Today, I hosted a Superbowl party at my place.  A good time was had by all, especially the dogs who ended up eating the leftover tenderloin.

Appetizer: Bacon-wrapped smoked almond-stuffed dates. Sis's recipe.
Ivon brought a truly awesome chili with a terrific chipotle kick.
And Rob made the accompanying tasty cornbread.
"Please, sir. May I have some more?" Carl channels Oliver Twist.

Preeeesenting....the meat!
I made tenderloin for sandwiches.
Carl channels that guy from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. That's good eatin'!

Remi toasts the tenderloin.
Rob says: "Thanks for dinner. Now where's that damn script rewrite?"
Special Guest Star Alan McCullough.
Toby flashes his on-camera smile.

While the Saints rally, Ivon and Lawren sleep off dinner.

Paul takes a doodle-jump break.
Happy Carl at half-time. The Colts are up!

Carl after the game. Colt's lose.

Lawren, on the other, feels invigorated!

Ivon is the proud father of a beautiful baby chili.

And, to top it all off… SAINTS WIN!  SAINTS WIN!

Not even the shitty Canadian commercials were enough to dampen the spirits of everyone in attendance.   Except for Carl, of course.  Between that Panago guy and the Colts losing, it was a bad day for him.  Anyway, if you live in Canada and were thus robbed of the opportunity to see the good commercials, check out this site to check out what you missed:  My faves: Anheuser-Busch (Comet Apocalypse), Audi (Green Police), Doritos (Anti-Bark Collar), and Snickers (Betty White).

As promised, an early post tomorrow (before noon) with 25 SGU-related questions for those interested in taking part in the first (of what will hopefully be many more) Stargate trivia contest.  Prizes will be awarded to the first three posters to correctly answer all 25 questions.

Well, I’m off.  Rob just texted to tell me that its a Chocolate Chili battle on Iron Chef tonight!

57 thoughts on “February 7, 2010: Super Sunday!

  1. You are awesome, DUDE! Thanks for a recap of your party.
    Yes, Saints win!!! And your party stuff look marvelous. And you and Ivon cook – how cool is that on top of your many other talents.

    Me too..loved the green police, anti bark collar, and the Betty White Snickers adds. Guess I’m old but I still like the Clydesdale commercials too. Have to re-watch them, but these stand out immediately.

    And, we wait another year to see what the Superbowl commercials bring us.

    In the meantime….SGU, SGU, SGU…April cannot come fast enough.

  2. I’m practising for tomorrow’s quiz…first poster (check), tenderloin and chili served and chocolate had by all (check)…and Oh, the best part…the “Saints” win the Super Bowl…(check)! How did I do? I’ll be waiting tomorrow with baited breath. 🙂

  3. Hi Joe –

    You’d better tell David Blue he can’t play your trivia contest or he’ll be snagging your prizes for his giveaways. 😉

  4. Woo! Smoked almond-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates! Arencha glad I reminded you??! 😀

    Good taste in commercials.

    Is Toby the other Ivon?

    You look very dapper with your new haircut.

    Poor Carl.

    Alan is still beautiful.

    That sponge is loaded with bacteria.

    Rob needs to loosen up.

    Yo! Share those desserts, mister! 😡

    Where were all the pups?

    Looks like a fun time – good food, good company, good game. Thanks for sharing. Hope those slackers helped you clean up! Have a good night, sir – sleep well!


  5. Great. I just deleted the shows off my DVR in preparation to get my Blu Rays on Tuesday. Guess I’ll have to win this from memory.

    Everyone keep good thoughts about Tuesday for me. School dropped a pre-emptive dirty bomb before our annual meeting (which explains my almost 2-week absence from the blog) and I’m in the middle of peace negotiations. After a 5-year war, I need this to stop. Tuesday afternoon I will find out whether they accept my proposal or not.

  6. Bring it. I am soooo ready! Frak I just wish I had the DVDs today and not on Tuesday to help me along the way. Oh wait…is it bad that I said frak on here?

    I will eat well for you in New Orleans Joe. Apparently we are going to try and get into Camellia Grill which apparently is one of the most famous NOLA restaurants of all time. Should be solid.

    Am insanely jealous of your superbowl party. I don’t even really love football all that much but for that food…I would have cheered my head off for the Saints.


  7. OK…I just did a time conversion and 12noon Vanc time is 7AM Melbourne time…I’ll work as hard as I can to answer them all but I have to go to work so I’m sure the prize will go to someone in the right time zone with zillions of time to spare. I don’t like contests that discriminate against people in different time zones. Would you consider in the future making it time-zone friendly…please?

    Anyhoo onto you bowl festivities…..the food looks yum, especially dessert! Some of the guests have this weird halo effect…..have they ascended?

    Haven’t seen Tobias Slezak for ages…what’s he working on these days?

    Plus thank-you for all the Ivon pics…proof of life 😀
    The one with he and Lawren is adorkable.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. So, just how many of those bad-ass leather-looking comfy chairs just waiting to have sticky food and beer encrusted into the difficult to clean seams, do you have? And were there enough to go around? I’m envisioning a “Canadian” Network musical logo theme gormet-food fight breaking out vying for the *good* seats….

  9. I am…heartbroken. 🙁 Just learned that the channel I get rugby on (Setanta) is leaving the US, and they have transferred rights to several soccer and rugby events to Fox Soccer Channel. The problem is, Fox dropped all its rugby coverage a while back, and I can’t find any info on them picking it back up again. I’m afraid Fox won’t add the rugby coverage, and just continue to feature more soccer. (Back when it was Fox Sports World they did cover rugby – I even won a Wallabies jersey from them…but they haven’t covered rugby in years, not since their name change.)

    And, ya know, soccer (a.k.a. football) isn’t rugby. All those whiny players and their fake dives and all their ‘drama’ just annoys me to no end.

    This really sucks. 🙁


  10. Sounds like you guys had a great time- the dessert selection looked pretty good! Was that from a restaurant, or a bakery? None of the bakeries around here do any of the nicer mini desserts like you showed – have to go to LeNotre in Vegas!!

    I’m sure the doggies LOVED their tenderloin leftovers – our guys get turkey and pot roast etc, basically whenever I roast meat that isn’t overly seasoned.

    I hope das and the rest of the Nor’easters are surviving, it looks like this round of winter storm missed most of my family in NC and friends in VA.

    Looking forward to the trivia contest….


  11. My top 5 ads:

    Volkswagen (The punch)
    Audi (The Green Police)
    KGB (I love Kirk!)
    Coca Cola (Sleepwalking)
    Bridgestone (That was a bachelor party)’

    I still like Carlton Draught’s A big Ad. I’m sure everyone’s seen it by now. Brilliant!

    Cheers, Chev

  12. I liked the comet one, the green police, and the snickers.

    Question: When does production of season two start? Start up is usually in February, but with the Olympics just around the corner are you folks going to take mercy on everyone and not force them to come back to town during the circus?

  13. Mighty fine spread you guys prepared.

    Something about a spread…points…too bad….Colts…I’m too tired, somebody else make something of it.

  14. The Doritos Anti-bark collar was really funny. In the U.S., we also saw a commercial with David Letterman, Oprah and Jay Leno in a promo for Dave’s show. It was only 15 seconds but you couldn’t hear a pin drop at the party until it was over. Then the twelve people in the room burst out laughing. I’d have to say overall Doritos won with the best ads. Bud Light was probably second. Come on, a house built of full beer cans?

    OMG, I think I just gained a few pounds looking at those desserts. Yummy.

  15. nice game party! lik the green police car commercial and the one with Chevy Chase!!

  16. The chili looks good! I wanted to have chili today, but, didn’t want to prepare it …. I’m tired… going to bed.

  17. Grrr! Not a happy bunny. My Sky+ went tits-up and lost ALL my recordings….gonna sulk now, possibly for the rest of the year 🙁

  18. On further review, the call on the adverts is changed.
    Add to my list the KGB – Sumo match
    The VW color punch

    What happened to Brie, the Dog Twitter photo is kinda disturbing. Is she ok? How the heck did you manage that photo?

    Hope she did not get too much of that spicey chili…whew!

  19. Just seen that you guys are having to truck in snow!…hope you get some this week ready for the weekend…don’t you just hate the weather! Just wait until it comes to us in 2012 and it will rain and snow all the time…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  20. Ivon’s Chilli look’s good was it HOT HOT!! Those Bacon thingy’s look delicious…

  21. HI Mr M!

    Missed the Superbowl. As it is on at a crazy hour here in Europe. Did catch the 1st Down and 10?? American Football to be is like techno-babble to the non-Sci-Fi….have not one clue what it means…. But going on Carl’s recommendation, I am investing in Friday Night Lights…apparently a good series.

    Re: Quiz…. Who knew my opening a “book” on the whole betting to win the quiz would spark such wagers!! Odds are : PG15 favourite to win at 2/1, Das is cut to 6/1 with Major D Davis at 12/1…enjoying some competition from Dee in South Africa at 15/1, and of course we cannot discount the dark horse, Anne Teldy at 5/2.

    Best to all!!

  22. You know how to throw a party, all right. And you have guests who know how to contribute. Heck with the game, the spread was worth attending for. Thanks for taking so many pictures.
    Alas, working today, which means I won’t be able to see the questions till hours after they are posted. not that I’d have much chance anyways. Which is ok. I will still do it for the fun of it.
    Just like to pass a kudo to my boss. At work the other night a family wrecked their car on the ice. no injuries, but the car was totalled. Problem was, they had to be in Florida today, Monday, at 8am. One of the children is supposed to have surgery. It’s night, it’s icy, and most places are shut down. Tow truck driver, who I know personally, tells me the situation when I am passing the scene. Call my boss, and he spends the next two hours trying to find the family a ride. He manages to arrange for the father to pick up a car at the local airport 25 miles away, family hangs out at the station, and leave the station at 1am. And, no, they were not trying to drive through the night, just heading down to a nearby hotel. Mapquest says it would take them 13 hours, so if they got a fairly early start they should make it. Both the tow truck driver and said boss really went above and beyond to help them out. Sometimes this job makes you feel good.
    Anyways, thanks for the post, and I’ll be seeing if I can sneak online early to take a peak later today.

  23. Dang. That tenderloin was so good, the angels have alighted around Remi. Dig the angelic glow of that picture!

  24. Hi Joe,

    I sympathize with you. I too live in Canada (Southern tip of Ontario) and had to endure those awful Canadian TV commercials that our CRTC substitute over the funny American versions. In Ontario the channel is Toronto based.

    However, mid way through the 1st quarter, my brother called me up to tell me that he discovered that if I switched over to my “TIME SHIFT” channels and watched the west coast (VANCOUVER) feed I would get to see the US commercials, I found the west coast channel in my upper 200 range on my menu and sure enough, it showcased the American commercials. I was shocked that the Canadian TV police would allow this, but more surprising was to find out that you watched the same feed (I assume you watched your local Vancouver feed) and got denied the viewing pleasure.

    Next year, try watching the Ontario feed if your still viewing in Vancouver.

    Tell Carl, sorry but his luck, SAINTS WIN!

  25. Wow the food looks great! I’m glad all of you had a good time. It sounded like a knuckle biting game.

    Narelle: spiders are ok, I’ll start packing my bag 😀 . We woke up to four to seven inches of snow this morning. Turning into freezing rain later today and snow tomorrow. So Australia would be nice right now. Possums, spiders, poison jelly fish, and all 😉 .
    I like the e-reader but my hubby loves it. Too much! I had to get inventive, to regain his attention last night 😉 . How long will this infatuation with the reader last for him?

    As for family drama, Das/Narelle you ladies haven’t seen anything like my scanky in-laws. Bad checks, identify thief, driving without a license, w/o insurance, stealing meds from the nursing home (she is a nurse), intentionally ramming my dad’s truck with one of her kids next to her unrestrained in the car and many more things. It’s like watching Judge Judy. AND That is just ONE sister-in-law, the other one is an uncontrolled bipolar.
    Holidays can be tricky. I realized how bad it had gotten when I found myself instructing my 75 year old mom how to crush a larynx with a throat punch.
    When my mom passes away, I’m gone for good. I just don’t understand how anyone can LIVE with all that drama going on.

    It’s a snow day for us and I have toliet paper!

  26. Ok. Unfortunately I have a smoking butt load of things to do before i leave in a few hours, so imight not be able to participate. However, I’ll still try and even if I’m the last to post, I wanna at least see how many questions I can get. 😉 Still haven’t packed so I really need to hurry. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  27. Bacon-wrapped smoked almond-stuffed dates:nice send me some or the recepie? I would eat the whole plate full they look yummy!.My states Vikings lost to the Saints but im glad they beat the colts Im in RDA land Minnesota.

  28. Félicitations à tous les supporteurs des SAINTS of NEW-ORLEANS
    Belle victoire
    Beau match

    Bonne semaine Joe

  29. hmm smoked almond filled dates wrapped in bacon..

    I’m gonna remember that one!

    So looking forward to the next exciting instalment of (done in the worst cheesy voice over) Staaaaaaaarrgghhgate UUUUUuniverse! da da da dun!!!

    Can Rush escape the harsh environment? Will the ship open to reveal aliens? Will Eli get the girl?

    Stay tooned!

  30. Hello Joe.

    What? You mean the guy in the orientation films doesn’t drink DARMA beer?!?!

    But seriously, thanks for the pictures. I wish I had that much food at my party!

    I all most called The Who’s set list. I didn’t think they’d play “Who Are You”. I thought they were great. I always enjoy watching Townsend doing pinwheels!


    Bryan M. White

  31. @PBMom

    I’ll be thinking of you Tuesday! Our IEP is a week later, if we manage to avoid another Snowmageddon here.

    Re: Superbowl ads, Betty White and Abe Vigoda, hands down.

    Re: Betting on the Quiz, LOL!!! I have no money, but if I did it would be on PG15.

  32. around noon? damn i’m gonna be in bed, how about giving everyone 12hrs to answer and then randomly picking a correct entry? In bed by noon you say, yes I am working nights, I even missed the damn superbowl because I had to work Sunday night.

    Have you been watching Spartacus Blood & Sand? Some people are comparing it to Rome, which I know you liked, but I haven’t see Rome yet. Still trying to catch up on some other shows before I go buy more DVDs to sit on the shelf.

  33. You were so close to predicting the score!

    The commercials were extremely lame a big disappointment. The Denny’s were my favorite though. I have always been amused by chickens in a panic. The Go Daddy commercial and the Dove commercial was by far the stupidest. The E-Trade Baby freaks me out so I don’t watch it.

    In reference to you your Memphis BBQ entry. Which do you like better. The Memphis BBQ or Carolina style BBQ. I like the vinegar in the Carolina style better.

  34. @shirt’n’tie

    WHat’s this with the quiz and me being 12/1? Sorry, I’ve been gone the weekend.

    Well I can’t do the sgu quiz cause I’m leaving for the airport in like 5 min, in case it’s in relation to the quiz. But what were the numbers all about??

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  35. Oh I guess it’s like gambling. Well I’m still kinda young and I don’t know much about gambling. Lol

    But don’t bet on me cause I’ll be gone!! 🙂

  36. Das: I would let you win that one. When my brother was bitching about marriage, I couldn’t help myself: “Then quit marrying crazy people!” It seems so simple to me 🙄 .

  37. Paul looks like an angel…he’s giving off quite the glow! 😀

    Thanks for the pictures, as always Joe!

    I’m glad for everyone who was rooting for New Orleans, though I don’t see what all the fuss is about! 😀

  38. hey joe, what about the VW advert? Granted, people won’t be able to write things now because of dead arms (i feel sorry for the old man that got hit by the kid), but it was still funny! Especially with Stevie Wonder right at the end! I really can’t wait for more SGU, but am afraid there is one thing that I am looking forward to more (apart from the end of some of my University work) and that is the new series of Doctor Who, yes, I am a Whovian aswell as a Gater…but am not a Trekkie! Has Brie left yet? If yes, how are the others reacting to her not being around? Also, how’s your mum/mom/mother/other-variations? Am from UK so thought that all of the terms should be covered!


    high roller that i am, i won a whole dollar.

    lunch, anyone? 😀

  40. Hi Mr. M! I have some questions for you that are probably a tad late…but I have to ask them anyway. I read your old entry with advice about pitching on shows with gusto and made sure to copy it so that I can always check it. Belated thanks for the great information! However, I am wondering about two things.

    1: Are spin-offs of existing shows considered spec scripts or samples? What about scripts based on books?

    2: Although I’m glad I now know about pitching, what about pitching an idea for an original show or movie? Is there a short-form explanation of how to do that? (I’m dying to know since I have a fantasy movie swirling around in my head and am not sure what to do with it.)

    Well, hopeful thanks in advance! And a HUGE thanks for sharing all those pics! 🙂

  41. Cornbread cooked in pottery? How do you make cornbread without cast iron? Wouldn’t the pottery just soak up all the hot lard? I know, I know, that’s a question for Rob, but at least he’s trying to get in the spirit of a Super Bowl Party.

    Pastries? You were serious. Pastries at a Super Bowl Party?!!! The tenderloin’s making more sense now, but the almond-stuffed dates? Yeah, you … do we really need to explain what’s wrong with this picture?

    The timing for the questions to come up isn’t good. I won’t be able to see them before my doctor’s appointment and, if I hear the word “twins” before I see the questions, my brain will shut down for a while.

  42. Salut =) ça va today?

    moi oui, la forme, la semaine recommence!!

    Yahhh trop contente de voir que les Saints ont gagnés!! Je n’aurai pas crue avant le match! Il faudra que je le regarde en rediffusion car hier j’était trop fatiguer pour veiller toute la nuit!

    Pourquoi il y’a aucune fille dans votre Dimanche de Superbowl?…les filles n’aiment pas ce sport au Canada? ou c’est tout simplement mieux de se retrouver entre amis garçons pour dire des choses qui écorcheraient les oreilles des filles^^?

    Gors bisou et merci pour ces photos!
    Bonne journée!

  43. @das

    Looks like we’re in for round 2 here. 9-12 for me… I think you and your hubby will have it worse again. Any survival tips for this storm on Tuesday night?

    I just hope my pipes don’t freeze this year… 😉

    Best Wishes.


    Bryan M. White

  44. Hey Mr m.

    Well I’m at the airport and there’s free wifi here and at miami airport too(my next destination). There might still be hope for me!!!!!! Yay!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  45. @ Bryan M. White – TOILET PAPER! Make sure you have lots and lots of toilet paper!! 😀

    Toilet paper, medications, pet supplies, and non-perishable foods that don’t require cooking – make sure you have all that on hand. If your power goes out and you don’t have any sort of emergency heat (kerosene heater, propane wall heater or stove, fireplace, etc) or generator, then make sure you at least have lots of blankets, and batteries for flashlights. It wouldn’t hurt to have a camping lamp – they’re not too expensive (the battery kind). I never recommend candles and stuff because of the fire hazard. Take a shower and get all your necessary laundry done before the thing hits, just in case you do lose power. Don’t overstock the freezer or fridge – if the power goes out, you risk losing it all. Tuna, peanut butter and jelly, bread, nuts, a few lunch meats (they’ll keep in the snow or in a cooler, and don’t require cooking), fruit, lettuce and tomatoes, energy bars – that sort of stuff is good to have on hand (don’t wait to the last minute to go shopping – bread, milk and eggs fly off the shelves at times like this). I hard-boiled a dozen eggs, just in case we lost power, since they keep well and provide a protein alternative to tuna and nuts. I also stocked up on bird seed (the birds have thanked me by pooping all over my car – but I forgive them! 🙂 ).

    Make sure your cellphones are fully charged – especially if you don’t have a hard-wired land line (the old fashioned kind – not the kind that require power packs plugged into the wall to work). A snow shovel, some ice melt, good gloves and boots…and a boss who won’t mind you taking off a day or two…is always good to have, too. 🙂

    I still can’t get out – sure, I could if I really wanted to, but the roads are treacherous, and I don’t want to risk driving. There are already too many people on the road who should not be. So, I’m still hunkered down inside…I feel like a bear, all I do is eat, then hibernate sleep for a couple hours. The cats are loving it! “Oh, look! Mommy’s sleepy-bying again! You get her feet, I’ll worm my way onto her pillow. Woo! Nappy times all around!”

    Hee. Maybe I have cat nap fever. 😛


  46. @PBMom and noelm
    Best wishes to both of you.

    I head to MD this weekend to help brother’s family; sis-in-love had surgery last week, 12 y.o. nephew has special needs, brother has to go back to work.

    This will be my longest visit with Nephew ever; should be very enlightening.

  47. PS – It might be a good idea to have buckets of water on hand so you can flush the toilet if you lose power (and, of course, make sure you have some drinking water). We are very close to our water tower so we never lose water pressure in a power outage. But if you have a well and pump, make sure you have some water on hand to flush with. Of course, snow is frozen water, so you never really can run out of water in a snow storm, but if you lose power you also can’t melt or boil it, either. So a bucket or two of water (or a full bathtub if you don’t have small children around) doesn’t hurt, and clean drinking water is important to have on hand, as well.

    I’m afraid we might lose power in this next storm – already the trees are heavy with icy snow that is not melting even in the sun due to the low temps, and now they’re predicting more snow – and WIND – on Wednesday. My trees are a mess – you can’t get past the side of my house because the cedars are leaning against the house (hubby butchered them trying to get them off the power and phone lines – NOT pretty 🙁 ), and my hollies are busted up, and it looks like war zone in places. I called my tree man and he said that our county is a disaster – trees down on houses and cars and – well – just everywhere. All he’s doing right now is emergency work, so I probably won’t see him until the spring thaw. We haven’t had a bad storm (of any kind) in ages, so we have a lot of big – and old – trees, and they’ve really taken a huge hit.

    And yup – I have a real and true ‘lumberjack’ in my auto dial – he’s a great guy, and his men are really, REALLY hawt, too! One summer I had them in my yard cutting back some unruly branches, and they ALL took off their shirts! *dies* I was in heaven! Lemme tell ya, lumberjack sorts around here are BUILT! AND gorgeous! Since you can’t get a truck in my back yard, these guys have to know how to climb trees – they’re not a wussy bunch of landscapers with 3″ loppers – no, no, no…these are the real deal. Muscles, spiked boots, and a five o’clock shadow – yummy!

    And people wonder why I just don’t let Mr. Das trim our own the trees. Silly folks. 🙄 Some people have personal trainers, others have pool boys, and I…I have lumberjacks. 😀


  48. @Das

    Thanks for the tips. I have city water so flushing is not a concern. I am stocked on blankets, but did not think about power. I do have a torch. You should have seen me trying to thaw my pipes last year when they froze, and I needed a shower.

    I guess I will be making a quick Target run after work to get a lantern. I have more bottled water and Maglites than I need so I am okay in that respect. Talk to ya later. Thanks.


  49. Not to frighten anyone, but look at their eyes – several of those guests are clearly Goa’uld!


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