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Well now, this is interesting.  Rumors have the producers of the new Conan movie close to casting their lead (  And they’ve apparently narrowed their choices down to two or three possible candidates, one of them none other than our very own Jason Momoa, Stargate: Atlantis’s Ronon Dex.

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My take?  Hell, yeah!  I think Jason would be perfect.  He possesses not only the requisite physical stature and bearing, but a genuine warrior’s spirit that would imbue the role with a depth and complexity others would be hard-pressed to match.  He’s also dedicated many years to honing his battle skills in both sword and hand to hand combat.  And, speaking from personal experience, I guarantee that Jason will go to unbelievable ends to research and prepare for the part, focusing his entirety on delivering what would no doubt be a big league performance. Finally, if you’re looking to draw a female audience in addition to those action-oriented males, then I’d say Jason’s good looks cement him as the ideal candidate to play Conan.

Photo courtesy/copyright MGM Television.

So, there’s my vote.  Your thoughts?

Oh, yeah.  Regarding those season two episode titles.  The list should actually look something like this:

1. I**********

2. Aftermath

3. Awakenings

4. P*******

5. C*********

Feeling a little under the weather – but I suppose that’s to be expected.  I went out for vegetarian food tonight.  A full report with all of the gory details (and equally gory pics) in tomorrow’s update.

Thanks to everyone who posted well-wishes for mom.  I’m sure she’ll be thrilled once sis directs her to the blog.


Major D. Davis writes: “1. Is Andy mikita directing the season 2 premier?

2. Is the season 2 premier called incursion part 3?”

Answers: Yes and no.

Pastrygirl writes: “This early on in starting a season, do you already have a budget from the studio? Do they give you a set amount for the season, and you divvy it up per episode evenly, or kind of rob one to pay for the extra explosions/space battles in the next episode? What happens if you go over budget?”

Answer: The budget is set before prep for the season even begins.  That amount is divided up between the 20 episodes, thus establishing our pattern episodic budget.  Some episodes will prove more costly and that’s alright – so long as we make up the difference by producing less expensive episodes.  This way we ensure that, by season’s end, we don’t come in over budget.

Malibunextyear writes: “Hi, wishing your mother a speedy recovery. I have missed your blog, hope it’s safe to return!”

Answer: Yep, the coast is clear.  Welcome back, Sheryl.

Flagitous writes: “So, as mentioned above, I am respectfully requesting that you, or another member of the staff read, and answer the questions in this one thread only.”

Answer: If you’re looking for answers, you’re best bet would be to ask the question here.

Sean D. writes: ”

1. Will future SGU episodes include any increase in the amount of Stargate humor than what we saw in the first half of season 1?

2. Do you have any food allergies (if so, what)?”

Answers: 1. The tone of the second half of the season will be consistent with the first.  No Family Ties or Harmony-type episodes.

2. Pineapple.

NarellefromAus writes: “By the way, what fragrance did you end up taking to Tokyo this time to remind you of your travels?”

Answer: The same one I took the last time I went – John Varvatos, Vintage.

50 thoughts on “January 14, 2010: Jason Momoa the new Conan? He should be!

  1. Hi,

    I love SGU but it really could use some additional humor it gets a bit tedious at times.

    Don’t get me wrong I like the more serious tone but lighten it up just a bit please!

    Keep up the great work I can’t live in a world without Stargate!


  2. They’re making a movie about Conan O’Brien? I’d heard this stuff with Jay Leno was getting nasty, but I didn’t realise there had been sword fighting and battles.

  3. Hey Joe,

    Not sure if this was a promotion or not, but congrats on the Executive producer promotion for SGU next season. You and Paul did an amazing job with SGA, and although I felt SGA needed one more season to finish and could of based on it’s performance, I still am enjoying SGU. I look forward to the eps you guys wrote in the 2nd half of Season 1, and it looks like it is half of them, so all good things. I have to say, that I think “The Last Man” and “Remnants” were some of you and Paul’s best work. Keep it up, I am truly looking forward to your eps to come for SGU.



  4. “No Family Ties or Harmony-type episodes”

    Thank God…

    Now if you could avoid any Quarantine or *spits* Space Race *spits* style episodes as well, that’d be great.


  5. Hell, yeah too!! Drop dead gorgeous! I’ll watch anything Jason does. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  6. Jim of WVa – **blows away smoke from the end of both Winchesters and re-holsters them.**
    Some other day, some other time, it may have been me you smoked. Goo’night to y’all. I must mosey. There’s a sunset to be ridden off into.

  7. @ Narelle – YUP!!

    Just my speed…

    RE: Jason the Barbarian – Oh, yeah! That would be excellent! And though Elric, his antithesis, is more my style, Mr. Das LOVES Conan! He’d be thrilled if Jason got the role!

    Not holding my breath, however…Hollywood’s disappointed me far too often.

    Hope all is well this evening, Joe. Sorry you’re feeling a bit ‘off’. I haven’t felt well all week – starving one minute, half-sick the next…and just bleh (though I have plenty of energy, etc…so I don’t think it’s a bug). Several people have said the same thing – insatiable hunger, followed by a sicky feeling, and dizziness…like low blood sugar, or something. I hope I spelled insatiable right…

    Hey! Speaking of which…

    Sateda. Was that a play on words? Sateda – to ‘sate’, perhaps…to satiate Wraith hunger? I’ve always wondered about that…


    Feel better, Joey! Hugs to sis and mom!


  8. It is just me, or does anyone else think that our *Guy* is being typecasted…? — He just finished shooting his Khal Drogo role for GAME OF THRONES a couple of months ago.

    *NOT* that I’m complaining any!! [BTW, watch your step! Be careful of the old-enough-to-be-his-mother puddle of drool over there…] Met the *very* rather strapping young lad at a con a few months back… If he gets the role, for *SURE* I’ll be camping out in a theatre line, just waiting to drip my hand into a bucket of hot-buttered… [*cough*!] … ah, yeah, right… “popcorn”….!

    *sorry*! Don’t mind me, just having a menapausal moment… Nothin’ to see… Just keep moving – don’t slip in the drool…

  9. Oh, they should totally cast Jason Momoa! He’s not exactly the type I’d get all drooly over (reminds me a bit too much of my brother for that), but I think he’s awesome. I’d definitely see it if they cast him.

  10. “Feeling a little under the weather – but I suppose that’s to be expected. I went out for vegetarian food tonight.”

    Are you saying you were feeling under the weather, so you went out for vegetarian food, or that you are under the weather because you went out for vegetarian food?
    Sorry to hear it either way…

    And I loved “Harmony” too! The humor is great, that kid is a riot, and Rodney is exceptionally himself in that one. LOVE the portrait at the end, whoever thought that up gets a gold star!

    @Narelle – rimshot! Good one!

    @Sis – Does Mom Mallozzi have any games on her cell phone? Can you load any, like card games etc? My mom carries hers now, keeping it off unless she needs to make a call. Or play games, which she now does obsessively -at which time she will also deign to see if there are any messages. Still working on her and stepdad to carry said cellphone when walking their med-large dog in the woods alone. She can, however, use the laptop now!!


  11. I second that: Hell, yeah! 😉 Jason would be perfect. Besides, it’s been a long time since we saw most of the Stargate actors in TV shows/movies (new projects). Way too long. 🙁

  12. Conan with dreadlocks… Hmmm, why not? In any case I wish him good luck with getting the role.

    1. I have been thinking, a lot of people must be wondering about how to write a script and how such a script would look like. Any chance you could put an old one here, or have a link to one? Maybe an old SG-1 or SGA script. Since they already aired, I guess there shouldn’t be a problem with that? I am mainly wondering because I can’t quite imagine how you write, so that everyone knows the required tone of a scene. I guess while you write the script, you also have a certain setting in mind (stage, props, special FX, sounds etc.). How do you make things fit toghether?

    2. When you have songs in an episode like e.g. “Byond the night” in the SGA episode “Critical mass” do you write the songtext so it fits the scene, or does the songwriter take care of that? Or do you rather pick an existing song that fits and enhances the atmosphere regardless of its text?

  13. Syfy managed to air three episodes of SGA in three straight days in their afternoon slot, which shocked me. Even better, got to rewatch The Last Man. It’s impressive how much some of the scenes could impress me. Even some of the guys at work were caught up in it. I hope that someday I can become invested enough in the SGU characters to feel the same emotional impact.
    Jason is so totally great for the Conan role. I’ll be rooting for him to get the part. If he does, that will be one movie I go to the theater to see, and not wait for the dvd release.
    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Some bug seems to be going down locally, with a couple of coworkers already knocked out by it. But in you case is it a cause and effect from eating(with all due respect to Ashleigh) a yucky veggie meal? Perhaps you shouldn’t take any chances, and henceforth eschew such dietary choices?
    Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for the Mamoa news.

  14. Hi Mr M!

    First off: Sorry to hear about your Mom. I wish her a speedy recovery. She really is having a bad run of hospital related stays. Please convey our very best from Ireland to her.

    Second: Re: Jason for Conan….really great idea. Iconic role and I know that he will bring real worth to the table with that role. I wish him the best with that audition.

    Third: Has the SG Props ebay auction ended forever? Can you ask Lauren?

    Finally, safe travels home to Ivon Bartok who was in the Dominican Republic when the tragedy happened in Haiti. Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the unimaginable devastation.

    Best to you and all at The Bridge from Ireland.


  15. Great to see some Atlantis BTS shots on your blog again *hint, hint* 😉

    Jason would make a great Conan – he certainly gets my vote!

  16. It has been way too long since I’ve been on here!! *cries*

    Agreed Jason would be cool as Conan!! 😀

  17. Conan? Ronon? He’ll get the role because they rhyme!!!

    He’s perfect for the role.

    Hope this Conan will smile though, because Jason has the most amazing smile.

    Hope you feel better soon too Joe. *big squishy hug*

  18. Hey Joe

    Heres some guesses for the episode names

    and, of course, invaginated

    and lastly, perkiest

    and rounding things out, centerfold

    Try to have a good day at the office!
    Let us know how your mom is…


  19. I agree that Jason Momoa would be a great Conan.

    I know very little about Momoa personally (and obviously less than you), but from his portrayal of Ronan I always got the idea that he’s a gentle person in real life.

  20. Jason Momoa as a late night talk show host? Who would have seen that coming! *g*

  21. Dude that would be sweet.

    Ok i just wanted to drop by and just let you know I’m going backpacking in the mountains till Monday and unfortuantely, there is no wifi thousands of feet on those mountains, and considering it will be below freezing I doubt my iPod touch would survive. So I’ll have to miss a few entries. But don’t worry, I haven’t just ditched you guys, I’ll be back Monday. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  22. If there was a place to go and vote for Jason, we could sure do that, Hope he gets the part, I would watch. He cleans up real nice!! the eyes have it!
    Joe feel better soon, lots of work to do. Maybe just down after all your excitement, perk up there. get your rest. take care of yourself. Looking forward to more food pix and blog..thanks. 🙂

  23. Coucou !!! Ahh c’est le week end 😉

    Merci pour ces Q/A !!!

    Oui, j’ai vu l’info concernant Jason hier 😛 c’est sûr qu’il est fait pour ce rôle, son personnage dans atlantis à du l’avantager dans les choix !!!

    Bon week end!
    gros bisou!

  24. LMAO @ Ganymede. The hormones really play havoc don’t they? Try a cold shower.

  25. @Annie from Fremantle: Just wondering, were you per chance at the Chicago Stargate convention last August?

  26. Hey Joe,

    Sorry to hear about your mother, hope she is doing well and you don’t spare a penny on getting her that cybermatronic hip replacement. then she can get back to doing those intense workouts and hush hush government assignments.

    By the way I FINALLY got tickets to go see Avatar at the IMAX. I heard the story isn’t great but the graphics are incredible so the IMAX has to be the way to go, especially since every IMAX show has been sold out since it released 5 weeks ago. I got stuck with 11:30AM but it might just be worth it, i’ll let you know.

  27. Joe,

    First off, From me and my family, we wish your mom a speedy recovery!

    Second, Hell Yeah Jason should get the part! My wife would love it. (He’s on her list.. if you know what I mean).

    Third, last night on Space (Canada) they aired SG-1 Season 4 “Windows of Opportunity”. This is one of my all time favorite episodes. I laugh my ass of at Golf-Gate!! Or Jacks wry smile at the end as he looks at Carter, that is writing!

    I’ve seen this episode many times and still love it, it holds up over time and many viewings. However, this was the first time I noticed that it was penned by you. I’ve been a daily reader of your blog for the past 6 months or so. I just wanted to say Kudos to a great story, one of my absolute favorites.

    I love the sight gag hardcover. Where did you get your PHd in foreign languages? And where can I get a copy of that textbook?

    Best Regards,

  28. Oh, yes. Momoa as Conan, there can be no other.

    Although it does make his availability for a Stargate Atlantis movie problematic, should they ever get around to making it.

  29. Susan, shaka! The super bra Iz vid is sure applies to Jason. Thanks!

    Thanks Joe for allowing the hi-jacking.
    Sorry to hear you were not feeling to swift…hope you feel better.

    Waves to Sheryl – cool to have you back. Hope you hang around and sit a spell – a long spell and talk story with us.

    Man, that vid brought back waves of memories from another life…one that is missed…sigh.

    MaggieMayDay had me nostalgic after her posting a bit ago and Ewa Beach.

    And I have to ask myself, why am I freezing body parts in Chicagoland when I could be back home…big sigh.

  30. Jason as Conan. That would be enough for me to buy a ticket to that! Maybe someday he can be a governor, too!
    I’ll take typecasting over no casting any day for SG alums.

    Many wishes to Mom for a speedy and complete recovery!

    @Ganymede — Yeah, gotta love those menopausal moments! 😉

    I was subjected to the “cold shower” a few months ago when the themostat on our hotwater tank went… Ahh, let’s just say, the rabid ‘hormones’ were the *only* thing that kept me from turning blue!! I’m just *not* a personal fan of the “Polar Bear Club”!! THANK YOU!! — Comes from being a Great White North February Baby!

    Hey, Joe – mark it on your calendar, just a couple weeks and a bit to go until I expect to see something in the way of dark chocolates [minus any fruit content] arriving at my door… 😀

  32. Tricky man! You had us guessing for titles not even the right

    I got excited when I saw the Jason consideration in the midst of all the late night debacle news I’ve been reading. Hope he gets it!

  33. Congrats to Jason if the rumors are true. Joe Flanigan is making a movie with Robert Patrick and Hal Holbrook. It’s good to know that the SGA sets are still up, but I’m hoping the SGA movie gets going soon before the major actors are busy with other roles. That would be a shame as the prospect for the SGA movie is all that I’m holding onto now.

  34. I’m glad to hear the actors are busy working. It’s not the lifestyle I would have chosen. I like security and having a regular paycheck. Every time a show is canceled the cast and crew being unemployed is my first thought.

    Vegetarian for one day is a good thing! Can’t wait for the pics.

    Did your mom like all the well wishers?

  35. Somehow, I suspect that by the time the SGA Movie gets done:

    – Jinto will be a grandfather and Harmony’s latest Boy Toy.
    – Torren will have at least 2 doctorates and be secretly married to Madison.
    – Todd will be doing book signings of his 4th auto-biography down in the ZPM Room.
    – Sheppard will be THE #1 Guy-To-GO-To in Pegasus for any and *all* surfing equipment! AND, used Jumpers.
    – Teyla, by way of shrewd investments [and proper bantos whacking], will have turned “PEGASUS POPCORN” into the largest snack food conglomerate in 2 galaxies!
    – Ronon *WILL* be Governor of Hawaii!
    – Chuck will have turned ATLANTIS into the greatest frakking “flying” casino *Anywhere* EVER!! As well as have won the entire ownership of MGM.
    – Rodney is addicted to spending waaay too much time in stasis chambers dreaming of blonde Swedish massage therapists…
    – Radek will get a Nobel *before* McKay for finding the cure for baldness.
    – Jennifer marries Amelia.
    – Bubba & Brie are Exec Producers at Bridge….

  36. Avatar was incredible!! the movie was amazing, albeit the writing may have been done by one of James Cameron’s children. “Unobtainium” is the mineral they are trying to mine on the alien planet….seriously? Good thing they weren’t after cheese or he might have called it “Na’cho Cheese”. I know your not a movie theatre guy, but this is definitely a movie you must see in theatres, IMAX was incredible. In the very begining it opens with a scene when they are in zero-gravity and i felt a little nauseous, one of the very few times in my life. But once I adjusted to the depth perception it went away. The graphics and technological advancements more than make up for the aforementioned lack of writing.

    Anyways on the Season 2 titles here are my guesses:
    1. Incinerated (enemy ship)
    3. Packages (from home)
    4. Changeling (new alien)

  37. Kinda late, (Made the transition to Windows 7)

    I hope all goes well with your mother, Stay strong Mamma Mallozzi!

    Also hope you feel better soon Joe, We need you back on that script. I don’t want a 19 episode SGU next season. (Need my full 20)

    But enough kiss-assery

    Get well soon,

  38. Hey Joe

    Another week, another special on Space for Stargate. This one is “10 years of Stargate SG-1”.

    Anything you want me to watch for, episode titles, show notes… anything?


  39. Hey Mr. Mallozzi

    I was just wondering if SGU was going to be following along the lines of Stargate Atlantis’s first few seasons in regard to slowly discovering parts of the ship, repairing various systems etc, and then eventually getting in full control of the ship. Or is the discovery and/or repair of the Destiny and it’s systems going to be a long term story ark in the show? Thanks for your time!

  40. Hey Joe, it’s me SHERYL , malibu’s name is SHERRY, that’s BJS’s mom. Just thought I would clear that up. Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with @DENI in Gainesville ,cause I’m at my sisters, all of us are going out for the day, don’t worry, we WILL talk about you!! @Deni, see ya tomorrow! Sheryl.

  41. @Deni

    No sorry, I have never been to America. I’m from the city of Fremantle in hot ol’ Western Australia.

    Laughing at the jokes about Jason being a talk show host. I can imagine he’d pull out his red laser gun at anyone who was acting like a dick haha!

  42. First, let me, as well, wish your mom a speedy recovery.

    From day 1, I saw Jason as imbuing Ronon with depth and complexity, in his expressions and body language, even if you guys didn’t write anything for him. You might have had him walking silently in the background with Rachel, but I loved watching them because they always managed to convey their own take on what was happening in the scene, and often it was more interesting than what was going on in the forefront.

    I’m not much of a fan of Conan the Barbarian, even though I had to watch Kull the Conqueror when working with Kevin Sorbo, but I do believe Jason would make a great choice for making Conan a great warrior spirit and will lift the role out of what that role would normally be.

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