Only days after leaving Montreal, I get a call from my sister informing me that my mother fell while walking her dog Felix.  Fortunately, she was spotted by neighbors who called for an ambulance that transported her to Lakeshore General where x-rays revealed she had broken her hip.  She had surgery yesterday and I’m pleased to report she is on the mend.  In fact, I phoned her today to see how she was doing and found her in good spirits.   She wanted to know if I had mentioned her on the blog.  I informed her that I hadn’t.   She seemed genuinely disappointed.  Well now.  Evidently, I’ve been remiss.  So now you all know.  And mom will no doubt be expecting your various well-wishes.

Come on!

Do iiiiiiiiiiiit!


Back at the office today where we took a stroll over to the Art Department to see what Production Designer James Robbins has in store for SGU’s second season: airlocks, sealing corridors, damaged sections, ships, aliens, and that secret place I can’t tell you about under penalty of death.  Then, after lunch, we finally got around to giving notes on those scripts.  First up was the second season premiere in which the events of Incursion I and II come to an explosive conclusion.  Chock full of great character moments, Paul’s first draft is tight and well-written.  It took us all of twenty minutes to go through it.  Since we already gave Rob notes on episode two before the hiatus, we moved on to episode three, my script.  It’s no secret that this one was – well, a bitch to write but the big question was “Had those weeks agonizing over the script paid off?”.  Well, let me put it this way: By the time they were done giving notes, it was so late that we decided to call it a day.  In fact, I probably would have received even more notes had Carl not actually willed himself to pass out in order to escape the marathon session.

The day also brought a title change from The Awakening to the Brad Wright-inspired Awakenings.  Better and, more importantly, in keeping with that one-world title we’ve got going.  So it breaks down like this:

I: I———–

II: A——–

III: Awakenings

IV: P——-

V: C———

Mini Mailbag:

Adaminator1 writes: “I have no idea how to start a script. The thing I want to ask is this: How would you suggest starting pre-production on this massive undertaking? Do you have any advice for an aspiring animator/script writer like me?”

Answer: It all starts with that script.  Sit down, force yourself to write, and get it done.  You’re going to need it if you’re serious about trying to sell/set up your project.  A simple pitch or even a detailed series bible is not good enough.  It’s all about the script.  Once you’re finished, have others read it (hopefully someone familiar with the industry) and ask them to be as honest as possible.  Having your mom tell you she likes it won’t help. It may make you feel good but it that sort of feedback will only hurt in the long run since you are trying to send out the best possible script you can write.  You want to get that critique and make the necessary changes early on because once you send your script out – that’s it.  You have only one shot at these places.  They will not read the same script twice.

Sis writes: “Also wondering… during your search of the premises, were you wielding the butcher knife like you used to when doing similar searches back home?”

Answer: Butcher knife in my left hand, collapsable iron cobras in my right.  Yep, just like old times.

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  1. Ok two questions.

    1. Is Andy mikita directing the season 2 premier?

    2. Is the season 2 premier called incursion part 3?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. Hmmm….a four letter word starting with C….wonder what that could be….shame on you Joe….let’s go with Clue (an SGU whodunnit with Eli as Jessica Fletcher)

    For the rest:

    Inner (a peak inside Volker’s mind)
    Arms (the weaponry kind not the limb kind)
    Park (an entire episode of Park)

    How’d I do?

    Cheers, Chev

  3. Dear Mrs M.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, I wish you a speedy recovery. Did they give you a new hip?

    Take care.

    *hugs* Chev

  4. Of course we’re sending Mamma Mallozzi well-wishes!! Well-wishes, hugs AND kisses! Here’s to a speedy recovery – and to sis maintaining her sanity through it all!

    And one last thing…


    Know what that was? That was me, slapping Joey upside the head for fussing over his make-believe housebreakers instead of his mum!

    About that script…

    From what I’ve read here, just seems you’ve been too preoccupied with family and vacations and life-changes and working on that international playboy image thing. You need to get back into the ‘Stargate’ zone, and I suspect now that you’re back to work and around all those inspiring people, the creative juices will start to flow again.

    All the best, Joe…to you, sis, and especially Mamma M!


  5. Naughty Felix! And to think we all voted for his cuteness…

    Your poor mom! I hope she has a speedy recovery. Sis, make sure she does her rehab on that hip, it makes a world of difference. My stepdad just had his second hip replacement, and is almost as good as new. Hugs!

    They may have given you a lot of notes, but did they like the premise / storyline? I’m surprised all of you can agree on any of it!

    This early on in starting a season, do you already have a budget from the studio? Do they give you a set amount for the season, and you divvy it up per episode evenly, or kind of rob one to pay for the extra explosions/space battles in the next episode? What happens if you go over budget?
    I’m just curious on how the whole $$ thing works during production. I imagine some things are easier since you already have set pieces, costumes etc. from season 1.
    Is that sort of thing costed out per episode, or considered overhead?

    Oy. Can you tell I’ve been reading financial stuff for the business plan?


  6. **JOOOE!!!** [insert loud bantos stick WHACK to the back of his skull!!]

    You **SHOULD** have TOLD us about Mommalozzi getting hurt!!!! You pity-bitch about a stupid little weed-whack to your frakking “pinky” and then NOT tell us about your MOM *breaking* a hip!!??!!

    **BAD SON**!!!

    Be careful Joey and remember, Karma’s a bitch….

    Meanwhile, tell her HUGS from me!! And to make sure to flirt with ALL the cute doctors!! Oh, and to send YOU all of the out-of-pocket med bills!!

    BTW, *really* hope you FEDEX’d her and the entire medical staff a ginormous crate of the **expensive** chocolates!!

  7. I hope that your mother has a very short recovery period. I also hope that poor wee Felix wasn’t too traumatised by the incident.

    Does your mother not read your blog herself? Does she have a computer?

    Get Well Soon Mrs M
    🙂 🙂 😀

  8. My goodness.. I do hope your mom has a speedy recovery. I’m very glad she did not have to wait too long for assistance. I worry about my own mom falling and breaking her hip too.. my heart just sank into my stomach reading about your dear mother.

    So if a sincere get well soon, and wishes for a speedy recovery from a total stranger means anything, then I most certainly am sending them.


  9. Oh, and what DAS said too!!

    And my love to SIS too! Got mid-70s Mom & Dad under the same roof myself, just waiting to “defy Gravity” at any time!

    You know… I’m surprised none of your Neighbourhood Watch nosy neighbours didn’t call the local RCMP detachment and have you TASERed for B&E-ing with a butter knife….?

  10. Hi, Joe.

    Best wishes to your Mom for a speedy recovery. How fortunate she was to have neighbors who looked out for her. I hope she’s feeling better soon.

  11. That is a very late entry. It’s 2 am here and a hour ago there was nothing. I’m tired…..

  12. Speeding recovery to your mom. Hope she’ll be up testing her new hip in no time!!!!

  13. Of course we are going to wish her a speedy recovery. She’s your mother.

    One word titles again? Ack. I can just guess what your episode is about. Hmmm.

  14. Your poor Mom! Best wishes to her for a full and quick recovery.

    Thanks goodness for Carl! And I’ve wondered with SGU, what do you prefer writing. Any particular character? Do you like action scenes or the more character driven ones? Are all the story arcs decided by the producers (and writers?) at the beginning of the season?

    And thanks so much Joe for letting me hijack blog space for the quake stuff.

    @Deni I can’t image what you must be feeling seeing what’s going on in Haiti. I hope in the new Haiti that will come from this, the people will finally have a government that will care about them.

    @Shiloh Were you living in Northridge? On my walk, I’ve had many people from that area tell me they woke up in mid air. I lived 15 miles away, and my bed was shaking so much I couldn’t get off the dang thing to even get to the doorway. Thanks for tip on the light, didn’t see it. And you are right on about that woman! She even took her drink.

    @noelm Shiloh is so right. There’s no time to escape in big quakes. Ironically, if the building collapses, being buried alive is exactly what you want to do. A desk or other furniture can create a void where you can survive until help comes.

    @JES and @Sparrow_hawk I get so focused on the west coast I keep forgetting about the New Madrid fault. So you guys have tornadoes, floods, freezing winter storms, AND earthquakes? I feel safer in LA.

    @ Ganymede Glad to hear you don’t live on the Quebec side! But a 4.2 is still scary as heck. If EMP means electromagnetic pulse, then no. Quakes don’t give off that kind of energy wave. But critters can feel the P wave quicker than we can, and they can react faster too.

    @PG15 Dude, you need to hit the books this semester. Quake prep can be your summer assignment :).

  15. Yikes! Scary thing to happen. I’m glad to hear she’s doing well, though.

    1. Ivory
    2. Apex
    4. Past
    5. Camp or Cope

    Yeah, I’m terrible at naming things.

  16. Having your mom tell you she likes it won’t help. It may make you feel good but it that sort of feedback will only hurt in the long run since you are trying to send out the best possible script you can write.

    Sort of like American Idol. So many of those people really needed to have someone tell them they sucked way before they tried out. You’re not doing your friends any favors by lying to spare their feelings only to let them be mocked on national TV.

  17. I don’t think the number of letters in those titles actually equal the number of lines Joe jotted down (+ the first letter); after all, we already found out that episode 2 is called “Aftermath”, and that has way more than 4 letters; like, 5 more.

    Anyway, I wish Momma Mallozzi a swift and trouble-free recovery!

  18. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery, Mrs. Mallozzi! Like others, I’m wondering whether you had hip-replacement done – but if that’s getting too personal, I’ll just wish you the very best whatever the situation.

    Joe, sorry your script hasn’t been cooperating. You could try approaching it physically with a butcher knife and collapsible iron cobras. Maybe it would whip right into shape — or possibly into an origami pterodactyl. — Thanks to your sis (oh, and to you too) for the very funny story.

    Condolences to Carl on USC’s choice of new head coach. As someone who was a Patriots fan *before* Bill Belichik came to town, I can sympathize. (I could also offer him a great deal on a UCLA hoodie, but will refrain from even mentioning it. — Er . . .oops.)

  19. Best wishe’s to your MOM Joe….Get better soon Ms. Mallozzi. Joe congrat’s to you and Paul on becomming Executive Producer’s on SGU.

  20. Get well soon Mrs. Mallozzi.

    Joe I was watching The Last Man the other day and I noticed that when Sheppard falls on the floor after going through the sand storm, something is seen popping up near his right foot. Is it from his boot (if so what?) or from the floor?


  21. secret place I can’t tell you about under penalty of death

    Ancient toilet woo hoo!

    Cheers, Chev

  22. Please tell Mama Mallozzi that if she wanted you to come visit, she could have employed guilt instead of breaking her hip.

    Give those rehab therapists a hard time, Mrs. Mallozzi!

  23. Here’s hoping Mom Mallozzi has a speedy and complication free recovery. The trick is to get back on your feet as soon as you can. From what I’ve seen, the faster the patient is moving around on their own, however slowly at first, the better they do. I know one gentleman who broke his hip at the age of 82. Six weeks later you couldn’t tell he had ever fallen. So Sis Mallozzi, give your mom lots of love but not too much mollycoddling!
    Sorry to hear that you’re still having such severe labor pains over the script. Now that you’re back into the routine, I have every confidence the mojo will flow. And our expectations on the episode will be especially high, so get to those revisions Mr. Executive Producer! (That title looks very good on you and Mr. Mullie, btw).

  24. Adding my prayers for a speedy recovery. Your mom’s health pre-surgery was generally good, I assume?

  25. Dear Mrs. Mallozzi,
    Oh man, a broken hip. Ouch. I wish you a quick recovery and that you will be able to keep your spirits up. But from what Joe shares with us on the blog, I guess, the latter is no issue at all. 🙂
    Best wishes!

  26. I’m so sorry about your Mom! Is there any kind of address we can use to mail her a card? I suppose she doesn’t have a Facebook page…she will have time now. Is she recouping at home or will she have to go into a rehab facility? Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  27. Bonjour Joseph,

    prompt rétablissement à votre maman.

    Bonne chance pour la saison 2 de SGU

  28. Get well soon Mrs Mallozzi

    Joe: When Can we espect to start seeng pics on season 2? Like the set art designs you were mentioning. Please.

  29. Hard to beleive I’ve been following you for about a year already. It seem’s like just yesterday you announced the begining of production for SGU.

    Thanks Joe, your blog gives us all the Stargate Fix we need.

  30. Have you mentioned her (Mamma M)on the blog,?? Well YEsssss, and we drooled over every piece of the delicious pictures and (asked for recipes) said how cute Felix is and yes, Mama, Joe mentions you, but probably didn’t want us to fret about your hip accident, I hope you are feeling better and will be up and about cooking more wonderful dishes and telling Joe like it is. And Lots of hugs and get well soon wishes for Mamma Mallozzi!! 😀
    @sis,lots of hugs for you also. take care..!

  31. Best wishes to your Mom for a full and speedy recovery. And, kudos to your sister for taking care of her (I know what that’s like!).

  32. I’d like to dedicate Joe’s blog today to his mom, the redoubtable Mrs M. Get well soon Mrs M, hope you’re not in to much pain and that you have awesome drugs to deal with such.
    Hey Joe, whilst your mom is laid up does she fancy doing a Q&A for us? hows about her digging out some of your baby pics to share with us stalker types?

  33. Best wishes to Mamma Mallozzi to a speedy recovery. Don’t forget to do your physical therapy everyday.

  34. So sorry to read about your mom’s fall and sending my well-wishes along with the others for her speedy and complete recovery.

    Jennie in Oregon 🙂

  35. Oh crap. Joe I’m really sorry.

    It was so late last night I just decided to skim the entry cause I needed to sleep really bad, so I missed what happened to your mom. I hope she recovers soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs, Malozzi if you read this sorry I didn’t wish you to get well in my first post, Get well soon!!!!

    Joe sorry again, I feel really stupid. I’ll be praying that your mom gets better.

    Sooooo sorryy,
    Major D. Davis

  36. Best wishes for your speedy recovery, Mrs. M.

    My dad had hip surgery last summer and he was back on track in a pretty short time. Just listen to your doctors and you should be back walking Felix in the spring. Just stay off the snow and ice!

  37. Hey Mama Mallozzi!!!

    Get well soon. Look after yourself ok?? We love reading about you and seeing your pics (especially the food).

    You’re part of the Joe Mallozzi blog family!! xxx

  38. Aww, sorry to hear about that accident!

    1) I’m guessing there’s still no news about the movies?

    2) Are the Atlantis sets still up?

  39. I don’t have a lot of time at the moment but there’s always time for a well-wish, so:

    Best wishes to your mother!

  40. Lots and lots of wishes for your mom’s speedy recovery! I hope that she heals quickly and completely – and isn’t bored out of her tree while doing so. Take care, Mrs. Mallozzi!

    I have spent most of my life on the other side of the country from my family (or in another country entirely) — and while it has it’s perks (!), times like this are much harder to be so far away. You must be very grateful to have your sister and family so close to Mom.

  41. All the best to your Mom for a speedy, well rounded recovery. Hopefully, Felix doesn’t feel too guilty about the situation.

  42. Coucou Joseph!

    ça va aujourd”hui? Moi très bien!

    Oui j’ai étais un peu étonné hier que vous ne parliez pas de votre mére, moi je l’ai appris grâçe à votre soeur.

    Bon rétablissement à elle!!!!
    Bisou, à bientôt!

  43. @ Ganymede – I guess maybe we should cut Joey a little slack for waiting to find out if it was okay with Mommalozzi (love that!) before he went blabbing about her fall. Some people – like my in-laws – just do NOT want their personal business made public. They won’t even tell their own son when they’re going into the hospital for stuff, because ‘they don’t want to worry us’. And if we do find out and ask after their health, they just say that they don’t want to discuss it. Very private folks. So it’s probably best Joey got the ‘okay’ from mom before he posted.

    Still…it WAS awfully fun slapping him upside the head! Maybe we could find OTHER reasons for doing so! Like…a late blog entry! *SWAAAAAP!* A snarky comment! *SWAAAAAP! SWAAAAAP!* Busting on Carl! *SWAAAAAP! SWAAAAAP! SWAAAAAP!*

    Wow. I feel so much better now. 😀

    *tosses Joey an icepack*

    Have a good day, sir! All the best to mom and sis!


  44. Prayers and good wishes to Mama Mallozzi. Get better soon!

    My mom is having hip replacement surgery in February. I’ll be able to compare your mom’s recovery time with hers. I’m sure both will be just fine.

    Still finishing up Diving into the Wreck. Enjoying it very much so far!

  45. So sorry to hear about your mom, Joe. Didn’t she just have her knee done? Was it on the same side? Please send well wishes and I will keep her in my prayers that she has a easy recovery.

    I think the Touchstone has been recovered, temperatures more normal and the winter coat has been put away. ahhhhh Predictions are close to 80 tomorrow. : )

  46. Having one of those crappy mornings. Phone kept ringing, had to get up. Next time I think I’ll close the ringer.
    Ever felt under appreciated for you true worth ! well, that’s my case. My sister called me yesterday, feeling the same and I spent a good amount of time trying to boost her morale up when I know she’s totally right.
    She goes to school to feel better about being treated like crap at work. Can’t use that strategy anymore. Once your degree is over you just end up facing the reality that it is as useless as if I didn’t have any.
    What really bothers me is when I hear people say stuff like ” you have a very impressive resume” and next thing you know they propose you crappy stuff that totallly contredicts what their saying. Making you wondering if that was just the hip introduction phrase to get your attention.
    I keep having that feeling that in this life you get things not because of your worth but to other factors that are not necessarely relevant.
    I Keep going in circle for the past year or so. I just glad my father is not there to see this….

  47. I have never commented before, but I think your mom deserves to hear even my well wishes. I hope she has a very speedy and full recovery.

  48. Best wishes to your mom, Joe.

    There’s a cell phone in her future.

    They all say they don’t want to learn new technology, but you just give them the cell phone and a supply of sweat pants with pockets. The pockets were critical for my dad as he recovered from 3! hip replacements.

    While they’re still immobile, you put the phone in a bag that’s attached to their bed or it’ll fall out of reach. You call them on that phone instead of their home phone and voila – tech-savvy senior citizen.

    Receiving photos on the cell phone quickly becomes crack for senior citizens. Before you know it, they’re calling you from across the store to tell you not to bother looking for light bulbs, they found them already.

  49. @ DPA – cell phone for Joe’s mom? As good as an idea as that is, I think she’s still trying to figure out the t.v. But one can watch t.v. on cell, so maybe that’ll make things easier.

    She’s needs Life Alert or a Lo Jack.

  50. Mrs. Mallozzi, I hope you feel better soon! Let everyone else take good care of you.

    And thanks everyone for the quake advice. I’m scoping out all my big furniture now.

  51. Then I do not want to be remiss!! Wish your mom a speedy recovery filled with flowers from friends and good food from loved ones 🙂

    I’m picking the title that starts with c…. has a nice ring to it!!

    How is your injury healing?

  52. Oh dear I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Mrs M, my best wishes to your recovery. My own mom, who is a feisty 93 (!) fell in November and broke, not her hip but a pelvic bone. She had to stay in the convalescent hospital for a month, but she’s home now. I hope your mom can make it back home as fast, but don’t let her come home too soon. Is her house going to be wheelchair friendly or is that a hurdle to be faced? My best wishes to your sister, too, because a lot is going to be heaped on her plate, I suspect.

    @paloosa: in 1994 I lived in Mar Vista, not far from where the 10 Freeway broke. I got to experience an E-ticket adventure, “Mr Apartment’s Wild Ride”. I was on the 3rd floor of an apartment house. We were yellow tagged for a while. Fun times. -not. Now I’m in Culver City.

  53. So, here is the update on Mom. Day three after the surgery and she finally saw her surgeon. Apparently Mom broke her femur… near her hip. This seems like better news to me, but I am not a doctor – can any doctors out there confirm this? It is perplexing to receive this news after every other hospital worker telling us she broke her hip.

    The surgery was performed on Monday and they put in a post. The surgery was done through three small incisions. The day after surgery, they made her stand and move to a recliner where she sat most of the day. Yesterday, she walked out of her room, a few feet & back. Today, she walked all the way down the hall & back.

    @ Shiningwit: Hmmm… a Q&A… I wonder if she would be up to that. I wonder if Joe would be up to that. Mom doesn’t have a computer, but she does have me!

    @ DP: A cellphone? You mean like the one for which I pay a monthly fee? The one that sits either on her table, in her purse where she can’t hear it, or in the drawer at work? The one that is, more often than not, uncharged? The one I always tell her to bring with her when she walks? Maybe somebody can ask her about that in the Q&A.

  54. @Paloosa: Well, I suppose I’m feeling the same thing you all are! The earthquake I went through was in Guatemala, not Haiti 🙂

    @Kabra: Whaaat? Where is it going to be near 80? Not Gainesville! Winter coat is not put away here yet 🙁

    Hey Joe! How’s your mom doing today? You MUST keep us updated. You do know that, right? xoxo

  55. Sis: Your mom and the cell phone story sounds like my mom. However, after my mom had car trouble last year, she has decided to put the phone in her purse. It’s turned off but it’s there if she needs it. Progress.
    I can see writing runs in your family. Thank you for the laughs. All of us here hope your mom is back to normal soon.

  56. Glad to hear that Mom’s coming through her ordeal okay. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

    As for the script troubles, I’ve heard many a writer say that sometimes you have to just finish a story before you can fix it. So now you’re in the second part of that. And I’m sure that if you get stuck again the others will help you out. That’s what writers’ rooms are for, after all. They can’t all be easy. Buck up and buckle down, Joe. You’ll get through it. [/lamepeptalk]

  57. @ Sis – I’m no doctor, but I think breaking a bone is always better than breaking a joint. My concern would be why it broke – did it break from the fall, or did her leg give out and that’s why she fell. The latter can be caused by osteoporosis – brittle bones start breaking for no other reason than that they are brittle. I’d be sure to question the doctor about it.

    But it sounds great that she’s up and walking already! To me that sounds like very good news. Just gotta make sure she doesn’t take any risks, that’s all…don’t want any setbacks! Thanks so much for the update!

    Oh, and as far as a Q&A – if mom doesn’t wanna do it, would you?? 😀


  58. @SIS

    Thanks for the update!
    Glad to hear that the actual surgery wasn’t as invasive as it could have been. They probably put pins in to reinforce the bone… A few years ago, my [now late] great-aunt broke her lower leg in 2 places just from falling off a chair at her seniors’ home – she was moving around fine after that. However, the big problem with the elderly after these things is the chance of contracting some stupid infection from being IN the hospital! So, watch out for that. *Especially* if she’s still hooked up with any urinary bag — bladder and/or kidney infections are just too easy to get when in hospitals! Sounds all gross and TMI I know, BUT, it’s a *real* problem that you should be aware of.

    And, oh, I “hear” ya re: the cell phone!! Got my Mom’s one programmed so that no matter what wrong button she presses, our home number will show up. And Dad’s even worse! Deaf as a rock and waaay high maintenance!!

    Anyhow, Sweetie, you hang in there! Hugs to Mom! And leave us to quilt trip your bro! [says She Who Is Oldest Of Her Siblings as she flashes her EVIL grin whilst twirling her bantos sticks…] Hey, who knows, maybe we can impress upon him the need to hire someone to walk the dog, shovel the sidewalk, etc. , give YOU some extra “help”….? BTW, did he send you guys any *good* chocolate yet? [Joe…? Don’t make call Ashleigh and have her ask BamBam to give your Mom cane-whacking lessons…]

  59. @Sis –

    Thanks for the update.

    Give her relatives her cell phone number instead of her hospital room number. That’ll prove some convenience to her when she’s transferred to other places.

    The phone constantly falling or getting lost in sheets or having to be moved to the other side of the room for charging is a continuing problem, but such a “controlled” situation is a window to get her hooked. Her relatives might get used to calling that number, too, which is all part of the greater plan to hook her into always keeping it with her.

    I hope I’m not sounding like a know-it-all, but these kinds of transitions are pretty recent for me. Yep, it feels manipulative to purposely do things to get a parent to change something. I got used to it.

    @shiloh – “Feisty” resonates with me. Hyperactivity runs in my family and we’ve been dealing with people who are getting too old to be running around, but who can’t stop running for GENERATIONS. The stories go way back.

  60. Hi Joe!

    Bummer about all of the notes on your script. I’m sure all this hard work will make it super fantastic, though! 🙂

    Best Wishes and Speedy Recovery to Mama Mallozzi!! Use your cell phone!

    (Thanks for the update, Sis.)


  61. Thanks for the advice! I’m going to write the script after college today. I honestly have no idea how long its going to take, but it will be worth it 🙂

  62. @Sis,Das,Joe, yeah that is good news she fractured her femur, the recovery time will be quicker, there’s a lot less involved with your mom’s fx ( that doesn’t stand for effects, medical abreviation for fracture. She will still need some P.T. ( physical therapy). As a retired surgical technologist I know from these things, seen a lot them. Had a neighbour last year did the same thing to her leg and she’s doing great now. None the less a fx is a fx but a total joint replacement is another thing.

    @ Deni – yeah, it was a whopping 72 today here in Jupiter, wore only two layers and short sleeves at that,ate lunch outside and 80 has been predicted for Friday. Guess you’ll just have to move south.

  63. Sis – Another thing you have to watch out for when older folks go in the hospital are the meds they are given – don’t be afraid to question what each one is and what it’s for.

    A while back my grandmom had to go into the hospital for a fall and bimp (tribute to Clouseau!) on the head. Now, my grandmother was of very sound mind, and was a gentle soul – even home health aids said she was the best client they had – never argumentative or aggressive. She was a dear – and a wee little lady, too!

    Well, a day or two in hospital, and she started complaining about the ‘birthday parties in the bathroom’ and ‘cake they won’t share’ all sorts of crazy stuff. She was in her 90s, and though she NEVER had any sort of dementia, we just assumed that she was starting to slip because of the fall. We figured it was the beginning of ‘the end’ – first falling, then dementia, then death.

    She was very lethargic when she came home, and was soon seeing pink bunny rabbits in the yard, and every. single. night. a ‘sailor’ would visit her in her bedroom. *wriggles eyebrows* She never seemed very upset about that… hmmmm…

    ANYhoo…seeing this decline, mom called the family together and sat us down, and told us that it looked like nan was finally losing it…this must be ‘the end’.

    Not long after that nan ran out of one of the medications that they had started giving her in the hospital. Mom forgot to renew it, and – after just a few days – saw great improvement in my grandmother. She was her old self again – making sense, no more midnight liaisons with imaginary sailors, no pink bunnies. So, mom checked the empty medicine bottle, and discovered that the hospital had given her PAXIL!! Paxil is used to treat “major depression, obsessive-compulsive, panic, social anxiety, and generalised anxiety” – NONE of which my grandmother suffered from, except – perhaps – a little case of nerves over being in the hospital, the kind we’d all have in such a situation but wouldn’t need to be medicated for (except Joe, maybe 😉 ).

    So, you really have to be aware of what they are giving you when you get in that hospital bed – it’s one reason to have a family member really involved in what the doctors are doing – and know what medications are being administered. That’s the hard part – their egos are sometimes so huge they resist such questioning, but what happened to my grandmother really taught me a lesson – you have to ask.

    And my nan? She lived for quite a few years after her sailor boys and pink bunnies stopped visiting, until 101 years of age – her body just gave out, though her mind was still sharp. Had she stayed on the hospital-prescribed Paxil, she would have died years before, I’m sure of it.


  64. Ok, I´ll guess:
    2×01 Incursion, part III.
    2×02 Aftermath
    2×03 Awakenings
    2×04 Proposal
    (Aliens from ep. Space come to Destiny crew, with proposal: Destiny
    in exchange for technology that is able to get the crew home)
    2×05 Captured
    (Team gets captured on the planet by some alien flower and it want´s knowledge how to use gate, because of spreading seed…)
    I think it will be something else…I really wonder what direction will the show take in the second season…

  65. @Sis – “She broke her hip” is the easy way to put it, and leads to fewer follow-up questions. A couple years ago I broke my humerus (upper arm) right below the shoulder joint and the stock statement to relatives was “she broke her shoulder”. That is, except for the delicate flower who told my son “she pretty much blew her shoulder to bits”. Charming.

    Small hospital, but thankfully a good surgeon and near-complete recovery. Best wishes to your mom for the same!

  66. On my way home from work this morning (1 am), with not a vehicle in sight, I might possibly have rolled through a stop sign without really actually stopping…and sure enough, I saw those lovely flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Oh, the irony! I pulled over and rolled down my window. My sergeant walks up and starts his spiel: “Hello ma’am, I’m Officer–aw geez, it’s YOU!” He threw up his hands and walked away. I drove home, carefully observing all traffic signs, and went to bed.

  67. Get well soon Momma Mallozzi!
    It was also good that the neighbours acted so quickly before any further damage could be done.

    Sis – Thanks for the update! What’s the plan for keeping her amused while not so active? A mental image of her playing tennis on a Wii came immediately to mind.

    Joe – Congrats on the Executive Producer title.

  68. Just finished re-watching “Darkness” and “Light”. Not that I had forgotten how awesome SGU is, but I’d like to thank you all (the producers, etc) for this series. No matter the not-that-happy fans and online rant, I enjoy every second of the show. Hoping for lots and lots of seasons to come!

    P.S. In my opinion, one word titles work better. 😉

  69. @ Mrs. Mallozzi

    Ow, a broken hip is really a bad injury. Hope everything will be all right and get well soon!

  70. Joe I thought that you were already an Executive Producer (and also a Consulting Producer!) or have I missed something – which wouldn’t be unusual.

    Sis I hope that it is not too long before your mother is up and about and back to being fully independent. Are you looking after your half-brothers Felix and Baby the cat? Felix looks like a cute little dog. Your little girl, Roxy, is really pretty looking too.


  71. Lookie at all the Mommalozzi love! Joey didn’t get nearly this much attention when he was sneakin’ round the house all scaredy cat-like the other night. 😀


  72. Hi, wishing your mother a speedy recovery. I have missed your blog, hope it’s safe to return!
    I had a great holiday with all three of my son’s, made me happier than I have been in a lot of years.
    Congrats on the Exec Producer title…
    Hope to meet you this spring! I plan to come to Vancouver hopefully in April.
    Take care, and be sure to call your mother every day!

  73. On the SyFy SGU forums there is a topic about stargate range.

    here is a link:

    Could you possibly read this one thread and attempt to clear up some of the discussion?

    It’s been pretty heavily debated, and we are no closer to figuring it out now than we were when the thread was opened.

    Coming from the people currently handling the Stargate Franchise, a definitive “this is how it is” would clear up a lot of mess, and help people follow SGU with a little more ease.

    People often find it difficult to follow something that they don’t understand, or find overly confusing. The whole “short range” issue with Destiny, and how the gate system works is bugging people.

    So, as mentioned above, I am respectfully requesting that you, or another member of the staff read, and answer the questions in this one thread only.

    It would clear up a lot of issues with SGU.

    You don’t have to mention Destiny stuff in the answer if that conflicts with future episodes. However, the Pegasus/Milky Way stuff would go a long way.

  74. Sis – thanks for the update…glad to hear that she’s up and around. It must be weird to know that this group of utter (strange?) strangers is waiting for news on Mama Mallozzi 😉

    I love the idea of Mom doing a Q & A — that would be awesome! I bet she has some fantastic stories. And really, I’m sure Joe will survive. The office. The next day. Ashleigh. Snicker.

    Take Care.

  75. @Mrs. Mallozzi – Get well soon! Will keep you in my thoughts…

    @Joe – I, too, thought you were already an Exec. Producer.


  76. Dear, dear Mrs.Mallozzi
    I was so sorry to hear about that fall you took. Please do feel better soon and know that we, on your son’s blog, wish you well and a very speedy recovery.

    Some of the best food photos I’ve seen here have been your inspired, yummy looking, home cooked creations too. I can almost smell their wonderful aromas.

    Get your rest and know that you are in many people’s prayers.

    @ Sis — have courage, we’re remembering you & Joe in those prayers too. I know from experience, it isn’t easy caring for an injured, elderly parent. Hang in there…

    Joe, thanks for sharing and feel better yourself… don’t worry.

    2cats in NJ

  77. You didn’t have to tell us to leave best wishes for your mom, we would have done it anyway.

    Hip fractures in the elderly (sorry, Mom, but I’m rather elderly myself) are nothing to sneeze at, but your mom sounds like the kind of lady who will do just fine.

  78. Best wishes to Mamma M for a speedy recovery. Here’s wishing she is soon back in fighting and cooking form!

  79. @Dodoalda – The only cool word that starts with P is Precipice, but that’s only cool in print – not so cool pronounced out loud, except with a New Jersey accent, so, so much for that title.

  80. When I read about you sneaking through the house looking for a would-be attacker it reminded me of a situation about 8 years ago when I was with my ex.

    We got death threats regularly because of his occupation, but we also lived in an area that was known for its crime rate.

    One night someone tried to break into the house through the skylight in the bathroom. My partner at the time took the Samoan beheading tool he was given during a kava ceremony by the Chief of Samoa off the wall, surprised the intruder as he was coming through the roof and ended up chasing the guy down the street starkers, waving the Samoan beheading tool. He sat in the backyard in the same state of non-clothing, with the tool, waiting for him to come back until 3am.

    He had to go interstate to play that weekend. I was in bed and heard noises on the laserlight roof out the back. I too grabbed the Samoan beheading tool, which I was keeping under the mattress while he was away (although he had quite a range of spears and axes from various tribes on the wall) and stood at the back door holding it raised. I kept on hearing footsteps but couldn’t see anything. After about 5 tense minutes I ended up yelling, “Come out you coward!”. I’m really not sure how I expected anyone to be scared of me. I looked like some cliché horror movie chick. Except I was brandishing a deadly weapon rather than running screaming into the night and then tripping over a log. Anyhoo, no one came out. I heard the steps again. Still couldn’t see anyone on the roof! I went outside and started to investigate.

    It turned out that back neighbours had been doing some renovations and put the unused laserlight on the ground by the fence and their dog kept on walking over it. Ah well. Better than there really being someone trying to get into the house.

  81. Hi Joe,

    Bummer that I didn’t get a response when I asked the recent questions but I understand. I’ll condense them into 1 question… but I’m gonna add a new one. 😉 The new one will be food-related this time.

    1. Will future SGU episodes include any increase in the amount of Stargate humor than what we saw in the first half of season 1?

    2. Do you have any food allergies (if so, what)?

    Thank you for your time!

  82. @Narelle – I’ll be first in line to read your autobiography….so many gr8 tales….Samoan beheading tool – just awesome!

    Cheers, Chev

  83. Oh my gosh, I just read about your mother! I am thankful to hear she is feeling good despite the broken hip. Please tell her we wish her a quick recovery and always love to hear any updates about her. Take care and get well soon Mrs. Mallozzi!!

  84. das – Hehehehe. Hang on. We might find a common ground here. Throw a long blonde wig on this guy and he would seem your type 🙂

    Chev – Recall my note re Murphy. Things just happen 🙂

  85. @ Sis – Oh my gosh, I just read your post! Breaking a hip is unfortuneately a pretty popular occurance when elderly fall. The doctors probably assumed that was her problem. I’m glad they finally figured it out! And what the heck, it took 3 days to finally see her surgeon! Good grief!

    Maybe with extra time on her hands, Mrs. Mallozzi could write down some of her favorite recipes she’d like to share with us?

    I have given my 84 year old parents a cell phone from my account. My dad keeps forgetting how to end the call. He keeps running his battery down. Time for another lesson. I keep saying, “Just snap it closed. That hangs up the phone.” They love the free long distance it provides, so they do use it.

    God bless all the caretakers out there. Earthly angels.

  86. Wait Joe! I can’t help it that my crazy beagle limits my computer time to when she goes to bed.

    Collaboration or Coexistence

  87. Yep. Got eaten. Didn’t happen to go straight to the SPAM bin did it Joe?

    By the way, what fragrance did you end up taking to Tokyo this time to remind you of your travels?

  88. hey, i’ve always wondered, what happens if you enter a gate from the other side (i.e. the non vortex end)?

  89. Dear Mrs. Mallozzi:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your fall, but glad you are on the mend. Thank you for letting Joe post pictures of you, your dog, who is very cute, your house and the delicious-looking dishes you make. I hope your recovery is very quick and as painless as possible.

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