Boy, do I not miss this.

Mom and Felix (according to my buddy Lawrence, the son she never had).
Felix and Queen Elizabeth - er, I mean Auntie Jeanette.
Fondy, ready to head out.
The homeless man I bought breakfast for the other day. Oh, wait. Scratch that. That's my buddy Lawrence.

Another travel day, so sit back and enjoy the mailbag.  Or, at the very least, read it anyway…

DasNdanger writes: “And Brie – so what does this mean? She’s a keeper now?”

Answer: Sadly, no.  The little troublemaker will be moving to the east coast in about a month.  Hope she writes!

Major D. Davis writes: “Now I saw 2 new marines in time, corpral marsden and Lipton. Marsden had a speaking role and Lipton was credited. However since time had to do with time travel and other wacky stuff, is it safe to assume they’re on board the destiny, or were the just on board the destiny in an alternate timeline?”

Answer: We’ll see both in future episodes.

Major D. Davis also writes: “Where is corpral rivers(the marine who was with park in life)? I miss that guy!!! He seemed cool? Will he be back?”

Answer: Yes, he’ll be back as well in the back half.

Belouchi writes: “Hit me up if you still interested in the Audi S5 ride.”

Answer: Thanks for the offer but I’m driving a sleek Chevy Cobalt.

DasNdanger writes: “And Joe, thanks especially to you for putting up with my nonsense, and for sharing with us, and for making your blog such a welcoming place. You’re not nearly as evil as everyone says.”

Answer: You take that back!

Tim Hendrix:”If you could invite five historical figures to dinner, one a time and then all together as a group who would you invite?”

Answer: Joel Robuchon, Thomas Keller, Mario Batali, Heston Blumenthal, and Alain Passard.  We could sit down and discuss what they just prepared.

Pastrygirl writes: “Do the writers have any say on what music is picked to play in the episodes they write? I know permissions have to be obtained, but do you ask for a particular song/ songwriter or a type of music?”

Answer: We often do, yes.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1) Il y’a une chose que vous adorez à Montréal mais qui n’éxiste pas à Vancouver?
2) Vous aimez beaucoup les crustacés?
3) Toujours pas de petit voyage en France programmé pour 2010?”

Reponses: 1) Au Pied de Cochon.

2) Oui, j’adore l’homard.

3) Non, pas en France.

Sort of translations: 1) The one thing Montreal has that I miss in Vancouver: Au Pied de Cochon.  2) I love shellfish, especially lobster.  3) No plans to visit France any time in the near future.

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “My question is- so when do you head back to work?”

Answer: Back in the office January 11th – hopefully with a first draft of my script.  And a title.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Sassy waitress? She must have done it with taste AND have been cute?”

Answer: Now that you mention it – yes, she was pretty cute.

Ganymede writes: “This Cynthia… I like her… Photographs well – great tan, a lovely disarming smile, knows how to wield the “plastic”…”

Answer: Careful.  The produce is all-natural.

Noelm writes: “Uh, Joe, did you get Cynthia’s permission before you posted that picture of the … ahem … grapefruits granite? Mercy!”

Answer: Are you kidding?  I received the following message from her after posting my entry: “I’m just glad it wasn’t apricot or watermelon granite that day.”  Incidentally, I saw her again last night.  We went out for dessert…

She had lemon meringue pie.

Thornyrose writes: “Do you ever get ribbed or catch grief for something you’ve posted in the blog?”

Answer: Cynthia prefaced her message with: “Then I will also be able to correct you on the various inaccuracies in your blog entry.”

Thornyrose also writes: “So, are you trying to send a message to someone in particular with your musings on the virtues of different cities to reside in?”

Answer: Yeah.  Vancouverites in general.

Tanie writes: “I am reading a great book at the mo’ [i]Under the Dome[/i] by Stephen King. So far it’s very much like [i]The Stand[/i], so if you enjoyed that, this book will suck you in just as successfully.”

Answer: I almost picked it up at the airport as I was heading off for Tokyo but decided against doing so because it was hardcover.  I’ll no doubt pick up the paperback version when it comes out.

Jper writes: “1. My apologies if calling you “Joe” the other day (yesterday) was a bit inappropriate.”

Answer: Joe is fine.

Jper also writes: “2. So what are you looking forward to the most for 2010, Stargate and Not-Stargate related?”

Answer: 2. Stargate-related: Getting back into the swing of production, reuniting with the cast and crew, and walking the sets once again.  Non-Stargate-related: Some upcoming visits to Vancouver by friends, my annual chocolate party, the release of the “With Great Power” superhero anthology edited by Lou Anders for which I contributed a story (

Milmer writes: “Do you ever get odd looks from people in restaurants for taking pictures of your food?”

Answer: Not really because, whenever I dine in Vancouver or Montreal, there are about a half-dozen of my fellow diners also snapping away.

100 thoughts on “January 3, 2010: Travel Day Mailbag!

  1. ah and yeah I have preordered the book, thanks again for the reminder…
    Looks like pasta drying on the table beside Fondy, and how does Felix keep his fur so white?
    Remember click your heels together 3 –oh I mean have a safe flight. and on the way home you can plan the going away party for Brie. she would like that, treats all around, the other dogs said.. and take more pictures of us to put on our twitter they might also be saying..
    Well I am off to watch the Steelers win. I am optimistic.
    Have a great day!

  2. 1. The snow is beautiful – almost looks like my street when it snows…IF my neighbors would stop cutting down their trees. 🙄 Really…if you don’t like trees, stay in the freakin’ city! (Not you, Joe. The neighbors. You can go anywhere you like, just as long as you don’t cut down any trees!)

    2. “Mom and Felix (according to my buddy Lawrence, the son she never had).”

    Yeah. See, now I’m right back to the whole ‘is Joe gay?’ thing.

    3. “Queen Elizabeth… 😆

    We used to say the same thing about my grandma. 🙂

    4. Nice to see Fondy, such a pretty lady. Sad things aren’t working out for you two.

    5. “The little troublemaker will be moving to the east coast in about a month. Hope she writes!”

    Fondy or Brie? 😉 I guess this is why you’ve been agonizing over the pros and cons of living in Vancouver v Montreal last year. I don’t know…if I were you, it would be hard to give her up.

    6. I kinda wish Lawrence had aimed that straw at you and spewed whatever he was drinking all over your face. It’s the kinda thing I do when I’m feeling frisky. 😈 Not as much fun as standing outside, and spraying Mr. Das with the garden hose through the open kitchen window. 😈 He hates when I do that! (Though he hates it even more when I sneak in the bathroom and quietly turn the shower water from hot to cold while he’s lathering up his hair… 😈 )

    7. Joe – you are NOT evil. You are, however, a dirty old man. 😉 My husband is right behind you, though. He looked over my shoulder and saw Cynthia’s picture and proclaimed, ‘Whoa! Jubblies!”

    He’s SO mature. 🙄

    8. “Joe is fine.”

    What about ‘Joey’?? *makes puppy eyes*

    9. *Waves ‘bye’ to mom, sis, and everyone else in Montreal!*

    10. Have a good and safe trip home! And wear clean undies, just in case they check! 😀


  3. Hey Joe,

    Happy New Year by the way. Hope you had a good one. My birthday is January 1, so i sure did.

    My question for you is, will either the SG-1 movie or SGA movie explain, or touch upon the Odyssey’s secret mission?



  4. All the ladies in your life are beautiful! Felix is super cute, also.
    I hope your trip went well.


  5. Have a safe trip home and good luck with both the script and the title!

    So kind of an off the wall question- if you could pack up one restaurant from Montreal and one from Tokyo to take the place of your kitchen….what restaurants would they be?

  6. @Joe

    Omg you just made my day. So glad to hear they’ll be back.

    How bout airmen Rennie from justice. Will he be back?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  7. BTW, Joseph, “for the Record”, *that* wasn’t the “plastic” I was referring to!!! I *knew* I should have been more specific – should have said “platinum”… shesh… Men…

    And for the 2nd “Record”, I also *knew* “They” were all Natural as well — as I happen to sport a set of naturally occurring *scenic* geological formations myself that are just as *equal* in dimension, Thank You!!!

  8. ..Actually, on second look of that recent pic, I may have a tad more real estate, but her seismic integrity appears to be much more stable…

    Oh, and would have gone with key lime…

    BTW, You *did* pay this time, I hope!!!

  9. Nice to finally see what she looks like! She doesn’t look to convinced! Is whatever you’re up to working ?

  10. on Jan. 1 dasNdanger wrote:
    I was just thinking…

    The only reason I’m sitting here at nearly 12 midnight, doing paperwork, is because of for the love of Beckett…I couldn’t be doing it without my halogen light working again! Amazing how the light makes me feel, too – I’m all happy-like. 😀

    Aw, Das, you’re welcome…. 🙂 Funny thing, on New Year’s Eve Dad had just replaced the bulb on his halogen torchiere. He cranked it all the way up to *stun* level. That reminded me of Operation Let There Be Light, and Deirdre in New Jersey. I was telling him about all the things you’d been able to get done this year with better light. Today when I read him your note (above), he was really pleased.

    * * * *

    I didn’t see the note until today because I’ve been fighting probable strep throat for nearly 7 days. Started antibiotics Fri. night, but still am dealing w/ sore throat and yacking up hairballs of interesting colors. Nothing pale and green, sorry. 😉 (I know you like that color.) May have to let the GP look at me if things don’t get better soon.

  11. Me revoila 🙂

    Ahhh chouette une nouvelle mise à jour !

    ……Au Pied de Cochon??…de tout façon tout ce qui touche au cochon c’est délicieux 🙂

    ….Le homard, vous avez des goûts de luxe^^…moi j’aime tout les crustacés sauf peut être les bulots, car je met au moins 10 minutes pour enlever chaque molusque de sa coquille.

    …NNNNNNAANNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnn =,( vous aimez pas les frenchis ou quoi? pfff je m’enfiche, si il faut c’est moi qui viendrai à Vancouver ..avant Décembre 2012 (on sait jamais??)

    Je ne sais pas si c’est moi qui ne faisait pas attention avant, mais là il y a une grosse paire de seins derrière une tarte au citron O_O…ohh je suis surement obsédé sur les bords…en même temps ont l’aient tous dans une coin de nos têtes.

    Content de revoir Fondy ça fait bien plaisir 🙂 Elle est toujours aussi jolie!

    Rentrez bien à Vancouver!
    Gros Bisous!

  12. What does Das know? Other than it’s evil to say you’re not evil. You’re just a deliciously different kind of evil.Which is greatly appreciated by we, your regular and (semi)dedicated readers.
    Thanks for taking the time for a mailbag. Glad you have one more week to beat the story into shape, and sorry to hear that Brie will be quitting your residence. My own mutt has so gotten under my skin I can’t imagine losing her. Meantime, looking forward to more photos, more exciting dining experiences, and maybe a Weird Foods entry. And REALLY looking forward to when the Olympics hit Vancouver, just to get your take on them and how they are affecting life in the city.

  13. All those people on your “what historical figures I’d invite to dinner” are still alive. Most people answer with at least a few dead people – Ewww, gross! This is strong evidence that you are far less morbid than the average person. I’m so disillusioned.

    If your volunteer corps militia is bent on world domination and mine’s mission statement has been blurred by over-involvement in volleyball leagues, could we still get along? At least share the same park shelter reservation as long we direct all spray paint overspray downwind?

    By “plastic” could Ganymede possibly have meant a “credit card”?

  14. If you were to recommend only one book to someone to read, which would you recommend?

    Which single author would you recommend?

    If you were to recommend only one dish to someone to eat, which would you recommend?

    Happy new year! 🙂

  15. @ susan the tartan turtle – THAT video was hilarious! Except…except…

    I showed Mr. Das, and he felt really sorry for the ‘big pimp’. 😕 I think we just might have to sit down and have a discussion…

    @ for the love of Beckett – I have mine on stun, too! I don’t have the heat on in this room since we have the tv/DVR, computers and this light in here, all putting out heat (I have electric baseboard heat, so it’s like a trade-off). It’s a small room, so the heat just drifts in from the other rooms, helped along with the heat from the electronics. We’re having a cold wave – frigid Canadian wind (thanks, Joe! 😡 ) swooping down on us. Started yesterday, and will last through Tuesday. If I don’t have to turn the heat on during this, then I just might be able to keep it off in this room for the entire winter! (Which makes sense, considering that the baseboard is behind a piece of furniture, and the heat often just gets trapped back there and so runs for no good reason half the time.)

    And now I’m rambling! 😛

    @ Thornyrose – I know EVERYTHING!!! Well… some things…but only if I google ’em. 😛


  16. Hey Das, I just saw your monicker on the TV! it was the registration on an advertised Seat Leon- I’d have thought you were more of the new Mini Cooper resplendent with dennis the menace stripes:)

  17. @Gilder @Jenny Robin @Ponytail

    I live slightly north of Dallas, in Collin County. So that could explain a lot about attitudes. We picked the town and house off the internet. My hubby got a new job with his company that required moving to the Dallas area.
    Maybe I just haven’t been meeting the *right* Texans. 😀

  18. susan the tartan turtle: Oh, sorry but I couldn’t get into the video. I’m a cat person but I’ve seen too many aggressive stances like that in cats to enjoy it. It made me want to grab a broom and a spray bottle of water 😉 . “Cringe”

  19. @ Shiningwit – Wait. My full username?? Did someone steal it??! 😮

    As far as cars go, these are certain ones I always wanted…

    When I was a very little girl (6ish) I wanted a Jaguar. My parents thought it was funny that I even knew about such a car, but I did grow up watching The Avengers and other Brit shows, so I probably heard about it there. I didn’t know which one I wanted, I just knew that I wanted a car with that name. When I got older, I found the exact one:

    That particular car will always hold a special place in my heart… *sniffle*

    When I was a teenager, I had a huge thing for this particular beauty:

    Gah! Those lines just melt me into a puddle of goo!

    Then one day – many years later – my heart just stopped when I laid eyes for the first time on one of these:

    I’d almost give my soul for one of those. Almost.

    But since I don’t want to spend THAT much, I’d settle for this simple thing…

    That’s a ’52 Vincent Black Shadow…and I’d like to have one in my living room, just so I can sit and stare at it. 🙂

    I also love muscle cars, like this one:

    …but the first 4 are my personal dream vehicles (well, not including Mad Max’s Road Warrior semi…that would make it five!). I know, I KNOW…not very green of me, at all. But…well…green vehicles aren’t really that sexy, are they?

    If I had a choice between going to a fashion show, or a car show – I’d take the cars, hands down! One day, I swear, I’m gonna get in Jay Leno’s garage – and LIVE there! 😀

    @ Joe – I hope this means you’ve arrived home, safe and sound! How are the babies??! Have a good evening, sir!


  20. @Gilder @Jenny Robin @Ponytail @avabird

    My family pretty much stays around the Irving/Grand Prairie area while I’m here by Ft Hood. Nice to see so many fellow Texans.

    Have a safe trip Joe. We’ll be looking forward to pics of the pups.

  21. Sitting in the airport. Flight delayed 20 minutes. So far. Better than Fondy who was scheduled to leave at 4:00 pm, now looking at a 9:00 pm departure.

  22. OUCH!

    See…this is exactly why I don’t fly. I don’t have the patience for it! And it’s probably those full body cavity searches that’s holding everything up. 😉

    I’m just hoping that someday, someway, someone invents beaming technology. I mean…just imagine…

    A cold winter’s day, snow all over, car hidden somewhere under a drift…and you need to go to the grocery store. You don’t even have to put on a coat! Just beam into the store, get your groceries, and beam back home! (It would be an added bonus if someone could beam the groceries directly into the pantry and fridge!) Rainy day? No problem! Traffic jams? No problem! Bridge out? No problem! Just beam to wherever you need to go! Heck, even beam yourself from the couch, right onto the toilet! 😀

    Yeah…I know. That’s taking it a bit too far… 😛

    Check in when you get home, sir!


  23. Joe, were you suitably frisked at the airport as befits an Evil Person of your position and stature?

  24. Are you going through extensive searches or is that just for U. S. travel?

  25. Airport delays suck! Hope you’re en route by now…

    OK, so just to set the record straight I’m really not all that geographically challenged… I know where Dallas is!! (slaps forehead, sighs pathetically that no-one gets her jokes…)

    I was trying to point out that if Gilder is going strictly by numbers of fans, that a lot more of us nearby might be willing to show up at the con if there’s incentive… boy we could scare a restaurant #%^less if all us foodies showed up at once!!!

    My kitchen sink is fixed, time for more dishes, then more cooking – yay!


  26. Gack! I HATE sitting in airports… At least it wasn’t as bad as all those ppl yesterday that had to wait hours and hours because the electronic check-in system had a hissy fit. *sigh*

    Well, you’ve got a week to get that script finished… how you going with it? Still at the top of Act V?

    I absolutely LOVE that pic of the street covered in snow! So pretty. And the wet season seems to have arrived with a vengeance here. Over the last couple of months we’ve had a total of 4mm of rain, and over the last 5 days we’ve had 78mm. Phew! Bring it on!

    Tan 🙂

  27. @KABRA, the kids are here another week-RATS, now I have to feed them, we will meet up after that, thanks, for the pretty card.

    @DENI How ya doing, hanging in there? Do I dare ask?

    @Joe, nice to see Fondy, Hope everyone has a nice flight home. It’s cold as SHIT in Florida!!

  28. Two questions today.

    1. After taking a little bit of time to compare the spaceship from Air III, and Justice, it seems that they have several similar features. Is it safe to assume that they are from the same civilization? And is it safe to assume that these aliens are featured in Space?

    2. Why do they put such a long break between the first and second half, rather than just have a longer summer break? And do you wish SGU could have a 22 episode season sometime?

  29. Hope you at least have a comfortable lounge to be waiting in. Hope the pilot can make up some time once you’re airborne.
    @Das. I am accused enough at work as a know it all. So we have something in common. The guys (most of them) still don’t quite grasp that the varied books I read contain information. Sometimes even useful information.

  30. Hey Joe,

    You said you drive a Chevy Cobalt? Have you ever test driven the new Camaro? I hear its a sweet ride and very good priced for what you get. The V6 models are great on gas , I believe it gets something like 29 or 30 MPG highway, which is great for a muscle car.



  31. Heading to work, but I won’t complain. I’ll be working my 12-hour shift INSIDE, driving a desk rather than a car. I’m soooo happy about that. The one time I was working the street in weather like this I almost had a claustrophobic panic attack putting on all those layers of clothes! The UnderArmor turtleneck had me leaning against the wall taking calming breaths after I couldn’t get it over my face fast enough. Once I got everything on, I started sweating and had to get outside pronto. Then I stood outside and shivered so hard I was vibrating despite four shirts, a coat, gloves, a hat, three pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, and my boots. Yes, I will be INSIDE tonight!!

  32. I am sad that you are not able to say that you are looking forward to SG Extinction this coming year.

  33. Aw, Joe, it was so good to see Fondy again! And heartbreaking… You have a beautiful wife, who still cares something for you or she wouldn’t have seen you over the holidays. You have a history together. None of these other gals know you or care about you like Fondy does. Her family members looked like adorable people (in pictures past), so she had to have inherited some of that from them. PBMom talked about putting each other first if there’s something worth salvaging. From where I sit, it looks like you have a lifetime together worth saving.

    Could be the cold medicine talking, but I had to say it. God bless you both. Sending prayers, too.

    ~for the love of Beckett

  34. QUOTE
    OK, time for a Texas roll call! Here’s an incentive… if there’s at least 20 of us, I’ll invite Joe to Chimaeracon 2010 or 2011.

    Gilder–San Antonio


    Avabird–Collin Cty.

    Ponytail–Ft. Worth

    g. hughes–Ft. Hood and Irving/ Grand Prairie

    @avabird. My late Mama was from South Georgia, and what you say is true. My own efforts pale in comparison. Try going to the Dairy Queen in McKinney or a smaller town; I think you’ll see a difference.

    @jennyrobin. What’s your instrument? I’m a “hobby drummer”, played with Carnaval de San Anto samba school in the 90’s.

    @g. Hughes. You wouldn’t happen to know or have known a George or Mary Hughes from Irving? They’d be octogenarians now. George was cousin to my father on the Lewis side.

    @pastrygirl. Don’t know driving time, but PHX is maybe 1.5 hrs. from SAT by airline.

    Cursive vs. printing…I hope that cursive is still taught for signatures, as a defense for ID fraud. BUT I think I’d have benefited from more practice in printing as a child. Also, I’ve had to endure sloppy handwriting too many times in my working life!

  35. Don’t you have to be dead to be historical, or did you just kill Heston Blumenthal? *g*

    Anyway, Felix looks like he has some good stories up his collar 🙂

  36. Hey Joe, hope you have a safe trip home..

    @Das – no no no you must have meant a 1967 Jaguar XKE and just to tease you a bit i got to drive a ’77 vette quite a few times for a couple of years, also a ’54 vette. The owner would drive himself to the train station and take off and his son (my friend) would come and pick me up and take me down to drive it back home.


  37. Gah… I miss so much in three days, including not one but TWO mailbags?

    At least I have a good excuse for not being online in three days: I have been force-feeding my family episodes of Stargate: SG-1. I tried to get them excited about Atlantis and SGU as well, but my father has been pretty adamant that he only wants to watch “that one with MacGyver” and nothing else. But there’s a lot of SG-1 to get through, and I’m sure he’ll be wanting more once it runs out! 😀

    Oh, and I’m now thoroughly addicted to Orange Fused Strawberry Sunny-D. Don’t think anything less of me! 🙂

  38. Fondy is as beautiful as ever. Your mom looks really good too. I bet that is Queen Elizabeth and you just call her Auntie Jeanette so you can have a peaceful visit. Joe you keep taking some of those picture angles and one day you’ll be wearing that camera upside your head.

    @ susan the tartan turtle – I laughed so hard watching your cat video, I tee teed a little in my pants!! Had to run to the bathroom! (But sometimes that happens anyway when you get old.) Thanks for the laugh!

    @ Jenny Robin – I live on the west side of Ft. Worth. Many, many, many years ago, I graduated from Western Hills. I am just a few years away from semi-early-retirement. I am already practicing my next no-stress-allowed job.

    “Would you like Fries with that?”
    “Just pull up over there and we’ll bring it out to you!”
    “No, you didn’t order a small coke, you ordered a freak’in large!!”

  39. Hey Joe,

    Hope your journey home is safe and smooth.

    Oh, found my passport! No sign of your script outline though.
    They key, go looking for something else. I’d given up on finding my passport so started looking for my bikini top. Now I just have to want to find something else so I can find my bikini top. It’s really an endless and frustrating loop.

  40. That first senic pic of the snow…BEAUTIFULL how could you want to leave that….I wish it wouls snow like that in Norfolk va….a 1/4 inch here and the whole commonwealth shuts down. BTW beautifull pic of Fondy…Fondy looks great.

  41. Hope you’re home and cozy and the dogs are gang tackling you with love. But I’m sorry to hear about Brie leaving. She’s such a cutie.

    Since you’re back in the office next week and gearing up for Season 2, are the Olympics going to affect production? During the 1984 summer games here in LA, they requested us not to drive the freeways since the facilities were spread throughout southern California and they were afraid our usual traffic would cause the athletes to miss their events. Surprisingly, we kept the freeways clear, finding alternate routes, and it seemed to work out well. But having visited Vancouver several times now, I can see what a nightmare this is going to be for you. Any special plans to deal with it?

    I was also wondering about the Season 2 in general. Will the tone stay the same? Are there any thoughts to making it less dark or more humorous?

  42. I got Under the Dome for Christmas, although I haven’t started it yet. Still working on another present, Il Giovane Holden. It’s something I’ve been wanting since I started taking Italian in college. That sucker was kinda hard to get in the States–out of print, if Amazon is correct.

    Although it’s hard to tell how well my skills have truly held up since I learned to recite the first several pages more or less from memory.

    Safe travels.

  43. Milmer’s question is very appropriate. I’ve been following in your footsteps lately (though haven’t had the time to write up my reviews, yet) and I *do* get strange looks! I always feel awkward, too. Probably because I don’t look like a food

  44. @Luis, your lucky to be in Norfolk. I’m west of Richmond and got 18 inches. For about a week I had to walk a 1/2 mile to the road everyday and back every night around midnight because I couldn’t park in my driveway.

  45. Texas roll call: The Woodlands, 30 miles north of Houston and south of Conroe off I-45.

    I have been having internet withdrawal. Been having internet problems since Dec 24th and they are STILL NOT FIXED. In fact, the only way I’m getting to you right now is AOL DIAL-UP. No Twitter, rare Facebook, just catching up with your blog. But I was in the #hiatusproject Chat Room where we were treated to Herb, Brian J. Smith and Patrick Gilmore popping in to say hello. That was a great time. I missed all my Twitter buddies quite a bit.

    It’s been a bummer week. No internet working = no pay for PBMom. If I can’t telecommute, I can’t work since there is no “office” I can go in to since we all work from our homes. My work computer is now working, but my home computer still will not work. Then my friend’s daughter died in a horrible car crash on Dec 29 and today was the visitation, tomorrow the funeral. Let me tell you there is nothing more horrible than having to bury your child (I know from personal experience). The daughter leaves behind a 8-year-old child. Please keep them in your prayers (for those who pray).

    I hear it may snow again in Houston as Thursday approaches. Perhaps that will lift my spirits some.

    Well, I have an early day tomorrow to try to play “vulture” of what is available to transcribe.

    I hope you have a safe trip home, Joe.

  46. Liar, liar, pants on fire. That’s what I wanted to say, but my supervisor frowns on that. I remember a good quote from an episode of “Babylon 5” about how everybody lies, even the innocent. I need to look that up.

  47. Geez, that was easier than I expected. I love the internet.

    “Everyone lies, Michael. The innocent lie because they don’t want to be blamed for something they didn’t do, and the guilty lie because they don’t have any other choice.” –Jeffrey Sinclair, Babylon 5

    I’m going to write that in my manual. Along with how to do a bond surrender and the phone number for the coroner, I have a list of quotes that help me keep my head in the right place on frustrating days.

    Life is short but there is always time for courtesy. –Emerson

    Many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request. –Chesterton

    A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. –Emerson

    Be kinder than necessary. –Barrie

    The test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones. –Gabirol

  48. @Luis. You’re welcome to the snow in Virginia so long as you can keep it east along the coastline with you. At least leave the 95 corridor open for those of us less anamoured with the stuff.

  49. Have you heard the news of apophis? The ateroid I mean. The russians want to nugde it to alter the course with a concerned look towards Friday the 13th in 2029.

    I found an interessting interview about it on youtube. Especially the posibilties of military use of an asteroid discussed at the end of the interview 😆

  50. What? No more Brie? This stinks, I was having a puppy vicariously through you! Hope you’re home safely,do let us all know!

    @Sheryl: Oi, this sucks.

  51. Hi Mr M!

    Ok…..that’s it….Don’t you realise some of us are on heart medication???? Lemon Meringue pie indeed!!!

    Best to you!

    More SGU questions later……once the ticker slows down a bit…..


  52. I finally found the store credit cards I hid from myself some time ago. Turns out they were in the baking drawer, under the cookie cutters.

    I have an acquaintance who had a older Jag. He accidentally tore off the side mirror and found it was $2k to replace it. Really? Or was he just whining? Moot point, he never did maintenance such as oil changes and killed the beast.

    I’m dithering whether I should take the laptop on vacation or leave it at home. We’re trying to decide of we’ll need checked baggage or not.

  53. Welcome home, sir! How was the flight? Did Fondy ever make it out? Hope all is well! Have a good day, sir!


  54. Some questions:
    1) How much extended is extended version of Air? In seconds? Minutes?
    2) I was thinking about idea, that there could be some KINO videos with Ancients from time, when they had checked the ship, before Destiny was launched. Any chance to include this to the show?

  55. Three more months b4 SGU returns, I think that I am developing withdrawal syndrome.

  56. FL peeps, suck it up. We can take a few cold days in exchange for the 300+ gorgeous ones the rest of the year.

    Still a bit down, mourning the loss of yet another fabulous Doctor Who. For me, Tennant was the best since Baker. As before (the 2 after Davison), not too sure about this next one. It shoulda been Hewlett.

  57. It’s ten degrees below the freezing point here! Too cold!!! The forecast calls for four inches of snow on Thursday. I think we are getting Canada’s weather. Keep your weather there please!

    The YMCA was packed this morning. Probably with New Year’s resolution’ers. They will clear out by February. On the bright side, it was so cold outside the pool felt warm.

    Did you go work out this morning Mr. M.? If so, I hope you feel better. Take a nap, spend time with the “kids”, relax and write well!

    PBMom: so sorry about your friend’s child.


    Gilder–San Antonio


    Avabird–Collin Cty.

    Ponytail–Ft. Worth

    g. hughes–Ft. Hood and Irving/ Grand Prairie

    PBMom – The Woodlands (see? I included the “The!)

    AV eddy from Houston reporting! I’m outside the Loop, but try to stay in the SG loop through this blog. 🙂

    *waves at Joe*

    I spent my holidays down in Galveston, away from my computer, so I’m playing JMBlog-Catchup. It’s fun! LOL!

    @ avabird – Hope you’re meeting the right Texans now! 🙂 I’m a transplant, having moved here 18 yrs ago from the northern Plains. Seeing the weather they had this year made me glad to stay in the Lone Star state for the holidays!!! My bro & family (Dallas-area) drove up for Christmas and barely missed the storms there and back.


    P.S. @ drldeboer Tennant was an awesome Doctor, and I would *love* for Hewlett to have been chosen.

  59. Hey real or imagined medical professionals,

    Is there some sort of rule of thumb for when to receive medical assistance for a cut? Provided it ever stops bleeding, will polysporin do the trick?

  60. Vancouver vs Montreal, that is a tough one. Both are gorgeous.

    Have a safe trip and happy new year.

  61. Does it need sutures? How long is the cut? Can you see if the cut is deeper than the epidermis? If you said yes to those questions, then in my humble opinion, get treatment. Much luck!
    I was hoping you were having fun. Sorry!

  62. Hey Joe, if you were a bettin man, when would you say you would get the green light for the movies(also, any updates on it)? Do you actually think it will be released by the end of 2010?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  63. I’m sorry that I have no experience with cuts (at least not with bad ones – I’ve had a lot of those nasty cuts you can get from the edges of a sheet of paper) but if it looks bad enough that you’re worried about it, go see a doctor!
    There is the possibility that he might ridicule you but still, better safe than sorry, isn’t it?

    Get well soon!

  64. Joe,
    If it is really deep and/or really long – more than 3/4 inch or so, you really should seed professional care.
    But..the immediate thing is apply pressure with gauze or clean cloth.
    Depending on how severe…wash with antibacterial soap.
    Grit your teeth and apply alcohol around the cut to make more sterile.
    The polysporin is ok. but not too much.
    and the pressure to stop the bleeding.

    If it don’t stop after a reasonable time – 10-15 minutes, PLEASE…so see doctor/clinic, etc.

    crossing fingers and toes this is not serious.

  65. I wouldn’t be able to substantiate any of your comments on the attitudes of Vancouverites, as I refuse to go downtown whenever possible. Those people are such a-holes. However I am really nice, I like to think, but unfortunately I live in Surrey and not Vancouver, so still no credence for or against your arguement.

    Back to work on Jan 11!! That’s when I get my transfer to start driving for the Olympics. You may not like them closing the “red zones” downtown, but I love it….because I am one of the few who can still drive there!! Just let me know if you need a lift to work 😛

    no i won’t pick you up, but i will cherish the misery in your voice as if it were the cries of my newborn baby.

  66. Joe, if the cut does stop bleeding, polysporin or a triple antibiotic ointment should do the trick. But depending what you cut yourself on… you may need a tetanus booster.Was the cut on your hand? If so, then keep it high, dry and clean.
    Good luck with that.

  67. Anyone who is really cold and tired of winter – Florida is just above freezing if anyone wants to “warm” up. Actually have the heat on, mostly because I don’t want sick birds. Been there done that. Is this due to that El Nino thing again??? Or is this the Ori getting back at us for something???

  68. @AVeddy–Thanks for handling the update! I’m in Karnes City today, back to SA in a few hours.

    @Joe– hope the cut’s not serious. If I recall first aid correctly, it’s best not to dress or medicate a minor cut.

  69. Joe – depends on the cut – where, and how deep.

    Did you look at the pictures of my husband’s recent thumb cut?

    He needed 5 stitches, but – more importantly – he cut through 75% of the tendon. If he hadn’t gone to the doc and gotten the stitches and splint, the tendon could have snapped, requiring surgery to fix. As it is, he still needs physical therapy to get his thumb working again.

    The ER doctor gave him oral antibiotics (because of the tendon cut), and his hand doc (orthopedic doc) said that – though some doctors like to use polysporin-type topical products – he does not like to use them.

    So…I think the call is up to you. If you think it’s deep enough to have nicked a bone, or cut through a tendon, I’d go to a doctor (or if it doesn’t stop bleeding, even with steady, applied pressure). If it’s not too deep, keep the area clean, see how it looks in a day or two (use meds, or not – up to you), but if it gets hot, red, or swollen – to the doctor with you!

    In the end, however…it IS up to you, not all your internet moms. 😉


  70. PS…

    Of course, now we have to hear the story of how – on your first day back home – you managed to injure yourself…with PICTURES!!!! 😀

    Provided it is you who is cut…and not, like…someone you were fighting with.

    Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad story, either. Heh. Maybe you ARE evil! 😀

    (Hope you’re okay, Joe!)


  71. crazymom – I’ll look for your charger, you look for my bikini top. Let’s see what happens. We might confuse the Universe enough that Joe’s outline is found in an igloo by an Eskimo searching for a spear he’s misplaced.

  72. Have you reached home? I have no idea of the distance involved in flying from Montreal to Vancouver. Scotland is a little country (with a big heart) in comparison to Canada.

    I am sure that the pack will make you feel welcome when you get home.

    🙄 😀


  73. Hi Joe, well, this internet mom would tell you that if it’s bad enough for you to ask us, maybe you should have it seen to, hey? And yeah, I agree with Das, we have to hear the story – with pictures! Hope you’re ok, let us know!

  74. Joe, If it continues to bleed or if you can “pull” it apart and it is deep- if you are not sure, the answer is YES!!. Like kabra said, you may need a tetnus shot and antiboitics, cause these tend to get infected. Also,depending on exactly “where” it is you may need them as they will not heal and keep breaking open! This is from a nurse with an emergency background. Take a few pic.’s in different positions and post them. Do it quickly, they only stitch up until a certain point, or e-mail me and we will talk. Sheryl.

  75. Oh, yeah…yeah. Forgotsies about the tetanus. Especially if it was a dirty knife (or whatever) that you cut yourself with. I always thought the tetanus was for rusty/contaminated puncture wounds – like stepping on a nail (I’ve done that!), or getting cut by a garden/farm impliment that – perhaps – rodents had come in contact with. But now they give you a tetanus even when it bleeds well, and you’re cut by a clean blade. I guess better safe than sorry.


  76. *sits back, munches on popcorn, and waits for pictures…*

    You’d better not disappoint!!

    (Unless, of course, you cut yourself while manscaping. 😛 In that case, ixnay on the icturespay, k?)



  77. Reference cut. When was your last tetnus shot? How deep and long is it? If it looks like it might need stitches to heal it probably does. Otherwise, wash it clean, then cover with dry sterile dressing. If it keeps leaking/oozing, get it looked at. But they ususally only do stitches in the first eight hours. If it starts getting red and swollen, get it looked at. And you can use neosporin or other anti bacterials for the first day or two. after that, mild soap and water to clean. And don’t break off the scabs too quickly.

  78. @ Gilder

    Sorry no George or Mary Hughes from Irving. Hughes is an aquired name so the only other Hughes I know are hubby’s kin in Crockett.


    Glad you made it back in somewhat one piece. I hope your cut stopped bleeding.

  79. Hi, Joe. Yeah, I’m a medical person in the pathology and infectious disease end of the business. How’s the cut doing? As Deni already said, if it bothers you enough to ask us about it, you should probably have a doctor look at it.

    Well, by now, you’ve either been to the doctor or just toughed it out. If the cut is deep, closing it helps it heal faster with less scarring. But as Sheryl said, if you wait too long, the wound can’t be sutured or steri-stripped closed. Regardless of whether it’s stitched or not, you need to keep it clean and dry and COVERED until it heals. Stock up on band-aids and use them, put a fresh dry band-aid on after you shower, wear rubber gloves when you do the dishes, etc. If it looks like it’s getting infected, get to a doctor ASAP. Strep and staph infections are nothing to fool around with. Keep us posted. And post pictures.

    Hey das! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. That live-action version of Space Battleship Yamato is for real, but it won’t even be out in Japan until the end of 2010. And in an amazing coincidence, the male lead is Takuya Kimura, a member of SMAP – Joe’s favorite Japanese boy-band – (well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little about that) who was also the Japanese voice actor for Howl’s Moving Castle, one of my favorite Miyazaki anime films.

  80. *Glomps Sparrowhawk*

    Heya, buddy! Good to see you! I know, I’ve been bad – haven’t been to GW or Moorcock’s – just too busy lately, only have time for here. But at least I have my priorities straight!

    I don’t know about the actor or the boy band, but that guy is really cute! 😀 Me and my pretty boy fetish. 🙄 Blame that rabid crush I had on David Cassidy all those years ago…:P He forever hooked me on emaciated, pasty skinned, long-locked creatures, right down to this day. heh. At least I’m consistent, eh? 🙂


  81. Wow! Great advice from everyone. I’ll post and ask advice on my next injury for sure!

    Das: What is manscaping? Do I WANT to know 😀 . Thanks for the laughs!

    Oh, I don’t need a picture. Just a line saying your doing ok would be great.

    It’s too cold here!!!!!!


  82. “It appears they haven’t accurately matched the hole seen in the dome, in Air, Part 2, to the hole seen in the dome in the episode Earth. Evident by these pictures, but I’m always open to being wrong.

    Here’s the shot from Air, Part 2:

    Here’s the shot from Earth:

    You can see that the hole should extend up in Earth, according to the hole seen in Air, higher than the first horizontal line that goes around the dome. Also, in Air it shows the hole is a lot bigger, and the center of the hole is right through a smaller vertical line, with the two bigger support structure lines on the hole’s left and right. The only possibilities left that I haven’t ruled out: the hole fluctuates in size, which I’m not sure why, or the hole looks different from the interior to the exterior. Or the hole changes places or real abstract stuff like that.”

    You can refer my post to the artists who design the ship to see if it’s an error, if you want. Thanks.

  83. *spews soda out nose and onto desk* Das! Manscaping?! ROFL!! So wrong…so many levels…so dang funny! 😀

  84. Joe I hope you are all stitched up or bandaged up or whoever the person cut is. Get your shots if you haven’t had them, and rest… we can write your blog for tonight. get the pre-recorded(written) stuff out and copy and paste for Joe.a guest host will be ok, just for tonight.

  85. I hope your cut’s doing okay. I purposely delayed writing anything to avoid the temptation to give you advice until the window for stitches has passed. I do have advice when it comes to “medical” things, it’s just really, really bad. For cuts, it starts with finding a very fine-grained whetstone.

  86. Hey there, Joe. Hope you didn’t have to sit for hours in the ER waiting for stitches. You know we (all your internet moms) get worried when you post so late! Although, I guess I’d be your internet sis, as you are older than me.

    Good night all.

  87. Joe, you OK? Just another blog sister worrying ’bout ya.

    You can have Carl guest host the blog, or if it’s too late to bug him, just turn it over to DAS. She’d be more than glad to help out! 😀

    Let us know, though. K?


  88. Hey! That was fast. Thanks for that. Hope it means you’re OK. 😀

    Or it might mean you’re sitting in the ER with the laptop. Can you approve comments with your iPhone? (We all have a screw loose here. It’s the price of admission.) 🙂

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