Last night, I dreamt I was back in Montreal.  I was downtown and looking to catch a bus back to West Island, a ride that would take approximately 45 minutes, compounding my problems given that it was already 4:30 p.m., the Superbowl had kicked off an hour earlier, and I was supposed to be hosting this year’s Superbowl Bash.  So, yeah, I’m hosting this year’s Superbowl Bash.  I’m expecting about eight guests – Rob, Carl, Brad, Remi, Ivon, Alan, Lawren, and Ivon – and have planned a football feast, Joe style: six types of chips and dips, pan-seared tenderloin sandwiches, and butter-fried prawn.  Ivon’s bringing the chili and Rob’s making cornbread.  And we’ll top it off with pastries.  I know, I know.  Not exactly pizza and wings.  As for which team I’ll be supporting tomorrow – I direct you to this blog entry:  First and foremost, I’ll be rooting for “NOT THE COLTS!”.  Secondly, I’ll be rooting for New Orleans.  GO SAINTS!

Prediction: SAINTS 33 COLTS 31

So when Vancouver secured the bid to host the 2010 Winter Games, politicians and pundits alike just wouldn’t shut up about how all-together fantastic this would be for the local economy.  Apparently, hosting the Olympics would result in a huge windfall for everyone. Well, everyone except for all those merchants on Cambie Street who were driven out of business when construction on the new Canada Line went long, effectively shutting down access to their businesses.  But, hey, if past Olympics have taught us anything, it’s that the Games are money-makers (unless you happened to have hosted the Olympics between 1932 and 1984, or in 2004, while the bottom line for the 1992 Games wavers between break even and a whopping $5 million!).  So imagine my surprise when I came across this interesting article – – which points to a recent study that concludes: “the economic impact of hosting the Games, beyond creating a few thousand temporary construction jobs, is effectively zero — neither positive or negative.”.  Okay, to be honest, I’m not that surprised.  Nor will I be surprised when, long down the line, even further studies reveal that the Vancouver Olympics were, in fact, a money-losing prospect.  Poor Vancouver.  Like a contestant on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, the city forged ahead, oblivious to standing history and prevailing wisdom, convinced that, this time, it would work because it was special.  Instead, it will discover the Olympics to be, like Tila herself, both expensive and annoyingly unpredictable.  But, hey, as stupid an idea as it sounds, the construction and maintenance of a zip-line down the heart of downtown doesn’t come cheap ($250 000) and the bills must be paid.  Which is why street parking hours have been extended from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  and the rates raised, sometimes tripled.  To those complaining now or in the future about getting squeezed to pay for the Games – if you voted against them, then I empathize.  If, on the other hand, you didn’t bother voting or, worse, voted FOR them, then “Suck it up, bitches!”. And enjoy your Games.


Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Region 1 DVD? What about the rest of the world?”

Answer:  We’ll be providing equally cool prizes for those non-Region I residents of the world.

Arctic Goddess writes: “I suppose I really don’t expect an answer to this question, but, do you think that SGU could benefit from new writers? If you agree with me, then you are admitting the show could use improvement. If you disagree, you come across as close minded and inflexible.”

Answer: My response to that would be that it depends on the writers.  Talented new writers would certainly help any production.  On the other hand, new writers who end up not being the right fit could prove detrimental to the show if we simply have to spend our time rewriting them.  Having said that, we are bringing two new experienced writers onto the team for SGU’s second season, and both seem to be great additions to our standing staff.

Major D. Davis writes: “I believe I’ll be leaving on a plane flight at twelve for Ecuador.”

Answer: Better make sure before you board.  Have a good time!

DP writes: “What? Peking Duck is just skin?”

Answer: It depends on the restaurant.  Most of the places I visited while in Hong Kong served just the skin.  Most of the places I’ve been to in North America serve meat and skin.   If you’re a vegetarian, simply separate the meat and enjoy the skin guilt-free.

Tim Lade writes: “I am taking ten students down to Lousiana next week…got any suggestions for excellent restaurants in New Orleans?”

Answer: It’s been years since I visited New Orleans – and ended up getting lost in the city’s most unsavory quarters riding a pink tandem bike – so I’m not really in a position to make recommendations.

Osiristi writes: “You’ll look back “on all three shows”? Does that mean SGU will be the last of the franchise?”

Answer: Possibly not for the franchise, but certainly for me.

Laura writes: “So MSN had an article of the top 10 places to eat in Vancouver. How many of these have you visited and what were you opinions on them.”

Answer: Araxi, Bearfoot Bistro, Rimrock Cafe, and Coast = Haven’t been.  Blue Water Cafe = Fine.  Gotham Steakhouse = Underwhelmed on three successive visits.  One of the city’s most overrated.  Italian Kitchen = For real?  It’s like a really nice Olive Garden.  Tojo’s = Very good but prepare to drop some major coin.  Vij’s = Excellent but be prepared to wait.  They don’t take reservations.  West = Also very good but, on my last visit, I had the Chef’s Menu and was still feeling a little peckish at the end of my meal.

Alexander of Houston writes: “Tell me joe, do you like bechamel? can you make mayonnaise? What is your favorite consomme?”

Answer: I do like bechamel, can make my own mayo, but have no favorite consomme.

Alexander of Houston also writes: “How do you like your eggs?”

Answer: Poached and served atop butter-fried sweet potatoes.

Dasndanger writes: “I woke up about 2 am – wind’s starting up now, and we have a bit of snow, but still the threat of ice/rain since we’re just about on that freeze line. The branches are really heavy with wet snow, so I won’t be surprised if we lose power again…just hope not.”

Answer: Hang in there, Das!  And stay warm!

Ryan writes: “Do you think SGU appeals to more people than say SGA or SG1?”

Answer: Hard to say.  I know that many of our viewers are former fans of SG-1 and Atlantis, but a significant portion are also newbies to the franchise.

Morticae writes: “When will we start getting a sense of the major story arc for the show?”

Answer: We’ve already laid the groundwork.  As season one progresses and once we get into season two in particular, pieces of the puzzle will really start to fall into place, giving viewers a better sense of the big picture.

Luis writes: “No pics of LULU and the Gang???Has Brie departed yet???”

Answer: She leaves tomorrow.

Jmanzione writes: “My problem with the production team and MGM in particular is the over emphasis on DVD sales as the reason why there is no movement on the new movies.”

Answer: Actually, that was my reasoning based on the general downturn in DVD sales/rentals.  We have yet to receive official world from the studio on either movie.

Jmanzione also writes: “Worldwide the Stargate franchise has several million hard core fans that would make any and every movie a hefty profit with DVD sales and TV Broadcasting, there simply cannot be a continuing denial about this.”

Answer: Believe me, MGM is in the business of making money and if it was as simple and straight forward as Producing the movies = $$$, they would have already given us the go-ahead.

South African Singularity writes: “I’ve always been really interested in the idea of the FURLINGS, knowing that they were one of the original 4 races which entered into the alliance, is it possible that we will be learning more about them during the episodes of the SGU?”

Answer: Highly unlikely.

South African Singularity also writes: “Also, wouldn’t the Atlantis database have some information regarding destiny? It obviously would have been built before the construction of Atlantis and / or the war with the Wraith, and they would have kept monitoring it’s progress in case it might stumble upon any new advantage they could gain against the Wraith at that time?”

Answer: While Destiny and the seeder ship were launched on their long journey, the Ancients never got around to manning the ship so there would have been no hard data to gather beside possible atmospheric information on planets long-since passed.

South African Singularity also writes: “Wouldn’t the sudden appearance of a City from out of space prompt the air force to come clean about the SG program? Or doesn’t that reality have anything to do with the SGU reality? Or is there some missing info we will only find in Stargate: Extinction?”

Answer: This is a question that gets answered in the very first scene of the movie.

gforce writes: “Do you know if there will be a full season DVD release at the end of season one, or are they just going to do them by the half season?”

Answer: Alas, I don’t know what MGM has planned.

Squall78 writes: “I asumed you were being snarky since Season 4 grew from 1.7 Million viewers for the 1st half, to about 2.2 Million for the 2nd half, and Season 5 saw a steady 2.1 Million.”

Answer: The point is it would make more sense to hypothesize based on trending data (ie. the steady downturn in viewership after Atlantis’s second season) rather than a single episode (Justice) and, even then, the seemingly logical hypothesis could be way off the mark (as evidenced by the data you supply showing an eventual uptick in Atlantis’s numbers).

Kevman7987 writes: “Joe, I feel sorry for you. When team USA smashes The Canadian Hockey Team for Gold that the angry rioting will probably leave Vancouver a smoking ruin.”

Answer: No need to feel sorry for me.  I’m embracing the anti-Olympic spirit by quietly supporting the Russian and Swedish hockey teams.  Also, I couldn’t care less if the downtown core is left a smoking ruin.  I rarely frequent any of its restaurants.

PJR writes: “I would like to enquire further how – in the room – the vision for SGU, its difference and commonalities, was communicated to writers, etc.”

Answer: We were given the first three scripts – Air I, II, and III.  They served as the blueprint for SGU.

PJR also writes: “Might that leave the door open creatively for writers, or is the SG/SGU bible tightly defined?”

Answer: While the SGU bible is defined, it isn’t “tightly defined” so there is room for developing certain as-yet untapped elements down the line.

PJR also writes: “In SGU, does such possibility exist or were no units brought to Destiny?”

Answer: No ZPM’s were brought aboard Destiny.  Why the need for additional power sources when the ship was specifically designed to draw energy from the stars it would pass along the way?

Echelon writes: “Do you make a point to DVR or get a copy of Stargate alumni in their work after Stargate?”

Answer: Only if they happen to be guest-starring on House.

78 thoughts on “February 6, 2010: Superbowl Bash! Olympic Update! Mailbag!

  1. Nothing tells criminals you just got a concealed carry license like riding through an unsavory part of town on a pink, tandem bike. I think you were safe.

  2. @DP ROFL. I’m not sure which is a funnier visual. Mr. M. on the pink tandem bike or him pulling out a piece to defend himself.

    A haircut? What sort of superbowl party are you expecting to host, that you have to take precautions like cutting your hair? I haven’t decided if I’m even going to watch the game. Certainly won’t have the nice spread you are laying out. You’re forgiven for an early, and short, post tomorrow if you go ahead and post before the game. Or with the time difference, if you post after please put up a couple of pics for us. Thanks for the chunky mailbag and have a great time tomorrow.

  3. Oh, got your hair cut eh? Dashing! I also very much dislike the “Colts” and am praying that the “Saints” win their very first Super Bowl. Actually my mother and I have a name for the Colts quarterback which is “Pouty Peyton”. Don’t ask me why!

    I just have to tell you that I am a fan of the Stargate Franchise as a whole. While SGU is certainly different than both SG1 and SGA, it is rapidly growing on me and I am looking forward to each new episode…hate the big break though… Do you know when they will show trailers for the back half of season 1? Getting anxious for some sort of tantalizing teaser. 🙂

  4. I suppose it is a bit early in the series but, is it possible in season two or even if we get a third season; to see guest stars such as we saw in SG1 with Isaac Hayes and Wayne Brady.

    Also if you could pick a guest star who would it be? I don’t think you can pick the entire cast of House.

  5. Wait – you have two Ivons coming to your party? *scratches head* Whose the second one?

    And you got your hair cut today?! Which one?? (I hope it was that wiry one in the front, just to the left of center. It was driving me NUTS!!!)

    “Hang in there, Das! And stay warm!”

    Thanks, Joe – so far I’m nice and toasty…but you won’t be when I sneak up behind you and shove this snowball down yer britches! *PLOMFFF!* Heeheehee… 😈

    Enjoy! 😀


  6. @Major D. Davis: ¡Buen viaje!

    @ the US East Coast: Enjoy what you can of “snowmageddon”. I miss watching snow fall but don’t miss slipping on ice.

    @all Super Bowl celebrants: Enjoy yourselves…in moderation. We’re not football fans; think I’ll invite Husband to a movie matinee.

  7. I am leaving Vancouver on the 13th and won’t be back until the 28th. I made the decision to leave a couple days ago. I live near Commercial Drive and Broadway (near the Rio Theater where SGU cast/crew premier was shown, which I was told I could go to and then later told that I was told no such thing and made to feel like a fool…even though I was told twice that I could go…but whatever I’m not bitter about it), and I can’t believe how much in the last 2 weeks the collective IQ of the area has dropped and how the population of people who talk (actually yell) at/to themselves and ask me for money has increased.

    I though about getting a bullet proof vest the other day when an SUV full of kids drove by the corner of Commercial and Broadway and yelled at the gang of jobless tweens behind me that they were going to return and “Pop a cap in their ass.” I realized that the vest wasn’t needed due to the fact that popping a cap in one’s ass is very 90s, and that if the person were a threat or had any street cred that they would have said something cooler like…I don’t know, but it would have been cooler.

    I look forward to reading your Olympic updates from the safety of Kelowna, and look forward to getting back on the Destiny on March 10th, or shortly thereafter. 🙂

  8. PS: Joe – you need to make those smoked almond-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates for your party. Or…you could just wrap your date in bacon, and stuff her with almonds…

    Also, this:

    “Possibly not for the franchise, but certainly for me.”

    Can you elaborate on this? Are you looking to move on, perhaps to pursue creative possibilities in other cities (or even in other mediums), or something else? For the record, if you come up with a good story involving a handsome long-locked anti-hero albino-type, I’ll follow you anywhere! 😀


  9. I’m sad to see your posts about the Games. Truth be told I wasn’t for the Olympics (though not a citizen back then I had no vote) and I think the money could have been used much better, but all the whining isn’t going to change anything.
    No, we won’t come out on top and like Montreal we’re probably paying for the Games for the next 20 years, but that’s exactly why I want to make the best of it. My hard earned cash is paying for the Olympics, why wouldn’t I go out and have fun? Why not link to some fun and free stuff happening around the city. Have you been down to Robson Square after about 7? It’s positively electric and the big event hasn’t even started.

    People are always whining what a lame city Vancouver is and how nothing ever happens. And then one of the biggest events ever is happening and everybody is whining about the traffic, the parking, etc. Yeah it’ll be tough, but come on it’s for a couple of weeks.
    Those are the same people that complain about the rain and OMG depressing, I hate it and as soon as the sun comes out ‘OMG so hot, how can we survive?!’. I’m so tired of the negative attitude of people.

    You’re by far not the only anti-Games person, but what do you preach about negative attitude all the time? Why do you put in the effort and time to post how bad the Olympics are going to be when this very behaviour annoys the hell out of you when it comes to SGU? I realise you can’t change the channel, but why put the energy in it? Why not ignore it and leave town for a couple of weeks like the rest of the fine folks around here.
    I’m not even from Vancouver or Canada for that matter, but I see no need to bash the city that’s about to welcome the world.
    And just for the record I’m not Vanoc and in no way affiliated with it.
    Pot? Meet Kettle.

  10. i should go downtown and check it out sometime. Hopefully the olympics will fly by and not leave a bad mark on its way out…hopefully. I tried the ribs at Memphis, and I didn’t think they were very good. Although, I did really enjoy the brisket

  11. You’ve got two Ivons? Can I have one once you’ve finished with him? 😀

    I have a RDO tomorrow and I’m hosting a Superbowl Party too…it starts at 10AM here so we won’t quite have the spread you do but it’ll be fun…my family is coming over.

    I’m going for the Colts…go Peyton!!

    Cheers, Chev

  12. I can see big arguments in Michael Shanks fans households tonight…his premiere of Desperate Escape is on at the same time as the superbowl apparantly.. 😀

    It is my birthday today so will be a Stargate/Michael day for me… 🙂

    Kriss 🙂

  13. Hello Joe,

    Hope you are doing well. Another contest? I still suffer from the bitter taste of defeat after guessing “Crossroads” in the last contest… Couple that with missing “Time” and I don’t stand a chance… 😉


    Glad to hear you are still with us. I hope the ice isn’t too much of a problem for you and your Hubby. Quick question: given geography I am going to go out on a limb and ask if the band you saw was called BoneDaddy? I have seen them play by me several times and they have a similar set list to the one you described.


    Best wishes and enjoy the big game!!!


    Bryan M. White

    P.S. Joe, are they doing a pool at the office for the big game? If so, can you tell us your numbers? Also, out of curiousity, who is Rob rooting for?

  14. Hi Joe,

    I received my pictures from my photo shoot yesterday and I’m very happy about the results. I knew Karin was a good photographer the second I saw her work on her website and I’m very proud to say that she did not disappoint me. She takes amazing pictures!!!

    She took 289 frames. She was supposed to take 400. Thank god she didn’t, it would have been a waste of film. There are so many good shoots, I’m having a hard time choosing. (me picky Christine)!!! I did a first cut to 85
    ( keep in mind that the pictures are so good, It allowed me to be extremely picky) then a second one to 41, called my sister who promised to assist me with the final cut that should be less then 10… actually, it should be less then 5, but …. not sure will be able to get down to 4.

    My other 2 meetings went fairly well. I had one interview for my regular job and a meeting with a new acting coach.
    I went to a “get together” yesterday with people from the film industry. It was pretty cool. There’s another one next month. It’s a group of filmmakers that present their films every month during a gathering. The fun thing about these meetings, is that you get to meet a wide range of people in the film industry ranging from screen writers, to producers, sound engineers, special effect….etc., actors.. I was working and missed part of it, but at least, I got the chance to mingle a little bit…. Thanks to Janick, who kept introducing me to different people. It’s just refreshing to get in contact with a different kind of crowd then the one I usually get involved with from my work.

    So… I started another acting workshop suggested to me by my photographer Karin. My new acting coach Suzanna is a very good looking woman. She is off to Toronto or Vancouver next week for an acting gig. She’s really fun and …. knowledgeable. She got a master’s degree in performance Studies from the university of Lancaster. She’s been a working actress for the past 10 years. She is different from my other acting coach. Dear Christopher loved to talk about his personal life!!! It is kind of sad when you travel 16 hours a week for a class. Suzanna has a different approach to coaching, and I like it so far. I’m glad Karin referred me to Robyn who put me in contact with Suzanna.

    Ever heard of Juliette et Chocolat café on St-Denis? Their specialty is CHOCOLATE. After rigorously watching my diet and exercising for the past few weeks, I felt I deserved a treat today. It’s a good thing that this café has long waiting lines and is located in downtown Montreal!!!

  15. Are you having a going away party for Brie? With party hats, balloons and streamers all around? I hope she gets some nice going away presents like a new sweater to help her with the cold weather. Please take some nice pictures of her before she heads off.

    I hope you enjoy your Superbowl party. It sounds like a wonderful group to have a big party. Maybe a good time to have some guests audition for the Weird Drink of the Day Video?

  16. Going to a Superbowl party tomorrow. Sounds like you are going to have lots of good munchies. It’s making me hungry.

    We need pics of the new haircut.

    I happen to like watching the Olympics. A friend told me tonight that she tried to get tickets to different events a while ago and was told they were sold out. Now there’s a surplus of tickets. Go figure. Btw, she’s Canadian and loves the fact that the Olympics are in Canada. I hope that something good comes out of all of it and Vancouver sees some profit.

  17. Hi there Joe!

    I have a couple of questions.

    1. I’ve seen all Stargate episodes so far except for the animated series, and I’ve been wondering about something. When you dial from a planet, how does the gate ‘know’ when to close the connection? Often we have seen 3 out of 4 SG-1 members come through the gate while the last one is a little bit late (under fire and such), but the gate doesn’t shut down until the last one is through. And often it shuts down the very second that the last one steps through. It can’t be a coinsidence every time, can it?

    2. In most of ‘Justice’ I expected the framer to be Telford, using the stones switching bodies with Young while Young was sleeping and therefore doing his thing unnotised. (To get revenge over the assault in ‘Life’). I later realised that of course the stones had to be activated in both ends, and he would have to have an ally onboard the ship to tell him when it was a good time to strike. Did you ever consider him arranging his revenge like that or do I make him too evil now?

    3. Stargate: Extinction. I understand it’s a money-problem? Can’t you put out a call for donation? I’m sure a lot of fans would be happy to help out paying the producion costs. Many small streams make a big river, you know.
    Or you can tell MGM that we all PROMISE to buy the dvd when it comes out! 😉

    Keep up the very great work! I’m looking forward to whatever you bring up!


  18. Do you or the guys make any of your own dips? I can do a decent hummus, If I do say so myself.

  19. HI Joseph! ça va ?

    Super! vous vous êtes coupé les cheveux, il faudra nous montré ça!!!

    Snif, moi je ne pourrai pas regarder le superbowl ce soir car il n’est pas diffusé sur nos chaines naitionales… =(

    Alala moi je suis vraiment impatiente de voir les jeux d’hiver, et s’il n’y a pas de français je soutiendrai le Canada^^!!

    Aller gros bisou!
    je vous adore!

  20. @Susan

    You can hack the majority of DVD players to play all regions. There’s usually a code to enter to unlock it. I’d try googling it with the brand of your DVD player.

  21. @ Bryan M. White – Ah, I forgot you asked about the band! My bad. Tell you the truth – I’m terrible with names. I *think* their name was 5 Hours, or something. I was under the impression they’re pretty small time, performing mostly at another local restaurant/bar down the street (that I didn’t even realize had music!). I’ll try to pay better attention next time. 😛


  22. Now lets not forget the 1976 Olympic Games held in Montreal that gave us the beautiful Olympic Stadium. It is so beautiful that we are still paying million of tax dollars a year to constantly fix its f-ing roof!

  23. When you speak of the DVD market and MGM, how much knowledge are you in possession of? Would it be Brad and/or Rob who have the direct working relationship w/ MGM? Or do you to some extent?

    If it’s Brad or Rob, what are their general feelings regarding the movies?

  24. Joe,when and if you change your job, I hope we can still follow your antics(meant as compliment) and the food and dog adventures here on your blog. This is a pleasant place to visit and interact. thank you.
    – I think IF I were interested in the game I would pick the saints also, nuff said..I am hungry now so thank you for food reference. although I didn’t need much encouragement. 😀
    @das, thanks for sharing pictures, nope I don’t miss it, stay safe and warm.

  25. Mmmmmmmm….Bluewater Cafe – love it!…can’t wait to go back there in April…

    As for the Olympics….I read the Vancouver Sun and Province online…many interesting comments re: 2010…

    I’ve no doubt we will go through much of the same when London hosts in 2012, however being Brits I’m sure we’ll whine and whinge about it with our usual gusto!…

    Still I guess there will be plenty of 2010 memorabilia at “knock-down” prices in April?…

    Deeds xx

  26. Yeah, Joe, why so negative all the time?

    P.S. Pan-seared tenderloin sandwiches? Really? You’re not messing with me, are you?

  27. I’ve already post this but I’ve never received any answer from you. may I conclude there will not be any movie?

    I suppose you know MGM put in auctions some probs from Sg1 and Atlantis. This give me some worries about the SGA movie.
    Is this means there will not be the movie promised after the cancellation…..?
    I must add I gave the chance to SGU but I gave up by now when I belonged to the fan hard core since the start. It’s really not stargate show IMO.
    I hope you’d take your time to answer me at my worries and I know I’m not alone thinking the same.
    If this means there will not the movie I will think it will be another deception after all said since the cancellation from you or BW.

    PS I hope too Your relation between you and SGA cast is going better especially with Joe F.

    Thanks for you answer

    I must add one thing. I gave this chance coz you asked us cos I follow the franchise since the beginning and hoping this will get the SGA movie. but till now no news from you.
    I know you wrote the script. so where is the movie promised?

  28. I remeber as a child, about 20 plus years ago my parents watching Saints games on TV, my mom screaming at the TV and my dad just quietly watching. Now all these years later we have been through the ok seasons and the season were all the fans put paper bags on their heads. I do not live in Lousiana but in Alabama on the Gulf Coast and the whole city is alive with football fever. I have friends that are driving to New Orleans just to be in the city with other fans. It almost feels like the whole city(my city, not NO) is shuting down tonight and waiting for that game and win that Saints fans have been waiting a lifetime for. Who Dat!

    I also love all things Stargate and can’t possible get enough! 🙂

  29. Joseph, peking duck recommendation for you:

    ManRiSung’s Korean style peking duck feast. It’s a Korean restaurant, but the chef was trained in Beijing. The feast is 3 courses. First is peking duck. For the second, you get a choice btwn sausage, noodles or dumplings. I would recommend the noodles. For the third, you can choose btwn hotpot and congee (both are made with the carcass; highly recommend the hotpot). For $50, there’s easily enough food for 3-4 people, but make sure, as with any good peking duck restaurant, you order in advance, the latest, the morning of (Note: will probably have to speak mandarin or korean in order to do so).

  30. Oh, and if by “beside memphis blues”, you meant yum yum’s on lonsdale; I had peking duck there last week. It was pretty decent, but nothing special. However, I am pretty confident that it is pre-frozed peking duck, as they crank it out in less than 30 minutes, without any need to pre-order. But still, I’d have to say that it was decent. For Chinese peking duck, I would go for Neptune in Richmond.

  31. MGM quite rightly states that poor DVD sales generally is what is preventing the go ahead for the 2 SG movies especially so with the companys poor finances. However ALL DVD sales are falling either due to the transition from the dieing DVD format to BD or likely more due to the rise in downloading which almost none of the film & TV companies have taken advantage of; So without a legitimate inexpensive download option downloaders go the file sharing route.
    Joe do you agree that if production & distribution companies came up with a workable affordble downloadble/streaming of shows it would provide a boost to show & movie production? Spotify already shows it can work for music though very little of the cash get to the artists going instead to record companies though for TV this would not be an issue, how about an equivelent for TV & TV-movies?


  32. Ok, Narelle: We’ve been assimilated, we have a Sony e-Reader! It’s charging up now, can’t wait to use it!

  33. Joe,
    correct me if I am wrong, am I right in assuming that when a season run begins that only some of the episodes have been shot & edited & that production is ongoing as the show is being aired? Assuming my guess is right does that mean that a certain amount of tweaking, reshooting & re-editing is not only possible but actually happening depending on various factors such as ratings, budget & of course audience feedback?


  34. In reference to myDistribution post I for one would happily pay £5-£10 a month if you would give streaming access to MGMs back catalogue. Or or £5 to download my very own copy of Stargate episode as it would be digital copy MGM would not have spend cash on producing discs & shipping them & as for bandwidth costs there are some very good technologies in the works using Bit Torrent being explored by such companies as the BBC & Sky meaning reduced overheads & an increased profit margin!


  35. Have a great time tonight Mr. M.!

    Stay warm Das!

    Love the e-reader Narelle!

  36. I have a question about “gate ages”

    I think it was mentioned in SGU, that they ‘believe’ that the Destiny gate may be one of the oldest gates in existence.

    And we’ve seen that the gates the SGU crew has encountered are very different from SG-1 or SGA gates. (Lack of dhd’s, and the gate actually spins)

    Does this mean that all the gates the SGU crew
    is encountering are then “older” or “newer” then any gate we saw in SG1 or SGA? I guess my point of confusion, is that in the pilot episode, it is implied that the seeder ships and destiny travelled thru the Pegasus galaxy (and seeded them presumably), but obviously the SGA gates are different from what we see in SGU.

    Or…could the seeder ships that are constructing the gates enroute, be getting “gate construction updates” along the way…in which case were seeing Stargate “version 2.0” along the way?

  37. “Last night, I dreamt I was back in Montreal. ”

    For a moment there I thought i was reading a story by Daphne du Maurier – then the narrative took a sharp left turn into a bulkhead.

    “Why the need for additional power sources when the ship was specifically designed to draw energy from the stars it would pass along the way?”

    Ah, the hubris by which nations fall *g*

  38. My Stupid Super Bowl plans:

    Watching the Monk marathon on Sleuth channel, while dining on a tasty salad of tomato, onion, cucumber, kalamata olives and pure sheep’s milk feta, dressed with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and Mediterranean herbs. It is YUM!! 🙂

    Joey – you know how I said I HATE drama?? Well, it’s ‘drama’ that’s keeping me away from a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house. See, most of my friends know that I’m very accepting, overlooking the small stuff and just not making an issue of stuff. If you can’t make it for dinner – fine, I’m not going to question your friendship, I understand stuff happens. You don’t feel good? Fine – no need to explain. Tired? That’s okay, so am I. Feeling a bit antisocial? I understand more than you can know.

    Well, there’s this new couple here, very nice folks – will do anything for you – but their life also revolves around drama, from the messes their grown kids get into to the whole ‘we’re still friends, right?’ thing. My mom says they’re insecure, and maybe that’s the case, but everything is drama with them. They want to know your past so they can tell you theirs. They have to let you in on all their little conflicts. And now…well…they were planning this Super Bowl party. Every day the plans changed – 20 people, no…just 5. In their garage-cum-bar, no…just the living room. Dinner, no…just snacks. Couples, no…just the guys. So, finally they tell Mr. Das to make back-up plans because they’re not sure they’re having the party, or not. He does. He tells them, ‘No worries, I made back-up plans, like you said.’

    Now, with all my other friends that would have been it – they would have said fine, and everything would be peachy. Life goes on. But nope…these folks had to brave the elements last night to come over and ‘talk to us about a misunderstanding’. UGH-freakin’-UGH!!! There was no misunderstanding!! They couldn’t make up their minds, they told us to make other plans – just in case – and we did, and we told them so they wouldn’t worry.

    Well…seems they worried. And they had to stop by to make sure everything was okay…to ‘look my husband in the eye and have a heart to heart’…to make sure we’re still friends (NOT if this keeps up!). It probably didn’t help that I wouldn’t let the husband hug me because I wasn’t wearing a bra – it would have made for an uncomfortable familiarity – but he probably interpretted that as some kind of shun.

    Well, because of the snowstorm hubby’s plans fell through, so he might be going over to this guy’s house anyway to watch the game. Me? I know it will be all, ‘you aren’t mad at us, are you?’ and ‘lemme explain why we kept changing our plans’ and all sorts of stuff that makes for uncomfortable situations, because they won’t let things drop. Needless to say I’m staying home – I’m DONE with drama! (Not quite done with bitching about drama, however… 😳 )

    Why am I telling you all of this? Well, to explain the sort of drama I hate – and that seems to be popping up more and more on tv – whether it be in nighttime dramas with all the heart-to-hearts or in reality tv with all the he-said she-said shit. This is the crap I don’t want to see in SGU because if it becomes a prime feature of the show, I’ll tune it out just as fast as I tune out friends who thrive on it.


  39. I have a confession to make … I’m on a couple of marketing/survey lists, and one recently wanted to know our favorite TV show. After a few moments quiet reflection, I typed SGU. So you see, even with all the bellyaching, I can’t deny that it’s my favorite.

    Have fun tonight — GO SAINTS!

  40. I know the SG1 and Atlantis movies are on hold due to poor DVD sales at the moment..

    But this doe snot seem logical..

    Has MGM considered going ahead and green light the two films, so you guys can get on and make them….So when the DVD market does pick up, they have these films all ready to release as and when they wish to.

    secondly, If they say the DVD market is not very good at the moment, could this be for there is nothing decent out there to buy at the moment.

    I know I would part with my well earned cash to buy Two Stargate Movie DVD’s ……

    The going on sale of two Stargate Films could rejuvenate the DVD Sales industry… ?

    Would a Atlantis or SG1 mini series ever be considered ?
    Be cheaper than a movie and be longer ……

  41. Hi Joe. Got this in an email and thought you might find this…interesting. 😉 It’s cute and harmless.

    You know that you should clean the outside of your computer screen every so often. However, did you know that you’re supposed to clean the inside of the screen, too? Not many people know this or how to do it.
    So, here’s a complimentary cleaning.

  42. “It’s been years since I visited New Orleans – and ended up getting lost in the city’s most unsavory quarters riding a pink tandem bike”


    You need to blog about this. Soon.

    *Insert a few dozen “do it”‘s*

    Ok, question: is the actress cast as Rush’s wife the same person that was seen in the photo in Air?

    Have fun at the Superbowl party! I expect much shenanigans and hilarity in pictorial form when photons from your next blog entry hit my retinas.

  43. Tammy – Cooool. Look forward to hearing first hand what the new model is like.
    Was it you that said you wanted to come and live here during your Winter? You’re more than welcome by the way, but I don’t think das would endure either the flight or the wildlife. That giant spider (now called Edwina) is back. She was on the decking roof all yesterday while I read nearby. The flies were a bit pesky until she showed up. So I was more than happy to let her sit there.

  44. Ok sweet!!!! I’ll at least get a chance to post the answers. I might have opportunities to check in so I might still be around, I just didn’t want you guys to think I ditched u if I went dark for a while. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  45. Hi Joe

    I’d asked about ZPM – why there are none on Destiny, brought or otherwise, and you answered: ‘No ZPM’s were brought aboard Destiny. Why the need for additional power sources when the ship was specifically designed to draw energy from the stars it would pass along the way?’

    I’d have thought away-team protocol would be to take such mini-ZPM units (tappers not batteries), given that they are always stepping into the unknown with every gate mission. That could have provided supplemental power to dial Earth?

    Or, the Ancients would have had back-up tech, especially for an unmanned ship sent ahead (to be joined later) as things could go wrong, like SkyLab in the mid-1970s as it hung like an injured bird with out one solar wing array out. Otherwise, when they arrived (if it’d happened) might they have faced the similar initial problem?

    These can be argued against but seem valid possibilities for SGC protocols or Ancient’s kit (and maybe discoveries onboard will unveil such later; possibly Rush is hiding what he’s already found; maybe tech guys can rig-ZPM via visits by Stones – who knows? er, you guys, of course). Still, for reasons of dramatic choice maybe all this is bypassed for the team to be stranded, or seemingly so? Still, I don’t recall anyone talking about ZPM although it featured in SG1/SGA – and, 9th Chevron info came from Atlantis, so continuity or tech/knowledge could be inferred.

    Detailed Q, I know, but I am really interested in the creative choices made to set the boundaries for storytelling. Any further insight would be great.

    One other wee aspect on dialling out, to home, might the chain of seeded gates by activated to work concurrently as a relay call back to Earth – and so energy needed is just to reach the last seeded gate, not Earth?

    You mentioned SGU will be the wrap for you on the franchise. Apologies if you have mentioned this before but it does strike me as new. You’re still linked up with movie-scripts, or is that a different saga, so to speak? I’m looking forward to your stories on SGU being aired – but, what’s the plan?

    best wishes,


  46. Hi Joe

    Who takes pitches for SGU episodes? Best contact details?

    I’d like to run some pitches by you, including a double ep – if that’s ok.



  47. @ DaffyDave

    correct me if I am wrong, am I right in assuming that when a season run begins that only some of the episodes have been shot & edited & that production is ongoing as the show is being aired?”


    I had assumed the same thing, but the answer to that assumption is actually NO!. Not only did they film ALL of the episodes for season 1 before a single one was aired, but they also did NOT air any of the episodes to any focus groups or test audiences. Not only did they film them all and not test screen them, but they also edited and added in the spaces for advertising slots. Its already a done deal.

    That is the root of my disgust with this show’s production. If they had only filmed the first 10 episodes and then took advantage of this ridiculous break to commence filming of the second 10 after watching the performance of the first 10, this show could have seen changes reflected by the gathered data from the first half. That is why I have taken issue with Mr Mallozi’s claim that the back half of season 1 will “delight the Stargate fans”. I just dont think that will be the case, even with Daniel Jackson or Sam Carter or whomever they try to inject from SG-1. ALL 20 episodes were “in the can” before “Air” was shown.

    Dumb, huh?

    And I suggest you put it to Joe directly: “Joe, are you going to open the cans and make any changes to episodes 10-20? I have posed this question twice, and all I have gotten is vague references to some of the things in the upcoming episodes which “should” delight the fans. I am not buying it, because the second half is already filmed, edited and in the can and therefore are not going to be influenced by fan input. But season 2 has possibilities. Unfortunately, the back half will complete the trnding data in ratings, and the studios may make changes of their own before it starts (IF it starts).

  48. We ended up staying home – hubby watched the game, I recorded it and watched rugby…then fast-forwarded through the game and watched the commercials. The only one that made me lol was the Green Police Audi commercial…and I also chuckled over the book club one…but basically unimpressed with the commericals overall.

    Oh, and WHO DAT?! I hate football, but I am glad the Saints won – I think the city needed it.


  49. See Joe, It was good to get a haircut, your team won!! party on!! Who gets to clean up after the party? Loser Colts fans>>>??

  50. @ US East Coast residents: I take back the comments about not missing snow. Due to a family emergency, I may be in the DC area for the latter half of Feb. Will advise.

  51. Well how ’bout that game….we had a gr8 party…I’ll post a pic of my spread….

    cheers, chev

  52. @ Narelle – I’ll deal with the snow and stay in Jersey, and you can have your leggy critters all to yerself. 😉


  53. Im in Vegas for the weekend, and the town is absolutely NUTS right now! Off to a party at The Orleans, and then over at the VooDoo Room at Rio! Hope your party is great, and thank you for allowing me to speak my mind regarding SGU and the future of the show. I know I can be snarky and brash, but you were able to see past that…must be your Italian genes! Im harmless…just very opinionated. Yay Saints!

  54. das – I’m hearin’ ya honey about hatin’ the drama.
    I married into a family who love the drama. I have a policy now that when someone starts up with drama type conversations, I excuse myself. Also, when someone starts a conversation with, “Sue said that Jill said…” I just raise my hands and say, “No! Don’t want to hear it!”
    It aids in keeping me sane and it means that I can’t get dragged into the drama.

  55. @Overmind One

    Stargate Universe premiered on October 2 on SyFy. The filming wrapped at the end of October. There was still VFX & editing to be done. I don’t think that the entire first season is finished and ready for airing. But I’m not saying they are going to change anything. Nor should because you don’t like it.

    From what I read Joe responded to fans direct requests for aliens, action and the like by saying I know we have that coming up in the second half.

    This is the one and only time I will respond. You are an aggressive and rude person and deserve no more air time.


  56. @Overmind

    Joe’s never said that what’s coming up in the back 10 are what they are because of any fan input (despite the fact that all 20 were not actually “in the can” prior to Air parts 1 & 2 airing … they were coming up on filming the eps 18-20 if I remember correctly).

    What he’s been trying to get across is what they’ve *already* done and *not changed one bit* should make the fans who’ve been complaining about certain things missing from the show, or being done in ways they don’t like, happy. If not happier. And if not happier, then possibly saying to themselves, “Oh, hey … this is getting better than I thought it would because I just can’t see the show getting better.”

    Because as with most artistic things, it grows and changes and even a novice storyteller can see when things organically move elsewhere in the story no matter what you had planned. It’s simply paying attention. And this particular writing staff have been writing for long enough that individually they know if something’s working or not … as a group they definitely know.

    And since *they* (the writer/producers) know what they’ve written and filmed and completed, Joe’s in a really good spot to know if it’s matching up with what he’s been reading here on his blog.

    Oddly enough, most shows aren’t written *for* fans. People are fans of a show because they like what they see or they like what the writing staff brings to what they’re watching. The writers are the creators, not the other way around. Fans might want to see one thing, and sometimes producers play with that, but fans in no way creatively *own* what they’re watching. I’m not sure where this sense of ownership came from, but as a creative person myself, I expect people to either like or not like what I’ve done, and have an opinion on it … I don’t expect them to tell me how to make what my mind is giving them better and actually *expect* me to think they know better. That might be a conceit, but I feel that’s how most writers think. Are we always right about what we create? Nope. There’s plently of documented evidence where a writer has said, “oh my god, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that. Any my executive producer said okay to it!” or said Executive Producer of a show went, “I have no idea what I was thinking.” But most times, you don’t know something’s not working until you actually see it in existence.

    For a great commentary on just that kind of thing, I’d recommend listening to the commentary track on the FARSCAPE season 1 episode “Jeremiah Crichton.” It’s a fascinating track to listen to with Ben Browder, Claudia Black and executive producer David Kemper (I think it was) about how something on paper worked really well, but just didn’t work by the time it was all on film.

    For both Overmind and @Daffy Dave

    From what I’m aware of most shows begin shooting around June/July, depending on when it’s actually airing (generally starting in September). So they have some episodes in various states of existence … from completed for airing in September to just filmed/taped. Not withstanding breaks from filming, shooting can end anywhere from February to March, sometimes as late as April depending on the shows average shooting time (8 days on average for a one hour drama, though that could be changing with HD cameras).

    That being said, there are exceptions … and that depends on when a network decides on when it should be aired. Any show that runs with consecutive episodes, such as 24, LOST (for the past couple of seasons) or have a huge break in between eps … like Sci-fi/SyFy does now … will pretty much have a shooting schedule like any other show, but won’t have anything left to shoot or have very little left to shoot by the time the show airs.

  57. Dear Joe,

    I have a few questions about the Stargate movies. It’s way over a year since we were told that we would get a movie for SG-1 and also SGA. Now I know you have no control over what’s going on, but how much time would have to go by before saying…”Nope, it ain’t gonna happen.” ?
    Also, if such times comes(which I hope it doesn’t) would you tell us what was suppose to happen for the SGA movie?
    I’ve been growing concern, especially after the news of SGA novels that will start from where things were left at the end of Season 5, that it means that any chance of movies won’t exist.
    I’m not saying that I’m not excited about the novels, but I would like the movies too.
    And my last question. I thought that there were mentions of alot more scenes that were deleted during Season 4 and 5. Like John and Teyla after the hug scene and something about Jason having troubles with one of his lines because it sounded like he had an accent… something like that. Any chance of throwing us a bone and do a DVD with just bloopers(with all the explainations) and deleted scenes from all 5 seasons?

    Thank you

  58. @Overmind One, DaffyDave, and anyone else who doesn’t remember the years Before Internet…

    *harsh language alert*


    *sigh* Sorry about that.

    You seem to think it unfair that fan opinion cannot IMMEDIATELY affect creative decisions. Sorry, folks, but entertainment is not interactive unless one is playing Mad Libs…and even THAT is scripted.

  59. @ Chevron7

    You should have simply not responded at all. I dont recall ever asking you for your thoughts or opinions. LOL. Many of you have a bad habit of trying to speak for Mr Mallozi…smh.

  60. @ BrandonW

    Hey there. Thank you for your response, but you are mistaken on several levels. You said:

    “Oddly enough, most shows aren’t written *for* fans. People are fans of a show because they like what they see or they like what the writing staff brings to what they’re watching. The writers are the creators, not the other way around. Fans might want to see one thing, and sometimes producers play with that, but fans in no way creatively *own* what they’re watching.”

    Perhaps in “other shows”, but NOT science fiction. This show is a perfect example. Stargate Universe exists because it was driven by a desire to “fill the gap” caused by the ending of BSG, the cancellation of SGA and SG-1, and in hopes it could draw in Lost and Defying Gravity and Firefly fans. It is massively derivative, and the producers themselves have referred to the sources which some elements have been derived from. Star Trek exists entirely because of fan demand. When it ran originally, it was for only 4 years. It was rebooted with TNG, and now again with Star Trek 11. Whats more, the studios DO care what the fans think, since their purchases and viewership are what makes it worth it to produce the shows/films.

    According to people at SyFy, all of the episodes were already in the can before “Air” was aired. Joe may be in a position to gauge what he feels may delight fans based on what is in the can, but if the producers use the same faulty Magic 8 Ball to predict the reception of the next 10 episodes as they did to predict the success of the premiere and the first 10 episodes, I cant expect much.

    I am not trying to be rude here, but I am not trying to put sprinkles on my words either. Joe knows how to deal with people like me, and nobody else here who is not discussing SGU need pay any attention to me at all. Most computer mice have scroll wheels! I really appreciate the time you took to respond to my concerns. I welcome more commentary from you in the future!

  61. Gilder:- if you had actually bothered to read my post I was asking a question I was not stating that he should make changes due to fan views in post production, I quote ” Assuming my guess is right does that mean that a certain amount of tweaking, reshooting & re-editing is not only possible but actually happening depending on various factors such as ratings, budget & of course audience feedback?” ; Notice the question mark? I was asking that if production was ongoing while the show was airing if changes are or could be made & if so was viewer reaction a factor. Given what is happening with both Flash Forward & V both new series are being re written also having cast & crew changes & both have longer than normal mid-season breaks I do not think it an un-reasonable question.
    while I may not be happy with the direction Stargate Franchise has taken I also accept my opinion alone is unlikely force any changes. However everyones opinion has a certain amount of validity even if does not match mine, that why I do not deride other posters for having views I do not agree with; Perhapes you should consider that.
    While I am not a Sci Fi writer I am a Scifi fan I grew up with Dr. Who, Star trek, UFO, Space 1999 In my Teens Star wars Battlestar Galactica, Logans Run & buck Rogers. Later on in adult life STNG, STV, DS9, Babylon 5, SG1 & SGA plus I have read probably over 1000 Sci Fi books. Battlestar Galactica the reboot the pilot was brilliant, season 1 very good season 2 soso, Season 3 I stopped watching it when it turned into the West Wing in Space, I did however enjoy Razor.

    What I personally do not like about SGU is the lack of pace, also I watch TV to be entertained somthing SGU is not doing for me as I miss the the fun & camraderie that SG1 & SGA had. I do like some of the characters & some of the elements & some episodes but the parts I like are out weighed by the ones I dislike. Joe says you need to watch & rewatch the series so far as a whole to appreciate it fine if it had aired unbroken but there were what two gaps not counting the massive mid season hiatus on top of that I did not like the episodes enough to keep the recordings. Other things I do not like is in my opinion the excessive character developement which seems to be at the expense of telling a story that coupled with in some episodes seeming to have no logical structure to them.
    I gave & am still giving SGU the benefit of the doubt & if I get more of what I enjoy in the back half of the season enough so that I am looking forward to season 2 then maybe I will go back & give the first 10 episodes a fresh look.


  62. Hey everyone IS the uncertainty over the promised SG1 & SGA movies preventing you from getting into Stargate Universe? If the uncertainty over the films & the resentment that fosters was removed do you feel it would be easier to transfer your affections to the new series? I must admit I have trouble not regarding SGU as a 2nd best until the next SGA or SG1 adventure comes along so my perception of SGU has been coloured negatively. I think that the movie uncertainty to some extent has been unfair to Stargate Universe & definitive answer about would actually benefit the series & change how I & other see this new series. I am just playing devils advocate here afer all if you watched SGU without any preconceptions would you enjoy it more?


  63. @DaffyDave

    Sorry, I am just tired of viewers thinking they can affect creative decisions that were made months or years prior to broadcast.

    I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, when one was lucky to FIND a POSTAL address for a show, let alone get a response to fan mail.

    Getting off the soapbox now.

  64. DaffyDave said:
    I was not stating that he should make changes due to fan views in post production, I quote ” Assuming my guess is right does that mean that a certain amount of tweaking, reshooting & re-editing is not only possible but actually happening depending on various factors such as ratings, budget & of course audience feedback?”

    Dave, I apologize for taking my crankiness about repetition out on you; it’s addressed to the blog participants in general and new readers in particular.

    Similar questions have been asked and answered several times over the years in this blog. Searching the blog for keywords like “re-shoot, re-edit” will probably lead to an answer.

    Going back to my sofa now…

  65. Thats ok glider if I like a series & people keep rubbishing it I would be annoyed too but I am fine with constructive criticism after all some things no matter how good they are can be improved. When I think back to SG1 I really did not start getting capivated by it until the 2nd half of the first season hence my willingness to give this new show a chance.

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