Damn this script!  It just doesn’t seem to want to get done!  Usually, by the time I hit the midway mark of the fourth act, I’m able to blaze through the final pages in one seating.  And yet here I sit, stuck at the top of Act V, agonizing over the attack on the opening scene, the elusive linchpin exchange, and, quite frankly, all that has come before.  No script is easy to write yet, admittedly, some are easier to write than others – while others are much, much harder to get through.  And this one falls squarely into the latter category along with such equally challenging (read: frustrating) past scripts as This Mortal Coil and…well, off the top of my head, that’s it.  In all my days writing for the Stargate franchise, THAT was the script that I assumed would be the death of me.  Until this one came along.  It’s always very easy to put ideas up on the board.  Actually incorporating them into a script and making them work is another thing entirely.  And yet, in the past, I’ve always been able to find a way.  Take Ripple Effect for instance.  When I wrote the outline, there was a big TBD (To Be Decided) at the point in script where our team turns on the tables on their doubles.  I started writing with no firm idea on how I was going to tackle that particular problem and, as the script progressed and that scene drew closer, I grew increasingly anxious – but when the time came to write the scene, the idea came to me almost as if by magic.  And that’s the way it’s been through most of my writing career.  I’ll foresee problems ahead and assure myself that I’ll come up with a solution simply because I’ve always done so in the past – and, sure enough, when the time comes, a solution inevitably presents itself.  Until this damn script.  No 11th hour revelation.  No act four twists or clever fifth act resolutions magically coming to me when I most need them.  Just a scene heading, INT. DESTINY – CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM – DAY, and a blank page.  And, as I sit here, NOT writing this script, I’m also NOT studying my Japanese, or reading, or generally enjoying my time off.

I could go on – and actually have but, for some reason, when I went to update my post, I lost my internet connection and had the ensuing two paragraphs in which I go on to discuss the challenges particular to this story, my frame of mind, and the trials and tribulations of the professional writer disappear on me.  Twice!

So allow me to just skip ahead and wish everyone out there a Happy New Year and all the best for 2010.  Have your New Year’s resolutions lined up?  Would love to hear ’em.  Here are mine:

Figure out how the hell I’m going to pull off this fifth act!

Work out more.

Finish this damn script!

Eat better.

Look into a second career choice. Possibilities include: perennial gaijin Japanese game show contestant, college football mascot, ostrich farmer, and angry recluse.

124 thoughts on “December 31, 2009: This script aint writing itself! And, oh yeah, Happy New Year!

  1. Main resolution. Ween myself away from the colored brown caffinated sugar water I’m addicted to. That should help with resolution two, the whole weight thing. A resolution I have NOT made in a number of years, so I have hopes making it this year will mean something. Third resolution; move to Japan and watch Japanese tv game shows if you decide to become the full time Gaijin game contestant.
    Picked up superfreakeconomics based on your having read it, and the blurb about suicide bombers getting life insurance. Perhaps spending a couple of hours reading something unrelated to sci fi might give your unconscious brain the opportunity to come up with your fifth act? Or you could just send me the script so far and I’ll be glad to knock out something for you….ok, you could just send me the script….um, you could give me an outline…. don’t blame me for trying. It’s another four frickin months before any new Stargate airs. and I have little enough time as it is to be rewatching my dvd collections. Here’s hoping you can start the new year with an epiphany that will make this the best episode of the season. So, Happy New Year’s and good luck.

  2. It’s not time off if you’re trying to write. Just put it away, enjoy yourself, and count on a 3AM case of indigestion to magically bring the ideas to you. A late-night fried chicken buffet should do the trick … or amphetamines.

  3. (((Joe))) Good luck with the script. We have every faith in you. If This Mortal Coil–which was brilliant–is any indication of what happens when you struggle, then I have no doubt that *this* script is going to be absolutely amazing when you finally get it done. I know it’s trite to say “hang in there” but…hang in there.

    Oh…and Happy New Year!


  4. Very impressive Joe!! Keep working on it I’m sure you will get inspired somehow just load up on chocolate and get drunk who knows you’ll wake up and it will be DONE!!

    I don’t make new year’s resolutions I don’t see the point… I live each day the same and hope for the best!!

    Wishing you, Fondy, and all the doggies a very happy new year see you in 2010 (not litterally of course cause that might just be creepy)

  5. Happy New Year to All and I hope that all will have a blessed and safe 2010.

    Hey Joe, how about just write whatever is on your mind and let it come to you without thinking about it. Sounds simply but then I am not a writer. I will though be watching/consuming whatever you come-up so take your time it will come to you.

  6. Not “angry recluse breeder of small dogs”? I’d have thought that would be first on your list! 😉

    Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Joe:

    While you struggle with your script, I struggle with mine. Three prisoners have just arrived at a “Botany Bay” type of prison complex, several years in our future. The complex is completely run by the prisoners, including a rather nasty head honcho who gets his kicks by betting on the outcome between the new arrivals and his favorite, an over sized (6’5″ 250 lb.) boxing fanatic. My problem… coming up with a plausible reason for the security system to fail and several of the prisoners to escape.

    If you have ideas for my plot, maybe I can help you with yours. 😉

    Happy New Year


  8. Joe – happy new year to you. I’m sending good vibes to you and yours for the new year. Good luck with the script. Your eureka moment is just around the corner. Fear not!

  9. Again with the early posting. I’m going to get used to this, and then you’ll go back to the late postings, and I’ll be all disappointed.

    I wish everybody good things in 2010. We had heartbreak at the beginning and again at the end of 2009, but lots of good stuff in between, so I don’t think we can call it a bad year, just life. I think 2010 will be a good year.

    My brother got a tattoo of a sleeping angel in memory of Emma. I’ve always been a diehard never-ever-getting-a-tattoo person, but that would be the one situation that could make me consider getting a tattoo. I’m pretty sure further consideration will convince me to stick with commemorative earrings, because those holes are already there. I don’t like pain. I also think that fat, almost-50-year-old women should not get tattoos. Or wear bows in their hair.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  10. Hi Joe!
    I’d like to wish you and the whole SG team a happy new year! I hope, we will get great stories from you in the new year.

  11. I’m not writing today, too. I have a deadline tonight so I’m not writing really, really hard.

    I’m coming up with a list of bogus, enabling items of technology in the vein of “oscillation overthruster”. So far, I have “Oscillation Overthruster” “Hides troops” because it “Crosses the 8th Dimension”.

    Okay, I have more than that and not all of them are rip-offs, I mean, tributes. Hmm … “Shark Flipper” won’t work. I need a technology that will actually flip a shark. How did I not see that that sounds more like a shark’s tail? “Enchanted” body parts is a whole other list. (I love this job.)

  12. Tell ya what, Joe…

    Why don’t you just run that script past all of us, and WE’LL write it for ya! 😀

    Here’s some tips in the meantime:


    Have a sudden, explicit sex scene pop up
    Kill off a beloved character
    Make the gun easy to find
    Use the stones as a quick fix
    Have Chloe whine about ex-boyfriends
    Have Scott whine about ex-girlfriends
    Have Young whine about his ex-whatevers


    Call Alan McCullough for some tips. 😀


  13. My New Year’s resolution…

    Get hired.

    On that note… Anyone need an MPA grad in the SF Bay Area??? I can read Latin, know all manner of odd physics facts, and have completed 2 internships in local government.

    My suggestion for your script writing problem…

    Whacky non-sensical anime-esque song played over a montage telling the remainder of the story. Perhaps sung in Japanese with English phrases interjected.

  14. Hi Joe! I resolve not to be tempted by temptation this year! Or not. Happy New Year!

  15. Heya Joe! Happy New Year to you and yours and I hope you have a good one.

    As for the script…. I couldn’t write my way out of a paper bag, so the only advice I have – and what I tell the Mr when he gets frustrated with something – is put it down, walk away and come back to it when you’ve calmed down. I don’t know if this is applicabale to your situation, but a bit of distance never goes astray.

    As for resolutions…. I don’t really do them. Had so many years when things have gone completely awry that I don’t really see the point. Just have fun at what you’re doing, don’t stress too much as life is too short. Live hard, die young, be a good looking corpse! 😀

    Tan 🙂

  16. Tomorrow Frankie and Princess Merlin (my furry babies) and I start our diet. I have just over an hour until then – and have just stuffed my face with some peanut butter sandwiches. Frankie is doing his ‘starving cat’ routine and Merlin has rolled off the back of the sofa onto the floor.

    ;-O Enjoy the rest of 2009 folks 😉 2009 was an awful 🙁 ;-( year for my healthwise but I have hopes for 2010.

  17. My advice to you is start drinking heavily. Trust me.

    May the new year bring good things. To excess.

    I thought hubby was going to be home; but the company gave him a load of steel to Cali which delivers Friday. I guess I’ll see him next year. Sigh, that bottle of Moet isn’t going to drink itself.

  18. @Arctic Goddess – A plausible escape from imprisonment is something I’m struggling with right now. And they have to do it right away because they’re being forced to fight to the death one by one? Okay, that writes itself, but funny how that part’s the same, too. Escapes come up so much in fiction. It seems like there should be a list of “lessons learned” out there or something.

    @Joe, we need you to relay you’re “escaping from hopeless imprisonment” advice ASAP.

  19. Joe,

    Re: script problem – get your mind off it for awhile – it will come to you. And, cut yourself a break already – it’s New Year’s Eve.

    (I don’t believe in resolutions – unless I plan to break them. But I am going to try to write more this year – something I couldn’t get myself to do all last year. In my former job, all I did was write and the burn out from that was more than I realized. So, hoping to get my writing Mojo back this year.)

    Happy New year to you, Joe, and all. Hope this year brings good Karma to everyone.

  20. Happy New Year to everyone! We’re nearly there…

    Joe – this is a useless tip, but I’ll share it anyway. Whenever I got stuck with a plot, I used to drive round in the car. Talking to myself, probably, but driving, too. I don’t know if it’s soothing or something, but if it works with babies… Course, in the snow and the dead of winter, and what with this concentrating thing one has to do, maybe it’s not the safest advice in the world but hey, it’s free!

    My new year’s resolution? To try to change my usual motto – I get there eventually – into something like Get Stuff Finished. Too many irons in the fire that have been there too long. Time to take some out and get them made into something. Gee, what a not very good metaphor.

    Anyway – stick with it, kidda, we have faith in you. And raise a glass to 2010! Wow! We got to 2010! Who’d a thought!!

  21. 2009 events of note:

    GeekBoy learned to drive, finished high school, and survived his first semester of college.

    I bought two more teapots, bringing my collection up to 60-something.

    I learned some new grownup behaviors: how not to whine even when the situation deserves it (because nobody wants to hear that), how to let go of things that just aren’t that important, and how to appreciate people who can be annoying but have redeeming qualities (this was helped tremendously by the coworker I call Kaa, who thankfully resigned, which allowed me to enjoy my other less snake-like coworkers).

    I photographed my entire Santa collection (47), recording them for posterity.

    I learned how to say “What was he arrested for?” in Spanish, and enrolled in a Spanish class to learn some more socially helpful phrases. Hopefully in 2010 I can say I learned to speak Spanish.

    I learned that when you think something nice about someone, you should tell them. Also, don’t assume your loved ones know how you feel about them–TELL them. Sometimes they don’t know, and even if they do, it’ll make them feel good.

  22. Happy New Year!

    January is here in Cape Town, and my drunken neighbours feel no pain, which is unfortunate because then perhaps they would pack it up and go home instead of slur loudly to the music of Slim Whitman.

    Loud Country music at 1.30am? Lord above, I need a stiff drink. 😐

  23. Oh, I hate when you HAVE to write something and you end up just staring at an empty page and all you can think of is all the things you’d RATHER be doing!!!! I feel your pain! (This is the major reason I haven’t started my doctoral studies)

    Have you tried the ancient tricks to break your block?
    Best of luck in getting past the _____ space.

    My resolutions for 2010:
    Not to read someone’s blog while I’m at work,
    Not to blog while at work
    Stay tuned to Twitter even while I’m not on holiday

    Those are the beginnings, I need to think some more.
    All the best for 2010, may it flow much, much easier than the 5th act of the script 😉

  24. That happens to me too when I write my little stories and fanfics. The key is to stop thinking about it for a while, and slowly drift back to it without realizing it. The mind then offers you the natural solution as it drifts through the story you’ve already crafted until it reaches its conclusion.

    Just make sure to have a notepad handy so you don’t lose it moments later. I hate it when that happens!

    Hmmm…not sure why I’m offering my writing advice to a professional writer; doesn’t seem to make much sense. Meh. It’s a good way to kill time I guess. 😉

    Oh hey, I realized a piece of wisdom last night:

    Trampolines are dangerous. Why? Because the not-word Trampol is in it, which sounds like Trample, which sounds like Trampled, which is bad. I mean, I don’t want to be trampled, do you? No, I don’t think so.

    It’s amazing how the mind works, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

    Anyways, I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions since I’ll either forget about it or cease to care a few minutes later; but I guess I’ll try it this time:

    1. Go to sleep earlier, like before 1am or something.
    2. Learn to cook.
    3. Pitch a story to the Stargate PTB. Even if it sucks. ESPECIALLY if it sucks.

    Yep, that’ll do. Should be pretty simple.

    @ Michael A. Burstein, das, for the love of Beckett: Haha, glad you guys liked my planning! I can also plan birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, wakes, and funerals. Make sure to bring a fire extinguisher for the first one; you’ll know why when it happens. 😉

    @ DP: The image of a Stargate crewmember running from a free rolling Stargate is mindnumblingly hilarious. 😀

  25. Or how about an angry reclusive contestant who subs as an ostrich for a college mascot…oh hell, have a happy new year Joe…you deserve it. Glad to hear you and your family had a good holiday together.

  26. On the script you should feel lucky you are working with SGU here, these are flawed and real characters that can and do make mistakes. I suspect you can use that to make it happen. These characters can be tired, irritable, in love, distracted, whatever is needed and it can be side characters interactions that are creating the bridge instead of the main ones. But remember that truth is stranger than fiction, people won’t believe some scenes.

  27. I’m sure your subconscious mind is diligently working on the 5th Act problems, and that all the ideas you need will magically come to you (i.e., when the neurons connect, they’ll let you know). It’s like when you have a name on the tip of your tongue and for the life of you you can’t remember it. Then, when you are relaxed and thinking about other things, it seemingly randomly pops into your mind and eureka!

    It took Junior (that’s what I call my subconscious) over a month to figure out a solution to my last major problem for a story I’m working on. After a month of psychological toil, it came to me one day whilst I was sitting in extras holding on a TV show called Stargate Universe. What a glorious moment. Of course I can only imagine the pressure you must have writing for a TV series. Not much time for the leisurely smoking of cigars while musing on story problems.

    Robert McKee recommends doing research to “feed the beast of imagination.”

    All the best in 2010! See you when season 2 starts filming.

  28. @deeinsouthafrica. No fair! you and the Australians and others that way all get to celebrate and go to bed, while I’m still up and waiting for the magic hour.As if my being awake affects 2010 beginning. Have a great new year though.
    @Artic goddess. animals in the circuitry. Critters have knocked out electrical grids ever since there were electrical grids. You have an eccentric character whose pasttime is breeding rats, or snakes, or squirrels, or other appropriate animal. When the time comes to escape, the animals are put into panels or air ducts or whatever. Of course unless the animals are trained somehow it then becomes a waiting game on the part of the escapees as to when the security systems crash. Or they can all drink lots of water and pee on a vulnerable, critical piece of circuitry….

  29. Look on the bright side, Joe. You could have my job.

    On the “plausible escape from hopeless imprisonment” end of the spectrum, I can help you. I have featured (semi-) Plausible Escapes from Hopeless Imprisonment in at least four of my novels. The one that works best is for someone to bribe the guards/warden/whatever to LET someone escape from the inescapable prison (then your protags hitch themselves onto the redshirt-ish third party’s fake escape through pluck and resourcefulness, don’cha know).

    Another is to pull a twist — some cataclysm upends society on the outside world, and your protags spark a prison riot and take over the place — but instead of escaping, they FORTIFY it, to protect all inside against the external cataclysm, right? Then when the Authorities want to take shelter in the prison, your protags are in the proverbial catbird seat for any ensuing negotiations.

    The other option (what I call the Captain James T. Skywalker Solution) is have your protag escape through sheer power of Awesome.

    (I’ve used that one, too.)

  30. Hi Joe,

    What all do you know about music? Ever considered thinking like a musician with your writing?

    One of my favorite similarities between stories and music is that they both can breathe with a type of synonymous life, from the minute details of punctuation in sentences (articulation in musical phrases) to the grand scheme of form and structure.

    An old jazz professor once told me to play my instrument as if it was another instrument. For example, a drummer plays as if they were a saxophonist (this can help with making a drum solo sound more melodic and even feel like there is breathing between some of the notes); or a bassist playing as if they were a drummer (this can help the bass sound more percussive, with more drive, to feel the heart physically beat to the music). Or even more extreme, what would a golf pro do with a guitar? Hopefully a golf pro wouldn’t use the guitar as a golf club but that person can mimic metaphorical motions and ideas that can create interesting sounds on the instrument. Apply that to the rest of the music and it’s like adding just the right seasoning to that favorite dish.

    Wow, okay yeah, you don’t need to hear all of this from me. You’re an excellent writer. Though what sparked this whole reply was this:

    “Until this damn script. No 11th hour revelation. No act four twists or clever fifth act resolutions magically coming to me when I most need them.”

    Are you familiar with the different kinds of cadences in music?

    (Perfect/imperfect authentic cadence, half cadence, plagal cadence, deceptive cadence, etc.)

    The classic end to a phrase within music or even end of an entire piece of music is often produced by playing an authentic cadence. It is very resolved. Everyone is given an answer to the questions that preceded it and they’re ready to pack their bags and go home for a nice night’s rest.

    The plagal cadence leaves the listener feeling like they just repented for their sins. This can be heard at the end of several church hymns.

    It sounds like the current episode that you’re writing might be better off with either a half cadence or a deceptive cadence, both of which can leave the listeners either really curious what will happen next or perhaps even agitated and craving to find out, and they won’t even bother with packing their bags and going home. They’ll end up staying up all night in wonder of what’s to come.

    The half cadence is the exact opposite of the authentic cadence. (In music talk, a half cadence basically consists of chords that go from “I” to “V”.) It leaves you hanging.

    The deceptive cadence is exactly what it sounds like, there’s just a hint of the actual chord resolution present in the final chord but it’s not that chord. It makes your eye & neck twitch. (In music talk, this cadence consists of chords moving from “V” to “vi”. The “vi” chord shares 2 of the 3 notes that are present in the “I” chord (the chord that would, otherwise, make it sound fully resolved.))

    In any case, there doesn’t have to be an 11th hour revelation. There doesn’t have to be a fifth act resolution. Perhaps instead of following any golden mean of twists, the twist can pop out at the very end of the episode. Perhaps the episode can end with either a half cadence or a deceptive cadence.

    The writer’s script is like music. It breathes. Sometimes it is angelic, resolute. Other times it is cruel, deceptive.

    Happy new years!!! 2010!!!

    -Sean D.

  31. Happy New Year, Joe!

    On the second career choice front you could become a fiber splicer and work outside like I do. It’s a real blast, especially when the temp’s in the teens or in the 90s… Oh, that’s right. You don’t like the cold. Sorry, can’t help ya.

  32. Nah, second career for you should most definitely be as a permanent judge on “Iron Chef”!

    Crazy idea, but when I get stuck … I often try to write something from a completely different and unexpected point of view. I have no idea what the scene is that you’re dealing with, but if say it were … aliens have taken over the Destiny and we need to take it back, I’d write a scene from an alien’s pov wherein everything goes wrong – not a scene that I would ever intend to use, just something to jump start to creative process.

    Shrug! Just a thought!

    Very best wishes for a coming New Year. I’m quite sure an idea will attack you soon. Looking forward to the rest of season 1.
    Maj. Cliffhanger

  33. Answer the question I posted on Dec.29. One of the very last responses. Do this please, or at least direct me to the place I originally read the information. It was linked on the SyFy forums, but I cannot find the link any longer, and some individuals are inquiring about the information.

  34. Just a reminder…

    Blue Moon,
    You saw me standing alone,
    Without a dream in my heart,
    Without a love of my own.

    Blue moon,
    You knew just what I was there for,
    You heard me saying a prayer for,
    Someone I could care for.

    And then there suddenly appeared before me,
    Someone my arms could really hold,
    I heard you whisper “Darling please adore me,”
    And when I looked to the moon it had turned to gold.

    Blue moon,
    Now I’m no longer alone,
    Without a dream in my heart,
    Without a love of my own.



  35. Stuck at my sister’s place playing Italian bingo, listening to Michael Jackson suicide conspiracy theories and fond remembrances of rotary dial telephones.

    Is it midnight yet?

  36. Resolutions

    Take better care of my digestion, lower back, and jaw.

    Learn a song to share on my upcoming trip to Ireland.

    Be timely with projects.

    Replace kitchen floor and keep it clean.

    Help Husband as much as possible with his parents’ estate.

  37. It’s called tombola.

    It’s exactly like bingo but with more shouting. And occasionally racy cards. There are a pair of boobs beside my 28.

  38. I have a phone much like this:


    c 1950, I think. Our ‘streamline’ phone just died in the bedroom (we always keep one land line in the house in case of emergency), and I think I’m gonna replace it with this old rotary phone now (which has been in a closet for the past few years)…though not sure it will do outgoing calls. But for incoming, I think it will still work (we never use the bedroom phone anyway…it’s mostly for show…lol).


  39. Your mind is blocked. You need to loosen up. Get drunk. Tonight’s the night you can do it with abandon. Write down your first thought in the morning, and there’s your answer. Maybe…probably not, but what have you got to loose.

    I had a $116.21 burger and fries today. Yep. It’s true. Bob’s Big Boy (super Big Boy actually) take out at the Bob’s in Burbank. In line, the car ahead of moves up. I turn the key and click, click, click. Oh no – no, no, no. Turn the key again, nope. I popped the hood and started beating on the battery. I got nothin’. So there I am, my gluttonly visible to everyone in line that had to go around me. AAA showed up with a new battery, and I finally motored off with my cold burger and fries, my knee screaming at me to get home and on the couch with an ice pack, and my wallet a hell of a lot lighter. A final 2009 smackdown.

    2010 is starting off with grapes. Twelve grapes my neighbor gave me to eat at midnight. It’s evidently a Spanish tradition. And one that gives you good luck if you eat one grape per each chime of the clock. That is, if you don’t choke to death, which would be unlucky.

    New Year’s morning will be the traditional “It’s an earthquake!!!, as my apartment building shakes and rattles. Then I wake up and realize, no, it’s only a B2 bomber flying really low and lining up over the 134 freeway to start off the Rose Parade at 8:00 am. But I always stagger out of bed and watch because it’s really a beautiful parade, and it’s great to start off the year seeing so many people along the parade route smiling and laughing as they defrost.

    I have only one resolution – loose 40 pounds. The grapes are a good start.

    Wishing you and everyone on the blog a happy, healthy and gainfully employed 2010! And be safe!

  40. Count on you and your folks to make bingo have some pizazz. though watching MJ conspiracy theories seriously detracts from your cool image. Less than two hours to go. I’m heading offline for the remainder of the evening, so for the last time this year, Happy New Year’s to all.

  41. Honestly, I really don’t get New Year’s. I’m just happy I get tomorrow off! 😀 AND Mr. Das is off, too! (Which is nice, since he usually works on holidays – waiting for him to come home now – I think he gets off at 11 pm.)


  42. Hey Joe, why don’t you call your writing partner Paul and bounce some ideas off him, or maybe he could bounce some off you. He will also get credit for writing the episode too anyway, right? What’s a partner for?

    If you don’t want to do that, do like Das has suggested and give us more details. We’ll help you write it.

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  43. Boobs in Bingo!? Good grief!

    Joe, if you become an angry recluse, please do so in Montana so I can stalk you from near rather than afar. 😉 Haha. Kidding.

    Happy New Year! 🙂 I hope yours is filled with laughter and more brilliant writing! I hope mine is filled with less crap and more of your brilliant writing!


  44. @SGUisaflop and @Joe

    Could this be the article in question? If so, I can see where SGUisaflop might have gotten the impressions he stated on Dec. 29.

  45. Well now I don’t feel so bad about not celebrating NYE. We are watching Lord of Rings on our new TV and hitting bed early. After last year, we are just glad to be home and not traveling!

    Instead of calling them resolutions, instead I like to “plan” the year ahead. I’m going to get more into weapons training and self defense. Learn more spanish, keep swimming 1/2 mile or more a day and read the NIV. All of that should keep me busy and hopefully, a better person.

    Mr. M, your evening sounds like fun. If you enjoy your family, count yourself lucky 😉 . Win lots of cash. You will need it for the next Japan trip!

    Also, I hope everyone has a great 2010!

  46. Bingo..Indeed! we wanna play.

    Dear Joe,
    You cannot desert us blog regs to become a recluse.
    You should exercise some initiative with people you know and who know you…MEANING, Mark Dacascos.
    Take him to one of your foodie places, then ask…nicely. Get you a gig with the IRON CHEF…you would be SO primo good!

    Well, watch out for Mark’s being healthy conscious..he may only eat the veggies. oh well.

  47. @pg15

    The Stargate wedding idea reminds me a little of my own wedding. Nomi and I got married at the Boston Park Plaza, which I knew mostly from our attending the Arisia science fiction convention there for a few years. So Nomi explained to me where we would have different events by referring to the rooms as per their Arisia function: the wedding took place in the Art Show, photos in Ops, the reception in the Dealers Room, etc.

    To continue this theme, she even wrote a program for the wedding called WeddingCon and listed Guests of Honor and the like.

    Joe: To fix the fifth act of the script, bring in a man with a gun. Always works for Lawrence Block.

  48. Oh…and I would not mind playing for your macarons. They look wonderful!
    And, I seem to recall a HUMONGOUS thingey of chocolate!

  49. @ Ponytail – Joe doesn’t need my writing suggestions, he already knows how any of my stories would go…

    The Destiny stumbles across a Wraith hive ship, awakens the hibernating crew, and they all get sucked dry. Except Greer. The Wraith take him to the nearest Stargate and send him back to earth with a note pinned to his chest: “Delicious. Send more.” 😉

    (Little nod to an Amazing Stories ep there…)


  50. Here’s the secret weapon

    Blake Snyder (may he rest in peace) ‘s book Save the Cat 3 is unpublished as far as I know, but the 3rd chap. was made available for publicity’s sake.


    Shoot forward to page 58, the Five Part Finale.

    I know it’s nothing you don’t already know, Joe, and this isn’t a movie, but this guy is the man when it comes to knowing exactly why certain pieces are in a story and his bit on finales is awesome. I find it immersing myself in his left-brain thinking causes my right-brain to start moving.

    The danger is he’s so convincing about how each beat fits into the overall structure, you may be tempted to go back and re-type the whole outline.

    @herbertsommerfield, yes, Robert McKee is the man, too, but this thing on the finale

  51. @ Tammy Dixon – I had services tonight, and now I’m eating chocolate, sipping wine, and watching rugby. Life is good. 🙂 I’m contemplating reading…but hubby will be home soon, and that means he’ll talk for about an hour, telling me all about his day. If I start anything now, I’ll just have to stop as soon as he comes in the door.

    Maybe I’ll snuggle wif a kitty until then. 😀


  52. @MWStover – wow, thanks for chiming in. I was wondering if they should blow up all the bad guy’s space ships to keep from being followed on the way out, but, heck, they got all those prisoners to pilot, just steal ’em all – makes for a great mid-point false victory and leaves a bad guy alive to put the protagonist squarely on his radar. (More Blake Snyder stuff)

    I’m also thinking something about why they got captured should feed into the guards’ arrogance and give them some flaw to overcome in order to escape, but that’s starting to sound like a finale. The trick is in why the guy they’re trying to pressure into talking by killing the prisoners one by one hasn’t killed himself already. He’s hiding something more valuable than the prisoners’ lives from everybody, but wouldn’t the guards be listening in in case he breaks to the suffering prisoners?

  53. Joey, speaking of Amazing Stories – do you (or does anyone) remember that episode? It was called Thanksgiving, starring David Carradine, and was based on a short story called, Hey You Down There. I saw it over 20 years ago, and it creeped the hell out of me. I can’t remember exactly what the note said (I think it’s ‘delicious, send more’, but I might be wrong – it has been a long time).


  54. @crazymom1: lol, useful phrase maybe in South America, and inmigrant downtowns… and Marbella… but otherwise, a rather useless phrase. Just for the note, I don’t know how you translate it but, for me it’d be “¿Por qué lo han detenido?” (european Spanish). Anyways, into more useful stuff, “Una cerveza, por favor”, “Una tapa, por favor” and “¿Tiene hora, por favor?” are much much useful by far, the first 2 specially useful in a bar hehehe.

    @Joe: a “Tombola” and a “Bingo” is exactly the same thing in Italy? In Spain, those same things (words spelled identically too in both languages, it seems) are totally different stuff. A “Tombola” is usually something seen in fun-fairs and theme parks, where you take a number or participation (buy it), and hope that your number is shouted by the staff, which in turn will give you a present (not all numbers get the same prize though… it all depends on what the guys have in stock), not necessarily of the highest quality, mind me say.
    And a “bingo” is like sort of a lottery that you can play with the usual mini-games box at home, or at a properly enabled games/bet house. You get a card full of numbers, and if your numbers are the ones coming down from the ball dispenser, you’ll eventually full a line or even the whole card, which gets you a money prize.

    So… which definition is the one we’re talking about? 🙂

    Cheers and Happy New Year.

  55. WOO! You know what this means???!!!

    I’ll be dating all my checks ‘2009’ well into June 2010… 😛

    Nites, everyone!


  56. Unless you live on the west coast.

    Ah yup! Like me! Less than 3 hours left until the year where the Stargate is public knowledge, where there are transporters outside the Plaza of Nations, and where we’re all sterile! I can’t wait!!

    Oh wait, that timeline got erased. Dammit!

    For now though, Happy New Years to Joe and everyone currently on or east of the East Coast but west of the International Date Line!!

  57. Yep, still an hour and 15 mins give or take til New Year’s here.

    We have been watching season one of Battlestar Galactica. Believe or not, I refused to pay for cable/ satellite TV until about 4 yrs ago, and missed a LOT of shows. I don’t like starting in the middle of things, so if I don’t catch the first season of something, I probably won’t watch it until way later, if ever.

    If I can get my bakery up and running, you can come stage for me Joe – I’ll teach you how to make your macarons!
    Hell, I might even pay you if you bring the pugs to play with!

    Happy New Year to one and all, let’s hope 2010 is better for everyone than last year. I agree – it was a doozy.


  58. my idea for the script would be to bring back all the SGA characters, but guess that’s not going to happen….
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  59. Happy New Years to everyone, probably wont be around to say later so I’ll just say now.

    Anyway, I think everyone hopes this. Syfys new years resolution should be to renew SGU for a third season and Sanctuary for another season.

    Yeah, so here’s hoping 2010 can top 2009.*Looks at Syfy after S2s mid season break*

  60. @@ Joe – maybe this is the perfect time to bring out the telepathic alien dogs. They can be used to fill any gaps in your story. You might be able to cut costs by using your own hounds and the hounds of your friends. You could even cast Baby as an alien cat-like monster.

    It is 6am, the first day of my diet and I have just eaten pizza for my breakfast!

    ☺ ☻ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ • ♪ ♫ ☼

  61. Happy New Year all:) Been away from my laptop for a couple of days so just caught up. Sorry to hear about you and Fondy, like some others I too had a ‘feeling’ hope you’re ok, your looking great btw and hope that Fondy too is well and that you sort things out one way or another. Now I’m going back to my bed and hopefully can cram a nights sleep into a couple of hours since its already almost 6.30am. Bugger

  62. Thank goodness it’s a new decade. I was getting tired of trying to say “aughts” or whatever it is. Teens it is!

    Happy New Year. I hope you get that script done soon.


    Get a better grade than a C+ in my next really difficult class by the same teacher from last quarter.

    Not strangle my teenagers (just kidding)

    No more dishes (see teenager comment)

    More snuggles with kitties

  63. Happy New Year Joe and everyone!!.
    Now when are you starting our wheel of fortune – number game?

  64. @paloosa: Damn bombers always scare the crap out of me too. What’s worse is the traffic though. I can’t leave the house on New Year’s Day. We usually try to leave town.

  65. Happy New Year to everyone in Mallozziville! (can we come up with a good name for the community here?)

    I’m not going to tell you how to finish your script, I wouldn’t know how. I’m just going to ask a bunch of questions (no answers necessary here) in the hope that it might spark something brilliant in that brain of yours…poke! poke!

    Act V, agonizing over the attack on the opening scene, the elusive linchpin exchange, and, quite frankly, all that has come before


    1. What kind of attack? Traditional ship battle or biological warfare or attack on the systems?

    2. Does Destiny have any weapons systems? Are they operational? Were they even tested by the Ancients?

    3. Does Destiny’s sensors detect the attack and power up a previously closed off and non-operational section of the ship?

    4. Does Destiny pre-date drones and ZPMs (particularly because its powered by solar energy)? What kind of weapons would they use before drones? Would it be less elegant than the drone?

    5. Would they be locked out of the weapons systems and passwords only known to the ancients?

    6. Would they attempt to use the stones to get scientific or military assistance?

    7. Are they relying too much on Eli? Can he handle the pressure?

    8. Do we meet the commander of the ship attacking the Destiny?

    9. Does the shuttle have cloaking technology? Can the Destiny crew attack from within?

    10. How the did enemy find them? Did the enemy come out of the blue or have they been stalking the Destiny?

    11. Do we lose?

    That’s all I can come up with for now. Good luck! Best wishes for 2010.

    Cheers, Chev

  66. MeRrY NeW YeAr, EvErYbOdY!

    Joe, writing during hiatus is not fun for ya, is it? Writer’s block loomed a year ago in December. Souvenez-vous? That script turned out fine. This one will too. I know you can do it. Tombola and conspiracy theories may be just what you need for distraction. Tombola sounds like tomba, doesn’t it? What numbers fell tonight in your favor? Did you win? What did you win?

    Last year my New Year’s resolutions were to write more, and smile more. Dorky, I know. Well, I did ’em, and in spite of the hard stuff that happened this year, the world around me got a whole lot bigger. Keeping a positive frame of mind brought me more Peace. (As for the usual resolution, yeah it still needs work, but there was progress, baby!)

    This year, I want to write something bigger and Finish It. It doesn’t have to be prize-winning, but it has to be Done. Also, I’m with PG15. I have to get more sleep! Getting less than a full night’s sleep (tonight excepted) is keeps me from being productive. I wanna put out good work that bears fruit. Like Tammy Dixon, I need to read my NIV. According to that Author, nothing is impossible or too hard. And, I need to do some editing, to clear my head, clear my heart, and clear my surroundings. That will give me clearer vision so that two or three key goals are square in my sights. I may stumble, but I’m going to keep moving. It’ll be fun to see where I am a year from now.

    New Year’s Eve is like a hockey game. What we do at the beginning paves the way to success at the end. We shoot for the seemingly impossible, and then the puck zips into the net. We’re on our feet, fists in the air, screaming out a word that celebrates both the end and the beginning of any important thing:


  67. Joe said:

    Feeling under the weather and off to bed.

    See you all tomorrow. I hope.

    Sorry to hear….all that cold weather I guess… you know its Summer over here.

    2010 will be a great year….you have a short story being published!

    Cheers, Chev

  68. (humm,!!!! maybe not, willl post partially now.)
    Hi Joe,
    Just got back from work about 2 hours ago after an extensive chat with the night supervisor that was replacing me! Just saw my picture on your blog, like the text that goes with it!!! I look a bit skinny on the picture, I should probably gain back some of my 10 pounds that I’ve lost a few weeks ago.

    Finish reading comments on yesterday’s entry! Hi everybody, happy new year!!!!. Thumbs up to those of you who figured out my secret identity!!!To all those curious about my surprise meeting with JM, here is what happened…

    It all started when after being offered the possibility to work on that day, I refused because I wanted to go to an audition. Imagine my surprise when I realized at the end of the audition, that my part was MUCH smaller then expected. It took me 1 minute to learn my character’s part on the sides that were sent to me. I was briefly speechless when, after asking, I was told that there was nothing more to my character. hummm! I had to prepare a 1 minute monologue, to say one line. Ouch!!! I put my best acting skills forward to hide my disappointment…. thinking to myself that….I could have been at work!!!

    Sadly left, and as I walked down Mackay Street, street where I had never set foot before, I recognized a familiar voice in front of me. I was asking myself, where did I hear that voice before?
    What struck me even more was the way the man in front of me expressed himself. As he turned his head to reveal part of his face while talking to a familiar looking woman on his right, I couldn’t help thinking that he had a striking resemblance with JM. That can’t be him!!! I recall thinking. Then I figure, I would just ask him if his name was Joseph, and if his answer was negative, I would just go on as if nothing. As he turned to respond to my question, I remember saying at one point, “Freaking God it is you”. Funny thing is that I had never used that expression before. It was a first!! I don’t usually say that to people I don’t know, but it did feel, when I think about it, as if I had been handpicked for the next space shuttle mission.

    Recognizing him was one thing, having to reveal my identity was another. After all, I did enjoy the comfort of a super secret identity that allowed me to freely express myself on HIS BLOG…. I was not sure how he would react….
    (its already 2h43 in the morning here … will tell more tomorrow)


    Sorry you’re feeling under the weather, Joe. Let’s hope it’s just a momentary thing caused by Tombola. 😉

  70. Hi Joe:

    I hope you feel better.

    @ everyone with escape suggestions: I’ve taken all of your thoughts into consideration and have decided to go with..a comet hits the prison. Or, a nuclear attack….Or, stick the prison in the Arctic and blame Global warming. Hmmm, maybe I should be talking to Joe’s writing partner too.

    Best wishes to everyone for 2010.


  71. Happy New Year all dear bloggers! Here’e hoping you feel better soon Joe! 2010 here we come….ready or not!


  72. @ DAS

    there might be some hope for the books.
    this link was posted by someone in the WDC a while back, not sure if you saw it.


    this answer to jansma sounds promising:
    I can absolutely say that you’re going to be very happy with the amount of Todd in Legacy! We’re having to restrain Melissa from making the entire first book about him! There are lots of Wraith, lots of development of Wraith society, and a ton and a half of Todd. I can absolutely promise that there will be plenty of development for Todd.


    and Joe, what would your mascot costume be?

  73. @Das

    just saw your response on the 29th re the great boxer/briefs debate, while I was checking out flop’s question – *smirk*

    Cheers, Chev

  74. “See you all tomorrow. I hope.”

    But it already WAS tomorrow when you wrote that! *is confused*

    Oh, well… *kicks bed*

    Ya feeling any better this morning, Joey??! Next time don’t drink so much! 😀

    Hope all is well…and hope you have a good day!


  75. Pg15: you are too funny.

    Das: it always takes a few weeks to stop putting the previous year down on forms. Also, great story line about the wraith!

    Mr. M: I hope you are feeling better today!

    Happy 2009 😳 I mean 2010!

  76. HNY everyone!! (I’ve taken to abbreviating to HNY because everyone I communicate with via email @ work insists on ending the correspondence with Happy New Year!) Hmm…mebbe I should have just made it a macro.

    New Years Resolution: I’d LOVE to quit smoking. I’ve tried repeatedly for the last 20 years. But my NYR will probably be to stop making New Year’s Resolutions.

    Feel better Joe! Try a Clamato bloody mary with a dash of habanero sauce. It’s my breakfast this morning. Really kicks the shit out of that hangover.

  77. G’night Joe:)

    Hey, when you guys play bingo do you have quaint little sayings like two little ducks for 22? our callers have just been banned by the uber-PC brigade from calling out two fat ladies for 88 and legs eleven go figure!

    on a more sensible note I was reading today of a judge who actually dared to say that skin colour is a matter of fact and comments on it are NOT neccessarily racist! Yay for common sense:)

  78. Sorry I went to bed b4 the ball dropped or does it actually drop anymore.
    But wishes for A Happy and Healthy and Prosperous New Year to everyone!! ❗
    Joe hope you are feeling better.

  79. Hope you’re feeling well in the morning, Joe.

    I could not decide on any specific resolutions, so I’m going with Doing Better.

    So far so good. I’m having oatmeal and an orange for breakfast. Which is better eating yes?

    Happy New Year to all!

  80. @ Susan the tartan turtle The WordPress link for acceptable Smilies chart is here:

    Joe, having written a story or two, or three in my time, I’ve found the best way to get unstuck is to put it down and walk away, do something else entirely. Your subconscious will toil away and send you a hint when it’s ready, either by dream or sudden thought.
    Belaboring doesn’t work.

    Home and off from work today and lazing about. I deserve to because while everyone else at work took vacation, I remained on duty. Now I have a 3 day weekend to recoup.

    As to resolutions… hm-m, haven’t been keen on those for many a year. But I guess to join the spirit of the 1st day of a new year, I resolve to worry less. About my job, my health, family and friends, elderly neighbors, filing taxes, spending money, falling down and breaking a bone, having a car accident, identity theft, the Earth, the Moon, the stars, Stargate Atlantis movies, etc … 😯

    See, I really do spend a lot of time worrying.

    Good New Year to all!


  81. JimFromJersey: Quitting smoking would be the best resolution you could make. Both my hubby’s parents died from smoking and my dad also. One of my brother’s is using antidepressants to quit smoking, he says it’s working wonders for him.
    I wish you all the luck/pray/keep my fingers crossed on your resolution! It all depends on you, though.
    It always amazes me when I see the poverty in my mom’s area. No matter how poor the people are there (on food stamps, unemployment, and all the other social programs the government provides), they always have money for cigarettes! They will literally have a small O2 Tank in a backpack and be lighting up.
    It makes me wonder if the government should provide free health care to people who sabotage themselves? Don’t mean to rant at you but smoking is a sore subject.

  82. Happy New Year Everyone!! Here’s to a healthy and new beginning for all!

    Joe, as a future Art Therapist, yeah, put the script down for a while. And while writing is your art, just start writing, about anything, a past success, something that makes you feel happy, how you resolved a past conflict, just write, get it out whatever it is, or draw your what finishing the script would look like. Maybe thru the process you will find your answer. Just a thought.

    Or just like others have mentioned, we’ll be glad to finish it for you. : )

  83. Ummm.. Hi.. Joe!

    This is my first post, but I have been lurking for about 8 months, after becoming acquainted with a few regular blog readers. This is one of my goals for 2010, to be brave and stop lurking here. So, hello everyone!

    This year, instead of resolutions, I have been taking actions. I’m going back to college, and trying to re-establish a foothold in the profession I did BC.

    Happy New Year and blah, blah, blah.

  84. yeh! you’re right Nas, it was already tomorrow!!!!and I was planning to put some more this morning. I slept late … and woke up late. Going to work this afternoon…. won’t have time to write much…
    After he asked a series of questions, confirming my identity (I supposed that was the goal), a nice conversation followed. I was surprised how confortable I was !! It was as if I was talking to a long time friend.
    It felt different then conversing on the blog…. one major difference was that I could see his reaction to what I was saying….
    One thing for sure, he is much better looking in person then on his photos, and he has a great sense of humour….

  85. Again, Happy New Year- What do I plan on trying to do in 2010– Get my ass back to CA. to see my con. buds again, See more of my FL. blog friends- yea you two- Karen and that elusive Deni person, you can hide, but I WILL find you , I know where you live, remember?? See my new bud in KY. – Sherry , and other people who I miss and need to see more of, local and out of town!! And JOE, I wish you the VERY BEST for the new year, in your professional and personal life, stay safe and enjoy!! You don’t know the changes that have come about since I started reading your blog- Made some new friends, that I now can’t live without! Sounds strange, but my life is better for knowing all these new people, in several different states and here in Florida!! OK ,enough with the mushy stuff- Have a wonderful day everyone, Stay safe!! Sheryl.

  86. Awe. Sorry Joe.

    That sucks. Though I remember space taking much longer for you to write and you seemed much more agitated. Well I could be wrong. It was a long time ago.

    Omg. I caught up on past posts and read that you are legally allowed to marry people. Sweet!!! Or were you talking about someone else?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  87. Welcome Avabird. Don’t worry. We don’t bite. or if we do, we all have our rabies and other shots on record. Now that you’ve de-lurked, no turning back. We’re expecting to see posts from you, if not daily, at least a few times a week, ok?

  88. @ pg15 – You are not that far off: trampoline:
    1798, from Sp. trampolin “springboard,” and It. trampolino, from trampoli “stilts,” from a Gmc. source (cf. Low Ger. trampeln “trample”) related to tramp.


    @ for the love of Beckett – Thankies for the card! 😀 *hugs*

    @ Mix-martes86 – Enjoyed the pug in the potty vid! 🙂 Poor gal. Glad you enjoyed the rugby vids – it’s really hard to find any of good quality, though.

    @ BlueJay – I haven’t been at Gateworld in a few weeks (I’ve taken a peek, but haven’t read any threads). I might try the book, but no promises. Although…with a woman writing the story, perhaps this time someone will get it right! 😀 (And it all depends on whether or not there’s a happy ending…)

    @ Chev – VERY naughty! 😉

    @ Tammy Dixon – A couple weeks ago, I wrote 1989 on a check. NO idea where my head was at the time… 😛

    @ Eric.Stewart a.k.a. Christine – So, Joe interrogated you? Did he do this while holding his sister in front of him, like a protective shield? Did he seem suspicious? Paranoid? Nosy?? 😀

    @ avabird – Don’t listen to Thornyrose – I BITE! (But only if you’re made of chocolate…or Todd. 😀

    Welcome to the blog! Make yourself comfy!

    @ Major D. Davis – Nice to have you back with us! Forgot to say something the other day…hope all is well!


    I thought I’d take it easy today, but instead I’ve gone grocery shopping, cleaned the freezer and fridge, cooked up a pot of soup (Asian-style, with chicken broth, tofu, ginger, napa cabbage, baby bok choy, carrots, green onions, celery…I think that’s it. It was good. 🙂 But I’m also cooking a beef stew (which is supposed to be for dinner, but I’m so full of soup – no pun intended – that I’m not sure I want dinner now). I was supposed to pay bills today…but that didn’t get done. 😛 Maybe tomorrow…

    Hope everyone is well! Feeling better, Joey??


  89. Kinda late, But…

    Happy New-Year to you too Joe!

    I hope you have a wonderful 2010.

    And don’t worry too much about the script, I’m sure if you relax a little it’ll almost write itself. (Not literally ofcourse, Cause that would just be weird.)

    Best wishes,

  90. @ Joe – RE: Script.

    You know what might be missing? Passion. I don’t know about you, but I can express myself much better when I’m passionate about the subject. You can probably tell even here when my heart just isn’t in something, and when it is. So I’d say you’d need to fall in ‘love’ with the story you’re telling…maybe look at it from a different angle, or focus on a favorite scene or character and see if that doesn’t spark something.

    Secondly, there’s the problem with distractions. Even when I am passionate about a subject, if there are just too many other things demanding my attention (mentally, visually, or otherwise), then forget it. I can’t get my thoughts together – they just don’t flow. So, maybe things will be different once you’re back home, without all the distractions of family, and stuff.

    So, to sum it up, what you need to finish up that script is a night of uninterrupted passion. 😀


  91. Happy new year Joe, must say I’m thrilled to finally have a big team photo of SG-1 staring down at me from my calendar.

  92. Joe,

    Shoot me what you’ve got, I’ll take a stab at it!

    Ah well, I thought not. Happy New Year anyway, and maybe some chocolate will help.


  93. @ susan the tartan turtle
    Carol + Scooter and Basil say your are quite welcome and “hello from New Jersey” to you + Frankie and Merlin. 😉

    @ Joe, I feel compelled to agree with das 😯 about the distractions. Probably once you are back west with your kids you’ll be in a more Stargate-y mood ? You’ll then be settled amongst your wealth of SG memorabilia, script copies and old familiar stuff and those creative neurons of yours may just tweak on. Remember my earlier advice, don’t belabor it.

    Hey —
    I’ve just come from watching the Kino vids on the MGM site. I had only previously seen 2 when shiny new. Well, well, some were odd to say the least, a few funny, some I didn’t understand. Ahem, (clears throat and shuffles nervously) that could be lack of sleep or I’m just in deep SGU withdrawal. Why are they so dark? And why is the volume so low? I cranked up my audio full tilt and still had trouble hearing the dialogue. No, my sound card and ears are both okay.

    Eh?! What’ya say???? Speak up for cry’in out loud.

    …feel’in mischevious… 😆

  94. 2cats wrote: “Joe, I feel compelled to agree with das 😯 … ”

    Scary, innit? 😀


  95. Happy New Year Mr M and everyone else on this blog.

    They should break the weather forecaster’s legs for another amazing forecast. Supposedly no more than 1cm(1/2 inch) of snowfall from yesterday night to tonight. Already got triple the forecast estimate and the snow is still falling. Removal of the snowfall is hamper by the holiday & weekend work schedule for municipal services. Clearing the driveway, walkway & stairs is easy. Walking & driving in ankle deep snow not so fun.

    Hope Mr M is feeling better. A lot of people are catching something, but the usually goes away in a few days. Otherwise Mr M might have to investigate on how to obtain health care as a non-resident in Quebec.

  96. @ das: OMG I’m a genius apparently! 😀

    That’s fascinating. I knew the similar-sounding-ness wasn’t just a coincidence!

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