I feel like I’m a character in one of those Final Destination movies.  The reason?  Well, way back when I was in fourth grade, I was helping my gym glass set up the trampoline.  At one point, a section of the equipment clamped down on my fingers but I was able to quickly slip my hand away without suffering any damage.  Stevie Robertson, a classmate who would later gain some Allancroft Elementary School-level fame by pummeling a bully two grades his senior, was standing nearby and remarked: “You just got your fingers massacred.”  “No,”I told him.  “I’m fine.”  And wiggled my fingers to show him I had escaped any serious injury.  Then, seconds later, a section of the trampoline sprang back and broke my arm, snapping the wrist in two places.  What has stuck with me about that incident – besides the horrific injury sustained, the six hours I spent at the Lakeshore General Hospital emergency room waiting for treatment, or the fact that they eventually realized they’d set the bone incorrectly and had to re-break it – was that brush with danger and disaster, not denied as I’d originally imagined, but merely delayed.

Flash-forward to this morning.  The dogs had come back in from the backyard but I couldn’t find Lulu, so I went outside to look for her – not realizing she was upstairs in Akemi’s room, trying to rustle our guest out of bed.  I’m not exactly sure what my deck is made out of but when wet, it’s like one of those hilariously treacherous walkways suspended over a vat of whipped wasabi they make the contestants negotiate on the Japanese games-shows.  My feet slipped out from underneath and I landed hard, hitting the top step, though thankfully not quite its corner, managing to take the brunt of the impact with my butt and outstretched arms.  I slid down the next two steps and rose, remarkably, uninjured.  It could have – and, frankly, should have – gone much worse for me.  I could have caught that corner, injured my lower back, my legs, or possibly even shattered my wrists when I swung my hands around to cushion to my fall.  Disaster denied.  Or delayed?  Suffice it to say that with the memory of that trampoline incident forever in the back of my mind, I was extra cautious today.

Still, if Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that – to quote Peter DeLuise – “Death holds a grudge.”  And I fear it’s slow-witted step-brother is just as petty.

Last night, Akemi and I had dinner at ReFuel.  Unfortunately, after talking up the crispy duck for two days, I was disappointed to learn that they were out.  So, instead, we had a variety of alternate items including:

The house croquettes - Crispy outside and a decadent liquid foie gras center.
Creamy onion soup with croutons and herbs. Akemi LOVED this dish. Apparently, she's never had anything like it in Japan.
Hand-rolled potato gnocchi with roasted mushrooms and fresh herbs. Another Akemi fave.

We were pretty stuffed and, as a result, ended up sharing dessert.  Three to be exact…

The house creme brulee. Akemi was all over this.
The peanut and chocolate parfait. My favorite.
The apple & pear crostada with extra extra sour cream ice cream.

I was planning to take Akemi to the art gallery today (I hear Vancouver has one) but she suggested just staying home for the day – which was perfectly fine with me.  After perusing my considerable library of Asian dvds, we ended up watching the live-action GTO movie – a truly terrible feature based on a truly awesome anime series.  We took the dogs for a walk and gave Bubba a bath…

Bath-time for Bubba

Tomorrow, we’ll track down that legendary art gallery.  Promise.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday boy Joel and the gang at WordPress who have been wonderful hosts to this blog over the past couple of years.  And a special shout out to Nick and Hanni in tech support!

69 thoughts on “February 18, 2010: Disaster denied or simply delayed? ReFuel! And Bathtime for Bubba!

  1. Maybe you should consider banishing all staircases from your property since you seem prone to mishaps with them every couple of years. I would suggest a trampoline be used to get from level to level, but under the circumstances…

    How about ladders and firemen poles with a slide for the doggies?

  2. Oooh that gnocchi looks good. I wonder if ReFuel delivers… to California.

    And doesn’t Bubba know that he’s supposed to hate bathtime? It’s part of the dog rulebook I think.
    He does look happy though. Did Lulu join in later?

    – KB

  3. Entertaining personal history! Re-Fuel pics! DOGGIE VIDEOS! 9/10 for today’s blog. (sorry, no 10/10 until and unless we ever get an SGA movie; a 9.9 if we get an SG-1 flick). Only thing missing was a SGU report(that would have topped you out at 9.6)
    Seriously, glad you weren’t too badly hurt, and that you’re secure enough in your masculinity to have shared the slightly embarrassing story. Please keep up the good work, and continue to enjoy your adventures as tour guide

  4. Wow, Bubba was really enjoying bathtime! I thought dogs hated water? Or maybe my dog is just part cat! 😛

    Loving the videos! They’re amazing! And I’m sad the crispy duck was gone too; that’s a dish I’d actually like! (I’m quite picky!)

  5. LOL is that a SPECIAL tub just for the dogs? Incredibly cute.
    Glad you are okay, that could have been a horrific injury.

  6. Love the bath video! The food looked to die for, and I’m still on the preemptive diet 🙁 Nite, all!

  7. OHHHHHH, sorry, did not know we were to use the tub for the babies bath. No wonder they were hard to find when we had the yard hose….oops.

    Was that Lulu grunting/groaning?
    Does Bubba have asthmas?

    We will do it right next time.
    It is our honor to serve.

  8. puppybath!!

    My dog is due for a bath any day now. She’s terrified of them… maybe I should try bringing in a toy like that.

  9. Joe, you wore poor Bubba out there with him chasing the toy in the water, so funny, did he actually ever get the ‘bath’? Looked like he enjoyed it.
    And thanks for the foodie pix, yum, those desserts,whoa. Any protestors outside Refuel for the foie gras? maybe they gave up or its too darn cold. Hope Akemi is enjoying her visit to the city and that the traffic hasn’t been bad with all the extra activities going on. and that the leather furniture was not too slippery from all the cleaning we did.shiny shiny shiny…wax on wax off. Enjoy the day and thanks for sharing.

  10. Joe – perhaps you can look at it this way – this time the disaster came first (the finger cut), and the denied disaster came second (the slip & fall). Fell better? 🙂

    Have you heard about the Epic Beard Man? This tweaked video is hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS9CbKdhNhk

    Bubba’s adorable! Like a little furry piggy! 😀

    I will refrain today from making pervy comments about your food.

    @ pg15 – Coolness about Colbert! He’s hilarious! Not nearly as funny as you, though. 😉

    Have a good evening, Joe and Akemi and the puppies! Have a good whatevertimeofdayitis, everyone else!


  11. Cute, cute dog videos lately. Did Bubba ever actually use any soap or did he just play around in the tub looking so adorable for your guest? Your dogs have a ton of personality.

    Glad you did not break anything in your porch fall. Wish I was so lucky. That is a horrible story from your elementary days. You poor kid!

    The food pictures are really killing me. I can’t eat too much since I am mostly sitting around with my leg propped up or I’d look like a buffalo when I went back to work. I’m hungry all the time right now.

    @PBMom – thanks for the shout out!

  12. How cute are the noises Bubba makes?!

    I decided last night while taking the dogs for a swim that two of my favourite sounds are the noises the dogs make when they go swimming.

    It’s one of those places where there are no noises from the city world which in turn allows my thoughts to settle. Just the sound of the river, the kookaburras going crazy at each other, the local owl who hoots during the day and the grunt, grunt of the dogs as they swim against the current and generally look like happy little chappies.

    That parfait looks amazing.

    Have a good night Joe.

  13. Hey Joe,

    Its been a while… sorry for the missing in action been quite hectic at work these days. I just wanted to drop a hello for you and a big kiss on the nose for Bubba.

    take care

  14. Oh, as for your impending dea- I mean misfortune. Go and do some random acts of kindness in the hope that you can remove the mark you have been branded with. Or just hope the mark gets transferred to some other poor shmuck.

  15. Bubba sure does enjoy the bath. My dog hates it! She just sits and stares at me, like “how dare you do this to me!” She hates the bathtub the worst; the kitchen sink is the only thing she will tolerate for more than a minute. I guess I have spoiled her that way.

  16. Ok I’ve had overwhelmingly Negative responses to a fan campaign!!!! Anyone!!!! Help!!!! Briangate suggested I take it to syfys forums but I don’t wanna have to create a new account and start a life on a new forum. lol

    I’d discussed the possibilities with people on this blog not to long ago and I got mostly positive responses then. You think any of you positive people could drop by and help me out??

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  17. Joe, glad to hear you came out unscathed. You may recall that I’m in Maryland to lend extra hands and legs to my sis-in-love. She fell on ice the first week of this month; every time someone leaves the house, someone else cries “Watch out for the ice!”

  18. Ohh Anime movies, watch the Death Note live action ones. They do the series more justice than the Great Teacher Onazuka?(Sp?) one.

    The guy from that has been cast in the Gantz live action movies being filmed in Japan in the near future.

  19. Feel better. That was supposed to be ‘Feel better?’. I guess I caught Misspellozzitis, or something. 😉


  20. Gosh, that food looks fantastic!

    I wish my dogs were into bath time like Bubba. It takes two people to get either one of them into the shower: one person to lift them and a second to pry their legs off the door. lol. It really is a sight to see.

  21. Ouch! Watch out for that other, metaphorical shoe to drop… in my experience, it always does! Glad you weren’t hurt worse.

    And, not to be picky, but you appear to have taken Bubba SWIMMING, not given him a bath!! Doggie baths generally include, but are not limited to, shampooing said beastie and trying not to let them shake water/suds everywhere.
    And then cleaning dirt and dog fur out of the tub. 🙁
    Bubba is just way too cute. Love the little squishy dogs…

    Link to an interesting Airlock Alpha article regarding TV show cancellations and the reasons behind them:


  22. It’s been many, many years since I’ve been to the VAG… All I remember is that is was a tad over done in Emily Carr…

  23. Love the doggie videos!

    I was happily eating my oatmeal when I saw your photos from ReFuel. Somehow, my oatmeal doesn’t seem as appetizing anymore. My only other option at this point is McDonald’s, though, which doesn’t really hold up to those photos, either. I heard there was some lime & salt microwave popcorn in the breakroom, but the reviews are not good. And that’s pretty bad, considering what some of the guys here are willing to eat.

  24. Hey Joe,

    OMG, ouch and more ouch. SooOOOooOoo, when someone mentions “broken bones” you bring up this story. Maybe you should skip it next time. ick and more ick.. Your POOR mother…she must have been a wreck for those six hours. oye

    Wow, the duck must have been a huge disappointment. You chatted us up so much about it… I WANTED TO SEE IT!! You can always go back again. Or at least dig up some old pictures of “a” duck.

    BUBBA!!! That is so great…that belongs on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Hey, you live in America..just not the USA. Bubba is a STAR!!! ROFL

    Very entertaining…

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  25. Contrary to past statements, I’m getting kinda glad I don’t live in Vancouver. I’d be even heavier than I am with ReFuel so close by.

    There are very few dishes you post that don’t look positively drool-worthy to me.


    And how stinkin’ cute is Bubba?

  26. p.s. Joe meant to tell you glad you are not injured seriously from the fall. I used to put those strips on the steps that stick to them, and are a little rough on top of them,(got them at lowes) it saved my butt more than once when I was in the land of ice and snow. hope parts are not too sore today. Enjoy the day. 😉

  27. Bath time for Bubba should be a regular feature. Too damn cute!

    I wish I could get my dog in the bath. I have to use Happy Tails mobile grooming at $80.00 a pop because Brandi does not play well with others.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  28. I sympathize with you tumble down the stairs – that happens to me at least twice a season during winter. Normally, it is caused by two leashed poodles pulling me vigorously if they feel I am moving too slowly for the commencement of their walk. As for baths – I trained my barkers to shower when I shower. While I get clean, they get soaked and then they get their own soap and rinse action to end the party. But, they don’t have any cool toys to play while they wait…have to make a note of that…

  29. Had a vision that if I hid in Daytona for awhile I’d duck assignment. Glad that came true. Now for those lotto numbers…

  30. So, Joe, are you really trying to tell us that you are just a “klutz”? I am glad you did not get hurt. Nice to know we have something in common. I have a penchant for falling down and up stairs. Be careful out there!

    Maybe Bubba can give my dog some lessons on how to enjoy a bath. We have to run the water, sneak up on the dog and grab her (a two-person job for a 20 lb. dog); then run into the bathroom and lock the door. She spends the whole time trying to leap out of the tub. I am usually more soaked than her by the end.

    Why don’t you take Akemi to do the zip-line eight stories above lovely Vancouver. Talk about a bird’s-eye view.

    The DeLuise!! SQUEEE!!! Just had to have a bit of a fangirl moment there. Been a fan of his since that unmentionable decade. That show he was on with an address for the title.

  31. The Vancouver Art Gallery may not be open, I only say that because the whole front of it has been wallpapered and you can’t see a doorway in. But if your down there anyways you should take Akemi to Robson square and do some ice skating, and maybe the zipline if you feel like waiting in line for a half hour.

  32. Compliments to whomever had tub duty, ’cause that tub was sparkling!

    Joe, are you accompanying Akemi to any of the Olympic competitions?

  33. No Crispy Duck! That is a tragedy of epic proportions! That reminds me I need another dinner adventure soon…

    Keep the videos of the dogs coming!! I love them!

  34. Joe, I’m glad to hear that your fall didn’t end up being too serious. That said, you’ll probably feel the results a couple of days after.

    Re: Lakeshore General… you won’t be surprised to hear that apparently the horror stories in Emergency are still going on. A friend from St. Lazare drove to Hawkesbury to have emergency gall bladder surgery this week… no wait time, everybody was on the ball, great people, the deed was done laparoscopically and he was out the next day. You would think that after all these years someone would have come to the conclusion that something is broken in how that department is being run.

    Pastrygirl’s link is depressing. It’s all about those “suits” again, playing monopoly with the shows and audience. I really don’t bother watching too many new shows any more because I don’t have the time to waste on a show that will be cut.

    I’ve said it before, I love the Stargate franchise. SG1 and Atlantis were quality shows, writing and acting. I miss the people and how well they all meshed…. I guess that’s what’s missing in a lot of the current shows. SGU I understand – it takes time to build up and flesh out characters and unusual story line. But the direction it’s going in that you have written about sounds enticing and I’m *SO* looking forward to it.

    How’s your mom doing?

    The food at Refuel looks great. Your fascination with food has led me to wonder about gooey ducks. I’ve been in my new T&T in Ottawa, and noticed the giant clams there. They are expensive and large – I’m looking for a way to taste them instead of getting a large amount.

    I don’t bathe my dog too much as she is a Siberian. Her fur does not smell and when she gets wet, it is truly a sad sight. However, she does go into seventh heaven at the first snow fall and likes to play king of the mountain on snow mounds.

    Have a good visit with your friend.

  35. Hello Joe,

    Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad to hear that you are okay though. When I read your story that linked this to a childhood experience, I couldn’t help but hear that song in SGU “It’s Been The Worst Day Since Yesterday”. Sorry.

    As you already know, I missed Time when it originally aired. I just watched it last night, and thought it was great. I love that the end leaves the audience to figure out what happens after Scott sends the second Kino through the gate, without actually showing it. I also get the question in your trivia about the desert island movies. I correct my entry I made a week ago. “Planet of the Apes” was not one of the movies. I now understand that. 😉

    Once again, thank you. Best wishes.



  36. Cute dog vd! That bath water is very clean.

    Glad you weren’t hurt!!!! How is your mom by the way?

    The food looks wonderful! Especially dessert, ymmmm. However, I believe your home cooked food looks even better.

    I hope the visit keeps going well!

  37. Joe,

    I hope it’s not too forward of me to mention this here, but since your readers did read my book a while back as part of your book club…

    I’m delighted to announce that my short story “I Remember the Future,” the title story of my collection, has just been nominated for the Nebula Award.

    I have more details on my blog, at http://mabfan.livejournal.com/463283.html

    And the whole ballot can be found at

  38. Oh, Das: I was thinking of you this morning. Remember that audio file you posted of Bill Cosby? Well, there was a regular swimmer I see most mornings at the YMCA. I was getting out of the pool and he was getting in. He asked me how the water was and I said it’s a little cool, no biggie. I watched him getting in and he turned to me and said “You lied”. Got a little chuckle out of that.

    Oh and Gilder: good news on the cat allergy. Does this mean a new pet is in your future?

  39. Joe,

    A serious word of caution, as well as an awful lot of kudos thrown your way…

    As long as I have been reading your blog (more than 2 years I’m sure), you’ve led this amazing life and I have sometimes lived vicariously through it. Because I’ve been reading your daily ‘darings do’ for this long I’ve a ton of questions racing through my head, most of which have no business being there, but there they are. Anyway, I have always enjoyed your daily comments and the past few days have been somehow special.

    The video of your dogs heading out your front door, and the dog bathing, show off what must be a very beautiful home. The life of a foodie, by witnessing your account of one, is full of adventure and much grace. I could never care as much as you about the food I consume, but you surely have a passion and passion is the purest and most joyous things about life. Bravo Joe!

    Okay, now the word of caution. I figure you’re in your early 30’s, maybe 35 because you take care of yourself… When I was your age (21 years ago) I too enjoyed many of the things you do, but I was probably much more physical in that while I was a writer and photographer I worked as a photographer much more often.

    One day I was building a salad at Wendy’s when I slipped on a greasy fall. Long story short I was not so lucky in how I fell and 21 years later, a couple of surgeries, and advanced joint disease along with the I’ve various opioids in copious amounts, I have since then lived a life of pain and limited movement… I can barely manage an hour-long shooting session with a model every couple of weeks. Needless to say, I write more, photograph less, because of a split second event.

    I tell you this so that in the future you might peruse the deck before you step out on it and notice the thin film of whatever it was and avoid an accident that could have taken away everything you currently enjoy. Had someone warned me about that floor so long ago I am quite sure things would be very different.

    Then again, some people are charmed and you may very well be one of them. It sure seems like it sometimes 😉 In any case, it’s good news that you escaped what could have been an ugly situation. Now watch yourself!

    So what’s the deal with Akemi? Friend, more than friend, advancing toward romance, or away from it? Throw us a bone Joe!

  40. Lovely vid, Bubba looks like he really enjoys his baths:) do any of the pups have hydrotherapy? it would probably benefit the older members of the tribe:)

    Greetings also to Akemi, hope you both enjoy the rest of her stay.How long is she with you for?

  41. Read that Mike Dopud will guest star in ‘Subversion’. Since the episode deals with the Lucian Alliance, will he play Odai Ventrell again?

  42. 4 Michael A. Burstein – that is awesome! That was one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Hmmm- maybe I should take out some life insurance on you. I could use a trip to Hawaii about now.

    Joking aside glad to hear you’re ok. A good friend of mine was taking her dog for a walk, fell on her icy stoop, and broke her leg in 3 places. Yeoouch.

    Ever try to give a cat a bath? Makes bathing dogs look easy.

  44. @Michael A. Burstein – Congrats!!!! That’s awesome.

    @ Joe – glad you weren’t hurt.You guardian angel was working overtime, don’t wear her out.
    Would you please take some pics at the art gallery, pleeeeeaase!!!!! I would love to see what Vancouver has to offer. Please?

    Thanks for the puppy video.

  45. @Michael A. Burstein – Congratulations, that’s fabulous!!

    @ Joan001 – Sorry for the depression inducing article – thankfully I don’t write ’em, I just read ’em…. Airlock Alpha usually has some good interviews, and is pretty careful to label things like rumors and spoilers as such – always appreciated since I’m one of those time-shifted viewers.

    We just bathed our Siberian (the one who HATES water) and it was ever so much fun – I can’t remember why we only do this once every ~ 2 yrs. Oh, yeah, it might have something to do with her yowling and screaming like we are killing her the whole time, jumping and trying to climb out of the outdoor tub setup. Still waiting for the knock on the door from animal control…. After a week’s rest, on Sunday we’ll try to clip her nails. These rescue dogs come with some issues, but boy! are they happy when they realize somebody luvs them!


  46. Hey, we have a Nebula Award nominee in the room. Oh wow!
    I would say “break a leg” meaning good luck but Joe might just take it to heart …and snap a bone. 😛

    Joe, I spoke to my neighbour, Dr Lubo the Sangoma about your sense of impending doom. He says to drink some chicken blood and roll the bones. I said you were located in Vancouver Canada. He says you’re screwed. 😆

  47. @TBA

    I think it was someone different. The leaked pages didn’t include him.

  48. When Buba was in the tub it sounded like someone was snoring until you filmed Lue and she WAS snoring awake. I kinda became tired just listening to them breathe. This breed has quite a difficulty breathing, eh?
    Is that how she normally breathes, she snores awake as well?

  49. Hey Joe get ready here comes a rant just wanted to put a post on here that I put on GW news thingy to sum up my feeling about SGU and the change of Direction it was in response to BJS statement about us fans

    “I love SG-1 I like SGA seasons 2 and 3 were my faves but I still bought all the other seasons too I like SGU it is different but it can be entertaining I think Smith is right on the money comparing us to ST fans similar but different the arguments may be different but reactions are the same. It changed from an action adventure to a drama but if you remember SG fans it was more dramatic when it started SG-1 was much more dramatic and emotional in the first 3 seasons. It’s not about a team anymore that is the difference and it is more adult now trust me there are plenty of male sluts in the military please don’t think that they are celibate monks read your history books about the children born during WW1 WW2 Korean war and Vietnam war they are not celibate while off duty or even on duty folks accept that grow up”

    to add to my little rant I also really didn’t read much at GW I just watched on Hulu.com and enjoyed (thank God it was on Hulu I would have had to wait for DVDs which I will get I think on my birthday in April) is it different than SG-1 and SGA yes do I like SGU yes do I have alot shows that I watch yes that are different yes right now I love Legend of the Seeker it is action adventure fantasy but it actually deals with love & sex in a believable way at least I think so I am 33. I also like Cold Case no sex there on screen but they do touch on relationships of the characters i like CSI & CSI Miami they also deal with relationships of characters again no sex on screen but implied in my opinion Stargate grew up with SGU IMHO Sex is not dirty I think before SG was a bit prudish i mean the way you guys dealt with J&S was dumb and hurt both characters alot I think Sam worst of all I never thought she was pining for Jack but some people thought she was.

    I guess my point is I like SGU I wish some of the SG fandom would let go of the venom the way SGA was cancelled was bad but it is not the actors of SGU’s fault whose fault is it BW & RCC they made the decisions if they cared what we the fandom thought they would’ve asked us but what producer ask the fans if a show should continue non that I can think of I mean really we don’t own them or SG we are just fans we are casualties of their decisions accept this and let go of the venom. If they would have asked me I would tell them to give SGA a final season to wrap things up maybe a shortened season to wrap things up and set up movies I think that could’ve been done and have SGU too but what do I know.

    If you want to know what plots I think needed to wrap up email me joe […] I dare you but be nice please don’t be rude. I think you are not the bad guy you want to be and I think you could hold your own with me not many can. I should warn you my father is a federal judge and I have won arguments with him not many can claim that. I am also a paralegal very good at knowing my facts. Please don’t print my email to the others or this paragraph

  50. Joe, ya gotta watch yourself! You don’t want to get hurt…
    And ya, about Akemi, what are your intentions young man?

    @Michael A. Burstein – Congrats!


  51. Ah, Bubba, you make me smile. Such a good daddy you have to share you with us.

    I have cats. The closest we get to bathtime is when they sit on the edge of the tub and lick the water off the porcelain while I bathe.

    And I am covetous of the gorgeous brown marble which matches Lulu’s fur so nicely. I have beige tile from the 70s around my poor old tub. At least my bathroom is no longer the 50s pink I see lurking under the old layers of paint under the sink pedestal!

    The food, I weep at the sight of lovely food. I saw the nutritionist today. Yes, I know all about carbs and fats and proteins, and I must be more consistent daily if I want to lose weight, I must move more. I am supposed to be on 1500 calories a day, low fat, low sodium, low everything. I weep, I weep.

  52. @Michael A. Burstein – congrats

    @Joe – I’ve heard lots of trampoline stories and none of them end well. I guess the happy stories go untold.

  53. @Michael A. Burstein – I second that dim sum restaurant in Boston. Boston’s great for seafood and sushi binges, too. The city’s so easy to get around if you give up on cars entirely.

  54. Bubba. So cute.

    Gnocchi. Oh my. It’s making me hungry.

    Be careful out there. No breaking of any bones, mister.

  55. the six hours I spent at the Lakeshore General Hospital emergency room waiting for treatment, or the fact that they eventually realized they’d set the bone incorrectly and had to re-break it

    Ah, more of that amazing Canadian health care system whose style America is so looking forward to, I trust.

    Children’s play equipment can be very dangerous. I was once given a badly-bleeding head wound from a swing. It required stitches. This is probably why I freak out a bit whenever a child I’m watching wants to go to the playground. All I see is ways they could hurt themselves.

  56. Pastrygirl,

    Depressing or not, the article at Airlock Apha just confirms what I already knew about the suits jerking everybody around.

    When I took my first Siberian by a lake one evening, the water was as still as it gets. It had a little flottsam on in – weeds, bugs, etc., and I guess, from the warf, it looks like a solid floor. When the dog jumped down to take a run, of course, she immediately sank in the water. The utter surprise and shock that registered on her face and eyes was priceless. We were only a couple of feet from the edge, so there was no problem getting out. She was so insulted, I couldn’t describe the looks she threw towards the lake…. but she never did that again…

    Love those Siberians – fur and all.

  57. Shawna

    Ah, more of that amazing Canadian health care system whose style America is so looking forward to, I trust.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Shawna: Because of a skiing accident that I had after “one last run”… I have had to go through a knee and hip replacement, 2 years apart. Both were done in different hospitals. I have just had emergency treatment for cellulitis – which, if you’ve never had, is horrendously painful. It could have been flesh-eating, but it wasn’t. All of the above were done in different hospitals and areas in Ontario – I had free choice of where to go. I cannot fault any of the treatment that I received. The government insurance plan, into which we all pay (so it is not free), took care of the cost.

    The problem is that Americans are not getting the amazing Canadian health care system…. you would count yourself lucky if you did. You are on the edge of getting the Obama styled system – which is nothing like the Canadian. I know that Americans enjoy our system as well because there are plenty crossing the border to use it in whichever way they can. We do not have millions without health care and we do pay for it – I wouldn’t have it any different way.

    In getting any insurance, whether car, health or life, you get to choose whichever company you want – you pay into it along with many other people… the concept is that the whole provides for the individual…and so it is with our health system, what’s the problem?

    Every plan has its problems and so does ours. I would rather fix the mismanagement and what’s broken and make it better than throw it all away. I would not want to go back to the way things were. I think it’s unconscionable for a rich western country to have millions of people without insurance and be proud of it.

    And no, I’m not American bashing – I’ve been to and enjoyed the States plenty of times. The people are wonderful and I’ve had good times. But, you know, it’s always good to come home – I’m happy here… 🙂

  58. Pro tip if you do end up going to the art gallery while the Olympics are still happening: enter through the Robson street doors and buy a membership. Sure, it ends up costing a bit more than all those people standing in line are paying (or not paying rather — as the BC Pavilion is located in the VAG, admission to the gallery is free), but then you don’t have to stand in the line!

    I quite enjoyed the Landscape Manual exhibit, and the Da Vinci drawings are really cool. BC Pavilion wasn’t half bad either 🙂

  59. @ DP

    So have you been to that restaurant? What’s it’s name? I can never remember.

    And you’re right about how easy it is to get around Boston. We’re giving up our car. We had it for many years because I worked out in the suburbs, but now I work right near a T stop.

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