The other day I was walking down the corridor when I happened upon a sight so depressing, so altogether heartbreaking, that I almost burst into tears on the spot.  Almost.  Instead, I pulled out my camera and took a picture of THIS…

Ashleigh sitting alone in her office eating birthday cake.  Fortunately, it wasn’t her own birthday cake.  That would have made it even sadder.

Fearing she would suddenly turn on the radio and start dancing with her imaginary friends, I hastened down the hall and vowed I would find a way to inject some happiness into her lonely existence.  And find it I did this morning when I invited her to take a stroll with me down to catering truck for breakfast.

Happier times!

Mission accomplished!  Look at the sparkle in her eye, the warm glow of gratitude at the prospect of enjoying a meal in the company of someone, anyone, willing to take the time to say: “Hey, you’re special!  Who’s the champ?  You are!”.  It really warmed my heart.

…while the breakfast burrito warmed my belly.

Got most of the notes for my Resurgence outline (episode 10) and, while I’m still a little leery about the third act, I’m just going to forge ahead.  I feel it might be a little short but Brad was quick to point out that I thought Incursion would be short – and it turned into a two-parter.

VFX Supervisor Mark Savela came by the offices today to solicit our opinions on the fast-developing new aliens. Paul felt the hands were two large, the fingers too pointy, while my main concern was the potential expressiveness of the face (or, at this point, lack thereof).  Mark assured me that they were in the early stages and, as things progressed, they’d be adding layers (ie. musculature and flesh) that will address my concerns.

Second cast read-thru today.  It included regulars and a few recurring including that Prison Break veteran I mentioned in a previous entry.  Very nice guy – unlike the character he plays on SGU.  Or Heroes for that matter.

Sadly, it looks like my NCAA bracket has been busted.  First Georgetown is upset, then Marquette gets bounced, then the Texas Longhorns snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by taking an 8 point lead in overtime – and losing!  At this point, the only thing that will save me are some major upsets.  So – Go Ohio U! Gonzaga! Xavier!  And Wake Forest!

More goodies from the Stargate: Atlantis Art Department archives:

Alien Ship – Stargate: Atlantis, Season Four, Travelers. Since somebody requested it…

Captain’s Chair – Stargate: Atlantis, Season Four, Travelers. Thank goodness for neural interfaces. It’s a wonder anything ever got done without them.
Captain’s Mess – Stargate: Atlantis, Season Four, Travelers. Also serves as the yoga room whenever the Captain is on leave.

Lantian Ship Halls, Color Treatment – Stargate: Atlantis, Season Four, Travelers. As featured on the Sci Fi Edition of Home Makeover.

Traveler's Blood Collector - Stargate: Atlantis, Season Four, Travelers. Traveler's Urine Sampler Collector (not pictured).

41 thoughts on “March 19, 2010: A pitiful sight! Production goings-on! Brackets busted! And more from the Atlantis Art Department Archives!

  1. Hey joe,

    Just had a sweet time on the SGU hiatus project!!!

    @other people who were there

    Had a great first time. Thanks for making me feel welcome!!

    Wasnt able to be on long but it was fun to discuss SGU in a non bashing manner. Loved it.

    Oh and when I logged on everyone was like “High MAJOR D!!

    It was weird cause like everyone new me. Even Mrs. Sherry.

    Guess some people actually do read my posts here. Lol

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. Based on how everyone else in my pool played it, a Kansas upset will be very good for me.

  3. Thanks for the Traveler’s concept art – always love these types of things!
    You look like a cross between The Phantom of the Opera and a mafioso in that picture…

  4. Question…..

    Since the ancients built the Destiny, and the replicators, and since the Destiny was sent out as an unmanned ship, wouldn’t it be likely that they would have had some way to have the ship repair its self? By possibly the earlier replicators like in SG1? Just thinking out loud…….

  5. As an Ohioan, I have to say I was happy to see Georgetown go down in flames, even though I had them in my Sweet 16!

  6. Hello Joe.

    Thanks for the pics. Loved em! 😉

    Once again, I have to thank you for listening, and showing me the art department pictures I requested!

    You know: I was watching the recent re-release of the original Stargate Feature, (the one that goes back to the original print which was very dark) and I noticed something. I think SGU is closer to the original spirit of Stargate than the other series. It is very dark, the characters are stuck w/ (almost) no hope of getting home, the only comic relief comes (mostly) from the geek, although Young did have his own “give my regards to king Tutt (explitive deleted)” moment at the end of Justice.

    Now don’t get me wrong… Most people in this web community know I love SG-1 and enjoyed Atlantis most of all. All I am saying is “watch the original film and be the judge.”

    Two weeks till the second half. Can’t wait!!!

    Best wishes,

  7. Hey Joe,

    Will you please share with us the “rumblings” on the SG1 movie front? We’re all dying to know if things will happen soon or not, if we should just give up on it or not, etc.



  8. Robert Knepper?! Fantastic casting choice. Is he playing an alien? Scary, prosthetic covered alien, not human(ish) alien.

    I was thinking mafioso, too. lol. Then I realized that a mafioso wouldn’t get caught dead with a burrito in his hand. =)

  9. Hi Joe,
    i know you well maybe think im a nut but is it possible for me to get a job writing for the stargate franchise. it would be my dream to work for stargate.

  10. So when is Ashleigh going to do a Q&A? Even if she won’t give us the real good tidbits about how you are as a boss, we’d find her responses interesting.
    As usual great pics, aggrevating teasers, and nice buildup for the second half premiere. Juist two more weeks, after way too many months. Now, if MGM would only be nice enough to give us some hope for both SG movies, even if they’re a year or two down the road.

  11. Hello Joe,

    One quick question regarding music choices. Does Joel pick all of the non-orchestral music in the shows (The Worst Day Since Yesterday, or Sympathy for the Devil, and The Beautiful People, and that song that sounds like Dream Theater’s Root of all Evil (but was really an original piece by Joel)) or is it the Director’s choice? If not, do the producers figure this out during the mix?

    Just curious because the non-orchestral music in the shows (especially Vegas) were GREAT! AND I STILL HAVE THAT FLOGGING MOLLY SONG STUCK IN NY HEAD!!! 🙂

    Thanks again for your time. Best Wishes,


  12. @ arcticbook

    Blasphemy!! No Replicators, and besides nanotechnology is so 2005. 😉 It seemed like the Ancients didn’t mess with nanotech until later on in their history, when they were fighting the Wraith.

  13. Really, Joe?? REALLY??! You’re eating breakfast in your supervillain suit?? Doncha think that’s a bit much?? You don’t see anyone else walking around in their supersuits, flaunting their villainy, do you? Only you, Joe…only you. Does this mean you’ve finally gone over the edge…no more Mr. Nice Guy by day, Dr. Evil Mintknickers by night? Are you all bad, all the time now??

    And do NOT try to explain away the catering truck trip with Ashleigh as your ‘good deed for the day’, ’cause I’m pretty sure you made her pay. Oh, how you made her pay! Did you threaten her with foie gras if she did not smile, with greasy bacon if she did not feign glee over that ghastly grub in a styrofoam bowl?? Oh, what evil lurks in the hearts of television science fiction writers!! With what dark deeds do they torment innocents once they have grown weary of merely putting their thoughts on paper??! Ah, what sweet treachery awaits us all!!

    There is no hope left once a supervillain wears his supervillain suit to breakfast. Just sayin’…


  14. Robert Knepper? Is Robert Knepper going to be on SGU!? Oh please say you have Robert Knepper! I think he’s one of the more talented actors on TV these days. Somehow no matter how much his characters are hated, somehow he makes you feel for them, that they’re just misunderstood.

  15. Coucou 🙂 Comment ça va today?

    Moi oui super!!

    Cool les photos *smile* vous avez l’estomac bien accroché pour manger un burritos au petit déjeuner^^! J’aime beaucoup votre cravate sur la photo et avec vos lunettes vous avez vraiment la class!!! ♥ (L)

    Gros bisous,
    A bientôt

  16. Great news! Syfy promo dept. is ending swag /promo items to Chimaeracon! Some years there isn’t anything left by Spring.

  17. I know you don’t deal with this stuff but please can you suggest to someone to get more light in SGU, its so dark its hard to see anything when they are on the ship.

    The sets look awesome when we actually get to see them.

  18. Joe, I am jealous, I wish I had my own catering truck, lol. And it’s a good thing to take care of Ashleigh there, she has your back, no really! Looks like that burrito is large enough for breakfast and lunch, how cool. Bet it was delicious.
    Thank you for more pictures of the art work, what fantastic imaginations are at work. How is Mr Scalzi as advisor? He is a great writer. also Joe I have already pre-ordered your short story from Amazon, looking forward to reading,,, but what is the word on the comic book front?
    Did anyone think about wvu on the basketball thingy?
    Have a great weekend!

  19. NOOOOOOOO not T-Bag, I don’t know his name but I hated his characters on Prison Break and Heroes. I haven’t liked him in anything i’ve seen him in. But I will say, i’m not sure if it’s the characters he plays or the actor I dislike.

    Speaking of upsets, did you see the Paralympic Men’s Sledge Hockey game today for the Bronze medal, Canada vs Norway. Canada gets penalized 3 times within 2 minutes then as the penalties are about to expire, they award Norway with a penalty shot. Norway scores and ties it up 1-1, then with 3.6 seconds left a soft shot from the blue line is deflected up and floats in right over the goaltenders head. Canada loses 2-1.

  20. Joe – I REALLY need to stop having dreams about you! Although, in all fairness, I think my dream was more about Sis than you. See, after I went back to bed, I had a dream about you – and restaurants. I was telling your sister about this person (forget who) who ate at a good Chinese restaurant in Vancouver – I told her the name of the place (which I forget now), but she wasn’t familiar with it (maybe if it was in Montreal she’d know!), and then I tried to remember the name of the restaurant you were just at, Joe…and my REM brain decided it was called The Pleasantness. Is that close enough to Peaceful?? 😛

    Anyhoo…I think this makes it about 4 or 5 dreams you’ve been in…which is really, REALLY starting to get a bit creepy…so STOP IT!!!

    God…I hate supervillains… 😛


  21. Thank you for the pics, as usual. Always neat to peruse.

    Hey, may I get a blog dedication today? It’s my birthday. 😀

  22. Congrats on the anthology! I will definitely look into buying it. Do you know what the cover art will look like?

  23. The eject button on my DVD player disappeared inside the machine which is a real bugger. You’d think for £400 Panasonic would’ve put an eject option on the remote control as well. Now I’m stuck watching Ghost Whisperer ad nauseum or risk wiggling a screwdriver around in the hopes of hitting something non-fatal. What a dilemma 🙂

  24. @Nigel, the “rumblings”you refer to are nothing more than a gastric upset 🙂

  25. You got T-Bag?

    On the football front, maybe you should consider reversing your method of choosing teams.

  26. @Michael

    LOL, True but the question is still there. They would have to have had something to repair the ship…….. Like an R2-D2 :\ Maybe when they can access the main computer systems on the destiny it will activate something.

    and as far as the computer system… It is obviously before the neural interface. Maybe its voice activated???? and they have to activate it by saying the computers name… which is different than the ships name. That might be kinda lame…or would it?…..

  27. @Shiningwit – a Universal remote control might be able to eject it. My plan is to buy a $30 DVD player from Aldi and, if it breaks, buy another cheap one. I have no luck having things last longer just because I paid more.

  28. Shiningwit: hubby suggests taking the DVD player’s cover off , to see if you can get to the button safely. My sympathies on the Ghost Whisperer 😀 .

  29. Das: you are too funny! You have a fanciful way with words. Ever thought about writing?

  30. Robert Knepper is a great cast addition, even if only for a little while. Hopefully there’s some good scenes between him and Robert Carlyle.

  31. Oh pleeeease. I’d bet a breakfast burrito has never touched your lips in your life. You drink that homemade healthy crap for breakfast. Confess, was it Carl’s burrito?

  32. Hey Joe

    That’s a good idea, let’s have Ashleigh do a Q&A, like @Thornyrose said.


  33. hmm so Das is dreaming about you now?

    Is this a super villain mind infiltration power you haven’t told us about yet?

    Is this how you treat your underlings who serve you, who battle with spork and laser rifles in hand???

    huh huh????

    PS the thumbnail of you in your work attire makes it look like you’re wearing a coat that’s waaaaay too big. So there.

  34. @ Tammy – Nah, I couldn’t write. I can only do short spurts of ‘inspired’ writing, then I lose interest. ADD, you see. 😛

    @ Annie – Joe’s supervillain suit is designed to make him look large and intimidating. ‘Cause…ya know…Joe needs all the help he can get. 😉


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