Finished (not “fished”) two of my three books last night (I would’ve gone back and corrected the entry, but then that would have left those of you correcting me in the comments section looking silly.  So, instead, I’ll just look silly myself – which I’m kind of used to anyway).  Akemi, meanwhile, is having all sorts of fun bonding with the dogs who have taken to trotting out their can’t fail routines like…

"Slipped bandit" - an oldie but a goodie that never fails to elicit "Aaaawwwwws".

Today, we went for lunch at one of my favorite dim sum places in Vancouver – Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Richmond – and ended up eating waaaaaaaaaay too much.

House baked barbecue pork buns.
Prawn dumplings.
Akemi enjoys the seafood congee.
Delicious dessert bun #1 - (milk cream center)
Delicious dessert bun #2 - hot and sweet liquid yolk center.

After lunch, we hit the T&T Supermarket over at Yaohan Mall where, if I wasn’t already stuffed, I would have certainly picked up one of these –

Gee, I hope no one gets hurt.

Once back on the home front, the dogs guilted us into taking them for walks – after which they just wanted to hang out…

Olympic update.  Congratulations, Canada.  The rest of the world thinks we’re acting like jerks:

Meanwhile, David Letterman calls bullshit on the I.O.C. spin:

In keeping with our Olympic theme, let’s check out a list of the Top 10 Worst Olympic Mascots:

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday individual Thasc.

44 thoughts on “February 17, 2010: Dog time! Dim sum! And your Olympic update!

  1. Still to checkout your links, but I must admit to laughing at the picture of Akemi and Lulu – I presume that Lulu is the one with the orange ball. 😉

    I hope Akemi enjoys her vistit to Canada. Dogs are a good judge of character and Lulu and Akemi seem to be best friends already.

  2. I don’t think I could eat all those dishes you’ve been showing these past few weeks without getting chunky!!!

  3. my mom called me last night to tell me how good my turkey drumsticks were 😀
    Today I had hawaïan pizza …. the purchased kind!! It was not my fault, I was out all day doing stuff. It was my stomach over my mind kind of thing. A moment of weakness!!!But then, all those pictures of food you post everyday are not helping 😀

  4. Hanging out with Brother & family, helping while Sis-in-love recovers. Pleased to report that my daily allergy meds are allowing close contact with their lovable cat.

  5. Aww.. love the doggie pictures.
    And congratulations to Thasc.
    So anyway, tomorrow’s actually my birthday. *hint* *hint*

  6. LOL! Geez, the Canadians gain a teeny bit of ambition (in sports, mind you, not world domination or nuclear weapons) and people are all annoyed. I’m offended on your behalf. I mean, ok. If they are actually hogging practice time, then, yeah, I don’t approve. But the amount of excitement and cheering shouldn’t be reasons to dismiss Canada as the Frankenstein of sports.

    Aww, Akemi and the dogs are adorable!!

    And, yeah. I gotta agree with Das on those buns…

  7. Sorry Joe, but I must agree with Das on this one, it looks like you had “boobies” for lunch. Glad to here you two are doing well and that the doggies are behaving. Just out of curiosity have you ever noticed one of them dreaming? My dog aparently goes for a run every night in his dreams because all of a sudden his paws will start jerking back and forth.


  8. Come on Joe, ease up on the Olympic and Canada bashing. I figured you of all people would be able to sympathize the people at VANOC (even though they are a bunch of incompetent morons) and be wary of all the negative press.

    I don’t remember you taking so much heed to critics when they lambasts SGU or SGA.

  9. Everyone says cats are cleverer than dogs but have you ever seen a cat work so hard at being adorable. I was bought up with the smelliest& ugliest poodle you can imagine but but boy could he turn on the charm when it was needed!


  10. Oh man, Joe, I call bullshit on 2 of those links. Yeah, gotta go with Letterman on VANOC. Those remarks were at best, extremely tacky, and at worst, just heartless and disgusting.

    But the other 2 links. Hell no. Oh wah wah wah, so some British newsrags and some nobody from the US (not including the AP) are snarking off at us, and that’s suddenly the world thinking we’re jerks? That is crap logic and makes as much sense as thinking that SGU is hated by all outdoors when only a few loudmouth bashers have ranted their pie holes off. This is the Olympics; I think we’re allowed to be loud and proud about our atheletes.

    When this is over, and Canada is invading countries for oil and giving foreign leaders impromptu shoulder rubs, then we can talk. For now, I’d rather Canada bathe itself in National Pride for the next week or so and then go back to the pushovers that the world, and the Canadian media, seem to want us as.

    I will admit that things have not been perfect; there has been delays and breakdowns in equipment; but then, no Olympics have been perfect, has it? The key is in whether people attending are enjoying themselves.

    As for that 3rd link. AW NO, NOBODY BADMOUTHS MUKMUK! So, it says “MukMuk the wannabe just exists on the internet and is not even important enough to include on the souvenir merchandise.”? O Rly? Is that why I was playing with a MukMuk plushy the week before the Olympics started? Is that why my friend, who bought the plushy, said that they were everywhere? Way to fact-check you losers! Muk Muk is teh Awesome, and that is a FACT. Check THAT fact you idiots!

    On a lighter note, Akemi is beautiful and Lulu is absolutely adorable with that orange ball. It seems like you two are having a great time together, and that’s Awesome! 😀

    By the way, I got supercharged on Olympic spirit today (in case you haven’t noticed) because I attended the filming of The Colbert Report at Creekside Park, right next to Science World! Sure, it involved standing in mud for 3 hours, but I got to see Stephen Colbert LIVE, and cheered him on with 5000 fellow Colbert Nationals about all things Olympic. I also got to see Michael Buble, Mike Eruzione, and Bob Costas (he rode a moose for us!). Then, I headed down to the Olympic Cauldron and fully wrapped myself in the celebratory atmosphere of the Olympic games. It was bloody brilliant!

    Tomorrow, I head to Creekside Park again to attend the 2nd taping of The Colbert Report, and then I will go on the hunt for the MukMuk plushy! I WILL HAVE A MUKMUK TO CALL MY OWN!

  11. Hey Joe,

    *giggles* DAS … BOOBIES!!!!! ??? Oh, I cannot WAIT for the explanation on this one. Did I miss something? I think I did. Better clue me in. LMAO

    Sorry, hey… *giggles out of control*..I might be hopeless. ROFLMAO…

    Ha, I guess that is all….I am dying here.. HELP!!!

    Best to you Joe, hehehehehahahahhaahhehehehehe
    Always and FOREVER!
    Cheryl 🙂

  12. Oh yeah, I noticed the ( o Y o ) too! hahaha…

    As for our Aussie official mascotsin 2000 .. they went over like a lead balloon didn’t they?

    Thank God for Roy and H G for coming up with Fatso the Fat aRsed wombat (note the ‘R’ as we say it the British way – it has more effect).

    So many Olympians adopted him (especially in the swimming)… I had one as a stuffed toy! Only bloody stuffed toy I’d own.

    I see that people are commenting on the 2012 Olympic logo, which DOES indeed look like Lisa Simpson doing fellatio on uh.. her sibling ..>.>. Baaaaaaaaaaaad thinking on London’s behalf.

  13. Now, see, I didn’t even get Das’ comment and had to go back to see if you had posted an inappropriate picture of your houseguest. Why? Because I was still going “Mmmm, barbecued pork buns…..” And wondering what the hell Lulu has in her mouth ?

    I was wondering what the heck the Olympic organizers were thinking after watching the women’s cross-country event, and seeing the favorite veer off of the course during the warm up and end up IN A DITCH. Did they run so over budget that they can’t afford safety barriers except for proven dangers, like this and the luge wall?

    Either the problems are being covered really well by the media, there are more than usual, or any similar problems in previous events were covered up/kept quiet better.

    So, I recently found out that relatives are coming to the Phoenix Comicon event Memorial Day weekend. Joe, can you come or try to interest one of the production team or actors? Then at least there will be something worth going to see…..since I think I’m going to have to be there anyway. Michael Stackpole’s coming……. 🙂


  14. Behave Das *chuckle* exactly what I thought:)

    fantastic pictures, Akemi is settling right in, can we keep her?

    I sincerely hope no-one is paying attention to the British press, I don’t. They are mouthpieces of the political class which to do a favour to what’s left of my country should all be tried for treason!!

    IMNSHO I can’t wait to see what an embarrassment the 2012 games are going to be. I really think you couldn’t make this shit up.

  15. I think the whole access to venues thing is debatable, but I don’t think it has a thing to do with Canada showing some pride in achievements. I say hooray for Canada!

    Of course, I’m from the US and we are the “ugly Americans.” So maybe my opinion is a bit skewed. 🙂

  16. HI Mr M!

    @Das : You got me….you mind reader you!

    @Ponytail: Speedy Recovery!

    Don’t forget to check in on BamBam all!! He’s recovering well :

    And finally, a buddy on Twitter posted this….says it all really

    Any updates on the Comic launch? And also, when is the Short Story out?? Is Lou Anders here???

    Best wishes to all


    PS: Any updates on your Mom? And also did Felix win the doggy photo competition???

  17. Awwwww, you were right. That is the best picture.

    I don’t care for Lettermen’s humor but I agree with him on this point.

    Why do the Olympics need a mascot?

    As for the Olympics themselves, they are making Vancouver look like a paradise! The views are spectacular.

  18. @das


    That was random. Are you talking about the 6th pic?

    Oh and heyyyyyyy. I’m back. I’ll get to help cleaning up your house Joe(plants if I remember correctly) in a couple days. 🙂

    So was I missed?? 😉

    Had some crazy cool stuff happen here in ecuador. Funny experience with airport security, which I’ll tell you later. I’m at the airport right now , and I’ll be home tonight. Tomorrow, I’m gonna workout, buy sgu 1.0, and watch the extended cut of air!!! Yay!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  19. Have i missed something but i see no Irish winning gold silver or bronze ok guiness drinking is not an Olympic Sport, this should be along with Joes Visiting resturants,, and eating etc. Enjoy showing around your guest and good eating..

  20. As usual, I completely agree with PG15. The Brits and Americans have no business accusing anyone of “excessive chest-thumping.”

  21. Joe, good day there. and thanks for sharing the pictures, What a lovely house guest you have and food pictures, yum. good blog. I have not watched the olympics so can not comment. We have company from the northeast so we are kinda busy. trying to stay warm, brr. The pups are adorable as always. Hope you have a wonderful day. The (boobie)(das,lol) bun pix looks delicious also..

  22. Joe, if you ever get to Boston, there is a great dim sum place in Chinatown where you must eat. I ate there once, years ago, before I decided to keep strictly kosher, and so I can attest to the quality of the food. (I don’t recall the name of the place, but everyone knows it as the restaurant with the red walls.)

  23. @Joe – Hello there. Here I am again. I wish it were under better circumstances. I was directed to an interview that actor Brian J. Smith did recently. There were a few things that he said about the Greer character that were troubling.

    Re: Scott and Greer: “He and Greer are oddly two different sides of the coin. There’s a really great scene in “Air,” in the desert, when Greer shoots Franklin. Rush says, “Shoot him,” and Greer shoots Franklin. Eli asks, “Why did you do it? Why’d you shoot him?” And he goes, “He told me to.”

    And that’s what Greer knows how to do, is how to follow orders. Scott, although he wants to do really good, he’s also a thinker and he’s not going to do something or he will very reluctantly do something that he thinks is counterintuitive to the welfare of everybody on the ship.”

    Re: TJ in the Time episode: “She kept the ship together and that whole thing would’ve fallen apart. If Greer had been in control, there would’ve been a disaster. Absolute disaster. She’s a thinker and a feeler, and she comes from a very compassionate place.”

    Is that how you really see Greer? Is he really just a dumb and out of control soldier that will blindly follow any order because he’s not a thinker? Is Brian wrong, or is that really what you (and the other producers) want Greer to be? I thought it was bad when he was angry. I think I’ll take that back now.

    I don’t know anyone that fits this description. Do you know anybody like that? I’m not saying that Greer can’t be the one in a million case. That could be. I’m not sure. Wouldn’t the Icarus Base Project have wanted people that could think on their feet? It seems dangerous to have someone working around a project like that with absolutely no ability to think. All I know is that my heart sank when I read that about Greer. I remember asking you if maybe the minority characters could have a little more to do, and if they could be credited with some intelligence. Judging from what Brian had to say, it seems like that’s not going to happen at all. I wonder how Jamil feels about all of this. I wouldn’t want to play Greer. It would be hard, especially with a cast-mate talking him down. I hope everything’s alright behind the scenes. I never read anything or saw anything about Jamil talking down the Scott character. And, he could have. But it’s good for Brian to say what’s on his mind if that’s what he really thinks about the character. I find it interesting that he sees the Greer character in some of the same ways that people who’ve complained about him do. It’s alright I guess. You have the right to do what you want with things. I wish you and everyone else the best on your next season. I read about your comic book deal moving forward; that’s nice. You seem really happy now, and I‘m happy for you.

    And, I’m not trying to sound “right,” I’m just posing these questions. You don’t need to answer; my main goal was simply to ask.

    I am happy for TJ and Scott getting development as strong and intelligent characters. I know that the last couple of times I’ve commented here have been a little nippy. Maybe I need to comment on some of the happier things. I still don’t wish anything bad for the show. Again, I wish you and the dogs the best. They look great. Sorry to read about Brie leaving.

    Until next time,


    P.S. Sorry to break up the Olympic posts.

  24. Bless you Das, for now I know I am not the only one with a filthy mind.

    What got me though, was “explode butter cream bun”. Riiight. Too bad, or fortunately, my friend Genius never reads or responds here, or we’d have “I’d like to explode her butter cream bun.” He has a theory that every phrase can be turned naughty by inserting it into “I’d like to XXXX her XXX.” I fear he may be correct.

    Mukmuk further proves I’m deep in the gutter this time around. “No one touches my plushy Muk-muk.” I mean, really, that’s all that came to mind.

  25. Hey! Thanks to all you well wishers here on Joe’s blog family. Crazymom1, maggiemayday, Kabra (thanks for doing my part of the light bulb duty), fellow Texan avabird, zanny das, Tammy Dixon, Narelle from Aus, and Mr-New-Daddy Shirt’n’Tie. You guys are swell! Joe, your blog here is really something special. No wonder we are all hooked.

    Those barbeque pork buns look heavenly! I guess the barbeque is in the middle? I’d kill for one of those right now. Now I’m going to have to go get something to eat.

    Joe, I think your Olympics are going great. Every Olympics has their problems. You can’t stage an event that big and not have things go wrong. And most of the events are extremely dangerous. That is why all the athletes are so special. Very brave young people. Anyway, I am loving the Olympics. Great job Canada!

    Lulu has found a new friend!

  26. Coucou Joseph!!! ça va bien?

    Moi oui! je vous adresse un dernier message car demain je part à Paris plusieurs jours et ensuite je vais chez ma best!!! En plus ce week end c’est Scifi Convention, je vais voir David H, Cliff, Robert et David Nykl.

    gros bisou!!
    A bientôt:)

  27. no!no!no! buns not boobies!!!!Can’t eat boobies. It’s like the 💡 thingy 😀 . I have to admit that I was kind of wondering if all these buns pictures where a metaphor for grapefruits :mrgreen:

  28. Shirt’n’Tie: very styling 😀 . As Ponytailpointed out, the competitors are all very brave! They are all winners before they start their event!

    Pg15/Carl Binder: go ahead, USA bash. Join in with the rest of the world, we can take it! 😀

  29. Geez. Enough of the Canada bashing already. It’s not Vancouver’s fault the climate isn’t cooperating, the blame for the training death is spread over several parties, and while blaming the victim is not the noblest way out, is anyone really suprised at butt covering in today’s world? I’m ready to just block out all the NBC stations so I don’t have to listen to this, but that won’t take care of the news and web coverage of the events.
    Glad you’re having fun, and that the dogs are taking to your motley crew. Have to admit can’t wait till the Olympics are over and we can hear more about things at the studio, like how Ashleigh has found a new way to drive your blood pressure up, how Carl can mug for the camera, and how you manage shots of relatively photo-phobic folks like Paul. Thanks for the daily report. Keep up the good work, etc. etc. etc.

  30. Woo-hoo! Atlanta mascot Izzy #2 on the mascot list!!

    Oh, wait… That was for worst mascots.. I’m amazed he wasn’t number one.. People in Atlanta still haven’t figured out what he was. And people in Atlanta still talk about what a mess the Games were. Remember, they were so bad some kook tried to blow it up with a bomb. The organisers managed to make all Georgians look like uneducated, uncouth bigots.

    (Yes, I’m in Texas, but I was in Georgia a lot longer — like all of my life until the summer of 2008.)

    I thought the boobies *wince* , I mean buns, looked delicious. Okay, that still doesn’t sound nice.

    Is Akemi aware that the reason you take so many great pics of her is so that we can enjoy her visit vicariously through your blog?

    I think part of the problem is Canada has always been so quiet that most of the world have never known the true personality of Canadians before and never expected them to be so snarky. But that’s one of the things I love about Canadians (and I’ve known this since the… well, a different decade that included a Legendary Hockey team.)

  31. See, folks, there’s a history with me and Joe’s buns (*wriggles eyebrows*) …check out these two past blog entries:

    First, my observation, here (hard to find amid all my Wraithy rants 😛 ) :

    And Joe’s reply to me, here:

    I think that’s the moment I fell in love (in a non-creepy kinda way!) with Joe. 😀


  32. Lulu is so darn cute she can chew my slippers any day, oh wait don’t have slipper, except for now cause it’s bloody freezing here!!!!!!

    So I’m taking a poll, is it better to not work out when one has a cold/ allergies??? I’m pretty sure it’s allergies, 85% sure it’s allergies, will working out make me worse??

  33. @ Tammy Dixon – the Olympic mascots are so they can spend $$ on giving the marketing/branding people something to do !!

    @ Carl – Yes, I agree with the chest-thumping argument – Canada has nothing on the US for arrogance…. the Brits seem to be lashing out, perhaps in fear of how things will go in 2012? We’ll see…. god, I can only imagine the traffic.

    @pg15 – Yay for you – I saw the clip of Costas & Colbert on late night coverage, it looked like a total blast.

    Anybody else watching curling? I’m not sure I would consider it a sport any more than billiards, etc, but it is certainly interesting to watch them strategize.


  34. Whew! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one whose mind went immediately to “boobies” on the “delicious desert bun #2”. In fact, that may be what I call boobies from now on. Also heartening to see that I’m not the only one that went all subliminal on the “Explode butter cream bun”.

    Anyway. Regarding the criticisms of the Olympics – whatever. If feel the same way regarding that as I do most critics (including those that think SGU “sucks”) – If you can and have done better, please feel free to criticize. Otherwise, the comments are not that important.

    Regarding the Greer character, sadly I have indeed known many people who just blindly follow orders. However, I think there’s a lot of character and background yet to reveal about Greer that we’ll just have to be patient in finding out about. It’s already apparent there’s a lot of depth there that has yet to be tapped. I much prefer the slow, deliberate reveal to just putting everything out there.

  35. just catching up with your blog well I am enjoying watching the Olympics it’s one of the few times I can see people from my ancestral countries win things I am part Norwegian and I am part German also a tiny part Dutch so love the winter games for this reason they win in a bunch of medals, can’t wait to see 2012 games I am mostly Scottish & English so can’t wait for the ceremonies where my heritage will be on display. Most of my friends are Italian, French & Irish so they get to see their heritage everywhere.

    Good luck with your comic book series hope it goes well for you.

    Is there any chance Daniel make an appearance on SGU in season 2?

  36. Got into the Olympics for the first time last night watching Shaun White. Phenomenal.

    At the same time I had to tip my metaphorical hat to the Aussie half pipe guys considering one is 15 years old doing Year 9 via correspondence and the other guy, Ben Mates who came 17th, works as a courier when there’s no snow to practice on, which is most of the year. That to me is representative of the old spirit of the Olympics. Getting out there and having a damn good go. I’m sure there are many examples of athletes from around the world such as this at the Games and I hope to hear more about their stories.

    There seems to be less posturing at the Winter Games than the Summer which is refreshing.

    I was wondering why the US team were wearing flannel until I got reminded it was their uniform.

    Joe – Be shocked. I started reading a paper book last night! First one since 2008. I’ve had The Art of War on my bookshelf since I was a youngen. It was something that my Dad referred to a lot. With some things going on at the moment I decided it was a good time to put my head back into it. It took me a while to get out of paper book reading habits when I got the Reader, now I have to get out of Reader habits while reading a paper book!

    Would you consider having Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files as one of the Books of the Month? They’re a lot of fun.

    Hope Akemi is continuing to enjoy her stay.

  37. @Ponytail: So sorry to hear about your accident with the snow. I wish you a very speedy recovery with no lingering problems. Hugs!

  38. @Kabra: Who even FEELS like working out with either? I say have a cuppa and go to bed!

  39. @pg15: So, so jealous of you getting to see Colbert. Hope it was hilarious.

    Dim sum! I haven’t had dim sum in a long, long time. I had a friend at work that used to round all of us up and take us to lunch. He always made me try stuff I’d never touch. Yummy.

    Still like the Olympics, no matter what people might say. Awesome night last night.

  40. The only thing I can’t believe about the coverage of the Olympics is how seriously people seem to be taking a couple of opinion pieces in The Guardian and the Daily Mail (one being a left wing loonie paper and the other a haven for right wing nutters) seriously, these are the two most bonkers papers in Britain and considering we also have the Sun and the Mirror that’s saying something!

    Of course now that the Canadian press has done exactly what the British press wanted and reacted that’s all we’re going to get! Honestly, talk about wind em up and watch em go……

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