Only days after leaving Montreal, I get a call from my sister informing me that my mother fell while walking her dog Felix.  Fortunately, she was spotted by neighbors who called for an ambulance that transported her to Lakeshore General where x-rays revealed she had broken her hip.  She had surgery yesterday and I’m pleased to report she is on the mend.  In fact, I phoned her today to see how she was doing and found her in good spirits.   She wanted to know if I had mentioned her on the blog.  I informed her that I hadn’t.   She seemed genuinely disappointed.  Well now.  Evidently, I’ve been remiss.  So now you all know.  And mom will no doubt be expecting your various well-wishes.

Come on!

Do iiiiiiiiiiiit!


Back at the office today where we took a stroll over to the Art Department to see what Production Designer James Robbins has in store for SGU’s second season: airlocks, sealing corridors, damaged sections, ships, aliens, and that secret place I can’t tell you about under penalty of death.  Then, after lunch, we finally got around to giving notes on those scripts.  First up was the second season premiere in which the events of Incursion I and II come to an explosive conclusion.  Chock full of great character moments, Paul’s first draft is tight and well-written.  It took us all of twenty minutes to go through it.  Since we already gave Rob notes on episode two before the hiatus, we moved on to episode three, my script.  It’s no secret that this one was – well, a bitch to write but the big question was “Had those weeks agonizing over the script paid off?”.  Well, let me put it this way: By the time they were done giving notes, it was so late that we decided to call it a day.  In fact, I probably would have received even more notes had Carl not actually willed himself to pass out in order to escape the marathon session.

The day also brought a title change from The Awakening to the Brad Wright-inspired Awakenings.  Better and, more importantly, in keeping with that one-world title we’ve got going.  So it breaks down like this:

I: I———–

II: A——–

III: Awakenings

IV: P——-

V: C———

Mini Mailbag:

Adaminator1 writes: “I have no idea how to start a script. The thing I want to ask is this: How would you suggest starting pre-production on this massive undertaking? Do you have any advice for an aspiring animator/script writer like me?”

Answer: It all starts with that script.  Sit down, force yourself to write, and get it done.  You’re going to need it if you’re serious about trying to sell/set up your project.  A simple pitch or even a detailed series bible is not good enough.  It’s all about the script.  Once you’re finished, have others read it (hopefully someone familiar with the industry) and ask them to be as honest as possible.  Having your mom tell you she likes it won’t help. It may make you feel good but it that sort of feedback will only hurt in the long run since you are trying to send out the best possible script you can write.  You want to get that critique and make the necessary changes early on because once you send your script out – that’s it.  You have only one shot at these places.  They will not read the same script twice.

Sis writes: “Also wondering… during your search of the premises, were you wielding the butcher knife like you used to when doing similar searches back home?”

Answer: Butcher knife in my left hand, collapsable iron cobras in my right.  Yep, just like old times.

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Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Ok two questions.

1. Is Andy mikita directing the season 2 premier?

2. Is the season 2 premier called incursion part 3?

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis


Wishing Mama Mallozzi a speedy recovery!!


Hmmm….a four letter word starting with C….wonder what that could be….shame on you Joe….let’s go with Clue (an SGU whodunnit with Eli as Jessica Fletcher)

For the rest:

Inner (a peak inside Volker’s mind)
Arms (the weaponry kind not the limb kind)
Park (an entire episode of Park)

How’d I do?

Cheers, Chev


Best wishes to your mom!


Dear Mrs M.

I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, I wish you a speedy recovery. Did they give you a new hip?

Take care.

*hugs* Chev


Of course we’re sending Mamma Mallozzi well-wishes!! Well-wishes, hugs AND kisses! Here’s to a speedy recovery – and to sis maintaining her sanity through it all!

And one last thing…


Know what that was? That was me, slapping Joey upside the head for fussing over his make-believe housebreakers instead of his mum!

About that script…

From what I’ve read here, just seems you’ve been too preoccupied with family and vacations and life-changes and working on that international playboy image thing. You need to get back into the ‘Stargate’ zone, and I suspect now that you’re back to work and around all those inspiring people, the creative juices will start to flow again.

All the best, Joe…to you, sis, and especially Mamma M!



I’m glad to hear your Mom’s doing well, under the circumstances.


Wishing Mom Mallozzi a speedy recovery back to fighting form.


Naughty Felix! And to think we all voted for his cuteness…

Your poor mom! I hope she has a speedy recovery. Sis, make sure she does her rehab on that hip, it makes a world of difference. My stepdad just had his second hip replacement, and is almost as good as new. Hugs!

They may have given you a lot of notes, but did they like the premise / storyline? I’m surprised all of you can agree on any of it!

This early on in starting a season, do you already have a budget from the studio? Do they give you a set amount for the season, and you divvy it up per episode evenly, or kind of rob one to pay for the extra explosions/space battles in the next episode? What happens if you go over budget?
I’m just curious on how the whole $$ thing works during production. I imagine some things are easier since you already have set pieces, costumes etc. from season 1.
Is that sort of thing costed out per episode, or considered overhead?

Oy. Can you tell I’ve been reading financial stuff for the business plan?



**JOOOE!!!** [insert loud bantos stick WHACK to the back of his skull!!]

You **SHOULD** have TOLD us about Mommalozzi getting hurt!!!! You pity-bitch about a stupid little weed-whack to your frakking “pinky” and then NOT tell us about your MOM *breaking* a hip!!??!!

**BAD SON**!!!

Be careful Joey and remember, Karma’s a bitch….

Meanwhile, tell her HUGS from me!! And to make sure to flirt with ALL the cute doctors!! Oh, and to send YOU all of the out-of-pocket med bills!!

BTW, *really* hope you FEDEX’d her and the entire medical staff a ginormous crate of the **expensive** chocolates!!

susan the tartan turtle

I hope that your mother has a very short recovery period. I also hope that poor wee Felix wasn’t too traumatised by the incident.

Does your mother not read your blog herself? Does she have a computer?

Get Well Soon Mrs M
smile smile grin


My goodness.. I do hope your mom has a speedy recovery. I’m very glad she did not have to wait too long for assistance. I worry about my own mom falling and breaking her hip too.. my heart just sank into my stomach reading about your dear mother.

So if a sincere get well soon, and wishes for a speedy recovery from a total stranger means anything, then I most certainly am sending them.



G’day Joe

Here’s to wishing a speedy recovery for Mum Mallozzi.


Oh, and what DAS said too!!

And my love to SIS too! Got mid-70s Mom & Dad under the same roof myself, just waiting to “defy Gravity” at any time!

You know… I’m surprised none of your Neighbourhood Watch nosy neighbours didn’t call the local RCMP detachment and have you TASERed for B&E-ing with a butter knife….?


Hi, Joe.

Best wishes to your Mom for a speedy recovery. How fortunate she was to have neighbors who looked out for her. I hope she’s feeling better soon.


And I didn’t win on the Lottery again tonight… So, have another cyber-whack!


That is a very late entry. It’s 2 am here and a hour ago there was nothing. I’m tired…..


Speeding recovery to your mom. Hope she’ll be up testing her new hip in no time!!!!


….. did I read “aliens….. mrgreen


Of course we are going to wish her a speedy recovery. She’s your mother.

One word titles again? Ack. I can just guess what your episode is about. Hmmm.


Best wishes to Mama Mallozzi! May your children grovel at your feet, at last for a while.


Glad to hear your mom is doing well. Falls are a scary scary thing. *Well-wiiiiishes*


Your poor Mom! Best wishes to her for a full and quick recovery.

Thanks goodness for Carl! And I’ve wondered with SGU, what do you prefer writing. Any particular character? Do you like action scenes or the more character driven ones? Are all the story arcs decided by the producers (and writers?) at the beginning of the season?

And thanks so much Joe for letting me hijack blog space for the quake stuff.

@Deni I can’t image what you must be feeling seeing what’s going on in Haiti. I hope in the new Haiti that will come from this, the people will finally have a government that will care about them.

@Shiloh Were you living in Northridge? On my walk, I’ve had many people from that area tell me they woke up in mid air. I lived 15 miles away, and my bed was shaking so much I couldn’t get off the dang thing to even get to the doorway. Thanks for tip on the light, didn’t see it. And you are right on about that woman! She even took her drink.

@noelm Shiloh is so right. There’s no time to escape in big quakes. Ironically, if the building collapses, being buried alive is exactly what you want to do. A desk or other furniture can create a void where you can survive until help comes.

@JES and @Sparrow_hawk I get so focused on the west coast I keep forgetting about the New Madrid fault. So you guys have tornadoes, floods, freezing winter storms, AND earthquakes? I feel safer in LA.

@ Ganymede Glad to hear you don’t live on the Quebec side! But a 4.2 is still scary as heck. If EMP means electromagnetic pulse, then no. Quakes don’t give off that kind of energy wave. But critters can feel the P wave quicker than we can, and they can react faster too.

@PG15 Dude, you need to hit the books this semester. Quake prep can be your summer assignment :).


The second was called as “Aftermath”, wasn’t it?


Yikes! Scary thing to happen. I’m glad to hear she’s doing well, though.

1. Ivory
2. Apex
4. Past
5. Camp or Cope

Yeah, I’m terrible at naming things.