Hey, check it out! My very own goa'uld hand device!

Hey, you know what hurts more than slicing your pinky open lengthwise on a serrated blade?  Getting a tetanus shot.  Seriously.  I hadn’t even noticed I’d cut myself until I felt the tug of the blades point planted firmly beneath the flesh of my upper knuckle.  I carefully unhooked my finger from the metal point to check the damage and was thoroughly amazed by the amount of blood flowing out of that seemingly minor wound – dark red, surprisingly thick and copious.  I immediately ran it under cold water – so damn cold my finger started to ache – but it did nothing to staunch the flow, so I pressed the cut tight, then wrapped it in gauze.  It actually soaked through the first, second, third, and fourth dressings before it finally ebbed.  I cleaned the wound with rubbing alcohol, polysporin, and a triple anti-biotic gel before switching over to a band-aid – that wasn’t there.  I ended up wrapping it in gauze once again, made the trip to the pharmacy for the band-aids, returned home to clean out and treat the wound one more time, then covered it up – two band-aids did the trick – and headed off for lunch with my Japanese tutor Tomo.

We went to Don Francesco where we enjoyed over-roasted quail, spaghetti carbonara, squash agnolotti with black truffle butter (get it if you go), tiramisu, a lovely Swedish cheesecake redolent of almonds, white chocolate mousse, and conversation, after which I checked my blog and, totally freaked out by the comments left by some blog readers, dropped by St. Paul’s Hospital.  I walked in, told them the situation, presented my care card, waited in emergency for my name to be called, had the wound checked, treated (no stitches, thanks) and dressed, then received a tetanus shot because I couldn’t remember the last time I had one (later tonight, Fondy informed me I’d had one three years ago – oh well).  Total time spent in the hospital: approximately fifteen minutes.  And, I must add, every single person I dealt with was incredibly pleasant, from the people at reception to the nurses to the doctor who saw me.  Finger gash aside, I had a really nice time.

Tonight, I tackled the second half of my work-out I didn’t get around to completing this morning after my run.  Incline press: 100 reps light weight reps/to failure, 50 reps heavy weight/to failure, another 100 light weight reps to failure; Flat bench press: 00 reps light weight reps/to failure, 50 reps heavy weight/to failure, another 100 light weight reps to failure.  I’ve decided to build my own routine: 30 minute run-sprints every morning followed by battering one muscle group to exhaustion.  Training for my next career as a UFC cage fighter.

Since switching to Mac for both my phone and computing needs, I’ve made liberal use of iTunes, downloading an assortment of singles.  To those of you always asking “Hey, Joe, what do you listen to while you write?”, the answer is ” Nothing.  I’m trying to concentrate.”  However, this is my work-out playlist.  An eclectic mix…

Beverly Hills    3:16    Weezer    Make Believe    Alternative
Let It Rock    3:51    Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne    In the City (Bonus Track Version)    Rock
I Gotta Feeling    4:49    Black Eyed Peas    The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)    Pop
Boom Boom Pow    4:11    Black Eyed Peas    The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)    Pop
Suffragette City    3:28    David Bowie    Best of Bowie    Rock
I Hear You Calling    3:11    Gob    The World According to Gob    Alternative
Stigmata    5:45    Ministry    Land of Rape and Honey    Rock
List of Demands (Reparations)    3:18    Saul Williams    Saul Williams    Hip-Hop/Rap
Don’t Trust Me    3:13    3OH!3    Want    Alternative
Unbelieveable    3:30    EMF    Schubert Dip    Dance
I Like the Way (Radio Edit)    3:20    Bodyrockers    Bodyrockers    Dance
Born to Be Alive (Mix 79)    3:08    Patrick Hernandez    Born to Be Alive (Mix 79) – Single    Dance
Don’t Bring Me Down    4:04    Electric Light Orchestra    All Over the World – The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra    Pop
Paper Planes    3:25    M.I.A.    Kala    Electronic
Da Funk    5:30    Daft Punk    Homework    Electronic
Your Woman    4:20    White Town    Women in Technology    Electronic
Jesus Built My Hotrod    4:53    Ministry    Ministry – Psalm 69    Rock
Bizarre Love Triangle ’94    3:54    New Order    The Best of New Order    Alternative
Capital G    3:50    Nine Inch Nails    Year Zero    Rock
Steady As She Goes    3:35    The Raconteurs    Anywhere Anytime: Outdoor Conditioning    Alternative
Rock ‘n Roll All Nite    2:49    KISS    Greatest Kiss    Rock
Blue Monday    7:24    New Order    International    Alternative
Real Wild Child (Wild One)    3:39    Iggy Pop    Blah-Blah-Blah    Rock
Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix)    6:20    Depeche Mode    Singles Box 4    Rock
Renegades of Funk    4:34    Rage Against the Machine    Renegades    Hard Rock
The Beautiful People    3:43    Marilyn Manson    Lest We Forget – The Best of Marilyn Manson    Rock
The Dope Show    3:41    Marilyn Manson    Lest We Forget – The Best of Marilyn Manson    Rock
Master and Servant    3:47    Depeche Mode    The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1    Alternative
Go! (club Mix)    4:28    Tones On Tail    Everything!    Alternative
Just Can’t Get Enough    3:41    Depeche Mode    The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1    Alternative
The Rockafeller S***k    6:56    Fatboy Slim    The Rockafeller S***k – EP    Electronic
Emerge    4:48    Fischerspooner    #1    Electronic
Higher State of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk Mix)    6:15    Winx    Left Above the Clouds.    Electronic
Lucretia My Reflection    8:44    Sisters of Mercy    A Slight Case of Overbombing    Rock
Wild Flower    3:37    The Cult    Pure Cult – The Singles 1984-1995    Rock
She Sells Sanctuary    4:23    The Cult    Love (Remastered)    Rock
Fire Woman    5:08    The Cult    Pure Cult – The Singles 1984-1995    Rock
Praise You    5:24    Fatboy Slim    Praise You – EP    Electronic

64 thoughts on “January 4, 2010: Ouch!

  1. Oooh! What an eclectic list! And is this workout thing a new year’s resolution or just something different?

    Sounds like another endorsement for the Canadian health care system’s emergency care!

    I’m starting to wonder if this whole “cutting of fingers” thing runs in writing staffs. Martin Gero, you, who’s next? Please tell Carl to avoid sharp objects (he’s secretly my favorite)!!!

  2. You’ve joined the Carl and Martin club with that bandaged finger. Hope it feels better.

    I didn’t get a chance to pipe in, but for a cut, Dr. Oz says to put your hand higher than your heart and keep compression for 15 minutes to get the bleeding to stop (with no cheating). Just for future reference. He also says not to put anything in the cut that you couldn’t put in your eye. He says that Visine, because of the ingredients in it, actually helps to stop the bleeding, too. That was a good handy tip I never heard of. I really learn a lot watching his show.

  3. Black Eyed Peas and Marilyn Manson? Young at heart, eh? I kid, I kid! Nice music choices. Tried any Lady Gaga?

  4. As tetnus shots are most effective at least 2 weeks (but no more than 10 years) prior to an injury, it sounds like your timing was pretty much ideal.

  5. OUCH!! and bloody hell its cold this morning. -6 is cold for Cornwall until the gulf stream packs up then it’ll be Siberia all over again 🙂 Happy days.

  6. What a strange, strange mix of music.

    Fifteen minutes? You’re kidding, right? When my daughter broke her leg, we were there for five hours. They only saw her for fifteen minutes. We waited for five hours. Those idiots never spotted the break. Orthopedic surgeon did in .2 seconds. At least they immobilized it. Glad you didn’t need stitches!

  7. I did that with a razor blade…don’t ask! and it would not stop and it was also a 4 blade one…lucky mine did stop didn’t bother with Tetanus…I know naughty girl but the last time I had one my arm was dead for a day! also a big kid hate injections…LOL

    From someone else who is bloody freezing as well….more snow on the way today…for southern England rare weather….

    Kriss 🙂

  8. Hi Joe:

    Yes, Canada’s health care system ain’t half bad, which is what I’ve been saying for a good while.

    By the way, what food were you preparing that cost you so much blood, sweat and tears?

    I watched all of the SGU episodes again on Sunday on Space channel. Ten hours. Quite the marathon. I discovered details that I missed the first time around. I’ve decided that Sgt. Greer is amazing. What a great actor Jamil is. I hope he remains as one of the regulars on the series for years to come.


  9. Are we gonna have to start a collection to get you one of those fannyass chain-mail gormet glove thingies…?

    BTW, what PBMom said. – I actually had to treat an electrician who was doing work in my office years ago – sliced his hand on one of those industrial type wire cutting blades or whatever… Anyhow, that and pressure and it stopped pretty quick. I also had him lying down too, which helped – his panicky co-workers had him just sitting down, bleeding all over the place about to go into shock!

    As well, holding the hand up like that is also a quick way to remove tight stubborn rings off of fingers! And the Visine is designed to constrict capillaries… probably better for smaller cuts – such as when shaving perhaps… I hear Super Glue works well too! Seriously.

  10. Thanks for sharing how you got hurt and especially that you did get to the doctor. whew!

    It does look like a hand device…lol. Very slick and stylish!
    Now….please be careful!

  11. And what a nice Goa’uld hand device it is, too! I figured you had done what I always do, cut myself with a knife. Usually right after I have sharpened it, so at least they are nice, clean cuts… No stitches is a good sign, hope it heals cleanly.

    Did the doggies greet you with appropriately desperate tail-wagging after your absence? You look a little wrung out in your pic above, maybe you should take it easy for a day or so. Blood loss will do that to you, not to mention travel.

    And I thought my collection of world music, pop, and Broadway show tunes was different. Marilyn Manson?


  12. Mmmm…..Master and Servant eh?…class choice imho…Depeche Mode are the biz…and Rage were actually No. 1 in the Xmas Charts over here….anything to knock the usual crap by Simon Cowell off the spot gets my vote!…

    I’m still getting over seeing Muse at the O2 Arena live just before Xmas…check ’em out when they come to Vancouver on 1st April…you’re never to old to mosh!!..

    Deeds xx

  13. For our workouts at the gym we use a lot of ‘doosh doosh’ music with a dance outfit called ‘Scooter’ being used for a lot of tracks (check out “I was made for loving you’ – the ol’ Kiss song).

    I do twice a week what I call the ‘triple whammy’.. half an hour of situps, leg raises , hovers.. etc. One hour of bodypump – which is basically lifting weights to doosh doosh music – then one hour of bodycombat – which is martial arts to doosh doosh music – sooo cardio. I’m knackered afterwards!

    I am proud to say I can now bench press 24 pounds – but that’s lifting up and down etc constantly to a 4 minute track – ain’t easy. I do the same weight for biceps. It’s addictive!!!

    Glad you applied pressure to the wound ! Don’t want our Joe doing a ‘Norman Gunston’ on us!!!

    My poor 8 yr old son had to have a needle recently to stop him from vomiting. The ambos said that he was really brave not to be screaming blue murder as the needle is very very painful.. I also know the pain of tetanus.. OUCH!!! Good to know you made it through oh brave and tenacious evil leader. Did you seek revenge with a spork?

  14. could you do me a big favour if you read this could you e-mail me (wee_niall@hotmail.co.uk) i would like to ask you something

  15. Savage music list! Good amount of them
    were on my playlist that I used to psych myself up for my Black Belt Grading!!! Id also recommend Guerilla Radio – Rage Against the Machine!!!

    Hope 2010 is treating you well !!


  16. I find that list both surprising and awesome. Not that you having awesome taste is a surprise… more a pleasant surprise that our playlists have so many tracks in common!

    You’re missing a trick, though – everyone knows that if you play the Rocky montage music, you can get several weeks worth of training done in a matter of minutes. =P

    My brother-in-law sliced himself up when he dropped a knife while doing the washing up. His daughter – who is three – looked at me in confusion to find out what was going on. I calmly explained that her dad had accidentally cut himself. She frowned for a moment, then shook her head, muttered “Silly Daddy” under her breath, and toddled off to finish her jigsaw.

  17. glad you don’t need stitches. Taking them out is easy, but usually requires taking the time to get a doctor or tech to take them out.You get double manly points for a) not fainting at the sight of your own blood b) taking care of the injury yourself and c) having the sense to not go “oh well I’ve taken care of it already” when advised by so many of us to check on getting a tetnus shot. Oh, and what happened to the food you were preparing at the time of your slicing??
    As noted by others, very eclectic list. I tend to buy by album on iTunes, and then simply either playlist individual songs or not download the tunes I really don’t like. That way I have nice “mood music” depending on what I fell like listening to. I lean very heaviy to instrumentals. Many of them are nice to work out to(including the Total Wars Rome soundtrack, and the second cut on the Gladiator cd). Still procrastinating on setting up a definitive workout playlist though. Can’t decide on music to listen to when doing the weights side of the workout.
    Glad you survived the cut, and looking forward to hearing of your further misadventures.

  18. Hi Joe,

    Can we blame the influx of modern music as opposed to the compositions of Joel Goldsmith on you getting a Mac?

    Are any of these songs going to show up in an episode?


    Ps, I hope your hand gets better soon.

  19. Hi Mr M!

    Wow! You really listen to us blogees! I mentioned just 2 days ago that you hadn’t been to Don Francesco’s in a while…and whatdya know? You go!
    How is he? He was very kind to me and our table when we visited there in April 08. A pure gent.

    That finger looks sore. Hope it heals up quickly.

    SGU Question:

    Are you doing a commentary for the back end of the season for the DVDs?
    Are you guys delaying the production start until the Winter Olympics has finished?

    Best to all!!!


  20. And also the dogs could kiss it and make it better, well after the bleeding stopped, they seem to sense when we are injured and can nurse your injury(boo-boo)..Glad your cut was not so bad. I am so glad it did not stop you from your appointed rounds(dinner out). I recognize a few of your musical selections, quite the variety, but whatever gets you motivated is good. How was the weather when you returned home,? no snow, I hope. We don’t have that stuff,(hope never) but it was 27 F. at about 715a this morning, bbr,darn, brr. Not that I am hurrying the seasons, but spring would be nice.
    About what episode do we find out about the small spacecraft that took off from the Destiny? Did the dogs enjoy their treats? Stay warm and avoid sharp cutty things for a bit. Enjoy the day!

  21. It’s great that you and your wife are getting along so great. Or at least not terrible to each other. I’ve known more than one person that deliberately drove their spouse through bankruptcy for spite! Which makes no sense to me, because bankruptcy effects a spouse/ex-spouse credit, also.
    All those nasty tricks I’ve seen like turning off the utilities, rerouting the deposit to themselves and not informing their spouse. Not paying the bills for months, hiding the notices and then leaving their spouse, just as the house is going to be foreclosed. Nasty and hateful.

    So it’s nice to see both of you co-operating. I noticed Fondy came to take of the dogs while you went to Japan. Class act! I hope you can continue to be friendly! Best wishes for that.

    Cool bandage! That was worth an E. R. visit in itself 😀 .

    Have fun on your work out.

    Keep the Canada weather in Canada please. Thursday and Friday is supposed to 24 degrees below the freezing point!

  22. I’m glad all is well with your finger, Joe. Now keep it clean and dry while it’s healing. Read the little sheet of instructions they no doubt handed you before you left the clinic.

    Sounds like a lovely lunch; I’d order that agnolloti in a heartbeat. I love squash filling in pasta! Was your conversation in Japanese, I hope?

    @das: Hi! Yeah, I’ve been busy, too. Just workin’ and lurkin’ for the most part.

  23. You spoiled me with your early entries while in Montreal. I couldn’t even stay awake for this one last night, despite hoping to hear an exciting story.


    We got the story…and a finger…with a condom (?) on it. 😕 Where’s the blood?! Where’s the gore?! Where’s the writhing in pain on the floor?!

    Heh. That rhymes. 🙂


    Thanks for sharing, but you didn’t say what you were cutting. A bagel? Frozen chicken? A dead body??!

    Come on! Fess up! 😀

    (And my husband agrees – the tetanus shot was a killer! He whined about it for days…)

    Oh, and about that Japanese ‘tutor’. 😉 Are they teaching you Japanese customs and manners, too? Like…how to bow and when? I’ve always been curious about that, ever since I was in Hawaii back when I was 16. I’d get in an elevator, a little Japanese guy would bow…I’d respond in kind…and he would bow again…then me…and after awhile, I felt like a dipping bird!

    Lastly, your music. Some good stuff there…and I completely forgot about The Cult! God…seems so long ago now. That Ian Astbury was a real looker back in the day. Or maybe it was just the hair. I dunno…but he was beautiful! Too bad we all have to get old and ugly, eh? Well, except Johnny Depp. I swear that man has a portrait of himself – aged and disfigured – hidden away somewhere.

    Oh well…better run! Have a good day, sir, and take care of that finger! Hope it isn’t on your wipin’ hand! 😈


  24. OMG lady gaga rules!!!!!!!!

    Nice music though. Oh wow, you have that song, the beautiful people on your list. Wasn’t that song on SGAs Vegas?

    Love I gotta feeling. One of my fav songs.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  25. OMFG!!!! I knew there was another reason I’ve stayed here. Our music tastes are frighteningly similar- indelibly, deliciously, indescribably too cool for school. As you’ve intro’ed various gifted notey friends over the last few years, I always suspected it was so.

    Can’t recall who posted but: That live-action version of Space Battleship Yamato is for real, but it won’t even be out in Japan until the end of 2010.
    Can I shout another OMG here??!! Real Star Blazers!!

  26. I find I can only listen to music while working that I know by heart, otherwise I might get distracted trying to learn the words.

    I cut the crap outa my finger (technically the thumb) with a box cutter last summer, and the stupid doctor went and sewed it up so nice I didn’t even get a scar to show off.

    Our health care system has its priorities way outa whack.

  27. Apologies for the bad grammar. I suppose I should read my post twice before I press that submit button. Just wait and see what I do with Spanish.

    Have a great day!

    Off to work now.

  28. Hi Joe,
    I would like to ask, are Col. Young and his wife Emily still married or are they divorced? Maybe there was a mention but I didn’t notice.

    Thanks for your reply

  29. Then, there was my dad who was encouraged to take a pneumonia vaccine because the nurse was too lazy (or greedy, do they get paid by the shot?) to ask his doctor when he’d had his last. He had a reaction so severe that, for the first time in his life, he thought he was dying. Hmm … maybe if someone had mentioned there was a 1% known chance of a severe reaction as opposed to the “no risk” she insisted on, someone would have insisted she check (they last 10 years and he’d had one recently). Funny how the MEDICAL person isn’t the one who needs to stand their ground when it comes to insisting on SOUND medical care. Can you tell I’m a little peeved about what happened?

    I don’t know what the chances of Tetanus are from a kitchen knife vs. a reaction from the shot are vs. the ability of the shot to prevent Tetanus after the fact is, but that’s something to consider, too. It’s pretty screwed up that you can’t rely on the medical community to give you an accurate picture of the actual risks and chances of prevention and whether the risks are significant enough to bother to check if someone had the shot already. You just can’t win.

  30. Glad you got your cut treated, Joe!
    That finger isn’t really necessary for survival, but it’s always nice to keep it 😉

    I finally found the time again to read (for entertainment purposes 😉 ), though it’s no book-of-the-month-selection.
    I missed my train yesterday by roughly 2 minutes (>.<) and had to wait for about an hour, so I decided to visit the bookstore (I've got dozens of books at home waiting to be read but they were at home and I wasn't).
    I bought Glennkill (German title) by Leonie Swann (no SciFi, it's a crime story).
    I had heard about that book a long time ago and put it on my "have-to-read-it-list" but that list is quite long… it was a good thing I saw it in that bookstore ^^
    It's about sheep trying to find out who killed their shepherd and don't roll your eyes now, it's fun!
    And there's even an English version available, so if you ever think you might want to read a funny crime story, why not pick up "Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story" .
    I'm not sure how popular it really is, so maybe you've already heard of it (or not 😉 ), but I really enjoy reading the book and thought it wouldn't hurt to mention it here ^^.

  31. Shadow Step – Haven’t deleted a comment from you yet. Checked spam and it wasn’t there either.


  32. Did your little ones miss you when you were away visiting your mother? At least dogs make you feel welcome when you return from to the house – regardless of how long you have been away from.

    My cats expect me to feed them the minute that I get into the house – I am expected to go straight into “Slave” mode. Spiteful little creatures. Good job I love them both so much.

    🙂 😀

  33. Coucou Joe!!

    Alors cette journée? Moi ça a été 🙂

    Ahhhh vous vous êtes blaissé!!!!! J’espere que ce n’est pas trop grave, alala vous êtes bien un graçon vous ne vous rendez pas compte qu’en vous vous faites mal moi il y’a bien longtemps que je serai tombé dans les pomme. Joli votre bandage 😉 On a qu’à dire que c’est une blessure de guerre^^!

    Yahhh!! Merci pour cette liste de musique, je vais toutes les écouter!!!!

    Je vous adore!

  34. Must be something in the water. I sliced the tip of my left index finger open while carving a ham on boxing day. Curse my father and his delicious cooked meats! I only started touch typing again yesterday…

  35. At 3:00 am est-mn in CANADA, you still were not up yet. You had me worried. Remember, Tetnus shots are USUALLY good for approx. 10 years. Less depending on the injury, write it down, so you don’t forget- REMEMBER 2010!! Interesting playlist. BTW, as @Airelle said, it’s CCOOLLDD down here in FLORIDA!! Maddog, Kabra, Trish and Deni can attest to that!!Tonite- low’s 20’s high’s mid 50’s. Yea, I know that’s warm for most of you, but we have a FREEZE warning out for tonite, we don’t know how to handle cold weather. We are great w/ hurricanes and heat, just not cold. Gainesville, where Deni lives, High 40’s and low’s 18 degrees, that is cold anywhere. No snow as far as I know. Don’t laugh. Jan, 19th 1977, SNOW in Florida as far south as Homestead, which is south of Miami!! I was there!! And Joe, NEVER use alochol for injuries, it breaks down the tissues, not h2o2 either, saline or soap and water!! If it is a dirty cut, half and half water and Betadine, never full strength. Anyone else got anything to add? Any wound care specialists?? Take care, Sheryl.

  36. Hey Joe. A got a few questions for the next mailbag if you don’t mind.

    1. Will airmen rennie(from justice) be back?

    2. Hey Joe, if you were a bettin man, when would you say you would get the green light for the movies(also, any updates on it)? Do you actually think it will be released by the end of 2010?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  37. I like the evil look you were giving us, like it was somehow all our fault that you damaged your pinky.

    The power of thought isn’t that good..if it was you would have had that alcohol taste test with Martin a long time ago. The taste test where someone who NEVER drink holds the camera and watches as you both slowly dissolve into intoxicated hysteria?


    It was 37C here today. 37 degrees Celsius = 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Can’t we just lump all the temperatures together and come up with something average for everyone?

  38. Ok I am losing my mind or I just didn’t hit the submit button. So Joe if this my second entry, just delete it.
    However if it’s my only – then post it, glad you’re on the mend and glad you got that tetanus shot. But sorry no sympathy about the shot, I get three shots every three weeks for allergies and one is venom for ant bites, that hurts and if I have a reaction I grow an egg on my arm for about 24 hours.

    I think you need to add a little Orange Avenue to that list – Refrain from the Reset CD, fast, lots of energy! I think you can get in on iTunes, yes you can, just checked.

    It’s bloody freakin’ cold and right now it’s gonna last a few days. BBRRRR, I think it’s warmer here in Jupiter, Sheryl, not by much, but a few degrees. Remind me come summer and I’m roasting just walking to the car.

    Keep your hand high dry and clean, Joe. (advise from a plastic surgeon I used to scrub for)

  39. Excellent choice of music. lol

    Poor finger, I sliced one of mine open with an Olfa blade a few years back (late night in the shop) and took off the tip of my thumb in the process. Seven hours and eight stitches later my hand looked like yours but with a thumb attachment. I ran around pretending I had a lobster claw for a bit. lol

    Meantime, Sheppard is making out with Chaya on the space channel, gotta go. I hope your finger feels better soon!

  40. On the other side of the country, I just got back from my wisdom teeth extraction. Not in too much pain yet, and the sedative hasn’t kicked in as much as it did the first time. I don’t really even remember what happened when I got home that night. In any case, I should be mostly okay when class starts monday.

  41. I’m sorry, Joe…but everytime I look at the picture above, I can’t help but hearing “Your kung fu is good, but still!” in my head…

    Not really sure why. 😛


  42. surprising choice of music! cool ! Marilyn Manson !!! hummm. dont’t recognize all of it, will check it out!!! I listen to a lot of music, I probably will recognize more after listening to some of them. How about adding some hard core Hip Hop to the workout music list!!!!

    Sorry about the finger. Water will not work but a good pressure dressing could have avoided you some of the blood lost. Nice call to have it seen at the hospital. 15 minutes only! nice ! My cousin opened his foot 2 years ago, huge blood lost in a pool. Still waited 1h30 in the ER. We had to change hospital in order to accelerate the process. Either 1.you were lucky, 2. the ER service is faster in Vancouver 3. the staff at the ER are among your blog readers or SGU fans! whichever it was, good for you!!!

    @DP: sorry to hear about your dad’s story. As far as I know, nurses are not paid by the shot. I’m wondering why she was offering pneumonia shoot ? did this happened a while ago? usually at this period, H1N1 and the seasonal flu vaccine is more what would be proposed. If it was indeed recently, there must have been a specific reason why she offered it . Unfortunately with vaccine, there is always a risk , risk zero doesn’t exist. Too bad your father was unlucky and was among the small percentage of people who get a severe reaction !

    …Now to get back at the finger, ” I carefully unhooked my finger from the metal point to check the damage and was thoroughly amazed by the amount of blood flowing out of that seemingly minor wound – dark red, surprisingly thick and copious… I cleaned the wound with rubbing alcohol, …Finger gash aside, I had a really nice time…” this sounds a bit sadistic!!!!

  43. ‘Tis the season for slicey, slicey. My Brother in Law sliced nicely through his finger instead of the Christmas ham on Christmas Day.

    The worst slice and dice I’ve done was about 10 years ago. I was running backstage in bare feet to get in position for a performance. Afterwards the stage manager asked us all to check our feet as there was a nice stream of blood all over the stage. Checked my feet not expecting to see anything. Oops, had chopped the end off my little toe on my left foot. Still had another 10 hrs of performing to go. A bit of heavy duty rigging tape around my foot to stem the bleeding, a pat on the bum, back on stage.

    Turns out when I was running backstage in the dark I had clipped my toe on a piece of metal rigging and it had sliced right through it.

    Pain? Yeah. But that same year I was dancing with major back damage. It’s all relative.

    Nothing better than eclectic music lists. Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People is one of those songs that has me head banging around the house. If Shuffle is set on iTunes it’s always a bit of a shock when it’s followed by a nice piano Concerto.

    deeinsouthafrica – We have the weekend and next week with those temperatures. I think we’ve been conditioned though after last year when it was 48 on the day the fires hit. I see 38 now and shrug my shoulders thinking, “Meh, could be hotter.”

  44. Hey, isn’t it the SGA Twins’ birthday today [5th]? You know, the OTHER “Joe & Paul”….

    Happy B-Day to Them!!

  45. Joe, your music list just,just… well, let’s say I don’t share your tastes.
    Where’s the Riverdance tunes? Where’s Enya? Not even Alanis Morriset, Anuna, The Corries, or Clannad? The soundtrack to SG Atlantis?!? 😉

    I really do not want to get my next natural gas heating bill, no, no, no. Why? Because my furnace has been rocking on ENDLESSLY, in a vain attempt to keep me and the kitties warm and to keep the bitter cold out.

    It is now 28F with expectations to go down to 14F tonight.
    I HAVE HAD ENOUGH Mother Nature! Warm it up. Can’t South Africa send up some warmer water and air — plee-e-eze?

    Chill’in and shiver’in in New Jersey,
    2 cats

  46. Music list is most acceptable. Since working out should include some switching gears to keep the body guessing, I would suspect that your musical choices help to fulfill that need.

    Were the dogs helpful with your injury? When I worked stained glass, I once cut my knuckle to the bone. Didn’t feel a thing. Only noticed the problem when I saw my cats happily licking up something red on the floor…

  47. Joe, if you are trying to make a statement slice up your middle finger. Having that digit all gauzed up provides for all sorts of inappropriate communication opportunities.

  48. Joe! I started a youtube series in honor of you.
    Got any good ideas for future episodes?

  49. My laptop has been a Bad Thing, hence the late comment.

    Are you going to tell the ladies the mark on your finger is a dueling scar?

  50. Wow, did we grow up together? …..I have a lot of those tracks on my iTunes….will check out the rest….Totally smiled when I saw Born to Be Alive.

    Finger looks painful…glad you didn’t need surgery. See its safer to eat out.

    Workout looks even more painful, although I didn’t understand all of the to failure bits – does that mean until you quit?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. sent Baron an email for you

  51. @ Deni – Turn around, you’ll find it! 😀





    please don’t hit me. 🙁


  52. Hah, that Pocahontas synopsis marked up to read as Avatar is hilarious. I’d link to it, but spoilering and all – just kidding, — Avatar spills the whole story in the trailer.

    SPOILERS – [insert onomatopoeia for suppressed snort-laugh]



    We’re all watching Avatar for the spectacle. It’s not really a bad story, but we really have seen/read it over and over, both in fiction and real life. What’s that word I haven’t heard since 8th grade English? Oh, hackneyed, but, to see a

    dragon scissor kick a hover jet

    in 3D!,

    I’ll take hackneyed.

    I finally have so many more people in my Shameless Sucker for Spectacle with Some Semblance of Story Structure Club. Maybe I can get more people to watch Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus now.

  53. @Eric.Stewart – This was last year. He’d had a hip replacement (actually, 3 hip replacements, yes, do the math, long story) and was being discharged to a nursing home for physical therapy. Nursing homes are known to have a lot of pneumonia, but that doesn’t justify exposing someone to a risk when it could have been avoided by checking his medical records.

  54. My son listens to Daft Punk. By extension, I do, too, since we have a small house and I hear pretty much everything he listens to when he’s at home. I don’t know the names of the songs, so I don’t know if I’ve heard the one you listed, though.

  55. Hurry, Joe! Type faster! I’m not getting any younger (and neither are you)!


    Yeah…I know. Knock it off. Okay. I’ll go sit over here —> and wait patiently for the new entry like a good little big girl. But just so ya know – it’s NO fun!



  56. I work out to some of those. This morning, in fact. Post-holiday penance, ouch.

    Hey, I heard CCR “Ever Seen the Rain” on the radio in the car yesterday. You know how a certain song can suddenly take you back to a certain place or time in your life? Sort of happened to me, except…okay, it wasn’t really a time or place in my life at all, but it did make me think of “Unending.” And smile.

  57. Joe, nice picture of your finger, except for that bandage being in the way. Take it off, I wanna see! Strange though, if you cut it off I’d want to see, but your written graphic description almost made me faint!

  58. @ DP. 3 hip replacements! poor him. I’m scared to ask what happened the first 2 times!!! hope he is doing much better now !

  59. Hi Joe!

    How’s your finger doing? Glad you didn’t have to get stitches, but bummer about the tetanus shot.

    Wow, you rock a lot harder than I thought you did. Cool. 🙂


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