during my recent trip to LA. My Uncle took us to a few little cafes, and the food there was delicious! I wish I took some photos of them.

    If you do end up taking this trip, Joe, I strongly suggest checking out some of the natural sights. I don’t mean just going there and taking a few pictures either; I mean going there and really absorbing the sights and sounds; understanding who and what you are in terms of this new environment.

    I know you’ve said before that you’re not really interested in nature, but I think you’ll be surprised by what a wide vista of moutains, oceans, forests, valleys, etc. etc. can do to your state of mind. Being always stuck in a city, always surrounded by human, artificial constructs, has a way of shrinking your perspective and closing off your mind to the ideas found in the greater world. Here, within the comforts of home, we forget that we are constantly surrounded by the wild, and that we are so small in comparison to what’s really out there, in terms of physical things, and in terms of ideas and concepts.

    Who knows, perhaps witnessing the amazing sights of the Earth will give you ideas of the amazing sights that could be witnessed by the crew of the Destiny, out there in the Universe.

  19. OMG! You cast Robert Knepper.

    He was the sole reason Season 4 of Heroes was watchable. He rocked in Prison Break (a guilty pleasure of mine).

    Awesome casting. Can’t wait for him to show up (in whatever Season he shows up in!).

    And a question:

    I know the crew so often does commentaries on the DVD’s, and occasionally Chris Judge or Gary Jones would come along and do one. How many of the actors in SGU have offered themselves for commentaries on a more regular basis (rather than the odd one here and there).


  20. Knowing you like chocolate, I’d suggest Max Brenner (http://www.maxbrenner.com/). They’re in Philly and NY, and as of summer 2010 also in Vegas. If they’re as good as the Melbourne Max Brenner, you’re gonna LOVE it. So if you plan on going to any of these cities, make sure you skip dessert wherever you have your lunch/dinner, and go to MB.

  21. Joe, you could always come to Columbus, Ohio and check out some of the excellent restaurants owned by Cameron Mitchell like M and Mitchells!

  22. Thank you. 🙂

    And I know Detroit doesn’t often make it onto lists of must-see cities, but if you end up in the Midwest then I’d be glad to take you to Vicente’s for Cuban cuisine.

    Chicago would definitely be a good stop on your trip. Bistro 110 is a personal favorite, but honestly we’ve rarely been disappointed no matter where we go when we’re there.

  23. So I’m getting early alzheimer’s, forgetting Ashleigh has done a Q&A. No reason she couldn’t do another one…
    Several places along the east coast worth stopping in at. Richmond has a few nice fine dining places. But if you want BBQ this is the area to be. From Richmond to below the state line with North Carolina are several excellent BBQ places. I’ll work on a list, as they lie along the 95 corridor. There is also the Baltimore area for some fresh seafood places, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been up there. And then there is DC itself, which has quite a selection of international eateries scattered about. All depends on how far you want to drive, or spend on the road as to how many places you hit. The advantage of the 95 corridor is that you can go from Boston to New York to DC to Richmond in one day, and choose to head towards Atlanta or Savannah within another. Not including stopovers of course. Downside? About a solid four day drive back to Vancouver. You could always do a combination. Fly in to someplace like NYC(if you don’t end up there with Mr. G. holding you in that city the whole time) and then take a rental. Whatever you decide, looking forward to hearing about this trip.
    Thanks for the great pictures. Always appreciate the time and effort you put into this site.

  24. I would highly recomend Charleston, SC. It’s a beautiful area to visit, and it is the home of Low Country Cooking, which is wonderful. Just in the Downtown area are several resturants that cater to the Low Country brand, but also some good Italian, Greek and others as well. On Kings St is my favorite Charleston Pizza Grill, which is a bar with the best food ever! Isle Of Palms, over on the North side in Mount Pleasent has some fantastic places as well. Jack’s Cosmic Dogs on Hwy 17 is awesome if you are in the mood for Hot Dogs. Also if you love FRESH seafood, try Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasent. The fish, shrimp, oysters, etc are all brought straight off the boat into the resturant all day long. If you head a little South, along the Ashley River, into West Ashley, they have the best Italian resturants ever. Up in North Charleston they don’t have a lot that isn’t commerical resturants, but Yokoso’s is a favorite in our family when we want Japanese. Then you have Goose Creek, Summerville and Moncks Corner, which all have some fantastic places. I could go on, as I lived there for a while and miss it horribly.

    Also, if you are inclined to bring the puppies with you, going to the Boardwalk and the Battery along the Harbour is a great walking place. Not a place really for bigger dogs, but your gang would love it!

  25. Come to think of it, after Cuban eating, you could visit Detroit’s Greektown and Mexican town and sample the fare there as well.

  26. I can’t think of anything more exhausting than a long road trip! The only thing that would make it worth the drive, for me, is a beach 😉 .

    You could always go see your mom. How is the weather in Montreal this time of year?

    I say, take a flight to N. Y. C.! I’ve been watching “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Tasted” on the food network channel. So far, it seems N. Y. C. and New Orleans are the most shown cities of unforgettable foods. Boston is a close third.

    That is a lot of pressure to put on a young lady’s shoulders: “arch-nemesis Ashleigh“! Is Ashleigh up for that?

  27. Absolutely fantastic pictures!
    Thank you very much for them. Today’s ones are the best yet. Some new info about the Squigglers, always good. I hope you will keep releasing those pictures after 1×11 Space airs. I wonder what is written on the Space’s aliens concept arts and what’s their name. But now one question about the gate:

    There’s always different 7th symbol. How is that possible? Maybe I’ve just missed something but I thought 7th symbol is the point of origin…or not?

  28. @Mr M

    Please post a table of office pool for the NCAA March Madness. How many picks is your minion/nemesis Ashleigh accurate so far?

    By the way are you setting a NHL playoff wager with someone again this year?

  29. Hi, Joe —

    If you haven’t been watching “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, I’d highly recommend checking out the show’s page on the Food Network (U.S) website. I’ve got a bunch of places to go on my visit to Chicago next month. The show runs the gamut from fine dining to taco trucks.

  30. The Lucian Alliance on SGU.. REALLY? Yawn. Why? One of the most uninspired group of villains, why? WHY WHY WHY? I am imagining an earth arc and praying you don’t have them somehow IN the SGU area but WHY?

  31. I LOVE that show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives! I watch it all the time. But I must say, I think you’ll be missing a little bit of the charm by flying to these locations. Driving across America is the coolest experience. I love watching how the landscape changes and seeing different people. It’s awesome.

    Guy Fieri has a huge list (on-line) of his favorite restaurants he has come across in his show. I would reference that list and visit some of them. He has them broken down in the various catagories. (Google Guy Fieri)

    I live in Texas and once flew to The Mall of America in Minnesota to shop for a day. We flew out that morining and was back home that same evening. It was fun. I also wanted to take one day and go eat lunch in the Space Needle in Seattle but have not done that yet. What I’m saying is, (since you will be flying and not driving) you could pick an interesting or popular landmark anywhere in America and go have lunch or dinner there.

    But the places Guy visits look sooo good! Wherever you decide to go, I will be looking forward to those blogs! Yum, I can’t wait.

  32. Joe you have to come to cleveland, its becoming a foodie destination on the level of nyc and chicago. We also have an iron chef :). If you don’t make a stop in cleveland you would be really missing out.

  33. I recommend Madison, WI and the food at the Weary Traveler. It’s a great local place with large portions, good drinks, and if you are there when there’s no rush you can pull out one of their board games and play Scrabble, Sorry, Clue, etc… The atmosphere is very laid back.
    Then for dessert you have to go to the Memorial Union and get Babcock ice cream. It’s made by the university (this is Wisconsin, everything involves milk!) and is so rich. You enjoy this on a summer’s evening at the terrace of the Memorial Union overlooking the lake while enjoying a local band or movie playing at the terrace.
    Or just come for the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market, which extends all the way around the Capital square, and you must get Spicy Cheese Bread (basically Challa with cheese and peppers in it) from Stella’s.

  34. If you happen to get a little lost on your road trip and find yourself in deepest, darkest Scotland you will be able to try out the item that I have just found in a take-away menu – “Haggis Pakora” or our local store was recently attmepting to sell “Haggis Pizza”.

    They both sound totally revolting.

    Why not film a documentary for foodies when you are out and about – taking along a companion would be a good idea.

    Think of all the doggie bags that you would be able to take back to the hounds.

  35. Hiya Joe, definitely do Per Se in NYC, but make reservations now. Daniel is good but left Lauren and me a little disappointed in the main courses. Aureole had a fabulous lobster dish, but not-so-good charcuterie and desserts. Meh, just go to Carnegie Deli and have a pastrami sandwich! I’d tell you to come to Gainesville, but we have two restaurants that I like, and lately, they leave a lot to be desired. Sucks. Taking my son to NYC at the end of May, wanna have dinner with us? 😉

  36. Great idea Joe.
    Second what Nicole Gustas said about Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing. The ciopinno is very tasty.

    For just south of Houston, near the Johnson Space Center (JSC) off Nasa Road 1 (yes, real road name)…go to Franks Shrimp hut. Great shrimp and oyster po boys.

    Just north of the JSC, is Peteys. Great BBQ. Place where the Astronauts go for BBQ and beer.

    Washington, DC – Blackies for steaks
    Ellicott City/Columbia, MD – King Sushi
    Miami/Dade – numerous great Cuban restaurants
    Kissemee/Orlando – Sushi – Ming Court.
    Chicagoland – Gino’s East for deep dish pizza. Also Lou Malnattis. I prefer Gino’s but other love Lous.
    Chicagoland northern suburb – Vernon Hills/Mundelein – Narabe – Sushi, Japanese and Korean cuisine.
    Palatine – Asahi Sushi

    have to go think somemore.
    plus now I am hungry.

  37. Joe, here in Florida it’s heaven for foodies!! I will start with 11maplestreet.net ,this place is close to me and kabra, just up your alley. I will send you an e-mail with all the info. In miami-North one ten or north one 10, in the top 25 for miami, this place is owned by a friend and her hubby,we have been friend since we were 12 years old,also chef allen’s in Aventura, been around a while. Some others, In Disnet, at the Grand Floridian, Victoria and Alberts -PRIMO-, the French Bistro, in EPCOT and Italy in EPCOT too. You roll out of each one!! Details to follow. Sheryl.

  38. You actually have to drive to make it a real road trip. Unless you go to San Francisco or NYC where you can walk.

    Thanks to Carl for the laugh this morning. Chili’s in Chino Hills? Is there actually one in Chino Hills? Quit abusing the poor guy. That squid thing is really icky.

  39. Joe,
    I was looking at the Squiggler model and it would have been fun to see the conception process from the drawing to the final “product”.

  40. Hi Joe,

    Road Trip Eats…hmmm. It’s more of a chain restaurant, but I’ve never had a bad meal at Mortons:


    I’m a born and raised Marylander with Chesapeake Watermen on my Mom’s side of the family, so if you like seafood, want to try (or already like) Maryland-Style Seafood, and you end up near Annapolis Maryland, I can recommend the Steamed Blue-Crabs at Cantler’s Riverside Inn:


    I’ve only ever had the Crab there, so I can’t recommend anything else.

    Other Crab places I can recommend from personal experience:

    (Kent Island Narrows – Just across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis)

    (Ocean City)

    (Washington DC, Baltimore, et cetera)

    Philips is always good, but Cantler’s is more faithful to the Classic Maryland Recipes.

    All the dockside restaurants will be casual in attire (they expect you to get your hands covered in crab-seasoning) so more jeans, less Armani.

    You may also want to try Maryland Crab soup (a tomato crab soup rather than cream-based stuff…it’s sometimes called Vegetable Crab). To this day I can’t stand “creamed seafood soups”…including clam chowder. It’s a Maryland thing. Although I do like Oyster Stew, funny that.

  41. I simply must persuade you to swing through Texas on your Culinary American Road Trip (CART).

    A visit to the Reata in downtown Ft. Worth is a guaranteed good time. http://www.reata.net is their website. It is a Ft. Worth staple and reopened a few years ago after being decimated when it’s prior building was destroyed in a tornado. And while in Ft. Worth you can experience the Japanese Gardens (one of my favorite haunts on a Spring day), any number of world-class museums, or check out the Stockyards for a real old-style Texan experience. I can even hook you up with a book signing or two in my stores if the book with your short story is out by the time you come around. You could be a real celebri-tay for a day!

    And then you can hop on over to Dallas which has any number of fine dining establishments. There is Charlie Palmer’s (www.charliepalmer.com), the Mansion on Turtle Creek (http://www.mansiononturtlecreek.com/dine1.cfm), and numerous others.

    While I have lived in Dallas for a number of years, Ft. Worth is my stomping grounds. I’ve been to the Reata and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have not been to Charlie Palmer’s nor the Mansion, though I know plenty of people who have. The Mansion is very pricey and a coat and tie/evening dress kind of place, so it’s really not for everyone, especially me. Charlie Palmer’s is a bit more accessible from what I’m told.

    Keep us posted on where you plan to go on your trip and when. If your plans and availability align with mine, I’d love to take you to the Reata.

  42. I have a road trip in mind. I want to retrace the road trip my mums cousin took back in the 1970s. It did get him kicked out of Canada but I’ll bet it would make a helluva trip. He drove from Calgary to the Mexican border,picked up a load of hash and got busted going back into Canada. So he comes back to this country and ends up robbing a bank for which he did some serious porridge. Needless to say he was the family shame for years but it gave us plenty to talk about at family get-togethers 🙂
    Oh yeah, I just want to do the journey bit not the hash bit!! too old for that crap now LOL

  43. I thought the squigglers were land squid.

    There already is a tree octopus legend and a real flying fish.

    The next logical step is a space cuttlefish. Or is that too obvious to bother mentioning?

    Boston’s a good place to go to hit a lot of good places quickly.

    Careful at the border. If the border guards hit you, try not to think too much about self-preservation or wonder why – the only legal response is to comply immediately. Cheerfully helps, too, but not so cheerfully they’ll say you’re on drugs. Practice submissive compliance before you leave. You may need a skilled stunt person to perform a non-lethal head strike so you can see how hard it is to focus with your bell run. Don’t worry about the lethal head strikes. I’m not saying it won’t be an issue, but preparation for it is a non-issue.

  44. Huge win for my hometown Red Wings last night over the Canucks as time expired in OT!

    Figures, as if Georgetown didnt hurt me enough, Villanova and Kansas had to go on and lose too!

    Lets hope west virginia can go all the way.

  45. What a nice coincidence. I was just talking about the antics between you and Ashleigh earlier today with my sister. Despite not commenting as much anymore, I still read your blog regularly and I really enjoy hearing about what goes on behind the scenes.

    So this road trip…will it be an air trip? Or something chauffeur-based?


  46. You have to come to Atlanta/Marietta! One of my favorite high-end places is called Nava and is a southwest ‘themed’ place. Another great place in Marietta is Williamson Bros. BBQ, its sooooo good you need to try the bbq baked potato its yummy! Let me know if you head this way, i would definitely pay for your food.


  47. Hey Joe

    Nope, sorry, can’t help you. The only trips I’ve had to the States were back in the ’70’s and that was the odd trip across the border to Buffalo to buy cheap booze. The trips were uneventful, that is until the last trip (I wonder why I’m saying the last trip). Anyway, it was February, and it was snowing (imagine, snow in Buffalo, in Feb!) and we had decided to turn RIGHT after coming over the bridge instead of our usual left. Well, we found a little pub / grill thingie and had us a liquid lunch, then proceeded to buy our booze and left. Now getting out of there was impossible. Really it was, one-way streets and dead-end roads everywhere. Now we had gone by this one corner a couple of times and I noticed that there was a cop down there, “Why don’t we swing by and ask for directions” I asked. (I know, all you woman here are going to be saying this isn’t a true story ’cause a guy suggested asking for directions, just remember I’m Canadian. And the fact that we were stuck in an incredibly small corner of Buffalo and either drove over or looked down every possible street at least twice during the last 2 hours). So we made our way back, turned down the street, and no cop. He had gone. We stopped where he had been stopped (you could tell from the tire tracks). And started to discuss what to do next when suddenly there was a tap on the window. Aha, there was the cop, seems he followed us after seeing us go past twice. We explained that we were from Canada and somehow we were stuck down here in this little corner of Buffalo. “No problem” he said, “happens all the time, just follow me”. He gets back in his car and goes by us and we follow, right back to the spot we kept coming to. He turns on his roof lights and siren and then jumps the curb right into the traffic coming from Canada, gets out and waves us onto the lanes going to Canada. We comply, wave bye and proceed to go home. I notice the cop had a rather bigger smile than might be accounted for helping 4 lost Canadians. Well he jumped back in his car and escorted us to the centre of the bridge and stopped right at the yellow line blocking a lane and a half, came over to us and said “I think you can find your way home now, right guys”. With the entire Canadian Customs people watching , ya we’ll be lucky to be home in 6 or 7 hours….

    Anyway, Joe, my next trip to the States was 30 years later, straight down to Orlando for 8 days, we had use of a time share so bought our eats and cooked them ourselves. The odd time we ate out it was IHOP or McDonalds, which I’m sure you don’t want to hear about.


  48. @Dodoalda – That threw me, also – but if Stargates establish wormholes from one physical location to another, then the Destiny gate has to work very differently, as only one end of the wormhole is fixed. The Destiny doesn’t stop (only “in range” for a limited amount of time) so its constantly changing location wouldn’t be represented by one static symbol. I have no idea how that’s supposed to work.

    7 symbols for a local-galaxy address, an 8th symbol to jump to a different galaxy, and a 9th symbol to designate a moving gate…? Maybe? I’ve got nothing.

    Joe, is there a techno-babble explanation for how this gate works?

  49. Ah ha, the Mallozzi and a road trip sir? But without the errr……road?
    Now, don’t get me wrong here – but there is a TV show in the making right here with your basic Idea…
    Now, far be it from me to wonder just how good or bad you are behind a wheel, handlebars or on skates, but to my way of thinking you have a massive opportunity of tuning a passion into a living…

    Thinking in terms of taking a road trip that actually involves a road, but you’ld need a No2 to share the driving and the filming.
    Then just pull into small towns all across the US and ask people where are the locally best places to eat etc and go there and film it.

    The opportunity for humour and hilarity is massive and at the same time you can meet people you know and go to their favourite places and even get some of your production office and actors (past & present) involved in stages to help with the driving/filming etc.

    Huge possibilities for the Mallozzi here!
    Do the first one as you’re show real, then get the backing.
    But base it all on just turning up in some small town and asking the locals.

    Season two: Northern Europe
    Season Thee: Malaysia
    Don’t forget the book and DVD sale proceeds will be highly in you’re favour also.

    Because if there is one thing you excel at JM – it’s yer food…

    Dude – time to get hungry (like you need telling that lol)

  50. Hello Joe.

    I have to suggest NJ. I know what you’re thinking… Why? Well if you go to historic Clinton, there is a GREAT restaurant called the Clinton House.

    It was built as a hotel in the 1700s and converted into a great restaurant know for their steak, and it offers a very intimate dining experience. You are also very close to the 5 time Atlantic League champion Somerset Patriots. Good food, good baseball, and Neshanic Valley Golf Course seal the deal on a great vacation. Plus you can take a bus from Clinton into NY city for a day.

    Best wishes.


  51. Lexington, SC would be a great place to stop on your road trip! There is a restaurant called Hudson’s Smokehouse that serves the best barbecue pork, beef brisket, chicken, and ribs in the entire area. You could come through here on your way to Charleston which also has some great eating. Best wishes on putting together your list. My husband and I also enjoy the show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

  52. Joe, have you ever been to Troll’s in Horseshoe Bay – on a hill overlooking the ferry terminal to Nanaimo. When I lived in Vancouver, they had the best fish and chips. It was nice to sit outside, eat and people watch for a bit on a beautiful day.

    The other place was White Spot. Are they still around? They used to serve home-made mayonnaise with their fries…heart attack heaven.

  53. Ooh a road trip sounds fantastic….can we come?

    I did some research and AskMen listed the 10 best diners in the US. I’d go Avalon and Becky’s. I think you need a goal…the search for the best pie etc.

    So I lost my first final four team today – Pittsburgh. My bracket has soooo many holes. I only have 7 teams in the Sweet 16 – Ohio St, Syracuse, Butler, Kansas St, West Virginia, Duke, Baylor. How are you doing?

    Cheers, Chev

  54. Hi, Joe (again).

    Regarding the title for SGU’s second season episode #9 – Okay, I guessed words and numbers, how about signs/symbols/characters?

    I didn’t try other keyboard characters for example:


    or all those other mathematical proof signs that you need a special character set to create.

    Perhaps episode 9 has a title equal to (=) … E=MC2

    OR! – Do’h! – Gate addresses in the binary language? (Although, three Gate addresses wouldn’t be all that helpful…)

    Or chemical symbols?

    H2O? (Except, you had an episode titled Water in season one.) Or their pictographic equivalents (alchemy)?

    Yeah, I know, I’m thinking about this too much.

  55. @PoorOldEdgarDerby – I have Duke & Ohio State playing off in the Championship game…got Ohio State for the win.

    Cheers, Chev

  56. Ya’ need a gimmick for your food adventures, Joe.

    Canadian blogger blogs food – not gimmicky enough.

    Take a different action figure with you to each restaurant, then people will take notice. Maybe not, but you get the idea. You need a trademark more recognizable than suits.

  57. Joe may I make a suggestion… San Francisco is one of the great food cities. Actually an early visitor to the city in the mid-late 1800’s said that, so it’s not just me. Anywho… try the Cioppino.

    Also if you happen to make it to the area, Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland’s Piedmont area is a particularly wonderful spot for Ice Cream. There’s many many really great places to go to I just can’t think right now.

  58. You gotta go to the South if you want some great food. Charleston SC is a beautiful little town with fabulous eateries all over, you can walk the old town, eat and then walk off your meal at their riverwalk.

    Same goes with Savannah, take the very cool cemetary tour and then tour around their beachfront, and go to Mom and Nikki’s Soul Food and to Paula Dean’s Lady & Sons Restaurant.

    The Fodors Low Country guide will steer you to both new and old great eateries.

    I like that Savannah and Charleston have the very old gorgeous old mansions, big empty beaches and excellent nightlife. Some US cities are pretty interchangable and bland but Savannah and Charleston have excellent character.

    You can also check out yummy bread and ceviche at Lario’s on the Beach in Miami, and if you really want a true road trip go to Harrisburg PA, home of Hershey and stay at the Hershey Spa (much fancier digs than the Hershey Lodge) where you can literally bathe in chocolate.



  59. Hi Joe!

    Bit of a late entry, but I’ll try to make it worth your while to allow it through.

    If you’re coming to Texas, I strongly recommend adding Houston to your food list. We have great American, soul, Southern, authentico Mexican, Tex-Mex, seafood, Asian, Cajun, Continental, etc. restaurants. Plus, I’m here! 😀

    Think of Texas as a great triangle of food. For instance, if you fly Continental, arrive in Houston, eat w/ me & my hubby, drive three hours west to San Antonio, hang with Gilder, an hour north to Austin for more yummy yums, three/four hours drive north to Ft. Worth so Jenny can show you around, then fly out of Dallas. Seriously, you can’t go wrong. 🙂

    Houston food by AV eddy. YFMV (Your Food May Vary)

    Buffalo Grill for huge yummy portions of
    – plate-size pancakes with fresh peaches
    – french toast w/ fresh strawberries
    – huevos con papas (eggs w/ potatoes) with a side of refried beans and hashbrowns. Add a side of tomatoes for something fresh

    New York Coffee Shop for the best bagels and
    – homemade corned beef hash, eggs, lox, etc.
    – seriously awesome bagels
    – very popular with New York transplants and the local Jewish community

    Niko Niko’s for Greek food
    – always get a good sized Greek salad
    – french fries cooked in olive oil (best fries in Houston)
    – any Greek food you like, it’s all awesome
    – in the funky cool neighborhood of Montrose

    Star Pizza (one of top three pizza places in Houston and my fave)
    – white or wheat crust
    – “Joe’s” pizza – fresh spinach with tons of garlic
    – also funky cool, especially Shepherd Plaza location

    Perry’s for the pork chop (I-10 Memorial City location)
    – it’s aged for a week before cooking
    – meat is so tender, it melts in your mouth
    – it’s six inches tall

    Fogo de Chao’s for meat
    – lots and lots of meat
    – to-kill-for salad bar
    – top it all off with caphirini (Brazilian margarita), mashed potatoes, and fried plantains

    Feast for Continental cuisine
    – menu changes daily
    – lots of organ-based entrees
    – also in funky Montrose area

    Oishii for sushi
    several bars for boiled crawfish (in season)
    Ragin’ Cajun for fried crawfish and boudin
    Teotihuacan for Mexican
    Chapultepec Lupita for late-night Mexican

    Our late night Vietnamese restaurant, Mai’s, had a fire, but if they’re open, add them to late night snackage

    Do you drink craft beer? If so, you will be set while in Houston. There’s great craft beer in all of the other cities I mentioned too. Plus, Texas has some very nice local wines, OK vodka, and one of the only bourbon distilleries outside of Kentucky.

    Take care!


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