Last night, Ashleigh, Carl, Lawren, and I went out for our second vegetarian group dinner in as many years.  In 2009, it was Radha Yoga & Eatery (  This year, it was The Naam, “Vancouver’s oldest natural foods restaurant”.  It was an extra special visit for Carl who has decided to go vegetarian one day a week.  I know, I know.  Sounds crazy.  But far be it for me to criticize (although I did just that when he first floated the idea).  Anyway, the night went something like this…

Ashleigh, our resident Stargate vegetarian, just thrilled to be here.

Lawren - just thrilled. And, might I add - late.

Recent veggie convert Carl Binder peruses the menu.

While I reflect back fondly on meatier times.

The Naam offers a fairly extensive menu.  Everything from burritos to burgers.  Carl was delighted.  We started with some appies that proved just fine but, in all fairness, it’s kind of tough to screw up cheese quesadillas, fries, and nachos.  The true test was in the mains of course…

Carl ponders over his Dragon Bowl: Naam fries, cheese, miso gravy, steamed veggies, sprouts, carrots, and deep fried tofu.

Hey, he likes it! Except for the tofu.
Lawren found his Thai noodle bowl unimpressive yet inoffensive.

I wanted to ask the waitress which of the burgers tasted most like meat but ultimately decided against it and went with the Sam's Five-Star Burger. Meh.

For dessert, Ashleigh and Carl went with the blueberry pie.  The verdict?

Yeah. Thought so.

Lawren and I went with the double fudge cake.  It had plenty of potential but proved a little stale.

Now THIS was, so far as I was concerned, the most interesting dish of the night. The no sweet, no egg, no dairy banana date-nut cream pie. Ashleigh thought it tasted "funny", but I liked it. Unique, yes, but surprisingly good.
Just after we finished our mains, this fellow started to set up his amp on the mini-stage...located right beside our table. We didn't see an instrument and feared the worst: a spoken word performance. Needless to say I scarfed down my dessert in record time - but not fast enough. On the bright side, he ended up playing an actual musical instrument, the guitar.

Overall, my fellow diners preferred The Naam over Radha for its more diverse menu.  For my part, I thought the food fairly safe and middle-of-the-road.  On the other hand, while some of Radha’s offerings were downright bizarre and, well, unappetizing, there were some weird yet admittedly very good dishes in the mix.

Until next year’s vegetarian outing…

Awww. Lookit. We're making a heart. Ashleigh and I in happier times. Today, she was back to insulting me.

By the way, mom was really wowed by the many, many kind words she received on the blog.  Thanks again.

Our first give episode titles for those in a guessing mood…

#1: IN**********



#4: P*******

#5: C*********

55 thoughts on “January 15, 2010: The Second Annual Stargate Vegetarian Dinner

  1. Hmmm ….

    1. Insurrection
    2. Aftermath
    3. Awakenings
    4. Purple People Eaters
    5. Compassion

  2. I see you decided against the layered tees this time out. Probably one of your better decisions, I have to say.

    On the topic of vegetarian food, soy “meats” are what I imagine replicated food might taste like: close enough that you might be fooled if you don’t think about it, but definitely lacking that tang of animal soul.

    Also, that guy really shouldn’t leave a newspaper on the radiator.

  3. Say hi to Mom some more!

    BTW, did you frisk Ashleigh to see if she took the chopsticks with her…?


    …I’m just saying…

  4. Guess’s

    #1: INsurrection



    #4: Privacy

    #5: Cannibles

  5. Mom was sounding very low today, so I brought my laptop to the hospital so I could read her all your well wishes. She was amazed that so many strangers would take the time to write for her and thanks you all. She was even further amazed to know that some of you come from far-away places like Ireland, England, South Africa, and Jersey.

    Mom fell while walking Felix, but she did not slip on the ice, trip over his leash, nor did her leg give out. She had dropped Felix’s lead, and had bent over to pick it up. When she stepped back, she tripped on her own feet.

    The more I speak with my mother, the more information creeps into our conversations. Today I found out that the doctor put in three posts. They took her morphine away early yesterday morning, not because she didn’t need it, but because someone else needed it! In all honesty, Mom wasn’t really using it anyways. The first night she hallucinated cats in a box, and that was the end of that.

    Felix and Baby Cat are hanging out at my place, and it is getting mighty crowded in bed. Aspen & Roxy bookend my legs, Chantilly sleeps by my right side, Felix sleeps by my left side, Thyme is on my pillow above my head and kneads my hair, and Baby Cat fits in wherever he can… Rapini is the only one who refuses to sleep with me.

    Just so you all know, Mom does not like being referred to as “elderly”. She doesn’t consider herself a senior and even refuses to join senior social groups because she doesn’t want to hang out with old people. At 75, she still works full time with me running a huge daycare center. Once, in conversation with a woman fifteen years younger than herself, she said “I hope I am as active as you when I am your age”.

    For all those asking… no shipment of chocolates have arrived yet.

  6. Advice from a 28-yr vegetarian: don’t try to get something that tastes “most like meat” — try something that’ll bring out the taste of the ingredients, not come up short by trying to be something it’s not. But kudos to you for venturing out!

  7. Hey Mr. Mallozzi

    I was just wondering if SGU was going to be following along the lines of Stargate Atlantis’s first few seasons in regard to slowly discovering parts of the ship, repairing various systems etc, and then eventually getting in full control of the ship. Or is the discovery and/or repair of the Destiny and it’s systems going to be a long term story ark in the show? Thanks for your time!

  8. Hi Joe,
    Glad you’re mom is feeling better!

    I’ll take a stab at those titles:
    #4: PARTINGS

  9. Maybe Lawren was late because he stopped along the way to get a real meal. You know, one that included meat. All respect to vegetarians, but my friend’s doctor told her she had to start eating meat again after her gall bladder attacked and surgery was required. Somehow this managed to turn me off of ever going veggie.

  10. Hey Joe

    what does everyone up there on the stargate crew say about the earthquake in Haiti?


  11. My oldest kid loves tofu. Me, not so much.

    Paleopathology (oh wait, that’s the class I’m enrolled in)
    Peace (that was my son’s guess)

    OK, that’s enough. I had help. I can’t wait to read what the actual names are. Are you going to tell us soon or make us wait until the beginning of season two?

  12. So you did a tour of ‘Naam huh? I see you came out alive … nothing like MEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAT…. now I have a craving for medium rare lamb roast with gravy!!

  13. Naam sounds like my kind of “safe” place.

    Good news: starting diagnostics with a new gastroenterology practice. I’m well but want more answers.

    In other words, I miss bananas, eggs, and yeast breads and am jealous of Joe’s intrepid gourmandizing!

  14. I’m with Carl on this one – no tofu for me! Have tried it a couple of times, in different types of dishes.
    I have no problem with eating vegetarian on occasion, though – especially if middle eastern food is involved!

    Do you like middle eastern/persian/ etc cuisine? I don’t remember ever hearing you mention it – and I know there’s a falafel place on practically every corner in Vancouver. Those, Starbucks, and ice cream shops. I thought it was funny, but hey very preferable to convenience stores and fast food like we have here. Boring!!

    Keep sending your Mom our good thoughts and well wishes, I’m sure she’s tickled by your cyber family.

    Good weekend, everybody!


  15. The Naam? Really? …I thought people went there because it’s one of only two places open after midnight! You must’ve had an amazing night if the service didn’t mention several paragraphs on its own; don’t count on that for future visits.

  16. @Sis – I agree with your mother–who’d want to be called “elderly”? And I can’t believe your brother’s gifts haven’t arrived yet! I’m sure it’s just the postal service being slow. Joe undoubtedly has several very thoughtful and generous gifts on the way. **ahem** I’m sure they’ll arrive very soon.

  17. Salut 🙂

    Super toutes ces photos, vous êtes trop beau dessus!!!

    Ofaite vous savez quoi? je suis tombé sur des photos de vous enfant, vous avez beaucoup changé, je ne vous aurez pas reconnu…..mais vous étiez vraiment so cute!!

    Ahaha le restaurant végétarien! Bon sa n’a pas l’air mauvais, et en plus ça doit moins faire grossir que la cuisine traditionnelle 🙂

    Ps: il ne serai pas temp de retourner au coiffeur?

    Gros bisou!!
    A plus!

  18. @Sis –

    Thanks much for the update, although I’m sorry to hear your mom was a bit down. I’m continuing to hope that her stay in the hospital is as brief as possible, and that PT/rehab can be done at home — with complete recovery.

    Thanks also for describing a bit of your mom’s attitude toward her age. It really sounds pretty cool, not to mention admirable, especially when you add in that she still works full-time with you in daycare.

    — Nice avatar. Aspen is a beautiful dog.

    @Joe –

    Ashleigh is back to insulting you?! How unfair of her! I mean, it’s not like anyone would ever suspect you of having started it. (Even if she didn’t start off by getting tossed in at the deep end.) — Sending tough-chick “Rosie the Riveter” vibes her way, just for hangin’ with a group of formidable wiseguys. *w*

  19. I gotta agree with Carl. Tofu is a big no no.

    Here’s a stab at the episode titles.

  20. G’day Joe

    Still thinking of your Mum. Hope she is back to her active vitality self soon.

    Jason for Conan – Hell yeah. Not really my type, not enough meat on his bones for my taste. But for Conan – perfect.

    Have an awesome day.

  21. Hi Mr M!

    Lovin’ the Veggie Outing….no “undercover” outfits this time though!!

    @Sis: Thanks for the updates. Glad to hear that your Mom is feeling a bit better. My own mother is 76. She is THE most active person I know. The very last word I think of when discussing her is elderly. Am delighted to hear Mrs M is a kindred spirit. Again please convey our best and if Joe hasn’t sent her on “Brooklyn” by Colm Tobin…get it for her. She’d enjoy it (as she is a Maeve Binchy fan).

    Best to all


  22. Hey everyone,

    I may not be around as often as I’m at the beach.

    I’m so glad our messages got through to Mrs M – thanks sis! Suggest giving up bed to the animals and you sleep on the couch – hahaha….Could you please let her know that I love when Joe visits ‘cos its cool to see the lovely dishes she prepares? I can’t cook to save myself but i can appreciate others skill.

    Had a dip in the pool this afternoon – lasted 10 minutes… was freezing….hoping for warmer weather & pool tomorrow. This place has everything…pizzeria, cafe, gym, games arcade, tennis courts and pool. Over 200 units….way cool!

    Cheers, Chev

  23. Thanks to Sis for the Mom update. Enquiring minds want to know she is doing well. Cool!

    Apologies to Sherry BJS’ mom for the name faux pas.
    WAVES again to SHERRY!! Welcome back. Shudda waved to Malibunext year…it takes time, but we are trainable. lol.

    Thanks to Sheryl for clearing that up.

  24. sis

    Glad that you are kept warm in bed. 😉 I find that two cats can take up half a bed so you must be left with only a tiny bit of bed to sleep on with both cats and dogs sharing the bed with you.

    Best wishes to your mother from Scotland.


  25. Wow! Your mom sounds like a fire cracker!!! I know an eighty year old like your Sis described. I’m always awed by her energy.
    On a side note, I couldn’t work at a day care. Insanity would take over!

    I am an aspiring vegetarian but my carnivore family is hold me back. You get no pity from me, the food looks great!

  26. I think the key to really good vegetarian food is to get things that are not trying to substitute meat. I’ve always found fake-meat to be a little weird. (Saying this as a pescatarian)

    That pie though.. looks very interesting. I’d try it. Lots of desserts can be no-sweet, no-egg, no-dairy. Lebkuchen was first made before the Germans had ready access to all three of those items and it is sweetened almost exclusively with hazelnut. Worth trying if you can get the real thing, but just don’t try to compare it to modern gingerbread. (They’re totally different, albeit smelling the same)

  27. Although I have lots of vegetarian friends, could never do it. I’m a meat and potatoes kinda gal…..

    Glad Mom is feeling better and hope she mends swiftly!

  28. Hey Joe
    We’re never gonna guess if the word length keeps changing. Yesterday the first word had 11 letters and today it suddenly has 12… hmmm

    Anyway here’s my 12 letter list…


    With Aftermath the 2nd episode of the season I’m guessing the little fight with the *cough* Lucian Alliance *cough* kinda continues to the first episode of the 2nd Season. And speaking of them, how the Hell do they catch up with the Destiny anyway? It boggles the mind.


    p.s. You didn’t mention much, in fact you weren’t on but 45 sec., unless “Jump the shark” is code for something. You had to have mentioned it about 5-6 times.

  29. I agree with Babs! I do enjoy a vegetarian meal now and again when I’m out, so long as they don’t try to make a dish look and taste like meat. I’d much rather see what they can put together out of veggies, mushrooms, grains, even tofu.

    I don’t mind tofu. Since it doesn’t have any flavor on its own, a great deal depends on how it’s prepared. I’ve had it in a hot and sour soup made by a friend and it was wonderful. And I’ve also eaten it as a part of a so-so stir fry in which the tofu wasn’t much more than a white, rubbery cube.

  30. Oh Joe, don’t you know?

    When a girl insults a boy, that means she likes him. Or in your world, that would be: Ashleigh doesn’t not like you!

    But wait, that’s true for boys and girls…what about men and women? Hmmm, yep, same thing.

  31. I’m relieved that this venture into vegitarianism is an annual thing. No offense to Ashleigh, but it’s by becoming omnivores that we rose to become the species we are today. Hmmm. That may not be the best argument for carnivorous habits…
    Morphine does funny things to a lot of people, so cats in a box isn’t too bad. I’m more concerned that they needed the morphine for someone else. Did they ship supplies to Haiti? Why would they be short of morphine? Scary. Anyways, just know that we fans of Joe are sending good wishes Mom’s way, not to mention scouring the place for Gaoul’d healing devices and/or Federation bone knitters aka salt shakers for her. And we would love a pic of her reading Joe’s blog if you could manage it…

  32. Let’s guess…


    and the more probable


    I’d say they both sound like interesting episodes.



  33. @Sis and Joe – Wow your mom is amazing. Still working, God bless her. Drugs not only can /will cause hallucinations but can also cause depression, so that could be one of the reasons she is feeling low. Hopefully that will pass soon, as the level of drugs in her system level off.

    Sounds like she’s on the mend, hang in there Sis with all the care taking, get your rest too.

  34. I know, I know.
    This is totally it.


    A random day on the Destiny, when suddenly, a virus appears that suddenly causes everyone to turn into idiots. 😛

    Hehe. Naturally I’m joking.

  35. So every day are you going to reveal one letter? That makes 26 days. At least, we have something to looking forward.

    1) I read somewhere, that in casting documents, was col. Young former SG leader and two members of his team were killed during a mission. Is this gonna be mentioned in the show?
    2) How much extended is extended version of Air?

  36. Joe, as much as I like vegetables, nothing looked appetizing. Bring me some meat!

  37. @SIS
    The “Video” portion of Mom’s little “experience” was actually likely due to whatever antibiotics she was given at the time. Let’s just say, I’ve been there, done that!!

    Say hi some more for us!

  38. Hey Joe!!

    So Glad to hear your mom is on the mend!!! sending her awesome vibes from Dublin!!!

    I was just wondering is there an email address where a friend could forward something on to you?They’d prefer not to do it through a comment on here (if thats ok!)

    Thanks A Mill!!


  39. Vege… hmmm, just not for me! I like my meat… give me my meat! 😀 Happy that mum’s on the mend and don’t worry about her being down, it’s all part of having an accident. She’ll feel much better once at home an in her own surroundings. ((hugs))

  40. Joe,

    #1: INdecision



    #4: Philosophy

    #5: Character

    I’m glad to hear that your mother is doing fine.

    If the Atlantis movie does not get made, do you think MGM, et al would allow the script to be released in the form of a graphic novel?


  41. @ Sis – Ooops, sorry. I might have used that curse word “elde…” in one of my comments. I should have know better. My parents are about 10 years older than your mom and they will not go to any type of “senior” health meetings or gatherings because they don’t feel old either. I’ve said before, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s is not old. Now 80’s is getting up there. 90’s is amazing. 100’s is blessed.

    I also forget to say that your mom is young enough she should recover from her broken bone just fine. My brother broke his femur once. Did you know it is the biggest bone in your body? They put in a rod from knee to hip and he healed up great. Glad she is doing so well. Joe, maybe its time you got her a computer. We all know that can be hours of fun and she can play games while recovering.

    Cats in a box?

    One last shot:


  42. How did I miss this entry?

    And how did you guys miss the fact that sprouts are the evil purveyors of all sorts of foodborne illnesses? They’re too hard to clean.

    Have them removed from all future dishes.

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